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Ramanukku Mannan



Arunachala Kavi Rayar


Translated by



Ragam Hindolam

Talam Aadhi

(Public hail Rama as crown prince... )

Ramanukku Mannan Mudi Thariththaaley
Nanmai undorukkaaley 


Because    the king   crowned Rama ,

There are lot of benefits for us

Paamaraney unakku ennadi pechu 
Pazham nazhuvi paalil vizhundaarpol aachey 


Hey ordinary one  what is the need for your talk,

It is as if the  banana fruit slipped  and fell in side the milk.

Parasuraman garvam theerthavandi avan 
Nammai ellam kaappavandee 
Pattam Katta Etravandi naalu peril 
Moothavandi avandee en kanmani...


He is the one who destroyed pride of Parasurama,

He would definitely protect all of us, dear ,

He is the most suitable to be crowned among the four ,

That darling  is the eldest among all of them.