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Indra Sthuthi


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( To bring down the pride of Indra, Lord Krishna advised the cowherds to discontinue the worship to him and instead worship Govardhana  mountain. Enraged by this Lord Indra attacked Gokula by torrential rain. The Lord lifted the mountain and under it , the entire Gokula  was protected.Humbled by the Lord, Indra prayed to him. This prayer occurs in Tenth Skanda, twenty seventh chapter and slokas 4-13. I have consulted the translation of this prayer by Smt Sudha devi Ramkumar  in her book in Tamil called “Sri Krishna Sthuthi malai” and the translation by Sri .C.l.Goswami in his English translation of Bhagawatham published by Gita press , Gorakhpur)


1.Vishdha thathwam  thava dhama shantham,

Thapomayam  dwastha rajastha maskam,

Maaya mayoyam  guna sampravaho,

Na vidhyathe  they agra hana anu bandha.


Your peaceful abode  is the principle of purity,

It is full of penances and devoid of Rajas and Thamas,

And the tide of characters created by your illusion,

Does not reach here and persists only through ignorance.


2.Kuthaa nu thadwethava  yeesa thathkruthaa,

Lobhaadhayo  ye abudha linga bhaava,

Thadaapi dandam bhagwan vibhothim,

Darmasya gupthyai  khala nigrahaaya.


In spite of even an iota of  greed and other qualities,

Which cause rebirth  and are the sign of ignorant ,

Does not exist in you , you have taken the rod of punishment,

For punishing the bad and protecting  the good, Oh God.


3.Pitha guru sthwam jagathaam adheeso,

Durathyaya  kala upatha danda,

Hithaaya swecha thanubhi  sameehase.

Manam  vidhunvan jagadheesa maaninam.


Father and teacher you are, Oh Lord of the universe,

And you hold the scepter of the impassable time ,

And take the form that pleases  you ,

And punish those who falsely think that they are Gods.


4.Ye madh vidhaagnaa jagadheesa maanina,

Thwaam veekshya  kale abhayamasu than madham,,

Hithwaa aarymargam  prabha  janthya pasmayaa,

Yeehaa khalaanaam api  they anusasanam.


Fools like me think that we are the lords of universe,

But seeing you , we   shake of  our pride too quickly,

For , you  without feeling of ego, face dangers peacefully,

And punish the bad ones  ,simply by your discipline.


5.Sa thwam mamaiswarya  madha pluthasya,

Krtuthaga sasthe  avidhusha  prabhavam,

Kshanthum  prabho  adharhasi  mooda chethaso,

Maivam  punarboonmathireesa  may asathi.


Due to the fact that I was  immersed  in the pride of wealth and power,

And being ignorant of your greatness I troubled and sinned against you,

And so  Oh Lord pardon my not suitable foolish pride and also protect me,

From doing  such wrong things  ,like falling into this type of deceit.


6. Thavaa avatharoo  ayam adhokshajeha,

SWayambharanaa muru bhara janmnam,

Chamupthinama bhavaaya  deva,

Bhavaya Yushasath charananu varthinaam.


Oh God who is above the self perception , your incarnation,

Is meant to exterminate  great valorous people,

Who are themselves burden to this  earth,

And also capable of making others  burden to the world,

And also  to protect devotees  who worship your feet.


7.Namasthubhyam bhagawathe  , purushaya mahathmane,

Vaasudevaaya Krishnaaya  sathwathaam pathaye nama.


Oh God, O h Purusha , Oh great one , my salutations to you,

Oh Vasudeva , Oh Krishna , oh protector of devotees, I salute you.


8. Swachandho patha  dehaaya  , vishudha Jnana murthaye,

Sarvasmai  sarva bheejaaya , sarva bhoothatmane nama.


Oh God who can take any form that  you like,

Oh God  who is personification of pure wisdom,

Oh God  who is everything  and is the seed of all beings,

Oh God who is the soul of all beings, My salutations.


9.Mayedham  Bhagawan goshta naasaya sara vayubhi,

Cheshtitham vihathe yagnye , maninaa  theevramanyunaa.


Due to the obstruction  to my worship , I tried the mischief,

Of destruction of Vruja by torrential rain and wind,

Since I was filled with pride  and violent anger.


10. Thwayesa anugruhithosmi  dwastha  sthambho  vrudhodhyama,

Iswaram  guru mathmaanam  thwamaham  saranam gatha.


My efforts were put to naught and my pride was crushed, Oh teacher of my soul,

And I have received your blessings  and  I have surrendered  to you.