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Sri Devaki Sthuthi


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(Lord Vishnu was born as the eighth child to Devaki in prison. He was born with four hands holding Conch, wheel ,mace and flower. Devaki offered this prayer to him and requested him to  assume the usual human form, so that Kamsa will not find out. This prayer occurs in the  Tenth Skanda, third chapter, slokas 24-31. I have consulted the translation of Smt Sudha Devi Ramkumar and  that done by C.L.Goswami  in doing this translation.)




1.Roopam yathath prahuravyaktha maadhyam,

Brahma  jyothi nirgunam  nirvikaram,

SAthaa mathram nirvisesham  nireeham,

SA thwam saakshaad vishnur adhyathma dheepa.


Oh god , your form  is not clear to the senses,

It has the shine of Brahmam , it is property less,

It is devoid of feelings , it is simply goodness,

It cannot be described by  adjectives, It is beyond self,

It is the real  divine light of Vishnu which is  the only Sathwa.


2.Nashta loke  dwi parardha avasane,

Maha bhoothe shwaadhi bhootham gatheshu,

Vyakthe avyaktham kala vegena yathe,

Bhavaneka sishyathe sesha samgna.


At the end of two great eons when the world would come to anend,

When the primeval five elements merge with the great element,

And when in the speed of time,  all  the clear things ,

Merge with and in  you who is not clear , you only will be left ,

And so you would  be called  “Sesha” meaning “what is left out”.

3.Yoyam kalasthasya theey avyaktha bandho,

Cheshtaamahu  scheshtahe yena viswam,

Nimeshaadhirvathsaranthoi mahyamstham,

Thwesaanaam kshema dhama prapadhye.


The wise declare  that the time is the essence of your power,

Which extends from, a second to a year and is infinite.

And the universe moves in time on its course,

And I move towards  the comfort zone of yours.


4.Marthyo mruthyu vyala bheethaa palayan,

Lokaan  sarvaan nirbhayam  naadhya gachath,

Thwat padabhjam  prapya  yadruccha yaadhya,

Swastha seethe  mruthyurasmadha paithi.


Man when chased  by the serpent of death,

Cannot be without fear  wherever he goes,

But if he accidentally reaches your lotus feet,

He would be peaceful and death will be afraid of him.


5.Sa thwam  goraadh Ugra senathmaja nna,

Thrahi thrasthaan bruthya  vithra saahasi,

Roopam chedham pourusham  dhyana dhishnyam,

Maa prathyaksham  maam sadrusaam krusheeshtaa.


So please protect us from the horrible son of Ugrasena,

For you are the dispeller of fear  of your devotees,

And please do not reveal this form of yours ,

Which is fit for meditation  even to the ignorant.


6.Janma they mayya sou paapo maa vidhyaan Madhu soodhana,

Samudwije  bhavad ddhetho  kamasad  ahamdheeradhi.


Oh killer of Madhu , let not that sinner ,

Know your birth from me, for I am afraid of Kamsa,

For the sake of your safety  and am much agitated.


7.Upasamhara viswathman aaho  roopam aloukikam,

Sankha chakra  gadha Padma sriyaa jushtam chathur bhujam.


Oh soul of  the universe, please put an end ,

To this  rare form  of yours holding  in  your four hands,

The Conch, wheel , mace and a flower of lotus.


8.Viswam  yadhe thath  swa thanou  nissanthe ,

Yadhavaakasam  Purusha pare bhavaan,

Vibharthi  soyam  mama  garbhago aabhooth,

Aaho  nrulokasya  vidambhanam hi thath.


You keep the entire universe in your belly,

At the time of the cosmic night , by which time,

They enlarge  and occupy lot of space,

And the fact that you entered my womb,

Is surely your way of imitating the humans.