Yeppadi Manam thuninthatho



Anruchala Kavi Rayar


Translated by



Ragam  -Mukhari

Talam Mishra Chapu

(Sita cries in fornt of Rama when Rama tells her that he is 
going to the Forest without her. )


Eppadi Manam Thunindha dho Swami 
Vanam Poi Varugiren endraal Idhai Erkumo boomi 



Oh Lord   how    did your mind dare,

For if you tell “I am going to the forest”

Would the earth tolerate it.

Eppirappilum piriya viden endru Kai thotteerey 
Ezhaiyaana seethayai Nattaatriley Vitteerey 



Did you not touch  my hand saying “I would not part with you any birth”,

And then you have left    the very poor Sita in the middle of the river.



Karumbu Muriththaar poley Solla laachudo oru 
kkaalum piriyen endru Sonna sollum pochchudo 
Varundhi varundhi devareer sonna vaarthayaal kollaamal kolla 
irumbu manadhu undachu dallavo ennai vittu pogiren endru solla 



Have you not  told  like breaking a sugar cane,

And have your word, “I would never part with you” gone away.

Oh lord by   again and again telling  these words , you have killed me while I am alive,

And has not your iron mind broken   to  say that you are going away    from me.