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Kalla Vinayagar Pathigam

(Prayer to Ganesa who was a thief)



Abhirama Bhattar


Translated by



(Kalla Vinayagar (The thief Gabesa) presides in the Ganesa temple inside the Amritha Gateswarar temple in Thirrukadayur. It seems after a lot of effort the Devas churned the sea and got the butter. Before taking it , they went for a bath. When they came back , the pot of nectar was missing. They were made to realize that they did not offer prayers to Ganesa before they started the job of churning the sea and angry with this Lord Ganesa had stolen the pot of nectar. They then offered prayers to Lord Ganesa, who returned their hard earned pot of nectar .People believe that the pot of nectar was kept in Thirukadayur and Kalla Vinayagar was the one who stole it,. I have taken this great prayer from  a book called Abhirami Bhattararin Pathigangal , where the tamil meaning of these prayers are given by Abhiramadasan Meenakshi Sundaram Mohan, published by  the author .I owe my deep gratitude to this great translation which helped me understand the meaning of all the difficult words in this great prayer. Abhirama Bhattar lived in the temple at Thirukadayur  and people wanting to know more about him may refer my translation of Abhirami Andathi available in the web.)


1.Pangayathalum oru nangu tholum padaa mukhamum,

Thingalin kodun va lar modhakathudan chengayile,

A ngusa pasamum  aagi vandhu yendranai aandarulvaay,

Vengayame , kadavur vaazhum kalla vinayagane.


Oh angry elephant faced one , Oh Ganesa of Kadayur  who was a thief,

With your lotus like feet, four shoulders,

Shield decorating your face, the crescent moon, single tusk,

With modhaka , with rope and goad in your red hands ,

Please come , rule over me and shower your graces.


2.Unnum pozhudhum , urangum pozhudhum , oru thozhilai,

Pannum pozhudhum , pagarum pozhudhum , nin padathile,

Nannum karathu thamiyenukku yendraikku nalguvayo,

Vinnum pugazh , kadavur vaazhum kalla vinayagane.


Oh Ganesa of Kadayur  who was a thief who is praised by devas,

Would you bless me  , with  the thought of your lotus like feet,

Even while eating , sleeping , while doing any work,

And while talking  , for ever and always.


3. Yethondrai  aakilum  yenniya pothu  un inai kamlap,

Padam  paraviya perukku allamal palithidumo?,

Pedam therindha marayor  thamathu perum theruvil,

Vedam payil kadavur vazhum kalla vinayagane.


If one does not think of your feet, when thinking of doing some thing.

Will   he able to complete that act successfully,

Oh  the thief Ganesa of Kadayur , where  all the streets,

Are full of the sound of Vedas chanted by learned Brahmins.


4.Aran yenbavanayum , ambuyathonayum  aazhi sangu,

Karan yenbavavanayum , kai thozha vendi un kal thozhuvar,

Iravum pagalum  iyai isai , nadakam yenum nanool.

Viravum thamizh kadavur  vazhum kalla vinayagane.


Those who wish to salute the God called Shiva ,

The God who sits on a lotus  and he who holds the conch from the sea,

Would salute your feet, Oh thief Ganesa of Kadavur,

Where day and night , the arts of  oration, music and drama,

As well as good books on Tamizh are popular.


5.Thudhiyen yeninum thozhugen yeninum un thondar thamai,

Mathiyen yeninum , vanangen yeninum valiya vandhu,

Gathiye tharum vazhi kattituduvay, nin karunayinaal,

Vidhiye pugazh Kadavur vazhum kalla vinayagane.


Even though I do not pray you , salute you ,

Do not respect your devotees and not salute them,

Please come yourself  and show me the path of salvation,

Oh Ganesa of Kadayur , who was a thief,

Whom even Brahma praises due to his mercy.


6.Nakam, thuragam , pala pani aadai nava nithigal,

Pakanju men mozhiyaal bogamum un padathile,

Mokam thigazha paninthorkku  allamal muyandridumo?

Megam payil Kadavur vazhum kalla Vinayagane.


Would people get  the enjoyment  of elephant, horses,

Several dresses and ornaments  , nine type of treasures,

And love from  a pretty girl sweeter than jaggery,

If they do not  bow at your feet with devotion,

Oh thief Ganesa of Kadayur which is full of clouds.


7.Ilam kunjara chezhukandre , yena cholli yethi nindray,

Ulam kasindhu  amkaiyal kutti kondorkkor  kurayumundo?

Valam konda moovar thamai marithe thamizh malai kondu,

Vilangum pugazh Kadavur vaazhum Kalla vinayagane.


For those who pray  you calling you as a young healthy elephant ,

And  with a melted heart knock lightly with fists on their forehead,

Would there ever be any problem? Oh Ganesa of Kadavur,

Who was a thief and also got Thamizh garlands ,

From the three Saivite saints , Appar, Navukkarasar and Sundaramurthi.


8.Dandayudathayum soolayudathayum thangi  yennai,

Kandavi kola naman varum velayil Kathiduvaay,

Vandu aaravaram cheyum malar cholai valappamudan,

Vindaviya  kadavur vaazh kalla Vinayagane.


Please save me  at the time when Yama armed

With Vel and trident comes to take away my soul,

Oh Ganesa who was a thief in Kadayur ,

Which is full of  sky scrape gardens with great sound of bees.


9.Moovarum thangal thozhile purinthida mundhi mundhi,

Thavarum nethiyil  thakki un namathai chathiduvar,

Thevarum pothiya theve , Unai andri deivam undo,

Mevarum cheer kadavur  vazhum kalla vinayagane.


Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva before they start their work,

Rush to you and lightly hit their foreheads with their fists ,

And chant your names, Oh God praised by other Gods,

Is there any other except you , Oh Ganesa , who was a thief,

And was in  Kadayur, which is full of wealth


10.Maippooru varana mamukam  meethinil vayntha thudhik,

Kaiporule , yendru kai thozhuvorkku , un karunai vaippay,

Apporulaam amudheesar  magizh Abhirami Ammai,

Mey porule , Kadvur vazhum kalla vinayagane.


You shower your mercy on those who salute you,

With folded hands and say “Oh God  who has the face ,

Of the black elephant  and the trunk over that ,

Which makes you take the form of “Om”, “

Oh God who was born to God of nectar and Abhirami,

Oh soul of truth , Oh Ganesa of Kadavur who was a thief.