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  This  simple prayer in Hindi is addressed to the nine forms of Durga(  http://hinduism.about.com/od/godsgoddesses/ss/navadurga.htm) and requests each of those forms for protection. The text is taken from the blog


Om Shaila-putri mujhe  raksha karo,
Om Jagat-janani devi raksha karo;
Om Brahmacharini raksha karo;
Om Bhavataarini maiya raksha karo.
Om Chadraghanta Chandi raksha karo;
Om Bhayaharini maiya raksha karo.
Om Kushmanda tumhi raksha karo;
Om Shakti roopa maiya raksha karo.
Om Skanda-mata maiya meri raksha karo;
Om Jagadamba Janani raksha karo.
Om Katyaayani maiya raksha karo;
Om Paapanaashini Ambe raksha karo.
Om Kaalaratri Kali raksha karo;
Om Sukha-daatri maiya raksha karo.
Om Maha-gauri maiya raksha karo;
Om Bhakti-daatri raksha karo.
Om Sidhhi-daatri maiya raksha karo,
Om Nava Durga devi raksha karo;


Oh mother of the mountain, please protect me,

Oh Goddess who is the mother of the universe protect me,

Oh Goddess who is doing penance protect me,

Oh mother who helps us to cross the sorrow of life protect me,

Oh Chandi who wears the crescent of moon protect me.

Oh destroyer of fears protect me,

Oh  creator of the universe , you only protect me,

Oh mother who is the form of energy protect me,

Oh Mother who is the mother of Subrahmanya protect me,

Oh mother who is the mother of universe protect me,

Oh mother who is daughter of sage Kathyayana protect me,

Oh mother  who destroys sins protect me,

Oh Kali who is death to God of death protect me,

Oh mother who blesses with pleasure protect me,

Oh mother who is a white Goddess protect me.

Oh Giver of devotion protect me,

Oh giver of occult powers protect me,

Oh Goddess with nine forms protect me