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Virunthu ondru



Oothukkadu  Venkata Subba iyer


Translated by



Ragam Gowri Manohari

Thalam adhi



Virunthu ondru aakuthu paarum-ulle  ,

Vena idam kidakku paarum.



See that a great feast is getting ready,

Come and see that  there is lot of place inside.



Arunthavamana  Sukha muni eendhaan,

Anandamai  oruvan undu  magizhndhaan,

Thirumbha , thirumbha kodi per  Undaar ,

Seekiram vaarum  , Umakku  nalla yogam thaan.



The sage Sukha   who was a great penance gave this,

And one man   ate it   and became very happy,

Again and again crores of people partook it,

Please come quickly  , You are  indeed greatly lucky.



1,Eeraru vidhamna  paakam  -itharkku  ,

EEdo inayo  nala Pakam  - Ingu,

Varaaatha perkal yellam  Kaakam,

Vandhirundha  perkalukku nalla, nalla yogam.


1.There are twelve type of preperations ,

And would Nala’s cooking be comparable  or similar to this,

All those people who do not come here   are crows,

And all those   who come are indeed greatly fortunate.


2. SAthira kuzhambhu  konjam podavo,

Sandehathukku konjam podavo ,

Thaanaai  mathiram irandirandu podavo-Indha,

Panthiyil  innum yenna sankochamo.


Shall I serve little of the main course of Sasthras ,

If you have any doubt  , for that shall I serve little more,

Shall  I put    two and two of those side dishes,

And what is the need for shyness  in this row for food.


3. Kannan narum kathaye Payasam, engum,

Kana kidaikathu ithuve nijam,

Vanna  vanna  Rasa  leelaye   RasamKaiyal,

Vangi vangi   unnum umakku  ulakengum kaivasam.


The payasam(sweet dosh) in this feast is the great story of Krishna,

And this which can  never be seen any where  is the real truth,

The colourful dance  of Raasa is its Rasam (soup)

And  for you  who again and again receive and take  it  , this is the truth.