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Vasudeva Sthuthi

(Prayer by Vasudeva)


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(This as the prayer offered by King Vasudeva as soon Lord Krishna  was born in the prison. This occurs in tenth Skanda and third chapter of Bhagawatha Purana as slokas 13-21. Another prayer by Vasaudeva addressed to Krishna has been earlier translated by me and is available in


I have referred the translations by Smt. Sudha devi Ramkumar and  sri C.L.Goswami. My thanks to those great pioneers.)



1.Vidhithosi bhavaan saakshath Purusha prakruthe para,

Kevalanubhava  aanada swaroopa  sarva budhi druk.


Oh Lord , I know that you are the supreme person who is beyond nature,

And  you are the pure personification of bliss , who sees the minds of all.


2.Sa yeva  swa prakruthyedham sushtvagre trigunathmakam,

Thadhanu thwam hyapravishta yiva bhavyase.


From your own self you created this world of three fold existence*,

And after creating it , you   appear to have entered  this world.

            *Truth, consciousness and bliss


3.Yadheme  avikruthaa  bhavasthadhaa  they vikruthey saha,

Naanaa veeryaa pradhak bhoothaa virajam janayanthi hi.


Though you  are a part of the different beings ,

The characteristics  of  those beings  in various degrees,

 Do not  shine out in your  great form.


4.SAnnipathya  samuth paadhya  drusyanthe anugathaa yiva,

Praageva vidhyamanathvanna  theshamiha sambhava.


Though you are seen with the people of the world as well as travel with them,

In spite  of   your  being the cause of all such  things and people,

 How is it  that you never get their  form or feelings?


5.Yavam bhavaan budhya anumeya lakshanai,

Grahyair gunai  sannapi  thadruna grahaa,

Anaa vruthath vaad  bahirantharam  na they,

SArvasya sarvathmana aathma vasthutha.


Oh Lord though  you are existing along with,

The objects that can be recognised by the senses,

You cannot be caught by those senses,

And  you do not have the properties of inside and outside,

For you are everywhere and everything is that thing.


6.Ya aathmano  drusya guneshu sannithi,

Vyavasyathe  swa vyathire katho abudha,

Vinanuvaadam na cha than mneeshitham,

Samyag yathas yaktha mupaadath pumaan.


He who believes that what he sees is only right,

Is not wise as he does not understand that,

What he knows are nothing but a display of words

And if he believes  that which has been ,

Proved as unreal as  real, then he  is a fool.


7.Thwatho asya  janma sthidhi samyamaan  , vibho,

Vadanthyanee hadha  gunaadha vikriyath,

Thwayeesware brahmani  no virudhyathe ,

Thwadasraya  thwad upacharyathe  gunai.


Oh Lord,  the wise conclude that birth , upkeep and death,

Originate from you who is desire less ,change  less,

And beyond properties and it appears  that,

This looks as a contradiction in you who is god of all,

And  that such things are ascribed to you,

Because  you are the one  who makes them act.


8.Sa thwam  triloka sthithaye  swa maayaya,

Vibharshim  shuklam  khhalu  varnamathmana,

SArgaaya raktham  rajasopa brahmitham,

Krushnam cha varna  thamasaa  janaathyaye.


Oh Lord you are in the entire three worlds  using  your illusion,

Taking the form which is white you do the upkeep of the world ,

Taking the form which is red , you do the creation of the world,

And taking the form which is black you do its destruction.


9.Thwamasya lokasya vibho ririkshushu,

Gruhe  avatheerno  maam  akhileswara,

Rajanya samgnaa  asura koti yoodhapai,

Nirvyoohyamaanaa niha nishyase  chamoo.


Oh God of the universe, you have taken birth,

In my house for protecting the world,

And there is no doubt in my mind,

That you would soon completely ,

Destroy  the billions  of Asuras who are,

Going  by the names of kings  in this world.