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Arya satakam



Mooka Kavi


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(      “There are no authentic proof available on the date and life of ‘Mooka kavi’. There lived a man in kAnchIpuram, who was speech impaired from birth. He was regularly visiting ‘kAmAkshi’ temple and was prostrating before the goddess. One day He saw the lips of the goddess and after that he started to speak and wrote a work called ‘mooka pancha sati’ or five hundred slokas in praise of the goddess. The word ‘mooka’ means ‘a person who cannot speak’ in Sanskrit, hence his name remained as ‘mooka kavi’.

      This ‘mooka kavi’ was one of the AchAryAs of the kAnchI kAmakotI peetam and was called as mooka sankara. The date of his becoming the AchArya is approximately stated as 398 A.D. and he attained siddhi at 437 A.D.

      His work ‘mooka panca sati’ has five sections; they are, AryA satakam, pAdAravinda satakam, manda smita satakam, katAksha satakam and stuti satakam. Each section consists of hundred slokas. The metre or the vrittam in which these slokas were written is different in each section. In this text, the poet describes goddess kAmAkshi, kAmakoti peetam, EkamranAtha, kAnchIpuram and the river kampA. Some Slokas have similarity with the text ‘soundarya laharI’ of Adi Sankara.” ( from
http://samskrute.blogspot.com/2009/02/1.html). The 48th sloka of this great work is supposed to be very dear to Paramachaya of Kanchi.


     Here is a feeble attempt to translate the  first chapter called ”Arya satakam” of this great work. I have referred to the scholarly book in Tamil by Smt.Lakshmi Halasyam. Many thanks for her.)



1.Karana para chidroopaa, Kanchi puraseemni,Kama peeta gatha,

Kachana viharathi karunaa Kasmeera sthabhaka Komalangalatha.                 


She who is the divine cause of creation , who sits in the Kama Peeta in Kanchi,

Makes her divine presence  like the Saffron which is a tender pretty climber


2.Kanchana Kanchi nilayam , kara dhrutha  kodanda  bana sruni paasam,

Katina sthana  bhara namram  Kaivalya aananda  kanda mavalambe.               


I seek and depend on that root of  the eternal source of Joy,

Who makes Kanchi her place , and holds  bow , arrow, noose and goad,

And  whose form  body is slightly bent due to her heavy breasts.


3.Chinthitha phala pari poshana  chinthamani reeya  Kanchi nilayaa may,

Chira thara  sucharitha sulabhaa , chitham  sisirayathu chith sukhaa dharaa.    


My mind is made cool by the rain of divine joy  by her,

Who is the Chinthamani who fulfills all the desires,

Who lives in Kanchi  and who can be easily attained by good conduct.


4.Kutila kacham , katina kucham , kunda smitha kanthi , kunkuma chayam,

Kuruthe vihruthim kanchyaam  kula parvatha saarva bhouma sarvaswam.       


She who is everything of the great mountain , and lives in Kanchi,

And has curled hair, hard breasts , jasmine like teeth  and saffron colour.


5Pancha sara  sashtra bodhana  paramacharyena  drushti pathena,

Kanchi seemni  Kumari  kachana mohayathi  Kama jetharam.                          


The maiden who lives in Kanchi makes Lord Shiva,

Who was victorious against the God of love passionate,

With her mere glance teaches  the essence love,

To the great teacher of the science of five flower*arrows.  

   *Lotus, Ashoka, Mango, Jasmine and Blue hued water lilli                  


6.Paraya, Kanchi paraya  parvatha  paryaya  peena kucha bharaya,

Para thanthra  vayamanaya  pankaja sa Brahmachari lochanayaa.                       


The great lady who stays in Kanchi  who has mountain like breasts,

And who has lotus like eyes  , has enslaved our minds.


7.Aiswarayamindu moule aikathmya prakruthi Kanchi madhya gatham,

Aindhava  kisora shekharam  aidamparya  chakrasthi nigamaanam.                    


She who is in the middle of Kanchi , which is one with Brahmam,

Existing  along with Shiva with the moon is the wealth and iis the purport of Vedas.


8.Sritha kampasi maanam  shidhiltha  parama shiva  dhairya mahi maanam,

Kalaye patalimaanam  kanchana  kanchukitha  bhuvana bhoomaanam.                  


Sitting on the banks of the torrential Kampa river , the form with red colour,

Has the fame of shattering the mental resolve of Lord Shiva,

And again giving life to God of love whom Shiva burnt,

So that  this world  would continue to live.


9.Aadrutha Kanchi nilayam aadhyaam aarooda  youvana topaam,

Aagama  vathamsa kalikam , aananda  adwaitha  kandhalim vande.                          


I bow to the non dual joy who is like the red Kandhali flower,

Who resides in the venerable town of Kanchipuram,

Who is filled with the ascending pride of youth,

And who is the bud  of Vedas called Upanishads.


10.Thungabhirama  kucha bhara srungareetham aasrayami Kanchi gatham,

Ganga dhara para thanthram  srungara advaitha  thanthra sidhantham.   


I surrender to  the ever pretty lady of Kanchi ,

Who entertains  with her  elevated completely filled breasts,

The God who carries Ganges,

Who is the divine special knowledge of,

The non dual sentiment of erotic knowledge.


11.Kanchi rathna vibhooshaam kaamapi  kandharpa  soothikaa pangim,

Paramaam  kala mupase  para shiva  vamanga peetikaaseenaam.            


I meditate on the divine Kala, who is the crown jewel of Kanchi,

Who sits on the left side of Lord Paramashiva,

And who revives Manmatha, the God of love by her glance.


12.Kampathi charaanaam  karunaa kora kitha drushtipathaanaam,

Keli vanam mano may  kesham chid bhavathu  chidvilasanaam.               


May  mind become the divine play Ground of  the divine play of her,

Who roams about in the banks of Kampa ,

And who lets down mercy fall  from her eyes.


 13.AAmra tharu moola vasathe aadhimapurushasya  nayana peeyusham,

Aarabdha  youvanothsavam  aamnaaya  Rahasya manthravalambe.          


I meditate using the Sri Vidhya tradition of worship  on her,

Who sits below three of mango ,

Who is the nectar to the eye of Shiva who is primeval,

By the festival her  budding youthfulness.


14.Aadhi Kanchi  parama yogibhir aadhima para peeta simni drusyena,

Anubadham  mama maanasam  arunima  sarvaswa  sampradhayena.   


My mind is tied firmly by rituals observed as well as the redness of her,

Who was seen by the great divine Yogis of the ancient Kanchi,

Occupying  the most ancient peeta* which was existing there.

          Kama Koti Peeta of Kanchi.


15.Ankitha shankara dehaam ankuritho roja kankana sleshai,

Adhi Kanchi nithya tharuneem adraksham  kaanchid adbuthaam Balaam. 


That wonderful Balaa Devi of  ancient Kanchi  who is forever youthful,

Embraced the body of Shankara made out of sand  and left on him,

Marks of her bangles and her breasts.

(When Goddess was worshipping God in the form of a sand Linga, God made the river Kampa overflow. The goddess to protect the Linga embraced it tightly leaving marks on the Linga)


16.Madhura dhanushaa mahi dhara janushaa nandhaami  surabhi bana jushaa,

Chid vapushaa Kanchipure  Keli jushaa  Bandhu  jeeva kanthimushaa.     


A red light has risen over the mountains , which is redder than the hibiscus,

And has a bow made of sugarcane and arrow of flowers  and has divine form.


17.Madhura smithena  ramathe , Mamsala kucha bhara mandha gamanena,

Madhye Kanchi mano may manasija samrajya Garbha bheejena.             


Enjoying  the sweet smile  and walking, slowly due to the fleshy heavy breasts,

In the middle of Kanchi  she has put the seed of pride  in the mind of God of love


18.Dharanee mayim tharani mayim pavana mayim gagana  dhahana hethru mayim,

Ambumayim , Indumayim Ambaam anukampaam aadhimaam  eekshe.    


I see on the banks of my mother Amba,

Who manifests herself as Earth, Sun,

Air, Sky , fire, The one who does fire sacrifice,

Water  and the moon.


19.Leena sthithi Muni hrudhaye  dhyana sthithi mitham  thapasya dhupa kampam,

Peena sthana  bhara meede  meena dhwaja  thanthra parama thathparyam.  


The goddess who lives  hidden in the caves of the hearts of the sages,

Is doing penance on the shores of Kampa river along with heavy breasts,

Filled with the milk of wisdom and is the ultimate meaning of the God with Fish flag.*

  *God of love Manmatha is supposed to have a fish flag.


20.Swethaa mandhara hasithe saathaa madhye  cha Vang mano atheethaa,

Sheethaa lochana pathe sphithaa kucha seemni saswathi mathhaa.                 


With white colour , sparkling smile, with thin his, With her beyond words and thought,

With cooling eyes  and very heavy breast , she is the permanent mother of all.


21.Puratha kadha nu kara vai  pura vairi vimardha pulakithanga lathaam,

Punathim Kanchi desam pushpa aayudh veerya sarasa pari paatim.                 


When will I ever have the divine vision of her,

Who is the tender climber tightly embraced,

With extreme emotions by Lord Shiva, the enemy of cities,

Who makes Kanchi as sacred,

And who is amenable  to the flower arrows of God of love.


22.Punyaa kaapi purandhri punghitha  kandharpa sampadhaa vapushaa,

Pulinachari Kampaaya pura madhanam pulaka nichulitham kuruthe.                


The blessed  pretty Goddess adorned with lotus flowers,

Blessed with the wealth of flower arrows of Manmatha,

Is roaming on the sand banks  of the river Kampa,

Makes the God shiva drunk with passion.


23.Thanimadvaitha  valagnam  tharunaa aruna  sampradhayatha anulekham,

Thata seemini Kampayaa tharunima sarvaswam  aadhyam adraksham.              


I have seen  the matchless goddess with a thin waist in the banks of river Kampa,

Who is full of youth  and is of the reddish colour of  the rising Sun.


24.Poushtika karma vipaakam Poushpa saram  savidasimni  Kampaya,

Adraksham  aatha youvanam  abhyudhayam  Kanchi dardasasimoulou.            


In the land bounded by river Kampa , with the flower arrow, the God of love,

Promotes  the growth and fortune of the Lord with the crown of rising young moon.


25.Samsritha Kanchi dese sarasija  dourbhagya  jagard uthamse,

SAmvinmae  vileeye  saaraswatha  purushakara samrajye.                                 


In the divine  kingdom of knowledge called Kanchi, I become one with her,

Who adorns herself with moon which unfortunately wilts the Lotus.



26.Modhitha  Madhu kara vishikham  swadhima  samudhaya  sara kodandam,

Adhrutha Kanchi kelanm aadhimam  aarunya bhedhamaakalaye.                      


I do not move away from the primeval goddess with the red tint,

Whose bow is the essence of sweetness and whose arrows are Honey bees,

And who engages herself in playing in Kanchi.


27.Uraree kutha Kanchi pureem  Upanishad aravinda kuhara Madhu dharam,

Unnamrastha kalaseemuthsava laharimupasmahe Shambho.                             


The lady of Kanchi is the flow of Honey from the core of the lotus,

which are Upanishads, due to her pot like  high breasts,

 Is the source of the waves of joy of Lord Shambhu and we worship her.


28.Yena sisy deerga lochanam  yena paripandhi  santhatham namathaam,

Yekamra nadha  jeevitham yevam pada dooramekam aavalambhe.                       


I totally depend on  the goddess, who has long eyes like that of a doe,

Who stops the bad effects of those devotees who always salute her,

Who is the life breath of the God Elambara Natha.


29.Smayamana mukham  Kanchi maya maanam  kamapi devathaa bedham,

Dhayamanam Veekshya muhurvaya  mananda  amrudhambhudhou magnaa.         


I get drowned in the sea of the nectar of joy when I see her soft smiling face,

Oh her whose divinity completely  engulfs the city of Kanchi, when she  looks at it with mercy.


30.Kuthuka jushi Kanchi dese  kumudha thapo rasi paka shekharithe,

Kuruthe  mano vihaaram  kula giri  paribruda kulaika mani dheepe.                        


My mind  is full with her who is fond of Kanchi,

Who wears that which make the night lilies happy,

Who makes the mind of great mountain happy,

And shines like a jeweled and noble lamp,


31.Veekshe mahi Kanchi pure , vipula sthana  kalasa  garima  paravasitham,

Vidhruma  saha chara deham vibhrama  samavaaya  sara samnaham.                     


I see in city of Kanchi  the goddess with heavy pot like breasts,

Which makes her body bent slightly ,

Who has the colour of corals ,

Who is exuberant in her youth and is ready for love making.


32.Kuruvinda gothra mathram koolacharam kamapi naumikampaayaa,

Koolangasha  kucha kumbham  kusumayudha veerya sara samrambham.                  


I bow to her who is like the huge collection of shining rubies,

Who keeps wandering  on the shores of the river Kampa,

Whose perfect pot like breasts which rub against each other,

And is engaged in the wat of the God with flower as weapon.


33.Kudmalitha kucha kisorai  kurvanai  Kanchi desa souhardham,

Kunkuma sonair  nichitham kusala padham  shambhu sukrutha sambharai.               


We are bound to the Goddess who is very dear to Kanchi,

Who has breasts like the just opening flower buds,

Who is of the crimson colour of the saffron powder,

Who has a friendly step  and is the collection of luck of God Shiva.


34.Ankitha kachena kena chidandhangarana oushadhena kamalaanaam,

Antha purena Shambhoa alankriya kaapi kalpyathe kanchyaam.                                  


That Goddess is the one shining in the heart  of Lord Shiva,

Who decorates his head with moon who makes her lotus like face shy,

And who also beautifies the great city of Kanchi.


35.OOri karomi  santhatha mooshmala  phaalena laalitham pumsaa,

Upakampa muchitha khelanam oorvadhara vamsa sampad unmesham.                        


I always meditate the goddess who caresses the God with the hot* forehead,

Who is the tender offspring  and fortune of the king of mountains.

     * Hot because the third eye on his forehead is full of fire.


36.Ankuritha sthana korakam angalankaram eka chootha pathe,

Aloka mahi komalam  aagama samlapasarayadharthayam.                                           


She who has nipples like the newly germinating buds,

And sitting on the left thigh of lord of one mango,

And is filled with the core meaning of the Vedas,

Is being seen by me as personification of great beauty.


37.Punchitha karunaa mudanchitha , sinchutha mani Kanchi  kimapi kanchipure,

Manchareetha mrudhula haasam  pinchara thanu ruchi pinaki moola dhanam.           


She who is beyond description shines in the city of Kanchi,

With compassion along with the bells of her hip belt tingling,

And she also has  a tender smile similar to flower blossoms,

And with these her pretty tender form is the treasure of Lord Shiva.


38.Lola hrudayosmi Shambho lochana yugalena lehyamaanaayaam,

Laalitha  paramashivaayaam  lavanyaa amrutha  tharanga maalaayaam.                     


Lord shiva with a heart made tender with love,

Is making the Lalitha Parameshwari,

Who is the wave of nectar of prettiness,

As a feast to both of his eyes.



39.Madhu kara sahachara  chikurai madanaagama  samaya dheekshaa kadakshai,

Manditha kampaa theerai mangala kandhairmaasthu saaroopyam.                                 


Let me be completely become one with that Goddess,

Who has braids of curly hair resembling the bees,

Whose passionate eyes are the lessons for the God of love,

And who illuminates the shores of river Kampa.


40.Vadanaravinda  vaksho vamanga thatee vasam vadhee bhootha,

Purushatrithaye thredhaa purandhri roppaa thwameva Kamakshi.                                  


Living in the face of Lord Brahma, on the chest of Vishnu and left side of Shiva,

As their respective virtuous consorts in your three forms, You are Goddess Kamakshi.


41.Bhaadhaa karim bhavabdhe  aadhara dhyambujeshu vicharantheem,

AAdharee krutha kancheem bodhamrutha  veecheemeva vimrusaam.                           


Let me think  of that wave of knowledge which travels from mooladhara to Sahasrara,

Who removes the pains of worldly life ,

Who has made the city of Kanchi as her foundation.


42.Kalayamyantha  sasa dhara  kalayankitha moulim amala chid valayaam,

Alayaam aagama peeta nilayam valayanga sundharim Ambaam.                                     


I cherish the pretty mother who is adorned with bracelets,

Who wears the moon and hare as her head gear,

Whose is surrounded  by pure divine aura,

And who is the ultimate and seated on the Vedas.


43.Sarvaadhi parama sadhaka gurvaaneethaya kama peeta jushe,

Sarvaa krythaye sonima garvaaya samarpyathe hrudayam.                                              


With extreme pride I submit my heart to the red shaded goddess,

Who has been invited and lead  by great devotees like Paramashiva,

With an intention  of enthroning her in Kama Peeta.


44.SAmayaa saandhyama yukhia , samayaa budhyaa sadaiva sheelathayaa,

Umayaa  Kanchi rathayaa  na mayaa labhyetha kim nu thadhathmyam.                        


Will I ever be able to become one with that Goddess,

Who shines purple like the twilight sun,

Who is meditated by people with ever stable mind,

And who is desirous of living in Kanchi.


45.Janthothsava  pada poojana  santhosha ragithasya kamakshi,

Bandho yaadhi bhavathi puna sindhorambhasu babrameethi shilaa.                                


Oh Kamakshi, In case  the one who worships your feet,

And get immersed in the divine joy because of that,

Is bound by the chains of the domestic like again,

Then a stone would float  in the sea.


46.Kundali Kumaari Kutile Chandi Chara chara savithriChamunde,

Guninee Guhaarini guhye Guru murthe thwam namami Kamakshi.                           


I salute you Kamakshi , the goddess who wears ear studs, who is a lass as Bala,

Who is the Pranava “Om”, Who is the one who killed Chanda ,

Who is the Savithri  who is behind mobile and immobile objects,

Who is the kiler of Chanda and Munda, Who has all the good properties,

Who lives in the cave of our mind  and is secret and not visible

And who is the ultimate teacher.


47.Abhidha kruthlr bhidha kruthir, achidhakruthir api  chida kruthir matha,

Anahantha thwamahantha bramayasi Kamakshi saswathi viswam.                               


Oh Kamakshi who is the only stable aspect in this world,

You have both differing forms as well as a stable form,

You are the divine form as well as well as the realistic form,

And you are one who is beyond ego and the real supreme self.


48.Shiva shiva pasyanthi  samam Sri Kamakskshi kadakshitha purusahaa,

Vipinam bhavana mithram loshtam cha yuvathi bimbhoshtam.                                     


The man who is glanced by Kamakshi sees Shiva in everything,

Be it in a palace , friend , enemy , clay or the red lips of a lass.


49.Kama pari pandhi kamini Kameswari Kama peeta madhya gathe,

Kamadughaa bhava kamale Kamakale kama koti kamakshi.                                          


Kamakshi who is in the centre of the Kama koti peeta,

Is the goddess of love who is the consort of he who killed the god of love,

And she is  the faboulous wish giving cow who fulfills all our desires.


50.Madhye hrudayam  madhye nitilam  madhye siro aapi vasthavyam,

Chanda kara  sakra karmuka  chandra samaabhaam namami kamakshim.                       


I salute Goddess Kamakshi who shines like the Sun god in the heart,

As the bow of Indra on the forehead  and as  moon on the head,

And I prostrate before her who like moon provides light for everyone.


51.Adhikanchi keli lolai  akhilaagama  yanthra manthra thanthra mayai, .                                   

Athi seetham mama maanasam  sasama saradrohi jeevanopayai


She is the essence of Vedas, Yanthras , Manthras and Thanthras,

She loves to be engaged in playing in the great city of Kanchi,

She cools my mind fast and is the soul of Lord Shiva , the enemy of God of love.


52.Nandhathi mama hrudhi kaachana  mandhirayanthi nirantharam Kanchim,

Indhu ravi mandala kuchaa bindu  viyan nnadha parinatha tharuni.                               


Seated in my heart is the lass,  who has chosen Kanchi as her permanent abode,

Who has sun and the moon as her breasts

And who appears also as atom , space and sound.


53.Sampa latha savarnam sampaadayithum bhava jwara chikithsam,

Limpaami manasi kinchana kampathata  rohi sidha baishajyam.                                   


I would earn the medicine for the disease of life ,

By always applying in my mind the medicine

From the golden lightning like climber

Which is available in the banks of river Kampa.  


54.Anumitha kucha katinyaam adhi vaksha peetam anga janma ripo,

Anandhadhaam bhaje Aananga brahma  Thathwa botha siraam.                                   


 I worship her , who teaches  Lord Shiva the philosophy of love of the love god,

Who becomes overjoyed by the hardness of her breasts which can only be guessed.


55.Iykshishi  pasangusa dhara  hathanthaam , vismayarha vruthaanthaam,

Adhi Kanchi nigama vaachaam sidhantham  soola pani shuddhanthaam.                       


Holding the bow, arrow rope and goad  and having a very wonderful story,

She who is the conclusion of  all Vedas is seen in Kanchi,

As  the supreme consort of that Lord who holds the trident.


56.Aahitha vilasa bangeem Aabrahma sthambha  shilpas kalpanaya,

Aasritha Kanchim athulaam  aadhyaam  visphoorthi  maadriye vidhyaam.                    


I depend on her , whose  beautiful undulating wave of handwork,

Of imagination  spreads from a tiny worm to Lord Brahma,

Who is incomparable , primeval and preeminent form of knowledge.


57.Mookopi  jatila durgathi  , sokopi  smarathi ya kshanam bhavatheem,

Yeko bhavathi  sa   janthur lokothara  keerthiriva Kamakshi.                                          


Even a dumb one or one who wears mated hair, or the one who is sad or suffering,

If he remembers your greatness for a tiny moment,

Oh Kamakshi , he would attain greatest fame in this world.


58.Pancha dasa varna roopaam kanchana Kaanchi vihara dhoureyam,

Pancha sareeyam SAmbho  vanchana vaidakdhya  moolam avalambe.                          


She who has a fifteen letter form lives in Kanchi with the form of Manmatha,

Hoodwinking with expertise  the five headed Lord Shiva and I surrender to her.


59.Parinathivathim  chathrdhaa  padavim  sudhiyaam  samethya  soushumneem,

Panchasatharna kalpitha pada shilpaamthwaam namami Kaamakshi.                             


Traveling through the Sushmna nadi of the wise, you split in to four fold form,

And the fifty one alphabets are but sculpture of yours , I salute you Kamakshi.


60.Aadhikshan mama guru rad  Aadhi kshanthaa aksharathmikaam vidhyam,

Swadhista chapa dandaam nedishtameva  kama peeta gathaam.                                      


After initiation by my great teacher  in to the fifty one letter knowledge,

She who is in Swadhishtana Chakra  holding a bow of sugarcane,

And shines there in the Kama Peeta has become very close to me.


61.Thushyami harshitha smara sasanayaa, Kanchipura kruthaasayaa,

Swasanayaa  sakala jagad bhasanayaa kalithasambarasanayaa                                         


I happily think  of  that power , who is in Kanchipura,

Established within herself who makes the world shine,

Who is able to bring joy to the Lord, who punished Manmatha,

And who brought back Manmatha  who killed Sambaran.


62.Premavathi kampyaam sdhemavathee yathi manassu bhoomavathi,

Saamavathi nithyagiraa somavathi sirasi bhathi Haimavathi.                                           


The lover of river Kampaa  , who has established in the minds of great sages,

And ho pervades all over earth , who is praised by Sama Veda,

Who shines with crescent in her head is the daughter of Himalayas.


63.Kouthukinaa Kampaayaam  kousuma chapena keelithenaantha,

Kula daivathena  mahathaa kudmala mudhram dhunothu na prathibhaa.                        


May my mind blossom from a flower bud to a shining entity,

By the grace  of the great goddess  of my clan,

Who likes river Kampaa  and who is pinned,

By the flowery arrows of Manmatha , the God of love.


64.Yoonaa kenapi milad , dehaa swaahaa sahaya thilakena,

Sahakara moola dese , samvid roopaa kutumbhinee  ramathe.                                        


Her youthful body  with the help of  swaha* who is in her forehead,

Is enjoying the role of a family woman below the mango tree,

In spite of her  being personification of pure consciousness.

                                                  *Wife of Agni


65.Kusuma sara  garva sampath  kosa gruham , bhaathi Kanchi madhya gatham,

Sthapitha  masmin kadhamapi  gopitha  mantharmaya manorathnam.                           


The treasure within the gem of my mind is buried in the midst of Kanchipuram,

Which is  the pride of devi  created by the flower arrows of Manmatha.


66.Dhagdha shadadwaranyam dhara dalitha kusumba sambhoothaarunyam,

Kalaye  nava tharunyam  kampa thata seemni  kimapi karunyam.                                  


I think is my heart , the new youthful supreme compassion of the tawny red colour,

Of the Kusumba flowers on the slopes of Kampa  river , which burns out,

The six fold perceptions of caste , chants , step, time , philosophy and the earth.


67.Adhi Kanchi vardhamaanam  athulaam karavani paaranaam akshno,

Aananda paka  bhedhaam  arunima  parinaama  garva  pallavithaam.                            


I  enjoy the incomparable Goddess ,who is proud of her redness,

Which is similar to the colour of the tender leaf , who is growing ,

In the primeval Kanchi  with different stages of joy every moment.


68.Bana sruni  pasa karmuka  kamapi Kama peeta gatham,

Yena dhara kona  choodam  sonima  pari paka  bhedhamakalaye.


I meditate on that goddess  who assumes the colour of various hues of red,

Who holds  in her hands arrows , rope , noose , goad  and bow,

And crescent  and is seated on the Kama peetam(Seat of joy).


69.Kim vaa phalathi mamanyai , bimbadara  chumbi  manda hasa mukhi,

Sambhadhakari  thamasaam Ambaa jagarthimanasi Kamakshi.


What are the use of other things to me , when Kamakshi,

Who with her smiling face and  red lips like Bimba fruit,

Is obstructing  the darkness of ignorance and is awakening my mind.


70.Manche sadaa shiva maye , para shiva maya  lalitha poushpa paryange,

Adhi chakra  madhyamaasthe  Kamakshi naama  kimapi mama bhagyam.


What is the amount of the luck that I have,  when , my fortune Kamakshi ,

Is lying on the bed of Sadashiva  with the flowery pillow called Parashiva ,

In the central dot  of the primeval wheel called Sri Chakra.


71.Rakshyosmi  kama peeti  lasikaya  gana krupambu  rasikayaa,

Sruthi yuvathi  kunthalee mani malikaya thuhina  saila balikaya.


May I be protected by the glances of her , who is dancing on Kama Peeta,

Who is the strong ocean of kindness , who is the jeweled garland,

Shining on the tresses of a girl called Vedas and the baby of the mountain.


72.Leeye  pura hara jaaye  maaye  thava tharuna pallava cchaye,

Charane  chandrabharane  Kanchi sarane  natharthi samharane.


I merge with devotion on her  who is the wife of the destroyer of three cities,

Who is illusion personified who is of the colour of the new born leaf,

Who wears the crescent , who lives in Kanchi , and protects her devotees.


73.Moorthi mathi  mukthi bheeja  moordhni  sthaba kitha chakora samrajye,

Modhitha Kampa koole  muhurmuhu manasi mumudhishaa asmakam.


I think in my mind  Of that Goddess who  gives happiness

To those  living in the banks of Kampa, who keeps on her head ,

The realm of Chakora birds and who is the eternal bliss.


74.Veda mayim, Nada mayim , Bindu mayim para padhodhya dhindhu mayim,

Manthra mayim , thanthra mayim, prakruthi mayim  , Naumi viswa vikruthi mayim,


I salute her  who is the basis of all the umiverse , who is Vedas, who is vedic sounds,

Who is the energy in the dot of Sri Chakra , who is the moon  of the  Para padha loka,

Who is the manthras , who is the thanthra  and who is the nature itself.


75.Pura madhana punya koti , punjitha  kavi loka  sookthi rasa dhati.

Manasi mama Kamakoti , viharathu karuna vipaka paripati.


My mind is filled with Kamakoti  who plays the game of mercy there,

Who is herself the auspicious manifestation of God who burnt three cities,

 And who is the intrinsic flow of poems in the mind of great poets.


 76.Kutilam, chatulam , pradhulam  kacha nayana  jagana charaneshu,

Avalokitham  avalambitham  adhika Kampa thata  mameya  masmabhi.


I see in the banks of the Kampa river that Goddess  with  curly hear,

Mischievous character , sparkling eyes , well rounded waist,

Soft pretty walk by her feet  and the one who is immesurable.


77.Prathyang mukhya drushtya , prasada deepangurena Kamakshya,

Pasyami nisthulamaho pachelim  kimapi para shivollasam.


Due the specific view of getting the grace of Kamakshi,

I see the unparalleled and ripe  exhibition of joy from Paramasiva.


78. Vidhye vidhathru vishaye  kathyayini  Kali  Kamakoti kale,

Bharathi  Bhairavi  Bhadre  sakini shambhavi  shive  sthuthe bhavathim


I praise the Goddess Parvathi as knowledge , the power behind creation ,

The daughter of sage Kathyayana , Kali , crescent of Kama koti,

Bharathi , Bhairavi , she  who provides safety , Sakini  and  Shambhavi*

*two forms of the Goddess in the Sri Chakra


79. Malini , Mahesa chalini , Kanchi Khelini , Vipaksha kalini  they,

Soolini  Vidhruma salini  sura jana palini  Kapalini Namosthu


I salute her who wears  garland of letters, She who searched for Lord Shiva ,

She who plays in Kanchi , she who kills her foes, She who holds the trident,

She who carries weapons , She who takes care of devas and the wife of Lord Shiva.


80.Desika  ithi kim  shankhe  thath thadrukthwa nu tharunee monmesha,

Kamakshi, soola pane , kamagama thanthra, yajna deekshayaam.


Is she not without any doubt a teacher  with her exuberant youth ,

And does not Kamakshi  teach  the trident wielding Shiva,

Who is doing penance  the lessons in art of love.


81.Vethanda  Kumbha  dambara  , vaithandika  kucha bharartha madhyaya,

Kumkumaruche  namasyam  Shankara nayanamruthaya  rachayama.


I salute her who is of saffron colour  whose pot like breasts challenge ,

The bulging forehead of an elephant ,whose breast are heavy for her waist,

And who makes the nectar like feast to the eyes of Lord Shiva.


82.Adhikanchitha  mani kanchana, Kaancheem , adhi Kanchi Kancha dhadraksham,

Avanatha jananukampham  anukampakoolam , asmad anukoolaam.


I perceive  in the slopes of river Kampa , The goddess with pity to her devotees,

Who wears  the heavy gem studded girdle , who is partial to me.


83.Parichitha  Kampa theeram  Parvatha  rajanya  sukrutha sannaham,

Para guru krupaya Veekshe  Parama  shivoth  sanga mangalabharanam.


By the grace of the divine Guru, I see  in the familiar banks of Kampa,

The divine gift for good deeds done by the king of mountains,

Who is  the auspicious ornament on the lap of Lord Shiva.


84.Dagdha madanasya  Shambho , pradheeyassem  Brahma charya  Vaidhagdhgeem,

Thava devi  tharunima  sree  chathurimapako  na chakshathe matha.


Om Mother , your extreme prettiness in the grip of your exuberant youth,

Could not tolerate the celibacy observed by Shiva, the destroyer of love God.


85.Madha jaladha mala pathraa  vasanitha pathraa  karaa drutha  khanithraa,

Viharathi  pulindayoshaa gujjaabhooshaa , phaneendrakrutha vesha.


She revels in  having the form of a hunter woman created by Shiva

With her Thilaka  made out of the flowing fluid of rutting elephants

And medicinal leaves , wearing a dress made of forest leaves,

And a chain  made of berries  and a digging instrument on her shoulders.


86.Angke shukini geethe  kouthukini , parisare  cha gayakini,

Jayasi savithe Amba bhirava mandaleeni  sravasi  shankha kundaleeni.


Holding a parrot on her lap , interested in music , surrounded by musicians,

And also by many Bhairavas , wearing ear globes made of conch

Our mother Kamakshi wins over everything.


87.Pranatha janathapa varga  krutha bahu sarga  sasimha samasarga,

Kamakshi mudhitha bharga  hatha ripu vargaa  thwameva saa Durga.


Liberating the soul of  suffering people , creating varied type of beings,

Closely behaving  with the lion  is Kamakshi  who destroys her enemies,

And she pleases the shining Lord Shiva and  she is herself is the Durga.


88.Sravana  chaladh vethanda samaroddhanda  duthaa sira  shikhandaa,

Devi  kali thanthra shandaa  drutha nara mundaa thwameva  Chamunda.


With waving ear globes, being a terror in the battle field ,

Tossing  and throwing the heads  of her enemies,

Wearing their membranes as Garland,  and holding.

Their skull in her hands ,, she indeed is Chamundi.*

     *killer of Chanda and Munda



89.Urvee  dharendra kanye  dharvee  bharithena bhaktha  poorena,

Gurvee akinchanarthim kharvee  kurushe  , thwameva Kamakshi.


Being born as the daughter of the mountain ,appeasing the hunger.

Of the poorest of poor, You are Annapoorni who fills us with devotion.


90.Thaditha  ripu  paripeedana  bhayaharane  nipuna  hala musalaa,

Kroda pathi  bheeshana mukhi  kreedasi  jagathi  thwameva Kamakshi.


Oh Kamakshi , who destroys the fear about the cruelty from enemies,

By hurting them, Who is an expert in use of plough  and mace as weapons,

Who has a fearful face  you play with the world and you are indeed Varahi.


91.Smara  madhana  varana lolaa Manmatha helaa , vilasa mani shaala,

Kanaka  ruchi chourya sheela , Thwamamba  balaa  karabhja drutha mala.


You are Devi Balaa holding the garland  in your lotus like hands,

Who is desirous of marrying Shiva the killer of Manmatha  and  

Who lived  in the gem studded home of joy and who over shines greatly the pure Gold.


92.Vimala pati  Kamala kuti  pusthaka   rudraksha  Sastha hastha puttee,

Kamakshi  pakshmalaakshi  kalitha vipanchi  Vibhasi Vairinchi.


You are pure , live in a lotus flower, hold book, Rudaraksha in her opened arms,

You are Kamakshi , have thick eye lashes, holds the Veena called Vipanchi,

You are shining  and are the consort of Lord Brahma.


93.Kunkuma ruche pingam  asruk pangila  mundaali manditham maathaa,

Jayathi thava roopadheyam  japa patas  pusthaka  varaa abhaya karabhjam.


You are of the colour of saffron and wear severed heads dripping with blood as garland,

Victory to your form which holds a rosary and book and shows blessing and protection by her hands.


94.Kanakamani kalitha bhooshaam kaalaayasa kalaha seela  kanthi kalaam,

Kamakshi seelaye thwaam  kapala soolabhiraama kara kamalaam.


She is decorated by gem studded golden ornaments, whose black beauty goes to quarrel with iron,

She has the soft nature of Kamakshi  and holds skull and trident in her soft lotus like hands.


95.Lohihima puncha madhye  mohitha bhuvane  mudhaa nireekshanthe,

Vadanam thava  kucha yugalamKanchi seemaam cha keapi Kamakshi.


Very few can see you in the midst of the  anahatha Chakra in this mesmerizing world,

Your face , your twin breasts  and the thin narrow  waist , Oh Kamakshi.


96.Jaladhi dwigunitha hutha vaha dhisaa dhineswarakalaswineya dalai,

Nalinair mahesi kachasi  sarvothara akula  sahasra dala mamalam.


From the base of  the even numbered lotuses , You raise as Kundalini ,

The serpentine power   and merge  in the thousand petal lotus  called Akula Chakra.


97.Sath kurutha desika charanaa  sabheeja  nirbheeja  yoga  nisrenaya,

Apavarga   soudha  valabhim  aarahathyamba  kea pi  thava krupaya.


By approaching the  feet of a great guru , using the stair of Sabheeja and Nirbheeja yoga,

Due to your grace oh mother  we climb  and attain the house of  liberation.


98.Antharapi  , bahirapi  thwam  janthu  therantha kantha krudaham they,

Chinthitha  santhanavathaam  santhathamapi  thantha neeshi mahimanam.


Inside and outside you are  the one who is the death to him who brings death to all animals,

And you bless with ultimate knowledge those of your children who always think about you.


99.Kala manjula  vaganumitha  gala panchara  gatha suka grouthkandyath,

Amba  radhambaram  they bimba phala, sambareena  nyastham.


You very sweet voice  tempts cupid to think that a parrot is caged in your throat,

Oh mother and he offers you red Bimba fruit to those red lips covering jewel like teeth.*

       *Hoping she will open her mouth and the parrot would come out.


100.Jaya jaya jagadamba  shive , jaya jaya Kamakshi , jaya jayadri suthe,

Jaya jaya  mahesadayithe , jaya jaya chidga gana  koumudhee dhare.


Victory and victory to mother of universe, victory and victory to Kamakshi , victory to daughter of victorious mountain,

Victory and victory to darling of Mahesa, victory and victory to her who wears the full moon of the sky of  pure consciousness.


101.Arya satakam bhakthya  padathaam, aarya kadakshena ,

Nis sarathi vadana kamala dhwani  peeyoosha dhorani  divya.


Whosoever reads these hundred verses praising Arya, due to her glance,

Nectar like words would continuously flow  from his lotus like face .