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Adinamattum nee aadadaa



Oothukadu Venkatasubba iyer


Translated by



Ragam  Mohanam

THalam Aadhi



Aadina mattum nee aadadaa-ungal,

Appa varattum , appuram irukkuthu   vazhakkathu  poruthiru



Play as long as   you can play  , let your father come,

After that  there  would be complaint , wait calmly.



Athikamana kurumbu nannakai ,

Antharangamodu   thodarvathu punnagai ,

Gathi navaneetham  manantha vai vazhi,

Thangum nagai pongum  punnagai ingitham.



You are with lots  of mischievous pretty smile,

Continuous such smile with great closeness,

Which is coming from the mouth smelling of butter  ,

And the smile that stays   with  diplomacy.



AAdiya  mayil thogai  marakatha maamani,

Choodiya  mayil thogai  vannam ,  ponnum,

Thulanga   vandha chalangai  mani ,kaleer , kaleer yena,

Neediya chaya kondai  asainthidavum,

Nizhal tharum balaraman  isainthidavum,

Thedi vandha  Annaiyana yennai  ,

Thadu maridum  vakayakina  migu  mohanan.



You are like a big emerald gem wearing  the feather of a dancing peacock,

Having the colour of the peacock feather that you wear ,

With  bells   in the  golden  shining anklets   make  sound of Kaleer , kaleer

 With the well made up  coloured bun of hair moving ,

And    with The Balarama who provides you shade  . consenting , 

You  pretty one made me , who is your  mother   who came in search of  you totter