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Pothri thiru agaval(Tamil)



Manikka Vasagar


Translated By


(Manikka Vasagar  was a great saint of the saivite Bhakthi movement of Thamizh Nadu. His greatest contribution was  a book called Thiruvasagam.(Divine writing) . It has been told that “thiru vasagathukku urugar , yevvachagathukkum urugar”  meaning, “ The mind of one whose mind does not melt for Thiruvasagam  , will not melt for any other book. “ There is a very famous translation of Thiruvasagam by Rev G.U.Pope  who was called as Pope iyer by the people of Tamil nadu. This is available in

http://www.shaivam.org/siddhanta/thivapop.htm . But I found it very difficult to understand.

      Pothiru Thiru agaval is  a poem of salutations to the God using the Agval ("Agaval” is a form of blank verse, close to speech.) style.  After giving an introduction the,  author   goes on  to salute the Lord using several of his attributes and residences.  I felt that it is a remarkable prayer. I have used the tamil translation of Thiruvachagam by Dr.Sadhu .S.Srinivas  published by Indhu publications , Madras to understand the verses of Pothri Thiru Agaval)

Nanmugan mudhala vanavar  thozhudhu ezha,

Veeradiyaale  moovalagu alandhu,

Nattisai  munivarum iympulan  malara ,

Pothri cheykathir  mudithuru nedumalan,

Radi mudiyariyu madhara vadanir.


When the four faced Brahma and other devas  were saluting him,

Lord Vishnu measured the entire world with his two steps,

And this made the sages in all four directions  enthralled ,

And worship Him with  a shining  crown,

But he  himself tried to find out the feet and head of Lord Shiva.


Kadu muranena magi  mun kalan,

Thezhthalamuruva vidanthu  pinnei .

Thoozhi mudhalva chaya chaya vendru,

Vazhuthiyum  kanaa malaradiyinaigal


Appearing as a wild boar and digging the seven nether worlds,

Lord Vishnu got tired and praised “Victory to the foremost of the world”,

As he was not in a position to  find your flower like feet.


Vazhuthutharkku elithai  vaar kadal ulaginil,

Yanai  mudhalaa verum peeraaya,

OOna mili  yoniyul  vinai pizhaithu,

Manuda  pirappinun mathavu  thara,

Theenamil  kirumi  cheruvinir  pizhaithum.


For  easily seeing those  feet , in this world,

Which is surrounded  by a wide broad sea,

The many beings entered  the  wombs,

Of animals from ant to  elephant and after exhausting the Karma,

Took finally the birth  as man and in their stay,

In the womb , they fought for survival with many other  insects,


Oru mathithandri yinirumayir  pizhaithu ,

Mirumathi  vilaivain orumayir  pizhaithum,


At the end of one month they got a separate form,

At the end of two months they survived and became more strong


Mummathi  thannula  madham pizhaithu,

Meeriru  thingalir  per irul pizhaithu,

Manju thingalin  munchudhal pizhaithu,

Maru  thingali oorular pizhaithum,


In the third month they did not get drowned in the womb fluid,

In the fourth month they spent their time in darkness,

In the fifth month they survived by not getting aborted,

In the sixth month their  body grew further  and they survived


Ezhu thingalir  thazh puvi pizhaithu,

Mettu thingalir  kattamum pizhaithu,

Monpathil  varu thuru  thunbamum pizhaithum


After surviving  the lowering in the seventh month

After surviving several problems in the eighth month,

After surviving  the sorrow of the parting with the womb,


Thakka dasamathi  thayodu  than padum ,

Dukha sagara thuyaridai pizhaithum,


And when ten months are to be over , they ,

Along with their mother  get drowned,

In the sea of sorrow  but survived.


Andugadoru msdaintha vakkaalai,

Meendiyum miruthiyum  menai pala pizhaithum,


Year after  year  they  further grow up ,

And by staying  and rising  they further survived,


Kalai malamodu  kadum pagar  pasi nisi,

Velai nithirai  yathirai pizhaithum,


They further survived  by answering natural calls ,

Struggle with the great hunger of the day ,

And  sleep  during the time of the night ,


Karum kuzhar chevai  vennagai karmayi,

LOrungiiya  chayanerungi yun madarthu,

Kachara nimirnthu  kadirthu  mun panai,

Theythidai  varutha vezhundhu  pudai pran,

Theerkidai  pogaa vila mulai madar than,

Koortha  nayana kollayir pizhaithum,


After  further surviving  from theft tried by the sharp eyes,

Of women with jet black hair , reddish lips,  pretty smile,

Who were Well made up , painted , walking straight ,

With the  well endowed  breasts which  were  held ,

Aloft  and pushed in front  and gave  pain to the middle part ,


Pitha ulagar  perum thurai  parappinun ,

Matha kalirenu mavaa vidai  pizhaithm,


After further surviving  from the exuberant elephant,

Of  desire , which came because  of living among people,

Who are mad   after the pleasures  of life on earth,


Kalvi yenum  pal kadar pizhaithum.

Chelvam menum  mallalir pizhaithum,


After surviving  from  the pride of several oceans of learning,

After surviving  from the  sorrow caused  by botheration caused by  the wealth,


Nal kuravennum  tholvidam pizhaithum,

Pul varambaaya  pal thurai  pizhithum,


After surviving from the horror of poverty,

After  surviving several  bad  conducts and character


Deivam yenbadhor chitha mundagi ,

Munivilathathor  porulathu karudhalum,

Maaru koru maya  shakthigal,

Veru veru  tham mayai kat odungina


They understood  that there is  something called God,

And that it is  without any hatred,

But several  thoughts sent by illusion,

Did not allow  this thought to rise.


Aathamaanaar  ayalavar koodi,

Nathigam pesi  nathazhambu yerinar


The dear neighbors  joined together ,

And talked  that god is not there,

Till their toungue had  a scar.


Chuthamennum  thol pasu kuzhaangal,

Pathi yazhaithu  padarinar perugavum,


Those who called  themselves as  their  relations,

And were  like a group of ordinary beings,

Called and dragged  them and told them not to go after God


Virathame  paramaga vedhiyarum,

Chathagamagave Chathiram kattinar


Even the Brahmins  who observe penance,

Showed shastras  to dissuade us


Samaya vadhika datha mathangale,

Vamaithvathaga  varathi malainthanar


Even people of various religious beliefs,

Were unnecessarily proud of their beliefs


Mindiya mayaa vadha  mennum,

Chanda marutham  chuzhithadi thaa arthu


The words of people supporting concept of illusion,

Would   make your thoughts confused like a storm.


Ulagayutham yenum ondirar pambin,

Kalabedatha kadu vida meythi


Those who support worldly needs ,

Are like a shining poisonous snakes,

And their teachings are like poison.


Athir peru mayayena  pala chjoozhavum,


They  confuse  you all  and does not allow all of  you,

To understand what is right or wrong


Thappame  thaambi pidithathu chaliyaa,

Thazhalathu  kanda mezhukadhu  pola,

Thozhuthula  murugi  yazhuthudal kambithu


The one  who catches the proper path and travels ,

Is like wax brought near a burning ember,

His mind melts and he salutes the God  and becomes speechless


Aadiyum alariyum  padiyum  paraviyum,

Kodirum pedahayum kondathu  vidathenum,’

Padiyeyagi  nallidayaraa vanbin,


Dancing , shouting , singing , following ,
like a  pliers  and like  ignorant men,

Does not change  at any  moment from the chosen path


Pasumarathani arainthar  pola,

Kasivathu perugi kadalena marugi


Like a nail driven in a living tree,

Their  mind melts and like a sea it roars


Agam kuzhaindhu  anukoolamai  mey vidhirthu,

Sakambe yendru  thammai chirippu


Their  inside melts  and their  body shivers in support,

And the world laughs at them like a ghost


Naanathu ozhindhu  naadavar pazhithurai,

Poonathuvaga  konuthalindri


They loose sense of shame and take criticisms ,

As ornaments  and their  minds are not worried


Chathuri zhantharimal  kondu charum,

Gathiyahu paramavadhisayamaga


You should increase knowledge and decrease pride,

For there is nothing as great as salvation,

And it is only right to wonder about it.


Kathaa manamena  kadariyum padariyum,

Mathor deivam kanavilum ninayathu


Like a calf towards  its mother cow,

They shout  as well as become nervous,

And no other God comes to them even in  their dreams


Aruparam thoru vana vaniyil  vanthu,

Guruparanaagi  yaruliya perumayai


My fame is  because  of  the God,

Who came from  a place far above the world,

And  became my teacher and blessed me,


Chirumai yendru igazhaadhe , thiruvadi yinayai,

Piri  vinai yariya  nizhalathu pola,


Do not blame  that god’s behavior as ordinary,

For like  the shadow is never separated from the body,

The devotees should always follow the feet of God


Mun pinnagi  muniyatha disai,

Yenbu naindhurige  therku nekkengi,

Yanbenumaru  karaivathu purala,

Nal pulan ondri nada vendrathi


The devotee’s   thoughts do not go back or front,

And they are Without hatred, with melting mind, shivering voice

With love flooding  and ebbing out of the banks,

And With concentrated mind and always murmuring  “Oh Lord”


 Urai thadumariyum romam chilirppa,

Kara malar  motti  thiruthaya malara,

Kankali koora  nunduli yarumbha,

Karamalar mottithu , kai koopi


Due to devotion,  their voice stutters,

Hair stands erect, Hands fold in salutation,

The flower  of their  heart  is overjoyed

And the eye is full of tears of joy


Chaya vanbinai  nadoruthu azhaippavar,

Thaayeyagi valarthanai pothi


Salutation to the God , who brought up,

Like a mother ,those  whose devotion ,

Never reduced and was always growing


Mey tharu vediyanagi vinai keda ,

Kai thara valla  kadavul  pothi


Oh God  who came  as a Brahmin,

Giving the truth   and  then  removed,

 The accumulated Karmas  of previous births(vinai)


Aadaka Madurai arase Pothi

Kooda vilalngu Gurumani pothi


Salutations to the God  who chose Madurai as his arena to play

Salutations to the great teacher who was with me


Thendrillai  mandrinuladi  pothi

Yindrena  karaamudhanai pothi


Salutations to him who danced in the southern city(Chidambaram)

Salutations to the God who became like nectar to me


Moovaa naanmurai  mudhalva pothi

Chevaar vel kodi sivane  Pothi


Salutations to the  permanent lord of four Vedas,

Salutations to  Lord Shiva with a flag of bull


Minnar uruva  vikirthaa pothi,

Kannar uritha  kaniye pothi


Salutations to The god who took several shining forms,

Salutations to the fruit  who took threads from stone


Kaavai kanaga kunre pothi,

Yava venru yenakkarulvai pothi


Salutations to the Golden mountain who protects us,

Salutations to him who showers his grace on me who calls him


Padaippai Kaappai Thudaippai pothi,

Vidarai kalayum yenthai pothi


Salutations to him who creates , protects and destroys,

Salutations to my  father who removes all my problems


Eesa pothi, iraiva pothi,

Desa palinginrale pothi


Salutations  to the God, Salutations to the Lord,

Salutations to the shining , pretty heap of the soul


Araise pothi , amuthe pothi,

Virai cher  charana vikirtha pothi


Salutations to the king., Salutations to the nectar,

Salutations to him with sweet smelling feet and  took different forms


Vedhi pothi, Vimala Pothi,

Yadhi pothi , yarive pothi


Salutations to seer of  knowledge , salutations to the pure one,

Salutations to the primeval god, Salutations  to knowledge


Gathiye pothi , kaniye pothi,

Nadhi cher  chenchadai namba pothi


Salutations to one giving salvation , Salutations  to the fruit of knowledge,

Salutations to him  who  accepted  a river on his head


Udayai pothi , unarve pothi,

Kadayen adimai  kanday pothi


Salutations to him who has everything , Salutations to him who is the divine feeling,

Salutations to him who made this very lowly  slave  as his


Iya pothi, anuve pothi,

Saiva pothi , thalaiva pothi


Salutations  to the Lord, Salutations to him who is in every as  atom,

Salutations to the peaceful one, Salutations to the leader


Kuriye pothi, guname pothi,

Neriye pothi , ninaive pothi


Salutations to aim of life , salutations  to best qualities,

Salutations to  great conduct , salutations to him who remains as a feeling


Vanorkku ariya marunthe pothi,

Yenorkku  yeliya iraiva pothi,


Salutations to the rare nectar like medicine to devas,

Salutations to him who is easily available to others


Moovezh  chutha  muranooru  naragidai,

Yazhame  arul arase pothi


Salutations to the merciful God who saves,

Twenty one generations of devotees from hell


Thozha pothi, thuniva pothi,

Vazhve pothi , yen vaippe pothi


Salutations to the friend , salutations to him who is with us,

Salutations to the root of my life , salutations to my place of protection


Mutha pothi, Mudalva pothi,

Athaa pothi , arane pothi


Salutations to him who is above salvation , Salutations to him who is primeval,

Salutations to him who is father of all, Salutations to him  who destroys  dirt of the soul


Urai unar  virantha  voruva pothi,

Viri kadal ulagim  vilaive pothi


Salutations to him who is beyond  words and mind,

Salutations to him who is the great luck of people of this broad world


Arumayil yeliya  azhake pothi,

Karu mukhilakiya kanne pothi


Salutations to the pretty one who is rare,

Salutations  to the very dear one who is like the black cloud


Manniya thiruvarun malaye pothi,

Yennayum oruvanaaki  yirunkazhar,

Cheniyil vaitha  sevaga pothi


Salutations to  the very stable  purple mountain(meru),

Salutations  to the him who recognized  me  and kept ,

His feet on my head and made me his slave


Thozhugai thunbam  thudaippai pothi,

Azhivilaa Ananda vari pothi


Salutations to him who removes sorrow of those who salute him.

Salutations to him who is the destruction less sea of joy


Azhivathum aavathum kadanthai pothi,

Muzhuvadhumirantha  mudhalva pothi


Salutations to him who is beyond birth and death,

Salutations to him who is primeval  and would remain after everything dies


Maaner nokki manala pothi,

Vanakathu amarar thaye pothi


Salutations to the husband of Parvathi who has deer like eyes,

Salutations to him who looks after devas like their mother


Paridai yaiynthai paranthai pothi,

Neeridai nangai  nigazhndhai pothi


Salutations to him who has spread like earth , fifth among five elements(Kanchipuram)

Salutations  to him  who has become water  the fourth element(Thiruvanaikkaval)


Thee yidai moondrai thigazhndhai pothi

Valiyidai irandai magizhndhai pothi,

Veliyidai  yondari vilainthai pothi,

Yalibhavar ulla thamudhe pothi


Salutations to him who has become fire, the third element (Thiruvannamalai)

Salutations  to him  who became happy  as wind , the second element,(Kalahasthi)

Salutations to him who has become Ether(Akasa) , the first element (Chidambaram)

Salutations  to him who is the mind of the giver


Kanavilum devarkkariyai pothi

Nanavilum  mayerkkarulinai pothi


Salutations to him who is rare even in dreams to devas,

Salutations to him who came in a form that can be seen to me who is  even worse than a dog


Idai maruthurayum yenthai pothi,

Chadayidai gangai tharithai pothi,

AAroor amarntha  arase pothi,

Cheeraar  thiruvai aaraa pothi


Salutations  to my father  who is  in Thiruvidaimaruthur

Salutations to him who wore ganges on his head

Salutations to him who sat in Thiruvarur

Salutations to him who is in the great Thiruvayaru


Annamala yemmanna pothi,

Kannaramudha kadale pothi


Salutations to the brother who is in Thiruvannamalai,

Salutations to him who is the dear  ocean of nectar


Yekam pathurai yenthai potrhi,

Pagam pennuru vanai pothi


Salutations to my father who is  in Thiruvekambam,

Salutations to him who became partly a lady


Paraithurai  meviya parane pothi

Chirappalli meviya sivane pothi


Salutations to the dear one who is  in Thiruparaithurai,

Salutations to the true  Lord of Thiruchirapalli


Mathor pathi ingu ariyen pothi,

Kuthala then  koththa pothi


Salutations  to him  who is the only one known to me,

Salutations to the dancer of Thirukuttalam


Kogazhi meviya kove pothi,

Yeengi malai yem maintha pothi,

Paangaar  pazhanathazhaga pothi


Salutations to the king who is in Thiruvavaduthurai,

Salutations to the father who is in Thiruveengoi mountain,

Salutations to the pretty one who is in Thiruppazhanam


Kadamboor meviya Vidanga pothi,

Adainthavarkku  arulum appa pothi


Salutations to the pretty one of Thirukadambur,

Salutations to  him who showers his grace  on those coming to him


Ithi thannin keezh iru moovar ,

Kahikku aruliya varase pothi


Salutations to him , who gave his blessings,,

To the six people and the elephant below an ithi tree(Kallala tree)


Thennadudaya sivane pothi,

Yennattavarkkum iraiva pothi


Salutations  to Siva  who has south of India,

Salutations to him  who is God of the entire world,


Yenakkurulai  karuliniai pothi Om,

Maana kayilai malayai pothi Om


Salutations to who  fed milk to the baby pigs, Om,

Salutations  to him who  lives on the Kailasa mountain, Om


Arul ida vendum mammaan pothi,

Yirul keda  varulum iraiva pothi.


Salutations  with a request , please shower your grace uncle,

Salutations to that God who removes darkness from life


Thalanthen  adiyenramiyen pothi,

Kalam kola  karuthavarulai pothi


Salutations Oh God, I have become  bored of being alone,

Salutations  to him with a request  to him to be my permanent friend


Anjel yendru ingu arulvai pothi,

Nanje yamudha nayanthai pothi


Salutation with a request to tell “Do not fear” and then shower your grace,

Salutations to him who made nectar out of  the poison


Atha pothi, Ayya pothi,

Nitha pothi , nimala pothi,

Patha pothi  pavane pothi


Salutations to him who is the father , the Lord,

Salutations to  the perennially  pure one,

Salutations to the basis  and life of the entire world


Periyai pothi , pirane pothi,

Ariyai pothi , amala pothi


Salutations to  the one who is greater than all,

Salutations  to him who protects lives,

Salutations to the God who is rare .

Salutations to the God who is pure


Marayor kola  neriye pothi,

Murayo tharien mudhalva pothi


Salutations to him who came as a Brahmin,

Salutations to the primeval one,  to whom I say  “I cannot bear this”


Urave pothi, Uyire pothi,

Chirave pothi, sivame pothi


Salutation to  Siva who is my relation , and to him who is my soul,

Salutations to him who is all that is good and he who is peace.


Manjaa pothi, manaalaa pothi,

Panjeradiyaal pangaa pothi


Salutation to him who is pretty  and to him who is consort of all souls ,

Salutations to the consort of her who has cotton soft feet


Alan thenaaye nadiyen pothi,

Yilangu chudarem eesaa pothi


Salutations from the devotee who has wandered,

Salutations to  him who has natural light


Suvaithalai meviya kanne pothi,

Kuvai pathi malintha kove pothi


Salutations  to the darling of Suvai thalai,

Salutations to the king  who is in kuvaipathi


Malai nadutaya manne pothi,

Kalayai ari kesariyai pothi


Salutations to the king of mountain country,

Salutations  to him who is the lion of arts(Art of town Arikesari)


Thirukazhu kundril chelvaa pothi,

Poruppamar  poovanathane pothi


Salutations  to the lad of Thirukazhukundram,

Salutations to the Lord of Thiruppovanam surrounded by hills


Aruvamuruvamum aanaai pothi,

Maruviya  karunai malaye pothi


Salutations to him who has a form as well as no form,

Salutations  to  the mountain of mercy


Thuriyamum irantha chudare pothi,

Therivarithagiya  thelive pothi


Salutations to him who is the light  above the Thuriya state,

Salutations to him  who is the wisdom that can be rarely got


Thola mutha chudare pothi,

Yalavanavar kku anba pothi


Salutations to him who is the light of uncut pearl,

Salutations to the friend of those who salute him


AAravamuthe arule pothi,

Perayiramudai pemman pothi


Salutations  to the nectar like grace that never exhausts,

Salutations to the God who has one thousand names


Thali  arunkin raaraai pothi,

Neel oliyagiya  nirutha pothi


Salutations to the god who wears  grass(Arugam pul)  and leaf (Bilwa leaf) garland

Salutations to the dancer  who is  the  great long flame


Chanthana chanthin Sundara pothi,

Chinthanai  kkariya sivame pothi


Salutations to the pretty one who is decorated by sandal paste,

Salutations  to the God of peace who is beyond thought processes


Manthira mamalai  meyaai pothi,

Yenthamai  yuyya  kolvai pothi


Salutations to the God who wanders in Mahendra mountains,

Salutations to the God who is there to  save us


Puli moolai pulvai  churilinai  pothi,

Alaikadal  meemisai  nadanthai pothi


Salutations to the God who made a tiger mother feed  milk to a sheep cub,

Salutations  to the God who walked on the ocean full of waves


Karum kuruvikku andru arulinai  pothi,

Irum pulan pulara  visainthanai pothi


Salutations to the God who showered his grace on a black bird in olden times,

Salutations to the God  who made the five parts of the body not work


Padiyura payindra paavaga pothi,

Adiyodu  nadu veeraanaai pothi


Salutations to the God who was divinely pure even in earth,

Salutations to the God who  became the beginning middle and end


Narakodu suvarga nanilam pugamar,

Para gathi  pandiyar kkarulinai pothi


Salutations to the God  who gave ,

Pandya kings salvation  preventing ,

Them from going to hell, heaven and earth


Ozhivara miraintha  voruva pothi,

Chezhu malar  siva purathu arase pothi


Salutations to the God who has filled himself everywhere without a gap,

Salutations to the God  who is the king of Sivapura full of flowers


Kazhuneer malai kadavul pothi,

Thozhuvar  maiyarunippai  pothi


Salutations  to the God who wears  garland  of Kalhara(Chenkazhneer) flowers,

Salutations to the God who removes darkness of ignorance  from those saluting him


Pizhaippu vaay  ponru ariyaa naayen,

Kuzhaitha  chona malai  kondarul pothi


Salutations to the God with a request to please accept this garland of words,

Made by  a man baser than a dog and not knowing  the rights and wrongs


Purambala  veritha puraanaa pothi,

Param  param jothi parane pothi


Salutations to the ancient God who burnt several cities,

Salutations to the God  who exists as divine light beyond the universe


Pothi ,pothi puyanga peruman,

Pothi ,pothi Purana karana,

Pothi,  pothi chaya chaya pothi


Salutations and salutations to the God who wears a snake,

Salutations and salutations to the God who is the primeval cause

Salutations, salutations, victory, victory , salutations