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Ariven, Arinthen



Oothukadu Venkata Subba iyer


Translated by



Ragam Khamas

Thalam thisrajathi triputa



Ariven ,arinthen , yendru aayiram murai cholli ,

Azhaithu Vadi poi.



Please go and tell him,I know it, I ame to know of it

And bring him here oh friend.



Uri konda vennai kavarum ,

Uthamar andro Kannan,

Oorukku arasan magan yenna cheithalum thaugumo?



Is not the Krishna, the good person,

Who steals butter from the butter hangs?

Is it all right if the kings son does any thing to to the town?



Vennai undirunthaal mattum Veeram migunthirukkum,

Mannai undirunthathale mandham migunthara andro?

Kannai kkavarnthu , innum karuthai kavarntha pinnum,

THannayum maranthathu sariyalla endru cholli



If he had only eaten butter his valour would be greater ,

And because he has also eaten mud, his laziness is greater?

After he has stolen our eye and after stealing our mind also,

It is not proper for him to forget himself and say It is not proper.