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Deva Krutham Brahma Stotram

(Prayer of Brahma composed by devas,)


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(Lord Brahma  has only one or two temples dedicated him. It is also rare to people to pray him . During the time of epics, those who wanted boons used to pray  Lord Brahma,)


Deva Ouchu:-

Devas said:-

1.Brahmane , Brahma vijnana   dugdho dhadhi vidhayine,

Brahma Thatwa   Dhidhukshunaam  Brahmadhaya  namo  nama.


Oh Lord Brahma   who causes the milk   and curd  of the Brahma Jnana,

Salutations  to  Brahma by those  who are desirous of  knowing essence of Brahma.


2.Kashta samsara magnaanaam   samasorothara   hethave  ,

Sakshine  sarva bhoothanam   sakshi heenaaya   they nama.


Oh God who is the cause of saving   the people of the world drowned in suffering  life,

Oh witness of all   beings   and one who  does not have a witness, salutations.


3.SArva dhathre , vidhathre  cha  sarva dvandvapaharine,

Sarva avasthasu   sarveshaam  sakshine   vai namo nama.


One who carries everything, oh  god determining fate  , oh destroyer  of troubles,

Oh God who is the witness of every one at every state , salutations to you.


4. Parathpara viheenaaya  paraya   parameshtine  ,

Parijana  vathathma swarooopaya   namo nama.


Oh God without superior to the best  , who is divine  and who is greatly divine,

Oh God  of  well of divine  understanding    which is beyond understanding,   salutations to you


5.Padmajaya pavithraya  Padmanabha suthaya  cha ,

Padma pushpai   supoojyaaya   nama Padma daraya cha.


Born out of lotus , pure , son of  God with lotus on his navel,

God who is worshipped by lotus  and One carried by lotus, salutations to you


6.Sura jyeshtaya   , suryadhi  devatha trupthi karine,

Surasura  nardheenaam    sukhdaya   namo nama


Eldest among devas, One who satisfies devas like sun god,

And God who  gives happiness to devas , asuras and humans, salutations to you.


7.Vedase  Viswa nethraya    Vishudha nana roopine,

Veda vedyaya   Vedantha nidhaye  vai namo nama


Oh form of Veda    who has universal eye  , who is pure , has various forms,

One studied by Vedas   and the treasure of Vedantha,  salutations to you


8.Vidhaye , vidhi heenaaya, vidhi vakhya vidhayine,

Vidhyuktha   karma nishtaanaam   namo Vidhya pradayine.


Oh  fate , oh one who does not have fate , One who formulates the  words of fate,

One who performs rituals   as laid down  and one who gives knowledge, salutations to   you.


9.Virinchaya  visishtaaya   Visishtarthi haraya cha  ,

Vishannaanam   vishadhabdhi vinasaya namo nama.


Oh Lord Brahma   who is the greatest  who destroys great pains also,

 Oh God who destroys the sea of    sorrow of those  who are dejected, salutations.


10.Namo Hiranyagarbhaya , hiranya gitri varthine  ,

Hiranya dhana labhyaya   hiranyathi priyaya   cha.


Salutations to Lord Brahma   who lives on top of golden mountain,

Who is got by those who give gold in charity  and one who likes gold very much.


11.Sathanandaya  saanthaya  , sankara jnana dhayine,

Samadhi   sahithayaiva   , jnanadhaya namo nama.


Oh God who makes many people happy , peaceful one  , one who gave wisdom to  Shankara,

One who  is along with peace   and  one who gives wisdom, salutations.


12Shambhuve   , Shambhu bukthaanaam  sankaraya  sareerinaam,

Sankara  jnana  heenaanaam sathruve   vai namo nama.


Oh Shambhu , one who made use of Vishnu  , one who has body of Shankara ,

And the enemy   to those who do not know Shankara  , Salutations to you.


13.Nama Swayambuve   , nithyam swayambhu brahma pradhayine,

Swayam Brahma swaroopaya   swathanthraya paramathmane .


Salutations to one who rose from himself   one who daily provides self born Brahma,

One who has the Brahma’s form  , one who is independent, salutations.


14.Druhinaaya  durachara nirathasya   durathmana,

Dukhadaya  anya janthoonaam    athmadhya namo nama.


Oh  creator of   those  other animals  with bad behavior 

Who are   engaged  in bad behavior to Lord Vishnu  , salutations.


15.Vandhya  heenaaya , vandhyaya   varadhaya, parasya cha,

Varishtaya  varishtaanaam  chathur vakthraya vai nama.


One who  blesses  deficient barren women and barren women, one who is divine  ,

The  best  among greatest   and one having  four heads, Salutations .


16.Prajapathi  samakhyaya   prajaanaam pathaye nama,

Prajapathya virakthasya  , nama prajna   pradhayine.


Oh celebrated lord of  people  , Oh  Lord  of people  salutation,

Oh Lord greatly interested  in Prajapathya penance  , salutations to one giving wisdom.


17. Pithamahaya  pithradhi kalpana rahithaya cha  ,

Pisunaagamya dehaya  pesalaya  namonama.


Oh Grandfather, Oh god who has   left being a father 

Oh God with saffron like body  , oh God who is soft , salutations.


18.Jagat karthre , Jagat gopthre  , Jagat Hanthre  Paramathmane  ,

Jagat  drusya viheenaaya  chinmathre  jyothishe nama.


One who creates the world, one who hides the world  , destroyer  of the world, Oh divine soul,

One   who  is not seen in the world, one who  is only divine  , salutations.


19.Viswotheernaaya  , Viswaya  , Viswaheenaya  SAkshine,

Swaprakasaika maanaaya  Nama poorna paramathmane.


Oh God who rescued the earth , Who is the world , who is beyond the earth,  Oh witness ,

Who shines in his own luster salutations  oh complete divine soul.


20.Sthuthyaya , Sthuthi heenaaya  Stotra roopaaya  Thathwatha  ,

Stothrunam api   sarvesham  sukhadaya  namo nama


Oh God who is prayed to  , who  is outside prayers  , who is the form of prayers , Oh essence of knowledge .

Please give all pleasures to those who pray you  , salutations.


      Ithi  Skanda purane  Sutha samghithaayaam, deva krutham Brahma stotram


    This is prayer of Brahma composed by devas occurring  in  the collection of  Sutha   which occurs in Skanda purana.