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6.Yudha  Kandam

The Chapter  on war


Translated   with transliteration

(The  Yudha  Kandam  is a single but long chapter   in Adhyathma   Ramayanam .  I  have spit in to three  parts   for the convenience .  The first part   deals with the preparation for the battle  , the second part the battle and the   third part deals with aftermath of the battle.

    Rama and his  friends decide to go to Lanka  , cross the ocean and bring back Sita . As a preliminary   Hanuman gives,  a very  detailed   account of the city of Lanka. They start   the journey and reach the   northern shore   of the southern sea,  At that   time the ministers   of Ravana  , who is worried tell him that   it is very easy  to win over   Rama  and his army .However his brother Kumbhakarna tells him that  battle is suicidal. Vibheeshana tells this more strongly and he is asked to leave the   country   . He along with his four ministers reaches  Rama’s camp. As per the advice Hanuman,  he is accepted and crowned as   the king  of Lanka. A spy of Ravana  called  as Sukha who comes   there  is imprisoned by the monkeys. Rama does penance to the God of sea for helping to construct the bridge.  When he does   not come when he  is about to shoot an arrow   , he comes and permits them   to build the bridge  .Nala builds it with assistance of monkeys. A statue of Rameswara is installed   at the beginning of the bridge  . Once  Rama and his army reach   Lanka he  releases  Shuka. Shuka goes and advices   Ravana to surrender  and he is thrown out.  Shuka who was a Brahmin was curse by sage  Agasthya   to become a Rakshasa .After this he assumes his normal form.  Ravana’s mother’s father   Malyavan also advices   Ravana to surrender  . He chooses  not to obey. The fort of city of Lanka is surrounded by   the monkey army .   Instead of fighting from within the fore Ravana decides    to come out and fight. Initially he is defeated. Indrajit  kills    all of them by sending Nagasthra. Garuda   comes and wakes them all up.   Then he wakes up Kumbhakarna ,  who advises him to surrender . When Ravana gets angry , Kumbhakarna goes to fight    and is killed. Sage Narada   prays Lord Rama. Athikaya another great son of Ravana is also killed with his army . Indrajit    does Homa   in Nikumbila and again kills all   the army and men except Vibheeshana, Hanuman  and Jambhavan, Hanuman goes to bring Mruthasanjivini. Kalanemi an uncle of Ravana is sent to prevent him. But Hanuman kills him  and brings the medicine.  Rama and the entire army wake up. Indrajit comes for a war and is killed. Ravana   himself comes for a war  and after   a great battle he is killed. Rama then anoints Vibheeshana as king of Lanka. Rama sends Hanuman to inform Sita about the news and wanted to know her reaction. When she said she wanted to  meet Rama and nothing else  , She was   brought in a Palanquin. Rama asks her to walk so that   the monkey lords can see her.  She requests for a   home pit with fire and  jumps in to it ,requesting fire  God   to testify for her purity.  All gods and divine beings praise   Rama. The fire God brings the real Sita having accepted the  Maya  Sita . Devendra prays him. Vibheeshana requests   Rama to go back in Pushpaka Vimana.  All monkey lords and Vibheeshana want to accompany him.  Sita requests that  wives of monkey Lord should also accompany them. They reach  Bharadwaja asrama. The sage requests them to stay for a night.  Hanuman is sent to Ayodhya   to herald the news of his arrival.  Rama is crowned as the king of Ayodhya . He sends back all guests by giving suitable presents. Ayodhya prospers under his rule  . The last chapter   tells about the benefits of hearing or reading this great book.)



6.Yudha  Kandam.. 1

6.1 Sri Ramadhikalude  NIschayam.. 4

6.2 Lanka  Vivaranam.. 6

6.3 Yudha Yathra. 10

6.4 Ravanadhikalude  Alochana. 14

6.5  Ravana Kumbakarna   Sambhashanam.. 19

6.6  Ravana Vibheeshana   Sambhashanam.. 22

6.7 Vibheeshanan Rama  sannidhiyil 30

6.8 Shuka Bandanam.. 41

6.9 Sethu Bandanam.. 44

6.10 Ravana   Shuka   Samvadam.. 54

6.11 Shukande  Poorva   Vruthantham.. 62

6.12  Malyavande   Vakyam.. 66

6.13 Yudharambham.. 69

6.14 Ravanande pada  purappadu. 83

6.15 Kumbakarnande  Neethi vakhyam.. 91

6.16  Kumbhakarna   Vadham.. 101

6.17 Narada Sthuthi 106

6.18  Athikaya  vadham.. 109

6.19 Indrajithinde  Vijayam.. 114

6.20 Oushadha Harana Yathra. 118

6.21  Kala nemiyude  Purappadu. 122

6.22 Divya oushadha  phalam.. 133

6.23 Megha nadha  Vadham.. 134

6.24 Ravana Vilapam.. 151

6.25  Ravanande  Homa vignam.. 154

6.26 Rama Ravana   Yudham.. 162

6.27 Agasthagamanavum  Aadhithya   sthuthiyum.. 178

6.28  Ravana  Vadham.. 182

6.29  Vibheeshana Rajyabhishekam.. 190

6.30 Sita  sweekaram.. 191

6.31  Devendra Sthuthi 198

6.32  Ayodhyakkulla   Yathra. 201

6.33 Hanumal Bharatha Samvadam.. 209

6.34 Ayodhya  Pravesam.. 212

6.35  Rajyabhishekam.. 218

6.36 Vanaradhikalkku  Anugraham.. 230

6.37  Sri Ramande  Rajyabhara  phalam. 235

6.38 Ramayanathinde   phalasruthi 236

Narayana , Hare , Narayana  , Hare ,

Narayana , Hare , Narayana  , Hare,

Narayana , Hare , Narayana  , Hare,

Narayana , Hare , Narayana  , Hare,

Rama  , Rema Ramana  , Triloki pathe,

Rama, Sitabhirama  , Tridasa  prabho,

Rama, Lokabhirama  , pranavathmaka ,

Rama , Narayanathma   Rama  , bhoopathe,

Rama kathamrutha   pana  poornananda ,

Saranubhoothikku  samyamillethume,

Sarika paithale  chollu cholliniyum,

Charu  Ramayanayudham  manoharam  .

Itham aakarnya  kili makal chollinaal,

Chitham thelinju  kettuduvin yengilo.

Chandra choodan  Parameswaran Easwaran,

Chandrika manda smitham   poondu arulinaan,

Chadranane  ,  chevi thannu mudhaa  ,

Ramachandra charitham   pavithram srunu priye  ,

Sri Ramachandran   bhuvanaika   nayakan,

Tharaka  brahmathmakan Karunakaran  ,

Maruthi vannu paranjathu   kettullil.

AAArooda  modhaal   arul  cheythiadaraal.


Oh Narayana, Oh Hari , Oh Narayana , Oh  Hari,

 Oh Narayana, Oh Hari , Oh Narayana , Oh  Hari,

Oh Narayana, Oh Hari , Oh Narayana , Oh  Hari,

Oh Narayana, Oh Hari , Oh Narayana , Oh  Hari,

Oh Rama , Oh sweet heart of Lakshmi  , Oh lord of three  worlds,

Oh Rama , Oh pretty one of Sita  , Oh lord   of the heaven,

Oh Rama , Oh prettiest of world  , Oh  the  soul of Pranava  ,

Oh Rama , Oh Rama   the soul of Narayana  , Oh king,

There is  no comparison  to the extreme joy,

That we get by drinking   the nectar like story  Of Rama,

Oh Parrot , tell and tell  again,

The pretty war   of    Ramayana,

Requested  like this  that  parrot told,

Please  hear this with a clear  mind,

The God who wears the moon , Lord Shiva  , The god,

Told with a smile like a full moon,

Oh Goddess  with a full moon face  Turn your ears to me ,

And darling hear   with happiness ,  the holy   story  of Ramachandra.

Ramachandra  is the lord of the universe,

One who  is  the foundation of all souls , Lord  of mercy,

Hearing what   has been told by Hanuman,

With rising happiness   told as follows.


6.1 Sri Ramadhikalude  NIschayam

The decision of Rama  and others,


DEvakalaalum  asadhyamai ulla onnu,

Kevalam Maruthi   cheythathu orkkum vidhou,

Chithe  niroopikka olum  asakyammam,

Abdhi  satha yojanaaya  thamasramam,

Langichu   Rakshasa  veerareyum konnu,

Langayum   chuttu podichithu  vismayam,

Inganeyulla   bruthyanmaar   oruthanum,

Yengum oru nalum   illennu nirnayam.


When we think about  how Hanuman,

Did something which is  not possible for even devas to do,

We are  not able to even imagine  that ,

He crossed  an ocean which is hundred yojana   broad,

Killed   several Rakshasa  warriors,

And burnt the    entire   city of Lanka.

It is sure that servants like   this,

Would not be available  in any place ,

At any time in this world.


Yenneyum  bhanu vamsatheyum  Lakshmanan,

Thanneyum   mithrathmajneyum  kevalam,

Maithilye  kandu vannathu karanam,

Vathathmajan  paripalichithu   drudam.

Angane yayathellam   , iniyum, udan,

Yengine    varidhiye kadannudinnu,

Nakra  makara  chakradhi pari poorna m,

Ugramayulla samudhram   kadannu poi,

Ravanane  padayodum odukki  jnan,

Deviye yennu kanunnithu deivame.


The son of wind god   by seeing Sita  and coming back,

Has  looked after  me , the clan of Sun God  ,  Lakshmana,

 And also   Sugreeva  , the  son of Sun God , this is true.

Though all that   has taken place , immediately  ,

How would we cross   the treacherous  ocean  ,

Which is full of crocodiles,  whales  and whirl pools,

And then kill   Ravana   along with his great army ,

And bring  back  the   great lady, Oh God.


Rama Vakhyam kettu   sugreavanum   punar,

AAmayam   theerumaaru  aasu cholledinaan,

“Langanam cheythu    samudaratheyum batha,

Lankayum   basmikarichu avilambitham,

RAvanan thanne   sakalam kola   cheythu ,

DEviyeyum   kondu porunathundu jnan ,

Chintha yundakaruthe   athu may manase ,

Chinthayakunnathu karya vinasini.


Hearing the words  of  Rama , Sugreeva  ,

Told as suggestion out of the problem,

“After   crossing the ocean,

Without delay   burn Lanka  in to ashes ,

And  after killing  Ravana   along with his entire clan,

I would    bring back   the Goddess,

So please  do not have any worry in your mind,

AS  worry   is the destroyer  of  plans.”


AAralum  morthaal   jayichu koodathoru,

Soorar  yikkanaya    vanara sanchayam,

Vahniyil   chadanam yennu cholledilum,

Pinne yam yennu  chollunnavar alla ivar,

Varidhiye  kadappan upayam  parkka,

Neram ini kalayathe  Raghu pathe .


This group of monkey chiefs ,

Cannot be defeated   by anybody,

Even if we tell them, “jump in  to fire”,

They will never ever say later ,

See   some method  to cross   the  ocean,

Without wasting any more time, Oh chief of Raghu clan.


Lankayil  chennu naam  pukkithennakilo,

Lankesanum  marichan yennu  nirnayam,

LOkathrayathingal   aar yethirkkunnithu  ,

Raghava  , nin thirumumbil  maha rane  ,

ASthrena    soshanam   cheyka Jaladhiye  ,

SAthwaram   sethu  bandikkum  maam drudam,

Valla  kanakkilundam   jayam thava  ,

Nalla nimithangal  kanka    Raghupathe  .


Suppose   we manage   to enter  Lanka,

Definitely the king of Lanka will meet with his death,

Oh Rama   , in the war  , who can oppose ,

You in all  the three   worlds?

Yu dry the  ocean with your  arrows,

And I would definitely build a bridge there ,

Somehow we   would see  victory,

Because   I am seeing good omens, Lord of Raghu clan.


Bhathi sakthyanvitha   mithra puthrokthikal,

Itham aakarnya  Kakulsthanum thal kshane  ,

Mumbil ammaru   thozhuthu nilkkum  Vayu,

SAmbhavanodu chodicharulinaan.


The words of Sugreeva  spoken with great devotion,

Were heard   by  Sri Rama and immediately  ,

He asked   Hanuman who was standing   saluting him.


6.2 Lanka  Vivaranam

Description of Lanka

Lankapurathingal  ulla  vruthanthangal,

SAnka   viheenam  yennodariyikka   nee ,

Kotta mathi   kidangu  yennivayokkave  ,

Katti ttharika   venam vachass  Bhavan.


Please tell me very clearly the news of Lanka,

Forts , ramparts ,   moat   and other   such aspects ,

You have to show them   clearly by words.


Yennathu kettu thozhuthu vathathmajan,

Nannai  thelinju  unarthichu  aruleedinaan,

“Madhye samudram  , trikutachalam valarnnu,

Athyunnatham athil moordhni Lanka  Puram,

Prana  bhayam millayatha  janangalkkuu,

Kaanaam  kanaka   Vimana samanamai.


Hearing that  That  Hanuman  saluted him,

And   with great clarity   told him,

“In the centre of the ocean is  the Trikuta mountain,

Which   is very tall    and on its top is   the city of Lanka,

And this  can be   seen as a golden spire ,

By the people   who do not have fear for life.”


Vistharamundu   angu yezhunooru yojana,

Puthan  kanakamathil athin chuthume  ,

Gopuram  nalu dikkingalum undu ,

Athi shobithamayathinnu  ezhu nilakalum,

Angane  thanne  athinnu ullil ullilai,

Pongum mathilugal   ezhu undu oru pole ,

Yezhinum  nannanlu gopura pangthiyum,

Choozhavumai   yirupathettu gopuram,

Yellathinnum   kidangu undu athyagadhamai ,

Cholluvaan vela  Yanthra pala  pankthiyum,

Andar kon  dikkile gopuram  kappathinnu,

Undu  nisacharanmaar pathinayiram.


It has a breadth   of seven hundred yojanas,

And There   is  a new golden wall  around it,

It has towers   on all four directions,

And each of these  greatly shining towers  has seven  stories,

And within that  and within that  ,

There are   seven  inner  rising  walls,

And in each row of these walls  there are  four towers,

Thus all round there  are  twenty eight towers,

And each of these  has very deep moats,

And then  there are   the mechanical securities,

And  to guard , the tower   on the eastern side  ,

There  are  ten thousand Rakshasas.


Dakshina gopuram   Rakshichu nilkkunna,

Raksho varar undu  noorayiram sadaa,

SAktharai  Paschima gopuram   kakkunna ,

Nakthancharanmaar undu  pathu noorayiram,

Uthara   gopuram kathu nilppan,

Athi saktharai   undu oru koti nisacharar,

Dikkugal   nalilum ullathil   ardhamundu,

Agrathayode naduvu  katheeduvaan,

Anthapuram  kappathinnum undu athra per ,

Manthrasalaykku  undu athil yeratti janam.


Hundred thousand  Rakshasa   soldiers,

Always stand for the protection of the   southern tower,

The western tower  is guarded   by thousand -thousand ,

Strong    Rakshasa   soldiers ,

The   northern tower  is guarded   by one lakh thousand ,

Extremely   powerful   Rakshasa soldiers,

About half the number of soldiers , guarding the sides.

Are gathered  to guard   the center  portion of the town,

And similar number guard   the private   quarters of the king,

And  double the number  guard  chamber  of the king.


Hataka nirmitha  Bhojana salayum,

Natakasala  nada ppanthal  pinneyum,

Majjanasalayum  Madhya panathinnu  ,

Nirjanamayulla  nirmala salayum,

Lanka virachitha    alankara  bhedham,

AAthangapaham  paraya valla ananthanum,

Thalpuram thannil   neele thiranjenaham  ,

Mal pithavin niyogena   chennen balal,

Pusupithodhyana dese  Mano mohena,

Padmaja deviyeyum   kandu koopineen.


The   dining hall  made   of gold,

The drama theatre  , closed avenues for walking   and also,

Rooms for taking bath,  Drinking halls,

Which are  clean   and is empty of people 

And all the decorations   of city of Lanka,

Are  easy to approach and cannot be even described by Adhi Sesha,

And I searched   at length   in this city,

And by the guidance   of my father  went,

To these place  of parks   which were  bewitching,

And there I saw   the Goddess Lakshmi and saluted her.


Anguleeyam koduthasu  chhoda rathnam ,

Ingu  vangi kondu   adayala   vakhyavum,

Kettu  vida   vangichu purapettu  ,

Kattiyen pinne  kuranjjoru avivekam,

AAramamellam    thakarthathu kakkunna,

Veerareyokke   kshanena  konnedinen,

Raksho varathmajanakiya   balakan,

Aksh kumaran avaneyum   konnu jnan,

Yennu venda    churukki paranjeeduvan,

Mannava   , lanka  purathingal    ullathil,

Nalonnu  sainyamoduki   vegena poi,

Kale   Dasamukhane kandu   chollinen.


After  giving your ring  , I got from her ,

The gem studded hair brooch  and the news of recognition,

And after    taking farewell  from her  I started back,

But  Later  I  did a very unwise   act ,

I destroyed   the garden and killed  those ,

Who were guarding it   with in a second  ,

And also killed   the young boy Aksha  Kumara ,

Who  is the son of the  king of Rakshasas ,

And not only that , let me tell it in brief,

Oh king , by quickly   going there ,

I killed one fourth of the army  of Lanka,

And in the morning I saw    the ten faced one  and told.


Nallathellam  pinne , Ravanan kopena,

Cholinaan   thannude bruthyarodu ippozhe,

Kolluga   vaikathivane.”  Yenna neram,

Kolluvaan   vannavarodu  vibheeshanan ,

Chollinaan    agrajajan thannodum aadharaal,

“Kollumarilla  , dhoothanmare yarume ,

Chollulla raja dharmam arinjavar,

Kollathe ayayukkuka    adayala   peduthathu,

Nallathakunnathu “ yennappol  Dasanan,

Chollinnan  valadhikku agni   koluthuvaan,

Sasneha  vaasaasaa pucham  pothinjavar  ,

Agni   koluthinnaar   appol adiyanum,

Chuttu   podichen  yezhunooru   yojana,

Vattamayulla    lanka puram sathwaram,

Mannava , Lankayilulla    padayil  ,

Nalonnum odukkinen  thwal pradathinaal.


The good things came afterwards  ,

Ravana  with anger told his servants,

“Kill him without any delay “  and at that  time,

Vibheeshana told those who came   to kill me,

As well as   to his elder brother   with respect  ,

“Nobody should kill  an emissary  ,

That  is  what people who know the royal justice say  ,

Instead  of killinghim,  he can be marked and sent back,”

And then the ten faced one told them ,

To set   fire   to my   tail and they covered my tail,

With a cloth dipped   in oil  and set fire   to it   ,

And then  I burnt  in to ashes   the seven hundred yojanas,

Of the   entire city  of Lanka  immediately  ,

And king  I have destroyed  one fourth  ,

Of the army  situated in Lanka  , by your grace .


Onnu kondum ini kala vilambanam,

Nannalla   poka purapedukasu  naam,

Yudha   sannadharai    badha rosham   mahaa,

Prasthanamasu    kuru   guru vikramam   ,

SAnkhyayillatolamula    Maha kapi-

SAnghena    lanka purikku   sankapaham,

Langana   cheythu  nakathnjara nayaka  ,

KInkaranmaare  kshanena   pithru  pathi,

Kinkaranmaarkku koduthu, dasanana  ,

HUmkrithiyum theerthu    samgaranthe    balaal,

Pankaja   nethraye   kondu pooram   vibho,

Pankaja nethra   , param Purusha   , prabho.,


Due to any reason   further   delay    is not good,

We will go and start  immediately .

Completely prepared for war   with great  spirits,

Let us start the   great journey with great valour  ,

Along with   a great monkey army   which is countless ,

And cross   without any doubt     ,

And   send to the  servants of god of death  ,

The servants of the  king of Rakshasas,

Destroy   the great pride     of the ten faced one ,

And at  the end of the war  , let us,

Bring back   the  lotus eyed  lady, oh lord ,

Who has lotus like eyes, who is the divine man   and Lord.


6.3 Yudha Yathra

The journey of the war


Anjana  nandanan vakkukal  kettu adha,

Sanjatha   kouthukam sambhavya   sadaram,

Anjasaa Sugrrevanodu  arul cheythithu  ,

Kanja vilochanan aakiya   Raghavan,

“Ippol  vijaya muhurtha kalam  , pada,

Ayakkulpanna modham  purappeduge varum,

Nakshatra  muthram athum   vijaya pradham,

Raksho janarshamaam  moolam  hathi pradham


After  hearing the words of son of Anjana,

Respecting it out of increasing desire ,

Raghava  told  immediately to Sugreeva

“ This is an auspicious time for victory ,

If we sent army now , happiness will come  ,

As soon as   we  start , the star  is uthra,

Which heralds  victory   and would,

Lead to the killing of Rakshasas.”


Dakshina   nethra   sphuranavum undu  may ,

Lakshanamellam   namukku jaya   pradham,

Sainyamellam  paripalichu kollanam,

Sainyadhipanaya  Neelan Mahabalan,

Mumbum   nadu   bhagavum iru bhagavum,

Pin padayum  paripalichu kolluvaan  ,

Vambaraam   vanaranmaare   niyogikka,

Rambha  pramadhi   pramukha rayullavar  ,

Mumbil jnan    maruthi kandavum yeri   , mal-,

Pimbe Sumithrathmajan    Angadhopari,

Sugreevane  piriathu arigave ,

Nirgamicheeduga   mathulla   veerarum.


My  right   eye is twitching  and so,

All signs are  favourable to victory,

The very strong  Neela  who is the  commander in chief,

Would   look after  the entire army,

To look after  the front side  , centre    and both sides,

As well as   the army   at the back ,

Please depute    great monkeys .

Before the great  roaring   chiefs  ,

I would go riding on neck of Hanuman,

And  behind me  Lakshmana would ride  on top of Angadha ,

And  let  all  other  valorous ones,

March  strictly following Sugreeva.


Neelan  , Gajan, Gavayan  Gavakshan  Bali,

Sooli samananaam Maindan, Vividhanum,

Pankaja sambhava soonu  , Sushenanum  ,

THungan  nalanum  Sathabali  , Tharanum ,

Chollulla Vanara nayakanmaarodu,

Cholluvaan aavathallathoru   sainyavum,

Koodi  purappeduka ethume   vaikaruthu,

Aadal   undakarutharkkum Vazhikkedo.


Neela, Gaja  , Gavya  , Gavaksha , Bali,

Mainda equal to Lord Shiva , Vividha,

The son of Brahma  , Sushena ,

THunga , Nala   , Sathabali  , Thara  ,

Are all very great monkey chiefs   who are  here ,

And we have an army  which is  beyond description,

Let us start together    without   any delay,

And  during the way  no one  should get jittered,


Itham  arul cheythu Markata    sainika,

Madhye  sahodharanodum   Raghupathi,

Nakshathra mandala madhye   vilanugunna  ,

Nakshatra   nadhanum   Bhaskara devanum,

Aakasa maarge  vilangunnathu polae ,

Loka nadhanmaar thelinju vilanginaar,

Aarthu vilichu  kalichu pulachu   ,

Lokarthi  theertheeduvaan   markata  sanchayam,

Rathrinchareswara  rajyam prathi  ,

Paramasthayaa Vegaal  nadannu  thudanginaar .


After   telling like this   in the middle  of ,

The monkey army  , Rama along with Lakshmana  ,

Appeared as if  they are    moon and Sun,

In the middle of all stars  on the sky  ,

And thus the chiefs of the world   appeared  with clarity.

Shouting  jumping , playing   and exuberating,

That  monkey group marched   towards  .

The land of the king   of   Rakshasas ,

With  an aim at reducing the burden of the world ,

And they started walking speedily   with great interest.



Rathriyil okke niranju parannoru  ,

Vardhi  nadannu angu adukkunnathu  poale,

Chadiyum  odiyum ororo   vanagalil.

Thediyum  pakwa phalangal bhujikkayum,

Saila vana  nadhee jaalangal  pinnittu,

Saila sareerikalaaya  kapi kulam  ,

Dakshina  Sindhu  than uthara theeravum  ,

Pukku  Mahendrachalanthike    mevinaar  ,

Maruthi thannude   kanda dese   ninnu,

Paril irangi  Raghu kula nadhanum  ,

Thareya  kandam amarnna   Soumithriyum,

Paril  izhinju  vananginaan   agrajam.


Like a sea  getting filled   up at  night ,

And walking   and settling down,

Running, jumping   in different forests,

Searching and eating    ripened fruits  ,

Crossing mountains  , forests   and  river waters ,

That monkey clan  who had bodies like  mountains,

Reached the northern  shore  of the southern sea ,

And  stood near   the Mahendra   mountain,

And Rama got down on the   earth,

From the    neck of  Hanuman,

And Lakshmana   got down from,

The neck of Angadha   and saluted Rama.


Sri Rama  Lakshmananmaarum  Kapeendranum,

Varidhi theeram  pravesichanntharam,

Sooryanum  varidhi thannude  Paschima  ,

Theeram pravesichathappol  nrupadhipan,

Sooryathmajanodu    arul   chethithasu, “Naam,

Variyum uthu   Sandhya Vandanam cheythu ,

Varaanidhiye  kadappan upayavum,

Dheerarayullavar    onnichu manthrichu,

Paarathr   kalpikkavenam iniyudan,

Vanara   sainyathe    rakshichu kollanam,

SEnadhipanmar krusanu puthradhikal,

Rathriyil   Maya  visaradhanmaaraya  ,

Rathrincharanmaar upadravicheeduvor.”

Yevam    arul cheythu   sandhyayum vandhichu  ,

Mevinaan   parvathagre  Raghu nadhanum.


After  Rama  , Lakshmana   and the king of monkeys ,

Reached    and entered   the shore of the ocean,

And the  Sun God  entered the western ,

Part of the  ocean , then Rama the king,

Told Sugreeva    the   following “ I would,

Go to say and finish the salutation of the dusk ,

Think about   the ways to  cross the ocean,

In the company   of some   brave people,

And come to a decision   immediately,

The monkey army  should be protected ,

By The Commanders of army as well as Neela  , the son of fire god,

From the   Rakshasas  as they  may trouble   at night.”

After telling this  and after finishing  the  salutation to dusk,

The son of  Raghu clan went  and stayed  on the mountain.


Vanara   vrundam  makaralayam  kandu,

Manase bheethi kalarnnu  maruvinaar,

Nakra  chakrougha   bhayankaram yethrayum,

Ugram  varunalayam   bheema niswanam  ,

Athyunnatha    tharanga  gaadyam agadham,

Ithu tharanam   cheyvathinnu  aruthu aarkkume ,

Inganeyulla    samudram   kadannu ,

Chennu  yengine   Ravanan thanne  vadhikkunnu.


The group of monkeys   seeing  the home of fishes,

Were  greatly scared   in their mind,

The fearful place  inhabited by  crowd of crocodiles ,

The sea  is fierce   and full of  ear splitting sound,

With very tall waves and  was extremely deep  ,

And so nobody   can cross  this,

How can we cross   such a sea ,

And kill  Ravana    there ?


Chintha paravasarai   kapikalum,

Andha budhyaa Rama  parswe   maruvinaar,

Chandranum   appozh udhichu  pongeedinaan,

Chandramukhiye  niroopichu   Ramanum,

Dukham kalarnnu  vilapam   thudanginaan,

Okke  lokathe   aukaricheeduvaan.


 Very much worried   those monkeys ,

With   a blind   faith    stood   by Rama  ,

And at that  time moon rose up at the   sky,

And Rama   thinking   of the moon faced  lady,

Started  crying with great sorrow,

For the sake of imitating the people  of the world.


Dukha harsha   krodha lobhadhikal,

Soukhya  mada moha   kama janmaadhikal,

Ajnana   lingathinnullava  yengane  ,

Sujnana   roopanayulla   chidathmani ,

Sambhavikkunnu  vicharichu  kankilo,

SAmbhavikunnithu  dehabhimaaninaam,

Kim paramathmani   soukhya dukhadhikal,

Sambrasadathiungal illa    randethume.


Sorrow, joy  , anger  , greed   and other such emotions,

Pleasure , lust , desire   , passion , birth  and other  states ,

Are   the   symbols   of an ignorant  brain,

And how can all these happen  to the divine God

Who  is personification  of wisdom,

All emotions  about body is  only   to those  who like the body,

And how can there   be  pain  and pleasure   to the divine god,

And both of these are not there for soul  in state of sleep.


SAmbrathi  nithyam aananda  mathram   param,

Dukhadhi   sarvavum  budhi sambhoothangal,

Mukhyanaam Raman   Paramathma   param pooman,

Msya gunangalil   sangathan aakayaal,

Maya vimohithanmaarkku  thonnum vrudhaa,

Dukhiyennum    sukhiyennum   mellamathum,

Okke   orthaal  budhanmaarude  matham.


Trust in  the divine   joy   forever  and always,

For emotions like   sorrow   are  created by brain,

The Chief Rama  , the divine soul  , the great gentleman,

Due   to getting himself with  characters of illusion,

To those   who are   tied up with illusion,

Would appear as  one who is in joy or sorrow,

And this   is only the   opinion of ignorant.


6.4 Ravanadhikalude  Alochana

The discussion   of Ravana  and others.


  Akkadha  nilkka , Dasaratha   puthrarum  ,

Arkathmajadhikalaya kapikalum,

Varannihikku   vadakke kare   vannu  ,

Varidhi pole    parannaranantharam,

Sankha viheenam   jayichu  jaga thrayam,

Lankayil   vazhunna  lankeswaran thadhaa,

Manthrikal thamme  varuthi viravodu  ,

Manthra nikethanam  pukkiruneedinaan.


When things   were like that  ,when  son of Dasaratha,

Along with  monkeys  lead by  the son of Sun God,

Had come to the northern shore  of the ocean,

And had spread out   like an ocean itself,

The king of Lanka   who lives in Lanka ,

Who without doubt   has won the three  worlds,

Summoned   all his ministers quickly,

And went inside the meeting hall  for discussions.


Aadhitheya asurendradhikalkkum ,

Aruthathoru   karmangal Maruthi cheythathum  ,

Chinthichu, chithichu nanichu   Ravanan,

Manthrikalodu  kelpicchan avasthakal,

“Maruthi   vannivade cheytha   karmangal,

AArum ariyathirikka illallo,

Aarkkum  kadakkaruthathoru  Lankayil,

OOkode   vannakam pukkoru   Vanaran,

Janaki thanneyum  kandu paranjoru  ,

Dheenatha   koodathe azhichan upavanam.


The fact that  Hanuman did acts ,

Which even devas    and Asuras  cannot do,

Made  Ravana, think, about it and become   ashamed.

And he   informed the situation to his ministers,

“I am sure   all of you know  ,

About the acts done by Hanuman after  coming here ,

In the  city of Lanka    where  no one can enter,

That monkey came inside   with great strength,

And also met Janaki and talked   to her  ,

And without any problem  destroyed  the garden.


“Nakthanjaranmaareyum   vadichu yennude  ,

Puthranaam Aksha  kumaraneyum konnu ,

Lankayum chuttu pottichu  SAmudarvum,

Langanam cheythoru   sangadamenniye  ,

Swasthanai  poyathu ortholam   namukkullil,

Yethrayum  nanamaam  illoru samsaym.”


He  after   killing several  Rakshasas and later,

Killing my son Aksha kumara,

And then burnt and powdered  Lanka,

And  without problem crossed   the sea ,

And  went back   happily and with health ,

And when we   remember   this  ,

Without any doubt our heart  is filled with shame .


“Ippol Kapi kula senayum  Ramanum,

Abdhi  than Uthara  there  maruvunnor,

Karthavyam   yenthu   naamal ini yennathum,

Chithe niroopichu  kalpikka ningalum,

Manthri  visaradanmaar    ningal yennude  ,

Manthrikal    chonnathu ketthathu moolamai ,

Vannela   oru aapathu iniyum  mama hitham,

Nannai vicharichu  cholluvin vaikathe  ,

Yennude  kannukal aakunnathum  ningal,

Yennile   snehavum  ningalkku achanjalam.”


Now the army of monkeys      and Rama,

Have assembled at the northern shore of the ocean,

You all please   think it  over  and order me,

As  to what   is the action that   we have to take,

You are   my expert ministers  ,

And  hearing and acting   on the advice of ministers ,

Has not so far  lead  me   to any   danger ,

And so think f or my  benefit    and without delay .

You  are   all my eyes   and my love   for you is firm.”


“Uthamam, madhyamm  , pinneyum adhamavum,

Itham    trividhamayulla   vicharavum,

Sadhyam midha m  dussadhyamamm idham,

SAdhyamallennulla   moonu pakshangalum,

Kettal   palarkkum oru pole    manase  ,

Vattam ozhinju  thonnedunnathum  mudhaa ,

Thammil anyoynyam  parayunna nerathu ,

Sammatham mamakam  nannu  nannu eedrusam.”


All acts are classified   in to three , good, medium and bad,

And also as possible ,  with difficulty  possible  ,

And impossible  , and though   each of you,

May have a different opinion  as to what this is ,

When you   discuss in depth about it,

We would be able to reach a   good consensus,

Which can be agreed   upon by all of us.”


“Yennu urappichu  kalpichathuthamam,

Pinne   randamathu   Madhyam  cholluvan,

Oro tharam paranju   anangal ullathu,

Theeruvaanai   prathipadichanantharam,

Nallathu    ithu yennu   ikamathyamai   yevanum,

Ullil  urachu   kalpichu pirivathu  ,

Madhyamayulla  manthramathenniye  ,

Chithabhimaanena   thaan, thaan paranjathu,

SAdhippathinnu   dustharkkam  paranjahu,

Badhichu mathevanum pranjathu eershyaa ,

Kalushya chethasaa   kalpichu koodathe  ,

Kalavum   derrgamayidum   parasparam,

Nindayum poondu  piriyunna  manthramo ,

Nindyamayullonnu adhamam yethrayum.”


“Deciding   on this   and implementing  if it is good decion ,

And then the second   which is medium   will be told by me,

After   discussing in depth   methods ,

To   solve several deficiencies  noted ,

Agreeing that  particular approach which  is most proper ,

In the mind and implementing it  ,

Is the medium type   of administrative  decision,

With   obstinate   disposition   trying   to implement,

What is every individual’s opinion   and ,

Then  doing a bad   argument   that would damage   ,

The opinion   told by another  one ,

And after   waste  of lot of time   and  ,

Going away with hatred   to each other  ,

Is    the   very bad type of administrative   decision.”


Yennal ivade  namukkenthu  nallathu ,

Yennu onnichu   ningal vicharichu cholluvin,”

Ingane Ravanan chonnathu     ketta alavil,

Ingithajanmaar    nisacharar   chollinaar,

“Nannu nannu   yethrayum ortholam ullil,

Ithinnoru  karya vicharam undayathum,

Lokangalellam   jayicha   bhavan   innu,

Oru akulam     yenthu bhavichathu manase  ?

Marthyanaam   Ramangal ninnu  bhayam thava  ,

Chithe  bhavichathum   yethrayum adbutham.”


So now   all of you think together  and tell me,

That   which would   be good    for us.”

And hearing what   Ravana   has told,

The Rakshasas who talk   with an intention to please  him told,

“ Good , good, we will remember   well,

That  there was an administrative discussion for this.

What  happened to you today  , to lead ,

To a worry, you being one who has   won all the worlds,

It is surprising   that in your mind there is a fear  ,

 About   Rama    who is a mere  human being.”


Vruthrariye puraa    yudhe jayichudan ,

Badhwaa  vinikshipya   pathane sathwaram,

Visruthayayoru  Keerthi valarthathum,

Puthranaam  Megha ninadhan  athorkka  nee,

Vithesane puraa  yudha madhye bhavan,

Jithwaa  jithasramam porum  dasanthare ,

Pushpakamaya   vimanam grahichathum,

Adbutham   yethrayum   orthu kondolavum,



You remember  about you son Megha Nadha  ,

Who defeated   Devendra  in war   tied him up,

And imprisoned in the city  and increased his fame ,

And you  once defeated  Kumbhera  the lord of riches,

In  war  without any effort  and  took away,

From him  the Pushpaka   Vimana ,

And this  is wonder of wonders howsoever  we think.


Kalane poril  jayicha  bhavanundoo,

Kala dandathal oru   bhayamundavu?

Hum kara  mathrena thanne varunane ,

SAngarathingal  jayicheelayo bhavan?

Mathulla   devakale  parayenamo,

Pathal araru  ullathu chollu nee ,

Pinne Mayanaam mahasuran pedichu ,

Kanyaka rathnathe   nalkeelayo thava ?


How can  there be fear  to you for the  staff of God of death,

When you have   defeated him in battle?

Have you not  defeated  in war ,

Varuna just by making a sound of “Hum”?

Is there a need to tell about other devas?

Who are all your enemies  , please tell us,

Did   the great Asura   called Maya  ,

Becoming scared of you gave  his gem like daughter  to you?


Dhanavanmaar  karam thannu  porukkunnu,

Manavanmaare   kondenthu chollenamo?

Kailasa   sailam  ilakki yeduthudan,

AAllolam   ammanamaadiya   karanam,

Kalari  chandrahasathe   nalkeelayo,

Moolam undo vishadhippan  manasi they ?


Even the asuras   are  giving you regular tribute,

And is there  a need to tell about human beings?

Did not   Lord Shiva present you with sword  Chandrahasa,

When you uprooted      the huge mountain called  Kailasa ,

 And played   it , throwing hither  and thither like a ball?

What  is the root reason    for  the worry in your mind?


TRilokya vasikal yellam bhaval balam,

AAlokya  bheethi kalarnnu  maruvunnu,

Maruthi vannivide  cheytha karmangal,

Veerarayulla  nammuku orkkil naanamaam,

Naam onnu upekshikka karanal  yethum oru ,

AAmayam  yenniye  poi kondathum avan,

Jnangal aarum  arijakil  yennume  ,

Angavan  jeevanode pokayillallo  ?


All the residents   of the three  worlds ,

Knowing your strength  are living in fear,

 The acts   that  Hanuman did here  ,

Is shameful for valorous people  like us,

This happened   because of our indifference  ,

And    he went away from here   without any problem,

Had we known about   it  then,

Would he have   gone with his soul?


Itham  Dasamukhanodu   ariyichudan  ,

Prathyakam oro prathignayum   chollinaar,

“Manamodu innu ini Jnangal   yekena,

Manase  kalpichayayukkunaa thakilo,

Manusha jathikal  illa  lokathingal,

Vanara   jathyum illennathum  varum,

Innoru  karya   vicharam aaki  palar,

Onnichu   koodi  niroopikkayennathum,

Yethrayum  paramilappam  namukkathu,

Ul tharil orthu   arulenam  jagal prabho,”

Nakthanjara   varar itham  paranja alavil,

Ulthapam ottu  kuranju dasayanum.


After   telling like    this to Ravana ,

Each of them also   took an oath,

“With self respect   we   decide  in our mind,

Those human beings would not be there  in this world,

And also  the monkeys also   would cease to  exist,

Today to call  for a discussion  together ,

Is really   a great  insult to our strength,

Oh Lord kindly think about this,”

When the Rakshasa  lords told like this,

The  sorrow in his mind greatly reduced a lot to  the ten faced one.


6.5  Ravana Kumbakarna   Sambhashanam

The talk between Ravana   and Kumbhakarna,


Nidharayum kai  vittu  Kumbha karnan thadhaa ,

Vidrutham agrajan  thanne vananginaan,

Gadagadam   punarnnu   oodamodham nija,

Peedam athinmel iruthi Dasayanum,

Vruthantham   mellam avarajan   thannodu ,

Chithanuraagena    kelpichanantharam,

Ul tharil undaya   bheethiyodum avan,

NAkthacharadheeswaranodu  chollinaan.


Then, after  leaving out his sleep in the middle,

Kumbhakarna went to his elder brother and saluted him.

Ravana     caressed him  with a very tight   embrace ,

And made   him sit on a seat,

And told all the   news to his younger   brother ,

And after  making him hear  it  with love  ,

Kumbhakarna  with a great fear   in his mind,

Told the   King of Rakshasas as follows.


“Jeevichu bhoomiyil vazhkennathil mama  ,

Devathwam aasu kittunnathu nallathum,

Ippol bhavan  cheytha karmangal okkeyum,

THwal prana    haanikku thanne   darikka nee,

Raman  bhavane   kshanam  kandu kittugil,

Bhoomiyil  vazhavaan ayukkukill  yennume,

Jeevichirikkayil  aagraham undengil ,

Sevichu  kolluga  Ramane nithyamai  ,

Raman manushyan  alla aneka swaroopanaam,

Sriman Mahavishnu Narayanan paran.


More than  living in this world  , it is,

Better   to   get    the   godliness ,

And all the   things    that  you have done now  ,

Are  leading   to your death, please understand,

If    Rama   finds you out ,  at that  instant  ,

He   will not allow you to live in this earth,

If   you are   interested  in living ,

Go and serve   Rama   daily,

For Rama is not a man  and he is ,

Maha Vishnu, the Narayana ,

 Who does not have any two.


Sitayakunnnathu  Lakshmi Bhagawathi,

Jatha yayaal  thava  nasam varuthuvaan,

Mohena  nadha bedham kettu  chennudan,

DEha nasam mrugangalkku  varunnithu,

Meenangal yellam  rasathingal mohichu  ,

Thane  baleesam vizhungi marikkunnu,

Agniye kandu mohichu salabhangal,

Magnamai  mruthyu  bhavikunnathu yivannam,

Janakiye  kandu mohikka karanam,

Prana vinasam   bhavanumakappedum.


Sita   is the real   Goddess Lakshmi  ,

And has been born     to  kill you.

Attracted  by the difference in sounds,

The  animals   move to their death,

The fishes   attracted  by  interesting food,

Go themselves  and  swallow the  fish hook  and die,

The moths get   attracted  to the fire,

And  invite death   silently  ,

And you because   you were attracted to Sita,

Would get  your   death.


Nallathallethum  yenikku ithennullathum,

Ullil  arinjirikkunnithennakilum,

Chellum athingal  manassathin karanam,

Cholluvan munnan kazhinja  janmathile ,

Vasana kondathu neekarathu aarkkume ,

SAsanayaalum adankuka yallithu ,

Vijnanamulla divyanmaarkku polum ,

Mathu  ajnanikalkko parayendathillalo .


Though understanding that , it is not good for me within the mind,

Your mind would   travel towards   that  only  ,

Because of  the  inclination created  in previous birth,

And nobody can prevent this ,

Even punishment    will not stifle that desire,

Even for the very intelligent divine  people ,

And need we  tell more about it for the  ignorant  people.


Kattyathellam apanayam neeyathu,

Nattilullorkkum  aapthinnai nirnayam,

Jnan ithinnu innini Ramaneyum mathu,

Vanaranmareyum  okke odukkuvan,

Janaki   thanne  anubhavicheedu nee,

Manase  khedam undakaruthu   yethume ,

Dehathin anatharam  vannu pom munname  ,

Mohichathu aahantha, sadhichu kolga nee  ,

Indriyangalkku  vasamam purushannu ,

Vannedum aapathu  nirnayam, orthu kaan,

Indrya nigrahamulla purusannu  ,

Vannu koodum  nija soukhyangal okkave  .


Whatever you have done  is injustice ,

And it would bring danger  to people of the country also,

I  would go and suppress   Rama  and all other monkeys,

You go and enjoy Sita , without any sorrow  in the mind,

The body would embrace death soon , and ,

Even before that  you fulfill your desires,

To the man who is the slave  to senses ,

Definitely danger would come soon , remember this,

And to the man who controls   his senses ,

All good as well as pleasures   would come of its own.


Indrariyaam  Kumbhakarnokthi  kettalavil,

Indra jithum  paranjeedinaan aadaraal,

“Manushanakiya    Ramaneyum  mathu,

Vanaranmaareyum  okke odukki jnan,

Aasu varuvan   anujaye cheykil 

Yennu  saradheeswaranodu   cholledinaan,


Hearing the words of Kumbhakarna   who is the enemy of Indra,

Indrajit   told    with great respect  ,

“I will go   and kill  that man  Rama  ,

As   well as   all the monkeys, I would,

Go and come back soon , if you give permission.”

Said he     to the king   of Rakshasas.


6.6  Ravana Vibheeshana   Sambhashanam

The talk between Rama and   Vibheeshana.


Anneram aagathanaya  Vibheeshanan,

Dhanyan nijagrajan thanne   vananginaan,

Thannarigathu  angiruthi Dasananan ,

Chonnan avanodu pathyam vibheeshanan.


Vibheeshana who came   at that time,

Saluted  his blessed his  elder brother,

Ravana made  him sit near himself,

And Vibheeshana  at that time told him.


“Rakshasadheeswara  , veera, dasanana  ,

Kelkkanam   yennude vakkukal innu nee  ,

Nallathu chollanam   yellavarum  thanikku,

Ullavarodu    chollulla budha janam,

Kalyanam yenthu  kulathinnullathum,

Yellavarum orumichuchinthikkanam,

Yudhanthinnu aarullathorkka   nee   Ramanodu,

Trilokathingal  naktranjadhipa.”


Hey king of Rakshasas, Hey hero  , Hey ten faced one ,

Today you have    to hear  my words,

Good things should be told  to you by all the people

Who are ours and also  by   the wise people ,

What  is auspicious    for the clan,

Should be thought over by all people ,

Please remember  , oh king of Rakshasas,

That in war   there is no one to face Rama  in all  the three  worlds.


Mathan  unmathan   prahasthan   vikatanum,

Supthagna , yagnaanthakhadikalum,

Kumba karnan,   Jambu mali  , prajanganum,

Kumbhan Nikumbhan  Akambhanan , Kambhanan,

Vamban  , Mahodharanum , Mahaparswanum,

Kumbahanum   Trisirassu  Adhikayanum,

DEvanthakanum , Naranthakanum mathu,

Devarigal  Vajra damshtradhi veerarum,

Yoopakshanum Sonithakshanum  pinne,

Virupaksha   Dhoomrakshanum  Makarakshanum ,

Indrane samgare  bandhichu  veeranaam,

Indrajithoinnum aamalla  avanodedo.


Matha , Unmatha  , Prahastha  , Vikata  ,

Supthagna  , Yagnathaka    and  ,

Kumbhakarna , Jambumali , Prajanga  ,

Kumbha  , Nikumbha  , Akambhana   Kambhana  ,

Vamba  , Mahodhara  Maha  Parswa,

Kumbaha , Trisirass, Athikaya  ,

DEvanthaka   , Naranthaka   and ,

Enemies of Devas  of heroes like   Vajra Damshtra ,

Yupaksha  , Sonithaksha  and ,

Virupaksha  , Dhoomraksha   , Makaraksha,

Indrajith who imprisoned  Indra in war  ,

All cannot   win   against Rama.


Nere poruthu  jayippathinarume  ,

Sri Ramanodu karuthaika Manase  ,

Sri Ramanayathu  Manushanalla  kel,

Aarennu arivanum aam illa   oruvanum,

DEvendranumalla   Vahniyumallavan,

Vaivaswathanum Niryathiyumalla kel,

Pasiyumalla Jagal prananalla ,

Vithesanum alla avan Yisananum alla  ,

Vedhavum alla  , bhujangadhipanum alla,

AAdhithya Rudra vasukkalum  allavan.


Please  do not think in your mind,

Of directly  fighting and winning   with Sri Rama,

Please hear, Sri Rama is not a human being ,

There is also nobody to know who he is,

He is not Devendra nor is he fire,

He is not Vaivaswatha  Manu   nor is he Niryathi,

He is not Vanuna nor is he   the wind,

He is not Khubera   nor is he Lord Shiva,

He is not Brahma   nor is he  the lord of snakes  ,

He is neither  Sun nor Rudhra   nor Vasus.


Sakshaal Maha Vishnu Narayanan Paran,

Mokkshadhan , srushti sthithi laya  karanan,

Munnam Hiranyakshane kola chethavan,

Panniyai  , mannidam palichu kolluvaan,

Pinne   Narasimha roopam darichittu,

Konnu Hiranya Kasipuvaam Veerane  ,

Lokaika Nayakan Vamana Moorthiyai,

Loka thrayamn  Baliyodu Vaangeedinaan,

Konnan  irupathoru thuda Ramanai,

Mannavanmaare asuramsamaakayaall,

Annannu  asurare  yodukuvaan ,

Mannil avatharicheedum Jagan mayan.


He is the real Mahavishnu    who is the divine  Narayana,

He can grant salvation  and he is the cause of creation, upkeep   and destruction,

Earlier he killed   Hiranyaksha  ,

By taking the form of boar  to bring back the earth,

Later he took the form of Man Lion  ,

And killed   the very valorous   Hiranya Kasipu,

Later  that  lord of all worlds, became Vamana  ,

And took  all the three   worlds from Bali,

And then becoming Rama  he killed ,

Twenty one generations  of kings,

Because   they   were having Asura  spirit in them,

And  for killing Asuras   , time after   time ,

He who pervades the world  takes incarnation in this world.


Innu Dasaratha puthranai vannithu,

Niine  yodukkuvaan  yennu arinjeedu nee ,

Sathya sankalpanaam easwaran  thanmatham,

Mithyayai    vannu kooda yennu   nirnayam,

Yengil yenthinnu parayunnau ,

Sangayudakil athinnu  cholleduvan,

SEvippavarkku  abhayathe   kodupporu,

DEvanavan  Karunakaran Kevalan,

Bhaktha priyan  paraman parameshwaran,

Bhukthiyum mukthiyum   nalkum Janardhanan,

Aasritha   vathsalan , Ambuja  lochanan,

Easwaran, Indira vallabhan, Kesavan,

BHakthiyodum  than thiruvadi   than padam,

Nithyamai    sevichu kolga madiyathe  .


He who has come today as   the son of Dasaratha  ,

Has come to kill you, understand this .

The God who is truthful , should not come  ,

For no purpose  , just because he wants it  , this is definite ,

Then why am I telling this , If you have  ,

Any doubt   I will    tell you about it,

He is the one who gives  protection to those serving him,

He is God, merciful one , one who is alone,

He likes his devotees, is divine   and Lord of everything,

He is the Janardhana   who gives   wealth and salvation,

He likes people depending on him, He is one with lotus eyes,

He is God, the husband of Lakshmi, Kesava,

With devotion    serve   his feet   daily without hesitation .


Maithili deviye kondu koduthu   thal,

Padambujathil  namakaricheeduga  ,

Kai thozhuthasu  rakshikkennu cholliyaal,

Cheytha aparadhangal  yellam kshamichavan,

Thal padam  nalgeedum yevanum   nammude  ,

Thamburanolam  krupayilla matharkkum.


Take   lady   Sita  and give her  to him,

And salute at his lotus feet,

If you fold your hands and say   save me,

He will  pardon all your mistakes,

And give you his world ,

For there  are none   who is merciful as our lord.


Kaadakam pukka nerathi athi Balakan,

THadagaye   kola cheythaan oru ambinaal.

KOusigan thannude  Yaga Raksharthamai,

Nasam Subahu  mukhyanmaarkku nalginaan.

Trikkkaladi vechu  kallam ahalyakku,

Dush krutham yellam odukkiyathorkka   nee,

TRayambakam  villu khandichu seethayaam,

Mayyal mizhiyaleyum  kondu pokumbol,

Marga madhye kutarayudhan aakiya,

Bhargavan thannejayichathu adbutham,

Pinne  viradhane konnu kalanjathum,

Chenna   Kharadhikale kola cheythathum,

Unnathanaakiya Baliye konnathum,

Mannavanakiya  Raghavan allayo?

AArnavam   chadi kadannu, ividekku vannu,

Arnoja nethraye   kandyu paranjudan,

Vahnikku  Lanka purathu samarppichu ,

SAnnadhanai poya  Maruthi  cheythathum,

Onnozhiyathe arinjirikke thava,

Nannu nannu   aahantha  , thonnuthengine.


When he entered the forest he was a small boy  ,

And he killed   Thadaga with just one arrow  .

For the protection of fire sacrifice of  Kousiga,

He gave   death to Subahu  and other Rakshasas,

Just by keeping  feet on the stone  which was Ahalya,

He completely destroyed all her sins , do you not know,

After  breaking the bow called   Trayambaka , when,

He was taking away the Sita with lovely   eyes, wonder of wonders,

On the way   he  defeated Bhargava whose weapon was axe ,

Later   he killed Viradha and killed  Khara and  others who went  to enquire  ,

And later  he killed   the very great Bali,

And   was not all this done   by Raghava .

The Maruthi Jumped  and crossed  the sea , came  here ,

And met  and talked  with the lotus eyed one  ,

And offered   the city of Lanka to the fire ,

And went back victoriously ,

And all these  without  leaving anything out ,

Is known to you  and in spite of that ,

There is your great pride , I think .


Nannalla   sajjathodu Vairam vrudhaa,

Thanwangi  thanne kodukka   madiyathe  ,

Nashta  mathikal aayeedum   amathyanmar ,

Ishtam paranju   kollilkkum  , athorkka nee .

Kala puram  gathyai irikkendukil,

Kalam kalayathe    nalka Vaidehiye ,

Durbalan aayullavan   prabalan thannodu  ,

Ul poovil  mathsaram vechu thudangiyaal,

Pilppadu   nadum, nagarvum  , senayum,

Thal prananum   nasicheedum ara   kshanaal,

Ishtam   parayunna    bandhukkal aarume  ,

Kashta   kalathingal   illennu nirnayam.


Unnecessary enmity with good people  is  bad  ,

Without hesitation give the pretty lady back,

Remember  that the ministers   who are without any brain,

Would tell  things to your liking and lead you to death,

Suppose   you don’t want to  go to the city of death,

Without  any  further delay  ,  give back , Sita,

If a weak person   in his mind   tries to,

Compete   with a famous  one ,

Later   he would lose   his   soul  , city and army ,

And later   also lose   his life   within half a second.

All the relatives   who tell words   that please   you now ,

Will not be with you   at the time of your suffering.


Thannude   durnayam kondu  vannathininnu,

Naama aalalla   pokennu ver pettu ,

Chennu     sevikkum   prabalane   Bandhukkal,

Anneram orthaal  phalamilla   mannava  ,

Rama saramethu  mruthy varum neram,

AAmayam ullil  yeniikku  undu, athu kondu,

Nere paranju   tharunnathu jnan , ini,

Thaarar makale  kodukka   vaikidaathe  ,

Yudham yethulla   padayum  nasichu udan,

Artham yellam odungiyaal manase  ,

Maniniye  kodukkamennu   thonniyaal,

Sthanavum illa   koduppathin orkka  nee.


Your friends   and relations   will say  ,

That  this happened due to your bad conduct,

And for that    we are not in any way responsible  ,

And they would go and serve   the one who is famous,

And king, there is no use   to think this  at that  time.

When you are  hit by the arrow and about to die,

There   would be great pain in my heart, and so,

I am  advising you directly   now  , now ,

Without delay give back the daughter of earth,

 For when in the war   your entire army is destroyed,

Leading to complete   loss of all your   wealth,

And at that time , if you feel like returning that lady,

There   would be  no chance to do that.


Mumbile yullil vicharichu kollanam,

Vambanodu  yethaal  varum  phalam yevanum,

Sri Ramanodu   kalaham thudangiyaal,

AArum   saranam  illa yennathu ariyanam,

Pankaja nethrane    sevichu  vazhunnu  ,

Sankaranadhkal yennathorkku nee  ,

Rakshasa   Raja  jayikka jayikka nee  ,

SAkshaal  Maheswaranodu pinangalo,

Kondal ner   varnanu  Janaki deviye  ,

Konde koduthu     sukhichu vasikka    nee  ,

Samsayamenniye   nalkuka  deviye  ,

Vamsam mudichu  kalayaika   vename.”


You have to  think   about the result,

That will come to any weak one fighting against the strong,

You should know   that If you start   a   fight   with Sri Rama  ,

Remember   that  no one will protect      you,

Please remember    that  Lord Shiva and others,

Live   by serving that lotus eyed one  ,

Oh king of Rakshasas, be victorious, and be victorious,

Do not quarrel with  the real great god,

And return the Goddess Janaki   to Sri Rama,

And live   happily    forever ,

Without any doubt return that  lady,

And please   do not completely destroy our   clan.


Itham  Vibheshanan  pinneyum pineeyum,

Pathyamayulllathu  chonnathu kettoru,

Nakthanjaradhipnaya   Dasasyanum,

Krudhanai    sodharanodu cholledinaan,

“ Sathrukkal alla   sathrukkal akunnathu,

Mithra bhavathode  aruike   maruvina ,

SAthrukkal sathrukkal aakunnathu yevanum,

Mruthyu   varuthum    avar   yennu nirnayam,

Ithram yennodu    chollukil assu nee,

Vadhyanaam   mennal  , athinilla samsayam.”


Like this when Vibheeshana told again and again,

That  which is good for him ,

The ten faced one   who was the king of Rakshasas,

Became    very angry     and told  his brother  and told,

“It is not enemies who become your enemies ,

Those  enemies who move   with friendliness   near you,

Are   the real enemies    for everyone  ,

They will definitely bring death.

If you talk like this further   to me,

There is no doubt   that you will be killed.”


Rathrincharadhipan  itharam chonna   alavu,

Orthaan Vibheeshanan , Bhagavathothaman,

“Mruthyu vasa gathanaya   purushannu,

Sidhoushadangalum  yelkkayillethume ,

Porum ivanodu   ini jnan paranjathu,

Pourusham kondu neekumo vidhi matham?

Sri Rama deva  padambojamenni  ,

Maththarum   saranam yenikkilla kevalam,

Chennu trikalkkal   venanthike   santhatham,

Ninnu   sevichu kolvan   janmam ulla  naal.”


As soon as the king of Rakshasas   told like this,

That Vibheeshana who was  a great devotee  thought,

“ To the man who   is in the arms of death,

No  divine  medicines   would work,

Whatever I have told him is enough  ,

Can  the  dictates of fate  be moved by valour?

I do not have   any other  protection,

Other   than the lotus like feet of   Rama,

I will go and fall at his feet  and always ,

Serve him  , till  this life exists for me,.”


Sathwaram nalamathyanmaarumai  avan,

Itham  niroopichurappichu  purapettu,

Dara, dana , aalaya  bruthyoughavum,

Dhoore parithyajya Rama padambujam,

Manasathil urapichu  thushtanai,

Veenu vananginaan agrajan than padam,

Kopichu Ravanan  chollinaan anneram,

“AApathu yenikku varuthunnathum bhavan,

Ramane chennu  sevichu kondalum ,oru,

Aamayam   ingu athinnu illa nirnayam,.

Pokaykilo , mama Chandrahasathinnu,

Innu  yekantha bhojanmai  varum  neeyedo.”


Immediately along with  four ministers,

He  took  a decision like this and started,

I would forsake  wife, wealth , home   and servants,

And then fix the lotus like feet in my mind and become happy,

And then he saluted  the feet of  his brother,

And Ravana with great anger  at that time told,

“You are the one who brings danger to me,

You go and serve Rama and I do not have ,

Any  pain because of that  in my mind,

If  you do not go  you would become ,

Lonely food  to my sword Chandrahasa.”


Yennathu kettu Vibheshanan chollinaan,

“Yennude thathannu thulyanallo bhavan,

Thavakamaya niyogam  anushtippan,

Aavathellam  soukhyam  allo mama,

Sangadam jnan  moolam undakaruthethum,

Yengilo jnan itha   vegena  pokunnu,


Hearing that Vibheeshana told ,

“ You are  equal to my father,

If I  obey your orders,

That would only bring happiness  to me,

Because of me   you should not have any sorrow,

And so I am going speedily from here.”


Puthra mithra artha kalathradhikalodum.,

Athra sukhichu  suchiram vasikka nee ,

Moola  vinasam ninakku varuthuvaan,

Kalan  Dasaratha Mandire Ramanai,

Jathanaayan janakalaye Kaaliyum,

Sithabhidhanena jathayayeedinaal,

Bhoomi bharam kalanjeedubvaanai muthirnnu,

Aamodhamodu ingu  vannar  iruvarum.


You please live long   happily  along with,

Sons, friends, money  and   wives,

And to  completely  annihilate  you,

Rama  has been born in the house  of Dasaratha,

And the goddess of death  is born in Janaka’s house,

With   a name  Sita and  to reduce ,

The burden of earth  both of them have come over here.


Yengane pinne jnan chonna  hithokthikal,

Angu bhavan ullilekkunnathu bhavan, prabho,

Ravanan thanne  vadhippan avaniyil ,

DEvan vidhathavu  apekshicha karanam,

Vannu pirannathu Ramanai nirnayam,

Pinne yathinnu anyadhaathwam bhavikkumo?

Aasara vamsa vinasam varum mube,

Dasarathiye  saranam gathosmi jnan.


Oh Lord  , when that  is the case , how would,

The  advice meant for your good told by me ,

Enter  in to your  mind, pleasew know for killing Ravana,

In the earth as  per the request of Lord Brahma,

Definitely   Lord Rama   was born,

How can this change in to another now,

Before the entire Rakshasa  clan is destroyed,

I am going to seek the protection  of son of Dasaratha.


6.7 Vibheeshanan Rama  sannidhiyil

Vibheesha in front  of Rama


Ravanan than  niyogena   Vibheeshanan,

Deva devesa  padabhja sevarthamai,

Sokam   vinaa nalu amathyarumai udan,

AAkasa marge gamichan athi drutham,

Sri Rama devan  ruunnu   arulannathin,

Nere  mukalil   ninnu  uchai stharam avan,

Vyaktha varnena    cholleedinaan   yethrayum,

Bhakthi    vinaya  visudha   mathi sphutam.


Vibheeshana    has sent   by Ravana ,

For   doing service  to lotus like feet of God of Gods,

Without sorrow   and with four ministers  ,

Travelled  through the sky  very speedily,

And came at the spot where   Rama was there  ,

And with clear   words   and a high tone   told,

With devotion, humility   and with  clarity  and power.


Rama,  rema  Ramana  , trilokee pathe  ,

Swamin  , jaya , jaya , Nadha, jaya , jaya,

Rajeeva nethra , Mukunda  , jaya , jaya,

Raja shikha mane , Sitapathe  , Jaya ,

Ravanan thannude   sodaran jnan , thava  ,

Sevarthamai  vita konden , Dhaya nidhe  ,

AAmnaya  moorthe   , Raghupathe , Sri pathe  ,

Namnaa Vibheeshanan   thwal bhakthe sevakan.


Oh Rama, Oh husband of Lakshmi  , Oh lord of three  worlds,

Oh lord, victory, victory  , Oh Lord  Victory, victory,

Oh lotus eyed one , Oh Mukunda  , victory, victory  ,

Oh crest jewel of kings , Oh  husband of Sita  , victory,

I am the brother of Ravana , I bid  farewell   to them,

 For doing    service to you , Oh treasure of mercy,

Oh  God of Vedas  , Oh Lord of Raghu clan  , Oh  Lord of Lakshmi,

My name  is Vibheeshana , I am a devotee who is   your servant.


“Deviye kattathu anuchitham  nee “ yennu  ,

Ravananodu  jnan nallathu  cholliyen,

Deviye    Sri Ramanai kondu  nalgugennu ,

Aavolam yetham   paranjen pala tharam,

Vijnana  maargamellam  upadesichthu,

Ajnaniyakayal   yethathillethume  .


I told  Ravana    for his good   that,

“Your stealing of the  lady is wrong “,

And “Please  take and give her back to Rama,”

I told to the best of my capacity   , several times,

And I  tried to advice  him in a scientific way,

And because he is ignorant , he did not agree.


Padhyamayathu  cholliyathu   yetham ,

Apahyamai  vannithu vannu  vidhi vasaal,

Valumai yennevadhippan   aduthithu,

Kala bhujanga vegena  Lankeswaran ,

Mruthyu bhayathaal   adiyanum    yethrayum,

Chithaakulathayaa   paanju paranjiha,

Nalu amathyanmaarumai    vida konden,

AAralabanam    mathenikkilla    deivame ,

Janma marana mokshartham   bhava ,

Charanaravindam   may saranam  Karunambudhe.


Whatever  I told him for his own good,

Appeared   to him as bad    due   to fate

He neared  me with a sword to kill me ,

With   a speed   of a black Cobra,  that  King of Lanka,

Due to fear    of death , I   came  flying  from there ,

Worried    and with great   speed,

Along   with four ministers  I bid farewell,

And Oh God  I do not have   any support ,

I came for salvation from birth  death  process ,

And  Oh ocean of mercy  , your lotus like  feet is my support.


Itham Vibheeshana Vakhyangal   kettalavil,

Uthaya    Sugreevanum paranjeedinaan,

“Viswesa , Rakshasan Mayavi yethrayum,

Viswasa yogyanallennathu nirnayam,

Pinne   viseshichu   Ravana Rakshasan,

Thannude sodharan vikramam  ullavan,

AAyudha paniyai  vannan amathyarum,

Maya visaradhanmaar  yennu nirnayam,

Chidram  kuranjonnu kankilum   nammude  ,

Nidhrayil yengilum   nigrahichhedume  .”


As soon as   these words of  Vibheeshana   were heard,

Sugreeva got up   and said as follows,

“Oh lord   of the world,  This Rakshasa is a  magician,

Besides ,he  being  specially    the brother  ,

Of Ravana  he must be having valour  ,

And those  ministers    who came with him are  armed ,

And definitely  must be   experts   in magic,

If   our security appears   to be less ,

 They may even kill us in sleep.”


Chinthichu udan  niyogikka Kapikale  ,

Hanthavya ninnivan   illoru samsayam,

SAthru pakshathillulla  janangale  ,

Mithram yennu orthu udan viswasikunnathil ,

SAthrukkale thanneviswasicheedunnathu,

Uthamam   akunnathu    yennathorkkaname .

Chinthichu  kandinininthiruvullathil,

Yenthu yenna abhimatham yennarul   cheyyanam,

Mathulla Vanara   veerarum   chinthichu,

Kutham  varaaivaan  paranjaar  pala   tharam.


Think about it and  send the  monkeys,

 He is one who has to be killed  without any doubt,

Believing    one’s own enemies   as friends  is better  than,

Believing  people of the enemies side  as our  friends,

Please think about it deeply and come to a conclusion and tell us,

Other  monkeys  also thought and  expressed different opinions.


Anneram uthaya    vandhichu Maruthi,

Chonnan  “Vibheeshanan uthaman yethrayum,

Vannu   saranam  gamichavanne naam ,

Nannu  rakshikunnathennu yennude matham,

Nakthancharanvyathingal  janichavar,

SAthrukkal    yevarum yennu vannedumo ,

Nallavarum   avarilum yennulla  ,

Thellavarum  niroopichu kollename.

Jathi namadhikalkkalla   guna gana  ,

Bedham yennathre  budhanmaarude matham,

SAswathamayulla   dharmam nrupathiokallkku,

Asritha   rakshanamennu sasthrokthiyum.”


At that time  Hanuman stood up , saluted and told,

“Vibheeshana   is a very good person,

My opinion is    that   we should protect ,

Those   who come seeking protection from us.

Is it a fact   that  all those  born as  Rakshasas ,

Are   all our enemies for all people ,

Should know that good people   are also there among them.

It is not for the name of the caste  but ,

It  is the difference in the  character ,

That should be considered , opine the wise.

The permanent   dharma  for all kings,

Is to protect  those who depend on them , say Sasthras.”


ITham palarum  pala vidham  chonnava,

Chithe   darichu arul cheythu   Raghupathi  ,

“Maruthi chonnathu    upapannam yethrayum,

Veera,  Vibhakara  puthra  , Varikedo,

Jnan parayunnathu   kelppin yellavarum,

Jambhavadhadhi  neethigna varanmaare  ,

Urveesan aayaal   avan  asrithanmare  ,

Sarvaeso  rakshe  sunaswapachan  api.”


After hearing the several   talks of different persons  ,

Rama  understood all of them   and told,

“I think that what  was  told by Hanuman is proper,

Oh valorous one , Oh son of Sun God, come here ,

All of you please  hear  what is said by me,

Oh great   givers of law like  Jambhavan,

If one becomes a king   then  he should  ,

Always protect    those   who depend on him  ,

Though   that person is a dog or  a dalit.”


Rakshiyanjal  avan  Brahmaha  kevalam,

Rakshithaswamedham   cheytha  punyavaan,

Yennu   chollunithu    Veda sastrangalil,

Punya papangal   ariyaruthu yethume  ,

Munnam oru   kapotham   nija petayodu,

Onnichoru   vanam thannil  meviodinaan,

Unnathamayoru   pada pagre thadhaa  ,

Chennoru  kattalan  yeithu konnedinaan.


If he does not protect he is  one with sin of killing a Brahmin,

And the one who protects  is the blessed one who has  done Aswamedha,

Says   all the   Vedas  as well  as shastras,

So  you should not know about sin and blessing.

Once upon a time   a dove   with his lady dove ,

Wandered   inside a big forest ,

On a    big very tall tree ,

And there  that dove was killed   by arrow of a hunter.


THannude pakshiniye  surathanthare  ,

Vannoru   dukham poranju   karanjavan,

THanne  marannu iruneedum dasanthare ,

Vannithu  kaathum mazhayum   dinesanum,

Chennu   charamabdhi  thannil maranjithu  ,

Khinnanai   vannu visannu  kirathanum,

Thanirikkunna   vrukshathin   muratathil,

Dheenatha yodu nilkkunna   kattalane  ,

Kandu  karuna kalarnnukapothavum,

Kondu vannasu  koduthithu vahniyum.


After crying   due to the great sorrow  ,

Of its  partner in love  being killed ,

When he was  sitting there  forgetting all,

A big rain and wind came and the sun,

Went and disappeared   in the divine ocean,

 That hunter came  very tired due to hunger ,

And stood below the tree  where  he was sitting,

Seeing that   hunter standing pitiably  ,

That   dove  with   great   mercy,

Brought fire from somewhere   and gave him.


Thannude kaiyil   irunna kapothiye,

Vahniyil ittu    chuttasu thinnedinaan,

Yennathu kondu visappu adangeedanju,

Pinneyum  peedichirikkum  kirathanu,

Thannude dehavum  nalkinaan   anbodu,

Vahniyil veenu kirathasaanarthamai  ,

Athra polum  venam asritha rakshanam,

Marthyan yennalo parayendathillallo ,

Yenne saranam yennu orthu ingu vannavan,

Yennenum  abhayamkodukkumatheyullu.


He    baked   the   dove  that  was with him,

In the fire    and then   ate  it,

But since his hunger  was not satiated ,

That   hunter   was standing there  miserably ,

And that  dove gave him his body  ,

By falling in to the fire and became his food.

It is like this ,  that those who depend  on us,

Should be protected  and if is a  man, need we tell,

This one has come here  to see protection ,

And so  I would always give  protection to him.


Pinne viseshichumonnu  keettiduvin,

 Yenne   chadhippathinnu   aarum illa yengume  ,

Loka palanmaareyum   mathu kaanaaya  ,

Lokangaleyum   nimisha mathram kondu,

Srushtichu  , rakshichu   samharicheeduvvan,

Ottume   dandam yenikkilla  nischayam,

Pinne  jnan aare  bhayappedunnu mudhaa ,

Vaneduvaan   chollu avane madiyathe.

Vyagriyaike  athum ithum cholli manase ,

Sugreeva  , nee channavane   varuthuga ,

Yenna   saranam gamikkunnavarkku  jnan,

Yennum abhayam  kodukkum athi drutham,

Pinne avarkku  oru   samsara   dukhavum ,

Vannu kooda   noonam yennariga   nee .


Then you please   something special,

There is no one who can deceive me  ,

For me   it is not a problem   ,

To create  , protect   and destroy  ,

The protectors    of the world,

As well as   the entire world that  we see in a minute.

So whom should I be afraid of , unnecessarily,

Without hesitation ask him to come,

Do not have any worry about it  ,

Oh Sugreeva  , you go   and bring him,

I  would speedily give   protection  ,

To all those who seek it from me  ,

And also understand   that  after that,

There  would not  be any sorrow of domestic life for them.


Sri Rama vakhyamrutham   kettu   Vanara,

Veeran  , Vibheeshanan thanne   varuthinaan,

Sri Rama Padanthike   veenu  Sashtangam,

AArooda modham   namaskaricheedinaan,

Ramam  visalaksham   indhee   vara  dala,

Shyamalam  komalam  bana dhanurdharam,

Soma bimbabha  prasanna mukhambhujam,

Kamadham  kamopamam kamala   varam,

Kantham  karunakaram  kamalekshanam,

Santham   saranyam  varenyam  vara pradham,

Lakshmana samyutham  Sugreeva Maruthi  ,

Mukhya kapi kula sevitham  Raghavam,

Kandu koopi  thozhuthu yetham  vineethanai,

Undaya   santhoshamodum  vibheeshanan ,

Bhaktha priyanaaya   lokaika   nadhane ,

Bhakthi paravasanai sthuthicheedinaan.


That monkey hero after   hearing  the word nectar,

From Rama , made Vibheeshana come there  ,

And he fell at   the feet of Rama and saluted him,

And with rising joy again saluted him, and saw

Rama, the  broad eyed one , One who has,

Black similar to leaf of   Indivaraksha  plant

The pretty one oh expert in science of arrows,

The lotus faced one  with face resembling the moon,

The fulfiller  of desires, the god who looks like God of love,

Consort  of Lakshmi , the  shining one ,the  merciful one ,

The  God with lotus like eyes,  the  peaceful one  ,

The God who protects who surrender to you,

The  giver of boons, the  God   who is with Lakshmana   ,

The  Raghava   who is served by clan of  chief monkeys,

 Saluted him and with utmost humility,

Started praying  the  Lord of the world,

Who loves his devotees with great   devotion.


Sri Rama, Sita manohara  , Raghava ,

Sri Rama   Rajendra, Rajeeva lochana   ,

Sri Ram Rakshasa vamsa  vinasana,

Sri Rama padambujam   Namosthu  sadaa.

Chandamsu  gothrathbhavaaya namo nama ,

Chanda Kothanda dharaaya  namo nama,

Panditha hrul  pundareeka  chandamsave ,

Khanda  parasu priyaya  namo nama,

Ramaya Sugreeva mithraya  kanthaya ,

Ramaya nithym ananthaya santhaya ,

Ramaya   vedantha vedhyaya   lokabhi ,

Ramaya   Rama Bhadraya namo nama ,

Viswothbhava  sthithi samhara hethave  ,

Viswaya  viswa roopaya  namo nama ,

Nithayam anadhi gruhasthaya  they namo,

Nithyya  sathyaya   shudhaya they nama,

Bhaktha priyaya   bhagawathe   Ramaya  ,

Mukthi pradhaya   mukundaya   they nama.


Sri Rama  , pretty one of Sita  , Raghava ,

Sri Rama  ,  King of kings  , lotus eyed one  ,

Sri Rama  , the  exterminator of Rakshasa  clan,

I always   salute the lotus feet of Rama ,

One born in the clan of Sun, salutations and salutations ,

One who holds the fearsome  Kodanda bow  , salutations and salutations  ,

The shining part of  the lotus like heart of the learned ,

One who is   fond of the fearsome axe , salutations and salutations,

Rama, friend of Sugreeva  , lord ,

Rama , one who is forever , limitless one , peaceful one ,

Rama,  one who is   studied by Vedanthas , 

One who bewitches the entire world,

Rama Bhadra  , salutations and salutations  ,

Oh cause of the creation ,upkeep and destruction  ,

Of the world  , One who is the world, form  of the world  ,

Salutations   and salutations  ,

Salutations to the perennial  and primeval  householder ,

One who is forever, the truth  , purity  , salutations to you,

One who likes devotees, Rama  , God,

One who grants salvation  , Mukunda  , salutations to you.


Viswessanaam  ninthiruvadi  thanallo ,

Viswothbhava   sthithi samhara  karanam,

SAnthatham   jangama   jangama  bhoothangal   ul,

Anthar  bahir   vyapthanakunnathum bhavan.


You who are   the lord   of the entire universe,

Is the cause of  creation , upkeep and destruction of the world,

Always   you are  spread  within and without  ,

Of all living and non living things, Oh God.


Nin maha mayayaa  moodi  kidukkamaa,

Nirmalamaam   parabrahma jnaninaam   ,

Than moolamulla   punya papangalaal,

Janma  maranangal   undai varunnithum,

Athra nalekkum   jagathokkave  balal ,

SAthyamai   thonnum athinilla   samsayam.


The Parabrahma  in non wise people ,

Is always covered by your great illusion  ,

And they  go through birth and death,

Caused by   sin and blessed deeds  ,

And till this  is uncovered,

They think that this  materialistic,

World   is the     truth.


Yethra  nalekku ariyathe   yirikkunnithu  ,

ADwayamaam para  Brahmam   sanathanam,

Puthra daradhi   vishayanglil  athi,

SAkthi  kalarnnu  ramikkunnithu anvaham,

Aathmavine  ariyaikayaal   nirnayam,

AAthmani   kanenam   athmanam athmanaa ,

Dukha pradham    vishayendriya   samyogam,

Okkeyum  orthaal   odukkam  anathmanaa ,

AAdhi kale   sukhamennu  thonnikkum ,

Athethum  vivekamillathavar   manase ,

Indragni   dharma   raksho  varunanila,

Chandra    rudraja ahipadikal okkeyum  ,

Chithikkilo  ninthiruvadi nirnayam  ,

Anthavum aadhiyum illatha   deivame.


How many days  should we continue  ,

Without knowing  the divine Brahmam   ,

Which cannot   be divided  further ,

We   get  attracted  by sons   and wife  ,

And always enjoy the feeling of possession,

Without knowing the soul , definitely ,

We have to see  the soul  , the soul of all beings,

And the attraction to the senses  leads to sorrow,

If we think of all  in the end  ,  the non soul,

Would make  everything to appear  to be pleasant,

And that   is in  the mind of people without wisdom,

If we think that  Indra , fire  , Yama  , Varuna , vayu ,

Chandra  , Shiva  , Brahma   and Adhi sesha  are  you yourself,

Oh God who does not have beginning or end.


Bhakthi  paravasanai sthuthicheedunna  ,

Bhakthane kandu   thelinju Raghuthaman  ,

Bhaktha priyan  paramandam ulkondu,

Mugdha   smitha poorvam   evam arul cheythu  ,

“Ishtamayulla varathe  varikka  ,

SAnthushtanaam  jnan vara danaika thathparan,

Ottume  thapm oruthan yenne kandu,

Kittiyaal  pinne  yundakillennu orkku nee .”

Rama  vakhamrutham    kettu Vibheeshanan,

AAmodham ul kondu   unarthichu arulinaan,


The  greatest among Raghu clan became happy,

On seeing the devotee  who was praying with great devotion,

 And that lover of devotees, becoming divinely happy ,

With a   very happy smile told like   this,

“You choose  the  boon that   you like ,

For being happy  I want to give you a boon,

Please remember  that  once somebody  finds me out,

He will never have  problems afterwards.”

Vibheeshana hearing the nectar  like words of Rama,

With great   joy told   the following.


“Dhanyanaanen  krutha kruyhyanaaen,

Dhanyakruthe krutha kamana  aayenaham,

Thwal pada  padmavalokanam   kondu jnan,

Ippol  vimukthan  aayen, illa   samsayam  ,

Math samanayoru  dhanyan illa oozhiyil,

Math  samanayoru  shudhanum  illaho,

Math samanai  mathu oruvanum illiha  ,

THwat swaroopam mama kaanaya  karanathaal,

Karma bandhangal  nassipathinnai ini,

Nirmalamaam  bhavad jnanvum dehi may  Raghava  ,

Chithe  vishaya sukha aasyillethume ,

Thwal  pada  pankaja  bhkthi revasthu  may,

Nithyam  ilalkkamozhinju , Krupa nidhe.”


“I have become  blessed  and contented,

Oh blessed one  ,I have become one whose  desires are  fulfilled,

By the sight of    your  lotus like   feet ,

I have  become detached, there  is no doubt about it,

In this world  there is  no blessed  person equal to me,

There is also   no one   as pure   as me  ,

Because  of my ability  to see  your form.

For getting detached   of the ties   of Karma  ,

Oh Raghava  give me the pure knowledge   about you,

I do not have   any  other desires  in my mind ,

I should get devotion to your lotus like   feet,

Daily    with  great stability , oh treasure  of mercy.”


Itham aakarnya   sampreethanaam Raghavan,

Nakthancharadhipan  thannodu arul    cheythu,

“Nithyam vishaya   viraktharai   santharai,

Bhakthi  valarnnu athi shudha  mathikalai  ,

Jnanikalayulla   yogikal manase  ,

Jnan iripoo mama  Sitayumai mudhaa ,

AAkayal yenneyum  dhyanichu santhatham ,

Vazhga nee, yennal  ninakku moksham varum,

Athrayum alla  ninnal krutha mayoru,

Bhakthi  kara  stotram   athyantha shudhanai,

Nithyavum  cholgayum kelkkayum cheykilum,

Makthi   varum  athinnilloru   samsayam.


After hearing this   the very highly pleased  Raghava,

Told the Lord of the   Rakshasas as   follows,

“In the minds of the jnanis   who exist ,

 Daily without attachment  to anything, with peace  ,

With  a pure  mind where  devotion has grown,

I would  happily stay  along with Sita.

So daily meditate on me  always  ,

And live   so that you would get salvation,

And not only that  he who reads  or hears  daily  with a pure mind,

The  prayer  drenched in devotion  composed by you,

He would definitely   attain salvation.”


Itham arul cheythu  Lakshmanan   thannodu,

Bhaktha priyan  arul cheythithu sadaram,

“ Yenne kanivode  kandanthinde phalam,

Innu thanne varuthenam athinnu nee,

Lankadhipan ivanennu abhishekavum ,

SAnkha   viheenam anbodu  cheytheeduka,

SAgara variyum kondu vanneduka,

SAkha mrugadhipanmarumai sathwaram ,

Arka chandranmarum  aakasa  bhomiyum,

Malkadhayum  jagathingal ulla annivan,

Vazhka  , Lanka rajyamevam  mamajnayaa ,

Bhagawathothamanaaya  vibheeshanan.”


That lover  of devotees, then told like this ,

To Lakshmana  with   great  propriety,

“The result of seeing me with  softness ,

I want to be seen   and  implemented today itself,

Without any doubt   and with love  ,

Crown him as    the   ruler of Lanka,

Go and bring the water from the ocean,

Along with the lords  of   tree branches ,

And let   him   live   as ruler  of Lanka ,

As long as  the  sun, earth and the   sky  ,

And my story  exist , Let the Lanka prosper  ,

Under the rule of the great pure devotee Vibheeshana.


Pankaja  nethra   vakhyam  kettu Lakshmanan,

Lanka pura  adhipathyartham  abhishekam,

Anbodu vadhya ghoshena  cheytheedinaan,

Vambaraam  vanaradheeswaranmaarai ,

SAdhuvaadena   muzhangi  jagathrayum,

SAdhujanangalum  preethi poondeedinaar  ,

AAdhitheyothamanmaar  pushpa vrushtiyum

Aadhi verittu cheytheedinaar aadharaal.


Lakshmana  obeying the words   of the  lotus eyed  ,

Anointed   Vibheeshana   as   the king of Lanka  ,

With playing   of musical instruments  ,

Along with very powerful monkey kings  ,

And the entire three worlds said, “Good , good”,

And good people   were happy because   of this,

And the great devas   showered  flowers ,

Becoming bereft of   their sorrows.


Apsara  sthreekalum  nrutha   geethangalaal,

Appurushothamane  bhajichedinaar ,

Gandharwa  kinnara  kimpurushanmaarum,

Andharmudhaa  Sidha  vidhyaadaraadhiyum,

Sri Ramachandrane   vaazhti  sthuthichithu  ,

Bheri ninadham muzhakkinaar   anwarum,

Punyajaneswaranaya  Vibheeshanan,

 Thanne punarnnu  Sugreevanum  chollinaan.


The Apsara ladies    also prayed  to  the great Purusha,

 By dancing    and by songs,

Gandharwas, Kinnaras  and KImpurushas , Sidhas  ,

And Vidhyadharas   with ebbing happiness  in their mind,

Praised    Sri Rama   and prayed   him,

All the devas   played  drums and high musical sound   was produced,

Sugreeva hugged    the very holy Vibheeshana  and told.


Paarezhurandinum nadhanai   vazhum yi,

Sri Rama  kinkaranmaaril  mukhyan bhavan,

Ravana nigrahathinnu   sahayavum,

AAvolam   aasu cheyyanam   bhavan,

Ini kevalam   jnangalum   mun nadakkunnundu,

Sevayaa sidhikkum  metham anugraham.


You are  the chief   among Rama’s   servants,

Who rule over   the fourteen worlds,

Please   do as much as possible ,

To help us to  kill Ravana  immediately  ,

From now onwards   we would be ,

Simply  walking in front ,

So that  by service  we would get his blessings.


Sugreeva vakhyam aakarnya    Vibheeshanan,

 Agre chirichu avanodu   cholledinaan,

“Sakshaal   jagan mayanaam  akhileswaran,

Saakshi bhoothan    sakalathinnumaakayaal,

Yenthu sahayena   karyam avidekku,

Bandhu  sathrukkal   yennu ullathum  illa  kel,

Goodasthananda poornan  ekathamajan,

Koodasthanasrayam   matharum  illado.”


Hearing   the words   of Sugreeva , Vibheeshana,

 With a   smile    told   him,

“He is the god of all who pervades   everywhere ,

And since he  is the witness   to all happenings  ,

What   help can I do to him  and hear ,

He does not have any one as   relation or enemy  ,

And  our soul   which is full of joy and is  the universal one,

Has to depend only  on the God who does not change  with time.


Moodathwamathre  namukku thonnunnathu,

Gooda triguna bhavena   mayaa balal,

THadvasanmaar okke  naam yennu arinju  kondu,

Adwaya bhavena   sevichu kolga naam,

Nakthanchara  pravarokthikal  kettoru  ,

BHakthanaam bhanujanum thelinjeedinaan.


The thought   that we can help him ,   within us   is  foolish,

For due to the secret  three  fold  characters ,

And by the strength of illusion , understand that ,

We are   all under his control   and  we should serve  him,

With a feeling that   there is no  division of two,

And hearing  the opinion   of the Rakshasa,

Sugreeva  who is a devotee   became  more clear.

6.8 Shuka Bandanam

The imprisonment of Sukha


Rakshovaranaaya  Ravanan cholkayaal,

THal kshane vannu Shukanaam nisacharam ,

Pushkare    ninnu vilichu cholledinaan,

Markata   rajanaam    Sugreevanodu idham,

”Rakshasadheeswaran vkukl kelkka nee  ,

“Bhaskara soono  , Parakrama varidhe ,

Bhanu thanyanaa,    BHagadheyambudhe  ,

Vanara raja maha kula sambhava “


Due   to the orders of  Ravana, the king of Rakshasas,

The Rakshasa   called   Shuka came there  immediately,

And standing on the sky  he called and told,

Sugreeva  , the king of monkeys  like this,

“Please hear   the words of king of Rakshasas,

Oh son of Sun God, Oh ocean of valour ,

Oh Son of Bhaskara   the sun god, the sea  of good luck,

Oh one who is born in the great   clan of monkeys.”


“Aathiyendra suthuanujan aakayaal,

Brathru samanan  bhavan mama   nirnayam,

Ninnodu   vairam   yenikkethumilla,

Mathu yennil virodham  ninakkum illa yethume  ,

Rajakumaranaam Rama bharyamaham,

Vyajena  kondu vannen  , athinnu yenthu they  ?

Markata   senayodum  athi vidrutham,

Kishkindayaam  nagarikku poi kolga nee.”


Since you are the brother of the son of Devendra,

You are   definitely like a brother   to me,

I do not have any enmity   with you,

And you also do not have enmity   with me ,

What is the objection  for you  in my bringing  ,

By deceit    the wife of the prince Rama,

My army is much bigger than  the army of monkeys,

And so you please   go back   to the   city of Kishkinda,”


Devadhikalum  aprapyamayonnu  ,

Keval yennude  Lankapuramedo,

Alpa saaranmaar  manushyarum yethrayum ,

Durbalanmaaraya  vanara   yoodhavum,

Yenthonnu   kaattunnithennu   yenodivide  vannu,

Andhakaram  ninacheedayaka  nee vrudhaa.


My city of Lanka  is  one of those ,

Which cannot be approached  by even devas ,

Why have   few weak men   and a ,

Powerless   group of monkeys,

Come here   and with what  intention,

Do not unnecessarily  think of silly things.


Itham  Sukhokthikal  kettu kapi kula ,

Muthaya    chadi pidichar    athi  drutham,

Mushti  praharangal yethu   Sukhan   athi,

Klishtanai yetham  karanju thudanginaan,

“Rama , Rama Prabho  , Karunya varidhe  ,

Rama , Nadha, parithrahi  Raghupathe  ,

Dhoothare   kollamarilla   pandarume  ,

Nadha   dharmathe   rakshichu kollename  ,

Vanaranmaare  nivaranam cheythasu ,

Manava Veera  , hathoham  prapahi mam.”


When the monkeys heard these  words of Sukha,

They stood up   and speedily jumped and caught him,

And with fist hits   that Sukha  became very weak,

And he started  crying and he wailed,

“Oh Rama , Oh Lord Rama  , Oh ocean of mercy,

Oh Rama, Oh Lord , please save me  lord of Raghu clan,

From ancient times the emissary is never  killed,

And Lord , please  protect this Dharma ,

By reining   these  monkeys ,

Oh valorous man save me who am about to die .”


Itham Shuka parivedanam   kettoru  ,

Bhaktha priyan  varadan  purushothaman,

Vanaranmaare   vilakkinaan anneram,

Anandamulkondu   uyarnnu  Sukhan thadhaa ,

Chollinaan Sugreevanodu , Jnan yenthonnu ,

Chollendathangu  dasagreevanodu  athu,

Cholleduga, “ yennathu   kettu Sugrevanum  ,

Chollinaan aasu  Sukhamodu sathwaram,

“Chollulla  Baliye pole bhavaneyum,

Kollanam aasu  saputhra balanvitham,

Sri Rama pathniye kattu kondeedina,

Choraneyum konnu janaki thanneyum ,

Kondu pokenam  ynikku Kishkindhakku ,

Randilla athinennu chennu cholledu nee.


Hearing these  entreaties   of Shuka,

That lover of devotees , The one who blesses    and the best among men,

Made   the monkeys  leave him,

And that Sukha became happy , rose up   ,

And told Sugreeva , “What should,

I inform the ten faced one, please tell that”,

And hearing that Sugreeva   told,

“Like the valorous Bali  , I have to kill you,

Along with your sons  and army   and then,

And then kill the thief   who stole the wife of Rama,

And bring back that  Janaki  to Kishkinda,

There is no two opinions on this  , please tell him.”


Arkathmajokthikal    kettu    thelinju alavu,

Arkaanwayothbhavan  thanum   arul cheythu,

“Vanaranmaare  , Sukane  Bandhichu kondu,

OOnam ozhinju ingu kathu  kondeeduveen ,

Jnan ura  cheythe  ayakavithu”   yennathum,

Anandathodarul cheythu Raghuvaran,

Vanaranmaarum  pidichu ketti kondu,

Dheenatha kai vittu kathu kondeedinar,

Sardula vikramam poonda kapi balam,

SArdulanaya   nisacharan vannu kandu,

Arthanai  Ravananodu cholledinaan.


When he clearly understood  the words of Sugreeva,

The one born in the clan of Sun  told,

“Monkeys , tie  Sukha properly  ,

And guard him   carefully,

Till I tell you    to leave him out 

As son as Rama   told this with  joy,

The monkeys caught    and tied him ,

And very carefully guarded  him,

That   monkey group as  valorous as a lion,

And one Rakshasa   called  Sardhula  saw this,

And getting worried    told  Ravana.


Varthakalullavannam  Kettoru,

Rathincharewaranakiya Ravanan,

AArthi poondethavum  dheerha  chinthanvitham,

Chithe khedathodu Deergamai yethavum,

Veerthu upayangal kananjirunedinaan.


After hearing   the true news completely,

Ravana    the god of Rakshasas ,

With great sorrow , taking very deep breaths ,

With  sorrow  in his mind , several times ,

Exhaled   deeply  and could not find any other solution.


6.9 Sethu Bandanam

The building of a Dam


Thalkalam   Arka kulothbhavan  Raghavan,

Arkathmajadhi kapi varanmaarodum,

Rakshovaranaam   Vibheeshanan thannodum,

Lakshmananodum   vicharam thudanginaan,

“Yenthu upayam   samudhram kadappan  yennu,

Chinthichu   kalpikka ningal yellavarumai,”

Yennarul cheithathu   kettu   avar   yevarum,

Onnichu koodi niroopichu chollinaar.


Then  Rama who was born in the clan of the sun,

Started discussion with  , the monkey who was son of Sun God,

With Vibheeshana the chief of Rakshasas and,

With Lakshmana     and requested   them,

“You all join together   and tell me  ,

The method    to cross this ocean.”

Hearing that  , they discussed   among themselves ,

And  after  coming    to a decision told   together .


“Deva pravaranayoru  Varunane ,

SEvikka venam yennal   vazhiyum tharum.”

Yennathu kettu   arul cheythu Raghuvaran,

“Nannathu   thonniyathangane  thanne ,”  yennu,

AArnava theere   kizhakku nokki   thozhuthu,

Arnojalochananakiya    Raghavan,

Darbha virichu namaskaricheedinaan,

Adbutha vikraman  bhakthi poondethrayum ,

Moonu aho rathravum   upasichathangane  ,

Moonu lokathinnum   nadhanaam easwaran.


“If we pray   the deva chief   Varuna  ,

Then he   will show   us the way”,

Hearing that   Rama    told  ,

“Good that thought came to you, we will do that,”

And then  on the banks of ocean, facing the east,

That  lotus eyed Rama   saluted , spread Durba ,

Saluted again  and that  wonderful hero,

With great  devotion  did penance of fasting ,

For three  day and nights , that Lord of three  worlds.


Yethum ilakeela  varidhiyum  athi,

Krodhena rakthantha nethranum Nadhanum,

“Kondu vaa chapa banangal  nee Lakshmana,

Kandu kondalum mama   sara   vikramam,

Innu peruvazhi meelunnathallengil,

AArnavam  basmam aaki chamacheduvan,

Munnam madheeya   poorvanmaar valarthathum,

Innu jnan illathakkuvan nirnayam,

SAgaram yennulla  perum marannu ullil,

AAkulamenniye vaazhkil yennume  ,

Nashtam aakkeeduvan vellam , kapikulam,

Pushtamodham padaacharena  pokanam.”


There was  no movement   in the ocean   and

The very angry red eyed  Lord  said,

“Bring my  bow and arrows  , Lakshmana  ,

You all now see  my prowess  with the arrow,

If today    I am not able to find    a big path,

I would turn the ocean in to    ashes,

This ocean which was grown by my ancestors ,

Would be made  nothing   today by me .

He has   forgotten    the name  “Sagara” ,

And is    living without any worries,

And I would see   that there  is no water there,

So that the monkey clan can walk on it and cross it.”


Yennarul cheythu   villum kuzhiye kulachu,

AArnavathodu arul cheythu    Raghavan,

“SArva bhoothangalum kandu kollenamen ,

Durvaaramaya  sili mukha   vikramam,

Bhasmam aakkeduvan Varanidhiye  jnan,

Vismyam yellavarum kandu nilkkanam.”


After telling this he   fixed    his bow, twanged it,

And that Rama    told as  follows to the sea .

“Let all beings see  the unstoppable power of my arrow,

I am going    to turn this ocean in  to ash,

And all of you stand and see this  wonderful act.”


Itham Raghuvaran Vakku kettaneram,

Pruthwee roohangalum kanana jaalavum,

Pruthwiyum  koode virachu chamanjithu,

Mithranum mangi, niranju  thimiravum ,

Abdhiyum ksobhichumittl  kavinju,

Vannu  uthungammayatharanga valiyodum,

Trasthamngalai parithapathangalai vannitha,

Athyugra nakrutmii  jjashadhyangalum.


As soon as these words of Rama were   heard,

The trees , the   forest fires  and the earth ,

Shivered, Sun became dim , darkness  filled the earth,

The ocean roared  and its waters   ebbed out ,

And then came   an extremely high wave ,

The fearsome crocodiles, whales and fishes ,

 Became fear stuck  and greatly worried.


Appol  bhayappettu  divya   roopathodum,

Appathi   divyabharana   sambannanai,

Pathu dikkum   niranjoru kanthyaa   nija,

Hasthangalil   parigruhya    rathnangalum ,

Vithrasthanai  Rama pathanthike vecchu ,

Sathrapam  danda namaskaravum cheythu  ,

Rakthantha lochananagiya   Ramane  ,

Bhakthya   vanangi sthuthichaan pala tharam.


Then  the ocean greatly scared  , took a divine form,

Decorated   by divine jewels  ,

With emanating light filling all  the ten directions,

Came holding     various jewels   in his hand ,

And   with great worry , placed them at the feet of Rama,

And also saluted him by falling on ground,

And saluted with devotion   that Rama,

With a reddish  angry eye and started  praying him.


Thrahi mam  Thrahi maam, trilokya palaka,

Thrahi mam  Thrahi maam, Vishno, Jagal pathe  ,

Thrahi mam  Thrahi maam, poulasthya nasana  ,

Thrahi mam  Thrahi maam, Rama, rema pathe  ,

AAdhi kale   thava maya guna vasaal ,

BHoothangale bbhavan   srusthichathu neram,

Sthoolangalayulla   Pancha bhoothangale  ,

Kala swaropanakkum   ninthiruvadi  ,

Srusthichathetham   Jada   swabhavangalai  ,

Kashtam   atharkku  neekkavu thava   matham.


Protect me , protect me  , Oh God who looks after  the three  worlds,

Protect me , protect me  ,Oh Lord Vishnu  , Oh Lord of universe ,

Protect me , protect me  , killer   of Ravana  ,

Protect me , protect me  , Rama, consort of Lakshmi,

In the ancient times   due to the property of illusion,

You created   all beings    and then later ,

You, who were  having    the form of time,

 Created   the five great elements in a gross form,

But you created them  with mindless  forms,

Alas , who can change   your  decision in this.


Pinne viseshachathilum jadathwamai,

THanne bhavaan punar yenne  nirmichathum,

Munne bhava niyoga swabhavathe ,

Innu anyadhaakarthum aarulla thu saktharai?

THamasothbhavangalaaya bhoothangal ,

Thamasa  seelamai  thanne   varu vibho ,

Thamasamallo jadathwamakunnathum,

Kama lobhadhikalum  thamasa   gunam.


Later  even specially more inanimate  ,

You created   me again   and ,

Who has the power    and strength  to change ,

That character   which you have given me earlier,

Those elements    which have   base qualities  ,

 Would have  only base conduct, oh lord,

And since base quality  is   the inanimate  nature ,

Passion,  avarice and pride are  base   qualities.


Maya  rahithanai  nirgunanaya  nee,

Maya gunangale angeegarichapol ,

Vairaajanamavaanai gunathmavumai,

Appol, virattingal  ninugunangalaal,

Ulpannarayithu   devadhikal   thadhaa.


When You who do not have illusion   and

 With no properties of your  own,

Recognized   the properties of illusion,

You became the ultimate man  and had ,

The soul with properties that   are good,

And then in that  ultimate  nature,

Became    your properties ,

And then the   devas   were  created.


Thathra  sathwangal ninnallo  devakal,

Rudrajo  bhoothangalai  prajesadhikal,

Thath  thamo   bhoothanai   bhoothapathi thanum,

Uthama  Purusha  , Rama , Dhaya nidhe  ,

Maayayaa  cchannai   leela  manushanai,

Maya  gunangale kaikondanaratham,

Nirgunanai   sadaa chid Ghana nayoru  ,

Nishkalanai  nirakaranai ingane,

Mokshadhanaam  ninthiruvadi  thanneyum,

Moorkhanaam  jnan yengane   yarinjeedunnu?


From your Sathwa  qualities  arose  devas,

From your regal qualities   the  prajapathis,

And from your base qualities   arose    Lord  Shiva,

Oh best of men  , Oh Rama  , Oh treasure of mercy,

Hidden  by illusion   as a  man  who loves sports  ,

You have    taken the  qualities of Maya  always,

And has become one without properties,

And having   more positive   divine qualities,

Without decay   and without forms

And also   you are the giver of salvation  ,

How can I who is foolish  understand this?


Moorkha  janangalkku   sanmarga   prapakam,

Orkkil  prabhoonaam   hitham dandamayathum,
Dushta pasoonaam   yadhaa lakutam thadhaa ,

Dushtanusasanam  dharmam  bhavaadrusaam.

Sri Rama devam param bhaktha vathsalam,

Karana purusham  karunya sagaram,

Narayanam saranyam purushothamam,

Sri Ramameesam   saranam   gathosmi  jnan ,

Ramachandrabhayam  dehi may santhatham ,

Rama  lankia margam aasu   dhdhami they.”


The punishment given by  good people  

For the good of the ignorant  ones,

Makes   the ignorant  know   the proper way,

Like the stick that leads   the bad cows,

It is your duty    to  punish    the bad  ones,

You are  God Rama, divine and lover of devotees,

You are the causal man  and ocean of mercy,

I take refuge   in Narayana   who is the greatest Purusha,

I come and    take    refuge   in the   God Rama,

Always give me protection  oh Ramachandra,

Oh  Rama I will give you the way to Lanka.


Itham vanangi  sthuthicha  varunanodu,

Uthama purushan   thanum arul cheythu,

“Banam madheeyam   amogham athinniha ,

Venam oru  lakshyam  yenthu athinnullathum?

Vattamillathoru   Lakshyam  athinu  nee ,

Katti threanam yenikku   Varannidhe  .”


To the Varuna who saluted and prayed  like this ,

The  best of men told  like this ,

“My arrow  is one which gets result ,

So it needs    to have   an aim now  ,

What is the aim for   it now?

Do, oh treasure    of water , show ,

Me  a   proper    aim for that.”


Arnava nadhanum  chollinaan anneram,

“Anyoona   karunya sindho, Jagalpathe  ,

Utharasyaam disi matheera bhoothale  ,

Chithra druma kulya desam  subhikshadham,

Thathra papathmaakal undu nisacharar,

Yethrayum paaram  upadravichheduvor ,

Vegaal   avidekku ayaykuka banam thava  ,

Lokapakaarakam  aam athu nirnayam.”


That  Lord of the sea   Told    at that time ,

“Oh  complete ocean of mercy , Oh Lord of universe  ,

In the north  , on my shore in earth,

In a pretty  forest  called Kulya desa , which  is wealthy ,

There  are very sinful Rakshasas,

And they trouble    all  people  too much,

So please send your  arrow there ,

And it would definitely be helpful   to all the world.”


Ramanum  banam ayachan  athu neram,

Aamayam   theydeedum aabheera mandalam,

Yellamodukki  vegena   banam ponnu,

Mellave thooneeravum pukkithu aadaraal,

AAbheeramandalam okke   nasikkayaal,

Shibhanamai vannu  thal pradesam thadhaa,

Thal kula desavum  annu thottu yethrayum,

Mukhya jana padamai  vannithu yeppozhum.


At that   time Rama sent his arrow,

It searched everywhere  for that  bad place 

In the  place  of cowherds

And destroyed   the diseased parts ,

And speedily came back and went inside the quiver.

Due to the destruction of the area  of cowherds,

That place   became   auspicious ,

And that place   belonging to that clan,

Became   a very important  part of the world always.


SAgaram chollinaan  sadaram anneram,

“AAkulamenniye  majjale sathwaram ,

Sethu bandhikka Nalanaam kapivaran,

Yethum avannoru dandamai varaa .

Viswakarmavin  makan avan akayaal,

Viswa shilpa  prakriya thalparan yethrayum,

Viswa durithapa haariniyai  thava,

Viswamellam niranjeedunna  keerthiyum,

Vardhikkum “ yennu  paranju thozhuthudan,

Abdhiyum  melle  maranju  aruleedinaan.


At that time, that  ocean told   with respect,

“Without any difficulty  on my waters ,

Let the great monkey Nala,  build a bridge ,

No problem would come to him at that time,

For he is the son of Viswakarma , the deva architect ,

And is  an expert   on  buildings in the world  ,

And that   bridge would  be something,

Which would put an end to problems  of the world,

And would have a fame  that fills the entire world,”

Saying this   and saluting Rama  , he disappeared.


SAnthushtanayoru Ramachandran thadhaa,

Chinthichu  Sugreeva  Lakshmananmarodum,

Pragnanayidum  Nalane  vilichudan,

AAjnaye   cheythithu   Sethu sambandhena,

Thal kshane  Markata mukhyanaam   Nalan,

Pushkara nethrane  vandhichu sathwaram,

Parvatha thulya   sareerikal aakiya,

Durvara veeryam  yiyanna kapikalum,

SArva dikkingalum ninnu  sarabhasam,

Parvatha  paasahana paadhapa  jalangal  ,

KOndu varunnava    vangi theru   there ,

Kunta viheenam   paduthu  thudanginaan.


The contented and Happy  Ramachandra then,

Thought along with Sugreeva and Lakshmana,

Called    Nala   who was   an expert,

And ordered him to build the   bridge.

Immediately  that  monkey chief Nala  ,

Saluted the   lotus eyed one   and quickly ,

The monkeys    who had mountain  like bodies ,

Who were also having unbeatable valour ,

Collected mountain bits  , stones and trees,

From all over    the place    very speedily,

And Nala got them from them    and ,

Arranged   them  in to a bed  without any effort


Nere  satha  yojanaa ayatham   ayudan,

EEranju yojana   vistharamaam vannam,

Itham paduth  thudangum vidhou   Rama-

Bhadranaam  Dasarathi, Jagadheeswaran,

Vyomakesam  Parameswaram Sankaram  ,

Rameswaram   yenna  namam arul cheythu ,

Shobhanamaya   muhurthena   samsthapya  ,

Papa haraaya  triloka hitharthamai  ,

Poojichu , vandhichu  bhakthyaa  namaskruthya  ,

Rajeeva lochanan yevam arul cheythu.


When the bed was formed  with hundred yojanas length

 And ten yojanas broad , Rama, son of Dasaratha  ,

Who is the God of the universe,  established,

At a   holy time  a statute  of Sankara , the divine god,

Who has   sky as his hair and called  that God as  Rameswara ,

For  destroying sins and for the  good of the world,

Worshipped   saluted  and  saluted on the ground with devotion,

And that  lotus  eyed    one told.


“yathoru  marthyan ivide vannu aadharaal ,

Sethu bandham  kandu Rameswaraneyum ,

BHakthyaa  bhajikkunnithu appol avan  ,

Brahma hathyadhi   papangalodu ver pettu  ,

Athi shudhanai   vannu koodum  mamanugrahaal,

Mukthiyum  vannedum illoru samsayam.”


Any man  who comes     here    with respect ,

And after   seeing this bridge    and worships ,

This God Rameswara ,  he would get  rid of,

Sins like Brahmahathyaa  , become greatly pure  ,

And  due to my blessings will  get salvation, definitely.”


Sethu bandhathingal  majjanavum cheythu ,

Bhoothesanagiya   Rameswaraneyum,

Kandu  vanangi purapettu shudhanai ,

Kuntatha  kai vittu  Varanasi pukku ,

Gangayil   snanavum cheythu  jithasramam,

Ganga salilavum kondu vannadharaal,

Rameswarannu   abhishekavum   cheythadha  ,

Sri mal SAmudre kalanju  thal bharavum .

Majjanam cheyyunna  marthyan yennodu ,

SAyujyam    varum athinilloru samsayam.


After   taking bath by dipping  near this bridge  ,

And after seeing   and saluting Lord Shiva   who is Rameswara,

If one gets purified   and without  any laziness ,

Goes to Varanasi  , take bath in Ganga , without tiredness  ,

Bring the water   of Ganges   with great respect,

And anoint Rameswara    with that water ,

And throw away all their  they  luggage    in the sea,

And takes bath there , would   without doubt,

Get   salvation     from  me.


Yennarul cheythithu   Raman thiruvadi,

Nannai thozhuthu sevichathellavarum,

Viswakarmathmajanaam   nalanum pinne  ,

Viswasamodu   paduthu thudanginaan,

Vidhrutha   madhri  pashana  tharukkallal,

Dine   theernnu  pathinnalu yojana  ,

Theernithu   irupathu  yojana  pithenaal,

Moonm dinam irupathi onnu yojana ,

Nalam dinam   irupthirandayithu  ,

Pole  irupathi moonum   anchaam dinam,

Anju naal kondu    satha yojana aayatham,

Chanchalamenniye theernoranatharam,

Sethuvin  mele nadannu  kapikalum ,

AAthanga heenam   kadannu  thudanginaar.


Rama    told thus  and all people saluted and served  Rameswara,

And  after that  Nala the son of Viswakarma  ,

Started    building    the bridge   with confidence ,

Immediately using  mountain, stones    and trees ,

First day    fourteen yojanas    were completed ,

Next day   another   twenty yojanas   were  completed,

And on the third day Twenty one yojanas were built,

And on the fourth day it became twenty two,

And on the fifth day     it was   twenty three  yojanas,

And thus within five days , hundred yojanas of the bridge was built ,

Without   any problems and  after  completing   it,

The monkeys walked   over the bridge  ,

 And without   any worries started   crossing over to Lanka.


Maruthi kante  kareri Raghuthaman,

Thareya  kante   Sumithra thanayanym,

AAruhya   chennu  Subelachala mukal,

Yerinaar  vanara   senayodum drutham,

Lanka  puraa loka naasaya Raghavan,

SAnka viheenam Subelachalopari  ,

SAmprapya   nokkiya nerathu kandithu ,

Jambhari  than purikottha  Lanka puram.


Rama   rode   on the neck of  Hanuman,

And Lakshmana rode the neck of Angadha,

And riding like that  , they went  to the Subela mountain,

Along   with the great  monkey army ,

For destroying     the city of Lanka,

Reaching on the top of  Subela mountain,

He saw   the city of Lanka  which ,

Is equal to  the city of  Devendra,


Swarnamaya  dwaja  prakara   thorana,

Poorna manoharam  prasada samkulam,

Kailasa   sailendra   sannibha  gopura jala,

Parigha   sathagni samavitham,

Prasada  moordhni   vistheerna  dese mudhaa,

Vasava thulya prabhavena   Ravanan,

Rathna simhasane  manthri sabha sankule  ,

Rathna  dandaatha pathrair upa shobhithe ,

AAlavattangalum venchamarangalum,

Bala tharuni mare  kondu veeyichu,

Neela  sailabham  dasa kiredohjjwalam,

Neela  meghopamam  kandu raghuthaman,

Vismayam kai kondu manichu manase,

SAsmitham  vanaranmaarodu   vhollinaan.


In the building was   a  wall of golden glitter  ,

With hanging ornaments    which are  pretty,

With  a tower resembling    the Kailasa  mountain,

Along with iron pestles  and   cannons  ,

And on the    top of that  building , in a very broad place ,

Ravana was sitting with the opulence   of Indra  ,

On a gem studded throne with all his ministers,

Also shining with  umbrellas with  gem studded  handles ,

With chowries ,  and  round fans ,

Which were  fanned by young lasses,

With  ten shining crowns having the glitter of a blue mountain,

And was    resembling a blue cloud   and this was seen by Rama.

With great     wonder   growing in his heart,

He told   the monkeys    with a pretty smile.


Munne nibandhanayoru  Sukasuran,

Thanne   viravodayakku madiyathe  ,

Chennu dasa greevanodu   vruthanthangal,

Onnu ozhiyathe   ariyikka vaikathe  .


Speedily release   the Sukhasura  ,

Who was imprisoned by us ,

Let him tell   all the facts  and happenings,

Without even leaving one  without delay.


Yennarul cheyththu kettu  thozhuthavan,

Chennu   Dasananan  thanne  Vannginaan.


Hearing that    he saluted  Rama,

Went   to Ravana  and saluted  him.


6.10 Ravana   Shuka   Samvadam

The talk between Ravana   and Shuka


Pankthi mukanum   avanodu   chodhichaan,

“Yenthu ne vaikuvaan   karanam cholkedo,

Vanarendranmaar    arinju   pidichu,

Abhimana    virodham varuthiyaaro ? Thava ,

Ksheena bhavam  kalarneeduvaan karanam ,

Manase khedham   kalanju chollededo,”

Rathinjarendrokthi   kettu Shukhan,

Paramatham   Dasananodu   cholledinaan,.


Ravana   with ten faces then asked him,

“ Please tell me why is there delay in your return?

Did the chief monkeys catch you  and insult you?

 Please leave out the sorrow   in your mind,

And tell  the reason for your tiredness “

Shuka hearing the words   of the king  of Rakshasa,

Told     the ten faced   one    the truth.


“Rakshasa raja pravara  , Jaya , jaya,

Mokshopadesa  magrgena cholleduvan,

 Sindhu tham   Uthara theeropari  chennu   oru,

Antharaminniye  jnan thava   vakhyangal ,

Chonna nerathavar   yenne pidichudan,

Konnu kalavan    thudangum dasanthare  ,

“Rama, Rama  , Prabho, Pahi, Pahi  “ ithi   jnan,

AAmayam    poonda karanja    nadham kettu ,

Dhoothan   avadhyam, ayappin  ayappin  ,

Yennu aadharavode    arul cheythu    dhayaparan.”


Oh  great king of Rakshasas , victory  , victory,

I will tell you in an advice - form leading  to salvation,

When I went   to the northern shore   of the ocean,

And Told your words   fully to them,

They caught me    and when they started  killing me,

I shouted  “Hey Rama, Rama  , lord , save and save.”

With sorrow    and tears  , that lord heard that   and told,

That  merciful  one , with great   respect 

“He is an emissary, send him away .”


Vanaranmaar   ayachar athu kondu,

Jnanum   bhayam thernu   neele  nadannudan,

Vanara sainym yellam   kandu pon nithu,

Manava veeran aajnayaa  sadaram,

Pinne Raghuthaman yennodu chollinaan,

“Chennu nee    Ravanan thannodu cholluga,

Sitaye  nalgeeduka onnukil  allaykil,

Yethume vaikathe   yudham thudanguka  ,

Randilum   onnu   uzhari   cheythu kollanam,

 Randum kanakku yenikkennu parayanam.”


Since the monkeys     send  me ,

I leaving out all fear   walked  at length  ,

And saw   all the   army   of the monkeys,

As per the order   of  the valorous human being.

And later   the best   of the Raghu clan told   me,

“You please   go and tell Ravana,

Either    return Sita   or without delay  start the war,

Start speedily  either   of them,

As both are   same as far as I am concerned.”


Yendu balam kondu  Sitaye kattu kondu,

Andhanai  ponnu angirunnu kondu bhavan,

POrumathinnu balamengil    yennodu,

Porinai kondu purappeduga   aasu nee,

Lanka puravum  nisa chara   senayum,

SAnka viheenam  sarangale kondu jnan,

Okke podi  peduthunnalathil  vanningu,

Pukkoru   roshavum aasu theertheeduvan,

Nakthanchara   kula sreshtan  bhavanoru  ,

SAkthan yennakil  purppeduga aasu nee.”


The power that   you showed in stealing Sita  ,

Being stationed there , if you think it is sufficient,

Immediately start   for a war   with me  ,

Without any doubt   with my arrows,

I would powder    the city of Lanka  ,

As well as the    army   of Rakshasas,

And if you enter   here I would  destroy your pride ,

And if  you the  great  one of the Rakshasa  clan,

 Is strong    enough  , start  immediately for a war.”


Yennu aruli  cheythu irunnu   aruleedinaan,

Ninnude sodharan   thannodu koodave  ,

Sugreeva , Lakshmananmarodu onnichu  ,

Nigrahippanai   bhavantham ranangane  ,

Kandu  kondalum    asankhyam balam  ,

Dasa kanda prabho  , kapi pungava palitham,

Parvatha sannibhanmaaraya  vanaram,.

Orvee kulungave   garjanavum    cheythu,

Sarva lokangalum   basamam aakeeduvaan,

Garvam kalarnnu   nilkunnithu nirbhayam.


 After  saying   this  he sat   down.

Along   with your brother Vibheeshana,

Sugreeva , Lakshmana have  appeared ,

In your battle field to kill you.

Please   also see   the innumerable strength,

Oh Lord with ten necks , which is controlled  by  monkey lords,

Which consists   of mountain like   monkeys,

Who are   roaring like lions making the world shiver,

And  are    standing   with great  pride  and no fear ,

 So that  they can turn the entire   world in to ash.


SAnkhyamum aarkkum  ganikkavathilliha ,

SAnkhyavatham varanaaya  kumaranum,

Humkarameriya vanara   senayil ,

SAnkha pradanare   kettu kolluga,

Lanka puratheyum nokki  nokki drutham,

SAnkha viheenam    alari nilkkunnavan,

Noorayiram  padayodum   ripukkale,

Neerakkuvaan  oozhathode   vaal pongichu,

Kalanum  pedichu mandum avanodu,

Neelanaam senathipathi  vahni nandanan.


No one can compute    their  numbers,

Which would be difficult  even for Lord Subrahmanya,

Please hear   about the chiefs  ,

In the monkey army  which is standing saying “hum”,

Standing facing and staring at  the city of Lanka,

Shouting    innumerable number of times,

Along with hundred thousand army  to ,

Turn in to ash his enemies  with a   raised tail,

Who even creates   fear  in god of death,

Is the commander Neela   who is the son of fire.


Angadan  aakum ilaya      rajavu athinnu,

Angethu  Padma kinchalka sama prabhan,

Vaal kondu bhoomiyil  thachu thachangine  ,

Bali than  nandanan, adrusyangopaman,

THal paarswa seemni nilkkunnathu vathajan,

Thwal puthra gathakan, Ramachandra priyan,

Sugrrevanodu paranju nilkkunnavan,

Ugranaam swethan  rajatha   sama prabhan,

Rambanangethavan  mumbil milkkunnavan,

Vambanayulla    saraban maha   balan.


The  junior king of monkeys is Angadha ,

Who is  having the  luster  of the  lotus tendrils,

He beats   and beats    the earth with his tail  ,

He is the son of Bali   and is similar   to a mountain,

The one who stands  near  him is the son  of wind God,

Who is the one who killed your son and he is very dear to Rama,

The one who talks  with    Sugreeva  ,

Is the   terrible Swetha who shines like silver,

Ramban   stands  little away   and  the ,

One who stands in front of him is Sarba who is powerful.


Maindam angethabvan   thambi Vividanum,

Vrundhara  ka  vaidya nandananmarallo,

SEthu karthavaam   Nalan   athingethu,

Bodamerum     viswa karmavu than makan,

Tharan, Panasan , Kumudan, Vinuthannum,

Veeran Vrusabhan   Vikatan Visalanum,

Maruthi than   pithavagiya   Kesari,

Sooranayidum    pramadhi  SAtha bali,

Saaranam  Jambhavanum , Vega darsiyum,

Veeran Gajanum  gavayan, Gavakshanum,

Sooran Dadhimukhan, jyothir   mukhan, Athi-

Ghoran, Sumukhanum Durmukhan, Gomukhan,

Ithyadhi  vanara nayakanmaare jnan,

Pratheykam engine chollunnthum prabho.


The next one is Maindan, his younger brother Vividhan,

And they are the sons of the doctors of devas,

Next is  Nala   who built   the bridge  ,

Who is the  very wise Viswa Karma’s son,

Thara ,  Panasa , Kumudha  , Vinatha,

Veera  , vrushabha   , vikata   , visala ,

Kesari    the father   of Hanuman,The very heroic  Pramadhi  , SAthabali,

The very wise Jambhavan ,  Vega darsi,

 Veera, Gaja , Gavaya, Gavaksha,

Soora, DAdhi mukha, Jyothir mukha  ,

Athi Ghora, Sumukha , Durmukha, Gomukha,

 Are the many , many  monkey chiefs ,

Oh Lord how can   I say about them in particular .


Itharam vanara   nayakanmaar ,

Arupathezhu  koti  yundullathu arinjaalum,

Ullam theinjuporkkai  , irupathonnu vellam,

Padayum unduullathavarkellam,

DEvarikale odukkuvanai vanna  ,

DEvamsa sambhavanmaar ivar yevarum,


Please know that   there  are  sixty seven crores,

Of such     great monkey chieftains,

They have an army of one thousand  twenty one

Vellam (a huge number)  of army with them,

All of them are  persons born with,

A part of deva power   born to kill enemies  of devas.


Sri Rama devanum  manushan alla,

AAdhi Narayananaam  paran purushothaman,

Sithayakunnathu   Yoga maya   devi,

Sodaran Lakshmana nayakan ananthanum,

Loka mathavum pithavum  Janakajaa ,

Raghavan mar yennariga vazhi pole.


Sri Rama also is not a man,

He is the primeval Narayana, the divine Purushothama,

Sita     is the   Yoga Maya   Devi,

And brother Lakshmana is the Aadhi sesha,

The father and mother   of the world  ,

Are  Sri Rama   and Sita    respectively.


Vairam avarodu sambhavicheeduvaan ,

Karanam yenthennathorkka   nee manase  ,

Pancha bhoothathmakamaya   sareeravum,

Panchathwam aasu bhavikkum yellavanum.

Pancs panchathmaka thathwangale kondu,

SAnchitham punya papangalaal    badhamai,

Thwang mamsa medha  asthi  moothra malangalal,

SAmmelithatham athidurgandham yethrayum,

Jnan yenna bhavathingal undai varum,

Jnanmillatha janangalkku , athokka  nee,


How did  your enmity got created with them,

You please   think about the reason    in  your mind  ,

This body which is the mixture   of five elements,

And   for all people   death   would definitely happen .

Made with the  twenty five principles  ,

And tied with sins and good deeds one earns,

The sin and good deeds   would become attached,

And the body gets  a very bad    smell   being mixed with ,

The flesh , fat  , bone  , urine and stool,

And the concept that   “I am that “,

Comes from there for   the  ignorant people  , remember this.


Hantha Jadathmakamaya    kayathingal,

Yenthoru avasthaa bhavikkunnathum deemathaam,

Yathonnu moolamai   Brahma hathyadhiyaam,

Pathakoughangal   kruthangal aakunnathum,

Bhoga bhokthavaya deham kshanam kondu,

Rogadhi moolamai  sampathikkum drudam,

Punya papangalodum   chernnu jeevanum ,

Vannu koodunnu   Sukha   dukha  bandanam.


Alas , What a great attachment   is developed,

To this soul less   body even  by  the wise  ,

That  body by which sins like   Brahmahathyaa  ,

And  crowds   of crimes  leading to our fall  are done,

That body which enjoys  passion  , within a second,

Would fall down dead    due to diseases definitely,

And along with sin and good deeds  , the  soul  ,

Is also got tied   by  the pleasures and pains of the body.


Dehathe jnan yennu   kalpichu  karmangal,

Mohathinaal  avasathwena   cheyyunnu  ,

Janma maranangal athu moolamai ,

SAmohithanmarkku vannu bhavikkunnu ,

Soka jara  marandhikal neekuvaan ,

AAkayaal   dehabhimanam kalaka   nee,

AAthmavu  nirmalan   avyayan   adwayan,

Athmaanam athmana   kandu theliga nee ,

Athmavine   smaricheeduga    santhatham,

Athmani thanne  layikka nee  Kevalam.


Due to illusion    we consider  that body is me  ,

 And    keep on doing  activities due to weakness,

And to all those   who are   caught  by illusion,

The birth and death  keep on coming to them,

So if you want to remove sorrow , old age   and death,

Leave out   this attachment to the body,

The soul is pure , non decaying , cannot be divided,

And so see the soul  within the soul   and become clear ,

Always    think of that soul ,

And later   go and merge   yourself with soul.


Puthra  Dara Artha gruhaadhi   vasthukkalil,

SAkthi kalanju  virakthanai   vaazhuka ,

Sookaraswadhi   dehangalil  aakilum,

Bhogam   narakadhikalilum undallo,

DEham  vivekadyamayathum    prapichithaa,

Hantha, pinne   dvijathwavum vannithu  ,

Karma bhoovaam athra Bharatha khandathil,

Nirmalam   Brahma janmam   bhavicheedinaal,

Pinne yundakumo   bhogathil aagraham,

Dhanyanayullavan orkka   Maha  Mathe.


Without desire  in son, wife   wealth  and home  ,

Live    with complete   detachment ,

For  whether it is in the body of pig  or horse  ,

Passion is there or even  in hell it is there .

With body becoming wise    and  then,

Getting the status    of the twice born,

In the Bharatha  Kanda  which is the land of  Karma,

If pure   knowledge   of Brahmam is got  ,

Will there    be desire    for passion for such a one  ,

And then he becomes blessed, Oh greatly wise one.


POulasthya puthranam Brahmanadyan bhavan,

TRilokya sammathan , ghora thapodhanan ,

Yennirikke   punar  ajananiye ppole,

Pinneyum  bhogabhilaksham  yenthingane?

Innu thudangi   samastha sangangalum ,

Nannai parithyajeecheeduga manase  ,

Ramane thanne samasrayicheeduga,

Raman aakunnathu aathma paran adwayan,

Sitaye   Ramannu konda koduthu   thal,

Pada padmanucharanai   bhavikka  nee.


You are  great Brahmin , being grandson of sage  Poulasthya ,

All the three worlds honour you , You have done  great penance  ,

When this is like this like an ignorant person,

Why this   desire for passion again?

From today get rid of all relations well in the mind,

Always think of only Rama,

For Rama   is the divine Athma who does not have two,

Take Sita    and give her   back to him,

And become one who serves his lotus like feet.


Sarva papangalil ninnu vimukthanai ,

Divyamaam Vishnu lokam gamikkai varum,

Allaykil aasu  Keezhpottu keezhpottu poi,

Chellum  naragathil illoru samsayam,

Nallathathre  jnan ninakku  paranjathu ,

Nalla janathodu   chodhichu kolkedaa.


You would   get freedom from all   sins  ,

You would go to   the divine land of Vishnu  ,

Otherwise  you would go down and further down,

And without any doubt    reach the hell .

Whatever  I have told is for your good,

You can verify it from good people.


Rama ramethi japichu kondu,

AAmayam   verittu sadhikka mokshavum,

SAlsangamathodu   Ramachandram  BHaktha,

Vathsalam loka saranyam   saranadham,

DEvam  marakatha kanthi  kantham rema-,

Sevitham chapa bana yutham   Raghavam,

Sugreeva sevitham   Lakshmana samyutham,

Raksha nipunam  Vibheeshana   sevitham,

Bhakthyaa nirantharam   dhyanichu kolgilo,

Mukthi   vannedum   athinilla   samsayam.


By chanting of Rama, Rama  ,

You get rid of sins   and  get salvation,

Along  with good company  if you ,

Permanently   meditate   with  on  Ramachandra ,

Who is dear to his devotees , Who protects  the world ,

With whom people seek protection , God,

Who has the shine of emerald, who is served by Lakshmi,

Who is Raghava   armed  with bow   and arrows,

Who is served by Sugreeva, who is with Lakshmana  ,

Who is an expert in protection, Who is served by Vibheeshana,

You would definitely   get salvation.


Itham  Shukha vakyam , Ajnana  nasanam,

Sruthwaa  Dasasyanum  , krodha thmrakshanai,

Dagdhanai  pokum  Shukan  yennu thonnumaru,

Athyantha   roshena nokki ura   cheyhtaan ,

“Bruthyanayulla nee  acharyane poole ,

Nisthrapam  siksha    cholvaan yenthu karanam ?

Pandu   ne cheytha  upakaram orkkayaal,

Undu  karunyam yenikku,  athu kondu jnan,

Innu kollunnathillennu  kalpicha athen munnil,

Ninnasu marayathu  poka   nee ,

Kettal porukkaruthathoru  vaakukal,

Kettu  poruppan kshamayum yenikkilla  ,

Yennude mumbil nee kalkshanam nilkkilo ,

Vannu koodum marjanam   ninkku innume.”


Ravana hearing these words   of Shuka ,

Which destroys ignorance , became red eyed with anger ,

And with  great  emotion   saw   and told

As if Shuka    would    be burnt  in to ashes,

“You who is a servant  is  talking to me  like a teacher ,

And how come you started   shamelessly to teach me ?

 Remembering the good deeds   done to me by you,

I have some mercy on you ,  and because of that,

I am not killing you today, and I order  you ,

To speedily to go from my vision   and hide yourself,

And I do not have   patience to hear ,

These words  which  cannot be heard by any one,

Do not stand even a quarter of a  second before me ,

Definitely   death    would come to you today itself.”


Yennathu kettu  pedichu virachavan,

Chennu  thanmandiram   pukkiruneedinaan.


Scared and shivering    by these   words,

Sukha   went to his home  and remained there .


6.11 Shukande  Poorva   Vruthantham

The  earlier   story of Shukha


Brahmana sreshtan  puraa Shukhan  , nirmalan,

Brahmanyavum   paripalichu santhatham,

Kananathingal  vana prasthanai   Maha-

Jnanikalil pradhanithwavum kai kondu.

DEvakalkku  abhuyudayarthyamai  nithyavum,

DEvarikalkku   vinasanithinnai kondum,

Yaghadhi karmangal cheythu meveedinaan,

Yogam darichu para brahma nishtayaa.


Once   Shuka was a great Brahmin who was pure ,

Who always protected     the  rules  of Brahmanism.

He lived in a forest  as   a semi retired  life ,

And was recognized as   one of the greatly wise man,

And daily   used   to  do  rituals   for betterment of devas ,

And for the   destruction of the enemies   of Devas.

Towards   this end  he used   to do fire sacrifices ,

And meditate   on the divine Brahma   assuming  a yogic pose.


Vrundharakaa abhyudayathiai  Rakshasa ,

Ninda paranai  maruvum dasanthare  ,

Nirjara   vairi kula sreshtanakiya  ,

Vajradamshtran  , Maha dushta nisacharan  ,

Yenthonnu nalluu  Sukhapakarathinennu,

Antharavum parthu parthirikkum vidhou,

Kumbhodhbhavanaam agasthyan  Shukasrame  ,

SAmprapathanayaan oru divas am balal.


When he was living like this for good of devas ,

Berating   all  Rakshasas , One Vajradamshtra,

Who was   a very bad Rakshasa  and when he was waiting ,

For the proper time  to trouble   Shuka ,

Sage Agasthya born out of  a pot reached ,

The  hermitage of Shuka accidentally.


SAmpoojithanaam Agasthya   thapodhanan,

SAmbhojanartham  nimanthrithan aagayaal,

Snatham  gathe munou Kumbhodbhave thadaa,

Yathu daanadhipan  Avajra damshtrasuran,

Chennan  Agasthya roopam  darichantharaa,

Chonnan Shukhanodu Mandahasanwitham.


Sage  Agasthya    who was   worshipped,

Was invited  for taking meals with him,

And when that  pot born sage went  to take  bath,

Vajra Damshtra the chief of Rakshasas,

Went   in between taking the form of Agasthya,

And   told Shuka     with a   smile.


“Ottu nalundu  mamsam  kooti yundittu,

Mrushtamai unnenam innu namukkedo?

Chaga mamsam   venamallo, kari mama,

Thyagiyallo bhavan , brahmana sathaman,

Yennalave    Shukhan pathniyodum thadhaa,

Chonnan  “athu angane “avalum  chonnal,

Madhye   Shuka pathni vesham darichavan,

CHitha moham  valartheedinaan mayaya,

Marthya mamsam  vilambi koduthambodu  ,

THathraiva vajra damshtran maranjeedinan.


“Since long time   I have not taken food along with meat,

And I  want to take   very tasty   food today?

I want the meat of goat   today  as side dish,

And you are  one who sacrifices and a great Brahmin,

And as soon as  he heard this,  He told   that  ,

To his wife  and she told ‘So be it”,

And he took the form of the wife of Shuka,

And made   her swoon   by his illusion,

And with love he   served  human  meat,

And immediately  Vajra   Damshtra disappeared.


Marthya mamsam kandu Maithravaruniyum,

Krudhanai  kshipram  Shukane sapichathu,

“Marthyare  bhakshichu rakshasan aayi ini,

Pruthwiyil vazzhuka ma thapovaibhavaal,”

Itham  sapichathu kettu  Shukan thanum,

“yethrayum  chithram ithenthu karanam,

Mamsotharam  bhujikkanam yenikkennu ,

Sasana cheythathum  matharum allallo ,

Pinne  athinnu kopichu  sapichathum,

Yennude Dushkarmam  yenna parayavu.”


Seeing the human meat , Agasthya,

Became very angry and immediately cursed   Shuka,

“Due to the power of my penance , you live ,

In this world as Rakshasa  who eats human beings.”

Shuka  when he    heard this curse   told,

“This is strange  , why was this done?

No one  else but   you came and told,

That  you wanted    to eat  meat,

Is it someone else ?Why  did you get,

Angry and curse me, It is only my bad fate?”


“Chollu chollu  yenthu  paranjathu nee sakhe  ?

Nalla vruthantham  ithennodu chollanam.”


Please  tell me , what did you tell me?

You have    to tell me about this good story.”


Yennathu kettu Sukhanum  Agasthyanodu,

Anneramasu  sathyam paranjeedinaan,

“Majjanathinnu   yezhunnelliya sesham,

Ithi jjanathodu  veenum vannarul cheythu,

Vyanjanam mamsa samanvitham venam,

Yennanjasaaa jnan  athu  kettu  cheythathum”

Itham Sukhokthikal  kettu  agasthyanum

Chithe  muhurtham viharichu arueedinaan,

Vruthantham ul kombu  kandoralavu,

Ul thapamode arul cheythaan Ahgasthyanum.


Hearing that   Sukha  addressing Agasthya ,

Told at   that time the real truth,

“After   going to take your bath,

You came back    and   again told me,

That   you want that the  side dishes ,

Should be made of meat and  .

Hearing that  I did as you wanted,”

And hearing these   words of Shuka,

Agasthya   thought for some time in his mind,

And realizing that   truth only has been told,

With great pain in his  mind Agasthya told


Vanchithanai vayam  batha, Yamini ,

SAncharikal    ithu cheythathu nirnayam.

Jnanum athi moodanai  chamanjen   balal,

OOnam  varaa  vidhi than matham    yennume,

Mithyai  vannu kooda  mama bhashitham,

Sathya pradanan allo  neeyum, aakayaal,

Nallathu vannu koodum  melil nirnayam,

Kalyanamai  sapa mokshavum nalkinaan.


I  have been deceived, this has,

Been definitely done by a Rakshasa,

And I also became   a great fool,

My decisions can never  be changed at any time,

And my words    should  not become useless,

And since   you are   the great  votary of truth,

Good things will definitely happen to you,

And  also gave him  auspicious redemption from the curse.


Sri Rama pathniye Ravanan  kondu poi,

AArama seemani i  vechu kollum   drudam ,

Ravana bruthyanai  neeyum varum chiram,

Kevalam  nee avan ishtanayum varum,

 Raghavan vanara senayumai  chennu,

Oru aakulamenniye Lanka puranthike  ,

Nalu puramum  valanjirikkunnoru ,

Kalam avastha   arinju vanneduvaan ,

Ninne ayayukkum  Dasananan  , annu nee,

Chennu vananguka  Ramane sadaram,

Pinne  viseshangal  onnu ozhiyathe poi,

Chennu Dasamukhan  thannodu  cholluga.


Ravana would take the wife   Rama,

And definitely  keep her  in a garden,

You also would become a servant to him’

And you also would become his friend,

Without any pain  Ragahava   would enter ,

The  city of Lanka along with the monkey army,

And when the city   is surrounded   on all sides,

Ravana    would   send you to find out the news,

And on that day , you  should   go,

And bow    Lord Rama with respect,

And later   go and tell all the news ,

And tell  all of it to the ten faced  one.


Ravanannu athmo thathwopadesam cheythu,

Deva priyanai varum punar aasu nee  ,

Rakshasa bhavam  asesham upekshichu,

SAkshaal dwijathwavum  vannu koodum drudam,

Itham anugrahichu , kalasodhbhavan,

SAthyam thapodna vakhyam manoharam.


After    teaching the philosophy of soul Ravana,

You would come back as  one dear   to devas,

And you would completely leave out the Rakshasa   form,

And definitely you would assume the form of a Brahmin,

And thus blessed  him, that Agasthya  .

The words of the sage are pretty  and true.


6.12  Malyavande   Vakyam

The  declaration   of Malyavan.


SAranayoru Shukan poyanantharam,

Ghoranaan Ravanan  vazhunna mandire,

Vannithu     Ravana mathavu than pithaa,

Khinnamai   Ravanane kandu cholluvaan,

SAlkaravum kusala prasnavum cheythu ,

Rakshovaanum  iruthi yadhochitham,

Kaikasi thathan mathiman , vineethiman,

Kaikasi nandanan  thannodu chollinaan.


After  the   well meaning Shuka     went away,

To the house where the terrible Ravana was living,

Came the father   of Ravana’s mother ,

To  see and ask Ravana  with sorrow,

Ravana  treated him hospitably,

And after   enquiring    about his welfare  ,

That   Rakshasa  offered  him a seat suitable to him,

The intelligent father  of Kaikasi  who had humility .

Told    the son of Kaikasi    as follows.


Cholluvan jnan thava nallathu, pinne nee  ,

Yellam ninakotha vannam  anushtikka.

Durnimithangali  Janaki Lankayil,

Vannathil pinne  palathumundu kanunnu  ,

Kandeelayo   nasa hethukkalai ,

Dasa kanda  prabho, nee nirupikka   manase .


I  am telling all this for your own good,

And you follow them as  per your wish,

Very many bad omens   are  being,

Seen in Lanka after  the arrival of Sita,

Are you not able to see   the reason for  this destruction,

Oh Lord with ten necks , think it over in your mind.


Darunamai idi vettunithu anwaham,

Chorayum  peyyunnithu  ushnamayethrayum,

Deva lingal ilagi  viyarrkkunnu,

DEviyaam kaliyum  ghora damshtanvithsm,

Nokkunna dikkil chirichu  kanaakunnu,

Gokkalil ninnu   Kharangal janikkunnu,

Mooshikanmarjaranodu pinangunnu,

Roshaal nakulangalodum avvanname.


Daily   thunders   strike in a fierce way,

Blood flows warm   as rain,

Statues of Gods   shake   and sweat 

The Goddess  Kali   along with her  horrifying teeth,

Is seen everywhere   laughing  ,

Donkeys    are   born to cows,

The rats    fight   with cats  ,

And fiercely with mongoose   also.


Pannaga jalam   Garudanodum thadhaa ,

Ninnu   yethirtheedaan   thudangunnu nischayam  ,

Mundanai yetham  karaala vikatanai  ,

Varnavum   pingala krushnamai   santhatham,

Kalaneyundu  kanunnithu yellatavum,

Kalam   apathinullonnithu   nirnayam,

Itharam   dur nimithangal   undayathin,

Athraiva  santhiye cheythu  kollename.


Definitely   hoards   of snakes   are ,

Opposing and fighting with Garuda,

With  shaved head , protruding large teeth,

With  always  in the colour of    brownish black .

We   are able to see  God of death everywhere

It is definite   that time is dangerous  ,

As this type of ill  omens are   seen,

We have    to take up peaceful means.


Vamsathe   rakshichu  kolluvan yethume  ,

SAmsayam yenniye   Sitaye  kondu poi,

Rama pade vechu   vanidhikku  vaikathe  ,

Ramanakunnathu   Vishnu Narayanan ,

Vidweshamellam    thyajichu   bujichu  kolga,

Adwayanaam   pramathmanamavyayam,

Sri Rama padha pathamkondu  samsara ,

Varidhiye kadakkunnithu   yogikal.


We have  to preserve and protect our clan,

Without any doubt , Without delay take   Sita  ,

Keep her at the feet of Rama   and salute him ,

For Rama   is Vishnu  , the  Narayana  ,

Forsake all hatred   and  start praying ,

The division less  divine soul which is without stains ,

With the boat   of the feet   of Rama ,

The yogis cross  the ocean of domestic life .


Bhakthi kondu   anthakaranavum shudhamai,

Mukthiye jnanikal  sidhichu kollunnu  ,

Dushtanaam neeyum vishuddhanaam bhakthi kondu,

Ottume  kalam kalayathe  kandu nee  ,

Rakshasa  vamasathe  rakshichu kolluka ,

SAkshaal  mukundane   sevichu kolluga  ,

SAthyamathre  jnan paranjathu kevalam,

Pathyam ninakkithu   chinthikku  manase .


Cleaning    their insides   with devotion  ,

The wise ones manage to attain salvation,

You who are  bad  taking recourse to the  pure devotion,

And without wasting any more time

Save   the clan   of Rakshasas ,

Go and serve   the real Mukunda  ,

All  that I have told is the truth,

And what  I said is good for you ,

Think deeply about it in your mind.


SAnthwana poorvam Dasamukhan thannodu ,

Santhanaam Malyavaan  vamsa raksharthamai,

Chonnathu kettu  paranju Dasamukhan,

Pinneyum Malyavan thannodu   chollinaan,

“Manavanakiya   krupananaam    Ramane  ,

Manase  manippathinnu yenthu karanam,

Markatalambhanam  nalla samarthyam,

Yennul kombil  orkunnavan jalanethrayum,

Raman niyogikkayaal vannithennodu,

Sama poorvam  paranju  bhavan nirnayam.


Hearing    the   consoling words     told to

The ten faced  one  by   the peaceful Malyavan,

For the sake   of protecting   his clan, Ravana ,

Who was not able to take  those words told Malyavan,

“What  is the reason  for  respecting  Rama,

Who is only   a debased   human being?

If one   thinks    in his mind that  depending on monkeys,

Is an intelligent act , then he is extremely foolish,

It is definite    that  you are  talking me  for peaceful means  ,

Because   you have  been sent by   Rama.”


Nerathu poyalum  minni vendunna naal,

Charathu cholli  vidunnundu nirnayam,

Itham   paranju amathyan maarumai ,

Dasavakthranum prasada moordhni karerinaan.


Go early and   on the day of need  ,

I would definitely   send for you,

After  saying this  along with  his ministers,

The ten necked  one  went upstairs to his palace .

6.13 Yudharambham

The starting of the war

Vanara senayum  kandakame  ,

Bahumanavum  kai kondirikkum dasanthare ,

Yudhathinnai   rajani chara veerare ,

SAthwaram   thathra   varuthi  vazhum vidhou  ,

Ravanane kandu  kopichu  Raghava ,

DEvanum  Soumithriyodu  vil vanginaan.

Pathu kireedavum  kaikal irupathum,

Vruthranodatha   sareeravum  souryavum,

Pathu kireedangalum kudayum,

NImishardhena  khandicha   nerathu Ravanan,

Nanichu  thazetharangi  bhayam kondu,

Banathe  nokki nkokki  charicheedinaan.


When after  seeing the monkey army ,

They were  developing    respect for   it  ,

And when   the  Rakshasa   army  ,

Was getting prepared  for the war  ,

And were    marching forward  ,

The God Rama  got angry on seeing   Ravana,

And took his bow    from Lakshmana ,

Seeing Ravana with ten crowns , with twenty legs and hands,

With a body like Indra , with great valour,

Rama cut off his ten umbrellas  and   ten crowns,

By half  a minute and at that   time ,

Ravana was ashamed, got down because of fear  ,

And was walking carefully looking for  more arrows.


Mukhya Prahastha   pramuka pravaranmaar ,

Okkave   vannu thozhuthor anantharam,

“Yudham yethiduvin   kottayil , kottayil pukku,

Adachu athyantha bheethyaa  vasikkayil athra  naam”

Bheri  mrudanga dakka  pana vanaka ,

Daruna  go mukhadhyangal  Vadhyangalum,

Varanaaswoshtra khara hari sardhula  ,

Sairibha syandha  mukhya  yanangalil,

Gadga sooleshu  chapa prasa thomara ,

Mulgara   yashti sakthi ccharikhadikal ,

Hasthe   darichu konda astha bheethyaa javam,

Yudha sannadharai yudha  budhiyodu ,

Abdhikal adhrikal oorviyum thal Kshanam,

Udhathamayithu sathyalokatholam.


After  the important chiefs   like  ,

Prahastha   and others   saluted   and went  ,

“Go for war , we will  not  live locked  inside ,

The  fort   because,    we  are  afraid,.”

With Instruments like  Bheri , Mrudanga, Dakka ,

Panava, big drums ,  Gomukha,  riding in vehicles like  ,

Elephant , horses, camels, donkeys , lions,

Tigers  , bison , chariots armed   with,

Sword, trident , bow, spear , stick ,

Iron nailed mace  and Vel,

Without any fear  and with pride ,

And fully prepared for war and with great expectations ,

They came out and   the ocean  , mountains   and earth shook,

And rose   up to   the  land  of Brahma.


Vajrahasthasayil pukkan  Prahasthanum,

Vajra damshtran  thadha   Dakshina dhikkilum,

Duschyavanariyaam Meghanadhan thadhaa ,

Paschima gopura dwari  pukkedinaan,

Mithra vargam amathya   bruthya janathodum,

Uthradwari   pukkaan   Dasavakthranum,


Prahastha came out  from  the eastern gate  ,

Vajra Damshtra on the   southern gate  ,

The enemy   of Indra , Meghanadha,

Came out of     the western gate  and  along .

With friends , ministers and servants  ,

The ten necked  one entered  the northern gate.


Neelanum senayum  Poorva diggopare  ,

Bali thanayanum    Dakshina   Gopure  ,

Vayu thanayanum   Paschima   Gopure ,

Maya maanusha namaadhi  Narayanan,

Mithra thanaya  Soumithri  Vibheeshanan,

Mithra samyukthanai Uthara   dikhilum,

Itham urappichu  Raghava   Ravana  ,

Yudham pravruthamai vannu vichithramai


Neela and army were at the eastern tower,

Angadha the   son of Bali in the southern tower,

Hanuman the son of wind god in the western tower,

The Narayana   who is  the  man of illusion,

Sugreeva, the son of Sun,  Lakshmana , Vibheeshana ,

Along with their friends  were  on the northern side  ,

And thus  the war between Rama and Ravana,

Started  in a wonderful  manner.


AAyiram kodi  Maha kodikalodum,

Ayiram  arbudham aayiram  SAnkhangal,

Aayiram pushpangal  , ayiram kalpangal,

Ayiram lakshangal aayiram  dandangal,

AAyiram dhoolikal   ayiram aayiram,

Thoya kara  pralayangal yenningane ,

SAnkhyakalodu  kalarnna  kapi balam,

Lankapurathe  valanjaar    athi druvam,


Thousand crores and great crores ,

One thousand billions  , one thousand Sankha  ,

One thousand Pushpa, one thousand  Kalpa,

One thousand lakhs, one   thousand dandas,

One thousand Dhooli, one thousand thousands  ,

Like   the water   at the time   of deluge,

Were   the strength  of monkey army  mixed with numbers,

And they surrounded   the city of Lanka speedily  .


Potti chertha paashanangale kondum,

Mushtikal kondum , musalangale  kondum,

Urveeraham  kondum  urvidharam kondum,

Sarvatho  lankapuram   thakatheedinaar,

KOttamathilumk kidangum  thakathudan,

Koottamittu aarthu   vilichu adukkum neram,

Vrushi pole    sarajalam pozhikkayum,

Vettu kondethu  pilarnnu kidakkayum,
ASthrangal  sasthrangal  chakrangal  shakhthikal,

Ardha chandraaakaramulla   pathrikal,

Gadkangal soolangal , kundangal yeetikal,

Mulgara  pankthikal , bIndi palangalum,

THomara dandam , musalngal mushtikal,

Chameekara prabha poond  SAthagnikal,

Ugrangalaaya   vrujangal  yiva kondu,

Nigrahicheedinaan Nakrancharedrarum.


With stones which were   broken out  ,

With  fists , with iron  pestles  ,

With    trees  and with mountains  ,

They started   breaking the entire  city of Lanka,

After breaking   the fort walls and moats  ,

They crowded    shouted  and when they were  nearing,

Like rain ,   arrows were showered at them,

With swords   they were  split into pieces,

Those Rakshasas   also killed .

With arrows, arms  , wheels,  Shakthis ,

With arrows with crescent shaped   ends  ,

Swords  , tridents , spears , Pointed spears,

With rows  of  horned maces , slings,

With steel  instruments , with iron fists,

With  fire arms shining  like Sun,

And with powerful Vajra   arms.


AArthi  muzhuthu  Dasasyanavasthakal,

Perthu  marivathinai ayacheedinaan,

Sardhoolanaadhiyaam rathrincharanmare ,

Rathriyil chennar  avarum kapikalai,

Markatendranmar arinju  pidichu adichu,

Ulkada roshenakolvaan thudangumbol ,

AArthanadham kettu Raghavanum ,

Karunardhra budhyaa  koduthaan abhayam druvam.


When the ten headed one became sad because 

Of the power of the war  

To know   aboutInside facts  of Rama  and his army 

He sent Sardhhoola   and other  Rakshasas,

And they went at night    in the form of monkeys,

But the monkey chiefs found them out  and ,

When they started beating   them which became severe,

These  Rakshasas   started   crying  in pain,

Hearing which  Rama  with  mercy,

Granted  them protection   speedily.


Chennavarum  Sukra saranare ppole  ,

Chonnathu kettu   vishadhena Ravanan,

Manrthrichudan Vidhyujihwanumai ,

Dasakandharan maithil vaazhum idam pukkan,

Rama sirassum Dhanussum  ithu yennudan,

Vaamakshi  munnil ammaru  vechedinaan,

AAyodhena konnukondu ponnen,

Yennu mayaya  nirmichu vechathu kandappol ,

SAthyam yennorthu vilapichu mohichu ,

Mugdhangi  veenu kidakkum Dasanthare ,

Vannoru dhoothan   viravodu   Ravanan,

Thanneyum  kondu ponnedinaan anneram.


Those people   who returned , told  like Sukha   and Charana,

And hearing that   Ravana   became worried ,

And with chants   along with Vidyujjihwa,

That Ravana went to the place  where Sita was there,

And kept  something  before Sita and  told her,

This is the head of Rama and this is his bow,

And also told that  he killed  him in war,

And seeing those   magical things ,

Sita thought   that  it was the truth ,

Cried   and swooned    and fell there ,

And at that time  one  emissary   came  ,

And speedily took Ravana   with him.


Vaidehi thannodu chonnal Saramayum,

“khedam asesham   akale  kalaga  nee ,

Yellam   chadhi yennu theeridu ithu okkave  ,

Nallavannam varum nalu naal ullil,

Ingilloru samsayam Kalyana  devathe,

Vallabhan  kollum Dasayane  nirnayam,

Itham  Sarama sarasa  vakhyam kettu,

Chitham thelinju iruneedinaal Sitayum.


Sarasa *  told   Lady Sita  ,

“You throw  out this sorrow at a distance ,

Understand that all this is but  cheating ,

And more of such things  will come in another four days,

And there is no doubt about it , auspicious goddess,

Your  husband would kill Ravana   definitely  ,

And hearing these soft   words  of Sarasa ,

The mind of Sita    was cleared of doubts.

                     *Wife of Vibheeshana


Mangala   devathaa vallabha aagna vasaal  ,

Angadhan  Ravanan thannodu  chollinaan,

“Onnukil Sitaye   kondu vannu yennude,

Munnil ammaru  vecheeduga  vaikathe ,

Yudhathinnu aasu  purapeduga allaikil,

Athal poondullil  adachangirikkilum,

Rakshasa senayum  Lanka Nagaravum,

Rakshasa rajanaam  ninnodu koodave  ,

SAmharicheeduvan Banam yeythu ,

Yennulla   Simha nadham kettathille bHavan,

Nanam  ninakethum illayo manase  ,


As per the orders  of the auspicious Rama ,

Angadha met   Ravana   and told him,

“Either   bring Sita  and place her before me ,

Or start for   a war   with me   or ,

Becoming afraid close   yourself in the city ,

And in such a case  I would  be  using my arrows,

Kill the Rakshasa  army , destroy city of Lanka,

Along with   you , the king of Rakshasas,

Have you not heard the   roar of a lion ,

Do you not have  any sense of shame  in your mind.”


Itham adhikshepa   vakkukal  kettu athi,

Krudhanayoru  Rathrinchara  veeranum,

Vruthrari puthra thanayane kolgennu,

Nakthamncharadhipanmaarodu cholinaan.

Chennu pidichaar nisachara   veerarum,

Konnu  chuzhati yerinjaan  Kapeendranum,

Pinne aprasadavum  thakartheedinaan,

Onnu  kuthichanguyarnnu  vegena poi,

Mannavan thanne thozhuthu  vruthanthangal ,

Onnozhiyathe  unarthinaan   Angadhan.


Hearing these   very insulting words ,

The Rakshasa  hero who became   very  angry,

Ordered   to the chief    Rakshasas to ,

Kill the son of the son of  the enemy of Vruthra  ,

And those Rakshasa      soldiers went and caught  Angadha,

And he killed all of them  and threw   them in the air,

And later breaking that palace , he jumped up  ,

And speedily   went to the king Rama , saluted  him,

And told   all that happened in great  detail.


Pinne  Ssushenan , Kumudhan  , Nalan ,  Gajan,

Dhanyan, Gavayan  , Gavakshan , Maruthsuthan,

Yennivaraadhiyaam   Vanara  veeranmaar  ,

Chennu   chuzhannu  kidangum nirathinaar.

Kallum malayum   maravum   darichasu,

Nillu nillennu   paranju adukkum neram,

Bana Chapangalum  valum parichayum,

Prana bhayam  varum venmazhu kunthavum ,

Dandangalum musalangal gadhagalum,

Bindi palangalum mulgarajalavum,

Chakrangalum  parighangalum eetikal ,

Sukra kavachangalum mathum ithyadhikal,

Aayudhamellam   eduthu  pidichu kondu ,

AAyodhanathinnu  aduthar arakkarum.


Then Sushena  , Kumudha , Nala , Gaja ,

Dhanya  , Gavaya  , Gavesha, Hanuman,

And other heroes like them ,

Surrounded    and  started filling up the moat ,

And  when they were  carrying   stones ,

Mountains   and trees and approaching  ,

With bows and arrows,  swords  and shields ,

White shining axe   creating fear  for life,

With sticks  , pestles  maces  , slings  ,

Horned maces, wheels ,  spears ,

Saws and many other weapons  ,

They  came to attack them.


Varana nadhavum vajikal nadhavum,

Therurul nadhavum  jnanoli   nadhavum,

Rakshasar aarkkayum   , Simha nadhangalum,

Rookshathyerum  kapikal ninadhavum,

Thingi muzhangi   ppuzhangi prapanchavum,

Yengum ida   thoornu maatholi  konduthey.


The sound raised by elephants ,  that of horses,

The sound of chariots  , the sound of twanging   the bow,

The  sound raised  by Rakshasas, the sound of lions,

And the very pointed   sound of monkeys  ,

Crowded , blared    and  echoed  in the world  ,

And was  being heard every where  .


Jambhari mumbaam nilambroom kinnara ,

Kimpurushoragha   gruhaka sanghavum,

Gandharwa   Sidha  Vidhyadhara charanaa ,

Adhyanthareekshanthare   sancharikkum janam ,

Naradanaadhikalaaya   munikaum,

Ghoramayulla   yudham  kandu  kolluvaan ,

Narikalodum Vimana   yanangalil ,

AAroohya   pushkaranthe  niranjeedinaar,


Indra, devas  , Kinnaras , KImpurushas,

Groups of  snakes  , Gandharwas , Sidhas ,

Vidhyadharas , charanas  who  normally ,

Travel in the sky   and saints such as  Narada  ,

To  see  the very fierce  battle  along with their ladies  ,

Came riding   on air planes and filled   the   sky.


Thunganaam   indrajithethaan athu neram,

Angadhan thannodu   athinnu  kapeendranum,

Soothane konnu  therum thkarthan  ,

Meghanadanum mathoru theril  yereedinaan,

Maruthi   thanne vel  kondu  chatteedinaan,

Dheeranakum Jambumali nisacharan ,

Saradhi  thannodu  koodave maruthi  ,

Therum thkarthu  avane konnu alarinaan.


The  great  Indrajith at   that  time  ,

Fought   with Angadha    and that  king of monkeys,

Killed his charioteer  and powdered  his chariot,

And Meghanadha got in to another    Chariot,

The very bold Rakshasa  called Jambumali,

Wounded   Hanuman with his  spear,

And Hanuman  broke his chariot ,

And along with his charioteer  killed him.


Mithra thanayan Prahasthanodu yethithu,

Mithrariyodu Vibheeshana veeranum,

Neelan  Nikhumbanodu yethan , thapanane,

Kalapurathinnayachan   Maha gajan,

Lakshman yethan Virupakshanodu  adha,

Lakshmi pathiyaam Raghuthaman thannodu ,

Rakshadwajagni  dwajadhikal  pathu per,

Thalkshane   por cheythu pukkar  suralayam.


Sugreeva   fought with   Prahastha  ,

The valorous Vibheeshana fought with MIthrari,

Neela    fought with Nikumbha  and thapana  ,

Was sent to place of death  by  Mahagaja,

Lakshmana   fought with  Viroopaksha  ,

And Rakshadwaja   and Agni Dwaja  ,

Fought with  the greatest  of Raghu clan,

Who was  the consort  of Lakshmi,

And they were  sent to  death.


Vanaranmaarku  jayam vannithanneram,

Bhanuvum   varidhi thannil  veeneedinaan,

Indrathmajaathmajanodu   yethu  thothu,

Poi  INdrajithu  ambaranthe  maranjeedinaan,

Nagasthram yeithu  mohipichathu bhatha  ,

Raghavanmaareyum    Vanaranmaareyum  ,

Vanna  kapikaleyum  naranmaareyum,

Onnozhiyathe   jayichen  ithennavan,

Venni perumpara kottichu melichu  ,

Chennu Lankapuram thannil  meveedinaan.


At that time  when victory was coming to the monkeys,

The Sun    went   down in the ocean,

And Indrajit who was   defeated   by Angadha  ,

Grand son Of  Indra

Suddenly  became invisible in the sky  and  ,

By sending Nagasthra   he  put in to swoon,

Rama   as well  as all the monkeys,

And he claimed  that  he has   won over  the men,

As well as all the monkeys  who have come  to fight ,

And he made   his soldiers play  the big drum,

As the sign of victory   and  went back to city of Lanka.


Thapasa vrundavum  Deva samoohavum,

Thapam  kalarnnu Vibheeshana veeranum,

Ha , Ha , vishadena  dukha vishannarai ,

Mohithanmaarai  maruvum dasanthare ,

SAptha dweepangalum  saptharnavangalum,

SApthachalangalum  ul kshobamaam vannam,

SApthaswa koti   thejo mayanai  Suvarnadhri,

Pole   Pavanasana nasanan,

Abdhi thoyamd vidha bhithwaa swapaksha  ,

Yugmodhutha loka thyathodathi drutham,

Nagari Rama padam vanangeedinaan,

Nagasthra bandham theernithu  thalkshane.


The crowd of  sages   as well as devas,

Became sad and  the valorous Vibheeshana,

Became greatly sad    and when he   fainted,

And at that time   the  killer of the serpents ,

Who was like a golden mountain  came ,

Making the seven islands , seven oceans,

And seven mountains   shake , with ,

A luster   of one billion suns, making  ,

The waters of the ocean split in to two,

Shaking all the three  worlds by his two  wings,

And that enemy of the serpent  saluted Rama’s feet,

And   immediately the tie  of Nagasthra   came to an end.


Sakha mrugangalum  asthra nirmuktharai ,

Sokavum theernnu  thelinju   vilangionaar,

Bhaktha priyan mudhaa  Pakshi pravarannu,

Badha sammodham  anugraham nalginaan.

Koopi thozhuthu  anuvadavum kai kondu,

Melpottu poi maranjeedinaan  tharkshyanum,

Munnethilum bala veerya vegangal  poondu,

Annathanmaaram kapi varanmaarellam,

Mannavan than niyogena marangalum,

Kunnum  silayum yeduthu  yerinjeedinaar.


The monkeys freed   from the effect of the arrow,

With their sorrows coming to an end , were  looking alert

The  lover of devotees   with happiness  and with affection,

Gave his blessings  to Garuda  and he   saluted  Rama with folded hands ,

And took his leave   and  that Garuda  disappeared   in the sky  ,

Being  much stronger     than before   in speed and strength,

The monkeys as  per the orders   of the  king,

Started  throwing  stones  , trees and hills on Lanka,


Vanna shathrukkale   konnu  mamathmajan,

Mandiram  pukki irikunnathin munname  ,

Vannara avarum  ingendhoru  vismayam,

Nanu nannu   yethrayum yenne parayaavu,

Chennu arinjeeduvin  yenthoru ghosham,”

Ithennu  Dasananan   chonnoranantharam,

Chennu  dhoothanmaar   arinju Dasananan

Thannodu  chollinnar  vruthanthamokkave.


“My son has  killed  all the enemies   who have come  ,

And even before   he has   gone to his  home  ,

Surprisingly   they have   come   back,

I can  only say “good”, “good”,

Please go and find out why this sound?”

 When the ten faced one told like this,

His emissaries  went and became  wise about it,

And they  told everything in detail.


“Veerya  bala  vega  vikramam kai kondu  ,

Suryathmajadhikalaya  kapi kulam,

Hasthangal   thorum alathavum kai kondu,

Bhithi than uthamangathinmel nilkkunnor,

Nanamundengil purathu purappeduga  ,

Aanungal yemgil  yennothu  parakayum,

Kettathille bhavan, “ yennavar  chonnathu,

Kettu Dasasyanum  kopena  chollinaan.


The  monkeys    who are  those of the son of Sun God,

With valour , strength  and adventure  ,

With burning   torches  in their hand,

Are     standing on the top of walls shouting,

If you have  any sense of shame come out ,

After  thinking well ,  provided   you  are male  ,

Have  you not heard this.,”  hearing  this,

As told by them  the ten faced  one said with anger .


“Manavanmaare  yere, madamulla  ,

Vanaranmaareyum  koonnu  odukeeduvaan,

Poka  Dhoom rakshan , padayodu koodave  ,

Vegena   yudham   jaichu variga nee.”

Itham anugraham  cheythayachan  , athi-

Krudhanaam Doomrakshanum nadaneedinaan ,

Uchaistharamaya   Vadhya ghoshathodum,

Paschima gopurathoode  purapettan,

Maruthiyodu yethirthan avanum chennu,

Darunamayithu    yudhavum yethrayum,


To kill   those men and more than that  those,

Exuberant monkeys , Dhoomraksha  you go,

Along with   an army  and come  back,

Quickly    after  winning    the war.”

Sending him after  blessing thus ,

And that   very angry  Dhoomraksha  ,

Started  marching along with loud ,

Playing  of several musical instruments  ,

And he went out of   the western gate ,

And there  he fought   with Hanuman,

And that   war was greatly fierce.


Velasi venmazhu  kuntham sarasanam,

Soolam   musalam  , pariga gadhadhigal,

Kai kondu   varana vaji radhangalil,

Ulkarathodu yeri  Rakshasa  veerarum,

Kallum maravum  malayumai  parvatha-

Thulya   sareerikalaaya   kapikalum,

Thangali yethu poruthu marichthodu,

Angum ingum  maha  veerarayullor,


Armed with Vel ,    sword, white axe , spear , bow ,

Trident , pestle , iron stick   and mace  ,

Riding on elephant, horse  , chariot ,

With great courage  those   Rakshasa  warriors,

Armed with stone  , tree   and hills  ,

Having a mountain like body those  monkeys ,

Fought   with each other  and died ,

Here and there  those  greatly valorous ones.


Chorayum aarai ozhugi pala vazhi,

Soora pravaranaam  Maruthi thalkshane  ,

Unnathamayoru    kunnin kodu mudi  ,

THanne yadarthu yeduthernjeedinaan,

Theril ninnu aasu Gadayum yeduthudan ,

Paril ammaru  Dhoomrakshanum  chadinan,

Therum kudiragalum podiyayithu ,

Maruthikkullil vardhichithu kopavum,

Rathrincharare yodukki  thudanginaan,

AArthi muzhuthathu   kandu Dhoomarakshanum,

Maruthiye   Gada  kondu adichedinaan,

Dheerathayodu athinakulamenniye  ,

Param valarthoru  kopa vivasanai  ,

Maruthi  randamathonnu  yerinjeedinaan.


Blood flowed like a river in various streams,

And Hanuman who was   greatly valorous,

Uprooted   a tall peak of a hill,

And threw   it   at his adversary,

And Doomraksha taking a mace from  ,

His chariot   jumped  on to the floor,

And his chariot as well  as horses were powdered ,

Anger  increased in the mind of Hanuman,

And he started  killing the Rakshasas,

Seeing that  the problem was increasing ,

Dommraksha   beat  Hanuman with the  mace  with great courage   

And without  any problems and with great   sense   of anger ,

Hanuman threw  another hill   at   him.


Doomrakshan yeru  kondu umbar purathingal,

Ammaru  chennu sukhichu vaneedinaan  ,

SEshicha rakshasar  kottayil pukkithu  ,

Ghoshichithanganammar   vilapangalum,

Vruthanantham  aahantha, kettu Dasasyanum,

Chitha thapathode  pinneyum chollinaan.


Being hit by it   Dhoomaraksha    went  to ,

The city of death   and there lived happily  ,

And the remaining Rakshasas  went inside the fort ,

And the ladies there   loudly cried   and wept,

Hearing the happenings, the ten faced  one,

With pain in the  mind told.


“Vajrahasthari pravaran  mahabalan,

Vajra damshtran  thanne  poka yudhathinai  ,

Manusha vanaranmare   jayichu,

Abhimana keerthyaa  variga “ yenu ayacheedinaan,

Dakshina   gopurathoode   purapettu ,

Sakrathathmajathmajanodu yethirtheedinaan,

Durnimithangl  undayathu anadhithya ,

Chennu  kapikalodu yethu  mahabalan.


Let Vajra Damshtra    who is very strong ,

And foremost among enemies   of Indra  go to war ,

And  win over   the   men and monkeys  ,

And return  back with   respect and fame”

Saying this  Ravana    sent them,

And they started   through the southern tower,

Without bothering about that bad omens seen,

 Opposed  Angadha   the grandson of Indra 

And  that strong one   fought   with the monkeys.


Vruksha  silaa shaila   vrushti kondu yethavum,

Raksho varanmar   marichu maha rane.

Gadga   Sasthra  asthra shakthyadhikal   yethu,

Markatanmaarum   marichorasnkhyamai,

Pathu anga yukthamulla   perumpada ,

Nakthancharanmaarkku   nashtamai   vannithu  ,

Raktha nadhikal   olichu pala vazhi,

Nrutham thudangi   kabandhangalum   balal.


In that great battle    lots of Rakshasas died ,

By  the raining   of trees , stones   and mountains,

And innumerable   monkeys also died   by  use of,

Sword , other weapons , arrow   as well as Shakthi,

That great   army   which had ten divisions  ,

Was completely lost    to  the Rakshasas ,

The river   of blood   started flowing  in various streams,

And     the headless  dead bodies     started   dancing.


Thareyanum Vajra Damshtranum  thangalil,

Ghoramayetham   pinangi nilkkum  vidhow,

Valum parichudan  Vajradamshtran  gala-

Nalam  murichu yerinjeedinaan   Angadhan,

Akkatha  kettasu  Nakthancharadhipaqn,

Ulkarutherum  Akambanan thanneyum,

Van padayodu mayachan athu neram,

Kambamundayithu medhinikku anneram,

Duschyavanari  pravaran akambanan,

Paschima gopurathode purapettan ,

Vayu thanayanodetthu avanum nija kayam,

Vedinju kalalayam  mevinaan.


When   Angadha   and Vajra Damshtra ,

Were fighting with each other ,

Angadha snatched the sword   from  Vajra Damshtra,

And cut off  his neck  and threw it away,

Hearing that story , the king of  Rakshasas,

Sent   the very brave  Akambana  with,

A very great army  at that  time,

The  chief of the enemy of Indra , that Akambana ,

 Started   his war   through the western gate  ,

And fought with Hanuman  and speedily,

He forsook  his real body and   went to the place  of God of death.


Maruthiye sthuthichu maha lokarum,

Param bhayam peruthu Dasakandanum,

SAncharichan  nija raksha   senayil,

Panchadwayasyanum kandaan athu neram ,

Rameswarathodu sethuvin melumaa ,

Rama desantham subelo achalopari,

Vanara   sena parannathum  kottakal,

Onamai vannathum kandoranantharam,

“Kshipram  Prahasthane kondu variga” yennu ,

Kalpicha neram  avan vannu  koopinaan.


 All the world praised  Hanuman,

And for the ten necked one fear  increased ,

And so he travelled in to the   army of Rakshasas,

And that   ten faced one at that time saw ,

That  the monkey army was  spread  all over ,

In Rameswaram,  on   the top of the bridge  ,

As well as  the entire   Subela   mountains ,

And saw his broken forts  and afterwards ,

He quickly ordered  , “Quickly   bring Prahastha.”

And   he  immediately   appeared  before him.


“Nee anionjeelayo  vruthantham okkave  ,

Nayakanmaar   padakkarum illaikayo?

Chellunna chellunna   Rakshasa   veerare  ,

Kollunnathum  kandirikkayill ingu naam,

Jnano bhavano kanishtano  por cheythu,

Manusha  vanaranmare  odukkuvaan,

Pokunnatharennu cholka” yennu kettavan,

“Pokunnathinnu jnan”   yennu kai koopinan.


When he asked  “ did you not know    all the facts  ,

Do we not have leaders for  our army ?

We   cannot simply sit   here  when,

All   the  Rakshasa  heroes who go are  getting killed,

Either me, or you  or my elder son  has to go to the war,

So that  the men and monkeys   are  subdued.

Please  tell me   who will go?”

And Prahastha saluting him told , “I will go.”


Thannude manthrikal  nalu perullavar,

Chennu nalanga padayum   varuthinaar  ,

Nalonnu   lankayil ulla  padakellam,

Alambanamam  prahasthan maharadhan,

Kumbahanum Mahanadanum  Durmukhan,

Jambari vairiyaam veeran samunnthan,

Inganeyulloru manthrikal nalvarum,

Thingina van padayum   nadannithu.


He then summoned the four ministers,

As well as   the  four winged army ,

The great  hero Prahastha   was the ,

Controller of the quarter army of Lanka,

And the four ministers, Kumbha,

Mahanadha  , Durmuka  and samunnatha,

Who   was  a great hero enemy  of Devendra  ,

Marched   along with  a  very dense big army.


Durnimithangal   undayathu kandavan,

Than akatharil   urachu sannadhanai  ,

Poorva   pura dwara dese  purapettu,

Pavaka   puthranodethoranantharam,

Markatanmaar   sila vrukshachalam kondu  ,

Raksho ganathe odukki thudanginaar  ,

Chakra gadga   prasa  sakthi   sasthrasthrangal  ,

Markatanmarkku  methu okke  marikkunnu,


Though he    saw ill omens on the way ,

Determined in his mind  , well prepared  ,

He started   through the   eastern gate  ,

And fought with Nila  , the son of fire God  ,

The monkeys    using stones, trees and mountains,

 Started   decimating   the Rakshasa   army  ,

And  the wheel , sword  , spear , sakthi and arrows ,

Fell on the  monkeys   and many of them died.


Hasthivaranmaarum aswangalum chathu,

Raktham   nadhikalai  okke  olikkunnu,

Ambhoja   sambhava nandanan    Jambhavan,

Kumbha  hanuvineyum   Durmukaneyum  ,

Konnu  , Mahanadhaneyum   samunnathan ,

THanneyum pinne  Prahasthan, Maharadhan,

Neelanodu yethudan   dwandwa  yudham cheythu  ,

Kala puri pukkirunnu aruleedinaan  .

SEnapathiyum   patayum  marichathu  ,

Maniyaam  ravanan   kettu  Kopandhanai.


Great elephants    and horses   died  ,

And their blood   ran like   a river,

Jambhavan the   son of  Lord Brahma  ,

Killed  Kubha hanu  and durmukha ,

And also Mahanadha   and SAamunnatha ,

And later  Prahastha  the great warrior  ,

Fought  one to one in fist fight with Neela  ,

And was sent to the city of God of death.

Hearing the death of the army  and their commander ,

Ravana   who had  great  self respect  became blind with anger.


6.14 Ravanande pada  purappadu

The march of Ravana  and his army.


“Aareyum  porinnu  ayakkunnathallini  ,

Nere poruthu  jayikkunnathundallo  .

Nammodu   koodeyullorkal   ponneduga,

Nammude therum   varuga” yennan avan,

Venmathi pole    kudayum pidipichu ,

Ponm mayamayoru   theril karerinaan.


I will not send any one else   to the war,

I can go and win over them myself,

Those who are   with  me , please come,

And let my chariot come “ told he  ,

And like a full moon and others holding umbrella,

He   climbed   on to a   golden chariot,


AAlavattangalum  , venchamaranglum,

Neelathazhakalum , muthu kudakalum,

Aayiram   vajikale   kondu pootiya  ,

Vayu vegam   poonda theril karayeri,

Meru shikarangal  pole  kireedangal ,

Harangal aadhiyaam abharanangalum,

Pathu  mukhavum irupathu   kaikalum,

Hasthangalil   chapa   banayudhangalum ,

Neeladri pole nisachara  nayakan,

Kolahalathode   koode purapettan.


With round fans    and   white chowries  ,

With blue decorations  , pearl umbrellas ,

He climbed  on a  chariot with wind like speed,

Drawn by one   thousand    horses.,

Along with crowns  which were like peaks  in Meru mountain,

With garlands   and other many ornaments ,

With ten faces , twenty hands ,

And holding  bow and arrow in his hands  ,

Looking like  a  blue mountain, that  Lord of Rakshasas,

 Departed   with much  din and fanfare .


Lankayilulla Maha radharellam ,

SAnkha rahitham  purpettar   anneram,

Makkalum manthrikal   thambimarum ,

Marumakkalum , bandhukkalum , sainya palarum,

THikki thirakki vadakku bhagathulla,

Mukhyamaam   gopurathode   theru there  ,

Vikramameriya  nakthanjaranmaare  ,

Okke puro bhuvi kandu Raghuvaran,

Mandasmitham cheythu nethrantha samjayaa ,

Mandam Vibheshanan  thannodarul cheythu.


At that  time all the great warriors of Lanka,

Without doubt departed with him  and at that time,

His sons ,ministers  , brothers ,

Nephews, relations , chief of armies ,

Crowding and crowding the northern tower

Which was   the most important gate  ,

 And seeing so many valorous   Rakshasas,

Outside   the town  Rama  smiled  and making signs  with the eye,

He slowly    told   Vibheeshana.


“Nalla veeranmaar  varunnathu Kanedo  ,

Chollenam   mennodu  ivare  yadha gunam,”

Yennathu kettu  Vibheeshanan  , Raghavan,

THannodu   mandasmitham cheythu   cholinnan,

“Bana chapathode  balarkka   kanthi poondu,

AAna kazhuthil varuvathu  Akambanan,

Simha dwajam  poonda theril karayeri,

Simha parakrama , bana chapathodum,

Vannavan Indrajithakiya  Ravana,

Nandanan, namme  munnam jayichaan avan,

Aayodhanthinnu  Bana chapangal  poondu,

Aayathamoyuru   theril karayeri,

Kayam valarnnu  Vibhooshanam poondu ,

Athikayan  varunnithu  Ravananthanmakan,”


“See here   very many heroes  are coming,

Please tell  about them to me  in order.”

Hearing that    Vibheeshana   told Rama   with a smile,

“He who comes with   luster   of young son,

Carrying bow and arrow  and riding on an elephant is Akambana,

Riding  on a chariot with   a lion in the  flag,

And carrying    bow and arrows  Is one as valorous as a lion ,

And is Indrajit   who is the son of Ravana  ,

And one who defeated   us earlier.

Riding on a long chariot, with a big body,

And wearing many ornaments,

Is the  son of  Ravanantha”


Ponnaninju  aana kazhuthil   varunnavan,

 Unnathan yetham Mahodharan mannava,

Vaji meleri  parigam  thrippavan,

Aajisurendran  visalan,  Naranthakan,

Velleruthin muikalil yeri trisoolavum,

THulichirikunnavan , trisirassallo,

Ravanan thanmmakan mathethinangethu ,

DEvanthakan   theril varunnu  mannava  ,

Kumbhakarnathmajan  kumbhan angethavan ,

THambi Nikumban  parigayudan allo,

Deva kulanthakanakiya  Ravanan,

Yevarodum namme velvaan purapettu.”


The one wearing gold and riding  on elephant’s neck,

Is a great  one   and is called Mahodara , oh king,

The one riding on a horse   and rotating an iron pestle  ,

Is one of the chief soldiers   called  Naranthakan,

Riding on a white buffalo  , holding a trident,

And keeps on jumping and laughing  is Trisiras,

Another   son of Ravana   who is on other side ,

Is  Devanthaka   who comes riding on a chariot,

Next one is Kumbha  , the son of Kumbha karna,

And next is Nikumba  armed with mace  and is his brother  ,

And Ravana the killer   of the clan of devas ,

Is riding with all to kill all of us.


“vambanayullor ivanodu  porinnu,

Mumbil adiyannu  anugraham nalkanam,

Yennu Soumithriyum  chennu irannedinaan,

Mannavan  thanum arul  cheythithu anneram.


“Please   give  me permission  to fight  ,

With this great one   and bless  me”

Begged   the son of Sumithra ,

And the king replied   at that time .


“vruthrariyum  poril  vithrasthanai  varum ,

Nakthancharendranodu  yethal ariga nee ,

Mayayum undu  nisacharar kethavum,

Nyayavum  milla avarkku aarkkum orikkalum  ,

Chandra chooda priyan aagayum undavan,

Chandra hasakhyamaam, valum undayudham,

Yellam niroopichu  , chitham urappichu,

Chellenam allo   kalahathinnu” yennellam,

Sikshichu arul cheyththu  ayachranantharam,

Lakshmananum    thozhthasu  pin vanginan.


Even Indra    would get defeated   if he,

Fights with   Ravana , please  understand this,

And all Rakshasas have magical powers,

And they never observe justice in war  ,

And he is  the  one liked   by  Lord Shiva,

And he has   got the sword called Chandrahasa ,

Thinking about of these  , with a firm,

Mind only we have to go for a war with him,”

And when  he told all this  as if he was a student ,

Lakshmana   saluted him  and went back.


Janaki chorane   kandoru nerathu   ,

Vanara nayakanakiya  Maruthi  ,

Therthadam  thannil kuthichu veeneedinaan,

AArthanai   vannu  nisachara  nadhanum,

Dakshina   hasthavum ongi paranjithu  ,

Raksho varanodu Marutha puthranum.


Seeing   the thief of the  Janaki  ,

The monkey chief Hanuman,

Jumped    and fell  on his chariot  ,

And chief of Rakshasas  was worried,

And extending his  right hand  ,

That   son of wind god told  the Rakshasa  lord.


“Nirjaranmaareyum  thapasanmareyum,

SAjjanamaya mathulla   janatheyum  ,

Nithyam upadravikkunna   ninkku  ,

Vannethum aapathu , kapi kulathal yedo,

Ninne yadichu kolvaan  vannu nilkkunorenne,

 Ozhichu  kol veeran ennagil nee ,

Vikramam yeriya ninnude    puthranaam,

 Aksha   kumarane   konnathu JNanedo”

Yennu paranju   onnadichaan kapeendranum,

Nannai virachu   veenan Dasa  Kandanum.


“To you   who daily troubles   devas, sages,

Good people    and other people  .

The danger has come   from the clan of monkey.

If you are  really valorous  , try to remove me,

Who has come here   to beat   and kill you  ,

I am the one   who killed    your  very,

Valorous   son Aksha   Kumara “

Saying this   that king of monkeys beat him ,

And that  ten necked one shivered   and fell.


Pineyum unarnnu  chonnan ,” Ividekinnu,

Vanna kapikalil   nallanallo  bhavan,”

“Nanma  yenthayathu   yenikkithu kondu,

Nammude thallu kondaal   mathoruvarum  ,

Mruthyu varaathe  jeevippavar  illallo,

Mruthyu  vannela   ninakkathu kondu jnan,

Yethrayum   durbalan yennu vannunammil,

Ithiri neraminnum poruththidinam “,

Yenna  nerathonnadichan  dasananan,

Pinne mohichu  veenaan kapi  sreshtanum.


He got up    and told, “among all  the,

Monkeys   that   have come today   are you not the best”,

“What  good did I  get because   of that ,

No one is there   who does  not die once they get my beating,

And death has  not come   to you , so,

I have   become weaker than you,

Let us    fight  little   more “,

When he told like this  , the ten faced one  hit him once  ,

And the great  monkey swooned   and fell.


Neelan anneram   kuthi kondu   Ravanan,

Mele   kareri  kireedangal  pathilum,

Villu than melum  kodi marathon melum

Ullasamodu   makutangal pathilum,

Chadi kramena   Nrutham  thudangeedinaan,

Paadi thudanginaan  Naradanum thadhaa .


Neela at that   time jumped   ,climbed ,

On Ravana  and started   dancing  on,

His ten crowns, on his bow, on  his flag post,

And with happiness   on  his ten heads,

One after  another  and   at that time,

Narada   started   singing.


Pavakasthram kondu   pavaka puthrane ,

Ravana  yeithudan  thalli viteedinaan,

Thalkshane   kopichu Lakshman vegena  ,

Raksho varane cheruthaan athu neram,

Bana ganathe   varshichar  iruvarum,
Kanaruthathe   chamanjithu porkalam,

Villu murichu  kalanjithu  Lakshmanan,

Allal muzhuthu ninnu   dasa  kandanum.


Using  the arrow of fire  Ravana pushed ,

Away   the   son of fire   God ,

Immediately Lakshmana    became angry  ,

And speedily  fought   with Ravana   at that time,

Both of them rained   arrows at each other,

And the battle field became  invisible  ,

Lakshmana cut off  the bow of Ravana,

And that  ten necked one stood worried.


Pinne Mayan koduthoru vel Soumithri ,

Thannude  maril ammaru  chattedinan,

Asthrangal kondu   thadakku aruthanju  ,

Soumithriyum   sakthiyethasu veeneinaan,

AAdalai  veena  kumarane  chennu ,

Edutheeduvan   aau  bhavichu Dasananan,

Kailasa  sailam yedutha   Dasasyanu  ,

Bala sareeram illakaruthanjithu.


He then threw   a Vel given by Maya ,

On to the   chest   of Lakshmana  ,

Since he was not able to stop it by arrows ,

Lakshmana   fell down hit by the spear,

That Ravana    tried   to lift  ,

That   young man who fell  tired ,

But to him who could lift   the Kailasa  mountain,

That boy’s body appeared immovable.


Raghavan thannude   gouravam orthu athi,

Laghavam poondithu   Ravana   veeranum,

Kandu nilkunnoru  Marutha  puthranum,

Mandi  ananju onnu adichaan  Dasayane ,

Chorayum chardhichi   theril veenan avan,

Maruthi thanum  Kumarane thalkshane  ,

Pushpa samanam  yeduthu kondu adharaal,

Chil purishan mumboil  vechu vananginaan.


He then thought about possible weight of Rama ,

And  became nonplussed and ,

Hanuman who was  seeing all this,

Jumped   and with full force   hit Ravana,

And Ravana fell down vomiting blood on the   chariot,

And Hanuman  immediately carried ,

Lakshmana  like   a flower   and with respect  ,

Placed   him before  Lord Rama.


Marum pirinju  Dasamukhan kayyil  ,

Ammaru  pukku  Maya dathamaam  sakthiyum,

TRilokya nayakanakiya Ramanum ,

Poulasthyanodu   Yudham thudanginaan.


That spear  given by Maya  , went away,

From the chest  of Lakshmana  and went  to Ravana’s hands  ,

And Rama    the lord of all the three  worlds,

Started   war with Ravana   belonging to the clan of Pulasthya.


Gandha vahathmajan  vandhichu chollinaan,

“Pankthi  mukhanodu  yudhathinnu yennude  ,

Kandameri kondu ninnaruli kolga,

Kundatha yenniye kolga   Dasasyane  “,

Maruthi  chonnathu   kettu Raghuthaman,

AAruhya    thal kanda dese   vilanginaan,

Chonnan dasayan thannodu   Raghavan,

“Ninne   yaduthu  kanmaan kothichen thulom,

Innathinnasu  yogam vannithakayaal,

Ninneyum   ninnodu koode vannoreyum ,

Konnu jagat thrayam palichu kolluvan,

Yennde mumbil ara kshanam   nillu nee.”


At that  time  the son of the scent carrier  saluted and told,

“For the war   with the ten faced one  ,

Climb  on my  neck and be comfortable ,

And without any effort  kill the ten headed one”

Rama hearing what was told by Hanuman,

Climbed on   the neck of Hanuman ,

And told that   Ravana as follows,

“I have   had great desire to see  you from near,

And since    that  luck has   come to me,

I would look after  the three  worlds ,

By killing   you and all those who have come with you  ,

Please   stand in front of me for half a second,”


Yennarul cheythu sasthrasthangal thooginaan,

Onninnu onnu oppamai   than Dasavakthranum,

GhoramI vannithu   porum annerathu,

Varanidhiyum ilagi mariyunnu,

Maruthuyhi thanneyum  yeithu   Murichithu,

Sooranayoru nisachara  nayakan,

Sri Rama devanum  kopam muzhuthu athi

Deeratha   kai kondu yeduthoru sayakam,

Rakshovaranude  vaksha pradesathe ,

Lakshyamakki  prayogichaan athi   drutham,

AAlasyamayithu  banam yethu anneram,

Poulasthya   chapavum  veenithu  bhoothale.


After seeing this he rained arrows and weapons,

And Ravana also counted  each one of them by another ,

And war   at that time   became   very terrible  ,

And the sea   got shaken  and churned ,

When Ravana sent an arrow and wounded  Hanuman,

God Rama became extremely angry ,

And becoming very bold  sent  an arrow,

Aimed at the heart of Ravana  speedily ,

And   when the arrow hit him with speed ,

The  bow of Ravana    fell on the    floor.


Nakthancharadhipanaya  Dasasyannu,

Shakthi kshayam kandu  sathwaram Raghavan,

Therum kodiyum   kudayum kuthirayum,

Charu  kireedangalum  kalanjeedinaan ,

SAradhi thanneyum   konnu  kalanja   alavu,

AArooda thapena   ninnu  Dasayanum.


Seeing the weak state   of the ten faced one,

Immediately   Rama   destroyed his,

Chariot  , flag  , umbrella  , horses and pretty crowns,

And  also killed   his charioteer,

And Ravana   stood there   with increasing sorrow,


Ramanum   Ravanan thannodu  arul  cheythaan,

“Aamayam  param ninakkundu manase ,

Poyalum innu  , bhayapadayka yethume ,

Neeyini  lankayil   chennu angirunaalum,

AAyudha   vahanathodu orumpettu kondu,

Ayodhanathinnu  nale varanam nee “

Kakulstha vakkukal m kettu bhyapattu ,

Vegathilingu nadannu  Dasananan .

RAghavasthram  thudare  thudarnnu  undennu ,

Orakulam   poondu  thirinju nokki thulom  ,

Vepadhu  gathranai  mandiram  prapichu ,

THapamundayathu    chinthichu mevinaan.


Rama    then told    Ravana at that time,

“In your mind there   is great  tension,

You go today without    any fear  ,

You can go to Lanka and be there  today,

Along with weapons ,and vehicles  ,

You have to come tomorrow  well prepared.”

Hearing these words   of Sri Rama,

The ten faced one started  walking fast ,

Under the fear  that Rama’s arrows  ,

Were  following him , with great  worry,

He  was looking back  several times,

And reached  his palace with  body full of sweat,

And became    worried  because of  the problems  that he faced.


6.15 Kumbakarnande  Neethi vakhyam

The just   words   of Kumbhakarna,


Manavendran  pinne  Lakshmanan  thanneyum,

Vanara   rajanaam   arkathmajaneyum,

Ravana Bana   vidhaithanmaaraaya,

Pavaka puthradhi vanaranmareyum ,

Sidhoushadham kondu   rakshichu thannude  ,

Sidhantham yellam arul cheythu  mevinaan.


That  king of men later  saved  Lakshmana,

The son of   Sun God   who was the king of monkeys and

Neela  and other  monkeys  who were stuck by Ravana’s arrows,

By use  of divine medicine and ,

Also  told them about his principles .


Rathrincharendranum bruthya janathodu  ,

Perthum  nijarthikalorthu  cholledinaan,

“Nammude Veerya balangalum   keerthiyum,

Nanmayum arthapurushakaaradhiyum,

Nashtamai  vannithodungi sukruthavum,

Kashta kalam namukku   aagatham nischayam.


The king of Rakshasa  told   his servants  ,

Remembering  the events that  have happened,

“My  valour  ,   strength    and fame  ,

The good  things and   my  virility  ,

Have all been lost  and  luck has reduced ,

I am sure that   bad time is coming to  me.


“Vedhavu thanum  anaranya bhoopanum,

Vedavathiyum , Maha Nandikesanum  ,

Rambhayum  pinne Nalakhoobaradhiyum,

Jambari mumbaam nilimbavaranmaarum,

Kumbhodhbhavadhikalaya    munikalum,

Shambhu pranayiniyaya   deviyum,

Pushta thapo balam poondu pathi vruthya ,

Nidshtayode maruvunna sathikalum,

SAthyamai cholliya sapa vachassukal,

Midhyayai  vannu kooda yennu   nirnayam.”


Lord Brahma himself  , king Anaranya ,

Vedavathi  , the great  Nandikeswara  ,

Rambha   and later Nalakhoobara  ,

Indra    and the devas   with him,

Many sages   such as Agasthya  ,

Parvathi who is the consort of Shiva,

Many virtuous women with deep  penance ,

Who were   observing   strict   virtue ,

Have    cursed   me  and I feel   that ,

They can all never  become lies.


(Note: Barhma gave him a boon that  he cannot be killed by any one except a man or a  monkey.Anaranya was an ancestor of Rama who was killed by Ravana . He cursed and told that Rama will be born  in his clan   and kill him. Vedavathi was a lady who was doing penance to marry  Vishnu. When Ravana caught her hand , she jumped in the fire and died. She cursed him that  if he touches  any lady  without her  permission his head will break in to pieces. She was reborn as Sita,. Rambha was the lover of Nalakhoobara  , the son of Kubhera. When he insulted Rambha they cursed him.He once called Nandikeswara    as  a monkey and he cursed him that  his town will be destroyed by monkeys. He lifted Kailasa   and  made Parvathi afraid and she   cursed  him.)


Chinthichu kanmin namukku iniyum puna-

REnthonnu  nalla   jayichu kolvan aho,

Kalari thulyanakum  Kumbha karnane ,

Kalam kalayathe unarthuga , ningal poi,

AAru masam  kazhinju  ini unarneedumarilla,

Urangi  thudangeettu  avanum  innu,

Onbathu  nale  kazhinjathullu  , Ningal,

Anbodu   unarthuvin   valla  prakaravum.


Think  about   what we can do now,

To again  reach victory  , Hey,

Go and wake up  Kumbhakarna ,

Who is equal to god of death ,  without any delay.

We cannot wait for six months   to wake him up,

As   he has started   sleeping only  nine days ago,

Please  somehow   wake him up with love .


Rakshasa   raja   niyogena   chennu oro,

RAksarellam  orumpettu unarthuvaan,

AAnaka, dundhubhi mukhya vadhyangalum ,

AAna  ther kalal  kuthira padagalum,

Kumbhakaranaarasi panjum aargtum  Jagal-

KKambham  varuthinaar  , yenthoru  vismayam.


As send by the   king of Rakshasas,

Each Rakshasa   tried to wake him up,

By playing  Aanaka , Dundhubhi and  other musical instruments  ,

And making   horse army, Elephant army   and soldiers,

Rub , jump on   and shout    at the top of  their voice  ,

And also created  great din  , what  a surprise.


Kumbha sahasram   jalam   chorinjeedinaar  ,

Kumbha karna     sravananthare pinneyum,

Kumbhee varanmaare  kondu  nasa  randhra,

SAmbhootha   romam  pidichu valippichum,

Thumbikara mathalarium  aanakal ,

Jambhari vairikku kambhamillethume  ,

Jumbha samaarambhamodu munannithu  ,

SAmbramichodinaara   aasara   veerarum.


They poured thousand pots of water,

In Kumbhakarna’s ears  and they made,

Big elephants pull  his nasal hairs,

And made   elephants shout ,

But that  Indra’s enemy did not have  ,

Any botheration but  suddenly,

He woke up with   a yawn,

And those Rakshasas  ran scrared.


Kumbha sahasram  nirachulla  madhyavum,

Kumbha sahasram  nirachulla  rakthavum,

SAmbhojyamannavum  kunnu pole  kandorimbam,

Kalarnnu   yezhuneethidinaan,

Kravyangal aadhiyai   mathu upajeevana-

DRavyamellam  bhujichu ananada   chithaai,

Shudhachamanam  cheythirikkum vidhou  ,

Bruthya janangalum vannu   vananginaar.


They offered thousand pots of Alcoholic   drinks,

Thousand pots   of blood , hill like   cooked rice  ,

And seeing them becoming happy  he got up,

Then he ate  meat   and other food items,

And  became happy  , washed his mouth  by gargling,

And the servants   came before him  and saluted him.


Karyangal yellam  ariyuchu , unarththiya,

Karanavum kettu, pankthikandanujan,

“Yengilo, vairigale kola  cheythu  jnan,

Sangadam theerthu varuven” yenningane ,

Cholli purapetta neram Mahodaran,

Melle   thozhuthu  paranjaan athu neram,

“Jyeshtane kandu  thozhthu vida   vangi,

Vattam varathe   poi kolluga   nallathum.”


When he was informed of all news,

The brother   of Ravana heard the reason  and told,

“And so I would kill   all the enemies.

And come back after  solving the   sorrows,”

And when he started   Mahodara  ,

Slowly saluted    him   and told at   that time,

“Please  see your elder brother , salute him,

And   without getting  tired, take leave from him.”


Yevam Mahodharan  chonnathu kettavan,

Ravanan thanneyum  chennu vananginaam,

Gadamai aalinganam  cheythu  iruthinaan,

OOdamodham  nija sodaran thanneyum,

“Chithe  darachithil orkka nee karyangal,

Vruthantham yengilo kettalum innedo,

Sodari thannude   nasakuchangale,

Chedichathinnu   jnan Janaki dEviye,

Sri Rama Lakshman mar ariyathe  ,

Kandarasmini  kondu vecheedinen.


Hearing what   Mahodara   told him,

He went and saluted   Ravana ,

Who embraced   him tightly   and ,

Made  his  brother sit near  him and told,

“Please   remember  these matters  ,

And hear   the things that  happened,

When the cut    the nose   and breasts,

Of our sister  , I went and stole ,

Janaki when Rama  and Lakshmana  ,

Were not there and kept her in the hermitage


Varidhiyil   chira ketti kadannavan,

Porinnu  Vanara   senayumai   vannu,

Konnan  prahasthadhikale palreyum,

Yenneyum   yeithu murichan jitha sramam,

Kollathe  konnu  ayachan , athu karanam,

Allal muzhuthu  jnan ninne   yunarthinen,

Manavanmareyum Vanaranmareyum,

Konnu nee yenne  Rakshichu kollename.”


He  built a bridge  on the ocean ,

And came for war  along with a monkey army ,

And killed   several people   including Prahastha  ,

And without any effort  he  also  cut me,

And sent me  killed  without killing and because of that,

I became greatly worried    and made  others  to wake you up,

And  you  please    save   me   by ,

Killing all those   men and monkeys.”


Yennathu kettu chonnan Kumbhakarnanum,

“Nannu , nannethrayum  nallathe  nallu kel,

Nallathum theeyathum  than ariyathavan,

Nallatharinju   chollunnavar   chollugal,

Nallavannam kettu kollagilum  nannu ,

Allathavarkku undo  nallathundakunnu?

Sithaye   Ramannu nalkuguka”   yenningane  ,

Sodaran chonnan    athinnu kopichu, nee

AAtikalanjathu nannu  nannu orthu kaam,

Nattil  ninnasu vangi   gunamokkave  ,

Nallavannam  varum kalam allennathum,

Chollam athu kondu kuthamalledo.



Hearing that  Kumbhakarna  told,

“Good   , very good , only good is good , hear,

He who does not know    good and bad,

If he   obeys   the advice   of  those,  

Who  know    what is good , then it is good,

For others    would good ever happen?

Please   give back    Sita to Rama

Said our    brother    to you  and  that made

You  very angry , It is good that  you drove him out ,

 Think of good , you will know,

He got from all  places   that  which is good,

And all his    future   would be good ,

And that   is not a crime.”


“Nallathu  orutharaalum varuthavathalla,

Allal  varuthum   aapathanayunna  naal,

Kala  desavasthakalum  nayangalum,

Moolavum   vairikal kalavum  veeryavum,

SAthru mithrangalum  madhyastha  pakshavum ,

Artha Purusha aakaaradhi bhedangalum,

Nalu upayangalum , aaru nyayangalum,

Melil varunnathumokke  niroopichu,

Pathyam  parayum Amathyan  undengilo,

Bharthru soukyam varum  keerthiyum vardhikkum.”


No body can  bring  good to you,

Worries would come when danger  is coming,

Due to  time , place   and  due to  principles,

The   time of enemies   and their valour  differs.

If there   is a minister     who studies,

Enemies   and friends   and the mediators  ,

And the changes    in wealth and virility  ,

The four tricks  and the six  methods  ,

And then guess  as to what is likely to come,

And   advices    his boss  for  his  good,

Then the boss would  get a  pleasant life  ,

And his   fame   would greatly increase.


Ingane  yulloramathya   dharmam vedinju,

Yengine  Rajavinnu ishtam yennal athu,

Karna sukham varumaru paranju kondu,

Anwahamam athmabhimanavum    bhavichu,

Moola vinasam varumaru  nithyavum,

Moodarayullor amathya   janangalil,

Nallathu kakolam yennathu  cholluvor,

Allal  visham undu avarkkenni yillallo.


Forsaking   this type of dharma of a minister  ,

Telling the king   what he likes to hear ,

So that   what is told gives him happiness in ear,

And acting day by day  as if he has great self respect,

And   daily see to it that  destruction comes  to the king,

Are   the foolish ministers and  to those

Who say that   poison  is better  than  them,

Would get  the poison of worry  and nothing else.


Moodaraam manthrikal   chollu keeteedugil  .

Nadum, ayussum   kulavum nasichu pom  ,

Nadha bhedham kettu  mohichu chennu  chernuu.

AAdhi muzhuthu marikkum mruga kulam,

Agniye kandu mohichu  salabhangal,

Magnarai     agniyil veenu marikkunnu,

Mathsyangalum  rasathingal mohichu,,

Chennu athal pedunnu baleesam grasikkayaal,

Aagraham onningal  yeriyaal aapathu ,

Pokkuvaan  avathallatha vannam  varum.


If you obey the advice   of foolish ministers,

The country  , our life and our clan would be destroyed,

Animals hearing  a different sounds , get attracted ,

And   go there and die  because of  their problems,

Similarly the butterflies   get attracted  by fire,

Silently   go and fall in the fire and die ,

And fishes get attracted  by the food offered,

Go get   suffering   because  they catch the hook,

And so if we  have   too much desire  , it leads   to danger ,

And  sometimes it would not be possible   to  avoid   these.


Nammude vamasathinnum nalla nattinnum,

Unmoola  nasam  varuthuvan aayallo ,

Janaki thannil aasa yundayathum,

Jnan arinjen athu   rathincharadhipa,

Indriyangalku vasanayirippavan,

Yennum aapathu ozhinjellannu nirnayam,

Indriya gramam  jayichirikunnavan,

Onnu kondum varaa  noonam  apathukal.


Oh   king of Rakshasas, I came to know  ,

About   your growing desire   to Sita  ,

Which is leading   to complete  destruction,

 Of our    clan  as well as our country ,

He who is a slave   to his senses ,

Will never have a day   without  any danger  ,

And  to one   who can rule  over his senses,

No danger  will come at any time.


Nallathalla   yennu arinjirikke balal,

CHellum onningal  oruthan abhiruchi,

POorvajanmaar  jitha vasanayal,

Athinavathu allethum  athin vasamai varum,

Ennal athingal ninnu   aasu  manassine,

Thannude   Sasthra vivekopadesangal,

KOndu   vidheyamaki  kondu irippavan,

Undo  jagathingal  aaranum orkka nee.

Munnam vichara  kale jnan bhavanodu,

Thanne paranjathille  bhavishyal phalam?

Ippol upagathamai  vannitheeswara,

Kalpiithamarkkum    thadukkavathu allallo.


Though we   know that  a  particular  thing is not good,

Our desire or interest  some times travels to that ,

By the   interest that  we inherited from previous births,

Whatever we try   out  , we would be in its grip only,

But   is there any one who  makes his mind detached  ,

From it   by   the scientific advice   and wisdom, please try to find out?

In our previous discussion   did I not ,

Tell you   the future   result of what we are thinking now?

And that has  now come in to reality ,

And God’s will  can be stopped by no one.


Manushan alla Raman Purushothaman,

Nana jagan mayan Narayanan paran,

Sithayakunnathu   Yoga maya devi,

Chethasi nee   daricheeduga angine ,

Ninnodu thanne paranju thannelayo,

Mannava  munname yenthu athoranjathum?

Jnan oru naal   visaalaayam   Yadha sukham,

Kanananthe   Nara  Narayanasrame Naradane  ,

Parithoshena   kandu  namakaricheedinen.


Rama  is not a  man but  Lord Vishnu,

Who is all worlds and is divine  ,

Sita   is the goddess Yogamaya ,

Please  understand this in your mind,

Had I not told this to you earlier ,

Oh king , Why did   I  tell you  like that ?

One day  , in a very big pleasant forest  ,

In the hermitage   of sages Nara  and Narayana,

With happiness  I saw  sage Narada   and saluted him


Yethoru dikkil  niinu agathanaiyithennu,

Adaravodu arul  cheyka   Maha mune  ,

Yenthoru   vruthanthamullu   jagathingal,

Antharam  koodathu arul cheyka  “yennellam,

SAdaram   chonnan   anudanthangal okkave  .


“From which direction have you come .

Please tell me   with love  , great sage ,

And what   are   the news in the universe ,

Please tell me in a plain manner” I asked,

 And he     told me all   the news   in detail.


“Ravana peedithamaarai  chamanjoru  ,

DEvakalum  munimarum onnichu ,

Deva devesanaam  Vishnu Bhagawane  ,

Sevichu unarthichu  sangadamokkave ,

Trilokya  kandakanakiya Ravanan,

Poulasthya  puthran atheeva   dushtan, khalan,

Jnangaleyellam  upadravicheedunnathu ,

Yengum  irikkaruthathe   chamanjithu.”


The devas    and several sages ,

Greatly troubled   by Ravana  ,

Served and told  their sorrow ,

To Lord Vishnu  who is the god of gods ,

“Ravana  who is the bad one of the three  worlds,

Is the son of Poulasthya    and is a bad one  and also cruel,

And he keeps on troubling all of us ,

So that  we are  not in a position to  live anywhere.”


Marthyanal yenniye mruthyuvillennathju ,

Muktham  virinchanaal   manname kalpitham,

Marthyanai thanne pirannu  bhavan ini,

Sathya dharmangale     Rakshikka   Vename  ,

Itham unarthicha neram mukundanum,

Chitha karunyam kalarnnu   aruli cheythu.


Clearly  Lord Brahma   has  earlier told,

That  his death will  not come by any one other  than man,

And so Sir, please  take birth as  man,

And protect  truth   and Dharma .

When they  told   him like this , That Lord Vishnu,

With a mind mixed with mercy told them.


“Pruthviyil jnan  Ayodhyayayam  Dasaradha ,

Puthranai   vannu pirannu ini sathwaram,

Nakthanjaradhipan thanneyum nigrahichu,

Athal   theerthiduvan  , ini trilokathingal,

Sathya sankalpannam easwaran   thannude  ,

SAkthiyodum koodi Ramanai  vannathum,

Ningale yellam  odukkum avan ini,

Mangalam   vannu koodum jagathingalum,”

Yennarul cheythu    maranju Mahamuni  ,

Nannai niroopichu   kolga nee manase   ,

Raman Parabrahmamaya   Sanathanan  ,

KOmalan   indheevara   dala shyamalan.


In  this earth   I would be born as   a son,

To Dasaratha of Ayodhya   quickly,

And kill  the chief of the Rakshasa   clan,

And  solve all problems of the three  worlds,”

And along with   his  Sakthi  ,  that ,

Truth loving God ,  has come as   Rama,

And he   would  now kill all of you,

And auspiciousness  will come to the world,”

Saying that  the sage disappeared,

Remember   this well  in your mind ,

Rama  is the divine  Brahmam, the primeval one ,

The pretty  one who is black like  blue lotus flower.


Maya manisha vesham poonda   Ramane ,

Kayena vachaa  manasa  bhajikka nee ,

Bhakthi kandal  prasdikkum Raghuthaman,

Bhakthiyallo  Maha Jnana mathavedo,

Bhakthiyallo   sathaam moksha dhayini ,

Bhakthi heenanmaarkku karmavum nishphalam,

SAnkhyayilothalam undu avatharngal,

Pankaja nethranaam Vishnuvinengilum,

SAnkhyavathaam  matham cholluvan   ninnude ,

SAnkayellam  akale  kalanjeeduvaan.


Pray   Rama , who has only taken up that  form of illusion,

By your body and mind, for Rama   would be pleased  with devotion,

Devotion    is the mother  of ultimate   wisdom,

Devotion is always   the one granting salvation,

To those   who do not have devotion , all acts  are useless,

Though there   are  innumerable   incarnations  ,

To the   lotus eyed    Vishnu , I will tell you,

The opinion of the wise  which will,

Help you   to throw all  doubts   far  , far  away.


Ramavathara   samam alla   athonnume ,

Nama japathinale   varum mokshavum,

Jnana swaroopan aakunna Shivan paran,

Manushakaranaam   Ramanakunnathum,

Tharaka  Brahmam yennathre   chollunnathum,

Sri Rama devane thanne   Bhajikka nee,

Ramane thanne bhajichuvidwajjana ,

Mamayam nalkunna SAmsara   sagaram,

Langichu Rama padatheyum  prapichu,

SAngadam  theerthu kollunnithu   santhatham.


No other incarnation is equal to Rama,

For just by chanting his name   you would get salvation,

The divine Shiva   who  is the   form of wisdom ,

Is the one who has   taken the human form of Rama  ,

And he is the one  who tells that  he is the divine Brahma,.

You please   sing the names of   Rama,

And   cross  the ocean of domestic full of  misery,

And    attain   the   lotus feet of Rama ,

And permanently   get rid of sorrow.


Budha thathwanmaar nirantharam Ramane 

Chithambujathingal   nithyavum   dhyanichu  ,

ThWacharithrangalum  cholli namangalum  ,

Ucharichu   athmanam athmanaa  kandu kandu,

Achyuthanodu   sayujyavum prapichu,

Nischalanande   layikunnithanwaham,

Maya  vimohangal yellam   kalanjudan,

Neeyum  bhajichu kolga aananda moorthiye.


The philosophers   permanently   keep ,

Rama   in their mind    and daily meditate  on him,

Tell his story   , Chant his names  ,

See   and see  the souls  of all   beings,

Become   one   with Lord   Vishnu ,

And   easily  merge  in to the stable joy .

Please throw away these  longings of illusion,

And   start  singing about   that  idol  of joy.


6.16  Kumbhakarna   Vadham

The killing of Kumbha Karna


Sodaran yevam   paranjathu  kattu  ,

Athi krodham  muzhutha   dasasyanum   chollinnan,

“Jnaopadesam    yenikku cheyvan alla ,

Jnan  innu unarthi varuthi, Yadhasukham,

Nidraye sevichu kolga, neeyethrayum,

Budhiman  yennathum   innu arinjenaham.

Veda sastrangalum   kettu kollam ini,

Khedam akannu    sukhichu vazhunna naal,

AAm yengil aasu chennu aayodhanam cheythu  ,

Ramadhikale   vadhichu variga nee.”


Hearing what    his brother   told,

The ten headed one  with very great anger   told,

“I did  not  wake you  up to preach wisdom   to me,

You immediately   go  and pleasantly serve your sleep,

I came to know today that   you are  intelligent,

And from now on I will hear  Vedas and Sastras from you,

When my sorrows go away , I would lead  a pleasant  life  ,

If yes, immediately    go for  the war  ,

And come back after killing  Rama   and others.


Agrajan  vakkukal   itharam   ketta alavu  ,

Ugranaam Kumbhakarnan  nadaneedinaan,

Vygravum   kai vittu   yudhe   Raghuthaman,

Nigrahichaal   varum  moksham yennorthavan,

Prakaravum  kadannu uthunga   SAila raja,

AAkara  modu alari  kondu athi drutham  ,

AAyiram bharam irumbu kondulla ,

Thannayudhamayulla soolavum kai kondu ,

Vanara   senayil  pukkoru nearthu,

Vanara   verar yellavarum odinaar.


Hearing the words of his elder   brother this way,

That Fierce  Kumbhakarna     started walking,

Leaving  out his worries, thinking that,

If Rama  kills him in war , he   would get salvation,

After   crossing the gate   like   a very tall ,

Mountain king, shouting and with  great speed,

Carrying  his steel trident weighing   thousand stones ,

When he entered   the monkey army  ,

All the  monkey warriors   started  running away.


Kumbhakarnan  varavu  kandu aakulaal,

SAmbramam poondu   Vibheeshanan thannodu  ,

“Vanbulla  Rakshasan yevan ivan  paraka ,

Ambarathollanm  uyaram  undadhbutham,”

Itham Raghuthaman  chodicha  alavu , athinnu,

Utharamasu  Vibheeshanan  Chollinaan,

“Ravana sodharan Kumbhakarnan  mama,

Poorvajan yethrayum  SAkthiman  budhiman,

Deva kulanthakan , nidhravasan   ivan,

Aavathillarkkum  yethaal jayichiduvan, “


Worried at  seeing the coming of Kubhakarna  ,

With great fear  , Rama  asked   Vibheeshana,

“Who is this very powerful  Rakshasa,

Surprisingly he is as    tall  as the sky,”

And as an answer to that  Vibeeshana  told as answer,

“ He is the brother   of Ravana   and my elder brother ,

He is very strong and   very wise ,

Killer of devas, liable to sleep ,

And no one  can   win over   him.”


Thacharithrangal  yellam ariyichu  ,

Chennu ichayaa  poorvajan  kalkkal veenidinaan,

“Brathaa  Vibheeshanan  Jnann bhavad   bhakthiman,

Preethi  poondenne   anugrahikkename,

Sitaye  nalkuka  Raghavanennu  Jnan,

Aadhara   poorvam aavolam apekshichen,

Gadgavum kai kondu  nigrahicheeduvaan,

Ugrathayodum aduthathu kandu  jnan,

BHeethanai  nalu amathyanmaarumai  ponnu,

Sitapathiye   saranamai  prapichen.”


Then he told all his stories  ,

And of his own accord he fell  at the feet of Kumbhakarna,

“Brother  , I am Vibheeshana    and I am your devotee  ,

Please  bless  me     with love  ,

I told  with respect to Ravana to give back Sita ,

AS much as I can  and seeing that    with  a knife in hand,

He was  coming   near  to kill me  ,

I became scared  and with four ministers,

I came here and sought   the protection of the consort of Sita.


Itham Vibheeshana vakkukal   kettu avan,

Chitham kulurthu  punarnnan   anujane  ,

Pinne purathu thalodi paranjithu,

“Dhanyanallo  Bhavan illa killethume  m

Jeevichirikka pala  kalam oozhiyil,

Sevichu kolluga   Rama Padambujam,

Namude vamsathe  rakshippathinnu nee ,

Nirmalan Bhagavathothaman yethrayum,

Narayana priyanethrayum  neeyennu,

Naradan   thanne paranju ketten aham,

Maya  mayam  iprapanchamellam , ini,

Poyalum  yengil nee   Rama Padanthike  .


Hearing   these words of Vibheeshana  ,

With a very happy frame  ,  he hugged  him,

And then he  patted him on his back and said,

“You are  auspicious  and nothing else  ,

Let you live in   this world for many years ,

Go on serving   the lotus   feet of Rama,

You  who is pure, greatest  devotee,

Darling of Lord Vishnu are  sure,

To be able to protect our clan,

That  is what   sage Narada   told me  ,

This  world   is filled with illusion,.

Go  near   the  lotus feet of Rama.


Yennathu kettu abhivadhyavum  cheythu  , athi,

Khinnanai bashpavum vaarthuvangeedinaan,

Rama parswam prapya  chintha vivasanai,

Sriman Vinbheeshanan nilkkum dasanthare  ,

Hastha padangalaalMarkata   veerare  ,

Krudhanayokke  mudichu thudanginaan,

Pedichu aduthu koodanjukapikalum,

Odi thudanginnaar  nanadiganthare ,

Mastha hastheendrane pole  kapikale ,

Pathu noorayiram konnan   ara kshanaal.


Hearing that  saluting him  , with great sorrow,

Shedding lot of tears    he    retired  back,

And reached  near Rama   and when he  was standing  thoughtful ,

Kumbhakarna  with great anger   started  killing  ,

The monkeys  with his hand and leg  ,

Getting scared and not able to come near,

The monkeys started  running to all   sides ,
And like   an elephant king in rut    within half a second,

He killed    hundred   thousand monkeys.


Markata rajan    athu kandu    oru mala,

Kai kondu   yerinjithu   maril  thaduthavan,

Kuthinaan   soolam yeduthu athu kondu ,

Athi vithrasthanai  veenu mohichathu   arkajan,

Appol  avaneyum  ookodaduthu kondu,

Uthpanna modham nadannu   nisacharan.


The king of monkeys seeing that   took a mountain,

And threw it with his hand  and this was stooped near the chest,

And Kumbakarna   hit   Sugreeva with his  trident,

And he  fell fear stuck and swooned ,

Then  that  Rakshasa   carried him,

 With great joy  and started   walking .


Yudhe jayichu Sugreevaneyum kondu ,

Nakthanchareswaran  chellunna nerathu,

Nari jana,  Mahaprasadam yeri niinu,

AArooda modham   pani neeril mukkiya,

Malyangalum  Kalabhangalum   thooginaar ,

AAlasyam aasu   theerneeduvan   aadaraal,

Markata rajannu  athethu   moham vedinju,

Ulkada roshena mookum chevikalum,

Danda nakhangale kondu murichu kondu,

Anthareeekshe   paanju poonaan  athi drutham.


When the Rakshasa   chief  returned ,

Winning in the war   and taking Sugreeva with him,

The ladies becoming     extremely happy  ,

And with increasing joy , threw at   him,

Garlands dipped   in   rose water   and   sandal paste ,

So that   his tiredness   will greatly decrease ,

And   when this fell on   the king of monkeys ,

He got up  from his faint  and with great anger ,

Using   his nose  , ears   and   nails   cut off his  ties,

And    rose up   and travelled in the sky very fast.


Krodhavum  yethu  abhimana haniyum,

BHeethiyum utkondu  rakthabhishikthanai,

Pinneyum   veendum varunnathu kandu   athi,

SAnnadhanai   aduthu Sumithrathmajan,

Parvathathin mel   mazha pozhiyum vannam,

Durvara  bana  ganam  pozhichedinaan.

Pathu noorayiram  vanaranmaareyum,

Vakthrathil; aaki  adakkum avan udan,

Karna  nasa   vilathoode  prappedum,

Pinneyum vari vizhungum avan thadhaa.


Getting angry and having lost his face  ,

And with inner fear  and being anointed with blood,

When he was   seen coming again  ,Lakshmana,

Neared   him with great   preparation,

And went on raining arrows   like ,

Throwing them on a    huge mountain ,

He in turn was    swallowing  hundred thousand monkeys   ,

At a time  many of them    were  ,

Coming out of his nose   and ears but,

Then he continued swallowing them.


Rakshovarum anneram  niroopichu,

Lakshmnan  thanneyum upekshichu sathwaram,

Raghavn    thannodu aduthaan , athu kandu,

Vegena banam   pozhichu Raghuthaman  ,

Dakshina hasthavum   soolavum Raghavan,

THal kshane  banam yeithasu khandikkayaal,

YUdhangane   veenu vanara   vrundavum,

Nakthancaranmarum ottu marichithu.


That Rakshasa    after   deep thought ,

Disregarding  Lakshmana   , speedily,

Neared  Lord Rama   and seeing that,

Rama  with  great speed  sent several   arrows,

And cut off his right   hand   and trident ,

Immediately    those   parts   fell on the battle field,

 And   several monkeys and Rakshasas ,

Died    due to those  falling on them.


Vamahasthe  maha slavum kai kondu  ,

Ramanodu yetham aduthu  nisacharan,

Indrasthram yeithu    khandichan   , veendum,

Indrarikal   palarum maricheedinaar  ,

Badha   kopathu alari   aduthithu  ,

Nakthancharadhipan   pinneyum anneram,

Ardha chandrakaram aaya   randu ambu   kondu ,

Uthunga   padangalum   muricheedinaan.


Taking a huge tree   in his left hand  ,

That  Rakshasa  came very near  Rama,

He sent Indrasthra  and cut it  and by ,

Falling of which many  enemies of Indra died,

And then with great anger  that lord of Rakshasas,

Came    very near  at that   time,

Then using two   crescent shaped  arrows,

 He cut  off his very tall legs.


Vakthravum  metham pilarnnu  vizhunguvaan,

Nakthancharendran   kuthichu adukkum neram,

Pathrikal    vayil nirachu   Raghuthaman,

Vruthrari   daivathamai vilangidinor ,

Asthram yeithu uthamangatheyum khandichu,

Vruthrari thanum  thelinjaan  athu neram,

Uthamangam  pura dwari  veenu  , murinju,

Abdhiyuil vennithu  dehavum    anneram.


 For swallowing opening his mouth very wide ,

That  Lord of Rakshasas again  approached him,

Rama filled   his mouth   with arrows ,

And by  sending an arrow  cut off his head,

And  Indra     at that  time became  happy,

And   the head   went and fell at  the gate  of the town,

And the   body fell   on the   earth.


6.17 Narada Sthuthi

Prayer  of Narada


Sidha, Gandharwa   Vidhyadhara    Guhyaka,

Yaksha   BHujanga apsaro vrundavum,

Kinnara   charanakimpurushanmaarum,

Pannaga   thapasa   deva samoohavum,

Pushpa varsham  cheythu bhkthyaa  pugazhthinaar ,

Chilpurusham purushothamam    Advayam,

Deva muneeswaran Naradanum thadhaa ,

SEvartham   anbodu avatharicheedinaan,

Ramam  Dasaratha nandanam  ulpala,

Shyamalm komalam  Bana  dhanurdaram,

Poorna chandrananam  Karrunya peeyusham,

Poorna samudram  Mukundam, SAdashivam,

Ramam  Jagad  Abhirama, AAthmaaramam,

AAmodhamarnnu  pugazhnnu  thudanginaan.


Sidhas, Gandharwas , Vidhyadharas , Guhyakas ,

Yakshas, Snakes   and the   group  of Apasaras,

Kinnaras, Charnas, KImpurushas, Pannagas ,

Sages  and the   groups of devas,

Showered   flowers  and praised .

That   divine man  , the best among men, who does not have a second.

The great sage   among devas   Narada  at that time,

To do service to him  came there   with love,

And he started praising    Rama  who was the son of Dasaratha ,

Who is black like a water lily  , who is pretty, who holds bow and arrow  ,

Who resembles the full moon, who is the cream of mercy ,

Who is the full sea , Mukunda and always peaceful,

Who is Rama the bewitcher of the world and who is the Rama  of the souls,

With   great   sense   of joy  .


“Sitapathe  , Rama, Rajendra  , Raghava ,

Sridhara  , Srinidhe  , Sri Purushothama,

Sri Rama   deva devesa  , Jagannadha  ,

Narayanaa , niradharaa  , Namosthuthe .”


Salutations    to consort of Sita , Rama , king of kings , Raghava ,

Sridhara ,  Sri Nidhi  , Sri Purushothama  ,

Sri Rama,   god of devas  , lord of the universe  ,

Narayana and   one  who does not have any support.


Viswasakshin, Paramathman, Sanathana  ,

Viswamoorthe  , Prabrahmame  , Deivame ,

Dukha  sukhadhikal yellam anudinam,

Kai kondu mayaya Maanushakaranai,

Shudha ththwajnni , jnan swaroopnai,

Sathya swaroopanai , sArva lokesanai,

SAthwangal ulile  jeeva swaroopanai,

Sathya pradhana guna priyanai  sadhaa ,

Vyakthanayaavyayakthanaya athi swasthanai,

Nishkalaanai , nirakaranai ingane  ,

Nirgunanai  nigamantha  vakhyarthamai ,

Chidghanathmavai   shivanai nireehanai,

Chakshurnimeelanam kondu   samharavum,

Rakshayum nana vidha avatharangalaal,

Sikshichu    dharmatheyum pari palichu  ,

Nithyam Purusha prakruthi  kalakhyanai,

Bhaktha priyanaam  paramathmane nama.


Oh witness  of the world, Oh divine soul  , Oh primeval one ,

Oh  Lord of universe  , Oh divine Brahmam   , Oh God,

Daily   experiencing   pleasure  and pain,

Taking the    form of a man using   illusion,

Being pure philosopher and the form of wisdom,

Form of truth , king of all worlds  ,

The soul who is within all beings,

The one who likes  truthful character  ,

Permanently being  calm  having clear  and unclear   forms ,

One having no stains ,one having no form,

One having no properties, one who is the meaning of Vedas ,

One who is the divine soul , one who is peace  and desire less,

One  who by his  sight    does    destruction  and protection,

In several   incarnations  , one who  punishes,

And also  protects   dharma  and  takes daily,

The form of man  nature   and time  ,

Oh Divine soul   who loves his devotees  salutations.


Yathoru athmavine   kanunnathu  eppozhum   ,

Chethasi   thapasendranmaar    nirasayaa ,

Thal swaroopathnnai kondu   Namaskaram.

Chilswaroopa  , prabho  , nithyam namosthuthe  ,

Nirvikaram  Vishudha Jnana roopinam,

SArva lokadhara Madhyam namo nama,

Thwal prasadam  kondozhinju   mathonninaal ,

THwad bodhamundai  varikayum illallo.

Thwal pada  padmangal  kandu    sevippathin,

Ippol   yenikku   avakasamundayathum,

Chilpurusha   , prabho    nin krupa vaibhavam,

 Yeppozhum    yennullil   vazhga , jagalpathe .

Kopa  kama  dwesha   mathsara   karppanya  ,

LObha mohaadhi  sathrukkal undakayaal,

Mukthi  margangalil  sancharicheeduvaan,

Sakthiyumilla   nin maya   bala   vasaal.


To that  soul   who is seen by great  sages ,

Always in their mind with disappointment  ,

To that  great form,  my salutations.

Oh God with divine form , oh lord  , daily salutations.

Oh God who does not have emotions,

Who has the form of pure   wisdom ,

And who is the basis of all worlds  .

And who is the first,   salutations and salutations.

Except    by   your grace and by  no other means,

Your understanding will  come to people,

And  I have   got a chance    to see  your lotus like  feet,

And serve   it   through   your grace .

Oh divine  person , Oh Lord, Oh Lord of the universe,

Let  the greatness  of your mercy  live within me always.

Poverty , passion hatred , competition , anger ,

Avarice  , attachment  are  our enemies ,

In the   travel   towards   the  way of salvation,

And  I do not have strength  to  that  travel   due to your illusion.


THwal kadhaa  peeyusha panavum cheythu  kondu,

Ulkambil  ninneyum dhyanichu  anaaratham,

Thwal poojayum  cheythu namangal ucharichu,

YI prapanchathilokke   nirantharam ,

Nin charithangalum padi vishudhanai,

SAncharippanai    anugrahikkename  ,

Raja Rajendra, Raghu kula Nayaka,

Rajeeva lochana, Rama   Rema pathe  .


Please   shower your blessings on me,

 To drink  the nectar     of your stories,

Always think about  you in mind,

Do your worship, sing your names,

And  travel all  over the universe ,

Singing your stories and thus become pure  ,

Oh  King of kings , Oh lord  of  the Raghu clan,

Oh lotus eyed  one, Oh Rama, Oh consort of Lakshmi.


Pathiyum poyithu   bhoobharam innu nee  ,

Badicha   Kumbhakarnan thanne kolgayaal,

Bhogeendranagiya  Soumithriyum   nale  ,

Megha ninadhane  kollum ayodhena  ,

Pinne mathanal  DAsagreevane   BHavan,

KOnnu  Jagat thrayam   rakshichu kolluga,

Jnan ini Brahma lokathinnu pogunnu  ,

Manava   veera    , jayikka  jayikka nee ,”

Itham paranju  vanangi   sthuthichu athi,

Bhakthimanagiya Naradanum thadhaa,

Raghavanodu   anuvadavum kai kondu  ,

Vegena poi   maranjedinaan anneram.


Today half the load  of the earth is gone , because ,

Of your killing  Kumbhakarna today ,

Tomorrow Lakshmana who is the  king of snakes,

Would   kill  Megha Nadha  in war  ,

And on next day  you would  kill the ten necked one,

And would   save   all the three  worlds,

I am now going to the   world  of Brahma  ,

Oh Valorous man , Victory, victory to you”

Saying this , praying and saluting him,

That Narada  who was  a great devotee  ,

Took permission from Rama  ,

Quickly     went  and disappeared at that time.


6.18  Athikaya  vadham

Killing of Athikaya


Kumbha karnan  marichoru   vruthanthavum,

Kambham varumaru    kettu Dasananan,

Nohichu bhoomiyil   veenu punarudan,

Mohavum thernnu muhurtha   mathram kondu,

Pinne  pala tharam cholli vilapichu  ,

Khinnanayai oru   Dasagreevane  thadhaa ,

Chennu thozhuthu    paranju  TRisirassum,

Unnathanayor    athikaya veeranum,

DEvanthakanum , narathakanum , muhoor,

Yevam Mahodaranum Mahaparswanum,

Mathanum  unmarganum  orumichu,

Athi sakthiyeridum nisa chara  veeranmaar,

Yettu perum samarthinnu   orumpettu  ,

Dushtanam   Ravanan thannodu  chollinaar,.


Ravana heard the news of Khumbakarna’s death,

As if he would go mad   and fell swooned on earth ,

Within a short time   he was all right   again,

And he started   crying telling various things,

That very sad   ten faced  one   was saluted by ,

Trisirass, the very  big  valorous Athikaya ,

DEvanthaka  , Naranthaka, Mahodhara  ,

Mahaparswa , Matha  and Unmatha   together ,

And they  were very strong valorous   Rakshasas,

And they all    wanted to go to war,

And told    the very  bad   Ravana   as follows.


“Dukhipathinnenthu kaanam , jnangal ,

Chennokke  ripukkale    konnu varumallo  ,

Yudhathinai  ayachedugil jnangale  ,

Sathrukkalal  oru peedayundai varaa.”


What   is the reason for this     sorrow  ,

We can go and kill all the enemies ,

If you   sent us for war  now ,

And then there  would not be any fear  from enemies.


“ Yengilo ningal poi    yudham cheythu,

SAngadam  theerku”, yennu chonnan Dasananan,

“Kandu koodatolmulla  perumpadayum,

Undu athu kodupoy kolvin yellavarum”

Aayudha   vahana bhooshana jalavum,

Aavolavum koduthan  dasa kandharan,

Vellam kanakke oarbba perum ada ykku,

Ullil  Maharadahnaar  ivar yenmareum,

Porkku purappettu chennathu kanda alv,

OOkodaduth kavi oravaranmarun,’’


“If it is so  , you go and   fight   the war,

And remove my sorrow, “  said the ten faced one  ,

“ There is an army   which extends   beyond sight  ,

You can take that      and kill every one,”

The ten headed one gave them weapons  

Vehicles   and ornaments   to a large extent”

In the middle   of the army   spreading like water  ,

Those   eight great   warriors  started  for war,

And as soon as they saw them the monkey army started  the attack.”


SAnkhyayillatholamulla   perum pata  ,

Van kdal pole  parannathu  kandalavu,

Anthakan   veettil aakeedinaan  sathwaram,

Yenthoru vismyam  chollavathu allethum,

Kallum  malayum   marangalum kai kondu  ,

Chellunna  veerarodu yethu   nisacharar ,

Kollunathinnasu kapi varanmareyum,

Nalla  sasthrasthrangal   thooki  kshananthare .


The army   which is   beyond numbers  ,

Spread  like a sea was sent  to,

The house  of god of death  ,

As soon as it was seen , what  a surprise?

The Rakshasas   seeing the  valorous  ones,

Armed with stones  , mountains    trees,

Started   killing those  monkey heroes,

By spraying them with arrows within a minute.


Varana vaji  radhangalum  kalalum,

Dharunanmaraya   Rakshasa veerarum,

Veenu marichulla    chora puzhakalum,

Kanayithu palathai olikkunnathum,

Anthamillathe   kabandhangalum   palathu,

Anthike   nruthamadi  thudangi balaal.

Rakshasarokke   marichathu   kandu ,

Athi rookshathayodum aduthan  naranthakan.


The elephants, horses , chariots  and  army  in bare foot,

And very fearful   Rakshasa  warriors,

Died in large numbers and the rivers of blood,

Were seen     in many places ,

Endless  bodies without heads,

Started   dancing   in that  place .

Seeing that many Rakshasas  have died,

With  very great anger  Naranthaka   came near.


KUnthavum yenthi  kuthirappuram yeri  ,

Anthakane  pole  vegal aduthappol,

Angadhan  mushtikal  kondavan thannudal,

Bangam varuthi  Yamapurathakkinaan.

DEvanthakanum  parigavumai vannu,

Devendra  puthra thanayanodethithu ,

Varanam yeri  Mahodhara  veeranum  ,

Therileri    thrisirassum ananjithu,

Moovarodum  porutheedinaan angadhan,

DEvadhikalum  pugazhthinar   anneram.


Riding on a horse  and  armed   with a spear ,

When he speedily came near  like   the  God of death ,

Angadha   hit him with his fist  , wounded and killed him.

Devanthaka   armed with an iron pestle ,

Neared   the grandson of Devendra and so did,

The valorous  Mahodhara    riding on an elephant  ,

And Trisiras    riding on a chariot ,

And Angadha   fought  with  all the three  ,

And the devas   praised  Angadha at that time.


Kandu nilkkum  Vayu puthranum  Nelanum,

Mandio vannasu thunachar   athu neram,

Maruthi konnithu   DEvanthakaneyum,

Veeranaam Nelan  Mahodharan thanneyum,

Sooranakum   trisirassin thalakale  ,

Maruthi vetti kalanju  koneedinaan,

Vannu porutham Maha parswan   anneram,

Konnu kalanjaan   vrushabhan maha balan ,

Mathnum  unmathanum  marichar  kapi ,

SAthamanmarodu  yethirthu athi sathwaram.


Hanuman  and  Neela who were   seeing this  ,

Ran and came   and helped him at that time  .

Hanuman killed   Devanthaka  ,

The valorous Neela   killed  Mahodhara,

And Hanuman  beheaded  all the,

Heads of  Trisiras  and killed   him.

Maha parswa   came at that time to fight  ,

And the powerful  Vrushabha  killed him,

Matha and Unmatha   also  died,

Fighting    with these  monkey chiefs.


Viswaika   veeran Athikayan  anneram,

Aswangal aayiram   pootiya   therathil,

SAsthrastha jalam   nirachu   villum darichu,

ASthrajnan   athyartha   mudhatha  chithanai,

Yudhathinnai   cheru jnan oliyum ittu,

Nakthanjara sreshta puthran aduthappol,

NIlkaruthanju   bhayappettu  vanara rokke ,

Val pongichu   mandi thudanginnar  .


The universal hero Athikaya  at that time,

Riding on a chariot drawn by one thousand horses,

Which was full of weapons  , and  wearing a   bow,

With  expertise in arrows and with great  pride  ,

Made   a small twang   signaling readiness  for war  ,

And when the son of  king of Rakshasas came near  ,

Unable to stand because   of fear   all  the monkeys,

Lifted   their tails    and started   running.


SAmarthyam   yere ulloru  athikayane  ,

Soumithri   chennu cheruthan athu neram,

Lakshmana banangal   chennadukkum vidhou,

THalkshanena prathyanmukhangalai veenu pom,

Chintha muzhuthu yethum aavathallanju yethavum,

Andhanai   Soumithri nilkunnathu neram,

Marutha devanum manushanai vannu  ,

SAranaam   Soumithriyodu  cholledinaan.


Lakshmana went    and fought   with,

Athikaya    who was greatly clever  .

When all the arrows of  Lakshmana reached  there  ,

They turned back    and fell down ,

Becoming thoughtful  and not knowing what to do,

When Lakshmana   was standing like   a blind man,

The wind God took the form of a man,

And told    the  great Lakshmana as follows.


“Pandu virinchan  koduthoru  kanchukam,

Undathu  kondu  ivannu yelkilla  ayudham.

Dharmathe  rakshichu kolluvaan    innu ini ,

Brahmasthram yeythu   ivan thanne vadhikka nee.

Pinne ninnal vadhikka  pedum Indra jithu  ,

Unnathanaaya   dasasanan thanneyum,
Konnu palikkum  Jagathrayam   Raghavan,

Yennu  paranju maranju  sameeranan.


Long ago    Lord Brahma   has   given him  a chain mail  shirt,

And because of that no weapon will  strike him,

To protect Dharma  today ,   you  ,

Send a Brahmasthra   and kill him .

Later   you would kill Indrajith ,

And that   great   Ravana  would be ,

Killed by Rama  and he would protect the world,

Saying this    that  wind god disappeared.


Lakshmananum   nija poorvajan   than padam,

Ulkambil  naanai urappichu vandhichu  ,

Pushkara   sambhava  banam  prayogichu,

Thal kshane kandam murichan , athu neram,

BHoomou  pathichor   athikaya   masthakam ,

AAmodhamodu yeduthu kapikulam.

Ramanthike  vechu  kai thozhutheedinaar,

AAmayam poondu  seshicha raksho ganam,

Ravananodu ariyichar   avasthakal,

Haa, Vidhi yennalari   Dasakandanum.


Lakshmana     then fixed the name his brother  in his mind,

And sent   the Brahmastra  and that  immediately  ,

Cut off  Athikaya’s neck  and his head,

Fell on the ground at    that   time  ,

And with great joy all the  monkeys   took it,

And placed   it before Rama  and saluted    him,

Fear stuck   the remaining   Rakshasas ,

Went and told the facts to Ravana,who cried,

Oh  , this is   fate , shouted he.


6.19 Indrajithinde  Vijayam

Victory of Indrajit


Makkalum , thambimarum  marumakkalum,

Ulkarthethu yerum   pada nayakanmarum,

Manthrikalum maricheedinaar  uthavar ,

Yenthini nallathu  Sankara , DEivame  ,

Itham vilapicha   nerathu  chennu,

Indrajithum    namakaricheedinaan  Thathane.


Sons ,  younger brothers , nephews,

Very bold   army commanders,

Ministers , all of them  who were

Dear to me  have died, Oh Shiva, Oh God,

Why should now  good things happen?

When he was wailing like this ,

Indrajit   went  and saluted   his father.


Khedam undakaruthu   yethume manase ,

THathannu  jnan iha   jeevichirikkave   ,

SAthrukkale  kola cheythu  varunnathu undu,

Athalum   theerthu  ingu irunnu arulename  ,

Swasthanai    Vazhuga  chithayum kai vittu,

Yudhe   jayippan    anugrahikkename  ,”

Yennathu kettu   thanayaneyum punarnnu  ,

Yenne   Sukhame   jayichu  variga   nee ,

Vambanaam    puthranum  kumbittu   thathane ,

Than padayodun  nadannu  thudanginaan.


You should    not have  any sorrow in your mind,

AS long as   I am     alive  ,

I would kill  all the    enemies    and come ,

And so please relax  here without  any  worries

And also bless  me to win the war.”

Hearing that  Ravana hugged his son,

Please  go and return with  victory.

The great son again saluted his father  ,

And along with his army    started  marching.


Shambhu  prasadam   varuthuvanai chennu  ,

Jambhari jithum   nikumbheela  pukkithu ,

SAmbara  jalavum   sambadhya   sadaram,

SAmbhavya   Homam aarambichathu anneram,

Raktha malyambara   gandhanulepana  ,

YUkthanai  thathra   gurupadesanwitham,

Bhakthi  poondu  jwalippicha    agni devane  ,

SAkthi   thanikku vardhichu  varuvanai ,

Nakthancharapa  puthranumethrayum,

Vyaktha   varna swara manthra puraskrutham,

Karthvyamayulla   karmam kazhichadha ,

Chithra bhanu  prasadathaal   athi drutham,

SAshtrasthrachapa radhathikalodum,

Anthardhana  vidhyayum  labdhwaa nirakulam,

Homa samapthi   varuthi purapettu ,

Ramadhikalodu    porinai  aasaran.


With an intention of pleasing Lord Shiva,

Indrajit entered   the place called Nikumbila,

After  collecting the materials   for fire sacrifice  ,

He started   the offering in fire    at  that   time,

Wearing a red flower colour cloth  garland   and

Also applying   sandal paste    in his body,

With devotion he raised   the fire  ,

With an intention  of increasing his power.

That son of the   king of Rakshasas,

Chanting clear chants   with correct colour and   intonation,

And after   completing the    proper Karmas ,

Speedily by the grace   of  fire god,

He got weapons   arrows , bows and chariots,

And  also getting the technique of disappearing,

Without any worry   completed   the fire offering  ,

And started for a  war    with Rama   and others.


POrkkalam  pukkoru neram  kapikalum,

Rakshasare   cheruthu    aarthu  thadutheedinaar.

Megha  jalam   varshikkunnathu pole   ,

Megha nadhan    kana   thoogi thudanginaan,

Pashana  parvartha vrukshadhikal    kondu,

Bheeshanmaaraya  vanara   veerarum,

Darunamai    praharichu thudanginaar.

Varana vaji   padadhiradhikalum,

Anthakan than  puriyil chennu   pukku avarku ,

Antham varunnathu  kandoru ravani,

Santhapamodu   anthardhanavum cheythu  ,

SAnthatham   thooginaan   brahmasthra   sanchayam.


When he entered the battle field   , the monkeys  ,

Fighting with Rakshasas and were shouting and stoping them,

Megha Nadha  started sending the arrows,

Like a torrential    rain at   all of them,

With stone  , trees  and mountains,

Those    very terrible monkeys ,

Started  very  badly beating him.

The elephant  , horses, marching as well  the chariot soldiers,

Were sent to the place of God of death,

And seeing that their ends were nearing   that son of Ravana,

With sorrow disappeared   from there ,

And went on   sending the collection of Brahmastra    at them.


Vrukshangal    venthu murinju veezhum vannaam,

Vruksha  pravaranmar   veenu thudanginaar  ,

Vambaraam   markatanmarude    meyyil ,

Vannambathum   noorum irunoorum  anjoorum,

Ambugal  kondu pilarnnu  theru there  ,

Kambam  kalarnnu mohichu   veeneedinaar.


The trees started burning and falling down,

And monkeys   also started   falling ,

And on the bodies   of the great monkeys,

Fifty, hundred , two hundred and five hundred

Arrows fell splitting their bodies again and again,

With   shivering and fear they fainted and started  falling.


Ambathu banam vivadanethu,

Purar ombathu maindannu, anju gajan melum,

THonnuru banam    nalanum tharachitha  ,

Avvannam yethu  Gandha madann meyyilum,

EErombathu   yethithu Neelannum  Mupathum,

Eranju   banangal Jambhavan meyyilum,

AAru panasannum yezhu vinathannu ,

EEraru  Sushenanum  yettu kumudhannum,

AAranju  banam vrushabannum  , Kesarikku,

AAru, , oru ombathum koode vannethithu  .

Pathu SAthabalikku, ombathu Dhoomrannum,

Pathum orettum  pramadhikkum   yethithu  ,

Pathum punar  irupthi anjum yethithu,

SAkthiyerun  Vega darsikku athu pole  ,

Nalpathu kondu   dhadhi mukhan meyyilum,

Nalpathi randu   Gavakshanum yethithu ,

Moonum oru nalum  yethu Sumukhannum,

Durmukhannu yethithu  irupathi nalambu  ,

Sammanai  oru arupathi anju  tharannum,

Jyothirmukhannu  arupathethu , punar,

AAthangamode ambathu agni vadanannum,

Angadhan mel  yezhpathi anju kondithu  ,

Thunganaam   Sugreevanethu   sara satham.


Vividha got shot by fifty arrows,

Nine on  Mainda , five   on Gaja,

Ninty arrows hit Nala,

And same number on  Gandhamadhana,

Eighteen arrows struck Neela  , forty  arrows,

Hit the body of Jambhavan,

Six hit Panasa, seven on Vinatha ,

Twelve   on Sushena , eight  on Kumuda,

Thirty on Vrushabha , fifty six  on Kesari,

Ten on SAthabali , nine   on Dhoomra  ,

Eighteen on Pramadhi , thity five   strong ,

Arrows  on Vega darsi , Forty  on Dadhimukha,

Forty  two on Gavaksha ,  three  on gavaya,

Five on Sarabha , seven on   Sumukha,

Twenty four arrows hit  Durmukha ,

 As a gift sixty five   on Thara,

Sixty arrows   hit Jyothirmukha ,

And with sorrow another fifty  on Agnivadana ,

Seventy five   on  Angadha  and  hundred arrows on Sugreeva.


Itham kapikula nayakanmaar .

Arupathezhu kodiyum veenithu bhoothale 

Markatanmaar  irupathi onnu vellavum,,

Arka thanayanu  veenoranatharam,

AAvathilla   yethum ithinnu namukkennu,

Deva devanmarum anyonyam anneram,

Vyakulam poondu  paranju nilkke ,

Rusha    Raghavanmareyum yeithu  veezhtheedinaan,

Megha nadhan  maha veerya Vruthra dharan,

Soka vishannamai nischalamayithu  ,

Lokavum ,  Kauna padheesa jayathinnu

Aalakhandalariyum Sankha nadham cheythu  ,

Vegena   Lankayil pukku iruneedinaan,

Lekha samoohavum mazhki gathsayaa.


Like this  the   sixty seven   crores of,

Monkey chiefs    fell   dead on earth,

And so did  twenty seven  vellam* of monkeys.,

After   Sugreeva   the son of Sun God fell,

When The devas   told among themselves ,

Now nothing more can be    done 

And  were standing  greatly   worried,

With vengeance  Megha Nada, the great warrior

 Sent an arrow   and made  Rama fall down,

And the world was drowned in sorrow  and became  immobile ,

And for the victory of   the Lord of Rakshasas,

The enemy of Indra    blew   his conch,

And went  inside city of Lanka   and stayed there,

And   the  deva society   were drowned in great sorrow.

·         A huge number


6.20 Oushadha Harana Yathra

The journey to  bring medicine.


Kaikasi nandanan aaya   Vibheeshanan,

BHagwathothaman   , BHktha parayanan,

Pokkuvan  melil aapathu  jnan yennorthu ,

Porkalam kai vittu    vangi ninnedinan,

Kolliyum minni kidakkunnathil  pranan,

Ullavar   aararu  ariyenam yennu orthu ,

Nokki nokki sancharichu  thudanginaan,

AAkka merum   Vayu putthranum anneram,

AArini yullathu  oru sahayahinennu,

AAraika    venam yennu  orthavanum  thadhaa,

Sakha mrugangal  kidakkunnavarkalil ,

Chakathaavar     athil aarennu nokkuvaan ,

Ekakiyai   nadakkunna neram thathra  ,

Raghava Bhakthan Vibheeshanane  kandu.


Vibheeshana   the son of Kaikasi ,

The very wise man and a great devotee,

Thinking that he would avoid danger  in future  ,

Stayed   away from the   battle field.

With a light of a burning stick ,

He was searching   for those  who were alive,

Among those    who were  lying there ,

And travelled  to various parts.

At that time the very powerful  Hanuman,

Thinking that  he has to search and find out,

Who is available to help him,

Was searching   for the live persons  ,

Among the   monkeys who were  lying there ,

Was walking alone    a nd   then ,

He Saw  Vibheeshana   the devotee  of Rama.


Thammil anyonyam arinju   dukham poondu,

Nirmalanmar   nadanedinaar   pinneyum,

Padhoja sambhava  nandanan  Jambhavan,

 Thathan anugraham kondu  moham theernu,

Kannu mizhippan aruthanju irikkumbol,

Chennu Vibheeshanan    chodichadaraal,

“Ninnude   jeevan undo  kapi  pungava  ,

Nannyithengil   nee yenne    arinjitho?


Recognizing each other  and becoming sad  ,

Those pure people    walked   further.

Jambhavan the son of he who was born out of a lotus ,

Due to the blessing of his father   , waked up  from the swoon.

And   when he was not able    to open his eyes,

Vibheeshana approached   him and asked ,

“Oh monkey ,  are you alive  , if so,

Are you able to recognize   me?”


“Kannu mizhichu koodaa , rudiram kondu,

Ninnde vakku kettu ullil Vibrahthi may ,

Rakshasa rajan   Vibheeshanan yennathu  ,

SAkshaal paramartham     yennodu chooluga,”

“Sathyam  Vibheeshanan aayathu jnanedo  ,

Sathyamathe”, punar yennathu kettavan,

Chodhichithasaradheeswaran  Thannodu,

“Bodham undallo  bhavanetham aagayaal,

Megha Nadhasthrangal   yethu marichoru,

SAkha mrugangalil  nammude   Maruthi  ,

Jeevanode   punar yenganum   undengil,

AAvathellam  thirayenam miniyadaa.”


“I am not able to open my eyes  due to blood ,

Hearing your voice    I  have  a feeling,

That you are   Vibheeshana,   the king of Rakshasas,

Please   tell me    the real truth.”

“True  , I am Vibheeshana  , myself ,

That  is the truth”,  Hearing that   he again told,

“You are having consciousness,

It is necessary to   do a great search,

To find out if our   Hanuman is alive  ,

Among  all the monkeys  , who have died,

Hit by the   arrows   of Meghanadha,”


Chodhichasu  Vibheeshanan “Yenthedo,

Vathathmajanil Vathsalyam undayathum,

Rama , Soumithri   Sugreeva   Angadhadhikal,

Avar   yevarilum viseshichu   nee,

Chodhichathenthu   SAmeerana puthrane ,

Modhichathenthu avane   kurichethavum?”


Then  Vibheeshana   asked  , Why ,

This special affection to the son of wind God,

Especially  when  Rama, Lakshmana, Sugreeva   and Angadha,

Are   there ? Why did you ask    about Hanuman?

Why are   you worried  about him more?”


“Yengilo kelkka nee   , Maruthiyundengil,

SAngadamilla   matharkkum yennarinjalum,

Marutha puthran  marichathu yennakil  ,

Matharum   illokke  marichathinnu okkume  ,”

Sara sambhava  puthra vakhyam kettu  ,

Maruthiyum    bahumanichu sadaram  ,

“Jnan ithallo  marichela” yennavan   Kalkkal  ,

AAmodhamul kkondu   veenu  vananginaan.


“Then please hear, If Hanuman is there ,

There is no sorrow  for   anyone else , please know,

If the son of wind God has    died,

Then no one is there and all are equal to dead.”

Hearing these    words   of  son of Brahma,

Hanuman respected   him  well,

“I am here . I am not dead” saying this,

With joy   he fell   at the feet of Jambhavan.


Gadamai aslesham   cheythu Jambhavan,

Koode thalayil  mugarnnu  cholledinaan,

“Meghanadasthrangal yethu   marichoru  ,

SAkha mrugangaleyum  pinne nammude  ,

Raghavanmareyum  jeevichu iruthuvan ,

AAkunnavar   aarumilla nee yenniye ,

Poka venam nee  HImavaneyum kadannu ,

Akalum mathu  Kailasa sailatholam,

Kailasa  sannidhiyingal vrushabhadri  ,

Melundu   Divya oushadangal yennu ariga,”


Jambhavan hugged  Hanuman tighly  ,

Smelled    his head  and then told,

“There is nobody except you   who  can

Bring back to life    all the monkeys,

As well as   both the Raghavas,.

You have to go even beyond Himalayas,

More distance   till the Kailasa  mountain,

Before Kailasa    on the Vrushabhadri mountain,

Please  know that   the divine  medicines   exist.,”


Nalundu  Divya oushadangal    avathinu,

Nalinum  namangalum   kettu kolga,

Mumbil Visalyakarani yennu onnedo,

Pimbu  santhanakarani , moonamathum ,

Nalla Suvarna karani   , nalamathun   ,

Cholluvan jnan , Mrutha sanjeevini  SAkhe  ,

RAndu srungangal  uyarnnu kaanam,

Ava randinnum madhye marunnukal nilppathum.


There   are four divine medicines , Please hear ,

The name of all the four of those,

First    is the Visalyakarani  , second ,

Is the Santhanakarani , third one  ,

Is the Suvarna Karani  and   the fourth  .

I will tell my friend, is the Mrutha Sanjeevani ,

You will find two peaks  standing out,

And these  medicines   are standing in between them.”


Adhithyanolam prabhayundu nalinnum ,

Veda swaroopangal  yennum ariga   nee ,

Varannidhiyum    vanangal sailangalum,

Charu nadhikalum   rajyangalum  kadannu ,

AAral vaiga  marunnukalum kondu,

Maruthanandana , poka nee  Vaikathe .”

Itham Vidhi suthan vakkukal  kettavan,

Bhakthya thozhuthu   mahendram yerinan.


All these   medicines have the shine of the sun,

Understand   that they are  a form of Vedas,

Crossing the sea  ,  forests  , mountains,

Pretty rivers  , countries,

Come near   here   along with the medicine,

Oh son of wind God  , without any delay.”

Hearing these words  of the son of Brahma,

Saluting with devotion, Hanuman climbed  the Mahendra  mountain.


Meruvinolam   valarnnu chamanjavan ,

Varanidhiyum  kula parvathangalum,

Lankayum   Raksharum    viraykkum vannam,

SAnkha rahitham  karuthodu alarinaan

Vayu vegena    kuthichu uyarnnu ambare ,

POyavan   Neehara  sailavum pinnittu,

Vairincha  mandavum   Sankara  sailavum,

Nere   dara nadiyum alakapuram ,

Meru giriyum  Rishabadriyum  kandu,

Maruthi vismayapettu  nokkedinaan.


Hanuman grew as tall as  Meru mountain,

Crossed the sea , many great mountains,

And  without any doubt    shouted  in such a way,

That Lanka as well as the Rakshasas there ,

Started   shivering , and with  a speed of wind,

He jumped    and went up the sky  ,

And he who went  crossed Himalayas,

Crossed place of Brahma ,mountain of Shiva,

Crossed the Dara river , Alakapuri the place  of Kubhera,

And saw  The Meru mountain as well as Rishabhadri ,

And he saw   them with great   wonder.  


6.21  Kala nemiyude  Purappadu

The departure   of Kala Nemi


Marutha nandanan  oushadathinnu angu  ,

Marutha vegena     poyatharinjoru  ,

Chara varanmaar  nisachara dheesanodu,

AArum ariyathe    chennu cholledinaar  ,

Chara vakhyam kettu  rathrinchardhipan,

Param vicharam  kalarnnu  maruvinaan,

Chinthavasanai  Muhrutham irunna alavu ,

Anthar gruhathil ninnu  purapettu,

Rathriyil aarum   sahayavum koodathe,

Rathrincharadhipan   Kalanemi gruham,

Prapichu alavu , athgi vismayam poondavan,

AApoorna modham thozhuthu    santhrasthanai,

Arghyadhikal kondu   poojichu  Chodhichaan,

“Arkodayam varum mumbe  laghu tharam  ,

Ingu  yezhunelluvaan  yenthoru  karanam,

Ingane  mathulla agambadi koodathe?


The great Spies   of Ravana   when  they,

Came to know that Hanuman has  gone ,

For the medicines   , without any one knowing,

Went   and told about it to   the king of Rakshasas.

Hearing the    words   of the spies , Ravana ,

For some time thought   about it ,

And after   some  time being thoughtful,

Started    from his   inner house   at night,

Without any one accompanying him,

Reached    the house   of Kalanemi(His uncle),

And seeing him Kalanemi was greatly surprised,

With great joy  and fear  saluted him,

Hospitably treated  him and asked,

“What is the reason   for coming here ,

Before sun rise   and that  too,

Without any  one accompanying you ?


Dukha nipeedinakiya   Ravanan,

Kalanemi thannodu cholledinaan,

“Yikkala   vaibhavam yenthu chollavathum,

Okke ninnodu   cholvanathra   vannathum ,

Shakthimanakiya   Lakshmanan yennude  ,

Shakthi    yethu aassu  veenidinaan bhoothale.

Pinne virinchasthram yeythu   mamathmajan,

Mannavan mareyum  Vanaranmareyum,

Konnu rananganam  thannil veezhthidinaan ,

Venni parayum  adipichathu athmajan.”


Ravana  who was  affected   by sorrow  addressing Kalanemi told,

“What shall I tell about present times?

I came to tell   everything to you.

Due to being hit by my Shakthi ,

The powerful Lakshmana   fell on the floor,

And later my son using   the Brahmasthra ,

Killed all the  monkeys as well as the kings,

And left them to die in the battelefield,

He also arranged to play the victory Drum.”


Innu jeevipichu  kolluvaan  Marutha,

Nandanan  oushathinnu  poyeedinaan,

Chennu vighnam  varuthenam athinnu nee,

Ninnodu upayavum  chollam athinnedo,

Thapasanai chennu  marga madhye pukku ,

Papa  vinasanamayulla vakkukal  ,

Cholli  mohipichu  kala vilambanam ,

Valla kanakkinum nee   varuthidenam.


To bring them  back to life  the son ,

Of Wind God   has  gone for a  medicine  .

You have   to go and create  any obstacle for that,

And I will also tell you a trick,

You go  in the  middle of his way as a sage  ,

And tell him    about how  we can destroy sins  ,

And by attracting him like that   ,

Somehow   create a delay for him.”


THamasa  vakkukal ketta nearm Kala nemiyum,

Ravanan thannodu chollinaan,

“Sama vedajna , SArvakjna , Lankeswara,

SAmamam yennude   vakku kelkkename ,

NInne kurichu marippathnnu  kalam,

Yennullil yethum  madiyilla nischayam,

Marichane kanakke   marippn mana,

Tharil yenikku   yethum,illoru chnchslam.”


Hearing these   base   words , Kalanemi,

Told Ravana as follows,

“Expert in Sama Veda, Know all , king of Lanka,

Please hear   my words   which are peaceful,

Definitely I do not have any hesitation,

To die    for you   at this   time.

I do not have   any doubts ,

About dying   like Maricha,,”


Makkalum  thambimarum  Marumakkalum,

Makkalude  nalla makkalum bruthyarum,

Okke marichu  , nee  jeevichirunnittu  ,

Dukham ozhinju  yenthoru phalam ullathum?

Yenthu rajyam kondu pinneytoru phalam?

Yenthu phalam    thava  janakiye kondum”

Hantha   jadathmakamakiya   deham kondum,

 Yenthu  phalam , thava   chinthichu   kankedo?


After  the death of your children  , brothers, nephews,

Good son of sons  , servants  by your living,

Except sorrow  , what is the use?

Having  this country    what is the further use?

What is the use  by   your   Sita?

Alas, what   is the use   with  this  your ,

Useless  body, Please   think about   it ?


Sitaye Ramannu   konda  koduthu nee  ,

Sodaranai kondu   Rajyavum nalguka,

Kananam thannil muni veshavum poondu,

Manasa   shudhiyodum koodi nithyavum,

Prathyooshasuthaya   , shudha thoye  kulichu,

Athyantha   bhakthiyode   Arkodayam kandu,

Sandhya namaskaravum cheythu seegram,

Yekanthe Sukhasana prapichu thushtanai  ,

Sarva vishaya sangangalum kai vittu,

SArvendriyangalum  prathyaharichudan ,

Athmaani  kandu kandu athmanthmanaa ,

Swathmodhayam kondu  sarva lokangalum,

Sthwara    jangama    jathikalayulla  ,

Deva thiryang  manushyadhi janthukkalum,

Deha   budheendryadhyangalum nithyanaam,

DEhi sal vruthanumadharam    yennathum,

AAbrahma sthambha  paryanthamai yenthonnu,

Thalpayamul kkondu kandathum kettathum,

Okke  prakruthi yennnathre   cholla pedum,

Sad guru maya yennum   paranjeedunnu,”


You go and    return   Sita to Rama,

And give your kingdom to your brother ,

And become a sage   and live in the forest,

And daily   with extreme purity of mind  ,

Get up   very early   in the dawn,

And see   the sun rise    with great devotion,

Then complete    the worship of dawn,

Sit  comfortably  in a lonely place   , become contented,

Leave out attachments   to everything ,

Bring to control  all the five sense organs,

See  in your mind the   soul of souls,


Yikkanda  loka vrukshathinnu   yekadhaa,

SArga sthithi   vinasangalkku karanam,

Lohitha swetha    krishnadhi  mayangalam,

DEhangale  janippikkunnathum   mayaa,

Puthra gunam Kama kroddhadhikal yellam,

Puthrikalum  trishna himsadhikaledo,

Thante  gunangale   kondu  mohipicha  ,

THande   vasathakkum  athmavineyaval.


The cause for creation, upkeep   and destruction,

Of    the    tree   of the universes,

Is the illusion which    also gives  rise,

To bodies   of copper  , white and black colour.

Passion  and anger    are   her sons,

Attachment   and cruelty   are   her daughters,

She would  attract   the soul  , through  her properties,

And make   it in to  hers.


Karthruthwa bhokthuthwa mukhya gunangale ,

Nithyam  aathmavakum easwaran  thangale ,

AAropanam cheythu  thande  vasathakki ,

Nere  nirantharam  kreedichu kollunnu,,

Shudhanam  aathma  paran   yekan avalodu,

Yukthanai vannu    purathu  kanunnithu,

Thannde athmavinethan   marukkunithu,

Anwaham maya   guna   vimohathinaal .


Dedicating  the role of doer   and consumer  ,

Daily   to  the soul which is itself God,

And making him, her own  she ,

Constantly   plays    with him,

The pure , divine  , single  soul,

Is seen externally   united   with  her,

And due to her characteristic,

We  tend   to forget  our  own soul.


Bodha swaroopanayoru   Guruvinal,

Bodhithan  aayaal  nivruthendriyanumai  ,

Kanunithu athmavine   spashtamai   Sadaa,

Venunnathellam   avannu   vannu thadaa,

Drushtwaa prakruthi gunangalodu asasu   ver pettu,

Jeevan mukthanai    varum dehiyum,

Neeyum yevam   sadathmanam vicharichu,

Maya  gunangalil ninnu   vimukthanai,

Aadhya   prukruthi  vimukthan athmavithi,

Jnathwaa  nirasthaasayaa   jitha kamanai,

Dhyana nirathanai   vazhukennal   varum,

AAnandamethum   vikalpam illorkka   nee.


If    he were    taught   by    a  Guru(teacher)

Who himself   is   the pure form of wisdom,

He would get   rid of the attachments by sense organs,

And  would be able   to see  clearly    always see the soul,

And he would get  all that he wants,

And seeing the natural  characteristics,

He would get salvation by being detached  with the body,

You also think  always of your  soul,

Get freedom from the clutches  of illusion,

And   understand that  soul  is different from nature  ,

And live   without desires , winning over passion,

And always  live   in deep meditation  ,

And then remember  you will always be joyful.


Dhyanippathinnu  samarthan allengilo,

Manase  pavane   Bhakthi paravase,

Nithyam   sagunaanaam devane   asrayichu,

Athyantha shudhyaa  swabudhyaa  nirantharam,

Hrul Padma  karnika madhye   sUvarna pedothphale,

Rathna gananchithe    nirmale  ,

Slakshne   mruduthare   seethaya  samsthitham,

Lakshmana sevitham  Bana dhaurdharam,

Veerasanastham  visala  vilochanam,

Aiyravathi   thulya   peethambara   daram,

Hara kireeta  keyuradanguliya,

Orurathnanchitha kundala   noopura,

Charu   kataka   katisuthra Kousthubha  ,

Sarasa  malya vanamalikadaram,

Sri vathsa  vakshasam  ramam ramavaram,

Sri Vasudevam mukundam Janardhanam,

Sarva hrudhi sthitham  sarveswaram param ,

Satva vandhyam  saranagatha   vathsalam,

Bhakthyaa  para  brahma yukthanai  dhayanikil,

Mukthanai  vannu koodum   bavaan nirnayam.


Suppose you are not able to meditate  ,

Drench the mind    with devotion,

Daily depend   on the God with a form,

With  a  greatly pure mind   always ,

Keep in the  lotus  of your mind, on a golden  platform,

Which is decorated by gems  and which is pure,

Which is polished   , soft   along with Sita ,

Served by Lakshmana  , Rama  holding a  bow and arrow ,

Sitting like a valorous hero , with broad eyes ,

Wearing an yellow silk resembling lightning,

Wearing garland  , crown , armlets, rings,

Gem studded  ear studs, anklets ,

Pretty bangles  , golden belts , Kousthubha gem,

Wearing Lotus garland  and  forest   garland   ,

With  Sri vathsa on his chest , The blessing to Lakshmi,

Vasudeva  , Mukunda  , Janardhana  ,

Who is the divine  god living in the heart of all,

Who is the divine god of all , who is saluted by truth,

Who likes   those  who surrender  to him,

With great  devotion  to the divine soul and   if you meditate  ,

You would get salvation    definitely.


Thacharithram kettu kolgayum cholgayum  ,

Ucharichum   Rama Ramethi santhatham  ,

Ingane   kalam kazhichu  kollunnakil,

Yengine janmangal  pinne yudakunnu ,

Janama jahmantharathingal ulloru,

Kalmoshamokke  nasichu pom nischayam.


If you spend    all your time   ,

By  reading  or hearing his story  ,

And always chanting   “Rama, Rama”,

How can new  re  births take place,

And definitely the stain   in you,

Which has  been accumulated,

 Would   be completely   destroyed.


Vairam   vedinju   athi bhakthi samyukthanai  ,

Sri Rama devane   thanne   bhajikka   nee ,

DEvam   paripoornamekam   sadaa  hrudhi  ,

BHavitham   bhavaroopam  purusham param,

Nama  roopadhi heenam puranam Shivam,

Ramadevam  bhajicheedu nee   santhatham.


Ending your enmity , along with devotion,

You  please  sing about that  God Rama  ,

He is god who is complete  ,   single  ,

And   who is alwaysthere  and  keep that divine form

Of that  Purusha  In your  heart

The one who does not have  a form or name ,

And  who is ancient   and peaceful and is the  God   Rama.


Rakshesendran  Kalanemi paranjoru ,

Vakkugal   peeyusha thulyangal   kelkkayaal,

Krosha thamarkshanaai  valumau   thadh galam,

Chedippathinna orumpettu  cholledinaan,

“ninne   vetti kalinjittu   ini karyangal,

Pineeyellam   vicharichu kollameda”,

Kalanemi   kshanadhaacharan ,

Moolamellam vicharichu  cholledinaan.


After   hearing the nectar   like words,

That were spoken by  Kalanemi,

The king of Rakshasas became red eyed  with anger,

And took his sword to cut   Kalanemi’s neck and told,

“Now all other   things are   only   after ,

Cutting you, the   rest can be thought of later”,

And then the Rakshasa  Kalanemi,

Thought  of all the fundamentals  and told.


“Raksasa  Raja  , Dushtathman  , Mathi , mathi,

Rookshathaa   bhavam ithu kondu   kim phalam?

Ninnude sasanam   jnan   anustippan,

Athu yennde   sadgathikku yennu darikka nee

Sathya swaroopathe   vanchippathinnu   jnan,

Adhya  samudhjyukthana aayen   madiyathe.”


“Ok Rakshasa  king, Oh  bad soul  , this is sufficient,

What   is the benefit  of this angry form of yours?

I would obey your   orders,

Please  understand it is for my good,

Without any hesitation , I am prepared ,

To deceive the    person of the form of truth.”


Yennu paranju   himadri parswe   brusam,

Chennirunnan muni veshamai thalkshane ,

Kanayithasramam  Maya  virachitham,

Nana muni   nija sevitha  mayathum.

Sishya jana   paricharaka   samyutham,

Rushyasramam   kandu vayu thanayanum,

Chinthichu  ninnan, “inivide   oru asramam,

Yenthu moolam? Pandu kandittumilla jnan.

Marga vibramsam  varigayo?kevalam,

Orkkenam   yen mano  vibhrama,   allallee?

Nana prakaravum  thapasane kandu,

Paneeya panavum  cheythu  , daham theerthu,

Kanaam Maha oshadham  nikkum athynnatham,

DRonachalam    Raghu pungavan anugrahaal.”


After saying this  , very near  the Himalaya  mountains,

He went and sat in the   garb   of a sage,

A hermitage was seen there due to illusion,

Where he was being served by many sages ,

As well as disciples , people and servants,

Seeing the hermitage of saint there , the son of wind god,

Stood there  thoughtfully , “What   is the basis ,

Of this hermitage  here? I have not seen this earlier,

Has a  some blockade come in my way,

I think this is only   an imagination   of my mind?

I will some how see   the saint quench my thirst,

By some drinks . and I will see the great medicine ,

Which is on the very high  mountain called,

Dronachalam by the blessing of   the great Rama.”


Itham niroopichoru yojanayatham,

Vishtharamanda  Mayasrama asramam,

Rambha vana  sa kharjoora keram adhri,

SAmpoornam athyucha thoya vappeyutham,

Kalanemi thriyam   macharanum   thathra  ,

SAlayil rithwik   sadasyadhikalodum  ,

Indra yagam    drudamaam ammaru   anushtichu  ,

Chandra dhooda prasadam varutheeduvaan,

Bhakthyaa  shiva poojayum cheythu vazhunna  ,

Nakthancharendranam    thapasa   sreshtane,

Veenu namaskaravum     cheythudan    jagal,

Prana  thanayumum   ingane  chollinaan.


After deciding like this he entered  without any difficulty  ,

One yojana long very big  hermitage of  illusion,

Which had a forest of Plantain, jack fruit. Dates,

Coconut and mango which was complete ,

With a lake   of plenty of fresh water ,

And there  the Rakshasa  Kalanemi .

Was performing the Indra  yaga, as the chief performer,

For getting   the blessings   of Lord Shiva,

And seeing  him living there doing   the worship  of Shiva with devotion,

Hanuman  saluted  that   sage who was   a chief Rakshasa,

And    that  son of wind   God   told him like this.


“Rama dhoothoham  Hanuman ithi  mama,

Namam , pavanjan anjana nandanan,

Ramakaryarthamai  ksheeramburasikku ,

SAmodham innu  pokunnu thaponidhe  ,

DEha rakshartham    ividekku vannithu,

DAham poranju thanner  kudicheeduvaan,

Engu jalasthalam  yennu arul cheyyanam,

Yengume parkarathu yennu yen manogatham.


“I am the   emissary of Rama  , my name  ,

Is Hanuman , I am son of wind   God and Anjana ,

I am going to the ocean of milk  , for the  work,

Of Rama  with joy, oh great sage ,

I came here to protect my body,

I am terribly thirsty   and I want  ,

Some water  to drink , please  tell me  ,

Where  is it available as  I do not,

Want to wait at    any place.”


Maruthi chonnsathu  kettu Nisacharan,

Karunya bhavam nadichu  chollrdinaan,

“Mamakamaya   kamandalu sthalam , jala,

Mamayam , theeruvolam kudicheeduga  ,

Pakwa  phalangalum  bhaksichanantharam,

Dukham kalanju  kuranju onnu uranguka,

Yethum   paribramikeenda bhavan ini ,

Bhoothavum   bhavyavum   melil bhavippathum,

Divya dasa kandu arinjeerikkunnithu ,

Suvyakthamaathu   kondu cholleduvan.

Vanaranmarum   Sumithra thanayanum  ,

Manava veera  nireekshithar   aakayaal,

Mohavum   thernnu yezhunethithellavarum,

AAhavaithinnu  orumichu ninneedinaar.”


That   Rakshasa  hearing what Hanuman told ,

In a tone which was  mixed with great mercy,

“Please drink as  much water  you want from my water  pot  ,

And after  eating    sweet ripe  fruits,

Throw away your sorrow and sleep for some time,

And do not have   any worries from now on,

I would be able to see  by my divine sight ,

Your  past present  and also the future,,

And since it is very clear  I will tell you  ,

Since the monkeys and Lakshmana  are  ,

Under the  supervision of  the great human hero,

They have all awoken from the trance  ,

And are standing together    for sacrifice .


Tham aakarnya   chonnan kapi pungavan,

“Yethrayum  karunya saliyallo bhavan,

Param peruthu  may daham    athu kondu,

Poraa  kamandalu samsthithamam  jalam.”


 Hearing that   , the great monkey told,

‘You  appear to be most merciful one,

My thirst   is  of very great intensity,

And so the water in your water pot is  ,

Not   sufficient for my need.”


Vayu thanayan evam chonna   nerathu,

Maya   virachithanaya vatuvine,

THoyakaram   chennu katti kodukkennau,

Bhooyo mudhaa  Kalanemiyum  chollinaan,

  nethra nimeelanam  cheythu paneeyavum,

Peethwaa mamanthikam  prapikka sathwaram,

Yennal ninakku oushadham   kandu kittuvaan ,

Innu nalloru mathraopadesam  cheyvan.,”


When the son of wind God told this  ,

He sent a Brahmin boy made created by  illusion,

And told him to show  the lake of water ,

And then   Kalanemi told Hanuman,

“Close your eyes   and drink the water  ,

And then reach me back quickly ,

And then   I would teach you a chant,

Which would make it easy for  finding out the divine medicine.”


Yennathu kettu viswasena Maruthi,

Chennan ayacha   vaduvinodum mudhaa,

Kannumadachu   vapeethatam  prapichu,

 Thanner kudippan thudangum dasanthare  ,

Vannu bhanangariyaya   makariyum,

Unaanathnaaya maha kapi veerane ,

Thinnu kalavan   orumbetta   nerathu,

Kannu mizhichu   kapeendranum nokkinaan.


Hearing that   with belief  ,  Hanuman,

Went along with the Brahmin boy who was sent,

Closing his eyes, and when he reached the bank of   the lake,

And when he was    about to drink the water,

One very big  she crocodile came  ,

And when it was    trying to swallow  the big monkey,

The great monkey opened  his eyes and saw.


Vakthram pilarnnu kandoru makariye ,

Hasthangal kondu  pilarnnan kapi varan,

DEhavum upekshichu  melppottu poyithu ,

DEhavum  minnal pole   thad athyadbutham,

Divya Vimana desa kandithanneram,

Divya roopathodu  nari maniyeyum,

Chethoharangiyam  Apsara   sthree  mani,

Vathathmajanodu   chonnal athu neram.


Seeing that she crocodile with an  open mouth,

That monkey with his  hands  spilt her   holding to her  mouth,

And she went up  leaving her body,

And that body also appeared  like lightning, wonder of wonders,

 And he saw her in a sacred   aero plane  ,

As a lady with divine form,

And as an Apsara maiden who was   extremely pretty,,

And she told the son of wind God at that time.


“Ninnude karunyam  undagayal  yenikku,

Innu vannu   sapa moksham kapi vara  ,

Munnum   oru apasra  sthree jnan , oru muni,

THannude  SApena rakshasiyayathum,

Dhanyamalithi   may  namam mahamathe  ,

Manyanaam   nee iniyonnu dharikkenam,

Athra punyasrame nee  kanda thapasan,

Nakthancharan Kali nemi Mahakhalan.”


Due to your having mercy  , Today ,

I got freedom from my curse , Oh monkey chief,

I was an Apasara  maiden earlier and due to,

The curse  of a sage  I became a Rakshasi,

My name   is Dhanyamala , Oh great one,

Gentle person , you have to understand one thing more,

The sage   that    that you saw  in the holy hermitage  ,

Is a Rakshasa   called  Kalanemi who is a bad one.


Ravana prerithanai, vannirunnavan,

 Thava  marga vghnam   varutheeduvaan,

Thapasa   vesham   datrichirikunnithu,

THapasa  deva  bhoodevadhi himsakan,

Dushtane vegam vadhichu kalanju ini,

Pushtamodham   Drona parvatham  prapichu,

Divya oushadangalum  kondangu chennu ini,

Krvyadha vamsam asesham  odukkuga,

Jnan ini brahma lokathinnu   pokunnu,

Vanara veera , kusalam bhavikka   they.


He has come  here as per the wishes of Ravana,

To create   roadblocks on your way,

That  one who troubles sages  , devas and Brahmins,

Has put on the   garb  of a sage .

Speedily kill that one  throw him away,

 Reach the drona mountain  with great  joy,

And take away the divine  medicines,

And completely destroy the Rakshasa   clan,

I  am now going to the land of Brahma,

Oh monkey warrior   good luck and health to you.


Poyaal eevannam paranjaval, Maruthi,

Mayaviyaam  Kalanemi thannathike  ,

Chennan avanodu chonnan asuranum,

“Vanneduvaan   ithra vaikiyathenthedo?

Kalam   ini kalayathe   variga nee  ,

Moola manthropadesam   cheyvan aasu jnan,

Dakshinayum abhivadhyavum cheyga  ,

Dakshanai vannu koodum    bhavan nirnayam,”

Thalkshane   mushtiyum badhaa drudatharam,

Raksha   pravarothamange   kapivaran,

Onnu adichan  athu kondu avanum thadhaa ,

Chennu pukkedinaan   dharmarajalayam.


After she went away  , Hanuman,

Went   to Kalanemi the magician,

And that Rakshasa   told him,

“Why this delay in coming back?

Do not waste more time and come to me,

I would now teach you the   root chant,

And then you salute me and give my fees,

And then you would become an expert.”

Immediately   that  monkey chief  moved his ,

Strong fist speedily towards  the head of Rakshasa   chief,

And beat   him once with that, and he  ,

Went   and reached  the place of God of death.


6.22 Divya oushadha  phalam

Effect of divine medicine.


Ksheernavatheyum  Dronachalatheyum  ,

Maruthi kandu vanangum vidhow ,

Oushadhaa vasam vrushabhadriyum  kandithu,

Oushadam onnume  kandathum illallo ,

Kananju kopichu   parvathathe parichu,

Yenanga bimbam  kanakke pidichavan,

Kondu  vannu anbodu   Raghavan mumbil  vechu,

Indal  theertheedinaan  van padaykku  anneram.


After  saluting the ocean of milk  and the Drona mountain,

Hanuman also saluted  Vrushabadri , the home of medicines,

But he could not see  any medicine   there,

Becoming angry because he was not able  to see,

He uprooted the mountain, holding it like the  moon,

With love he placed   it before   Rama,

And put an end   to the problem of the army.


Kondal ner varnanum  preethi poondan,

Nelakandanum  anandamai vannithethavum,

Oushadathin  kathu thattiya nerathu,

Dosham akannu yezhunithathu yellavarum,

‘Munnam irunna vannam thanne yakkanam ,

Innu thanne sailam illoru samsayam ,

Allaikil yengine rathrinchara balam ,

Kollunnu’Ithu yennu arul cheythor anantharam,

Kunnum yeduthu uyarthinaan kapi pungavan,

Vannan ara nimisham kondu pinneyum,

Yudhe maricha  nisacharanmar udal ,

Nakthancharendra niyogena Rakshasar ,

Varanidhiyil ittedinar   yennathu ,

Karanam  jeevichathilla   Raksha ganam.


Sri  Rama became    very happy  ,

And  Lord Shiva   was also happy Because of that,

And when the wind of the medecine touched them,

Every one   got up because  the ill was lifted off,

“ Without any doubt  This mountain  has to be ,

Placed  wherever it was otherwise ,

How can we  kill the Rakshasas.”

As soon as it was told by him,

Hanuman took the mountain and rose up,

And  within half a minute he came back.

Because  as per the orders  of the Rakshasa king ,

The corpses  of the dear Rakshasa  soldiers,

Were  daily put in the  sea, none of them came alive.


6.23 Megha nadha  Vadham

The killing of Megha Nadha.


RAghavanmarum  maha kapi veerarum,

Sokam akannu  thelinju vaazhumn vidhou,

Markata nayakamrodu chollinaan,

Arka thanayum Angadhanum thadaa,

“NIlkaruthu aarum purathini vanarar,

Okke , kadakka  murika mathilugal,

Vayakka gruhangalil  okke kolliyum,

Vruskshangal okke  murikka theru  there,

Koopa thadangal thoorkka, kidangukal,

Gopura varavadhi  niratheeduga,

MIkkathum okke   odungi nisacharar,

Ulkaruthullavar  innum undengilo,

Venthu poranjaal  purathu prappedum,’

Anthakn veetinnu ayaykkam  anukshanam.


The Raghavas   and the great monkey warriors ,

Left off their sorrow   and started becoming normal,

Sugreeva and Angadha    told    the monkey chiefs,

“No monkey now should be outside the city,

All cross in , break its walls, keep fire in all houses ,

Go on cutting  all trees one by one ,

Fill up the   wells and lakes, level up  ,

The moats   and towers  and gates ,

Almost all the Rakshasas have been subdued,

And if there   are courageous one left among them,

Being baked in fire   they will come out  ,

Send them immediately   to the land of God of death.”


Yennathu kettavar kolliyum kai kondu  ,

Chennu theru there vechu thudanginaar,

Prasada   gopura   harmya gehangalum,

Kassessa  kanchana   rooppya thmarangalum  ,

Ayudha   salakal   abharangalumaya  ,

Aayathangalum  majjana salayum,

Varana vrundavum vaji samoohavum  ,

THerugalum   venthu venthu  veenidunnu .


Hearing that  , along with burning   wooden sticks ,

They entered and started setting fire  to one by one ,

The homes towers  , mansions , simple dwellings,

And Black lead  , gold  , silver   and   copper,

Armories  , ornaments  , places where  fire sacrifice  is conducted ,

Bath rooms , groups  of elephants  and horses,

Chariots started   burning and becoming ash.


Rathinchara sthrikal  venthu alari paanjum,

AArthi muzhuthu   theru there chakayum,

Marthanda   gothrajanakiya Raghavan,

Koorthu moorchayulla   sarangal pozhikkayum,

Gothrarijithum  jayichathm yethrayum,

Partholam  adbuthamennu parakayum,

Rathrincharanmaar   nilavili   ghoshavum,

Rathinchara   Sthreegal   kezhuuna   ghoshavum,

Manavendran dhanurjyaa nadha ghoshavum  ,

AAnakal   venthu alareedinna   ghoshavum,

Vanaranmaar ninnu alarunna  ghoshavum,

Dheenatha poonda thuragangal  nadhavum,

SAnthatham thingi muzhungi  chamanjithu  ,

Chintha  muzhuthu  dasananan veeranum,

Kumbhakarnathmajanmaaril  mumbulloru,

Kumbhanadasu  nee  pogennu chollinaan.


The Rakshasa  ladies being burnt and  started running,

And   with increasing pain died one after  other,

And Sri Rama belonging to the clan  of the sun god,

Rained  sharp and pointed arrows at them,

And told  that   the victory  of the enemy of Indra ,

Was really surprising  and unexpected ,

And   the sound of the shouting of   the Rakshasas,

The sound of the cry   of the   Rakshasa  ladies,

The sound of the twanging of the bow   of the king among men,

The sound and shouting of elephants   that were being burnt,

The sound of the monkeys   standing and shouting  ,

And the sound of the very pitiable   horses ,

Went on   filling and echoing   the   surroundings,

  And being greatly worried   the valorous ten headed one ,

Immediately   told Kumbha  , the elder  of the sons,

Of KUmbakarna    to go to the war.


THambiyayulla   Nikumbanum anneram,

Mumbil jnan yennu  muthirnnu  purapettan ,

Kumbhanum thanum prajanganum yethrayum,

Vambulla   Yoopakshanum , Sonithakshanum,

Vampadayodum  purapettu   chennavi,

Imbam  kalarnnu   aduthar  kapi veerarum.


His  younger   brother  Nikumba   at that time,

Saying I would be first   started immediately,

Kumbha  , Prajanga , the great  Yoopaksha ,

And SAnithaksha  with a great army  ,

Also started for the war     and with great mirth ,

The   monkey warriors also neared  them.


Rathriyil  aarthu angu aduthu poruthoru,

Rathrincharanmaar   theru there chakayum,

Koortha   sathrasthrangal kondu  kapikalum,

Gathrangal bhedichu  dhariyil veezhgayum,

Yethu  pidicha  madichu midichum ,

Angetham    kadichum podichum  parasparam,

Chethamn  muzhuthu  parichum maramaram,

Thothu pokaaygennu  cholli yadukkayum,

Vanara    Rakshasanmaar  poruth aar ,

Abhimanam   nadichum  thyajichum   kalebharam.


Shouting at night   and then coming near  and fighting  ,

The Rakshasas were   dying   in large numbers  ,

And the monkeys were    getting their bodies split ,

By    the very sharp  arrows   and weapons and

Were  falling  on the ground   and also ,

BY catching  beating   hitting biting and powdering  ,

And becoming angry  were uprooting trees ,

And shouting that by trees   we would not be defeated ,

The Rakshasa  monkey  fighting  was going on,

And  acting that  they were all proud ,

They were   sacrificing    their body,


Nalanju  nazhiga   neram poruthappol  ,

Kala puri   pukkithetha   Raksho ganam,

Kambanan   vanbodu aduthaan athu neram,

Ambu  kondu yethum    agannu  kapigalum,

Kambam  kalarnnu  ozhichu aarathu   kandu, adha,

Jambari  nandana puthranum kopichu,

Kambanan   thanne   vadichorananantharam,

Pimbe   thudarnnu angu aduthan  Prajanganum,

Yoopakshanum   thadha  Sonitha nethranum,

Kopichu aduthar  athu neram Angadhan  ,

Kounapanmar moovarodum   poruthu athi  ,

Kshenanai vannithu bali   thanayanum.


After   about   two hours   were past,

Several  Rakshasas went to the place of God of death.

At that   time a Rakshasa called Kambana  ,

Came to  attack with force  and  many monkeys,

Died because   of the hit of arrows from him.

At that time   Angadha(the son of the son  of enemy of Jamba)   got angry

Seeing that they were   destroying without any sense ,

And  after   he killed   Kambana ,

Following him   neared  three asuras called,

Prajangana  , Yoopaksha   and sonitha nethra.,

And Angadha getting angry neared them,

And fighting with those   three  Rakshasas,

The son of Bali became   very tired.


Maindanum aasu  vividhanumai thathra  ,

Mandetharam   vannu aduthar athu neram,

KOnnan  Prajangane  thareyanum adhaa,

Pinne yavvannam Vividhan Mahabalan,

Konnithu   Sonithanethraneyum   Adha,

Maindanum  Yoopakshane konnu veezthinaan,

Nakthancharanmaravar   nalvarum,

Mruthyu puram    pravesichor  anantharam,

Kumbhan ananju   saram pozhicheedinaan,

Vambaraam vanarar  okke  mandinaar.


Mainda    and Vividha   at that  time,

 Came near    and joined the fight  ,

The son of Thara  killed  Prajangana,

And similarly the very strong Vividha ,

Killed  the Rakshasa  called   Sonithanethra,

And Mainda   killed   Yoopaksha,

After   those four Rakshasas

Entered   the    world    of death,

Kumbha came near    and started  showering arrows,

 And those powerful monkeys ran away.


Sugreevanum  theril ammaru chadi  ,

Veenu ugrathayodavan  vill kalanjeedinaan,

Mushti  yudham  cheytha nerathu  Kumbhane  ,

Pettennu   yeduthu yerinjeedinaan abdhiyil,

Varanidhiyum   kalakki marichu  ,

Athi ghoranaam kumbhan  kareti vannedinaan,

Sooryathmanum athu kandu kopichu,

Sooryamajalayathinnu   ayacheedinaan.


Sugreeva then jumped   on his chariot  ,

Fell there   and with fierceness broke his bow,

And when they were   doing fist fight  ,

Suddenly Sugreeva threw  Kumbha in to the ocean,

And after   churning the ocean   the very fierce Kumbha,

Came   out of the ocean climbing,

And seeing that , the son of Sun God  became angry,

And sent him to the place of   the son of Sun god(Yama-the god of death.)


Sugreevan agrajane  konna neram,

Athyugran Nikumbhan parighavum   aay udan,

SAmhara   Rudrane ppole Ranajire,

Simha nadham  cheythu aduthan athu neram,

Sugreevane pinnilittu Vathathmajan,

Agre cheruthaan  NIkumbhane thal kshane,

Maruthi maril adichan Nikumbhanum,

Paril  nuringi veena   thal  parighavum,

Uthamangathe  parichu yerinjaan athi,

Krudhanayoru  Jagal prana  puthranum.


When Sugreeva  killed his elder   brother,

The very powerful Nikhumbha  along with a iron pestle,

Like   Lord Shiva at the time of destruction,

Neared  making a sound   of a lion,

Hanuman  replaced    Sugreeva  ,

And immediately opposed  NIkhumbha from near by,

NIkumbha   with the iron pestle beat on the chest of Hanuman,

And that  iron pestle broke in to pieces   and fell on the floor,

And the son of  the  life breath of    the world,

Becoming very angry took away Nikhumbha’s   head and threw  it.


Pedichu mandinaar seshicha Rakshasar,

KOode thudarnnu   aduthar   kapi veerarum,
Lankayil  pukku udachar avarum,

Lankesanodu ariyichor avasthakal,

Kumbhadhikal  marichoru dantham kettu,

Jambhari vairiyum  bheethi poondeedinaan.


The remaining Rakshasas  fled out of fear,

And   the monkey warriors   followed and neared   them,

And entering Lanka they started   breaking it,

And this news was   informed to the  king of Lanka,

And hearing about the death  of Kumbha   and others,

That enemy   of Indra   became very scared.


PInne Kharathmajanam  Makarakshanodu,

Anyoona kopena   chonnan Dasananan,

“Chennu nee  Ramadhikale   jayichingu ,

Vanneduga” yenna neram  Makararakshanum,

THannude sainya sametham    purapettu,

SAnnahamodu    aduthu Ranangane.


Then  addressing  Makaraksha    the son of Khara  ,

With very great anger   the ten faced one told,

“You please    go and win over   Rama and others,

And come back “  and hearing that  Makaraksha  ,

Along with his army   started and ,

With preparation     neared the   battle field.


Pannaga thulyangalaaya sarangale ,

Vahni keelakaaramai   chorinjedinaan,

Ninnu koodanju  bhatyapettu  vanarar  ,

Chennu abhayam   tharikennu  Ramanthike  ,

Ninnu paranjathu   kettalave  Ramachandranum,

Villum kuzhiye  kulachu   udan,

Villaligalil  mumbhullavan thannodu  ,

Nillu yennananju   banagal   thoogeedinaan.


He showered   snake   like arrows,

In the form of   flames   of fire,

And the scared  monkeys   not able to stand,

Went and requested protection from Lord  Rama,

And that Ramachandra  as soon as he heard it,

Positioned   the  bow and twanged it  ,

And  shouting stop , to the   best among archers,

And     showered   arrows   at him.


Onninnu onnuopamai    yeythan  Makarakshanum,

Bhinnamai   sareeram  Kamalakshanum,

Anyonya moppam   poruthu nilkkunna neram,

Onnu   thalarnnu  chamanju Kharathmajan.

Appol kodiyum   , kudayum kuthirayum,

Thal  pani  thannil irunnoru chapavum,

THerum   podi peduthan yeythu   Raghavan,

SAradhi thanneyum   konnan athu neram,

Paril  ammaru chadi   soolavum kondu  ,

Paramadutha   makarakshane thadhaa ,

Pavakasthram kondu   kandavum    chedichu,

Devakalkku apathum ottu   theertheedinaan.


For each arrow  Makaraksha sent another arrow  ,

And the body of the lotus eyed one was wounded,

And when they were   fighting with each other,

The son of Khara    became   little    tired,

And then  Rama   cut off   his  flag,  umbrella and horse,

And   the bow   that  he was having  in his hand,

And also powdered    his chariot   and also ,

Killed   his charioteer  at that time,

Using the pavakasthra   he cut off  the head,

 Of Makraksha    who jumped on earth,

And was approaching him with   a   trident.

And this way he reduced   the danger to the devas.


Ravanithan  atharinju   kopichu  ,

Vannevareyum    poruthasu purathakki,

Ravananoddu     ariyichan athu kettu,

Deva kulanthakanakiya    Ravanan,

EErezhu  lokam nadungum padi ,

Paricharakamaarodu  koodi purapettan.


Indrajit who came to know of this became angry,

Drove away all those who came to inform this,

And informed    Ravana   about it,

And hearing that    Ravana was the  the death of all devas ,

Started   along   with his assistants  ,

Making the fourteen words   shiver.


Appol athu kandu  Meghaninadhanum,

Thal pada yugmam   paninju   cholledinan,

“Ippol   adiyan arikale   nigrahichu,

Ulpoovil undaya     sangadam pokkuvan.

Anthapuram pukki irunnu aruleeduga ,

SAnthapam  undakaruthu ithu karanam.”

Itham paranju   pithavine vandhichu ,

Vruthrajithum   purapettu   porinai.


Seeing   that   his son Indrajit,

Bowed   to both  of his  feet  and said,

“” Now   I will kill all the enemies ,

And remove the   sorrow from your mind,

You retire to the private quarters and be there ,

And you should not have any sorrow because of this. “

Saying this    he saluted   his father  ,

And that Indrajit   started    for the war.


YUdhodhjyamam  kandu Soumithri  chennu ,

Kakusthanodu itham unarthi chu arulinaan,

“Nithyam   maranju ninnu   ingane  Ravana ,

Puthran    kapi varanmareyum   nammeyum,

Asthrangal  yeythu udan   antham varuthannathu,

Yethra nalekku  porukkanam ingane?

Brahmasthram yeythu  nisacharanmar  ,

Unmoola    nasam varuthuka    sathwaram.”


Seeing the preparations for war  , Lakshmana ,

Went to Sri Rama      and told him,

“Daily hiding himself  this son of Ravana,

Kills us and the monkeys sending arrows.

How long should we tolerate   it?

Let us send   Brahmasthra   and completely ,

Destroy   the clan of the    Rakshasas.”


Soumithri    chonna vakku  ingane  kettu adha,

Rama Bhadra swami   thanum arul   cheythu,

“Ayodhanthingal  odunnavarodum,

Ayudham poyavarodum  viseshichu,

Nere   varathavarodum , bhayam poondu  ,

Padanthike vannu vizhunnavarodum,

Paithamahasthram  prayogikkarithedo ,

Pathakam  undam athallaikil  yevanum,

Jnan ivanodu  por cheyvan   yellavarum,

Dheenatha yenniye    kandu ninneduvin.”


Hearing    the words   of Lakshmana  ,

That   God Rama Bhadra      told as follows,

“ In a war  We should  not   use  Brahmasthra  against,

Those who are   running  away from the battle,

Those who have lost their weapons  ,

Those who do not come in front of us ,

And those who out of fear   come and fall at our feet,

If we do it , it is a sin for every person,

I will do war against him   and all  of you,

Without  any fear   see  what  I do.”


Yennarul cheythu  villum kulachanthike  ,

Sannadhan    aayathu kandoru    Ravani,

Thalkshane chinthichu kalpichu Lankayil,

Pkku  Maya sithaye   theril vechudan,

Paschima   goparathoode   purapettu,

Nischalanai ninnu anneram  kapikalum,

Theril  maya sithaye   kandu dukhchu,

Maruthi thanum  paravasanayithu.


Saying this   when he twanged his bow  ,

And was   standing ready     for the battle  ,

Indrajit  thought and ordered  , went,

Inside the    city of Lanka  , kept a  illusory  Sita,

In the chariot and came out of the western  gate .

All the monkeys stood without moving at that time,

And seeing the illusory Sita in the chariot they   felt sad,

And because   of it    Hanuman also got worried.


Vanara veeranmaar    yevarum kanave  ,

Janaki deviye vettinaan   nirdhayam,

“Ayyo, Vibho , Rama Ramehi “ vai vittu,

Mayyal mizhiyaal   muravilicheedinaal,

Chorayum paaril  paranithu, athu kandu,

Maruthi Janakiyennu   theridinaan,

Shobhayillethum  namukkini   yudhathinnu  ,

Apathu ithil param   yenthullathu Easwara?

Namnini   vanguka  , Sita vadham mama,

Swami thannodu   unarthipan kapikale  ,”


While all the monkey warriors were  looking,

He cut the head of Sita without   any mercy,

And she   with an open mouth entreated , ,

“alas  , Lord Rama  , Rama  “, The blood spread  ,

And seeing that Hanuman thought,

Further war   will not have any  shine,

And Oh God what   thing can be more dangerous than this,

Let us retreat now    and we have   to inform,

Our lord about the death of Sita urgently.,


SAkha mrugathipanmareyum  vangichu,

Sokathuranaya   marutha nandanan,

Chellunnathu kandu   Raghavanum thadhaa,

Chollinaan Jambhavan thannodu  sakulam,

“Maruthi yenthu kondu ingottu ponnithu?

POril  puram thirinjeedu marillavan,

Nee koode  yangu chenneduga sathwaram,

LOkesa nandana , Parkkaruthu   yethume.”


Seeing the sad   Hanuman     going   behind,

All the   monkey chiefs  Rama   told,

Jambhavan    with   worry,

“ Why is Hanuman coming here  ?

He is not one who shows his back in the battle.

You please   go there   urgently  ,

Oh  son of Brahma , we should not see   anything.”


Itham aakarnya   vidhi suthanam  kapi-

SAthamanmarumai    chennu laghutharam,

“Yenthu   kondingu   vangi ponnithu Bhavan?

Bandham    yenthu  , angoittu thanne   nadakka   nee.”

Yenna neram  Maruthathmajan chollinaan,

“Ninnu pedichu vangidukayalla   jnan ,

Undoravastha undayittathippozhe ,

Chennu Jagal swamiyodu  unarthikkanam.

POriga neeyum angottu ini “ yennudan   ,

Maruthi chonnathu kettu  avan thanumai

Chennu thozhuthu  unarthichithu Maithili,

Thannude nasa vruthantham  yepperume.


Hearing this jambhavan  went  along ,

With the other monkey chiefs and asked lightly,

“Why did you  retreat from the battle,

What  is the reason, you go back there  itself.”

And at  that  time  Hanuman told him,

“I am not retreating because of fear,

There  some thing   happened  and,

I have  to tel it to the Lord of the universe.

You also please  come along   with me.”

And immediately Hanuman  went along with Jambhavan,

And after   saluting   Rama , told him,

About  the news of destroying of Sita.”


Bhoomiyil  veenu mohichu Raghuthaman,

Soumithri thanum anneram   thirumudi,

Chennu madiyil yeduthu  chertheedinaan,

Mannavan than padam anjana puthranum,

‘Uthsanga seemni cherthaan athukandu,

Nissangagnarai  okke  ninnu  kapuikalum,

Dukham  keduppathinayulla vakkukal ,

Okke paranju thudangi kumaranum.

Yenthoru ghosham mundayathennu athmani,
Chinthichuy avidekku  vannu  vibheeshanan,

Chodhicha neram  kamaran paranjithu,

Mathariswathmajan   chonna vruthanthangal.


Rama fell  on the ground and swooned,

And Lakshmana   at that time  , took ,

His head and kept it on his lap,

And his feet was  kept in his lap by Hanuman,
 And seeing that  the entire monkeys  ,

Stood complexly numb  and Lakshmana,

Started  telling them   words of consolation,

And Vibheeshana   wondering in his mind ,

The reason for this unusual   sound   came there,

And  when he asked   Lakshmana  told him,

About   the news that   was told  by Hanuman.


Kayyina kotti chirichu Vibheeshanan,

“Ayyo , kuranganmar yentharinju Vibho,

Lokeswariyaya  deviye kolluvaan,

LOka thrayathingal  aarum undai varaa,

Maya nipunanaam  Megha ninadhan,

Ikkaryam anushtichathu  yennasu kel,

Markatanmaar  chennu upadravichidathe ,

THakkathil aasu Nikumbilayil chennu,

Pukkudan thannude  homam  kazhippathinai,

KOndu  kandoru upayam  athyadbutham,

Chenninihomam mudakkanam allaikil ,

Yennum avane  vadhikkaruthu aarkkume.”


Vibheeshgana clapped his hand and laughed,

“Alas, Oh lord   what do these  monkeys know,

There  is no one in the   three  worlds,

Who can kill  the goddess  of the world.

Indrajit  is an expert  in magic and please hear,

Why he   did this now ?

He wanted to go to Nikumbila   and do,

Fire sacrifice there  without  being troubled by monkeys,

This trick  of his to go to Nikumbila is indeed wonderful,
We have to go there  and stop this fire sacrifice,

Otherwise  nobody  can kill him.”


Raghava swamin , jaya jaya manasa-,

Vyakulam  theerrnnu yezhunellu dhayanidhe ,

Lakshmananum adiyanum  kapi kula ,

Mukhya pravararum aayittu  pokanam,

Orthu kalanjeedaruthu yethume ,

Yathra ayaykanam “ yennu Vibheeshanan,

Honnsathu kettyu  alasyavum thernn u ,

Mannavan  povan  aajnanalgeedinaan

Vasthu vruthanthangal yellam  darichu  ,

Nerathu krutharthanai   Sri Rama bhadranum,

Sodharan   thanneyum   Rakshasa  pungava-

Sodharan   thanneyum   vanaranmareyum ,

Chennu   Dasagreeva nandanan thanneyum ,

KOnnu  variga    yennu anugraham  nalginaan.


“Oh Rama  , Oh God, victory, victory,

Oh treasure of mercy , get up after  leaving out all  sorrow,

Me  , Lakshmana    and the monkey clan chiefs  ,

Would   go together  ,  without wasting any time  ,

Please   give us permission to go”  said  Vibheeshana,

And hearing that   and   getting out of the  sorrow,

That king   gave  all of them permission to go  ,

And  That Rama understanding the real   facts  ,

Became very     happy   and blessed,

His brother  ,  the brother of the king of Rakshasas,

 As well   as    all the monkeys   and  asked them,

To go and kill   the son of the ten headed one  and return.


Lakshmananodu  Maha kapi senayum,

Rakshovaranum   nadannaan athu neram,

Maindan, Vividhan  , Sushenan, Nalan, neelan,

Indrathmajathmajan  , kesari , tharanum,

Sooran  , Vrushabhan SArabhan ,  vinathan,

Veeran,  Panasan  , Kumudhan  , Vikatanum,

Vathathmajan Vega darsi   Visalanum,

Jyothirmukhan , Sumukhan , Bali pungavan,

Swethan  Dadhi mukhan, Agni mukhan, Gajan,

Meduran  Dhooman , Gavayan  , Gavakshanum,

Mathum ithyadhi   chollulla kapikalum,

Muthum   nadannithu  Lakshmanan  thannodum.


That   time   The  Rakshasa   chief   and the monkey army,

Walked   along  With   Lakshmana,

Mainda, Vividha  , Sushena, Nala, Neela,

The grandson of Indra  , kesari and Thara ,

Soora  , Vrushabha,  Sarabha ,  vinatha,

Veera,  Panasa  , Kumudha   and  Vikata,

Hanuman  ,  Vega darsi  and  Visala,

Jyothirmukha , Sumukha , Bali pungava,

Swetha  Dadhi mukha, Agni mukha, Gaja,

Medura ,  Dhooma , Gavaya and  Gavaksha,

And many other   famous monkeys .


Munnil nadannu  Vibheeshanan thanumai,

Chennu NIkmbila  pukku  niranjithu  ,

Nakthanchara varanmare chuzhalave  ,

Nirthi  Homam thudanginaan    Ravani,

Kalum malayum   maravum yeduthu   kondu,

 Yellavarumai aduthu   kapikalum,

Ethum  erum kondu veenu thudanginaar ,

Athamillathoro Rakshasa   veerarum,

Muthukayilla    Homam  namukku ingini,

Pathalare  chethakathi ozhinjennu,

Kalpichu  RAvani  villum sarangalum,

Kelpodu yeduthu  porinnu adutheedinaan.


In the front   Vibheeshana walked  ,

And they   went to Nikumbila    and filled it,

And when they completely surrounded   the Rakshasas,

Indrajith stooped for a moment and started the Homa  again,

And the monkeys carrying    stones, trees and mountains  ,

And neared    that place   and the Rakshasa  soldiers,

Started falling one by one  and ,

Understanding that   he cannot complete   the Homa,

And thinking  that   it can be started  again afterwards,

Indrajit  took   the bow   and arrows   and started  the war.


Mumbil  vegam poondu adutha   Marutha-, 

Sambhavan   thanne thaduthu nirthedinaan,

Vannu  Nikumbilayal tharayin meleri ,

Ninu   dasananan putharanum anneram,

Kandu  Vibheeshanan   Soumithri thannodu,

Kuntatha   theerthu  paranju thudangeedinaan.

“Veera  , kazhanjeela   Homam  ivanengil  ,

Nere   velichthu  kandu kooda drudam,

Marutha nandanan    thannodu kopichu ,

Nerittu  vannathu kandeele   Bhavan?

Mruthyu   samayam   aduthathu   ivan ini,

Yudham thudanguga , vaikarathu yethume”


Then the     son of the ten faced   one

After  coming  on the platform at Nikumbila ,

Stopped   the son of wind God  ,

Who speedily came   near   to him,

And Vibheeshana saw Lakshmana ,

And told him  after   removing his worry,

“Hey valorous one  , if he has not completed the Homa,

He    cannot certainly be able   to be seen in light,

Did you not see  him come  in person,

After   getting angry   on the son of wind god?

It indicates   that the time  of his death is near  ,

And so start the war , without delay.”


Itham Vibheeshanan chonna nerathu  ,

Soumithriyum   asthra sasthrangal  thookeedinaan,

Prathyasthra   sasthrangal kondu   thaduthu  ,

Indrajithu   athyartham  asthrangal yeitheedinaan,

Appol  kazhuthil yeduthu   marul suthan,

Ulppannamodham   kumarane sadaram,

Lakshmana parswe Vibheeshanane  kandu,

Thalkshanam chonnaan   Dasanana   puthranum.


At the time    that   was specified  by  Vibheeshana,

Lakshmana also sent arrows    and other weapons,

And Indrajit stopped    them by proper arrows and weapons,

And   he also   sent  very powerful   arrows,

At that time Lakshmana    was lifted ,

On to his shoulder    by Hanuman with love  ,

And seeing Vibheeshana who was near  Lakshmana  ,

The son of   the ten faced one  told immediately.


“Rakshasa jathiyil  vannu piranna nee ,

Sakshaal  pithruvyan  allo  mama kevalam,

Puthra mithradhi   vargathe yodukkuvaan,

SAthru janathinnu   bruthyanai ingane  ,

NIthyavum  vela cheyunnathu ortheedinaal,

Yethrayum  nannu nannennathe  chollavu,

Gothra vinasam  varuthum janangalkku,

Parthu kandolam    gathiyilla   nirnayam,

Oordhwa  loka prapthi   santhathi  kondathre ,

SAdhyamakunnathu   yennallo budha matham,

SAsthrajnaam   nee kulathe yodukkuvaan,

AAsthyaa  vela cheyyunnathu   adbutham.”


“You were born in the   caste of Rakshasas,

And unfortunately you  are   the brother  of my father,

When we think about   your working like a servant  ,

To our enemies  for the sake  of destroying,

Our friends   and   sons and their   families,

Wecan only tell “good”, Good”  and nothing else ,

To those   who  lead to the destruction of their own clan,

There is definitely no salvation   as far as  we know and see,

For the travel to the higher   worlds   is made possible 

Due to our children say the learned   ones ,

You who  are a great thinker   are  working,

For destruction   of your own clan,  great surprise.”


Yennathu kettu  Vibheeshanan chollinaan,

“ Nannu  neeyum  nin pithavum ariga nee,

Vamsam  mudikkunnathinnu   neeyethume  ,

SAmsayamilla  vicharikka manase  ,

Vamsathe   rakshichu  koluvan innu  ,

Jnan   amsumali  kula nayakanugrahaal.”


Hearing that   Vibheeshana    told  ,

“Good, you and your father   should know   ,

That   the clan is being  destroyed by you both  .

There is no doubt about it  in  my mind,

I  would be able    to protect   our clan,

Due   to the blessing of   Lord   Rama.”


Ingane thammil  paranju  nilkkunneram,

Mangathe   banangal thooki   kumaranum,

Yellam    athu   yeythu   murichu kalanjadha  ,

Chollinaan aasu   Soumithri thannodavan,

“Randu dinam    mama  Bahu parakramam,

Kanadathille   nee Kumara  , Viseshichum?

Kandu kolga    aallaigil innu    jnan nin udal,

KOndu   janthukkalkku bhakshanam aakuvaan.”


When they were   talking like this,

Lakshmana went on spraying  arrows non stop,

And he     cut of all those   by sending suitable arrows,

And he then told   Lakshmana    as follows,

“Lad   , have you not   seen the power

Of my hand on two days  , specially ?

Know about that   or otherwise  today ,

I will  make you food suitable for beasts.”


Itham  paranjezhu   banangal   kondu,

Soumithriyude udal   keerinan yethavum,

Pathu banam  vayu puthrane   yelpichu,

SAthwaram pinne  Vibheeshanan   thanneyum ,

Nooru saram yeythu    Vanara    veerarum,

Yere murinju   vasam kettu vanginaar  ,

Thalkshane  banam mazha  pozhiyum   vannam,

Lakshmanan   thooginaan   sakrari meni mel,

Vrutharijithum    sara sahasrena   ,

Soumithri   kavacham   nurukkiyitteedinnaan.


After saying this    with seven arrows  ,

He wounded   the body of Lakshmana,

And with  ten arrows   he wounded   Hanuman,

And with one hundred arrows he wounded  Vibheeshana,

And the monkey warrior   was greatly wounded and retreated ,

And Lakshmana immediately   started   sending   ,

Arrows    on    the   enemy   of  Indra,

And that    Indrajit  with one thousand   arrows,

Broke   in to pieces   the armour  of Lakshmana.


RAkthabishiktha    sareerikal   aayithu ,

Nakjkthancharanum     Sumithra thanayanum,

Param aduthanchu  banam prayogichu,

Therum podichu   kuthirakale konnu ,

SAradhi thande  thalayum  murichathi ,

SAramayoru     villum  muricheedinaan.


The body of Rakshasa   and son of Sumithra,

 Was completely   drenched    in blood,

And then he sent   another   five  arrows,

Powdered his chariot  , killed   his horses ,

Cut of the head of his charioteer ,

And also cut off his    very great   bow.


Mathoru   chapam yeduthu   kulachavan,

Attham illatholam  banangal thooginaan,

Pinne  moonu ambu yeithu  muricheedinaan,

Mannavan  pankthi kantathmajan    anneram,

Oothamayoru   villum   kuzhiye kulachu,

Yetham aduthu    banangal  thoogidinaan,

SAthwaram   Lankayil   pukku  therum pooti,

Vidrutham    vannithu  Ravana  puthranum,

AArum arinjeela  poyahthum vannathum,

Naradan  thanum  prasamsichathunneram.


He  made   another    bow ready  ,

And sprayed   endless  number of arrows,

But he sent   three  arrows   and cut of his bow,

And  that  king, the  son of the ten necked one  ,

Took another   very big bow    and made it ready,

 Went on sending several   arrows ,

That son of Ravana  immediately went

Inside  Lanka and came   very speedily  out,

And nobody knew about his going or returning  ,

And sage Narada     appreciated   that.


Ghoramayundaya   samgaram  kandoru,

SArasa   sambhavanadhikal   chollinaar,

“Pandu  lokathingal   inganeyulla   poru,

Undayithilla  , ini undakayum illa  ,

Kandalum  meedrusam  Veerapurushanmaar,

Undo jagathingal   mathivare  ppole  ,”

Itham palarum   prasamsichu   nilpathin ,

madhye  divasa  thrayam    kazhinju   brusam.


Watching the very ferocious    war  in between them,

Brahma and other devas    said,

“Till now     a  war like this has never happened,

And a war will like this   will not happen again,

See, are there   valorous   men ,

Like   these   in this world like these two,”

Like this many people   were praising ,

And in between  three  days passed speedily.


Vasaram moonu  kazhinjoranantharam   ,

Vasava   daivatham asthram    kumaranum,

Laghavam chernu  karena bhandhichu,

Raghavan than   padamboruham   manase  ,

Chinthichu urapichu ayachaan  athu chennu,

Pankthi kandathmajan  kandavum chedichu,

Sindhu jalathil   muzhugi vishudhamai,

Anthraa  thooniyil vannu    pukku saram,

Bhoomiyil veenithu    Ravani   than udal,

AAmayam theernnithu   loka thrayathinnum,

SAnthushta  manasanmaaraya    devakal,

SAnthatham    Soumithriye   sthuthicheedinaar.


After   the   expiry     of three  days,

Lakshmana    took  the  Indrasthra,

And gently  tied it   with his hand  ,

And meditated on Rama   in his mind  ,

And   after some  thought    sent  that  arrow,

And that went  and cut off the neck of  Indrajit,

Went and    dipped itself in sea    and after  becoming clean,

And    that arrow  went   in to    his   quiver .

The body of Indrajit fell on the ground,

And the sorrow  came  to an end   for all the three  worlds,

And the devas  became    extremely   happy ,

And  started   praying   Lakshmana.


Pushpangalum   varshichaar  udan,

Apsara sthreekalum   Nrutham thudanginaar  ,

Nethrangalum   ayiravum  vilangi thadhaa ,

Gothrari thanum prasdichethavum  ,

Thapam agannu   pugazhnnu   thudannginaar  ,

Thapasanmarum  gagana charanmarum ,

Dundubi nadavum    ghoshithetham,

AAnadhichasu  virinchanum   anneram.


They showered    flowers   and then,

Apsara  ladies     started  dancing ,

And the thousand eyes of Indra   became bright  ,

And that  Indra became    greatly  happy,

The saints and devas  started  praising   ,

Him after   their problems   came to an end ,

And sound of Dhundhubi drums     rose   up,

And Lord Brahma   also  became very happy.


SAnkha viheenam   cheru jnan oli yittu  ,

SAnkhum vilichudan  Simha nadam cheythu,

Vanaranmarumai    vegena Soumithri,

Manavendran charanambujam koopinaan,

Gadamai alinganam     cheythu Raghavan,

OOdamodham   mugarneedinan moordhni,

Lakshmananodu   chirichu aruli   cheythu  ,

“Dushkaram yethrayum  nee   cheytha kariyam,

Ravani yudhe   marichathu karanam,

Ravanan thanum   marichan ariga nee ,

Krudhanai    nammodu   yudhathinai  varum  ,

Puthra   sokathalini   Dasagreevanum.”


Without any doubt  he gave a small twang using his bow,

Blew the conch and    roared   like a lion,

And Lakshmana along with   the monkeys speedily,

Went   and saluted   the king of man’s   lotus like feet,

Rama hugged   him tightly  ,

And with great joy   smelled his head ,

And laughingly    told   Lakshmana,

“The job done by you is extremely difficult  ,

Know that  Ravana   is also dead  ,

Because   Indrajit   has   died,

And that   ten faced one   would  come ,

For war with us now due  to great anger.”


6.24 Ravana Vilapam

Wailing  of Ravana


Itham anyonyam   paranjirikkum neram,

Puthran marichathu   kettoru Ravanan,

Veenithu   bhoomiyil   moham karnnu   athi,

Ksheenanai   , pinne Vilapam thudanginaan,

“Ha, ha Kumara, Mandodhari Nandana,

Ha ha  , Sukumara  , Veera, Manohara ,

Mal karma doshangal  yenthu chollavathu,

Dukham   ithennu  marakkunnathullil  jnan,

Vinnavarkkum  Dwijanmarkkum  munimarkkum,

Innu  nannai urangeedumarayithu,

Nammeyum  pedi yillarkkum    ini mama ,

Janmavum   nishphalamai   vannatheeswara.”


When they were  talking to each other  like this,

Ravana heard  about the death   of his son,

He fell   on the ground    and swooned ,

And being greatly tired he started   wailing,

“ Ha, Ha, lad , son of Mandodhari,

Ha, Ha  , pretty one , hero  , handsome one,

What shall  I tell about the ills of my Karma,

When shall  I forget this sorrow from my mind,

The devas,   Brahmins    and sages ,

Would sleep extremely well today  ,

And no one   will  be afraid of us ,

And oh god, my life   has become extremely useless.”


Puthra gunangal  paranjum  niroopichum,

Athal   muzhuthu karanju thudanginaan,

“yennude   puthran   marichathu  Janaki,

THannude   karanam yennathu kondu  jnan,

Konnaval thannude  chora kudichu  ozhinju,

Yennume   dukham   adangukayilla   mama.”

Gadgam  ongi   chirichu alari thathra  ,

NIgamicheedinan   krudhanaam   Ravanan.


Recounting the good qualities   of his great son,

And   when his sorrow became great  ,he started   crying,

“The reason  for the death of my son is   Sita.

And because   of that   my sorrow will never  end,

Unless   I kill her    and drink her    blood “

Saying this with open sword  , laughing , shouting  ,

And with very great anger   he  went   there.


Sithayum   dushtanaam Ravanane   kandu,

Bheethayai yethrayum  Vepadhu  gathriyai,

Ha Rama , Rama , Ramethi  japathodum,

AAramadese    vasikkum dasanthare  ,

Budhimanaya   Suparswan, Nayajnan,

Athyuthaman , karboora sathaman  , vruthavan,

Ravanan thanne thaduthu   nirthi  parayavathellam,

Paranjeedinaan   neethikal.


Seeing the    very   bad    Ravana, Sita,

Became extremely scared  and  with a shaking body,

Went on chanting Rama,   Rama , Rama,

And   while she was  in the stage of waiting,

Suparswa* who was intelligent, diplomat ,

Very good  , a   good Rakshasa , one of good conduct,

Stopped  Ravana   and   said to him,

All the just things that   can be told.

        *Brother  of Prahastha.


Brahma kulathil  janicha bhavan iha,

Nirmaln yennu   jagat thraya   sammatham,

Thavakamaya  gunangal   varnippathinnu,

Avathilla orkkil  guhanum ananthanum,

Deva deveswaranaya   pura vairi,

SEvakanmaaril  pradhanan allo  bhavan,

Poulasthyanaya   Kubhera   SAhodharan,

Trilokya vandhyanaam   punya janathipan,

Sama  Vedagnan  samastha   vidyalayan,

Vama devadhi vasathma  , jithendriyan,

Veda vidhyaa Vrutha snana  parayanan,

Bodhavaan  Bhargava sishyan  vinayavaan.


You  are  one  born   in the Brahmin caste  ,

Who is agreed as pure by all the three  worlds,

And even Lord Subramanya and   Adisesha,

Would not be   able to describe   your good qualities,

You are  one   of the chief    devotees  of Shiva,

Who is the   god of gods   and enemy of Tripura,

Your brother  Khubera   who is from Paulasthya clan,

Is one  saluted  by the three worlds ,

And is the chief   of blessed  people

You are an expert in Sama veda  ,

And one    who is the temple of all knowledge  ,

You are  one who is  as great as  sage Vama deva  ,

You have   won the control over  your senses,

You are  one learning Vedas, observing bath and penance,

You are   wise , disciple of sage Shukra   and one with humility.


Yennirikke   bhavan innu   yudhanthare  ,

Nannu nannu yethrayum orthu   kalpichathum,

Sthree vadham aagiya  karmathinnasu nee  ,

Bhavichathum    thava dush Keerthi vardhanam,

Rathrincharendra pravaraa , prabh, Mayaa

Sardham   viravodu poriga porinnai,

Manvanmareyum   Vanaranmareyum,

Manena  por cheythu konnu kalanju nee ,

Janaki deviye   prapichu kolluga,

Manasa thapavum   dhoore  neekeeduga.


When it is like this  , what you  told,

Today after   the war is good , very good,

But your attempting    to kill a lady  ,

Is something which will increase your bad fame,

Oh great   king of the Rakshasas,  Oh lord,

Please   come along    with me  for the war ,

After  killing all   the monkeys   and  men,

By doing a war with great respect ,

Please    do   take Sita to yourself,

And   remove all the pain in the mind.


Neethimaanaya Suparswan  paranjathu,

Yathu dhanadhipan  kettu santhushtanai,

AAshthana   mandape    chennirunnu   yethrayum,

AAshthaaya   manthrikalodum niroopichu,

Sishtrayulla  nisacharanmaarumai,

Pushtarosham  purapettithu   porinai.


Hearing the words   of the just Suparswa,

The king of Rakshasas  became contended  ,

And went and sat in the  main chamber of meeting,

And  after   discussing    with his ministers,

Started   for the war  with great  enthusiasm ,

Along with     the   remaining   Rakshasas.


Chennu Rakshobalam Ramanodu  yethalavu,

Onnozhiyathe  odukkinan    Ramanum,

Mannavan   thannodu yethirthithu   Ravanan,

Ninnu porcheythan abedhamai  nirbhayam,

Pinne Raghuthaman  banangal yeithu yeithu,

Binnam aakedinaan Ravana    dehavum,

Param murinju thalarnnu vasam kettu ,

Dheerathayum vittu vangee Dasananan ,

Porum ini  mama porum  yennorthu  athi,

Bheeruvai   Lankapuram  pukkanantharam.


The   powerful army   of Rakshasas went  ,

And fought with Rama    and he killed   all of them,

And then Ravana  fought    with that king,

He   fought without  interval  and without fear  ,

And then Rama shooting arrows after   arrows,

Made    the body of Ravana into pieces ,

And then being wounded   , tired and disoriented,

Leaving out his courage   the ten faced one retreated,

Thinking that   this war  is sufficient ,

He went back to the city of Lanka as   a coward.


6.25  Ravanande  Homa vignam

The stoppage of Homa of Ravana.



Shukrane chennu   namaskarichu yethrayum,

Shushka vadananai    ninnu cholledinaan,

“Arkathmajadhiyaam   markata veerarum,

Arkanvayo   bhoothanakiya Ramanum,

Okke orumichu   varidhiyum kadannu,

Ikkara vannu  Lanka puram   prapichu ,

SAkrari  mukhya  nisacharnmareyum,

Okke odukki   jnan yekaki yayithu ,

Dukhavum   ulkondirikku marayithu  ,

Sadguro  , jnan thava  sishyanallo  Vibho”


Ravana  went    and saluted    sage Shukra   ,

And with very dried up   face   told,

“The monkeys lead by the son of Sun God,

And Rama   belonging to the clan of the Sun,

Have come together , crossed the ocean,

Reached    the city of Lanka  and killed ,

All Rakshasas  who are enemies of Indra  ,

And today   I have become all   alone,

Completely filled by sorrow in my mind,

Oh good teacher  , Oh lord, am I not your disciple.


Vijnaniyakiya   Ravananal ithi  ,

Vijnapithanaya   Shukramaha muni  ,

Ravananodu  upadesichahtu, “yengil  nee ,

DEvanmare   prasadam varuthuga .

Seegramayoru  guhayum theerthu  sathrukkal,

THollkkum  prakaram  athi Rahasya sthale ,

Chennirunnasu  nee  Homam thudanguka ,

Vannu koodum    jayam ennal ninakkedaa.”


To the very intelligent     Ravana  ,

The great sage Shukra    who was thus requested,

Advised  “if so you  have to please the devas ,

You construct   a cave   with great speed,

And sit   In a very secret place  and conduct a Homa,

For   getting your enemies    defeated ,

And if you do so, victory  would    come to  you.”


Vighnam varathe  kazhinju  koodunnnakil  ,

Agni kundathingal   ninnu purapedum,

Bana thooneera   chapa   aswa  radhadhikal,

Vanavarakum ajayyanaam   pinne   nee .

Manthram grahichu   kolkennodu  sadaram,

Antharamenniye homamn kazhikka   nee”

Shukra muniyodu   moola manthram kettu,

Rakshoganadhipanakiya Ravanan,

Pannaga  loka samanamai   theerthithu ,

THannude mandiram thannil guhasthalam.


If you are able to do it without any  roadblocks,

From the   pit of fire    will emerge,

Arrow, quiver , bow  , horses   and chariots,

And once you get it even devas   cannot win over you.

Please  take the root chant    from me ,

And   without any doubt  please   conduct the  Homa,”

Then after  learning the root chant from the great sage Shukra,

That   Ravana  who  is the chief    of all Rakshasas,

Constructed    inside    his house   a cave  ,

Which was like the land of  snakes.


Divyamam   havya  gavyadhi   homaya ,

SAdravyangal sampadhichu  kondavan,

Lanka pura dwaramokke   bandhichathil,

Sanka viheenam akam pukku  shuddhanai  ,

Dhyanam urappichu  thalphalam prarthichu,

Mounavum deekshichu  Homam thudanginan.


For the sacred   Homa using ghee, incense   and other materials,

He arranged    all the needed materials    to be collected,

After shutting all doors leading to  the town,

Without any doubt went inside , became purified  ,

With great   concentration prayed    for all that is good,

And observing penance of Silence started  the Homa,


Vyoma margatholam  uthitham mayoru  ,

Homadhomam   kandu Ravana sodharan,

Ramachandrannu katti kodutheedinaan,

“Homam thudangi  Dasanana mannava,

Homam kazhinju koodigil yennume ,

Nam avanodu thothidum maha rane  ,

Homam mudakkuvan  ayacheeduga  ,

Samodhamasu kapi veerare.”


 Seeing the    smoke of Homa   rising from,

The sky,   the brother of Ravana    Showed,

It to Ramachandra    and told  ,

“Oh king Ravana has started   the Homa,

If the Homa    is completed     then   always,

We would get defeated   by him in great    war.

So sent with preparation   monkey warriors,

To put  a stop   to that  Homa.”


Sri rama Sugreeva sasanam kai kondu ,

Marutha  puthra angadhadhikal okkave  ,

Noori kodi padayodum  Maha mathil,

Yeri   kadannangu Ravana mandiram,

Pukku  pura palakareyum konnu  ,

Markata    veerar orumichu anakulam,

Varana vaji  rathangaleyum podichu,

AAranju  thathra dasasya homa sthalam,

Vyajaal  sarama nija kara   samjnayaa,

Soochichithu   Dasa  greeva homa   sthalam.


Under the orders   of Sugreeva     and Rama,

Hanuman , Angadha    and other leaders,

 Along with an army of one hundred crore  ,

Crossed  the great wall, and reached the house  of Ravana,

And then killed all the security staff  of the town,

And all the monkey warriors together  without confusion,

Powdered  the elephant horses     and  chariots,

And searched for the place of Homa    of the ten faced one,

And Sarama the wife of Vibheeshana  by  signs ,

Indicated   the place  of Homa of the    ten headed  one.


Homa guha dwara   bandhana pashana  ,

Mamayaheenam    podipeduthu Angadhan,

Thathra   guhayil akam   pukka nearthu,

Nakthancharendrane  kanayithanthike ,

Mathullavarum Angadagnugnayaa,

Thethennu    chennu   guhayil iranginaar  ,

Kannum adachudan  dhyachirikkum  ,

AApunya janadhipane    kandu vanarar  ,

Thadichu thadichu   bruthya janangale  ,

Peedichu   kolgayum    sambhara   sanchayam,

Kundathil  okke orikkale   homichu ,

Khandichithu  laghu mekhala jalavum.


Without any effort   Angadha   broke ,

The   big stone used to close   the cave,

And when he went inside   the cave  ,

He saw there   the king   of Rakshasas,

And all others    as per   the orders  of Angadha,

 They descended   inside the cave   and the monkeys,

Saw   Ravana    who was  meditating with closed eyes,

They hit him , attacked   all his servants  ,

And threw the collection of Homa   materials  ,

Together   in the fire  and cut  off ,

The cave in the mountain  range.



Ravanan kaiyil irunna maha sravam,

Pavani seegram   pidichu parichudan,

Thadanam    cheythan  athu kondu   sathwaram,

Kreedayaa  vanara sreshtan mahabalan,

Danthangal kondum  Nakhangal kondum,

Dasakandara vigraham   keerinaan yethavum,

Dhyanathinnu   yethum ilakkam undayeela,

Manase    ravananum   jayakamkshayaa ,

Mandodhariye   pidichu valichu  ,

Than mandanam yellam   nurukki yittedinnan.


Hanuman  snatched   the great spoon,

From the hands    of Ravana  ,

And speedily    hit him with that  .

As a  sport that  powerful   monkey lord,

Using his nails    and teeth  ,

Went  on creating wounds all over  Ravana’s body,

And there  was no  change   in his deep meditation,

As that Ravana had   victory as aim in his mind.

Then he caught hold of Mandodhari dragged  her there,

 And   broke all her   ornaments   and make up.


Vithrastha neeviyai kanchuka   heenayai,

Vithrastha yai   vilapam thudangeedinaal ,

“Vanaranmarude thallu kondeeduduvaan ,

Jnan yenthu  dushkrutham cheythathu deivame,

Nanam ninakku illayo  Rakshseaswara?

Manam  bhavanolalm illa matharkkume  ,

Ninnude mumbil ittasu   kapivarar,

Yenna thalamudi  chuthi pidipettu ,

Paril izhakkunnathum  kandiruppathu  ,

Poreparibhavam orkkil  Jalapathe,”


With  her hair untied  , without dress  to cover her breasts,

She became very fear stuck and started   wailing,

“Oh God, what bad acts    did I do,

To be beaten by these   monkeys?

Oh king of Rakshasas  don’t you  have any shame?

No one else   has as much self respect as you.

In front of you   these  monkeys   ,

Are holding my hair   and   ,

Dragging me    all   over   the floor,

Oh idiot   , is this   not sufficient for you to see.”


Yenthinai kondu   nin dhyanavu homavum,

Anthargatham  ini yenthonnu   durmathe  ,

Jeevithasaa  they baliyasi manase  ,

Ha , vidhi vaibhavam   yethrayum adbutham,

Ardham  purushannu bharyayallo bhuvi,

SAthrkkal vannu avale pidichethrayum,

Badha peduthunnathum  kandirikkayil,

Mruthyu  bhhavikkunnathu    athyuthamam yevannum,

Nanavum  pathniyum vendila    ivannu ,

Than   prana bhayam kondu , moodan mahakhalan.”


What  is the need for   your meditation and Homa,

What  are    your thoughts   oh   blockhead,

The love for life is perhaps uppermost in your mind,

Ha , this play    of fate    is greatly surprising,

Is not the wife  , half of a person in this world,

To any one death is more preferable   than,

Seeing her   being caught   hold of by your enemies,

 And her    being troubled by them endlessly,

You do not need a wife    as well as shame,

Because of the fear   for life of this fool and greatly  wicked person.


Bharya   vialapangal  kettu Dasanananan,

Dhairyam akannu   valumai sathwaram,

Angdhan  thannodu adthan  athu kandu,

Thunga sareerikalaya    kapikalum,

Rathrinjeswara   pathniyeyum  ,

Ayacharthu   vilichu  purathu ponnedinaar,

Homam asesham   mudakki vayam yennu  ,

Ramanthike    chennu  kai thouzhutheedinaar.


Hearing   the wailing   of his wife  ,

Bereft of his   courage  , along with the sword.

Went near    Angadha   and those  monkeys,

Being    of a very tall body  ,

Leaving   out the wife of that   Rakshasa,

And shouting loudly   all of them came   out  ,

And   went near   Rama  and saluted him  ,

And told , “We have completely stopped the Homa,”


Mandodhariyodu  anusarichu anneram,

Pandithanaya   dasasyanum   chollinaan,

“Nadhe,  darikka  deivadheenam okkeyum,

Jathanayal  marikkunnathin munname  ,

Kalpichathellam  anubhavicheedanam,

Ippol   anubhavam itharam mamakam,

Jnanam asrithya   sokam kalanjidu nee  ,

Jnana vinasanam   sokam ariga nee ,

Ajnana sambhavam   sokamakunnathum,

Ajnanna   jatham   ahangaram aayathum.”


Softly    the very learned    ten faced one,

At   that   time told his wife Mandodhari,

“Darling  , Understand that  everything is the wish of God,

To anyone who is born  , before he dies,

All that has been fated   should be experienced.

For us the present time is like this,

Depending on wisdom  , leave out this sorrow,

Understand that  destruction of wisdom is sorrow,
And   the experience  of ignorance   also is sorrow,

And also that  pride   is the product  of ignorance.”


Naswaramaya   sareeradhikalile  ,

Viswasavum   punar   Ajnana sambhavam,

DEha moolam  puthra dharadhi bandhavum,

DEhikku   samsaravum   athu   karanam,

Soka  bhaya  krodha   lobha moha  spruha,

Raga   harshadhi  jara   mruthyu  janmangal,

Ajnanangal  akhila janthukkalkku,

Ajnaam  yellam akale   kalaga   nee,.”


The belief   in the purely temporary body  ,

Is again     a   happening  out  of ignorance, as also

The relation  with son and    wife  is  through the body,

As  the   domestic life to the being is   through that.

Sorrow, fear  , anger  , avarice  , attachment , longing,

Sensations   , happiness , old age   , death   and  birth,

Are  all ignorance   to all the beings,

And  so throw out this ignorance   far- far   away.


Jnana  swaroopan , atma, paran  , adhvayan,

Ananda poorna  swaroopan  , alepakan,

Onninodilla  samyogam athinnu ,

Mathonninodilla   viyogam orikkalum,

Aathmaanam ingane  kandu thelinjudan ,

Atmani sokam  kalage   nee vallabhe  ,

Jnan ini  Sri Rama Lakshmanan mareyum,

Vanaranmareyum konnu  vanneduvan.

Alloikilo  Rama   Sayakam methu,

Kaivalyavum  prapippan illoru samsayam,

Yenne   Raman kola cheyyugil  Sitaye  ,

Konnu kalanju yudan   yennodu koodave  ,

Pavakan   thangal pathichu   marikka nee  ,

Bhavanayodum yennal gathiyum varum.


The soul has the    form of pure wisdom,

Is divine , cannot be divided , is full of joy  ,

Is one that cannot be moulded and