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Vipareeth Prtayangira stotra

(The opposite Prathyangira prayer)


Given by


Sri Yogeswaranand ji


Translated by




(Prathyangira devi is also known as Atharvana Bhadra Kali  and also as Narasimhika devi. There are various stories about her origin. It seems after Lord Nrasimha killed Hiranyakasipu, his anger grew unboundedly. The devas tried all their best to calm him down . When Prahlada and Goddess Lakshmi were not able to pacify him(Many people believe that they individually were able to pacify him), , Lord Shiva took the incarnation of Sharabha deva a mixture of man, lion and eagle. He also failed. Then Goddess Parvathi appeared from the ferocious eyes of Sharabha deva) with 1008 heads and 2016 hands and roared ferociously. This pacified Lord Narasimha. Other believe that Goddess Lakshmi took a form of woman lion and(also called Prathyangira) and pacified him.

   This stotra is addressed to Prathyangira devi requesting her grace to kill our enemies. Please do not chant this Manthra without getting it from a Guru. It is believed that if it is not done that way,  such trials would lead   to very horrible effects. The Hindi version of this great manthra is given in

http://www.anusthanokarehasya.com/article/vipreet%20pratyangira%20stotra.pdf. I have taken it from there. My indebtedness and thanks to Sri Yogeswaranandji)




Gadgam, kapalam, damaru , trishoolam,

Sambhibrathi chandra kala vathamsa,

Pingordhwa keso asitha bheema damshtra,

Bhooyad vibhoothyai mama Bhadra kali.


Please shower your grace on me, Oh Bhadarakali,

Who is armed with sword. Skull, drum and trident,

Who  shines with the crescent on her head,

Who has red  hair standing erect on her head,

 And who   also   has very big teeth.



(Ritual  of the chant)


Take water in your right hand and chant


Om asya sri Vipareetha prathyangira  manthrasya


Bhairava rishi, Anushtup Chanda, Sri Vipareetha prathyangira  devatha


For the chant of The Vipareetha prathyangira,

The sage is Bhairava, meter is anushtup , Goddess addressed is Vipareetha Prathyangira


Mama abheeshta sidhyarthe jape cha pate cha viniyoga


This chant  is being done to fulfill my desires.


 After this pour the water in the hand down to earth


Kara nyasa

Ritual of the hand


Im angushtabhyam nama

Om hreem tharjaneebhyam nama,

Om sreem madhyamabhyam nama

Om prathyangire anamikabhyam nama

Om maam raksha raksha kanishtikabhyam nama

Om Mama shathrun bhanjaya, bhanjaya kara thala kara prushtabhyam nama.


Iym salutations to the thumb

Om Hreem salutations to the second finger

Om sreem salutations to the middle finger

Om Prathyangire salutations by fourth finger

Om Mother protect me salutations to the little finger,

Om kill , kill my enemies salutations to the palm and back side of hand


Hrudaya nyasa

(ritual of the heart)


Om Iym hrudayata nama

Om hreem sirase swaha

Om sreem shikayai vashat

Om Prayangire kavachaya hoom,

Om maam raksha raksha nethra thrayaya voushat

Om Mama shathrun bhanjaya bhanjaya asthraya phat


Om Iym salutations to the heart

Om hreem salutations to the head

Om sreem salutations to the hair,

Om Prayangire salutations to the armour

Om Save me save me salutations to the three eyes,

Om kill my enemies salutations to the arrow.


Om bhor bhuva suuva  ithi dig bhanda

By telling Om earth, Bhuva and Suva I tie all directions


Root Chant

Repeatedly chant


Om  iym hreem sreem prathyangire maam raksha raksha  mama shathrun bhanjaya bhanjaya  phey hum phat Awaha


Om iym hreem Oh Prathyagire save me, kill my enemies Hoom Phat swaha