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Afterwardby theTranslator


About 5 months back†† when one of my e-mail friends requested me to translate†† Adhyathma†† Ramayanain to English along with translation, I who firmly believes††† that†† God wantedit be done and he would do it for meordereda copy of Adhyathma Ramayanam from Mathrubhumi press online.

Istarted†† the translation in right earnestonMay5th.Then my friend asked me whethereI wouldbe

Able to complete†† it beforethis yearís Ramayana Masa†† ends,I was not hopeful. One reason was my age†† and another was†† the extreme difficulty†† in reading the book with†† words (more than 50% words were pure sansrit)were†† joined together . Then†† the God who wanted it†† to be completed by the end of Ramayana Masa,gave me the energy and knowledge. Today, on the last but one dayof the Ramayana masa†† I have uploaded†† the last portion of my translation.

Till today about 2500people have visited my blog. Large number of them informed me†† that†† they wereusing it for the Parayanam of the entire book. I have a request†† to future visitors.This great book is the treasure of all Hindu Malayalis. All the people†† who can read it in Malayalam should read it from there. Those who cannot, can use†† my humble contribution. Please inform all your friends about this new translation effort.

†† It is a very great book which apart from the story of Rama containslarge number of great prayers†† as well asphilosophical discussion including Rama Gita.I have been on tears, many times†† while translating itbecause the lines in the book moved me to it.To my limited knowledge this Is the first time thatit hasbeen translated from Malayalam to English and†† put on the web. May God bless all of you,