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Naurani Sastha Preethi songs






Nurani   is one of the very famous Agraharams of Palakkad   Town with large number of Brahmin houses. The people who originally inhabited this Agraharam believe  that they have migrated to this village from Thiruvannamali of Tamil Nadu. It seems after their ancestors decided to settle in that place and when they were clearing the bushes in the western side of the village , The labourers who were from the nearby Harijan colony  heard a sound akin to the ringing of bells as well as  very aromatic perfume like scent. The Brahmins of the village were informed about this .  Further digging was done very carefully and three cylindrical stones as well as a flat stone were recovered from there.  The astrologers who were summoned to   find out what they are told that the Three cylindrical shapes were  the idols of Dharma Sastha and his two consorts, Poorna and Pushkala and the flat stone  was  that  of Bhagawathy  (Some say Malikapurathamma). The idols of Sastha and that of Poorna  and Pushkala were   installed in the Nurani   agraharam and the  the idol of Bhagawathi was installed in the harijan colony of Kaikuthu Paramba. The people of the Agraharam    built a temple for Sastha   along with his consorts.  Later they came to know that there was a Namboodiri in that place before the agraharam was built    and he was a great devotee of Aryankavu Sastha  . He used to visit the Aryankavu every year but when he became old and was not able to visit Aryankavu,  the Lord appeared in his dream and ordered him to  install his statutes in front of his house and worship them.  People of Nurani believe that these were the idols worshipped by that Namboodiri. The people of the village believe that all this happened more than 200 years earlier.  At  That time Ayyappan as a God was not popular among Brahmins of Kerala .  But Sastha with his consorts was very popular   in Thirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. There   are even today , large number of  Sastha temples  in that district. It is in one such village called Kulathoor which is near  Kallidai Kurichi town that  the practice of Sastha Preethi   originated.  This village had a group of Brahmins called Karanthayar  Brahmins. They were essentially business people and used to carry out   trade in various parts of  Kerala. In due course they first settled in  Ernakulam and later  In Trichur. (they were called Pondy Brahmins) . These  settlers   were called the Pondi Samooham in kerala.  One  of the members  of this samooham was  a family  of Kambangudi. It seems this family helped Swami Ayyappan by providing him food when he came   to hunt for a tigress. At That time it is believed   that  The Lord promised them that   he would be  with them wherever they go and would assist them.(Kambangudikku  naan adimai-I am a slave to the Kambangudi family) .  It was possibly  that this family which started   the Sastha Preethi as   we know it now.  It is  essentially confined to the Brahmin community . (A similar function  carried out by the Non Brahmin community is called  Ayyappan Vilakku. ) After the worship and singing songs extolling Dharma Sastha , a wholesome food is provided    to all the Brahmins. It seems in Kualthoor  where it seems to have originated  , the eighteen agraharams used to join together and perform it in a grand way .  It is not clear   when Sastha Preethi started being celebrated in Kerala  agraharams. Possibly it started in a small way  in the Pondi Agraharams  in Ernakulam. But the Grand Sastha Preethi which is being celebrated  in Noorani  must have originated from here. I am telling this because  , Most of the Sastha preethi songs are addressed to the Then Kulathoor Ayyan though  the villagers claim that they are celebrating it for the past    300 years. It is not at all clear about the format of the Sastha Pattukkal at the earliest times.  One of the great  Musician of Nurani called  Parameswara Bhagawathar who was in the court of King Swathi Thirunal Maharaja , has played a key role in collecting these songs.

    Most   of these songs are addressed    to the Thenkulathoor ayyan.  Many people still believe that    the Kulathoor that they are referring in Kulathoor  puzha.  But this is not so , because  in Kualthoor puzha Sastha is consecrated    as a child and not as one who was married to Poorna and Pushkala.  It is also interesting to note that  there is only one idol of the boy Sastha  in Aryan Kavu (Namboodiri  is supposed to have consecrated it based on this temple) , But  In Kulathoor Sastha temple which is near  Kallidai Kurichi    the sastha is with  his queens Poorna and Pushkala.   Another important aspect about Nurani Sastha  songs is that   they extol also  the  son of Sastha called Chella Pillai, and many couriers of Sastha Like Vella Kal bhootham, SAngili Sastha,  Yakshi , Karuppan and so on.  Chella Pillai and these   Bhootha courtiers of Sastha are not very popular  in the Ayyappan cult  of Sabari Malai. It is interesting to note that   they are mentioned and are also popular   in the KUlathhor temple  of  Kallidai Kurichi. Another interesting aspect of these  songs is that  almost all of them are in Tamil. Since the Palakkad Tamil is  not pure but to a certain extent mixed with Malayalam , the words in the songs are  mostly spelled in Palakkad Tamil . Except for one or two dhyana slokas   in Sanskrit, few Vanchi Pattu(Boat songs)  in Malayalam  , all the text is in Tamil. I had struggled to translate these songs in to English because of this . I am sure large number of mistakes are still there . I request readers   to point out these mistakes to me as comments or  by mail to my e-mail ID. I am requesting this because this great treasure of songs about Sastha which we have inherited must be preserved for posterity in a language that  they can understand.



How the Sastha Preethi are   sung in  Nurani


(From a  book called Nurani  Sastha preethi Padal  published by Sri N.E.Padmanabhan and  Sri N.E.Anantheswaran  in 2005)


In Nurani Sastha Preethi  is not a   one or two days function.  The festival starts  from  the commencement of the Mandalam every year. Around 9 Pm   all devotees assemble   in the temple   for

the ardhajama pooja  and sing   Bhajans  in conventional  style  peculiar to Nurani  .Changalavatta( Oil lamp hanging on a chain) is lighted and after breaking coconut in the Sastha  SAnnidhi  and after three pradakshinams accompanied by Nadaswaram , all devotees sit   in two opposite lines facing each other at  the  Sastha sannidhi. Destined Bhagawathar with the permission of elders  commences  the songs  as per Padathi (Practice)  giving importance to Sastha songs , natta, thodaya mangalam,  viruthams  , keerthanams   and then Deeparadhana is performed. After Deeparadhana   and distribution of prasadams    concluding  poojas   and songs continue. Manthra pushpam, Swarna pushpam  , Chathurveda parayanam   and Aseervadams  are chanted.One stanza from shiva ashtakam , ashtapadi and a keerthanam  , followed by thevaram  , virutham, pathyam  , venpa , kalithurai  , NaLANGU, Kummi , Choornikai, Oonjal   Nadai chuthal   and Vazthu follow.

    In the fourth and fifth week of the mandalam  , after singing the usual songs  an auspicious   Wednesday or Saturday is selected    for starting the “Avesha Pattu”  , For this , senior devotees   prostrate  before the Lord Dharma Sastha and seek permission   from the president and members as well as elders  of the village   to commence the Sastha songs. Afterwards  Avesha pattu is  sung on all wednedays and Saturdays till Sastha preethi. These songs  alert  the devotees   and create inspiration   and Bhakthi in them . The Komaram or Velichappadu  known as Narthakas  dance around the temple   to the tune of the songs to add gaiety to the occasion. Senior Komaram   is given  Sword and big rings(Thandai)   and are adorned with Koorai(Red cloth)  They dance around the temple   distributing Vibhuthi prasdams, which instuills   faith and devotion.

     These songs are  to be sung only  in the traditional way  and ragas/.thalams   should not be changed   to maintain    age old tradition    and the sentiments   and devotion which go with these  songs.

Preceding wedneday before Sastha preethi , Sastha  savarna  sahasranama   archana to Sastha is performed and on Thursday  1008  SAnku pooja   and Abishekam   to Lord Maha Vishnu are performed. Further  Poorna dravya  abishekam to Sastha  and Kalababishekam to  Vishnu are    also performed.

     On the auspicious Saturday   after mandalam  Sastha pretha is scheduled  except on Shukla Sashti , Ekadasi , Amavasya and Pournami.

     After all great religious observations  on the Sastha preethi day , which includes a great feast , at night  Vanji Pattu commences.  After four pradakshinams of the temple  , all devotees assemble together and sing all the songs as usual.


    I have only heard about these   great songs sung during Sastha Preethi at Nurani(Noorani) .When I wanted to translate them in to English, Sri P.V.AnathaNarayanan   , who is my friend encouraged me do it. He also gave me a English transliterated version of  The entire Sastha Preethi songs  done by Sri Choodamani Noorani Hariharan  alias Sunil  of New delhi.  I have completely used these transliterated texts. My grateful thanks   are to Sunil , who has done a back breaking job  of typing the very large number of songs  in English. Sri P.V.Ananthanarayanan also gave me a printed Tamil book   called Noorani  Sastha Preethi Padal published in 2005 by  Sri N.E.Padmanabhan   and Sri N.E.Anatheswaran in 2005.  Whenever I had doubts I have referred to this book. My grateful acknowledgements  to both thse authors , who live in Mumbai. My grateful acknowledgments are also due to  my friend Sri P.V.Ananthanarayanan.

 Without the blessing of the Lord Dharma Sastha , I simply could not have done the job I took up. My anantha koti Namaskarams to him.

As per tradition  the songs commence with  a prayer to Lord Ganesa.


1.         Ganapathy  Stuthi


Kunjara  vadana   undhan   kancha   maamalar   padhathai

Thanjamendradi   paninthen   thaarakaa   pottri   pottri

Vanchimaamalayil  vaazhum  dharmasaasthrayyan  meethil  paada

Chanchalamtheerthu  enkal  nenchakam  kudikolvaayey


Oh  Elephant faced God , I  have   surrendered   to your.

Lotus like feet , Oh Tharakaa  ,  hail. Hail,

For singing about  The Dharma Sastha   who lives in great  Vanchi mountain,

Please  remove our nervousness   and start living in our  hearts.

   Tharakaa-One with a shape of “Om”

    Vanchi mountain –western ghats.


Next prayer   is addressed to Goddess  Saraswathi


Maanikkaveenai  oru  kayyinil  thaangiyey

Mahimayoorum  ishaipaadidum  mandhahaasini

Divyasundaraangi  kamalmandiraalayamathil  vaazhum

Vaanikki  ananthamaanasa  poojai  vakaiperavum  mika

Uravumaai  vandanam  sheykintra  anthanar  shiruvarkalaam

Engalukku  arul  purikuvaayey


Oh Goddess  with a pretty smile , who is  holding  a gem studded Veena ,

in her hand and sings   , songs which have   potential,

Oh Goddess  with pretty mien, Who is the Vani who lives   in the temple of lotus,

On  these  Brahmin* lads, who are  mentally worshipping you,

Along with their relations, shower   your grace

       * Brahmin lads only participate in Sastha Preethi..


Prayer to Guru


Hariharasuthanaam  dheeran  aariyan  meethil  paada

Guruvarpaadhapadmayugalamey  chintha  sheiythu

Shiruvarum  elithil  ullam  theliyavey  swami  meethil

Sharivara  sthuthikkavey  yaan  shattrinen  pohti  pothi


To sing about the very courageous   Arya who is the  son of Vishnu and Shiva,

We meditate   on the lotus  like  pair  of feet  of the Guru,

So that we the youngsters would have a clear mind,

By  reciting  the prayer   on the God, I am praising you, hail, hail.


Anai mukathon Thambi   arul kumaranukku ilayon ,

Vanavar pothum vani vanthu  yenakkarula   vendum,

Senayim thalaivar pothum  then kulathooril ayyan,

Kaanaka   vilayattellam  karuthudan uraippai  nenje.


Brother of Lord  Ganesa , younger brother  of  Lord Subramanya

The Goddess  Saraswathi praised   by the Devas should come and bless me,

And oh heart , with sincerity   relate   the plays in the forest  ,

Of  the Ayyappan of Thenkulathoor*who is worshipped by chiefs of army.


*The Kulathoor near Kallidai kurichi of Thirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu.


Anthanar munivar shoozhum  athbutha  sabhayai  pohti

Mandhiram  kayyilena  valar  kulathooraan  meethil

Chinthayil  udhitha  shollay  cheppumen  kavi  vilanga

Skanthanum  guruvum  vaani  gajamukhan  kaappy thaamey


After praising this assembly  surrounded by Brahmins and sages,

For  the words that raise  in my mind    about The God of Then kulathoor ,

Whose   temple   grew up as if it is held  in our hands,

To be made in to a poem , let  Lord Subramanya Guru, Sarasawathi and Ganapathi  protect us.


Muntharul  shivanai  pohti  moorkhanaam  asuran  pahti

Indhiravaramum  ettri  eeshanaar  vesham  thottri

Painthodi  pakara nirthi  paarthipan  viraham  maattri

Santhathiyaana  moorthey  dharmasasthrey  namasthey


Hail to  Shiva   who is pleased first , who to kill  the   bad Asura*,

Based on the boon given  to Indra,  took  a form  different from his own,

Made  Goddess Parvathi stand  and  put an end to problem of Arjuna,

And Oh Sastha   who  is his   son, my salutations.


*Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi took  the form of hunters to kill an asura  to help Arjuna


Konkani kusavum katti kovai vaii   idazhum moodi,

Poonkuyil kuralum ittu, Poorna pushkalayayum vettu,

Pangudan karantha nattin bhakthanukku abhayam ittu ,

Then kavi  kavithai ootum chelvan mel   cholven Pattu.


Showing  his  armoured chest , closing his  mouth as red as  Kovai fruit,

Sounding like   the  koel of the flower, marrying  Poorna and Pushkala,

With grace , he gave   protection to the devotee  of Karantha Nadu* ,

And singing the southern poetry  is my darling and  I will tell songs about him.

     *Kulathoor  belongs to Karanthai  agraharam


Aanai  maamukhaney  unthan  malaradi  paninthen

Bhootha  senakaavananaam  enkal  then  kulathoorilayyan

Kaanakam  thannil  munnaal  karuthudan  udhitha  sheykai

Jnaanamaai  naanum  paada  naavil  vantharuluvaayey


I salute at   your lotus like feet , oh  God having face  of a big elephant,

And our lord of Thenkulathoor , the protector   of Bhoothas ,

Who appeared with great  good intention   inside  the  forest

Please  come  on my toungue    so that , I can sing about it.


Neeradiye  mulai paal ooti  , nithyam nithyam thalaati,

Ubamayai thottil aati , thanayar irandum paarattiye,

Adiyaar  thamakku  parinchudarai neerattil vaazhum Gananadhan padam ,

Dhinam thozhaai   nenjame .


After taking bath, feeding breast milk , daily and daily singing lullabies ,

After rocking two cradles, when both sons appreciated  ,

The Ganesa lives as a flame   in the heart  of devotees,

And please   salute   his feet   daily, oh mind.



Thejo  mandala  madhyagam  thrinayanam  divyaambaraalankrutham

Devam  pushap  sharekshu  kaarmukalasath  maanikya  paathraabhayam

Bibraanam  kara pankajair  madhagaja  skanthaathi  roodam  vibhum

Saasthaaram  varadham  namaami sathatham  thrai lokya  sammohanam


I daily salute  that  Sastha   who gives us boons, who  is prettiest   in the three  worlds,

Who is in the middle of   shining  orbit, who has three  eyes, who wears divine cloths,

Who is the god with flowers, bow  , arrow  , vessel of Manikhya gem  ,

Who protects the Brahmins by his lotus  like hand and rides  on an elephant .



Sree  poornaa  pushkalaabhyaam  bhrushamathi  vilasath Paarshwa  bhaagam  gajendram

Skandhaaroodathigamyam  mukulitha  nayanam Mohini  mohanaangam

Naanaarathnoughabhoosham  sphadiga  maninibham Bhasma  hasthena  deeptham

Saasthaaram  saarvabhowmam  sakala  shubhakaram Sarvakaalam  namaami.


I always  salute the great Lord Sastha , who  grants all auspiciousness,

Who shines   along with Poorna   and Pushkala , who has  an elephant at his side,

On whom he rides , who has flower like eyes, Who is the pretty son of Mohini,

Who wears several costly  gems , Who shines  like crystal, and who wears sacred ash on his hand





2.         Jaya veeraa manikantaa                                                  (Naattai)


Jayaveeraa  manikantaa Devaney  kaanthamalai

Uyarkeethi  padaitha  kula thooraa en swamy                     (Jaya Jaya…)


Victory  to  Manikanta  ,  the God  of Kanthamalai,

Who has great fame  and is my God   of Kulatheer.


      Kantha malai- Magnetic mountain  where  Lord Ayyappa lives.


Vayal shoozh kerala naattil vaasaney  adiyavarkal

Bhayam theerthu  rakshikkum parama  krupayaalaa         (Jaya Jaya…)


Oh God who lives in Kerala surrounded  by fields ,

Oh Merciful God  who removes fear of devotees  and protects them


Urai shenthamizh kanukoolaa uthamaa sad gunasheelaa

Parimeethil  natanam sheyyum pankaja porpaadhaa          (Jaya Jaya…)


Oh God who likes  good  tamil speech , Oh god with very good conduct ,

Oh God with lotus like feet who dances on a horse


Sarasanennum  shella ppillai            shaavalanum  pani yarashan

Arashanai kali theerkkum ayya en swami  (kulathooraa)   (Jaya Jaya…)


The very desirable  darling son  who does    all jobs ,

Oh Lord who  removed  the  sorrow  of the king , Oh my god


Thanjamennai  kaarum ayyaa dharmaroo paathuyyaa

Kunjarathil  varumayyaa then kulathooril ayyaa                 Jaya Jaya…)


Oh God having Dharma  as form, Oh pure one , please  protect me,

Please come on elephant   in Thenkulathoor


Ponnin mani samkaashaa poorna push kalai neshaa

Kanniyarkal  maharaajaa siva  kaantha malai vaasaa       (Jaya Jaya…)


Oh God who resembles Gold, Oh God who loves Poorna and Pushkala ,

Oh king of maids , Oh God who lives in Shiva kantha mountains


Anda randa bhageerandaa aanathor  adimai kondaa

Vendaayathaal uddhandaa jaya veera mani kantaa                      (Jaya Jaya…)


Oh God who is the globes of  universe, please  make me your slave ,

Oh God who  became powerful by being a king , Victory to Valorous Manikanda*

               *When Lord Ayyappa was found  , he had a thread chain in which a gem was tied up.


Jayadharmaa paripaalaa jaya mano hara sheelaa

Jaya bhaktha jana mithraa jaya shatru naashaa             (Jaya Jaya…)


Victory to him who maintains Dharma, Victory to one having pretty conduct,

Victory   to friend of devotees, Victory to destroyer of enemies


Palakkaattu cheri samooham paramaney hariharan shol

Arunthavamey then kulathoor ayya en swamy                          (Jaya Jaya…)


Oh God who is considered as  Harihara swamy even in slums of Palakkad ,

Oh great penance  , Oh Lord of Thenkulathoor, Oh my god.




3.       Kulathooril  mevukintra                               Nattai  (vera  mattu)


Kulathooril  mevukintra kunjarathil  varukintra

Anthanarkal  pukazhkintra veera  manikantaa  -  jaya


Victory   the  valorous Manikanda   who lives  in Kulathoor ,

Who rides on an elephant    and who is praised  by Brahmins


Maaneduthu  vilayaadum vandulaa vi sheikal  paadum

Vaanavar  dinam  kondaadum vaazh  kulathoorilayyaa then kulathooril ayya


Oh Lord of Kulathoor   where    deer play , bees roam and  play music,

Where     devas daily  praise , Oh Lord  of Thenkulathoor



Shiva  kaantha  malai  mevum shingaara chandhana  kkaavil

Shella ppillayudan  mevum then kulathoorilayyaa Vaazh kulathooril ayya


Oh God who lives in Shivakanthamalai  in the very pretty sandal wood temple  ,

And who roams as darling son in Then Kulathoor     and Lord who lives in Kulathoor.


Hariharan  arul  baalaa anaivarkkum  anukoolaa

Aariyan kaavinil  vaazhum ayyaa  muthayyaa


Oh Boy who is graced by Shiva and Vishnu , Who is partial to all ,

Oh Lord who lives in Aaryan kavu, Oh darling lord.



4.         Sharanam  sharanam


Sharanamumaithiru              sharana malaradi

Thanthu  enthanai                 aaluvaai

Sharanam  then  kula                        thooril  meviya

Sharanamey  jaga                  dheeshaney                (sharanam sharanam…)


I surrender , please   give your divine feet ,

And  rule over   me  ,

I surrender   to the great God  who,

Existed as protection in Thenkulathoor.


Shankaran  thiru maal          ukantharul

Chathuranaakiya                   thuyyaney

Engalukku  varam                 kodutharul

Eeshaney                                sarveshaney               (sharanam sharanam…)


Oh pure one   who is   very clever  and ,

Is the joint grace   of Lord Vishnu and  Shiva,

Please  grant   us   boons,

As God and   as God of all.


Chandhana kkavil                  chendhooram  kondu

Vanthu indhiran                    paniyavey

Anthanarkku                          varam kodutharul

Ayyaney  pukazh                   meyyaney                   (sharanam sharanam…)


When Indra   brought Chendooram  ,

And bowed before him in sandalwood   temple  ,

And requested “Please give boons   to Brahmins ,

Oh Lord , Oh truthful one who is famous.”


Vellakkal  bhootham               shella ppillayum

Virumbbhi thozhum               bhootha  naathaney

Ullam thannil  urai                 harikkum  haranukkum

Unmayaakiya                         puthraney

Swaamiyaakiya                      puthraney                   (sharanam sharanam…)


Oh  Lord of Bhoothas who is saluted by  Vellakal bhoothan*,

As well as  by the darling son  with   desire **,

Oh  God who is     the true son of  Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva,

Oh  son who is the   God.

  *One of the chief courtier of lord Sastha

   ** Shella pillai –darling son of Lord Sastha.


Andar munivarkal                  kandu  paninthida

Adhika varam tharum            bodhaney

Kondral pozhinthidum           thendral  kaavinil

Ulaavum  kulathooril             ayyaney

Swami  kulathooril                 ayyaney                      (sharanam sharanam…)


Oh God who gives  lots of boons,

To  the sages  of the world , when they see and salute you,

Oh Lord of Kulathoor  who wanders in the garden where  the wind flows,

Oh God who is the  lord of Kulathoor


Shiriyel urai sheiythen          poomi mel alli

Shirakkavey  arul                   purikuvaay

Hariharan  thiru                    baalanaey  pukazh

Adhipan then                         kulathooraney                        (sharanam sharanam…)


I the lowly one said , Please  help,

To  the lotus to bloom in this world,

Oh son of Shiva    and Vishnu,

Who is the lord    and king of Thenkulathoor.





5.         Murahara nagadhara


Murahara nagadhara                        mukundha  maadhavaa

Garuda  gamana                    pankaja  naabhaa  -  krishnaa

Parama purusha                    bhava  bhanjana  keshavaa

Naramruga shareera              namo  namo

Hari  naaraayanathey                       namo namo

Naradha  sannutha                namo namo

Hari  naaraayanathey                       namo namo


Killer of Mura, one who carried the mountain  , Mukundha , Madhva ,

One who travels on  Garuda  , One who has lotus on his belly , Krishna,

Oh Divine Purusha  whois Kesava who destroys accumulated Karma,

Oh God with body of man and the beast salutations,

Oh Hari   and Narayana, to you my salutations,

Oh God to whom Narada is the devotee  , salutations ,

Oh Hari   and Narayana, to you my salutations,



Aadhi  deva sakalaagama      poojitha

Yaadhava  kula  mohana       roopaa – krishnaa

Vedhodhara thiru                   venkita  naayakaa

Radha  priyathey                    namo namo                 (hari naraayanathey….)


Oh Primeval God who is worshipped by all Vedas,

Oh pretty one born in Yadava clan,

Oh Lord  of Venkitachala who lifts the Vedas ,

Oh darling   of Radha     salutations



Jaladhi shayana                     ravi chandra vilochanaa

Jala ruha bhava nutha          charana  yugam  - krishnaa

Bali bandhana                                    go vardhana giridhara

Nalinordharathey                   namo namo                 (hari naraayanathey….)


Oh God who sleeps on ocean,  who has  sun and moon as eyes,

Who is Krishna whose feet is saluted   by the elephant in water ,

Who tied   the great Mahabali  , Who carried Govardhana mountain,

And who has   pretty eyes , My salutations.



6.         Thodaya mangalam


            (The song of auspiciousness normally sung before  starting the Bhajan)

Maadhava  bhava thuthey                mangalam

Madhumura  harathey                       mangalam       Krishna


Hey Madhava  Mangalam(auspiciousness)  to you

Hey  killer of Madhu and Mura ,  Mangalam to you Krishna


Naravara nandhanaa                                    naagari kethanaa

Maragatha  mani nilaa                      mangalam  Krishnaa


Son of blessed  man ,                              The enemy  of serpent

Who is   blue like   emerald                 mangalam  Krishna


Sundhara thanujayaa                                    koojitha noopuraa

Sundhara vadhanashree                   mangalam Krishna


One with pretty body  with the  singing anklets,

One who has   a  pretty face  ,  Mangalam Krishna.



Mandhaara  vanamaalaa                   vaaniya guna gana

Sreeranga poorachandra                    mangalam krishnaa


One who wears garland  of forest flowers, who  has the proper  diction,

The full moon   of Sreeranga  , Mangalam  Krishna


Maadhava  bhava thuthey                mangalam      

Madhumura  harathey                       mangalam       Krishnaa

Maadhava  bhava thuthey                mangalam


Hey Madhava  Mangalam to you

Hey  killer of Madhu and Mura ,  Mangalam to you Krishna

Hey Madhava  Mangalam to you


Ranga puraalayaa                              raaghava paalayaa

Mandhara giridharaa                         mangalam

Sangeetha saahithyaa                       sarasa gunaalayaa     (Sreeranga ….)


One who has temple in Sri Ranga , one who is young  Rama ,

One who lifted  Mandhara mountain , Mangalam

One who is blessed    with   the beauty  of  text of songs , Mangalam





                                        (spontaneous improvisations)

1.Oyaamal ummudaya mantram japithu     

Manamum vanthu shei poojayellaam

            Ulaginil poyyendru sholluvathu sathyamo unmayaai chollum ayyaa ?


            Oh Lord say   whether is true  that

            “Chanting   your manthra without stop,

            And doing  the worship done  whole heartedly,

            Is useless in this world”  ,.  


            Thaayaana unnai antri gathiyilen ennai nee thalli vidal neethiyaamo ?


             Since you are  my mother , pushing me ( who does not have any support,) away ,

             Is it proper   and justified?


Thamiyen sheyyaparaadham shatha koti yaakilum

Kshami yaathiruppathu azhago ?


Even if   I have done is hundred crores of mistakes,

Is it proper for you not to pardon them?


Vaayaravey  kilichol pontra nin sthuthigal mainthan naan mura ittum

Manthu irangaathathu yen entru naan arikilen

Maadeva maal mainthaney

Oh Son of Lord   Shiva   and Lord Vishnu ,

Though I beseech you  by ‘parrot like chanting of your prayers’,

And as  a son   I  humbly requested  you,

I do not  know why , your mind  does  not melt?


Eeyaatha lobharkalkku iru naangu shelvamum

Ishainthu arul puriyavillayoh

            Eeshan makizh devi lalitheshwariyin baalaney

Pari pooranaanandhaney


Have  you not with consent give ,

Large amount of wealth to   the misers   who do not give any charity?

Oh  son   of the Goddess  who makes  Lord Shiva pleased,

Oh God who is fully and divinely joyous.


2.Aarvamenum  koyilamaithu  arivenum  deivathai naatti

Ahankaarama enum  aanavathai  bali  koduthu 

Buddhiyenum  pushpathaal  maalai  shootti 

Perinpam enum  choodathai  jnana oliyinaal  ettri 

Thannai  maranthu  sabarimalai  thalaivan idam 

Sheru varuveerey  jagatheerey.


After   building a temple called desire ,

After consecrating  there the god   called  wisdom,

After   sacrificing  the animal called  pride ,

After garlanding with flowers called intelligence ,

After  lighting the camphor called divine joy, along with light of divine wisdom,

Forgetting yourself, please come to be  one  with Lord  of Sabari mountain, Oh people




           (Sanskrit verses)


            1.Drushtwaa  mayaa swaroopam  , Shiva hrudayaharam,

Basma  paitheya   sathrum,

Vishnum devo   mahesam  madana vara vasaan,

Thapa sambhogamasmath


Jatham  lokopakare    Harihara  thanayam  ,

Thanveenaam bana hastham  ,

Vandheham  Bhoothanadham  , sakala ripu haram,

Sooryakodi prakasam


After Seeing   the illusory form which was stealing the mind of Lord Shiva,

Of Lord Vishnu   who was  the  father  of the enemy whom he burnt ,

Shiva got in to the hold of God of love  and made  love to him.


Then the son was born to Shiva and Vishnu   for helping the world ,

That  Lord of the Bhoothas   saluted ,  the bow holding mother ,

And became the   destroyer of all enemies and had the light of billion suns.


            2.Aa shyaama komala vishaalathanum vichitram

Vaasovasaanam arunolpala dhaama hastham

Uthunga ratna makutam kutilaagra kesham

Saasthaaram ishta varadham sharanam prapadyey


I seek the protection of Sastha who loves his devotees,

Who has the peculiar pretty black body colour,

Who lives till the end of the world,

Who has dawn like hands which resemble  lightning

Who has tall crown made of   costly gems,

And Who has curly and pretty  hair.



7          Aadhaaram  un  Paadham  allaal                                (panthuvaraali)


Aadhaaram  un  paadhamallaal  ayyaa  verundoh

un  paadhamallaal  ayyaa  verundoh

Bhoothalathil  bahujanam  poojai  sheikintraar

Pulikkottil  ayyappaney  en swami                            (aadhaaram……)


Oh Lord, Except your feet is there   any other  support,

Except your feet  is there any  other support,

In this world , very many people worship you,

Oh  Ayyappa of Pulikodu, My God 


Deshaadhi  deshamellaam  thirinthen  aashayinaaley

Dehamellaam  vaadi  thurumpaachey

Eeshwara  maaka  ennai  mikavumm rakshitharulvaayi

Vaasaney  enkal  sarveshwaraney  haraney                        (aadhaaram……)


Due to desire I roamed  from country to another country,

And  all my body wilted and became like a straw,

Oh God  , please    greatly   protect   me,

Oh Vasa, Oh our God of all, Oh Hara.


Mikavum  ummai  nampi  vanthaal  arukil  vanthaal

Virunthendru  neer  shummaa  irukkalaamoh

Jegam  thannil  un  pukizhai  sthuthikkum  adiyavarkku

Chitham  irangumayyaa  muthayyaa                       (aadhaaram……)


When believing in you  I Come , I come near you,   

Assuming I am your guest,  Should you keep quite?

Oh Muthaiah*  please  have mercy in your heart,

To those devotees of the world who praise   you.

*One name of Ayyappa         


Thirupuram  eri  sheitha  harihara  maninaathaa

Siddhadhi  siddharellaam  deva  devaa

Harihara  puthiranaam  aandavan  pulikkottil

Ayyappaney  pulikkottil  meyyappaney  haraney     (aadhaaram……)


Oh Harihara mani nadha who burnt   the three   cities,

Oh God of Gods    to all  Sidhas.

Oh  God who is son of Vishnu and Shiva , Oh Ayyappa of Pulikode ,

Oh True   Lord   of Pulikode


8.         Engum  unthan  keerthi                                     (Chenchurutti)


Engum  unthan  keerthiyey  keerthi

            pongum  valar  noornai  vaazh          pulikkottil  ayyaa

            Engum  unthan  keerthiyey  keerthi


             Everywhere   there is only your fame,

            Oh Lord of Pulikode ,  who  lives  in the very famous Noorani

            In all places there is only your fame .


Karthigai  maasathil  unthan  vilakkey

Ummai kaakshi tharum  baala  mahaa janarkkey

Unthan keerthanai  thannai  pukazhum  anthanarkkey

Entrum kittaatha  varamarulum  keerthi  thaan  umakkey (Engum….)


Your Vilakku(lamp)  is in the month of Karthigai,

And for the sake  of those  children to see,

To the Brahmins who sing your fame ,

You have the fame  of giving the boons that no  one gets.


Swami Vedi  vishari  kadhanai  kudai nerunga

Muzhakkam megham  idi  ethiridi  pol  muzhangaa

nalla    padakka  chakra  vaanakkambham  vilanga

vantha            paradeshiyaarkkum  annadhaana mika  vazhanga            (Engum….)


Oh God, with crackers , fan and  Big crackers nearing you,

Making a sound that    resembles   the thunder ,

For  making the  Pada Chakra vana   to be clearly seen,

And to give   food    even for the strangers.


Swami Mannavar dhinam  ummai  kondaada

Deiva   maathar venchaamarangal  poda

Unthan   sannadhi  vidhaanathai  kondaada

Swami sathirudaney  pulavor  sangeetham  ishai  paada  (Engum….)


Oh God with kings    singing   your great fame ,

With Apsara  maidens fanning with white Chamaras,

For   celebrating   your presence in temple  ,

Oh God  with poets    singing music along with dance


Swami Poothalathil  illai  intha  puthumai

ummai Pottrum  pala  mahaajanagal  nalamai

engal   Aadhi  keshava  un  thiru valimai

aarkum Ariyakkoodaatha  puli  kkottilayyan  mahaimai     (Engum…)


Oh God   in this world   there  is nothing new,

That    the many people       who praise you are doing well,

And due     the divine strength of  our  Adhi Kesava ,

And due   the power  of lord of Pulikodu  which is not known to people.



9.         Ayyanai  naan  unnai  nambinen                   (Chenchurutti)


Ayyaney  naan  unnai  nambinen  aadharithiduvaai                     

Kulathooril ayyaney  naan  unnai  nambinen  aadharithiduvaai


            Oh Lord I believed in you  and so please support me,

            Oh Lord of Kulathoor  I believed in you, please support me.


            Vayyakathilulla  maanidar  pukazhum

            Vaazhum  kulathooril  ayyaa             – un paadhathil    (ayyanai…..)


             Oh  Lord   who lives   in Kulathoor  who is ,

              Praised  by men in heaven  and  I believed in your feet


            Thingal aninthidum  shankaranaar  shiva

            Linga  phalam  thannill  angam  olikkavey

            Mangai  vadivaana  pankaja  lochanan

            Shenkayyil  udhitha  ponkum- kulathooril     (ayyanai…..)


            When power  of  attraction  of  Lord Shiva ,

            Who wears   the moon  started shining in the limbs,

            Of  the Lotus    eyed   one who had taken the form of a woman,

            In the Kulathoor which  originated   from chenkai


            Pandu  paandya  raajan  mandalam  thanniley

            Kondu  varum  puli  kandu  bhayam  kondu

            Vandaar  kuzhal  maathar  dhandanidum  unthan

            Pundareeka ppadham  rendayyum -  kandu naan     (ayyanai…..)


            In the olden days    in the kingdom of Pandya ,

             Scared  by the tiger    that   you brought ,

            The pretty woman whose hair attracts   the bees,

            Saluting   both   your  lotus  feet  and I saw  you


            Dharaniyil  pukazh  noorani  thanniley

            Pooranai  pushkalai  sherum  oyyaaranai

            Aaranarkal  vedha  paaraayanam  sheyyum

            Veera  manikanta veeraa – un paadhathil      (ayyanai…..)


            In Noorani which is famous in this world ,

            Oh pretty one who is   joined by Poorna   and Pushkala,

             Where   Brahmins     are    reading the Vedas,

             Oh Valorous Mani Kanta ,  on your feet


10.       Varuvaaro  Vaaraaro                                                                 (chenchurutti)


Varuvaaro  vaaraaro  vaazhkulathoor  aadhipanaar

            Vanthum  engal  manakkavalaikal 

Theeraaro  kaaraaro                                                               (varuvaaro….)


 Will The owner Kulthoor    come, will he not come,

After   coming will  be remove  our  worries, will he  protect us.


            Kaattil  shingam  kaduvaai  puli  , karadi  kaandaamrugangaludan

Eettivaal  shingaani villudan            ,Thaashtikathudan  vettayaadi


After   hunting with great power   lion, Cheetha , tiger, bear 

And  rhinoceros  with   the powerful bow


            Kachai  ketti  karuppuduthi  kaaviyooru  maalai  ketti

Pachai pari meethileri Kochi  nagaram  vazhiyaakavaey    


After  tying the Dhothi , after wearing black and wearing the ochre rosary,

After climbing on the boat  , through the town of Kochi      

(Indicates connection with the Pondi Samooham in Cochin)


Veera  kerala  varma  naattil             aarirandum  anjin  melaam

            Paalai  nagar  samooham  entru        Paaraar  pukazh  nooraniyil 


             In the land of Valorous Kerala Verma with ,twelve  Pancha vadhyams ,

             In the Palakkad samooham and in  the world famous Noorani.


            Pandu  paandya  raajan  pendeer     kondavar pinikkaakavaey

            Andamellaam  nadungum  vengai     Konduvanthor  manikantayyan


             In the olden times for   the sickness  of wife of  the Pandya king,

            The Lord Manikanda brought a tigress   which made   the entire world shiver.


            Aaranarkal  vedha  murai                  othum  thiru  nooraniyil

Poorana  pushkalayudaney               Shera  vanthor  kulathoorayyan


In the Divine Noorani where   the Brahmins chant Vedas,

The Lord Of Kulathoor came along with Poorna and Pushkala.                 

11.       Varukira vadivai  naan                                                  (Shurutti)

            Varukira  vadivai  naan  varnithu  shollavum         Vayondri  naalai  aakumoh

            Theruvathil  parimeethil  dharishanam  aakaavey

            Jegamellam  pukazhnthidum  hariharan  baalan                            (varukira….)


            Will I be able to describe with  one mouth the form which is coming,

            The form which   was coming on horse   coming to be seen by us,

            Of  the son of Harihara   who is praised   by all the world.


            Kaadum  kanamalyum  thodum  thodu  puzhayum

            Odum  odaikal  aarum  thedi  nadai  nadanthu

            Naadi  karadi  kalai  odi  ppidithanaithu

            Yaali  ppuliyudan  vilayaadi  aadikkondu                             (varukira….)


             In the Forest thick mountains, canals,  rivers touching the canals,

             Walking   about  Searching for  the running springs,

             And with desire chase   and catch the bears and hug them,

             Amd playing   along with   Yali    and tigers  (the form comes..)


            Vaanavar  kaimalar  vaari  vaariyiraikka

            Maanidar  kayyinai  kooppi  kooppi  sthuthikka

            Pooranakumbham  kondu  poovayarkal  kuthikka

            Noorani  theruvathil  vaaranamel  gamikka                         (varukira….)


             With   the Devas   showering and showering  large amount of flowers,

             With human being  praying and praising you with folded hands,

             The ladies   along with completely filled  pots   jumping,

             In the streets of Nurani   riding on an elephant   (the  form comes..)


            Thumburu  naaradhar  veenai  venu  padikka

            Ambuviyor  palar  munpin  pudai  shoozha

            Rambai  muthal  maatharkal  anpu  natanam  sheyya

Kumbhamuni  yaadhiyor  anbu  mika koodavey                              (varukira….)


With Thumburu and Narada   playing    the veena,

With the people of the sky  crowding in front and behind,

With Ramba   and other  ladies   dancing in a friendly way ,

With Agasthya and others  coming there with love               (the form comes..)



12.       Maaney  madhan kuyiley                                                         (ShenChurutti)

            Maaney  madhan  kuyiley  antha      mannanai  kootti  vaa  podi

            Theney  then  kulatoorinil                  Deshikan  vara kkaanen adi  (Maaney….)


           Oh Deer , oh Koel of the god of love, please   go and bring that  king,

            Oh honey, I am not  able to see  the Desika(teacher) coming in Thenkulathoor


            Vaani  sarvaani  shukavaani shushroni

            Veenaarava paani                  Indhraani  chandhraani  podi           


           Oh very learned Saraswathy , with parrot in hand who plays  good music,

           Oh Goddess  who plays Veena, Oh Indrani  oh wife of Chandra , go , go.


            Chedi  janam  koodi  kaliyaadi  vilayaadi

            Modi palar  koodi                    shenchotti  raagam  paadi  aadi


            With servant ladies    joining , becoming happy and playing,

            With very many people joining   together and singing Chenjurutti (a ragam)


13.       Nambi kkeduvaar illai                                                   (Yadhukula kambhoji)

            Nambikkeduvaarillai                          manikantan  paadhathai

            Nambikkeduvaarillai                          manamey

            Vembhiharanai  kaana                      maayappen  vadivaaki

            Inpamudan  varuvaa                         shenkayyil  vanthayyaney    (nambi….)


            No one has    believed  in feet of Manikanta    and suffered,

            Oh mind, there is no one who suffered due to faith,

            He  took the form of lady of illusion  to see  Lord Shiva,

             And   came  with friendship  and love and  then came the lord  


            Shankaran  baalanai                         shaantha  guna  sheelanai

            Shankugha  sodharanai                    saadhu  jana  paalanai

            Shenkayyil  villum ampum                shanka yillaamal  eduthu

            Shathankpankthipuram*  thannil     valar  kulathoorayyaney        (nambi….)


             The son of Lord Shiva and  who has a peaceful mien,

             The brother  of Lord Subrahmanya, the one  who looks after good people,

              Who came  with bow  , arrow   and conch in his hand,

              The Lord of Kulathoor who grew up  in noorani

                       *Sanskrit name to Nurani.

            Paarvathy  baalakanai                       paramaanandha  roopanai

            Paandiyan  kali  theertha                  parama krupaakaranai

            Poorana  pushkalayai                                    sherum  oyyaaranai

            Bhootha  naathanai                           porpaadha  chilambonai         (nambi….)


            The son of Parvathi  who has the form of divine joy,

            The greatly merciful one who  fulfils the desire of Pandya,

            The pretty one who joins  Poorna and Pushkala,

            The lord of the Bhoothas who wears golden anklet on his feet.,


            Indhiran  muthalaana                       devarkal  pudai  shoozha

            Chandhran  kavari  veesha               chaaranarkal  pukizha

            Manthram  marayor  odha                 mela  thaalangal  udan

            Thantramaai  paalai  nagar               valar kulathoorayyaney         (nambi….)


           Surrounded   by the devas   like Indra,

          With moon fanning , With charana poets praising,

          With Mantras being chanted by Brahmins,

          Along    the beats kept with drum,

          The Lord of Kulathoor   who stealthily lives in Palakkad.


14.       Aariyan kaavil ayyaa                                                     (Naadha  naamakriya)


            Aariyankaavilayyaa                           ennai  aadharithaalum  ayyaa


            Oh Lord of Aryankavu     , please    look after   me


            Aadhimaaludan  haran                 akamakizhthenudhitha

            Jyothisundara nandhaney                swaami

            Andar munivar unnai                                    anudhinamum  sthuthikka

            Aanandhamaai                                   arulum                                    (aariyankaavil…)


            Oh  God  , the shining  pretty son   who was born,

            To Lord Shiva and    Lord Vishnu,  when their mind was filled with happiness,

            When the devas    and sages daily prayed to you,

             You who became    very happy  ,Oh Lord of Aryankavu 


            Ezhai  enthanukku                                    irangi arul sheyya     

            Ethu  thaamasam  eeshaney             swami

            Thaazhampoo  mullai  malar             punainthidum  neshaney

            Sarveshaa                                           enthan  swami                        (aariyankaavil…)


             Oh God    why this great delay  ,

             To take pity on me and shower your grace,

              Oh Lord who wears  jasmine  and Pandanus(Thazhampoo)  flowers,

              Oh Lord of all , Oh my god , Oh Lord of Aryankavu


            Shombhan  shentriya                                paandya  raajanidam  shevukam

            Sheythathum  neer  allavo                 swaami

            Kaambarintha  poovanai                   poorna pushkalai  mevum

            Naathanum                                        neer  allavo                 (aariyankaavil…)


             Oh God where   you not the one  , who served,

             Without any laziness , the Pandya   king,

              Are     you not the   lord   with whom,

              Poorna and Pushkala   who are as soft  as a flower  cohabit.


            Evalpilli  shoonyam                                   muthaliya  vakaikalai

            Ekida  sheyvathum  yaaru                swami

            Etho  endriruntheedil                         ezhai  naan  enna  sheyven

            Evarkkum                                           mohanaraajaa                        (aariyankaavil…)


              Oh God     who is it     that make  black magic , ghosts etc,

              Go and attack  others ,

              If you simply keep quiet , what will , this,

              Poor man do, Oh pretty king .


            Aanai  mukhanum                          Oraaru  mukhanunakku

            Sodhararkalum  allavo                       swami

            Maanum  mazhuvum                         shanku  chakram  dharithiruvar

            Annai thanthayum                             allavo                          (aariyankaavil…)


             Oh  God   are    you not the younger   brother of,

             Elephant faced god and the six faced God,

             The one who wears a deer and an axe and the one ,

             Who wears the Conch and a wheel , are they not your parents?


Ethinayo                                           parivaara  samoohangal

Nityamum  paninthidavey                 swami                                      nija

            Bhaktharkal  pottrum                        shenkamala  porpaadhaney

            Parama                                               krupaakaraney           (aariyankaavil…)


             Oh God who is daily    saluted  by many,

             Devas  who are  surrounding you,

             Oh merciful one  , Oh god with red lotus like feet,

             Which is   worshipped  by true devotees?


            Ainthu  sthalathil  unthan                      sannidhi  mahimayai

            Yaaraal  alavidalaamo                       swami

            Mainthanaam  en shittra                   rivi  naal  shol  mozhi

            Maalayai                                             anintharulvaai           (aariyankaavil…)


             Oh God ,who would be able to  asses , 

             The power of your temples   in five different temples,

             Please  wear  the  garland  made by this son,

             Using   his very feeble intellect.


15.       Sabarimalai  Eri  Irangivarum  Paattu

(The song  about climbing and getting down from Sabari malai)


Divya Malai Vaazhumayyan Sannidhi Selvom

Ayyan Paadam Malar Vanangi Archanai Seivom

Kayyilthaangi irumudiyum Hasthakam Enthi


Saranam Saranam Ponnayyappaa Swami Saranamey

Ayyappa swami saranamey


We will go the  temple  of Lord living in the divine  mountain,

We would salute the    feet  of the  lord and worship him,

Holding the irumudi  (two packet bundle) in our hands and also the hasthakam(?),

Oh Golden Ayyappa, I surrender  , Oh God   I surrender ,

I surrender   to the  God Ayyappa


Boothapathi Paadha Malar  Sevai Purinthu

Viboothi Pundravum Dharithu Maalayanindhu

Saadhu Sangamudaney Mela Thaalam Isainthu                 (Saranam)


After serving the flower like feet of Lord of Bhoothas,

After wearing the  religious mark  with sacred ash, wearing the rosary,

Accompanied by drum beat and music along with   religious people (Oh golden…)


Punya Meru Melirinthu Theerthavumaadi

Anna Dhaanam Saithu naama Keerthanam Paadi

Mun Nadanthu Vazhiyil Swami Anparai Koodi                    (Saranam)


After  taking    bath in the sacred  Meru,

After gifting food , singing his sacred names ,

Walking in the front    and joining devotee  friends on the way  (Oh golden..)


            Kottapadi  kalaketti  aashrama  kkaadum

Vaattam  therkkum  azhuthayaarum  karimalai  thodum

Meetupuram  karimalyum  kandu  vanangi                         (Saranam)


After   seeing and saluting  Kottapadi, Kalaketti, Asrama forest ,

The river Azhutha which removed tiredness, The canal of Karimalai,

Mettupuram    and also Kari Malai       (Oh golden..)


Swami anukampayinaal  karimalai thaandi

Kshemamaaka  pampayaattil  snaanamum  sheythu

Swami  pooja  aanavudan  prasaadam  arunthi                   (Saranam)


Crossing the Karimala    due to the mercy of the God,

After   taking bath safely in the river  Pamba,

Taking the Prasada   after   worshipping the God     (Oh golden..)


Bhakthiyudan  raamar  paadham  kandu  vanangi

Siddhayaana  shabari peetam  poojai  purinthu

Chitha  shuddhiyodu  neeli  shailam  adainthu                    (Saranam)


After seeing and saluting the feet of Rama with devotion,

After  worshipping at Peedam of Sabari who is a sage,

After reaching the Neeli mala  with a pure mind  Oh golden..)


Thungatharm  aakumantha  shabarimalai  thaan

Shangayillaamal  nadanthu  sannadhi  shernthu

Mangalangal  sherum  ayyan  aalayam  kandu                   (Saranam)


Without any doubt  walk up the  very tall  sabari mountains ,

And after   reaching   the temple there,

After seeing the auspicious    temple of the lord,


Nalla  pathinettu Padi Kandu Vanangi

Naalikeram Thaan  udaithu Nalgathi Vendi

Thullichaadi Padigal Thaandi Nadayai Aduthu                    (Saranam)


After  seeing and saluting the good eighteen steps  ,

After breaking the coconut, after  praying for good path,

After   crossing the   steps by jumping and springing


Ayyappaney  un  perumai  yaar  urai  sheivaar

Divyamoorthi  kandu  naanum  deham  maranthen

Meyyum  vaadi  yaanum  unthan  neshanum  aanen         (Saranam)


Oh Ayyappa who would be able    to tell about your  greatness ,

After seeing the divine God , I forgot all my body,

And after getting tired I then became your friend.





16.       Vinkonda  devarkal


Vinkonda  devarkal                pottri  paninthidum

Mei  poruley  kali                    yuga  varadhaa

Pan konda  chenthamizh       sthothiram  paadiyey

Paninthanam  aandarul         vaai  nee sadhaa


Oh God who blesses in Kali age as the true God,

And who is worshipped  by the devas of heaven,

I  would sing in the very poetic tamil,

And salute you , please  bless  and shower your grace.


Ayyappa  un pol daiwam        avaniyil  illayappaa

Athishaya  ppiravi                  arul  tharum  pillayappaa

Amararkalum  puli                 aanaar  unakkappaa

Hariharar  unakku                 ammayappaa


Oh Ayyappa , there is no God like you in this world.

Oh son god  who showers his grace in this wonderful birth,

Even the devas   became   tigers for your sake  ,

And Shiva and Vishnu  Oh Lord are  your parents.


Irumdui thaangiyey               un  malai  eriyey

Eshaney  unthan                   kaakshi  kanden

Karma   vinai  akantrey         nalam  eithida

Kaarpathilethum                    sandheham  undo


Carrying the two section bundle , after climbing your mountain,

Oh God   I saw   your spectacle  ,

For getting rid of Karma   and to get a pleasant life,

Is there  any doubt that  you would protect me.


Anpudan  maalayainthu        unnai  poottridum

Ayyappan  maarellaam          neerey  entro

Thumbham  thavirthemmai   Aandarul  vaai  sadhaa

Shodhanai sheivathu             unakku  nandro


Are not all those  , Ayyappas who have worn ,

The garland are   praising you , you yourself,

Please rule over and  shower your grace after removing our sorrows,

Is it proper   for you to test  us?


Ambuvi marutham                 vinpunal theeyum  nee

Anda  charaacharam              yaavathum  nee

Ayyappanum  guru                daiwamum  neeyey

Vedha  puraana                      kalayum  neeyey


You are the earth,  air, sky , water  and the fire,

And all the universes and planets  are yourself only,

You are Ayyappa as well   as the   God Guru,

And you are also Vedas, Puranas  and arts.


Koorumi jnaanigal                  ullamey  kovilaai

Kondavaney varu                   vaayi tharunam

Arul  kadantha                       prakaashaa paramaananthaa

Ayyappa  jyothi                      ponnadi  sharanam


Oh Lord  who has made  the mind of   wise men,

As your temple , Please come at this time,

Oh God who  shines in your grace, Oh divine joy,

I surrender   to the  golden feet of the light of Ayyappa.


17.       Unnaithanjam                                                                    (Punnaaga  varaali)

            Unnai thanjam  entru  paninthen

            Ehzai  enakku  udhavi sheivaay       entru  ninainthen       swami

            Mannar  pukazhum  shabari  maamalayil  vaazhum  eeshaa

            Annai  mohini  thamakku  anpudan  udhitha  baalaa                     (unnai…)me      


            I came  to worship you seeking your protection,

             Oh God, I thought that  you would help this  poor man,

             Oh God who lives  on the big Sabari mountain , praised by kings,

             Oh lad  who was  born to mother Mohini with love


Paandiyan  nagarathaduthu  avarkal  munpu Paangudan  shevukam  koduthu

Swami Vendiya  puli  ppaalalithu  moovulakilum Veeranendru  pereduthu

Swami Aandru  ponamun  porul  thannai  anpudanazhaitha  baalaa

            Ondiyaayi  ravil  bhakthan  thuyar  kaartharulum  sheelaa           (unnai…)


            After  going to the city of Pandyas  you did  service to them with sincerity,

            After  giving the required milk of tiger, you got the name of a hero in all three      


              Oh Lad  who called  the primeval matter ,

              And Oh good god who removed  sorrow of your devotees working alone. 


            Andamellaam  padaithayyaney  harihararkku Anpudanudhitha  thuyyaney

Swami thandai  chilambanintha ayyaney dhaasarthamakku

            Thaan  varam  tarum  porkayyaney

Swami Endrum  un  sevai  kondeney  eeshwari  lalithai  thaaney

            Andru  pettra  thor sreemaney  aadhariyadumai  naaney               (unnai…)   


             Oh Pure Lord  who was born with love  to Lord  Vishnu and Lord  Shiva,

              Who created   all the world, Oh Lord   who wore  anklets,

              Oh lord with golden hands ,  who gave boons  to his devotees,

               I have chosen to  serve you, Oh sir,  who was born to Goddess Lalitha,

               I am your  slave , please support me.


             Andru Brahman vaani pottravey munnam munivar andaraayudhangal  nalkavey

            Athai  kandu  vittu  haranum  makizhavey

Indhiran  vanthu Kondal  manihaaram  nalkavey

Chinthai makizhnthu Chendu  mullai  malarkaley  kumbhamuni  yalikkavey

            Pandu  paandiyan  vendiyey  andamathil  vanthudhitha                (unnai…)


            That time  Lord  Brahma  and Goddess Saraswathi praised  him,

            And the great  sages  gave  him many  divine  weapons,

             And seeing that   Lord   Shiva  became  greatly happy,

             And Indra  came   and gave him a necklace of precious  gems,

             And Sage Agasthya  becoming very happy  gave him a garland of Marigold,

              And he was  born in this  world as  per the request of Pandya.

----------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

18.       Sabarimalai  sastha  keerthanam                   (Shenchurutti,  Roopakam)


            Ayyan  sabari malayil vaazhum  meyyan  varukiraan


             The Lord who lives  in Mountain of SAbari  is  coming



            Kayyil  velli  ppirambum  vibhoothi              

            Meyyil  anintha  thayyalarudan


            Along with ladies  who have applied  sacred  ash,

            On their  body and  a silver staff in their hands.



            1.Kachai  arayilum  shivantha          urumaal  thalayilum

            Pachai  parimel           uchithamaaka  yakshikal  shoozha

            Yatsareekayaayi….                                                                            (ayyan….)


              With  a belt on his hip , With red towel tied  on his head,

                And Riding on a  green horse properly ,

                And Surrounded by Yakshis    , but  with caution


            Vendayam  kilunga  kaalil  bhoo  mandalam  vilanga

            Kandavar  evarum  nadunga            andamaanathai  kidukidunga           (ayyan….)


            With anklets shaking , with earth at   his feet,

             With people  who see  him shivering , making the entire universe shake


            Poomalar  shoriya  dhevar                 bhoosurar  murai  mozhiya

            Nemamaayi sthuthikkum

            Anpar thuyaram  theera  dhayavayi  parimel                                   (ayyan….)


             With devas   showering flowers ,With Brahmins reciting Vedas ,

              For putting an end   to sorrow   of devotees  ,  who pray him  according  to rules,

              Coming with mercy on a horse



            (Sing like maaney  madhan  kuyiley)



19.       Achan  Kovil  aandavar  keerthanam                                    (Kalyani,  chappu)



Varukiraan bhavani  vaarana  meethinil

            Varukiraan bhavani


              He comes on a procession on an elephant,

              He  comes   on a procession.



             Irumarungilum  eeshanmaalum  kailaakku  thara

            Thiru  upanayanathu upadheshathudaney dravya mangalam shervai thanthida.


            With Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva giving   support on both sides ,

             Along with the Updesha during sacred thread ceremony,

With  Auspiciousness  and wealth  following him



            1.Achuthan  mohini  aakiyathai  kandu

            Ichayudan  eeshan  inangi  anainthidavey

            Thal kshanam  dharaniyil  sasthreshan  endrudhithu

            Pachai kuthiramel  thuchayudan  namathachan kovil  aandavar  itho

                                                                                                (Varukiraan bhavani  …)

 Seeing Lord Vishnu becoming  Mohini,

When Lord Shiva embraced    her with desire,

Immediately God Sastha was  born on earth,

Riding on the green horse , and here is,

             The Lord of Achan kovil


            2.Kayyil  velli  pirambum  kanaka maamanikalum

            Meyyil  anintha  thirumeniyudan  vilanga

            Ayyan  varum  bhavani  avaneeshan  muthalaana

            Kai thozhupavarkku  kali theerthidum  sashthrayyanendru

            Sthuthi  sheyyum  velayil                                          (Varukiraan bhavani  …)


             Holding a silver baton and wearing on his body,

             Big globes  made of gold, When the Lord  ,

             Was coming  on a procession, It would ,

             Remove problems of  saluting kings and others

             Who would be praying him as  Lord Sastha.


            3.Jhallari  bherikkai  maddhalam  muthalaana

            Ellaam  varishayudan  ishaithu  muzhakkidavey

            Shellappillai  bhoothathaan  sharakurutti karuppan

            Vallayam  eettivaal  parichayudan  allal  theerthu

            Emmai  aadharithidavey                                            (Varukiraan bhavani  …)


             With cymbals , drums  , Mrudangam and other  instruments,

             Were systematically being  played   and in that  sound,

              The Chella pillai(Son of Sastha)  , Lord  of Bhoothas , Sarakurutti Karuppan,

              Holding sword, spear  and other weapons,

              Supporting me and for clearing all  my troubles, he comes


20.       Kaantha  malai  sastha  keerthanam                                    (Bhairavi,  Aadhi)

            Kaantha  malai  vaasar  itho  varukiraar

            Kandu  dharishippavarkku  kaakshi  tharukiraar                           (Kaantha….)


            He who lives in Kanthamalai   is coming ,

            And to those  who want to see him, his vision is given


            1.Mandalam pukazhum  vaazhum  kulathooril  eeshan

            Vaanichiyai  kanniyaaka  vaitha  veku  sarasan

Kondayil  vairam  aninthu  konchi  varum  neshan

Kodi senai  thaan  paniyum  komal  vaasanaamivan                       (Kaantha….)


The  Lord who lives   in Kulathoor praised  by the world,

That very interesting person who kept Vanichi(girl from business clan) as maid,

The friend wearing diamonds on his tuft came  lisping,

He is the pretty   one who is venerated by  billions of soldiers.


2.Thediye  puli  konantha  selvan  engal  dheeran  -  veeran

Devi  iruvarkal  dinam  shernthanayum  dheeran

Paandiyan senai  thannai  paarthu  makizh  lolan

Paar  thannil  shevukam  sheythu  bhaktharkku pakaarar ivar     (Kaantha….)


Our courageous and valorous  lad  who searched and brought the tiger ,

The courageous one hugged  by the   two   goddesses,

The  Lord who became happy on seeing the Pandya army  ,

And He who  would help  those devotees  who serve him in this  world.


3.Pandiyan devi yidathil paal kuditha jaalan

Paavayarkkum in porulai padaithalitha sheelan

Thontriya ilavil bhakthar allal theertha lolan

Devi lalitheshwariyaal – chinthayanaam baalan ivar                      (Kaantha….)


The Magician who drank   milk from the   Pandya queen,

Who created   sweet things   and gave it to the women,

Who as soon as he was born  , removed sorrow of his devotees,

And he   is the darling   son of Goddess  Lalitha.




21.       Ulakinil  anaivarkkum                                                  (Dhanyaasi)


            Ulakinil  anaivarkkum  udhavi  sheiythidathaan     avathaaram  sheiythaar



            He came in to this world to help all people of this  earth.



            Bhoomi pukazh  kai  leshan               penn mohiniyai  kaana

            Nemithanaintha  velai                       nithya  swaroopanaaka          (Ulakinil…)


              When the World famous lord   of Kalisa  saw   the  lady Mohini,

              And at that time he hugged   her as the  lord forever.



            1.Antha vanam  thanniley                 swanthamudaney  thevar

            Vandhu  malar  shorinthu                 vindhayudaney  potta

            Chenthaamarai  chembakam             punnaaga  vaasam  veesha

            Panthaai  kannikal  thannai              manni  kkalithidaa                 (Ulakinil…)


             In that forest  the devas  came   along with friends,

             Showered   flowers and praised in a wonderful manner,

             The scent of red lotus  , Champa  and  punnaga spread  everywhere ,

              He played  with   the maids with great joy.


            2.Chinthai  pukazh  minnaa              jegam  pukazh  mannaa

            Devar arumai  ennaa                         sree puram  mannaa

            Mandha haasathudaney                    sundharesharai  kandu

            Mainthaan  entre  thera                     aanandha mika kondu ndu    (Ulakinil…)


             Oh God praised  by all in this world, Oh shining God  who is praised  by the mind,

              Oh God of Sripura   which was told   as great,  by  the devas,

               Seeing with a smile   the Lord Sundareswara,

              And when he called , “Son”,  he   became greatly joyous.




22.       Ayyan  thaan varum  bhavani                                      (Shurutti, Aadhi)



             Ayyan  thaan  varum  bhavani        yaaraaley  sholla  kkoodum

            Varum  vedikkai                     yaaraaley  sholla  kkoodum


             Who would be able   to describe  the  procession of the Lord,

             Who would  be able to describe the fun fare  in his coming.



            Vayyakam  pukazh  aariyankaavinil  valar

            Meyyan  shabarigiri  thannilum  vanthu

            Kai  eduthu  vanagum  maanidarkkellaam

            Kali  bhayam  theerthu  karunai  pozhinthidavey                            (Ayyan ….)


            He who grew in Aryankavu  praised by the world ,

            He who is the truth  also came  to  Sabari mountain,

            And he  came to remove the fear of Kali age   and to  shower mercy,

            On all those    who salute   him with folded   hands.



            Chandhankkaavu  thannil  irukkintra  swaamiyai  samayam  thedi

            Varum  indhraadhi  devarkal  vasishtar  naaradharum  entha velayilum  koodi

            Valla  gandharvar  devar  rambhayar  muthalaana

            Varishayaayi  naatiyam  aadi  vaasa  mandhaara mullai 

            Iruvaakshi  chembakam  maalaikal  nantraai  shoodi

            Indha  dharishanam  poley  verengum  kidayaathu

            Mel  janma  thollai  vendaam

            Engal  harihara puthran  krupai  sheythu

Mangalamaakavey  maintarai  kaakka                                             (Ayyan ….)


There  is no holy sight  other  than   seeing  our god,

Who is in the sandal wood     shrine,

Who is visited by Indra and other   devas,

And Narada  who can join together  at any time,

And in whose   presence the divine damsels  dance,

And who wears  the scented   flowers like jasmine and Iruvakshi,

For after   that  there  is no trouble like next births,

And  let our God who is   the son of Vishnu  and Shiva,

Auspiciously protect   our sons.


23.       Engal  veera  manikantar  itho  varukiraar           (Hindustani  kaappi, Aadhi)



             Engal  veera  manikantar  itho  varukiraar

            Mangala  phalangalai  muzhuvathum  tharukiraar                         (Engal…)


Our Valorous  Manikanda   is  coming,

And he would give all auspicious   results.



            Shankaran thirumaalukkukantha  thanayan  ivar

            Shathankpankthi purathukku  jayam  jayam  mikatharum                        (Engal…)


             He is   the son of  Lord   Shiva and Lord   Vishnu,

             Who gives victory , victory to Noorani .



            1.Kayyiloru villum  matha vellayaanai  meethil

            Vedhiyar  munivarkal  kavi  jnaanam othiyey

            Vallabhan entru engum  pukazh  shellappillai  manthiri

            Vellakkal  munnaal  arul  thanthom  thantom  entru                       (Engal…)


             Holding a trident in his hand  and riding  on a  wild white elephant,

             Accompanied by  chanting of Vedas  by Brahmins  and sages,

             The minister Chellapillai   who is well known as Vallabha,

             Before early  morn  saying that  we have given our grace ,


            2.Koonthalukkishaintha  navarathna  makutavum

            Kundalathilangu  muthumaamani  shobhayum

            Shenthamizhil nal sthuthi sheyyum  periyorkalum

            Konchum  verikkal  vilangum  ghaleer ghaleer entru                      (Engal…)


            With crown made  of nine types  of gems suited   to his hair,

            With shining luster of pearls and gems  on his ear   studs ,

            With elders  praying him in   pure Tamil language  ,

             With the lisping bells   sounding in his anklets,


            Bhakthar  chithambalathil  ethesha  kaalamum

            Bhukthi  mukthi  tharum  bhootha  karthaavin  sheelamum

            Karthnaam  manidaasan  sholnal sthuthi  visthaaramum

            Uthira  naalil  avathirathavar  kulathoorayyan                               (Engal…)


             During all times  and places in  the mind  of his devotees,

             With the conduct of  Bhoothanatha giving pleasure and salvation,

             With great prayers recited about   our Leader Manikanta,

             The lord of Kulathoor who was born in Uthra   star.


24.       Ayyan  varaar  paarir                                        (Hindustani  kaappi, Aadhi)

            Ayyan  vaaraar  paarir  aariyankaavinil

            Aanai  karadi  kaduvvaikal  udaney                                     (ayyan…)


             See that the lords is coming  in Aryankavu ,

             Along with elephants , tigers  and bears,


            Bherikai  dammaara  vaadhyathudan  avar

            Vethaala  bhoothangalodu  makizhnthavar                          (ayyan…)


             He is accompanied   by beating of  musical drums and big drums,

             With joy in the company of   Vetalas  and Bhoothas , the lord


            Koti  bhootha  padaikaludaney  shoozhnthavar

            Konchum  pulkaludaney  kuthithu kondaadiyey                     (ayyan)


            Surrounded   by the army of billions of the army of Bhoothas,

            Along with lisping  tigers, jumping and celebrating , the lord


            Paandya  maharaajan  andayil  shentravar

            Paangudaney  bhatharai  paalanama  sheithavar                           (ayyan…)


             Going near   the great king of Pandya ,

             With great élan he looked after  his devotees.


25.       Bhavani  vaaraarey                                                      (Ataanaa,  roopakam)

            Bhavani  vaaraa  rey ayyan              Bhavani  vaaraa  rey


             Would the Lord come in procession, the  Lord is coming in procession.


            Bhoomi  pukazh  shathang                pankthi  puram  thannil

            Bhootha  naatheshwaran                  poorna  pushkala yudan        (Bhavani…)


            In the Noorani which is famous all over the world,

            The Lord and God of Bhoothas  along with poorna and Pushkala.


            Muthu  pathitha kireedam  ilangavey

            Mohana  maalai  kazhuthil  vilangavey

            Kothu  sarappalli  kundalam  thulangavey

            Koti manmadhan azhakan  manam  irnagavey                                (Bhavani…)


             With the gem embedded   crown shining  ,

             With pretty garland  in the  neck shining,

             With  The Kothu sarapili (An ornament) ,   ear stud shining,

              That pretty one resembling billions of God of love, taking pity,


            Aanai  puli  kaduvaai  aniyaniyaai  vara

            Aalavattam  kudaikal  pidithu  maathargal  shera

            Veenai  pala  vaadhya  melam  kettu  ullam  thera

            Vellakkal  ma  bhootham  venchaamaram  veeshi  vara                  (Bhavani…)


            With  elephant tigers    and bears marching in queue ,

            With ladies holding  fan , umbrellas joining in the procession,

            With the mind becoming happy by hearing Veena and other instruments ,

            With the great   Bhootha of Vellakkal fanning and accompanying him


            Kondaadum  bhaktharkal  manakkurai  theerkkavey

            Kotanukoti  pizhaikal  porukkavey

            Ethishayum  pottidum  enthanul  thazhaikkavey

            Imbamaam  pachai  kuthirai mel  shirakkavey                                 (Bhavani…)


            For putting an end to problems of devotees    who praise him,

            For pardoning  billions and billions of mistakes,

            He who is praised in all directions, to make my mind happy,

            Riding on the green horse   which itself is joy,    


26.       Vaarum  vaarum  manikantaa                                               (Mohanam)


Vaarum  vaarum  manikantaa                      Nalla  vajra maalai  ani  kantaa


Come , come , oh ,Manikata  , Who wears   a good diamond necklace



Thaarum  unthan  paadha  bhakthi              Thandheeduveer  nalla  bhuddhi

Yaararivaar  unthan  shakthi                                   Aariyaney  thaarum  vettri (vaarum)


Please  give me devotion to your feet, Please    give  me  good brain,

Who knows    your great power, Oh Arya (Lord of Aryankavu) , give me  victory.



1.Enthan  manakkavalai  theerkkka             swami  irangivanthu  mun  nirkka

Santhatham naan  darshikka                                    Thandheeduveer  varam  mikka

Indiran  muthalor  sthuthikka                       paadhangalil  malar  iraikka


Oh Lord please come down and stand   to put an end to my mental worries,

Please give me lot of boons so that  I would be able to see  you always,

With Indra  and others praising you and showering flowers  at your feet


2.Vaanavar  munivar  koodi                          ippo  varukiraar  ummai  thedi

Bhoothangalum  bahu  kodi                           pukazhnthu  varum  munnadi

Modhamai  mullai  malar shoodi                    Mohana  raagathai  paadi  (vaarum)


Devas  and sages joining together  are coming now in search  of you,

Billions of Bhoothas  are coming  in the front praising you,

Happily wearing jasmine flowers and singing the Mohana Raga  and dancing.


27.       Bhootha  naatha  paahimaam                                      (Kedhaaram, aadhi)



             Bhootha  naatha  paahimaam  bhoomeesha  vandhithaa               (bhootha…)


Please protect me Bhoothanatha  who is worshipped by kings of earth.



            Maathu  poorna  pushkalaa   Manoharaa  leelaa  susheelaa           (bhootha..)


             Oh god natured one  who plays    with pretty  Poorna and Pushkala



            1.Vaarum  kadaikkannaal  paarum   Enthan  kavalai  theerum

            Unthan  sevai  thaarum                     mandhahaasathudaney         (bhootha…)


            Please  come and see me with the corner of your eyes

            So that  my worries get over,

            Please give me your service ,

            With a   slow and pretty smile.


            2.Thanchamentravarkku arul puriya            Vanchanai  sheithidalaamoh

            Nenchakathidam  uravey                   Anjen  ena  arulvaayi             (bhootha..)


            Should you cheat  those people,

            Who come    and seek your protection,

            Oh God who is dear    to my heart,

            Please  tell me, “Do not be afraid.”


28.       Shabari gireeshaa                                                                   (Kamaas, aadhi)

            Shabari gireeshaa      dharma vilaasaa

            Shubha  thapa  neshaa          suguna  prakaashaa                          (shabari…)


             Oh Lord of Sabari mountain,  Oh God who   makes Dharma shine,

              Oh God who likes good penance  , Oh God who shines in good character


            Vinnavar  inpam  athundavarey

            Manikantan  entra  per  kondavarey

            Anda  charaacharam  aandavarey

            Ponnambalameviya  aandavarey                                          (shabari…)


             Oh God    who  made the   devas happy,

             Oh God who has a name  “Manikanta”,

             Oh God who ruled    the universe ,

              Oh God who created   the golden temple.


            Vrutha  gambheeraa  villaali  veeraa

            Varadha  shingaaraa  mahishi  samhaaraa

            Thiru hari malar  porbalaney  sharanam

            Vinnavar  meviyaney  sharanam

            Thiru  harihara  puthiraney  sharanam  Ponnayyappaney  sharanam  sharanam


Oh God who does penances  properly , Oh great  archer,

Oh Pretty God who blesses, Oh God who killed  Mahishi,

I surrender  to the golden son of divine Hari,

I surrender   to the God who saved the devas,

I surrender to the divine  son of Vishnu and Shiva,

I surrender, I surrender   to Golden Ayyappa



29.       Shabari  ponnambala  vaasaa                                      (Shurutti)



             Shabari  ponnambala  vaasaa          Un  thiruvadi  pera  vendum

            Verenna  vendum                                                                               (sabari….)


             Oh God who lives   in the golden Sabari temple, if I should get your divine feet,

              What else   do I need.



Aalum  kaliyugathil                            ayyaney  neer  allavo

Akhilanda  kodi  kkudayor                 verundo  deivam                     (sabari….)


In this Kali  age which is ruling, are you not  the lord,

Of the billions of universe , Is there   any other God.



1.Shodhanai  sheyya  puli                 paal  karantheeda  sheegram

Ghora  vanathil  pukunthaai             verundo  deivam                     (sabari…)


When you were tested  , you speedily  entered to milk the tiger ,

In the dense forest, Is there   any other God.


2.Kaattaanai  vengai  puli                  kootti  malayorathil

Kootti  valartha  perumaan                 verundo  deivam                    (sabari….)


Assembling wild elephants  , tigers   and Cheetah by the side of mountain,

You brought  them up well, Is there   any other God.



30.       Kankal  aayiram  vendumey                (Kamaas / AAdhi talam)




             Kankal  aayiram  vendumey             engal

            kaanthamalai  vaasarai  dharishanam  sheyyavey                          (Kankal…)


            I  need thousand eyes  ,

           To see  our Lord living in Kanthamalai.




            Anpudan bhaktharai  kaakka            azhakan  then  kulathooraan

            Aayiram  pulikal  udan  varum          athan  azhakai  kaana           (Kankal…)


             To see  the pretty God of south  Kulathoor , who is coming  to protect,

              His devotes   with love  surrounded  by thousand tigers.




            1.Shingaara  natai  nadanthu           verikkaliyai  mun  vittu

            Shella  ppillayudaney             shernthu  varavum

            Shenchaapalanudan  ayyan  dhesha  pravesham  sheyya

            Ayyanai  meyyanai  aariyankaavayyanai  kaana                            (Kankal…)


             Walking in  an attractive manner , sending Verikali  in front,

              Please   come along    with Sella pillai(darling son),

             When the lord comes to the country along with result  of done deeds,

             For seeing the lord as   truth    as well as lord  of Aryankavu.


            Kulathu puzhayil  vaazhum  kulatooril  ayyaney

            Kunjarathin  meetheri                       kuvalyaakshan

            Koti  soorya  prakaashan       kolaahalammai  varum dheeranai

            Shooranai  veeranai  veera  manikantanai  kaana                           (Kankal…)


             The Lord of Kulathoor  who lives in Kulathupuzha,

             The lotus   eyed  one riding   on an elephant  ,

              Who shines like billion suns , to see  the courageous one  coming with pomp,

              As a brave one as a warrior  and as the heroic Manikantan


            Shathank pankthi  puram  thannil   chathuranga  senayudan

            Shangili  bhoothathaanum                shankaran  maal  baalanudan

            Mangala  vaadhyam  muzhanga       mangai  maar kummiyadikka

            Anthanargal  vedham  otha               adhbutha  kaakshiyai  kaana            (Kankal…)


             In the town of Noorani  along with army with four sections ,

             Along with Sangili bhootham along with son of Shiva and Vishnu ,

             With playing of auspicious musical  instruments , With ladies  dancing Kummi,

              With Brahmins chanting Vedas and to see   the wonderful  sight



31.       Vaarungo  varam  kelungo                                          (Kambhoji, Roopakam)



             Vaarungo  varam  kelungo   vinai  theerungo

            Ivarai  kandaal  kali  bhayam  theerum                                            (vaarungo…)


            Please  come , ask for boons  , destroy your Karma,

           And seeing him the fear of kali age   would go.



            Aarum  nirakarillatha  aandavar  manikantan

            Avarkalukkinbam  aaka  thumbham  theerkkum vaazh kulathoor (vaarungo…)


             The God Manikanda who does not have any one equal to him,

            Living in Vaazkulathoor as their joy  and as one ending  their sorrows




            1.Maaratha  rogam  aaraatha  punkal

            Maarumey  manikantarai  kanda  udan

            Chaadi  varum  peyai  thaaney  nilam  thannil

            Thaazhthiduvaar  maattriduvaar   kaathiduvaar

            Kantha malai  vaasarai  kaana                                                         (vaarungo…)


            As soon as you see Manikanda, incurable diseases,

            And non healing wounds  would get  cured,

            He would put down , change  the devil,

             Which comes jumping at us and protect  us.,

             And to see  the lord who resides in Kanthamalai.


            2.Bhoothanagalkku  ellaam  adhipathiyai

            Bhoomiyil  avatharithathum  swami

            Shaasthrayyanendru  pereduthu  nalla

            Sakala yidam  pukazhum  ivar

            Shabari  giri  vaasaridam                                                      (vaarungo…)


            Becoming the king of all Bhoothas ,

             That God was   born in this earth,

       And he got the good name   as Lord Sastha,

       And this god praised in all  places he is the  God of Sabari mountain.



32.       Poorna kaamaa  pradha  paahi                                                         (Kalyani)



Poorna  kaamaa  pradha  paahi                    

poornapushkalaamba  naathaa


             Oh Lord of Poorna and Pushkala ,

             Oh God who fulfills all desires  protect me



             Swarna  mani nibha  dheha  shobitha        

             poorna chandra  nibhaananaa   pari


            Oh God   who resembles  the full moon,

            Whose body shines like gems and gold.       



            1.Deva devaa daya sindho pavithosmi sevayaathey           

              Deva  deva  daya  sindho  Sarva  muni  gana  sevithaa 

              Thava            paadha  pankaja  poojayaham   (pari…)


              Oh God of gods, oh ocean of mercy, I do pure service to you,

               Oh God of gods, Oh ocean of mercy , who is served by all sages,

               I am worshipping    your lotus like feet


            2.Neela meghaa samaagaathraa

             Neelakantaa suthaa vaaraa

            Neela  meghaa samaa gaathraa

            Malina  maanusha kali vimochana   nalina lochana  paalayaa       (pari …)


            Oh God with a    colour of   blue cloud ,

            Who is the blessed   son   of  Lord Shiva,

             Oh God who is of the colour of the blue cloud,

             Oh  God Who  frees  the effects of Kali from even debased humans,

              Oh God with  lotus  like eyes , please   protect me.


            Dharma roopa  sadhaa  vyaghraa     narma  lolaa 

            Mahabaho Dharma roopa  sadhaa  vyaaghraa

            Karmanaa  manasa vachaa krutha   karma  dhosha  vibhethanaa (pari…)


             Oh God with the form of Dharma , who is always joyous without rest,

             Oh God with  great   hands , Oh God   with the form of Dharma  who is restless    

             Oh God  who excuses sins done by action , mind  and word.



33.       Vishnu  sharva  ishtaa  puthraa      

            (Hindustani  kaappi/Thalam A adhi)



Vishnu sarva ishtaa putraa  veera mani kantaaa  


Oh darling son of Lord Vishnu, the valorous  Mani Kanda




Vishnu  sarva  ishtaa  putraa                        veera  mani  kantaaa

Akhshaya  phala  pradhathaa                       ambuja  hasthaabho    (Vishnu..)


Oh darling son of Lord Vishnu, the valorous  Mani Kanda

Oh God  with lotus like hands who showers  unending benefit


1.Taruna  jalaja  thulya  netraa                    thaapa  papa  sangha  haaraa

Kuru  mangalamey  sathatham                     kaamidhaartha  daayaa (Vishnu..)


Oh God who has pretty fish like eyes, Who  destroys sufferings as well   as sins,

Please always  do good to me, Oh giver  of all our desires.


2.Poornapushkalaambaa  naathaa                parvanendu  ramya  vadanaa

Swarna  haara  neela  meghaa                      varna  deha  devaa         (Vishnu..)


Oh Lord of  Poorna and Pushkalaa, who has  pretty moon like face ,

Oh God who is  blue like a cloud  and beats  gold in glitter


3.Shabari  giri  vaasaa maalaa                                  shardhoola  narma  lolaa

Abhaya  varadha  abja  paadhaa                  anandha  roopaa            (Vishnu..)



Oh God who lives on Sabari mountain, Who acts  playfully  with tigers,

Whose lotus  feet   gives protections and blessings, and who has the form of joy.



34.       Paalayamaam  sree bhootha  naathaa                                 (Shankaraabharanam)


Paalayamaam  sree bhootha  naathaa

            Neelaabja  nethra  shathankpanthi  pura  vaasaa               (paalayamaam….)


             Oh Lord  of Bhoothas , please  protect  me ,

              Oh God with blue lotus eyes who lives  in Noorani


Shankara  muraari  vara  puthraa                            bhaktha

sankata  vinaashaa  vichithraa                                 pandya

            kinkarayuthaadhi  krupa  paathraa                          deva

            pangeru  hani  gaathra  mrudhu sarasu  paathraa             (paalayamaam…)


           Oh blessed son of Vishnu and Shiva – oh devotee,

           Oh Colourful destroyer of sorrow , Oh God who belongs to Pandya clan,

            Oh God who is merciful   to his devotees, Oh God,


Swami kundalaa lamkrutha  kapolaa                        dharani

            mandala  sahaaya mrudhu  sheelaa                         dhaithya

kantana  vidhaarana  kutaara                                  veera

            manikanta  bhootha  gana naathaa  prathaapaa                 (paalayamaam…)


            Oh Lord with a cheek decorated by ear studs,

            Who helps  all the world , who is soft natured,

            Who is engaged   in the killing   of asuras by his axe,

             Who is the valorous Mani Kanta  and ,

             Who is famous as   the  lord of Bhoothas, protect me



Swami shara chaapa shoola parashudhaaraa          naavi

            vara raksha kaadhi suchaaraa                                  dhaithya

            parishath  sahaja  kutaaraa                                      shakthi

            dhara sahaja karivaaha  gana lambhi haaraa                     (paalayamaam…)


            Oh Lord armed with  arrow , bow , trident  and axe,

            Who has the habit of protecting  those  who are blessed,

             Who is  with the    axe   for exterminating asuras,

             Who is armed  with Shakthi, who rides on elephant ,

             And who wears  long garland , protect me


Swami meenekshanaa  vara  kumaaraa                   loka

            maaneetha  laavanayajitha  maaraa                         paapa

kaanana  vidhaarana  kutaaraa                                baala

            bhanu nibha vara chela  bhaktha  mandhaaraa                  (paalayamaam…)


            Oh God who is the blessed  son of  Lord Vishnu ,

             Whose beauty is recognized  by the world  wins over  beauty of god  of love ,

              Who  destroys   the forest of sins   by his axe ,

              Who shines   like a young Sun,

              And who is like scented flower to his devotees.



35.       Swami  sharanam  ayyappa                                         (Hindholam, aadhi)



             Swami  sharanam  ayyappaa                      

Santhatham  unnai  pottrum 

maanidargal  kavalayai  theertharulvaai

Swami  sharanam  ayyappaa           


Oh Lord   I surrender to you Ayyappa,

Please   remove   the worries of those men,

 Who always   praise   you,

Oh Lord , I surrender  to you , Ayyappa



Aariyanai  maei  jnaana  sooriyanai

Sarvaloka  Balakane,  saadhujana  audhaaryane                            (swami…)


Oh gentleman, Oh Sun of the   real truth,

Oh Lad  of all people , who is kind to religious people



Maakshiyane  amara  kaakshiyane

Sarva  saakshiyane  arashaakshiyane  dhinam

            Veyyilaal  varunthuvorkku  vendum  nizhal  neere

            Uyirpashi  rombum  kaare  unnaiyendru  gathiyaarey                    (swami…)


            Oh regal one , Oh God visible to devas,

             Oh witness  of all, Oh God who rules,

             You provide  the shadow    to all those ,

              Who suffer   from the torrid sunlight daily,

              Oh God who is cloud full of the  hunger of the  soul,

              Who else   is my support?



36.       Manamey nee ayyan  naamathai  vaazhthuvaai    (Kunthala varaali)



             Manamey nee ayyan  naamathai  vaazhthuvaai   

            Dinam  vaazhthuvaai


            Oh Mind  , please   praise   the name of the Lord,

            Daily praise



            Anavarathamum  nee  arum padham  paadi

            Kana sukhamevida  kalanthu  kondaadi


            You please always sing  about his divine feet,

             And praise him   for getting his pleasurable sight



             1.Vambu vaarthakaley  perum  paavam

            Vaaykki  chetma  illaamal  enna  laabham

            Enpiraan  thiru  mahima  prathaapam

            Eduthu  peshuvathu  sadhaa  kaala  kshepam                                (Manamey….)


              Unnecessary     words    are   great sin,

              Except wounding mouth   what else is the profit,

              But  telling about the divine  greatness  of our lord,

              Is  always   very religious   talk .


            Ekamaayi  ullam  urukiyey  ariya

            Irukan  aanandha  baashpam  choriya

            Deham  paravasham  thaan  anpu  viriya

            Karimpu  thinnaa  kaikkooliyum  yeno

            Kalkandoh  amrutho  pozhinthenoh

            Virumbum  brahmaanandamey  ithu  thaano

            Veru  chinthanai  ini  enakkeno                                                        (Manamey…)


            After   knowing    you fully  and completely,

            With both   eyes   shedding    tears   of joy,

             The body  expanding with love ,

             What is the necessity of bribe to eat sugarcane.

              Is it sugar candy , or nectar   or  showering honey?

              Is it the divine joy that   I desire?

              What is the necessity for any other thought for me?



37.       Bhajarey  maanasa  harihara puthram                     (Kurinji,  aadhi)




              Bhajarey  maanasa  harihara puthram


             Oh mind , please sing about son of Vishnu and Shiva,



             Bhajana  paaraayanam   bhaja  nivaaranam                                  (Bhajarey…)


             Sing about him  who is great , sing for getting problems solved




            Bhaja  poorna  pushkalaambaa  manoharam

            Ayomukhi  garvaharam   angha  mochanam                                    (Bhajarey…)


             Sing about the one who steals the  mind of Poorna and Pushkala,

             Who destroyed the pride of one with face of Buffalo ,

             Who makes   us   free   from attachments of limbs.



              Mohini suthane  , bhoothanadhane , Sabari giri vaasaa,

              Sabari giri vasa  saranam adainthor nesa,

             Swami ponnayyappa, Mohini suthane  ,

             Swamiye saranam  , saranam ponnayyappa .


            Oh son of Mohini, Oh Lord of Bhoothas who lives on Sabari mountain,

            Oh Lord,  Who lives on Sabari mountain who is friend of those who surrender,

            Oh God , Oh golden Ayyappa , Oh son of Mohini ,

            I surrender to you God , Surrender to the golden Ayyappa

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------      38.Paaduvomey  sthuthi  paaduvomey                                                (Maandu)                   

            Paaduvomey sthuthi  paaduvomey

            Ayyappan  naamathai  bhakthiyay  paaduvomey                (paaduvomey …)


             We will sing the praise  of Ayyappa ,

              We will sing the names of Ayyappa   with devotion.


            Kerala  meethinil  kankanda  deivamey       

Kaarunya  roopanai  paaduvomey

            Mohini  baalanai  mohana  roopanai            

Moham  konda  unnai  pootriduvom                                      (paaduvomey…)


Oh  Visiblle   God   of the Kerala,

WE will sing about the God with form of mercy,

About son of Mohini who has the  pretty form,

 We will   sing about   the great archer hero.


            Maamalai  meethinil  maashillaa  shelvamey          

            Shingaara  roopanai  paaduvomey

            Shankara  mainthanai  sankata  naashanai           

Villaali  veeranai  paaduvomey                                              (paaduvomey…)


Oh  spotless   wealth of the top of a mountain,

We  will sing about the God   with a pretty form,

 About the son of Lord Shiva who destroys all sorrows,

We  will sing about   the great   archer hero.


            Ainthu  malai  mevuravarum  manikantaa

            Aanandha  dhaayarai  paaduvomey

            Kaantha  malai  thannil  kaarunyamaai  vaazhnthidum

            Kaama vinaashanai  paaduvomey                                        (paaduvomey…)


             Oh Manikanda who roams on the five mountains,

              We would sing about the God who gives  us joy,

              Who lives as form of mercy on Kanthmalai,

             We will sing about him who destroys attachments.


            Kaananam  thannil  kanthanaai  vaazhnthidum

            Kaamavinaashanai  paaduvomey

            Bhoothathinaathanai  bhuvanaadhi  devanai

            Bhoomi  prapanchanai  paaduvomey                                                (paaduvomey…)


             We will sing about the destroyer of attachments,

             Who lives like  a magnet inside the forest  ,

              Who is the primeval lord of  Bhoothas and the great God of the universe ,

               WE will sing about him who is spread all  over the world.


            Ezhaikal  pottridum  sabari giri  thannil

            Shantha  swaroopanai  paaduvomey                                                (paaduvomey…)


            We will sing about the God  of peace  ,

            Who is praised  by the poor , in the Mountain of Sabari


39.       Anaadha  naathaa dheena  bandho                                          (naamaavali)

Karimukhanuja  Kaliyuga  Varada                           Veera Manikanta

Anadha  Naadha  Dheena  Bandho                           Sabari Girisa


Oh  son of elephant God , Oh God who  blesses in Kali age ,

Oh valorous Manikanda, Oh lord of the helpless  people  ,

Oh friend  of the down trodden , Oh Lord  of Sabari mountain.


Sabarigirisa  santhaswaroopaa                                 veera  manikantaa….

Mohinisuthane  Mohana Roopa                                 veera  manikantaa….

Prapancha rakshaka  papa vimochana                     veera  manikantaa….

Thuragavaahanaa  tharunamochanaa                     veera  manikantaa….

Paramasundaraa  poornanaayakaa                          veera  manikantaa….

Maniganaropaa  marana  naashanaa                                   veera  manikantaa….

Nayana mohanaa  nalina  lochanaa                          veera  manikantaa….

Munikal  sevithaa  maana  rakshakaa                      veera  manikantaa….

Madhanamohanaa  varaganaarchithaa                    veera  manikantaa….

Vijayalaalithaa  veerarasapriya                                veera  manikantaa….

Gajavarapriyaa  samastha rakshakaa                      veera  manikantaa….

Kalimala   Naasana   kaliyuga varadhaa                  veera  manikantaa….

Pancha gireeshaa  pandya  baalaa                            veera  manikantaa….

Shanmukha Sodara shaadgunya  roopaa                 veera  manikantaa….

Manigana poruley  vruthaantha roopaa                   veera  manikantaa….

Bhoothaadhinaathaa  bhuvanarakshakaa               veera  manikantaa….

Nalinalochanaa  narthanapriyaa                              veera  manikantaa….

Shabari gireeshaa  sukham tharum poruley                        veera  manikantaa….


Oh Valorous mani Kanda, Oh Lord of Sabari Giri, Oh God with peaceful form,

Oh Valorous mani Kanda, Oh son of Mohini , Oh God with pretty form,

Oh Valorous mani Kanda, Oh God who protects the world and saves from sins,

Oh Valorous mani Kanda, Oh God who rides on a horse, Oh pretty lad,

Oh Valorous mani Kanda, Oh very handsome god and lord  of Poorna,

Oh Valorous mani Kanda, Oh God who has a  divine gem like shine, Oh destroyer of death,

Oh Valorous mani Kanda, Oh God with pretty eyes, Oh God who saves us without trouble

Oh Valorous mani Kanda, Oh God served by groups of sages, Oh god who protects  our respect,

Oh Valorous mani Kanda,Oh god as pretty as the love God, Oh God worshipped by blessed Ganas,

Oh Valorous mani Kanda, Oh God who encourages valour, Oh God who likes valour,

Oh Valorous mani Kanda, Oh God who likes blessed  elephants, Oh God who protects all,

Oh Valorous mani Kanda, Oh God who destroys the bad aspect  of kali age , Oh God who blesses  during kali age ,

Oh Valorous mani Kanda, Oh God of five mountains,  Oh lad  of Pandya clan,

Oh Valorous mani Kanda, Oh son of Subrahmanya, Oh God with six good qualities,

Oh Valorous mani Kanda, Oh God who is the divine gem , Oh God who has a historical form,

Oh Valorous mani Kanda,  Oh greatest leader of Bhoothas, Oh God who protects  the world,

Oh Valorous mani Kanda, Oh God with pretty eyes, Oh God who likes dance,

Oh Valorous mani Kanda, Oh Lord of Sabari mountain, Oh God who gives pleasure





40.       Shabari gireeshwareny  sashwatha  vaa vaa                                ()


            Shabari gireeshwareny                      sashwatha  vaa vaa

            Shaanthaney  shashwathaa                          swaroopaa vaa vaa


            Oh God of Sabari mountain, Oh permanent God, please  come, come

            Oh God who is peaceful and has a permanent form, please  come, come


            Vanpuli  vaahananey                         deva  nee  vaa vaa

            Vaanavar  poojithaa                           balaa  nee  vaa vaa


             Oh God who rides  on a big tiger , please  come, come

              Oh God worshipped by devas ,  please  come, come


            Bhaktharkkishainthavaa                   shelvamey  vaa vaa

            Bhavakkadal  thaandida                    paraney  nee  vaa vaa


             Oh God who is partial to devotees  , oh wealth, please  come, come

              Oh Divine one, for crossing the sea  of Karma, please  come, come


            Sachidhaanandhaney                                    swaamee  nee  vaa vaa

            Sundhareshar  makaney                   thedinen  vaa vaa


             Oh God who is in the state  of divine joy, please  come, come

             Oh God who is the son of Lord Sundareswara(Shiva) whom I searched, please  come,



            Chendhiru  velavar                            sodharaa  vaa vaa

            Ponmukha  mandhahaasaa               chinmaya  vaa  vaa


             Oh brother of the red god  with a Vel , please  come, come

             Oh divine one with a smile in golden face , please  come, come


            Ponnambalavaasaa                            chinmaya  vaa  vaa

            Mohini  pettra  baalaa                        mohanaa  vaa  vaa


             Oh Divine one who lives in the golden temple, please  come, come

             Oh pretty one , born to Mohini , please  come, come


            Mohamaai  dhaaham  kondu             veeraa  nee  vaa  vaa

            Maamalayil  vaazhum                        manikantaa  vaa  vaa


             With thirst   for desire , Oh valorous one, please  come, come

             Oh Manikanta who lives  on a great mountain , please  come, come


            Maa devar  pukazhum                       maaraa  nee  vaa  vaa

            Anthakanai  ventra                            arashey  nee  vaa  vaa


             Oh lovely one praised    by great devas , please  come, come

             Oh king who won over God of death, please  come, come


            Aanandha  dhaayakaa                       swaamee  nee  vaa  vaa

            Chinthayil  uraithidum                      sarasey  nee  vaa  vaa


            Oh God who is the giver of joy, please  come, come

            Oh entertaining  God who lives in my thought , please  come, come


            Pandhala  venthanin                         mainthaa  nee  vaa  vaa

            Saalokya  saameepya                         saayoojyaa  vaa  vaa


            Oh son of king of Pandalam, please  come, come

            Oh God who is near  to those of the world  who gives salvation, please  come,


            Swaamiyey  sharanam                       ayyappaa  vaa  vaa

            Swaamiyey  sharanam                       ayyappaa  vaa  vaa


           I surrender   to God Ayyappa,  please  come, come,

           I surrender   to God Ayyappa, please   come, come


41.       Swamiyey  sharanam  ayyappa                                                       ()

            Sabari malai naayakaney                  sharanam ayyappa

            Sharan adainthorkkarul pavaney     sharanam ayyappa

            Sharva Vishnu putthiraney               sharanam ayyappa

            Sarva loka rajshakaney                     sharanam Ayyappa


           Oh Lord  of Sabari mountain, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

           Oh Lord who showers  his grace on the surrendered , I surrender  to you,


           Oh Son of  Lord Shiva and Vishnu , I surrender  to Ayyappa,

           Oh protector  of all the worlds, I surrender  to Ayyappa,


Bhootha gana paalakaney                 sharanam ayyappa

            Pushkala vallabhaney                       sharanam ayyappa

            Ishta varam tharupavaney                sharanam ayyappa

            Innal ellaam theerppavaney              sharanam Ayyappa


            Oh God who looks after  Bhoothaganas, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Oh consort of Pushkala, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Oh God who gives   desired boons, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Oh God who ends   all troubles, I surrender  to Ayyappa,


            Karimalayil vaazhpavaney                sharanam ayyappa

            Kanaka mani bhooshananey             sharanam ayyappa

            Madhayaanai vaahananey                sharanam ayyappa

            Mamathai ellaam theerppavaney      sharanam Ayyappa


            Oh God who lives in Karimala , I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Oh God who wears  Gold and gems, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Oh God who rides on great elephant , I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Oh God  who ends  all pride ,  I surrender  to Ayyappa,


            Neela thiru meniyaney                       sharanam ayyappa

            Nithya sukham thantharulvaai         sharanam ayyappa

            Bhavappinikkor aru marnthey          sharanam ayyappa

            Param poruley param chudarey        sharanam Ayyappa


            Oh God with blue divine   body, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Oh God , please  gives us perennial joy  , I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Oh God who is divine cure for Karmic disease , I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Oh Divine  asset who is the divine light , I surrender  to Ayyappa,


            Dharma sastha perudayaai               sharanam ayyappa

            Dharani suthan paalakaney              sharanam ayyappa

            Mohiniyaal vara suthaney                 sharanam ayyappa

            Mokshaadhi arulpavaney                  sharanam Ayyappa


            Oh God with name Dharma Sastha, I surrender to  to you Ayyppa,

            Oh protector who is the son of the king  , I surrender to you Ayyappa,

             Oh blessed son of Mohini, I surrender to you Ayyappa,

              Oh God who grants salvation, I surrender  to you Ayyappa.


            Munivargal paniyum paadhaa          sharanam ayyappa

            Mummalathai maaippavaney                        sharanam ayyappa

            Veera manikantaa nee yen                sharanam ayyappa

            Vishwam ellaam padaithavaney        sharanam Ayyappa


             Oh God whose feet is saluted by sages , I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh God who removes three types of dirt of the mind, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh Valorous Mani kanda, you are  mine, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh God who created all  the world , I surrender  to Ayyappa,


            Thaamarai malar kkayyaney             sharanam ayyappa

            Thava neriyai thantharulvaai           sharanam ayyappa

            Thaai thanthai aanavaney                sharanam ayyappa

            Thaapa thrayam maaippavaney        sharanam Ayyappa


             Oh God with lotus like hand, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh God, please  bless me with ability to do penance , I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh God who has become my mother and father, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh God who removes three  types of suffering , I surrender  to Ayyappa,


            Varumai pini theerppavaney             sharanam ayyappa

            Vandhanai sheivorai aazhvaai          sharanam ayyappa

            Kaarunya vaaridhiyey                       sharanam ayyappa

            Kali malathai kalaipavaney               sharanam Ayyappa


            Oh God who removes disease  of poverty, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Please  rule over those who salute you, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Oh ocean of mercy, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Oh god who removes sins due to kali age , I surrender  to Ayyappa,


            Chinam ventraar akathuraivaai        sharanam ayyappa

            Chitha shuddhi thantharulvaai        sharanam ayyappa

            Neyyabhsihegam kolvaai                   sharanam ayyappa

            Nenjam athil olinthiduvaai                sharanam Ayyappa


            Oh God who is within the  mind of those  who have won over anger,

             I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Please give a clean and pure mind, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Please  receive  the anointing with ghee , I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Please  hide in my mind , oh God, I surrender  to Ayyappa,


            Maalai irul neeki aalvaai                   sharanam ayyappa

            Mangalangal ponga arulvaai             sharanam ayyappa

            Paasha vallai arutharulvaai              sharanam ayyappa

            Paadha sevai thantharulvaai                        sharanam Ayyappa


            Please remove the darkness  of evening, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Please bless me for ebbing auspiciousness, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Please  cut of the web of affection, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Please   give me opportunity to serve your feet, I surrender  to Ayyappa,


            Kankanda daiwamum nee                 sharanam ayyappa

            Kanda karai karu aruppaai               sharanam ayyappa

            Tholl chollu kavikkarulvaai               sharanam ayyappa

            Tholaila ellaam theerthu arulvaai     sharanam Ayyappa


             You are  also the God I have seen, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh God please  kill all bad people, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Please   shower your grace on the ancient poet, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

              Please   remove all my troubles, I surrender  to Ayyappa,


            Annadhaana tatparaney                    sharanam ayyappa

            Adima kaarya duranthaney               sharanam ayyappa

            Athishayangal puripavaney              sharanam ayyappa

            Agathikkarul sheipavaney                 sharanam Ayyappa


           Oh God interested  in charity of food, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

           Oh God who destroys all problem of this slave ,I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Oh God who does   wonders, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Oh God who showers mercy on orphans , I surrender  to Ayyappa,


            Sanmayaney chinmayaney                sharanam ayyappa

            Sal guruvey anpuruvey                     sharanam ayyappa

            Pranava porul aanavaney                 sharanam ayyappa

            Brahmnaanandham tharupavaney   sharanam Ayyappa


            Oh God who is full of good as  well as  divinity, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh God who graces as a Guru, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh God who has become the meaning of “Om”, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

            Oh God who gives   divine   joy, I surrender  to Ayyappa,


            Mukkunangal kadanthavaney          sharanam ayyappa

            Moovar mayam aanavaney                sharanam ayyappa

            Adiyaarkkum adiyavaney                  sharanam ayyappa

            Aadhi guna vaaridhiyey                    sharanam Ayyappa


             Oh God who crossed the three   character types, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh  God who is full of trinity  of gods , I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh God who is the slave to his devotees, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh sea of good primeval  characters, I surrender  to Ayyappa,


            Kaamadhi noi theerppavaney                        sharanam ayyappa

            Kashtam ellaam theertharulvaai       sharanam ayyappa

            Maathavargal mana tholivaai           sharanam ayyappa

            Maashillaa jnaanam thantharulvaai            sharanam Ayyappa


            Oh God who cures diseases like passion, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh God , please remove all our troubles, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh God who hides  himself  in mind of great sages, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

              Oh God please give me untainted knowledge , I surrender  to Ayyappa,


            Shatru bhayam theertharulvaai        sharanam ayyappa

            Shantham engum parava sheivaai   sharanam ayyappa

            Un cheyyalai paada sheivaai             sharanam ayyappa

            Un sevai puriya sheivaai                   sharanam Ayyappa


             Oh God remove the fear   against enemies, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh God spread peace everywhere, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

              Oh God make me sing about your actions, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

               Oh God make me do your jobs, I surrender  to Ayyappa,


            Aanavathai azhithiduvaai                 sharanam ayyappa

            Anbu ennidam peruka cheivaai         sharanam ayyappa

            Unnai sthuthikka vazhi arulvaai      sharanam ayyappa

            Un paadhathai kaana sheivaai         sharanam Ayyappa


             Oh God, please destroy my pride , I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh God,  increase love  in my mind , I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh God show me ways to pray you  , I surrender  to Ayyappa,

              Oh God make  me see your feet, I surrender  to Ayyappa,


            Odum manam adanga cheivaai         sharanam ayyappa

            Un manathai unara cheivaai             sharanam ayyappa

            Varuga varuga varam tharavey        sharanam ayyappa

            Vaazhka unthan mahimai vaazhka  sharanam Ayyappa   


             Oh God make my running mind peaceful, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Oh God make me realize your mind, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

              Oh God come, come to give boons, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

             Long live your greatness, I surrender  to Ayyappa,

42.       Arul nirai daiwamey                                                       hindholam/ranjini



            Arul nirai daiwamey aanandha moorthiyey

            Karunayey vadivaana kaantha malai vaasaney


             Oh Good who is full  of grace  and who is full of joy,

             Oh Lord with a  merciful form who lives  in Kanthamalai



            Irulinai akattridum eedillaa daiwamey

            Irudayathil nilaithida irangiyey vanthiduvaai


            Oh Incomparable God, who removes darkness,

             Please come to occupy and stay in my  mind.



            Ariyaatha thavaru sheithaal anpinaal maranthiduvaai

            Puriyaatha pizhai sheithaal poruthidal venum appa

            Shariyaana vazhi kaattum sabarimalai vaasaney

            Sakalrum vanagidum saasthaa daiwamey


            If I do a mistake unknowingly forget  it by your love to me,

            If I do a mistake without understanding, Oh Lord please pardon  it,

            Oh God of Sabari mountain  , who shows me the right way,

             Oh God Sastha   who is saluted  by everybody.


43.       Kaanikkai kondu vanthen                                             naadhanaamakriya                    


            Kaanikkai kondu vanthen                 kadai

            kkannaal paarum ayyaa                    Ayyappa


             I have brought  an offering , Oh Lord,

             Please see it by the corner of your eye, Ayyappa




            Vendi thozhupavarkku          vendum varam koduthu

            Kannukkimai pol ennai          kaathu rakshikka vendum


             After giving the desired boons to those  who request and salute you,

             Please  protect me like , the eyelids protects the eye.



            Kaanana vazhi shumai udaney nadanthu ummai

            Kaana manathil mika            aarvam konden

            Daana varadan thiru naamathai pukazhnthu    kon

            Daanandhamutan sannidhaanam adainthumakku             kaanikkai


            Walking through the forest with  load , to see  you,

             I had a great desire  in my mind ,

             After praising the  name of the god who blesses,

             I became  happy    and reached   your temple  and I have brought           



44.       Van Puli vaahananey                                                      shyaama



            Van puli vaahananey             ayyappaa


             Oh Ayyappa   who rides on a great   tiger




Sree shiva thanayan              thribhuvana naathan

Sree manikantan                    parah brahma moorthey


The son of Lord Shiva, the lord of the three   worlds,

The  Lord Manikandan  who is the form of divine  Brahmam.




Bhoomi prrapanchan              pushakala ramanan

Bhaktha jana priyan              pankaja lochanan

Parama shantha roopan        Panthala raja baalan

Paaril adiyaarkku                   aadhaaram nee ayyappaa


He who is all over the world , the consort of Pushkala,

The darling of his devotees, The God with lotus eye ,

The very peaceful one, the  son of king of Pandala,

Oh Ayyappa  you are the support to your devotees of this earth.


45.       Enthan meethu kopam                                                   raagamaalika



Enthan meethu kopam eeshaa umakken ayyaa


Oh Lord   why this   anger on me?



            Thanthai thaayum neeyey     sakala bandhuvum neeyey

            Thanthai illaa baalakan pol   thayangiren naan ippo


             You are my father and mother , you are all my relative,

             I am now hesitating like   a boy without father


            Aadhi muthal umathu adimayaai kidakkuren

            Aadharavugal sheyya adhikaaram illayaa

            Nenjirakkam vallayaa neer kripai sheyyavey

            Vanji malai vaazhum eeshaa varam thara vendum ayyaa


            I have been your slave from the   very beginning.

            Don’t I have the right  to  show respects you,

            Does not your  heart soften, please  show your mercy,

            Oh God who lives on the coastal mountain , please  give me a boon.


Punnaga varaali

            Ethinayo daiwam naattil irukkayil ummai naan

            Irakkam ullavar entry iru karam kooppinen

            Chitham irangaathathu eno neery kripai sheyyavey

            Bhakthan entru ariyaayo para daiwam neer antro


            Though  there   are very many Gods  in the country,

            I saluted with two folded hands thinking you are merciful,

            Why does not your mind melt, Please  shower your grace ,

             Do’nt you know   that  I am your devotee, for are you not the divine  God.



            Kadalkarai thannil vaazhum skandhanai kayyeduthaal

            Kavalaikal akattri karunayai pozhiyuvaar

            Chilanthi malayil vaasaa devar pukazhum eeshaa

            Chintahi kavalaikal maattri darishanam thaarum ayyaa


            If we salute  the Lord Subrahmanya  living on the beach,

            He will remove our worries  and shower  his mercy,

            Oh God who lives on spider mountain , Oh God praised by devas,

             Please  remove my worries  and Oh Lord please  show yourself to me.



46.       Poyyindri meyyodu                                                         

            Poyyindri meyyodu nei kondu ponaal           ayyanai nee kaanalaam

            Sabariyil ayyanai nee kaanalaam

            Ayyappa swami ayyappaa                 ayyappa sharanam Ayyappa


             Without lies but with truth , if you take  Ghee, you can see  the lord ,

             You can see   the Lord  in Sabari,

             Ayyappa, God Ayyappa , I surrender to Ayyappa, Ayyappa.


            Avanai naadu avan pukazh paadu

            Pukazhodu vaazha vaippan ayyappan                     unnai

            Pukazhodu vaazha vaippan ayyappan


            Seek him and sing his praises,

            He will make you live with fame

            He will make  you live with fame .


            Iruppatho kaadu        vanaguthu naadu

            Avanai kaana             thevai panpaadu

            Ayyappa swami ayyappaa                 ayyappa sharanam Ayyappa


            He lives  in forest , the country salutes him,

            You need   penance   to see him,

            Ayyappa, God Ayyappa , I surrender to Ayyappa, Ayyappa.


            Poojaikal podu                        thooya anpodu

            Peyarodu vaazha vaippan ayyappan                                    nalla

            Peyarodu vaazha vaippan ayyappan

            Anaivarum vaarungal            ayyanai naadungal

            Arul vendum anparai ellaam vaazha vaippaan        ayyan

            Arul vendum anparai ellaam vaazha vaippaan

            Ayyappa swami ayyappaa                 ayyappa sharanam Ayyappa


             Worship him   with pure love  ,

             Ayyappa will make you live with fame ,

             Ayyappa   will make   you live with fame ,

             All of you come and seek   the Lord ,

             He would make live all those devotees  who seek his  grace ,

             He  would make  live all  those  devotees  who seek his grace,

            Ayyappa, God Ayyappa , I surrender to Ayyappa, Ayyappa.


47.       Irumudiyai Shumanthu vanthen        Ragam – Shubha Panthu varaali


Irumudiyai Sumanthu Vanthen        Irakkamillaiyaa (2)

Iraivaa Un Sodhanaikkor                  Alavum Illayaa (2)


I came carrying   the two section burden, do’nt you have any  pity  on me,

Oh God , is there   no limit to   your tests .


Azhuthayiley  kulithu  vanthen  ariya  villayaa

Angey arukey  oru  kalleduthu  vaikka villayaa

karimalayai  kadanthu  vanthen  gavunam  villayaa

Garudan  ennai  kandathaaka  chollavillayaa          (Irumudiyai…)


Did you know that  I have come here  after bathing in Azhutha,

Did I not take   a stone from there  and keep it nearby ,

Did you know that  I have come here  crossing the Kari mala,

Did not Garuda tell you that  he has seen me .


Pambaiyileh Kulithu Vanthen Paarkkavillayaa

Pambakkarai Bhojanam Nee Arundhavillayaa

Pambaiyileh Vilakkeduthen Kaanavillayaa

Baghavaney Unakku Kooda Saakshi Thevayaa …..            (Irumudiyai)


Did you not see that I have come after bathing in Pambai,

Did  you not participate  in the feast at the banks of Pambai ,

Did you not see  me with the lamp in Pambai,

Oh God , Do you  also need   a  witness.


Pathinettu Padikal Eri Varavum Illayaa                   naan

Padi Thengai Udaitha Sattham Kelkavillayaa

kodimarathai Sutri Vanthen Kaanavillayaa                    angey

Koodi Nindra Bhaktharkalai Kettu Paaraiyaa …..   (Irumudiyai)


Did I not come after   climbing the eighteen steps,

Did you not hear the sound of breaking coconut on those steps,

Did you not see  me going round the  flag pole ,

Please ask those devotees who had crowded  there.


Neyyabhishekam Seithen Ninaivum illayaa             naan

Meyyurugi Paadiyathum Ketkavillayaa

Ayya Un Saranam Endru Kadharavillayaa

Vishwamellam Kakshi tharum Jyoti Allavaa …..     (Irumudiyai)


Don’t you remember that I anointed  you with ghee ,

Did you not hear  my songs   with great emotion,

Did I not  shout , Oh Lord  I surrender  to you,”

Are you not the   light  that  is  seen all over the universe.


48.       Saasthaa varavai kelppai         

Saasthaa varavai keplaai sabarigiri Saasthaa varavai kelpaai


Please  hear about the coming of Sastha , Please here the coming of Sastha of  Sabari mountain.


Saasthaa varugirathai dhairyamaaka paarkka vendrum

Paarthavargal kettavargal kooppittaal avan varuvaan                   sasthaa


You have to courageously see    the coming of Sastha,

He would come if those who have seen or heard call him.


Ettavathaarangal undu ettu swaroopangal undu

Ashta kramangalil ivar ariyyathathu ondrum illai                           sastha


There are eight incarnations , there are   eight   forms,

There is nothing  that  they do not  know in the eight rituals.


Karuppan endroru maadan kaaryam aaka chudalakku

Karutha megham pol varaan kayyil kodu vaalum kondu                sasthaa….


A ghost called  Karuppan , for completing the work came to cremation ground,

Is coming like   a black cloud,  with meat cutting knife in his hand.


Mun shudalai maadan varaan moorkha daiwam aakum ivan

Vanjanai shooniyangalai panjaaka parakkadikkum                                    sasthaa….


Before him Sudalat  madan is coming, he is very naughty god  ,

Who can make deciets and black magic fly away like cotton.


Munnaadi maadan kayyil vettu kathi ettu chaanil

Hoongaara peykalai norukki athatti vaaraan                                   sasthaa….


In the Madan who comes in front there is a big knife ,

He is chiding   and killing ghosts who see him in eight directions.


Panai pol irandu kaalum paarai pol irandu muttum

Thani chilambu shalladam shalangai kulukkidavey                                    sasthaa….


With two legs like Palmyrah tree , with knees like two Paras,

He is coming shaking  the single anklet making ringing sound.


Bhoothathaan muthal aana bhootha padaigal udaney

Vedhathaal sthuthidum vediyar sabhai naduvil                              sasthaa….


With the army of Bhoothas   with Lord of Bhoothas in front,

He is coming among the group of Brahmins praising him by Vedas.


49.       Sabari malai uchiyiley   

            Sabari malai uchiyiley saasthaavai kaana vendru

            Japa maalai thaan aninthu sanklpam sheithiduvom

            Makarathin jyothiyiley mahaa pathiyai kaana vendru

            Akathinil pooja sheithu anpaaka paadiduvom


             Deciding that   we would   see Lord Sastha at top of Sabari mountain,

             We would wear the rosary   and then take   the decision,

              For seeing the great lord  in the light of Makara  month,

             WE would worship him within our mind  and sing  with love.


Ayyappa sharanam entru                  swaamiyey sharanam entru

Ayyappa sharanam entru                  anputaney paadiduvom

Aanandhamaay paadiduvom             bhakthiyutam paadiduvom


We would sing with  love , I surrender  to Ayyappa,

I surrender  to the God  , I surrender  to Ayyappa,

We would sing with joy , we would sing with devotion.


Aarumukha sodaraney anpaana saasthaavai

Veeru kondu malai meley valam vanthu kumbidavey

Pampaa nadi kkarayeri pakkuvamaay neeraadi

Themudan venneerum pooshi thudarnthu malai yeriduvom


For saluting with valour after   perambulating on the mountain,

The loving Sastha   who is  the brother of the six faced one,

After  climbing to the banks of Pampa river and properly bathing there,


Karpoora jyothiyiley kalanthu nirkkum kadavul entru

Kai kooppi kumbiduvaar kankalil neer perukkiduvaar

Annadhaanam sheithuvarum anpar ullam thangiduvaar

Enna kurai irunthaalum ethir vanthu kaathiduvaar.


             Among those who salute with folded hands   that god,

As  one who is the one who stands mixed in the flame of camphor,

He would make them shed  tears   from their eyes,

He would stay in the minds of those  who come after making charity of food,

And whatever may be   their problems , he would come  and solve it.


Neyyabhishekam sheithiduvom nenjam maranthiduvom

Saasthaavey sharam entru sharana ghosham muzhakkiduvom

Aavesha kadavul entrum anandha roopan entrum

Aarvathudan adi paninthaar allalkalai pokkiduvaar

Aarvamutan poojai sheithu amrutha paanam sheithiduvom


We  would annoint  with ghee  and completly forge our heart,

We would loudly shout, Oh Sastha   you are  our protection,

For those who  say God with divine energy , as one who has a  form of joy,

And salute at his feet  with respect, he  would remove all their troubles,

We  would worship that nectar like God and drink nectar.



50.       Sholla sholla thithikumey

            Sholla sholla thithikkumey    ayyappanin naama rasam

            ayyappanin naama rasam     sundaranin naama rasam

            ellayillaa inpam thanthu        engum thaanaai nintra rasam


            As we chant and chant  the juice of  the name of Ayyappa, we enjoy the sweetness

            The juice of the name of Ayyappa , the  juice of the name of pretty God,

            The juice  that would give limitless  pleasure and stand everywhere as itself.


            valvinai azhinthu vidum        vanchanai ozhinthu vidum

            kalnenjam urugi vidum          kaala bhayam odi vidum


            It would destroy the Karmic load , It would destroy deceit,

            It would melt even stone like heart and the fear  of death will run away


            kallaathathai ariya vaikkum karunai ullam paada vaikkum

            nallathayey naada vaikkum naan enpathai ozhiya vaikkum


             It will make you know what you have not learned and make you have  a merciful


             It will make good things attract  you  and destroy the  ego.


            kaalanilai karutha vendaam kaadu malai shuttra vendaam

            melaana thavam puriya vendaam menmayellaam thaaney varum


             You need not think of nature of time , nor wander  over forest and hills,

             You need not do great  penance and all  greatness  will come of its own.


51.       Bhajanam  shey  manamey                                                    (Chenchurutti)



             Bhajanam shey  manamey  vijanam  thannil  udithu

Bhuja  phala  veeranai  gaja  mukha  anujanai                               (bhajanam..)


Oh mind , sing  about him, who was born in loneliness,

Who was a valorous hero  and brother of elephant faced god.



Shathamakha  vaasava  makuta  manikirana

Virajitha  padha yuga  charanathai  nee chendru                            (bhajanam..)


You go and sing about the  shining  feet,

Son of Shiva and Vishnu with a shining   crown,



1.Hariharan baalanai  amitha  prataapanai

Aashritha  jana  paripaalanai  lolanai

Karivara  vaahanai  kamaneeya  dehanai

Kaamidhartha  phala  daayaka  sheelanai                                       (bhajanam..)


Sing about son of  Vishnu  and Shiva  who is  greatly famous,

Who looks after  people who depend on him who is restless,

Who rides  on a elephant  , who has   a pretty body,

And who has the habit of giving  all that  is desired.


2.Vaarana  vaahananai  aarana  smoohanai

Poorana  pushkalai  devi  manaalanai

Noorani  theruvathil  kaaranamaaki  vanthu

Paalanam  sheykintra  veera  manikantaney                                   (bhajanam..)


Sing about him who rides on elephant , who is among the mountains,

Who is the consort  of Poorna   and Pushkala ,

Who comes  in the streets of Noorani for the sake,

Of  ruling it  and who is valorous Manikanta.


Manikantan  paadhathai  manathil  ninaitha varkku

Maru  janmam  illaamal  varam  tharu vaayey

Shani  budhan  vaaratahil  sannadhiyiley  shentru

Sharanam  adaipavarkku  sakalamum  koduppayey                                   (bhajanam..)


Sing about him who removes a possibility of rebirth,

To those who think  about   the feet  of Manikanta,

After going on Saturday and Wednesday  to his  temple,

And  surrendering to him so that he will give everything.


52.       Nurani  thannil                                                      (Naamaavali)

            Noorani thannil  saasthaa                 namo  namo

            Poorna  pushhala  naathaa               namo  namo

            Aariyankaavil  ayyaa  namo              namo  namo   


            Salutations   to the Sastha of Noorani ,

            Salutations to the consort  of Poorna and Pushkala,

            Salutations to the lord  of Aryankavu.         


            Dharaniyaalum  naathaa                  namo  namo

            Kaaranamaana  naathaa                   namo  namo

            Aaranar  thozhum  bhoopaa              namo  namo


             Salutations to the Lord who rules  the world,

             Salutations   to  the  Lord of Karamana,

              Salutations to the  King saluted by the tribals.


            Achan  kovilil  ayyaa                                      namo  namo

            Kachai  kettiya  meyyaa                     namo  namo

            Pachai  pari  yerum thuyyaa             namo  namo


            Salutations  to the Lord of Achan Koil,

            Salutations to the Lord ready to battle,

            Salutations to the pure one riding on green horse.


            Bhakthar  manassirkkullaasaa         namo  namo

            Mukthiyarulidum  ayyaa                   namo  namo

            Vettri  velan  sahaja                           namo  namo


              Salutations to the God who makes mind of devotees happy,

              Salutations to the Lord who grants salvation

              Salutation to the  brother of the victorious  God with Vel


53.       Veera  manikantan  varukiraar                                                      ()

            Veera  manikantan  varukiraar                     vedikkai  paarungo

            Varukira  shingaaram  paarungo




            The Valouros Mani Kanda   is coming  , please  see for entertainment,

            Please  see  the decorations of his coming,



            Paareerezhengum  pukizhave nalla

            pachai kuthiramel uchithamaakavey


            With all the  fourteen worlds praising  ,

             Riding on a green horse , he comes properly.


            1.Bhoothathaan  shella  pillai  shaavalan

            Porunthum  vedhiyan  periya  maadanaum

            Madhathaal  pechi  sharakuruttiyum           Vanniyanum  shoozhavey

            Sthuthi  ndalayyan  kattiyam  koora

            Thulliya  vethaalam  kudai  pidikkavey                                            (veera…)


             The pet lad of Bhoothas   who wins over death,

             With suitable Brahmin as   well as  big Madan,

             With Pechi, Sarakurutti   and Vanniyan surrounding him exuberantly,

             With Sthuthi Thindalayya  telling  his greatness,

             With the springing Vetala   holding the Umbrella.


            2.Maddhala  thaala  dhithi  murashudan

            Mallaari  bherikai  dammaanham  muzhanga

            Shuttilum  pala  vaadhiyam  muzhanga       Shoozha  kodi  nerungaa

            Muthu mu  thena vey  padham  paada

            Mohana  rambhayar  naagareekathudan

            Thakkathom  dhimi thom  thathom  entru

            Shaari  nadumaadum  dheena  dhayaaparan                                  (veera…)


             With beats of Maddala   and Dhithi Murasu,

             With Bhallari Berigai   shaking the directions,

With various musical instruments playing around, With the  rotating flag


 With singing    of pearl like   dancing tunes,

With The Pretty  Ramba  and maidens  in  a modern way ,

Dance   to the beats  of Thakkathom, dimitthom  and Thathom,

The God who is merciful to the suffering ones,



            3.Pattanmaar  shetti  paandiya  deshikal

            Aariyar  vadakkar  thulu  varaadhikal

            Ishtamaam  pala  vaanibhathudaney                       Pathippathi  yaakavey

            Shattamaam  kunjaleeyar  karnaatakar

            Ettrum  kappalkkaarar  shernthu  kondaadavey

            Kattudan  Ghana vitham  kadam  vaangi

            Kaanikkai  itteney  dhayyaabharaakena                                          (veera…)        


             Tamil Brahmins of Kerala  , Chettiyars   from The Pandya country ,

              The Aryas, the northerners, the thulu speaking people  ,

              Coming with  love  with several trades   , in row after   row,

              The Legal Kunjalis , the people  of Karnataka,

              The famous people of the navy all have assembled,

              And so  with the Kettu (packet) , after borrowing money,

              I gave  offering to the  merciful god.                  


            Pandu  meendundu  dhanathai  enniyey

            Parithapithidum  anthanar  kkakavey

            Vandulaavum  kashathinil  muzhukiyey      Dhanathai  varuthiyey

            Konduvanthanthanar  kayyil  koduthu

            Kolaahalatudan  melaakey  koodiyey                                                (veera…)


             For the very pitaiable   Brahmins  who,

              Were saved once and are  thinking of money,

              Suffering being drowned in the forest  frequented by bees,

              After earning  and  giving it in the hands of Brahmins,

               Assembling with  great fashion together,



54.       Karunaa sagara  deena  dayalo                                 (Simhendra madhyamam)

            Karunaa  saagara  dheena  dhayaalo

            Harihara  suthanaai  avathaaram  sheytha                         (karuna …..)


            Ocean of mercy , merciful one to those who suffer ,

            Who took incarnation   as the  son of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.


            Chandrasekharan  mohini  yidam  konda

            Mohathinaal udhitha  mohana  roopan

            Panthala  mainthaa un  paadhangal  paninthidum

            Enthanai  santhatham  vantharul  purivaay                                   (karuna…)


            Oh son of Pandala,  The pretty one   who was  

            born due to the passion of Lord   Shiva   on Mohini,

            Please come and shower  your grace  on  me,

            Who always  salute   your feet,


            Ippuviyil  inpam  vendaam  vendaam  endru

            Vanamthil  kehiya  vanpuli  vaahanaa

            Shabari  giri  thannil  ekaanthamaay  vaazhum

            Dheeraney  veeraney  sathya  swaroopaney                                    (karuna…)


            Oh God who rides  on a tiger , who went to the forest,

            Saying that  you do not want  the pleasures  of  this world,

            Oh Valorous one  who is the personification of truth,

             Who lives  on solitude  on the  Sabari  mountain.



55.       Uthiram naalil avatharithaai                                                  (Karahara priya)

            Ayyappa sharanam sharanam sharanam sharanam ayyappaa

Swamiye sharanam sharanam sharanam sharanam ayyappaa


Oh Ayyappa, I surrender , I surrender , I surrender to you Ayyappa,

Oh God, I surrender , I surrender , I surrender  to you Ayyappa.


Uthiram naalil  avatharithaai           

Shathru samhaaram seyya vanthaai

Sharavana bhava guha  sotharaney

Shabari  maamalai  naayakaney                                           Ayyappaa…….


You were   born in the Uthram star,

You came   to exterminate  the enemies ,

 Oh Brother   of Saravana bhava guha,

Oh Lord   of the  big Sabari mountain.


Kaarthikai  muthalnaal  vanthidavey          

Keerthanai  unmel  paadidavey

Stothiram  seyya  nee  arul  vaayey

Shabari  maamalai  naayakaney                                           Ayyappaa…….


You would come on the previous day to Karthikai,

Please shower  your grace  for being able to,

Sing  praises   on you ,

Oh Lord   of the  big Sabari mountain.


Dhaarani  pukazh  shiva  baalakaney         

Poorana  pushkalai  naayakaney

Karunai  sheivai  veera  manikantaaa

Shabari  maamalai  naayakaney                                           Ayyappaa…….


Oh son  of Shiva who is praised by all the world,

Oh consort   of Poorna  and Pushkala ,

Please show your mercy , Oh valorous Mani Kanta,

Oh Lord   of the  big Sabari mountain.


56.       Kondaattam                                                                                    (Naamaavali)

            Kondaattamaam kondaatam 

manikanta swaamikku mandala kaalathil kondaattam

Thindaattamaam thindaattam          

Ayyappan naamathai  sollaatha perukku thindaattam


Celebration and celebrations,

To the God Mani kanta during Mandala period,

Problems and suffering, problems and suffering,

To  those who do not tell the name  of God Ayyappa.


Maalai  aninthu  vritham  iruppathu            manassukku kondaattam (irumudi)

kettum shumanthu  kaattil nadappathu       kaalukku kondaattam


Wearing the rosary and doing penance is celebration to the mind,

Carrying two section packet and walking in the forest is celebration to the leg.


Erumeli shendru veshangal pottu                 thulluvathum oru kondaattam

Swami thinthakka thom                                 ayyappan thinthakka thom

Erumeli shendru veshangal pottu                 thulluvathum oru kondaattam

Ariyankaavinil  poorana psuhkalai               naathanukkum oru kondaattam


After reaching Erumeli dancing after putting on different  forms is one celebration,

God Thikka thom, Ayyappa , Thithikka thom,

After reaching Erumeli dancing after putting on different  forms is one celebration,

In Aryankavu to the consort of Poorna  and Pushkala  it is celebration.


Thengaai udaithu pathinettu padi                thaanduvathum oru kondaattam

Devargal  poojikkum sasthaavin sannidhi    sheruvathum  oru kondaattam


Breaking coconuts and climbing eighteen steps is one celebration,

Reaching the permanent temple in which devas worship is also  a celebration,



Sabarimalayil  swami  darshanam                  kannukku kondaattam  (angey)

shambhukumaaranin  naama sankeerthanam          kaathukku  kondaattam


Seeing the God in Sabari mountain is a celebration to the eye ,

And singing of names of son of Shiva   there is a celebration to the ears.


57.       Ayyappa  sharanam                                                  (Naadhanaamakriya)

Ayyappa  sharanam  swamiyey  sharanam 

Ayyappa  swamiyey  sharanamey  sharanam


I surrender  to Ayyappa, I surrender  to the  God,

I surrender  to Ayyappa, I surrender  to the  God,



Ambili  anintha  shiva  shankaranin  mainthan

Aadhi  paramaatmanai  avaniyil  vanthaan

Irumudiyum  thaangiyey  erumeli  shentru                         

Mela  thaalangal  udan  pettai  thulliduvom                         (Ayyappa    ……)       


Once the  son of Shiva who wears   the moon ,

Came  in this world as   the primeval God,

Carrying the two burdens, going to Erumeli,

We would dance in Pettai accompanied by music and drums


Katinamaam  karimalayay  sulbhamai  kadanthu

Punya  pampaa  nadhiyil  snaanamum  sheithu

Neelimalayum  shabari  peetavum  vanangi            

Nalla  pathinettu  padi  bhakthiyudan  paninthu                 (Ayyappa ……)


After safely crossing the forest covered  Karimala,

After taking bath in the sacred  Pampa river,

After saluting Neeli Malai  and Shabari Peeda ,

After  saluting with devotion the good eighteen steps.


Shabari  giri naathanin  sannidhiyil  shernthom

Neyyum  thenum  aadi  nimmathi  adainthom

Kaantha  malai  jyothiyai  kan kukira  kandom      

Vinnathira  sharanam  vili  muzhanguvathai  kettom         (Ayyappa………)


We reached    in front of the Lord of Sabari mountain,

And attained peace  by offering ghee  and honey,

Then by seeing the flame of Kanthamalai we gave enjoyment to the eyes,

And also shouting of “I surrender to you”, shaking the skies.


58.       Unnidam  nerungukiren                                                     (Sindhu bhairavi)


            Unnidam  nerungukiren                                ayyaney  arul  purivaay

            Enthan  ullam  kavarnthavaney                   kaantha  malai  kaavalaney                                                                                                                                      (unnidam)


            I am coming near you, Oh Lord ,shower your grace ,

            Oh God who stole my heart, Oh guard of Kaantha malai.


            Mandala  kaalam  thannil                              maalayudan  vrutham  irinthu

            Aandanavey  unthan  pukazh                       anthippakal  paadi  vanthen

            Palli  kettu  chumadenthi                               kaadu  malai  eri  vanthen

            Madhavaa  mainthaa  unnai                         kaanavey  thudi  thudithen


             After observing penance  with rosary in the mandala period,

              Oh God ,I came singing your fame day   and night ,

              I came carrying the Palli Kettu  crossing mountains and forests ,

              Oh son of  Madhava , I was  very anxious   to see  you.


            Ponnu  pathinettu  padi                                 thulli  thulli  naan  kadanthu

            Ponnambalam  thannil  unnai                       kandu  naan  mathi  maranthen

            Sabari malai  uchiyiley                                   enna  thaan  athishayamoh

            Makaram  muthal  naalil  onnai                    kaana kkan  kodi  undu  (unnidam)


             Jumping and jumping  I crossed    the Golden eighteen steps and saw you,

             And seeing you in the golden temple  , I forgot myself,

             What wonder is there  in the top of Sabari mountain,

              On the first day of Makaram month, to see you , billions of eyes would be there.


Sastha paattu  aarambham

  Beginning  of Sastha  songs.


59.     Ashtaka priya ashtakam avathaarayaa

Rama rama namosthuthey jaya        raamachandra namosthuthey

raamachandra namosthuthey jaya   raaghavaaya namosthuthey

Deva deva namosthuthey jaya          devaraaja namosthuthey

Vaasudeva namosthuthey jaya         varada raja namosthuthey


Salutations  to Rama and Rama , salutations to Ramachandra ,

Salutations  to Ramachandra , Salutations to Raghava,

Salutation to god of gods , salutations to king of devas ,

Salutation to Vasudeva , salutations to Varadaraja.



Pralaya payodhi jaley goplaalakrishnaa

Drithavaanasi vedham

Vihitha vahitra charithram akhedham

Keshavaa dritha keshavaa dritha meena shareera jaya jagadheesha harey

Goplaalakrishnaa jaya jagadheesha harey  


Victory to Kesava, the lord of universe ,

Who assumed the form of fish ,

And gave  protection  like a boat to Vedas,

Which were  immersed in the turbulent sea of deluge.




Neettamaam  malai                            naatil  bhoothathai

Koottiyey                                             valai  poottiyey

Kaattinil  mrugam                              vettai  aadina

Thaashtikaa                                       yatsareeka


In the very long  country of mountains,

In the forest  where  Bhoothas are  caught in a net ,

Oh merciful one , Oh  God having divine form,

 Who hunted     for   wild animals.


Thevaaram                                       chellappillai virutham

Kaanthi mukha shobayum ilanga thalayil          chandrakkaavi urumaal aninthu

kayyil oru velli ppirambumaai                       bhaktharai karuthi vaan puravi yeri

shaarnthadavi thannil ulla vaana kari shakthiyum valla sura senai shoozha

varum aayiram koti sabari malai muthalaana vanamellaam vettayaadi

shaantha guna sheelanaam vellakkal maa bhoothathaanum

oru koti bhootha thalaivaruta kalyaana varavu kandethirettru

shaamundi bhethaalamum shernthu natamaadina

kaantha malai vaasanai darishanam sheyya vendi

thenmaari pozhikintra nooraniyil  mevi valar selvamum thondrinaarey.


With a face which was full of luster , wearing a turban with in laid moon,

Holding   a silver stick in his hand, Riding on a huge horse  for benefit  of his devotees,

With the power  of monkeys in that    dense forest ,

Surrounded by  an army riding on horses,

He who stays   in Kantha malai,

Received   the auspicious coming of one billion Bhoothas ,

In which the Chamundi Vetala    also joined,

And for being seen by devotees, the world famous Chelvar(son of Sastha) ,

Appeared in Noorani which receives   the rain of honey.


Muppathi mukkoti devargalum   naalppathennaayiram rishigalum

Naavalargal naya gunamum             pachai kuthirai mel erivarum

Vayassu pathinaaru pilai pol                         kasthoori naamamum kalabha kasthooriyum

Kayyinil velli ppirambum vibhoothi thattamum niraintha selvamazhagum

Kanaka valai vaal veechadiyazhagum shiru njaan oshayum sherntha punagum

Shikki mukha ppaarvayum sharntha kovilazhagum

Chandhanakkaavinil sheeri varum koluvinil sringaara manikantaney

Adiyavargal thozhum hariharanukkaana kanmaniyai sherntha

Noorani thenkaram mevi valar shella ppillayey


The thirty six crore devas, the forty  eight crores of sages,

The polite goodness  of poets , riding on a  green  horse ,

Looking like a lad  of sixteen , with musk religious mark wearing sandal paste and musk,

Holding a silver stick in his hand, plate of sacred ash, With complete prettiness of wealth,

With the prettiness of golden bangle and the sword, with sound of twang by the bow , with punugu,

With Sikki faced bird and the corresponding  beauty of the temple,

Oh Manikanda   who comes seething out of Chandanakkavu(sandal temple) ,

Oh Darling of Shiva and Vishnu saluted by devotees,

Oh darling son who is in the south of Noorani.



Uttraar enakku oruvarum illayey unnayandri urvi sthalathil engum

Ondraagi nindru ulagindra un mahimayai oru naavinaal uraikka elithoh

Bhaktha kotiyil oru van elumayaai ingu nindru parithavikkidra thaamoh

Parivaaka neer en kudumbaadhi guruvendru bhaavithu irangi melum

Swanthadumayaal sheithu kuttram purthu ennai

Kondarul sheitha unthan kuvalyaanantha vizhi amritha thelinthu

En kudi valarthambu sheyyum         chithambalathil nin nrutham vilaithu

En kula daiwamey kulathoor             thiru maal haran pettra jaya veera manikantaney


I do not have any relations,

Except you in the top , anywhere ,

Is it easy to describe the greatness  with one toungue,

Who is existing    alone in this world,

Is it proper  for  any of your,

Billions of devotees standing and suffering here alone,

With mercy ,  you please  think that  you are the ancient Guru of my family,

Take further mercy  make me yours  and after pardoning my mistakes,

After sprinkling nectar from your lotus like   eyes with divine grace ,

Make my family grow and love me.

Oh my family deity ,  please  hold your dance in the divine temple at Kulathoor,,

Oh darling son of Lord Vishnu   and Lord Shiva ,

Victory to the valorous  Mani kanta.




Kamala dala lochanaa kadhali vana mohanaa

kari vara vaahanaa kaantha naathaa

Sakala jana bhayaharaa shanmuga sodharaa

Sakala kalaadharaa sarva naatha

Pooornai manoharaa pushkala madhaharaa

Bhuvana kripaakaraa bhootha naathaa

Manimakuta koteera maanikya kavacha dhara

Manikanta  dheerashama vedha naathaa

Bhaanu prabhaakaraa paandya dhoothaa

Bhootha vethaala bhairava sevya paadhaa

Bhaktha jana manohara vara prasaadaa

Poorna pushkala sametha sree bhootha naathaa


With eyes like petal of lotus, As pretty as forest of Banana plants,

Riding on a blessed   elephant , the lord of Kaantha mountain,

Destroyer of fears of all people , the younger brother  of Shanmukha,

Expert in all arts , Lord  of all,

Pretty one to Poorna , lover   of Pushkala,

Doer of mercy to the universe, Lord of all Bhoothas ,

Wearing gem studded crown , and armour with billions of Manikyas,

Who is Manikanta, courageous one with patience, lord of Vedas,

Who shines like sun, belonging to pandya clan ,

Whose  feet are  served by Bhoothas   and vetalas ,

Who steals mind of devotees , who gives boons,

And Who is Lord of Bhoothas along with Poorna and Pushkala


Vanchi malayarashargal nenjam makizhnthida

Sanjeevi amrutheentha dharma sheelaa

Kancha mukha maathargal konji kuram paada

Kunjaram meetheri varum dharani paala

Anji vantha bhoosurar thanjam entradi paniya

Punjirippudan kaartha punya sheelaa

Panjanai meethinil poorna pushkalayutan

Konji vilayaadi varum madana lola

Chendaa maarutham pol varum un senai azhagum

Anju thalai naagam mel bhavani azhagum

Kaanchi varadar paarkkum devar azhagum

En panjangal sakalavum theerkkuthayyaa


Making the minds of the kings of Vanchi(Kerala)  kingdom happy,

Oh God with Dharma ,  who gave  Sanjeevi and nectar ,

Who is praised lispingly  by  damsels with golden face,

Oh king of the world,  who comes riding on elephant ,

Oh blessed god ,who  saved with a smile,

The Brahmins who came with fear to seek your protection,

Oh lovely God   who  sitting on a cushion,

Plays   with his consorts Poorna and Pushkala,

 The  prettiness of your army marching like a cyclone ,

The prettiness of yourself riding on a five headed snake ,

The prettiness  which is watch ed by Varadaraja of Kanchi ,

Is completely removing all my scarcities  , oh lord.


Venpaa (A)

Kanaka sabhai shentren                          kamala padham sevai konden

Kaantha malai naathaneyum kanden          manam makizhnthu nintren

Manikantan bhavani kanden                        mada gaja vaahananum en perumaan


I went to the golden hall, I served  his lotus like   feet,

I saw the   Lord of Kanthamalai , I stood there   with happy mind,

I saw the procession of Manikanta,

My lord rides   on a very  ferocious elephant.


Kalithurai (A)

Maankanigal then kanigal parimalikkintra

un poongaavanathin azhagum

Shingaasanatharugil shingam karadi puli

shernthu adipaninthu azhagum

Omkaara vedha murai hreengaara naathamutan

paangaana melam azhagum

Gangaadharan makanai aangaara bhoothangal

thaangi varum natanam azhagum


The prettiness  of your flower garden where mangos

And nectar like fruits  are there,

The prettiness  of the sight  of Lion , bear  and tiger ,

Saluting you near your throne,

The prettiness of the Chanting of Vedas with Om ,

The  sound of hreem and the sound of good drums,

And the prettiness  of the very angry Bhoothas ,

Dancing and carrying the son of Lord Shiva.



Venpaa (B)

Dharaniyil keerthi pettra thiru nooraniyil vanthudhitha

Aaranargal othum vedha muraiyaaley

Poorana pushkalai thannai kootti     thiru vaarana mel yeri varum

Aadhi kaarana naaranaar makan en perumaan


Rising  in the divine Noorani  which is famous in this world,

Where  by the  chanting of Vedas  by the Brahmins.

Riding on the elephant   with poorna and Pushkala,

My Lord   is the  son of the Narayana who is the primeval cause.


Kalithurai (B)

Maarukkazhagu manikantan ani por padhakkam

Paarvaikkazhagu paradeshi kaavalan bhavani valam

Oorukkazhagu men melum pongum nooraniyum

Vaarathazhagu valar then kulathooraan sannadhiyum


The beauty for the chest is the golden dollar worn by Manikanta,

The beauty for the world is the march of the guard  belonging to other country,

The beauty for the city is Noorani   which grows further  and further,

The beauty for that place  is the temple of Then kulathooran there.



Thevaaram (A)

Paarthalathil keerthi petta moorthi manikantaa

Kaarthigai maasam muthal yaan un keerthanaigal paadi varum

En praarthanaigal sakalamum neer poorthi sheithu varam aruli

Aartha jana vinaigal ellaam theerthum ennai kaatharulvaai


Oh Manikanta who has won great fame in this world,

From the month of Karthigai, I will come singing your songs,

Please protect me  by fulfilling all my prayers  and ,

Give me boons and  remove all my past karmas.


Thevaaram (B)

Mandalam mannaraana malayarashan manaivikkaaka

Van madha yaanai nilkkum vanam athil shendra dheeraa

Paandiyan makizhavey van pulikalai naadi vantha

Aandavan pulikkottil ayyan malaradi kamalam pottri


Oh Courageous one  who went in  forest  full of dangerous elephants,

For the sake of the wife  of the mountain king who was the king  of a state,

And Oh  God , who searched for big tigers making  the Pandya happy,

I  praise  the lotus like feet  of the God  who is Pulikkattil ayyan.


Thevaaram (C)

Santhathamum unthanadi anthi pagal yaan paninthum

Mun vantha vinai theeraathai vinthai thannai yaan ariyen

Sonthamutan kripai thanthu (en) santhaapangal akattriduvaai

Anthanargal pottrum siva kaantha malai kaavalaney


I always without difference between day or night bowed  before your feet,

I do not know the trick by which  the past earned Karmas did not end,

Please  with love , grant me  mercy   and remove all my sorrows.

Oh guard of mountain  of Shiva and Parvathy , praised by  Brahmins.



En thozhi pooranamey      intrakku naan kanda kina

Shenthaazhai poo parikka     shiva suthan maal mainthan thannai

Nandha vanam thanniley      naalaikki nal velai entraar

Munthaani thukil othukki     modi sheivom vaadi entraar


Oh my dear friend Poorna, the dream that I saw today is that,

It is good time  for picking the flower of red pandanus,(THazham poo)

In the flower garden for the son of Lord Vishnu and Shiva , he told,

Oh dear we would make magic by tightening the upper portion of the sari.



Ayyaa nalangitavey                       ezhuntharulum ithu samayam

Meyyaai iru perum                 ummai shera sheyyalaamoh

Vanchi malai vaasaa              ingey vaarum shengai thaarum

Sangeetha vinodhaa              anna dhaathaa bhootha naathaa


Oh Lord , at this time please come    for playing Nalangu,

Should  you truly make both to  join with you,

Oh God who lives in mountain of Kerala, please come here, give  your tender hands,

Oh God who enjoys music , Oh giver of food , Oh Lord of Bhoothas.



Ninaitha idathil varuvaar adi avar               nemitha kaariyam sheivaar adi

Mana: kavalaigal theerppar adi ayyan         vaazhum kulathooril ayyan adi

Kummiyadi pengal kummiyadi                      iru kongai kulungavey kummiyadi

Nanmai tharum engal then kulathoor ayyan vaaraar kummi adiyungodi

Pengal vaazhthi kummi adiyungodi              manam therthi kummi adiyungodi


Oh girl he will come to the place we desire and do any job which we ask him to do,

The lord will remove the worries of our mind, He is the Lord who lives in Kulathoor,

Clap and dance girls  clap and dance, Clap and dance with two breasts shaking,

Our Lord of South Kulathoor ,  who gives us good things is coming, clap and dance ,

Oh Girls praise and clap and dance, Make your minds joyous , clap and dance.


Kappal (A)

Eleloh kappalithu engal manikantaa kappalithu

Sheermevum kaantha malai  (angey)                        thiru achan kovil ayyan

Kaarmevum kaaranathaal     manikantan peraal     kappal sholla


This is the yelelo ship, It is our Manikanta ship,

There is the holy Kanthamalai, the lord of divine Achan koil,

Since it is covered by cloud , Let the ship go in the name of Manikanta.




Perimpam utan padaithu inbamudan sholla

Merumalai kaarananum hima rajan kumari

Kaar kuzhal vaaniyum gaja mukhan kripayaal

Paarpukazh velavar arul kaarthikeyan

Shinga naathan irulan vellakkal bhootham

Shangili bhoothathaan karuppan bhoo paalan

Kaalaalar ishakka varkalai yakshi durgai

Mela thaalangalutan padhangalai paada                 Eleloh……….


For reading with great joy and to tell sweetly,

The Shiva of  Meru mountain and the daughter of Himalayas,

Along with SAsraswathi with cloud like hair  due to  the grace of elephant faced one ,

The Karthikeya who is Velava who is praised by the world,

Lion faced one, Irula, Vellakkal Bhootha,

The chain Bhootha, Karuppa, Bhoopala,

And Kalala  singing  and the Yakshi Durga of Varkkalai,

Along with high drums  and beats  sing the poems.


Kappal (B)

Eleloh kappalithu engal manikantaa kappalithu

Hariharanaar arul baalakan (muthayyan)   azhagaana kappal thannai

Varishayutan pottri ppani (angey) sheyya vanthaar vidamaathaai


This is the yelelo ship, It is our Manikanta ship,

The divine son(Muthaiya)  of Vishnu and Shiva came to  praise  and do service  to,

This pretty ship without leaving   it.





Vangar kalingar Maharaashtrar suraashtrar

Vangaala konganar makuthar kokuthar machar

Thuraikalutan yaavareyum mel varavazhaithu

Thuppatti saalva muthal bahumathigal sheithu

Rishigal devaadhi guru vasishtarum vanthu

Imbamutaney avarum makizhchayaai irunthu

Ettamutan vishwa karmaavum appozhuthu

Pathu thala navarasamum paadi sthuthithaayey                Eleloh……….


The Bengalis, the oriyas , the Marathis , the saurashtras,

The Gauda saraswaths, makuthas, kokkuthas, Machar ,

Along with English men were all  made  to come,

And they were given  towels , shawls and other prizes,

Then the sages , devas, Guru Vasishta came,

And they remained   there with great joy,

And at that time the very great Viswa karma,

Sung the ten beat, nine emotion song and praised him.




Kappal (C)

Eleloh kappalithu engal manikantaa kappalithu

Ponpozhiyum budhan kizhamai angy           pangunithaar pirantha thingal

Uthira nakshathramum ayyan sherum thulaa lagnamutan


This is the yelelo ship, It is our Manikanta ship,

On the Wednesday when it rains gold and there the day when Panguni month was born,

And there was Uthra star and it was the time when the Lord came with Thula Lagna.


Vasukkal moontrilum shukran budhan chowwayi

Ainthaan kumbham athil vyaazha bhagawaanum

Dinakaran aarilum raahu ezhilum

Mahathaana velai thaan ombathil shaniyum

Thannil nikarillaatha panirandil chandran

Lagnathil kethuvum lakshyamutan nirkka

Haranum naaraayananum makizhnthumey koodiya

Harihara suthanaaga avatharithaayey                                Eleloh……….


In the third house Shukra, Budha, Chevvai,

In Kumbham the fifth house Guru,

Adithya in the sixth house, Rahu in seventh house,

It is a great time  in the ninth house  Sani,

And in the matchless   twelfth house   Chandra,

Kethu in Lagna, when all these stand lik this with an aim,

Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva became happy and he,

Joining both of them took incarnation  as son of Vishnu and Shiva.




Harihara putra jaathakam

Paandyan baalaney swami                bhaktha lolaney

Vendum sheelaney swami                 divya shaalaney

Aandavaa varum                                adumayai kaarum

Vendarul tharum                                vindhayaai paarum

Annadhaathaa swami                                    bhoothanaathaa

Dharma saasthaa namo                     paahi paahi


Oh God who is the son of Pandya, who likes his devotees,

Oh God  with desirable qualities with divine characters,

Oh God , please come, protect me your slave,

Please give me desired grace, see me wonderfully,

Oh God who gives food, Oh Lord of Bhoothas,

Salutations to Dharma Sastha , protect  , protect.




Om namo bhagavathey rudra kumaaraayaa- aryaayaa-hariharaputraayaa-

Mahaa saasthrey- haatakaachala koteera madhura saara mahaa hrudayaayaa-

Hema jaambunatha nava ratna mahaa simhaasanaadhishtithaayaa-

Vajra vaidoorya mani mandapa kreedaa grihaayaa

Laakshaa kumkuma japaa vidyul thulya prabhaayaa- prasanna vadhanaayaa

Unmatha choodaa khalitha lolamaakhyaa vakshi sthamba mani paaduka mandapaayaa

Praspura mani mandithopa karnnaayaa-

Poornaalankaara bandhu thanthu nireekshithaayaa

Jaya shabdha mukhara naaradhaadhi deva rishi pramukha lokapaalaa thilakothamaaya – divya vastra parisevithaayaa

Ghorochanaa shatha karpoora sree gandha pralepithaayaa

Vishwaa vasu pradhaana gandharva sevithaayaa – poorna pushkala ubaya paarshwa sevithaayaa – sathya sandhaayaa – maha saashthrey – namasthey namasthey


Om salutations to God who is the son of Lord Shiva, Who is a gentleman, Who is the son of Lord Vishnu and Shiva, who is great Sastha, Who is one with a great heart which is sweet  and lives on the crest of the golden mountain, Who sits on the great throne made of gold  and inlaid with  new gems , who has a play house decorated  with diamond and cats eye gem , who shines  like lightning decorated with  lac  and saffron, Who has a pleasant face


Oonjal (1)

Kailaasam merugiri kaalkalaaga                   ghanam aana velli malai vittam aaka

Kaaliyanum dakshakanum kayar athaaka  kalyaana bhoo devi palakai aaka

Kaalakantan thiru makanaar aadil oonjal    kali theerkum en perumaan aadil oonjal

Poorna pushkalayum aadil oonjal     thiru    aariyankaavil ayyan aadil oonjal


With Meru and Kailasa  as legs , with the weighty silver mountain as top rod

With Kaliya   and   Dakshaka   as  rope , With auspicious goddess earth as the plank,

Let the son of the killer of Yama , please  swing, Oh god who removes ills of kali age  , swing,

Let Poorna and Pushkala also swing, Let the lord of Aryankavu swing.


Oonjal (2)

Vanchi malai arashan manam makizhnthu kooda

Kancha mukha maathar minji kurangal paada

Konchi poorna pushkalayum kaninthu aada

Thancham tharum manikantan aadiloonjal


With   the king of Vanchi country joyfully participating,

With damsels with golden face singing ,

Swinging with  Poorna and Pushkala after talking endearingly  with them,

Let  The manikanta   who gives protection swing.


Oonjal (3)

Meru malai mandharavum kaalkal aaka

Melaana velli malai vittam aaka

Aaranarkaley naalu kayar athaaka

Anda bagirandam oru palakai aaka

Bharathiyaar veenai thottu padhangal paada

Bharatha murai naatyam iru puravumaaka

Kaalakantan thiru makanaar aadiloonjal

Kali theerkum en perumaan aadil oonjal

Poorna pusshkalai thannai maalai pottu

Thiru aariyankaavil ayyan aadil oonjal


With Meru mountain and Mandhara   as legs ,

With the great silver mountain becoming the  top rod,

With aranas  becoming the   four  ropes,

With the universe itself  becoming plank.

With Bharaathi strumming the veena and sing,

With  Bharatha dance being danced on both sides,

Let the son of the killer of death, please   swing,

Oh god who removes ills of kali age  , swing,

Let Poorna and Pushkala also swing, Let the lord of Aryankavu swing.


Oonjal (4)

Maanikyam vaidooryam pushpa raagam

Raani ppon sherppathakkam poonda maarpan

Raani poorna pushkalayum cherum naathan

Manikantan manam mkizhnthu aadiloonjal


He who wears  a pendant made   of pure gold,

Inlaid with Manikya, Diamond   and Pushparaga,

Who joins with his consorts Poorna and Pushkala,

And let that Manikanta  swing with joyful mind.



Swasti prajaabhya paripaalayanthaam

Nyaayena maargena mahim maheeshaa:

Go braahmanebhya: shubam asthu nithyam

Lokaa: samasthaa sukhino bhavanthu


Let  good things happen  to the ruler  of the country,

Who looks after his people well in the path of justice,

Let Cows  and Brahmins  have a pleasant life daily.

Let all  people of the world  have a very pleasant life.


Avesha Pattu

Emotional  Songs


76.1     Kani kanta perukku  Kani kanta perukku  un  paadhaaravindham

            Karuthilvaithaal  pinivanthanukavum  pedikkumey

            Perumpaarulakil  thunikanta kantathil  anpaakavey  vanthu  meipporulaai

            Veera manikantan  entruoru  daiwamundu nammai  vaazhvikkavey


            To those who see you first in the morning, first in the morning,

             If they keep your lotus like   feet in their mind,

             Diseases   would be afraid  to come near them.

             In this great world   , in the  land  of Kerala,

             There is a God called Manikanta who came with love  to make us live happily.  


76.2     Saastha namukkundu Saastha namukkundu  thaai pol  varuvar

            Thanivazhikku  paathaal  namukku  bhayamethum  illai

            Bhayanthu  bhayanthu  aattaamal  sholli  abhayamittodivarum  shoorathai

            Kaarthevaruvaar  kandeervaliya  kunneriya  kaavalaney


             We have Sastha, we have Sastha  who comes like a mother ,

             In the private path , If we see him we do not have fear,

             That bravery  which fears and fears and tells without shaking ,

              Would be protected  by him, have we not seen, Oh Guard who climbed the



76.3     Vaazhayum thengum  vaazhayum thengum  varikkappilaavudan 

            Maanganiyum  sholayum  shoozhum  shruthivandulaavum

            Thulangum  rathna  paalayam veeshum  kulatoorilayyan pariyil shentraal

            Naaleyum  innum  varumkaalanodi  nadungidumey


             Gardens with Banana and coconut, banana   and coconut,

             Along with good jack tree and mango tree surrounding all over,

             With bees with music wandering, with  gems   shining ,

             If the lord of Kulathoor    rides on a horse,

             The God of death will shiver here today and tomorrow.



76.4     Kaanikkum koti  kaanikkum koti  vakayatta perkku  kanatha  shembon

            Kotikkumel petta  villitta  kaashum

            Kochiyil puthan  maadathail ulaaviya  shembaan  chakram  varaaha nutan

            Thedikkodukkum  kulathoorilayyan  thiruvullamey


             He will show , show to billions, He will show to billions,

             For those people who do not have wealth he will give heavy gold,

And also coins with bow  which are more than a billion,

The gold coin which wandered in the Puthan Madam  of Cochin,

Would all be searched and given  by the divine mind of Lord of Kulathoor.


76.5     Vediyaalezhunthu  vediyaalezhunthu  paniyil  nadanthu  bhayankaramaam

            Piniyaarumun  malayeri  vanthom

            Avar  kaanidathai  anivaada shoozhum  kulathooril ayyan  malar padathai

            Shanivaaram  shentru  thozhuporkku  vaazhvu  thazhaitheedumey


            After waking up early morn, waking up early morn and walking in the mist,

            We came climbing the mountain before  the fearsome disease was cured,

            To those   who worship the lotus feet of Lord of Kulathoor  ,

            Where  all places seen by him  ornamentally   surround

             And to those   who salute , the   life will prosper.



76.6     Padampetta  paambinmeethey  anudhinam  pallikonda 

            Idam petta  baalakan  arul  baalakaney

            Umathuthaal  paninthu  thadampettaperkku  sarvaabheeshtavum 

thanthu engal

            Kudumbathai  rakshitharulvaai  kulathoorilayyan  thiruvullamey


            The boy got  place to lie down on   the top of the  snake with hood and he is a divine lad,

             And to all those who salute you and got your grace   ,

             You would fulfill all desires, and also protect their family by the consent of Lord

             Of Kulathoor



76.7     Endaa  namakku  endaa  namakku  bhayemethumillai  edushumattai

            Neendaavipol  varum   bhootham  kondu  pom

            Nedungaananathil  kaandaamrugam  karadichennaai  karimpuliyum

            Theendaamal  kaakkum  kulathhorilayyan  thiruvullamey


             Why is it, Why is it , there  is no fear in us,

           All the burdens   would be taken like stem by the Bhoothas,

           And in the great forest the divine mind of Lord  of Kulathoor,

           Would protect us from rhinos, bear, wolf and black tiger.


76.8     Ganga nadhikkum  ganga nadhikkum  himasethu mattumintha  kaliyugathil

            Unkaavil athishayam pol kandathillai

            Umberkon  pirakey  shingaasanathilirunthu  ennayaandu rakshikkum

            Dayaaparaney  vangaalavanchi  kulathooril  vaazhum veeramanikantaney


              In this Kali age  I have not seen wonders  like that in your temple,

              Like the ice bridge on river Ganga  , river Ganga,

              Oh merciful one who protects me   sitting on his   throne after Lord vishnu ,

               Oh Valorous Mani Kanta  who lives in Vangala  Vanchi  Kulathoor.


76.9     Thaandavamaadiya  thaandavamaadiya  sarveshwaranum  intha  dharaniyil

            Paandavar  dhoothan  eentrathor  baalan

            Paandiyan  than  kaliyai  theerthu  muttumuzhuthum

            Aandavanaakiya  kulathoorilayyan  anugrahamey


           The dancing , dancing God of all in this world,

           Born to the     emissary of  the Pandavas,

           Who completely removed the problems of Pandya king,

           Is due to the blessings  of the  Lord of Kulathoor.




77.       Viduthikal   (Sreepathiyum)

77.0     Sreepathiyum  eesharumaai                          shernthaninthu  nintru  valar

Shobhanennum  un  poley                 shollulakil  ethu  daiwam



              When lOrd Vishnu and Shiva  stand together  and tell,

              Who is as auspicious as you ,Then who  else is God other than you.


77.1     Paapamathai  neekki  vaithu                         bhaagiyamey  thantharulvaai

Bhoopaney  vanthudhitha                 pukazh  kulathoor  aadhipaney


Remove all my sins and give me only luck,

Oh famous lord of Kulathoor,  who was born as a king


77.2     Kulathooril  pathinar kulam              kanniyarkal  thantha selvam

            Kulathooril ayyanentraal                   kuttamondrum  vaaraathey


             The wealth given in Kulathoor  by the girls of sixteen  clans,

             If I say  Lord of Kulathoor  , would I have committed any wrong.



      Kulathoorileyirunthu                   kudiyirunthu  avatharitha

valathoruthaai  pettedutha                maathaavumakkinayo


Oh Lord  who came here as an incarnation from Kulathoor,

Would the mother  who has given birth or mother  who brought me up

 be equal to you.


77.4      Maanikyamaalai                                makizhamaalai  poomaalai

Kaanikkai  konduvanthen                 kaanpaar  dinam  thorum


I have brought a garland of Manikya gem  and a garland of Manoranjitham


             Daily   and this is seen by all.


     Aanipponmaarpan                                     azhakan  kulathooraanai

Penithozhaai  nenjey                                      pizhaikal  ondrum  vaaraathey


The pretty Lord of Kulathoor who has a pure golden chest ,

Oh heart , salute him so that  no mistakes   will come.


      Kallaanayeri                                             kadaleri  kunneri

Illaamal  allavo                                   intha  malai  eruvathum


 We have climbed the stone elephant , sea   and the hill,

 Is it not without these  that we are climbing this mountain.


      Villaali  yakshikalum                               paradeshi  engalayum

Kollaamal  kaatharulvaai                  kulathooril  ayyaavey


Oh Lord of Kulathoor  , Please   protect  us , who are from outside,

By being killed  by the  Yakshis   with bow and arrow.


Thongum cheviyothukki                    thuthikkayoru kombil vaithu

        Neengaamalai  poley                              nilumantha  kunjaranagal


Poongaavileyirunthu                                      punniyarai  thaan  ninainthaal

       Paangaana  madham  karikal                 panimalaipol  akanthidumey


       Those elephants  who keep  their trunk on  their one tusk,

       And keep away their hanging   ears and stand without moving,

       Would  go away  like   a snow  mountain,

       If we think of that blessed lord who is in the flower garden.


Kalkaradu  porpathakkam                 kanakamuthu  chevadikalum

Meipaakamaninthirukkum                virahaa un  thirumeni


Oh God , your divine self   wears  a gem studded  golden pendant ,

As well as  Gem and gold anklets  truly.


Thakkamittu  varum  peyai               thattiyeduthu  thaan  virattum

Mikka  nalla  kulathooraan                vellakkal  aadhipaney


The Very God who is  lord of Kulathoor who is the lord of Vellakkal,

Would drive away    the ghost coming , waiting for its chance.


Onkaara  panchanaimel                     thokayarkal  maarpukoottum

Aankaaraa  thenkulathoor                 ayyanai  naan  kondaadaa


I Praise  the very angry lord  of Thenkulathoor ,

Who lies on the bed of Om and is served by  birds.


Thengaai  koduthaalum                     chirattaikodaa  engalayyan

Ponnkaavukkullirukkum                   bhoothathaan  kaavalaney


Even if we give him the coconut , our lord does not give its shell,

And he is in the flower garden  and is guarded by the Bhoothas.


Araadhithanpar  azhaithaal                          vaaraathirukka  porathu  un perumai

Pukazhum  pettu  peyvidum  kaan


Your fame will fade away  if you do not  come  , when called by,

Your devotees    after   they worship you.


Veeradhiveeraa                                  veera manikantaa

Shooraa  vadivel                                  kulathooril ayyavey


Hero of heroes , valorous Mani kanta,

Oh Lord of  Kulathoor  who has the valorous Vel with him.


Anchikondanbarellaam                      aaraadhikkumbothu

Minchikkondinchey                            velicham  vara  vendaamo


When the  Devotees with fear   are worshipping you,

Should  not the light   come here competing and coming first.


Konchi kondepurathil                                     krishnayentra  pooraniyai

Munthikkondodivarum                      kulathooril  ayyavey


Oh Lord  of Kulathoor who rushes   in front of ,

The Poorna called Krishnaa  who comes talking endearing things with you.


Palamaranagal  narunaruna                         malayaruvi  kidukiduna

Iravuopakal  illaamal                                     idimaari  pozhinthidavey


When the great rain   with thunder poured down  ,

Making trees rub against each other with Naru naru sound,

And Making mountain  springs fall down with Gidu gidu sound


Varangal  paraaparaney                    paradeshi  kaavalaney

Varanagal  koduppavaney                 vaazhkulathoor  aadhipaney


Oh blessed divine of divines , oh guard of the Brahmins coming from outside ,

Oh God who gives boons, Oh  Lord who lives  in Kulathooor


Megham  irunduvara                                     viduthikalum  kaanaamal

Kaakampol  umathadiyavarkal                     kalanguvathum  kaaneero


When the clouds darken, and the holy places of your pilgrimage  are not seen,

Are you not seeing that your devotees  are confused like the crow


Ahamathalarnthen                             ayaney  then kulathoor

Naagam aninthavarey                                   nalla  malai  saasthaavey


I have become weak in my mind, Oh Lord of Thenkulathoor ,

Who wears a snake , Oh Sastha  of the good mountains.


Maranagal  veeshum  paravai                       valarum  malai  anthirathil

Uragam  parantheruvathum                         unbalam  kondallavoh


Trees would blow, birds  would grow  at the top of the mountain,

Oh God is it not due to your power that even horses fly and reach.


Bhaaram  eduthavaney                                 paradeshi  kaavalaney

Naagam aninthavarey                                   nalla  malai  saasthaavey


Oh Lord who has carried the weight, Oh guard of Brahmins from outside,

Who wears a  snake, Oh Sastha of the good mountains.


Pidutha  valli  kidukidunna               pinnu  thavi  illaamal

Nadukkadalil  karingalam  pol                       naan  thapikkum  anneram


The climbing plant which I caught started shaking Kidu kidu,

And without  any other support , like a ship in the mid of the sea ,

I would  at   that time   suffer   a lot.


Ayyanedutha villum  shurikayumaayi          avar pirakey sherukkayumaayi

Kadhitha  valli  kulathooraan                        vellakkal  aadhipaney


He along with the bow    and the sword, jumped  and Went behind  him ,

Oh Lord of Vellakkal belonging   to Kulathoor.


Konduvantha  arishiyum  poyi                      kollaventraal  kittaamal

Nadukkadalil  karingalam pol                        naan  thapikkum  anneram


At that time I will suffer like the black ship in the middle of the sea,

As I had lost  the rice that  I brought and it being not available for purchase.


Munduduthi  kachai  ketti                 moongil  vadikai  pidithu

Bhaara  chumadeduthu                     pathinettu  kunneri


Wearing a dhothi , tying the waist cloth  and holding a bamboo stick,

And carrying  heavy burden  and climbing the hill of eighteen steps.


Ettamellaam  yeri                               irangivarum  velayiley

Vettrathellaam  panineeraayi                        ven chaamaram  veeshum


After climbing all the upward way   and when you were coming down,

All the surroundings would become  scented water and fan you with white Chamaram


Itharamaai  pashu  puliyodu                         inakki  vilayaada  vaithaar

Saasthaavey  unthanukku                shari  daiwam  ethulakil


Like that he tamed  the tiger   and made the cows play with the tiger ,

Oh Lord Sastha, In this world which God is   comparable to you.


Varishayudan  kulathooraan                         valarthedutha  shaavalan thannai

Urishayudan  kuri shamaithu                       undiruntha  kai kkolaney


Oh Kaikola  who was eating  the lamb after   cooking ,

Which was properly   brought   by  the Lord of Kulathoor along with gifts.


Kariya  thannai evi vittu                   kai  kaal  kizhitherintha

Hariharan  than puthiraney                          ayyaa  unai  thozhuthen


Oh son of Hari and Hara , Who drove the elephant at him,

And then tore his legs and arms , Oh Lord I salute you.


Asthaadhi  puthiranaar                     aadhi  kulathooranum

Vettriyulla  mandapamum                 valumayulla  poomukhavum


Shuttri  vara  por kadhavum                         sthupiyinmel  por  kudavum

Isthalangal  kaana                             pathinaayirm  kan  venumayyaa


The eight dik palakas (guardians of directions)   and the primeval  lord of Kulathoor ,

The  great stage  of victory and very   rich Verandha,

The golden gates to go around, golden dome on the pillar,

To see all these  desires, we need ten thousand eyes.


Mandhaara  pichai                             maruvodu  virupaakshi

Shenthaazhai  poo  manakkkum       sherntha  mani  mandapathil


In that stage   decorated  by Mandhara, Jasmine , Marukozhundu ,

Iruvakshi flowers and the red  pandanus flowers.


Panthaadum  kanniyarkal                 pakaley  kuram  paada

Mandhaara  pozhuthanniley                         makizhnthirukkum  kulathooraan


With the maids who play   ball  singing,

The Lord of Kulathoor becomes happy   at the dusk,


Pattayathukkanjen                            padakkanjen  vinakkum  anjen

Vattamittodi  varum                           kaalanukkum  naanum  anjen


I would not be afraid of government orders , nor to the army ,

And nor to the God of death who comes  running in circles.


Koottam  ittu  thannudalai                kooni  nimarnthodivarum

Shirukattakki naan anjivitten                       aariyankaavayyaavey


Oh Lord of Aryankavu , I became scared   of the small bodied one,

Which comes as a crowd  , running with bending and straightening it up.


Payyaravam  poondu                                     paranum  mangey  maalanumaayi

Shernthu  kalikkayiley                                   jenitha  manoharaney


Oh pretty one  born at the time  when Lord Shiva wearing the snake,

And Lord Vishnu  as a   lady were  playing.


Meyyarashan  paandiyanukku                     vengai  puli  paalentha

Ayyaa  unnai  thozhuthen                 aandaveney  ayyaavey


Oh God , Oh Lord   I saluted you  who brought,

             Milk of the tiger   to the real pandya  king


Peyyaa  mazhai  peyyaa                    pullaayi  peruki  vara

Kallaanai  mithanthuvara                 kaaterumai  mirandodaa


When the  rare  rain is showering and grasses   are growing,

With the stone elephant floating and bison running in great fear


Meyyaalum  kanniyar                                    medhiniyil  kuram  paada

Ayyaa  unnai