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Sri Lakshmi Narayana Hrudayam

(The heart of Lakshmi and Narayana)


Translated by





This great prayer has two distinct parts viz Narayana Hrudayam and Lakshmi Hrudayam and occurs in a book called Atharva Rahasya (The secret Atharva). For thousands of years this great prayer was kept as extremely secret as the prayer itself tells that it should not be taught indiscriminately. With the opening up of Hinduism, this book is available now. The stotras have been published in Sanskrit as well as Tamil by Lifco publishers Madras. An extensive commentary of this great work has been done by a team of great Vaishnavite scholars headed by Dr.Saroja Ramanujam.   www.ibiblio.org/sadagopan/ahobilavalli/lakshminarayanahridayam.pdf

My attempt in translation is based on the book published by Lifco Publishers with lot of help from the translation and commentary of Dr.Saroja Ramanujam.

The book has two parts viz Narayana Hrudayam and Lakshmi Hrudayam. It is told in the book itself that the proper method of reading it is to first read Narayana Hrudayam, then Lakshmi Hrudayam and then again Narayana Hrudayam. It is suggested that these should be got from a great Guru. If this is not possible, it would be better to go to a temple where there is a sannidhi of Swami Hayagreevar along with Lakshmi, offer pranams and create a belief in your mind that you have learnt it from that God i.e. assume that God is your Guru.

In the last stanzas of this great work the benefits which would accrue on reading this prayer is mentioned. Apart from being showered all types of wealth, it also is capable of making timid children intelligent.

I have included the Dhyana, Nyasa etc from the Lifco publication. I do not know the correct way in doing them. So if you are going to chant them it would be better to know the procedure from a Vedic Scholar. There is no harm to leave them out or read them without any actions.

   I was unaware of this great stotra but my attention was drawn to it by Sri.K.N.Balasubramaniam of III Block , KOramangala , Bangalore. I consider him as the messenger of God  who wanted me to do this translation. My grateful thanks to him.



Asya Lakshmi Narayana Hrudaya  stothra maha manthrasya,

Bharghavan rishi,

Anushtup Chanda ,

Lakshmi Narayano devatha.

Narayana preethyartham jape viniyoga


For the great prayer called “Lakshmi Narayana’s heart”,

The sage is Bhargava, the meter is Anushtup,

The God addressed is Lakshmi as well as Narayana,

And this is being chanted to please Lord Narayana


Kara Nyasa

Narayana Param jyothirrithi Angushtabhyam nama,

Nara yana Param Brahmethi tharjaneebhyam nama,

Narayana paro deva ithi madhyamabhyam nama,

Narayana param dhamithi anamikabhyam nama,

Narayana paro Dharma ithi Kanishtikabhyam nama,

Viswam Narayana ithi kara thala kara prushtabhyam nama


Anga nyasa

Narayana Par am jyothirrithi Hrudayata nama,

Nara yana Param Brahmethi Sirase swaha,

Narayana paro deva ithi Shikhayai voushat,,

Narayana param dhamithi kavachaya hum,,

Narayana paro Dharma ithi Nethrabhyam voushat,

Viswam Narayana ithi Asthraya phat,


Bhoorbaswarom ithi Dig Banda




Udhyad adithya sankasam  peethavasam chathur bhujam,

Sanka Chakra gadha pani dyayo Lakshmi pathim harim.


I meditate on  Lord Hari who shines like the morning Sun,

Who wears yellow cloths , who has four hands,

Who holds conch , wheel and mace in his hands.


Trilokya adhara chakram  thadhu pari kamatam  thathra chanantha bhogi,

Than madhye  bhoomi padma angusa shikara dalam karnika bhootha merum,

Thathrathyam  santha murthi mani maya makutam kudaloth bhasithangam,

Lakshmi narayanakhyam sarasija nayanam  sathatham chinthayama


I always meditate on Lakshmi and  Narayana  who are peaceful ,

Who wear gem studded crowns with  shining ear globes.

Who are the basic axis of the world , sitting on  the tortoise,

Which leads to endless pleasures  and are located on a lotus ,

Which has a main petal which is like the goad over the ,

Pericarp of the lotus sitting on it like Mount Meru.





Asya Narayana Hrudaya  stothra maha manthrasya,

Brahma rishi,

Anushtup Chanda ,

Narayano devatha.

Narayana preethyartham jape viniyoga


For the great prayer called “Narayana’s heart”,

The sage is Brahma, the meter is Anushtup,

The God addressed is  Narayana,

And this is being chanted to please Lord Narayana



1 . Om  Narayanah paramjyotiraatma narayanah paraa

Narayanah parambrahma narayana namostute ;


Narayana is the divine light and our soul is divine  Narayana,

Narayana is the divine Brahmam and I salute Narayana


2 . Narayanah parodevo dhatha narayanah paraha

Narayanah parodhyata narayana namostute ;


Narayana is the divine God  and Narayana is the divine giver,

Narayana is the supreme support  and I salute Narayana


3.  Narayanah paramdhama dyanam narayanah paraha

Narayanah parodharmo narayana namostute ;


Narayana is the divine abode and is the object of meditation.

Narayana is the divine Dharma  and I salute Narayana


4 . Narayanah parodevo vidya narayanah paraha

Viswam narayana ssakshaath narayana namostute ;


Narayana is the divine God  and he is the education,

Narayana is the real universe and I salute Narayana


5 . Narayanad vidhir jato jato narayanad bhavaha

Jato narayanad indro narayana namostute ;


From Narayana was born the Brahma  and Shiva and ,

Indra was  born to Narayana  and I salute Narayana


6 . Ravir narayana stejah chandro narayanomahaha  

Vahnirr narayana ssakshaath  narayana namostute ;


Sun shines because of Narayana and moon  gets light from Narayana,

And the fire is really Narayana  and I salute Narayana


7 . Narayana upaasya syaad gurur narayanah paraha

Narayanah parobodho narayana namostute ;


Narayana has to be meditated as he is our Supreme Guru,

Narayana is the highest wisdom  and I salute Narayana


8 . Narayana param mukhyam siddhi narayanah sukham

Harir narayana shudhih narayana namostute .


Narayana is the divine necessity and he gives us pleasure,

And Narayana is purity and I salute Narayana


9.Nigama vedhithanantha kalyana guna varidhe,

Narayana Namosthasthu nara karnava tharaka


Oh Ocean of good qualities enumerated in the Vedas,

Oh God who helps me cross hell, My salutations to Narayana


10.Janma mruthyu jara vyadhi para thanthrayadhibhi sada,

Doshairaspashta roopaya Narayana Namosthuthe


Oh God who is not touched by birth , death ,old age and diseases,

Which arise  out of the bondage , my salutations to Narayana


11.Veda Sasthrartha Vijnana sadhya bhakthye khagochara,

Narayana namosthesthu , Mamudhara bhavarvath.


Oh God who can only be seen by devotion arising out of,

The knowledge of Vedas and Sasthras, my salutation to Narayana,

I request you to lift me out of the hell of domestic life.


12.Nithyananda mahodhara parathpara jagad pathe,

Narayana namosthesthu Moksha samrajya dhayine


Oh God of everlasting joy , who is extremely benevolent,

Oh God who is higher than the highest and Lord of the universe,

Oh God who gives us salvation, , My salutations to Narayana.


13.Aabrahmasthamba paryantham Akhilathma mahasraya,

Sarva bhoothathma bhoothathman , Narayana namosthuthe


Oh God who is in all things from a grass to Lord Brahma,

Oh God who is in every being in this world, My salutations to you.


14.Palithasesha lokaaya, punya Sravana keerthana,

Narayana namosthesthu , pralayodhaka sayine.


Oh God who protects the world , chanting whose name leads to blessings,

Oh God who sleeps on the ocean of milk at deluge, My salutations to Narayana


15.Nirastha sarva doshaya bhakthyadhi guna dhayine,

Narayana namosthesthu , thwam vina nahi may gathi.


Oh God who removes all defects and showers good characters on us,

I salute Narayana because I do not have any other refuge other than him.


16.Dharma artha kama mokshascha purushartha pradhayine,

Narayana namosthesthu punasthesthu namo nama.


Oh God who bestows Purushathas like Dharma, wealth , passion and salvation,

My salutations to Narayana, Again and again my salutations to him.


Atha Prarthana

Now prayer


17.Narayana thwame vasi daharakhya hrudhi sthitha,

Preritha prerya maanaanaam , thwaya preritha manasa.


Oh Narayana you live in  the sky of my mind,

You are the driving force behind all my actions,

And my mind also is guided by you only.


18.Thwad aajnaam  sirasa kruthwa bhajami jana pavanam,

Nanopasana marganaam Bhava krud Bhava bhodhaka


I would obey your orders which purify people absolutely,

Oh God who has created several methods of serving you,

You are the one who also teaches how to do them.


19.Bhavartha krud bhava atheetho bhava soukhya adho mama,

Thwan maya mohitham viswam thwayaiva parikalpitham


Oh God beyond thought you give me meaning of everything,

The world created by you is filled with your illusion,  grant me a pleasant life.


20.Thwad aadhishta mathrena saa vou sarvartha karini,

Thwameva tham puraskruthya mama kaamaan bamarthaya


By a  mere thought  by you, everything that leads to happiness are done,

And so you ,yourself take a decision and fulfill my desires.


21.Na may thwadanya sthrathaasthi thwada anyanna hi daivatham,

Thwadanyam hi nahi jaanami palakam punya vardhanam


I do not have any one except you to protect me,

I do not have any other God except you,

I do not know anything except you,,

Who looks after me and add to my blessings.


22.Yavad samsariko bhavo manasstho bhavanathmaka,

Thavath sidhir bhaved saadhya sarvadha sarvadha vibho.


That thoughts which arise out of my mind , Oh God who is in my mind,

Should be fulfilled  always and always , Oh my lord.


23.Paapinam aham yekagro , dhayallooonam thwam agrani,

Dhayaneeyo madhanyosthi thava ko athra jaga thraye.


I am a very great sinner and you the top among the merciful,

And in all the three worlds none deserves your mercy more than me.


24.Thwayaham naiva srushtascheth, na syatthava dayalutha,

AAmayo vaa  na srushtasched oushadasya vrudhodhaya.


If you had not created me, there would not be any client for your mercy,

Similar to the fact that if  there were no diseases, there is no need for medicine.


25.Papa sangha parisrantha papathma papa roopa druk,

Thwadanya kothra papebhya, thrathasthi jagadhi thale.


To the one tired of committing sins , to the sinner ,

And to him who sees only sins everywhere,

There are none except you to protect them in this world.


26.Thwameva matha cha pitha thwameva,

Thwameva banduscha sakha thwameva,

Thwameva sevyascha guru thwameva,

Thwameva sarvam mama deva deva


You are my mother , you are my father,

You are my relative, you are my friend,

You are one to be served , you are my teacher,

Oh God of Gods  you are everything to me.


Phala Sruthi

Effect of reading


27.Prathana Dasakam chaiva moolashtaka matha param,

Ya padeth srunuyan nithyam , thasya Lakshmi sthira bhaved.


If the ten verses of prayer as well as the basic octet describing Narayana

Are read or heard daily, it would make Goddess Lakshmi live permanently be there.


28.Narayanasya hrudayam sarvabheeshta phala pradham,

Lakshmi hrudayakam stotram yadhi chaithadwina krutham,


29.Thath phalam nish phalam proktham Lakshmi krudhyathi sarvadha,

Yethad sankalidham stotram sarvabheeshta phala pradham.


The Narayana Hrudayam which would fulfill all one’s desires,

If Lakshmi Hrudayam is read immediately after it,

But  would not lead to any result  as Goddess Lakshmi  would otherwise get angry ,

But if they are read together , all desires would be fulfilled.


30.Japeth Sankalitham kruthwa sarvabheeshtamavapnuyath,

Narayanasya Hrudayam aadhou japthwa Thatha param.


31.Lakshmi hrudayakam stotram Japen Narayanam puna,

Punar Narayanam japthwa punar Lakshminutheem japeth.


Reading them together would lead to fulfillment of all desires,

First Narayana hrudayam should be chanted  and then,

The prayer called Lakshmi hrudayam chanted and later again,

Narayana Hrudayam should  be chanted to get blessings of Lakshmi.


32.Thdwad homadhikam kuryath yethad sankalitham shubham,

Yevam madhye dwivarena japeth sankalitham ashubham.


Similarly it would be beneficial that they are read together,

Even while performing Homa  for reading Narayana Hrudayam,

Reading it twice without Lakshmi Hrudayam in the middle is inauspicious.


33.Lakshmi hrudayake stotre sarva manyath prakasitham,

SArvan kamanavapnothi aadhi vyadhi bhayam hareth.


The Lakshmi Hrudayam is completely given now onwards,

And this would fulfill desires and remove worry , diseases and fear.


34.Gopyamethad sada kuryath na sarvathra prakasayed,

Ithi guhyathamam sasthram proktham Brahmadhibhi puraa.


This prayer should be kept secret and should not be told to every one,

As this is a  very secret treatise was expounded in ancient times by Brahma.


35.Lakshmi hrudaya prokthena vidhinaa sadhayeth sudhee,

Thasmad sarva prayathnenasadhayeth gopayeth sudhee.


The rules as told in the Lakshmi hrudaya should be observed,

And one should take all efforts to keep them as secret.


36.Yathraithath pusthakam thishteh, Lakshmi Narayanathmakam,

Bhootha paischa Vetala Bhayam naivathu sarvadha.


Where this book about Lakshmi and Narayana is there,

There would not be any fear  by all evil spiruts and ghosts.


37.Bhrugu vare thadha rather poojayeth pusthaka dhwayam,

Sarvadha sarvadha sthuthyam gopayethg sadhayeth sudhee,

Gopanaath sadhanaa loke dhanyo bhavathi thathwatha.


These two books should be worshipped on Friday night,

And always and always the prayer should be secretly guarded,

And by keeping it secret one would definitely get blessed.


Ithi  Atharva rahasye  Uthara bhage Sri Narayana hrudayam samaptham


Thus ends the book called Narayana hrudaya from the later part of Atharva      




Sri Lakshmi Hrudayam


Hari Om , Asya sri aadhyadhi sri Maha Lakshmi  hrudaya stotra maha manthrasya,

Bharghava Rishi, anushtubadhi Chanda ,

Aadhyadhi Sri Maha Lakshmi prasada sidhyarthe jape viniyoga


Hari om, For the great prayer called “Maha Lakshmi’s heart”, The sage is Bhargava , meter is Anushtup and others, And this is being chanted to please Goddess Mahalakshmi.


Srim Bheejam , Hreem Shakthi ,iym keelakam,

Aadhyadhi Sri Maha Lakshmi prasada sidhyarthe jape viniyoga


The root is sreem , the power is Hreem, Iym is the stopper And this is being chanted to please Goddess Mahalakshmi


Om “Aadhyadhi Sri Mahalakshmi Devathayai nama” 

Hrudaye Sreem bheejayai nama”Guhye”, “Hreem Shakthyai nama”, Padayo “Iym Balayai nama” Moordhadhi pada paryantham vinyaseth.

Om Sreem , Hreem Iym kara thala parswayo , Srim Angushtabhyam nama,

Hreem Tharjaneebhyam nama Iym Madhyamabhyam nama ,

Sreem Anamikabhyam nama Hreem Kanishtikabhyam nama ,

Iym kara thala kara prushtabhyam  nama

SReem hrudayaya nama , Hreem Sirase swaha , Iym shikayai Voushat,

Sreem Kavachaya nama , Hreem kanishtikabhyam nama ,

Iym kara thala kara prushtabhyam nama


Adha Dhyanam


Hastha dwayena  kamala dharayanthim swaleelaya,

Hara noopura  samyuktham Maha lakshmim vichintheyeth   1


I think about Mahalakshmi , who holds lotus flowers in her two hands,

And who wears necklaces and anklets.


Kouseya peetha vasana maravinda nethram,

Padma dwayabhya  varodhyatha padma hastham,

Udhyach sankha  sadrusaam paramanga samstham,

Dhyayed vidheesanath pada yugaam janithrim.                                         2


I meditate on the two feet  of mother determining our fate,

Who sits on a seat covered by silk  , who has lotus like eyes,

Who shows protection and blessing by her lotus like hands,

And whose entire body looks like the newly emerging conch,




Sri Lakshmi kamala dharinyai Simha vahinyai swaha.


I pray Lakshmi who holds lotus flower  and rides on a lion


     (This should be chanted  10 or 16 or 32 or 56 or 108 times)



Peetha vasthram suvarnangim padma hastha dwayanvithaam,

Lakshmim dhyathvethi  manthrena  sa bhaved prithvi pathi,.                 3


He who prays  Goddess Lakshmi , who wears yellow silk,

Who holds two lotus flowers in her two hands,

With the above chant  would become a king.


Mathulunga Gadha kete  panou pathrascha vibhrathi,

Vaga lingascha maanascha  vibhrathi nrupa moordhani                          4


She shines holding a citrus fruit , mace, and a shield in her hands,

She shines on the forehead of the king who respects vaaga linga.


Om Sreem Hreem Iym


1.Vande Lakshmim  para siva mayeem Shuddha Jamboona dhaabhaam,

Thejo ropaam kanaka vasanaam sarva bhooshojwalangeem,

Bheejaapooraam kanaka kalasam hema padmam dhadhaanaam,

Aadhyam shakthim sakala jananim sarva mangalya  yuktham.


Salutations to Lakshmi , who is personification of divinity , who is of the colour of pure Gold,

Who has a shining form , who cloths herself in gold colour apparel , who wears all ornaments,

Who holds a golden pot full of pomegranate seeds,  as also a lotus made of gold,

Who is the primeval power , mother of all and who has all auspicious things.


2.Srimath Soubhagya jananim  sthoumi Lakshmim sanathanim,

Sarva kama phalavapthi  sadhanaika sukha vahaam.


I praise Goddess Lakshmi who is the progenitor of all luck, who existed always,

Who gives us happiness and pleasure   by fulfilling all our wishes.


3.Smarami nithyam devesi, thwaya preritha manasa,

Thwadagnam  sirasa dhruthwa  Bhajami parameswarim.


Due to my mind being directed by you, I remember you daily,

Carrying out all your orders perfectly  and sing about you.


4.Samastha  sampath sukhadam Mahasriyam,

Samastha kalyani karim Mahasriyam,

Samastha soubhagya karim Mahasriyam,

Bhajamyaham Jnanakarim Mahasriyam.


I sing about Mahalakshmi who gives all knowledge,

Who is Mahalakshmi who gives all wealth and pleasure,

Who is Mahalakshmi  who gives all auspiciousness,

And who is Mahalakshmi  who gives all sort of luck.


5.Vijana sampath sukhadam Mahasriyam,

Vichithra vag bhoothikarim manoramam,

Anantha soubhagya  sukha pradayineem,

Namamyaham bhooothikarim haripriyam.


I salute the darling of Hari who gives joy to the heart,

Who is the Mahalakshmi  who gives all wealth and pleasures,

Who is the bewitcher of the mind  who blesses with the command over words,

And the one who blesses us with endless pleasures.


6.Samastha bhotha anthara  samsthitha thwam,

SAmastha bhaktheswari viswa roope,

Thannasthi  yathwad dwayathiriktha  vasthu,

Thwad pada padmam pranamamyam sree.


Oh Goddess Lakshmi , I salute your lotus like feet,

As you are inside every being in this world,

Oh Goddess who is the God of all devotees  and Oh Goddess with mega form,

There in nothing in this world that is not you,


7.Daridhrya dukhouga  thamo nihanthri,

Thwad pada padmam mayi sannidhadhathsva,

Deenarthi vichedhana  hethu bhoothai,

Krupa kadaksgai rabhishincha maam sri.


Oh Goddess who destroys the darkness of poverty and sorrow,

Please keep your lotus feet on  me,

And shower on me your merciful glance,

Which is the cause of  destruction of problems of the down trodden.


8.Vishnu Sthuthi paraam Lakshmim  swarna varna Sthuthi priyam,

Varadamabhayadhaam  devim vande thwam kamalekshane.


I bow before you Oh lotus eyed one, who is pleased by the praise of Vishnu,

Who is of golden colour  and who gives refuge and blesses.


9.Amba praseedha karunaa pari poorna drushtya,

Maam thwath dravina geham imam kurushva,

AAlokaya  pranatha hrud gatha  soka hanthri,

Thwad pada dhyugalam pranamamyaham sri.             


Be pleased Oh mother  and with  your merciful looks,

Make my house filled with riches of your mercy,

And please remove the sorrows of those who bow to you,

And Oh Goddess Lakshmi , I salute your two feet.


10.Shanthyai namosthu saranagatha rakshanayai,

Kanthyai namosthu, kamaneeya gunasrayai,

Kshanthyai namosthu  duritha kshaya karanayai,

Dhathryai namosthu  dhana dhanya  samrudwidhayai.


I salute the peaceful one who protects those who surrender to her,

I salute  the shining one who is adorned by attractive qualities,

I salute the patient one  who removes sufferings in a second,

I salute  the Goddess earth  who blesses people with money and food.


11.Shakthyai namosthu  sasi shekara samsthithayai,

Rathyai namosthu  rajani kara sodharaayai,

Bhakthyai namosthu  bhavsa sagara tharakayai,

Mathyai namosthu  Madhu soodhana vallabhai


I salute the Shakthi  who adorns herself by using the moon,

I salute  the very pretty one who is the sister of moon, the Lord of the night,

I salute the personification of devotion  who helps people to cross the ocean of life,

And I salute  her who is wisdom  and  who is the consort of killer of Madhu.


12.Lakshmyai namosthu  shubha lakshana lakshithayai,

Sidhyai namosthuy sura sidha supoojithayai

Dhrthyai namosthu  mama dur gathi bhanjanayai,

Gathyai namosthu vara sad gathi  dayakayai.


I salute Lakshmi who is known by the auspicious signs,

I salute the achiever  who is worshipped by devas and sages,

I salute her with fortitude  who destroys the bad paths that I take,

I salute the guide on the way  who shows me the proper path.


13.Devyai namosthu  dhivi deva ganarchithayai,

Bhoothyai namosthu bhuvarthi vinasakayai,

Shanthyai namosthu dharani dhara vallabhayai,

Pushtyai namosthu purushothama vathsalayai.


I salute the Goddess who is worshipped by hoards of devas,

I salute the bountiful one , who  destroys afflictions of the world,

I salute the peaceful one , who is the consort of he who carries the earth,

I salute  the healthy one , who is the darling of Vishnu.


14.Sutheevra daridrya  thamopahanthyai,

Namosthuthe  sarva bhayapahanthrayai,

Sri Vishnu vaksha sthala  samsthithayai,

Namo nama sarva vibhoothi  dhayai.


Salutations to her who removes all fears,

Who destroys the darkness  of intense poverty,

Who lives on the chest of Lord Vishnu,

And salutations to her who gives all good fortune.


15.Jayathu jayathu lakshmir lakshanalankruthangi,

Jayathu jayathu Padmaa  padma sadmabhi vandhyaa,

Jayathu jayathu Vidhyaa Vishnu vamanaga samstha,

Jayathu jayathu samyak  sarva sampathkara  sri.


Victory and Victory  to Lakshmi who is adorned with ornaments,

Victory and Victory  to goddess of lotus who was worshipped by Brahma,

Victory and Victory  to goddess of knowledge who sits on  the left lap of Vishnu,

Victory and Victory  to the goddess of all who blesses with all sorts of wealth.


16.Jayathu  jayathu devi  deva sanghabhi poojya,

Jayathu jayathu bhadraa Bhasgavi  bhagya roopa,

Jayathu jayathu nithya  nirmala Jnana vedhya,

Jayathu jayathu sathyaa  sarva bhoothantharastha


Victory and Victory  to the Goddess who is worshipped by all devas,

Victory and Victory  to Goddess who safeguards and  was born as daughter of Bhrugu,

Victory and Victory  to her who is permanent  and gives rise to pure wisdom,

Victory and Victory  to her who is the truth  and lives in side all beings.


17.Jayathu jayathu ramya  Rathna garbhantharastha,

Jayathu jayathu Shudha  shudha Jamboona dhabha,

Jayathu jayathu Kanthaa kanthi  mad bhasithangi,

Jayathu jayathu santhaa  Seegram aagascha soumye.


Victory and Victory  to the pretty one  who is within precious gems,

Victory and Victory  to the pure one  who shines like unalloyed gold,

Victory and Victory  to the Vishnu’s consort who has shining limbs,

Victory and Victory  to the peaceful one with a request to come quickly.


18.Yasya , kalayya kamaledhbhavadhya,

Rudrascha  sakra pramukhascha  deva,

Jeevathi sarvepi  sasakthayasthe,

Prabhutwamaptha  paramayushasthe.


She with her crescents was born out of a lotus,

And Lord Shiva, Lord Indra and others like them,

Are existing with power because of her,

And they get their promenenance and longevity from her.


Mukha Bheejam

The chants of the face


Om Hraam Hreem Am aam  yam Dhum  lam vaam


19.Vilekha nitile  vidhir mama  lipim  visrujyantharam,

Thwaya  vilikhithavya  methadhithi  thath phala prapthye,

Thadanthika  phala sphutam  kamala vasini  Sririmaam,

Samarpaya  samudhrikaam  sakala  bhaghya samsoochikaam.


You have to change  the letters of fate written by Brahma,

By writing it again  in your hand writing  so that I would get good results,

And after that for getting better results , Oh Sri Mahalakshmi,

Please put your mark  which denotes luck near it.


Pada Bheejam

The chants of the feet


Om Am AAm  ee yem yeem kam lam ram


20.Kalaya  they yadha a Devi  jeevanthi  sa characharaa,

Thadhaa  sampathkari  Lakshmi  sarvadhaa  sapraseedha may.


Oh Goddess of all moving and non moving things that  live by your presence,

And Oh Lakshmi Goddess of wealth , always be pleased with me.


21.Yadha vishur dhruvam  nithyam swakalaam samnyavesyath,

Thadaiva  swakalaam Lakshmi  mayi samyak samarpaya.


Similar to Lord Vishnu providing daily  a part of him to the heavens,

Oh Lakshmi, You should dedicate your crescent to me in a limited way.


22.SArva Soukhya pradhe Devi Bhakthaanaam abhaya pradhe,

Achalam  kuru  yathnena  kalaam  mayi nivesayath.


Oh Goddess who grants all comforts and who provides refuge to her devotees,

When you make your crescent enter in me , make it very stable.


23.Mudaastham mathphaale  paramapada Lakshmi  sphutakalaa,

Sadaa  Vaikunta srir nivasathu  kala may natanayo,

Vaseth sathye  loke  mama vachasi Lakshmir vara kala,

Triya shwetha dhwepe nivasathu  kala may swakarayo.


Let the clear crescent of Lakshmi who is in heaven be with me happily,

Let her crescent which is in Vaikunta  live in my eyes,

Let her crescent which is in place of Brahma pervade my speech. 

And let her crescent which is in white island live in my hands.


Nethra Bheejam

The Chants of the eye


Om Graam  greem grem grime, grom groum gram gra


24.Thavath nnithyam mamangeshu ksheerabhdou  Sri kala vaseth,

Soorya chandra masou  yavath  thavath Lakshmi pathi  sriyou.


As long as the crescent of Lakshmi which is in ocean of milk  is  in my limbs,

Let The Goddess Lakshmi as well  as Lord Vishnu be with me till Sun and moon exist.


25.Sarva mangala sampoorna  sarva iswarya samanvitha,

AAdhyadhi Sri Maha Lakshmi  thwath kala mayi thishtathu.


Oh Goddess in whom every thing good exists and who has all sorts of wealth,

Oh Primeval Maha Lakshmi , may your crescent be within me.


26.Ajnana thimiram hanthum  shudha Jnana prakasika,

Sarva iswarya pradha  may asthu  thwath kala  mayi thishtathu.


Let your crescent which is capable of giving all types of wealth be in me,

And let its divine brilliance destroy  the cataract of ignorance in me.


27.Alakshmim harathu lshipram thamas sooryas prabha  yadha,

Vithanothu  mamasreyas thwath kala mayi samsthithaa.


Let your crescent within me remove my poverty instantaneously like,

The Sun removing darkness with its rays and let it enhance my well being.


28.Iswarya mangaloth pathi  thwath kalayam nidheeyathe,

Mayi  thasmad krutharthosmi  pathramasmi sthithesthava.


Due to your crescent in me , I am getting wealth and good happenings,

I am therefore thankful to you  and hope I am a proper dwelling for you.


29. Bhavadavesa bhagyarho bhagyavanasmi Bharghavi,

Thwad prasadath pavithroham  loka mathar namosthu they.


Due to  your entry in me I am lucky Oh Daughter of Sage Bhrugu,

Due to your blessing I am purified , my salutations to you mother of the world.


30.Punaasi maam  thwath kalayaiva  yasmath

Atha samagacha mamaagratha sthwam,

Param padam Sreer bhava  suprasanna,

Mayyachyuthena  pravisadhi Lakshmi.


You purify me with your crescent and so,

Please come just in front of me,

And Goddess Lakshmi who is divine, be pleased with me,

And enter within me along with Achyutha.


31.Sri Vaikunta sthithe  Lakshmi  samagacha mmagratha,

Narayanena saha  maam krupa drushtya avalokya.


Oh Lakshmi who is in Vaikunta, please come before me,

Ansd along with Lord Narayana  look at me with mercy.


32.Sathya loka sthithe  Lakshmi  Thwam mamagacha  sannidhim,

Vasudevena sahitha  praseda varadhaa bhava.


Oh Lakshmi who is in Sathya loka please approach me,

Along with Vasudeva and by becoming pleased, bless me.


33.Swetha dweepa sthithe Lakshmi Seegraam aagacha  suvruthe,

Vishnunaa sahitha  devi Jagan matha praseda may.


Oh Lakshmi who is in white island , please come quickly with good resolution,.

Along with Lord Vishnu and become pleased with me, Oh Mother of the world.


34.Ksheerambudhi sthithe Lakshmi Samagacha samadhave ,

Thwath krupa drushti sudhaya  sathatham maam vilokaya.


Oh Lakshmi who is in the ocean of milk, come along with Madhava,

And turn your nectar like look of mercy on me always.


35.Rathna Garbha sthithe Lakshmi , pari poorna hiranmayi,

Samagacha Samaacha Sthith vaasu puratho mama.


Oh Lakshmi who is the sparkle within gems and who is completely golden,

Come, come quickly and stand in front of me.


36.Sthira bhava maha Lakshmi nischala  bhava nirmale,

Prasanna kamale  devi prasanna hrudaya  bhava.


Be stable Oh Mahalakshmi , Oh pure one do not move,

Oh Goddess who is happy  in lotus , become pleased with me.


37.Sridhare Mahalakshmi thwaddhanthastham maha nidhim,

Seegra muddhruthya  puratha  pradarsaya  samarpaya.


Oh Goddess Mahalakshmi who has all the wealth  ,extract all those great treasures,

And come quickly in front of me  and give them to me.


38.Vasundhare Sri Vasudhe vasudhokthri krupa mayi ,

Thwath  kukshi gatha sarwaswam seegram may sampradarsaya.


Oh Goddess earth, Oh treasure make flow your riches, merciful one,

And show  me all the wealth that you have and bestow them on me.


39.Vishnu priye  Rathna garbhe  Samastha phaladhe Shive,

Thwath  Garbha gatha  hemaadheen sampradarsaya  darsaya.


Oh Darling of Vishnu, Oh Goddess who has gems inside you ,

Oh peaceful one who gives everything,

Please exhibit to me, all the Gold and treasures that you have within you.


40.Rasa thala gathe  Lakshmi  Seegram agacha  may pura,

Na jane paramam roopam  mathar may sampradarsaya.


Oh Lakshmi who is in the under world, quickly come before me,

Since I do not know your divine form , mother show it to me.


41.Aavirbhava manovegath  , seegram agacha may pura,

Maa  vathsa bairiheth yukthwa  kamangairiva raksha maam.


Come with the speed of mind and speedily come before me,

Please protect me like the wish giving  cow and tell me,

 “Dear son , do never be afraid” and protect me.


42. Devi seegram mamagacha , dharani Garbha sasthithe,

Matha sthava bruthya bruthyoham mrugaye thwaam kuthuhalam.


Oh Goddess who is deep inside the earth , please come to me quickly,

Mother I am your servant of servants , I am waiting you with expectation.


43.Uthishta Jagruhi mayee samuthishta  sujagruhi,

Akshayyan  hema kalasan suvarnena supoorithaan.


44.Nikshepaan may samakruthya samuddhruthya mamagratha,

Samunnatha naanaa  bhoothwa samyakthehi dhara thalaath.


Rise up  ,wake up , become alert  and with pure intentions,

Bring  the perennial golden pot  filled with gold,

From the bowels of earth   outside ,

And present them to me with extreme pleasure.


45.Math sannidhim samagcha  mada hitha krupa rasaa

Praseedha sreyasam dhoghdri lakshmir may nayanagratha.


Oh Goddess Lakshmi, come in front of me with mercy towards me,

And within my eye sight  , and bless me with fame and wealth.


46.Athropavisya Lakshmi  thwaam sthiraa bhava hiranmayi,

Susthiraa bhava sampreethya  prasanna varada bhava.


Oh Goddess Lakshmi of the golden colour , come and sit before me,

And be firm and stable , be dear to me and give me blessings.


47.Aneethamsthu thwaya devi nidheenvai sampradrsaya,

Adhya kshanena sahasaa dhathwa samraksha  maam sadaa.


Oh Goddess ,exhibit all the wealth that was brought by you,

And within an instant give all of them to me and protect me


48.Mayi thishta thadha  nithyam yadenraadhishu thishtathi,

Abhyam kuru  mau devi Mahalakshmi Namosthu they.


Please stay within me  like your usual stay  with Indra and others,

Give me refuge , oh Goddess , my salutations to Maha Lakshmi


49.Samagacha maha Lakshmi shudha jaambu nadha sthithe,

Praseeda puratha  sthithwa pranatham maam vilokaya.


Come Oh Mahalakshmi who stays in pure Gold,

And staying here bless me who is saluting you.


50.Lakshmeer bhuvangatha  bhasi yathra yathra hiranmayi,

Thathra thathra sthitha thwamn may thava roopam pradarsaya.


Wherever Goddess Lakshmi is there on earth, she shines like gold,

And let her be there and there itself and  show her form to me.


51.Kreedanthi bahudha bhoomou pari poorna krupa mayi,

Mama moordhni  the hastha mavilambithamarpaya.


Of Goddess full of grace , wherever you play on this earth,

Please keep your hand on my head without any delay .


52.Phala bhagyodhaye  Lakshmi  samastha pura vasini,

Praseeda may Mahalakshmi  pari poorna mano radhe.


Oh Lakshmi who causes the luck to rise , who lives every where,

Be pleased with me, Oh Mahalakshmi who fulfills all my wishes.


53.Ayodhyadishu sarveshu , nagareshu samasthithe,

Vaibhavai vividhai  yukthai  samagacha mudhanvithe.


Oh Goddess who stays in all towns like Ayodhya,

Please bless me with various types of suitable wealth.


54.Samagacha, Samagacha  mamagre bhava susthira,

Karuna rasa nishyantha  nethra dwaya vilasini.


Please come and come of stable one in front of me,

Oh Goddess who shines with a pair of eyes filled with mercy.


55.Sannidhasthwa  Maha Lakshmi thwath panim mama masthake,

Karuna sudhaaya maam thwaam abhishichya  sthiram kuru


Oh Mahalakshmi come and bless me by keeping your hand on my head,

Please anoint me  with the nectar  and make me stable.


56.Sarva raja gruhe Lakshmi samagacha  balanwithe,

Sthithwa aasu puratho me adhya  prasadena abhyam kuru


Oh Lakshmi who is strong , please go and stay in all palaces,

But in spite of staying there , please stay with me and give me refuge


57.Sadaram masthake hastham mama thwam  krupaya arpaya,

Sarva raja sthithe  Lakshmi thwad kala  mayi thishtathu


Please mercifully keep your hand on my head  with love,

Oh Lakshmi whose crescent is  with all kings, let it also be with me.


58.Aadhyaadhi Sri Maha Lakshmi  Vishnu vamanga sthithe,

Prathyaksham kuru may roopam  raksha maam saranagatham


Oh Mahalakshmi who is Aadhi Lakshmi and other forms ,

Who sits on the left side lap of Maha Vishnu,

Appear  before me and take care of me who has surrendered to you.


59.Praseeda may Mahalakshmi supraseedha maha shive,

Achala bhava supreetha  susthiraa bhava mad gruhe.


Become pleased with me Mahalakshmi , who is pleasant and greatly peaceful,

Who is a dear and has a stable character , please stay always in my home.


60.Yavathishtanthi Vedascha  yavad chandra  divakarou,

Yavad vishnuscha  yavad thwam  thwad kuru  krupaam mayi.


As long as Vedas  are there, as long as Sun and moon are there,

As long as Lord Vishnu and you are there , please show mercy on me.


61.Chandree kala yadhaa  shukle vardhathe  sa dine dine,

Thadha daya they  mayyeva vardhatha mabhi varthathaam.


Like the moon growing crescent by crescent in the waxing phase,

Let the mercy that you have to me , increase more and more.


62.Yadha Vaikunta nagare  Yadha vai Ksheera sagare,

Thadha madh bhavane  thishta sthiram Sri Vishnuna saha.


Permanently stay in my home along with Lord Vishnu,

As you stay in Vaikunta  or in the ocean of milk


63.Yoginam hrudaye  nithyam yadhaa thishtathi Vishnunaa,

Thadha mad bhavane thishta sthiram Sri Vishnuna saha.


Permanently stay in my home along with Lord Vishnu,

Like Lord Vishnu staying daily in the mind of Yogis.


64.Narayanasya hrudaye bhavathi yadasthe,

Narayano aapi  thava hrud kamala yadasthe,

Narayana sthvamapi  nithyamubhou thadaiva,

Thou thishtathaam  hrudhi  mamapi  dayanvithou sree.


You are in the heart of Lord Narayana,

He is in the lotus heart of yours,

And let you and Narayana always,

Be in my  heart and and be merciful to me , Oh Lakshmi


65.Vijnana vrudhim hrudaye kuru  Sree,

Soubhagya vrudheem  kuru may gruhe sree,

Daya su vrushteem  kurutham mayi sree,

Suvarna vrushtim  kuru may kare sri.


Oh Lakshmi , increase wisdom in my heart,

Oh Lakshmi , increase luck in my house,

Oh Lakshmi , shower mercy on me,

Oh Lakshmi rain gold on my hands.


66.Na maam thyajetha Sritha kalpa valli,

Sadbhakthi  chinthamani Kama Dheno,

Na maam  thyajedha  bhava suprasanne,

Gruhe  kalathreshu  cha puthra varga.


Do not forsake me oh Golden climbing plant of heaven,

Who is wish giving tree and wish gem to her devotees,

Do not leave me out  and become pleased with me,

And to my wife and  to my children at home.


Kukshi Bheejam

Seed in the belly

OM Am AAm ee yem iym


67.Aadhyadhi maye thwamajanda bheejam,

Thwameva saakaara nirakruthisthwam,

Thwayas  druthaschabhja bhavanda sanghaa,

Chithram charithram thava devi vishno.


Oh primeval illusion , you are the egg  of the universe,

You are the one with form as well as one without form,

You are the one who supports Shiva , Brahma and others,

And your story is great , Oh Goddess who is with Vishnu.


68.Brhama rudhradhayo  deva vedaschapi  na saknuyu,

Mahimanam thava sthothum mandoham saknuyam kadham.


Brahma, Rudra and others and the Vedas

Are not capable to describe your greatness,

And how can I,  who am a dull one describe it .


69.Amba thwath vathsa  vakhyani  sooktha sookthaani  yani cha,

Thani sweekuru  sarvagne  dhayaluthwena sadaram.


Oh Goddess  of all , please receive these words of your son,

Whether they are good  or not that good,

And look after me with care and mercy.


70.Bhavathim saranam gathwa  krutharthassyu  purathana,

Ithi sanchithyas  manasaa thwaamaham saranam vruje.


Thinking that my forefathers have become indebted to you earlier,

I have completely surrendered my mind to you, Oh Goddess.


71.Anantha nithya sukhinaa  thad bhaktha sthwath paarayana,

Ithi Veda pramanadhi  devi thwam sranam vruje.


The Vedas say that your devotees have endless happiness,

And understanding this saying , I surrender to you, Oh Goddess.


72.Thava prathigna  mad bhakthaa na nasyanthithyapi kkachid,

Ithi sanchithya sanchithya praanaan sandharayamyaham.


Thinking  only about your promise that your devotees,

Would never be destroyed ever, I am holding on to my soul.


73.Thwa dheenasthwaham Matha  thwad krupa  mayi vidhyathe,

Yava sampoorna kama  syam thavaddehi daya nidhe.


Oh Mother , I am yours and so please have mercy on me,

And once you give this , oh treasure of mercy,

I would  achieve all my ambitions and wishes.


74.Kshana mathram na saknomi jeevithum thwad krupa vinaa,

Na hi jeevanthi  jalaja  jalam thyakthwa jalasraya.


Without your grace I will not be able to live for a second,

Similar to the fishes that cannot live without water for a second.


75.Yadha hi puthra vathsalyath Janani prasnutha sthani,

Vathsam thwaritham aagathya  sampreenayathi vathsala.


76.Yadhi syathava puthroham  Matha thwam yadhi mamaki,

Daya payodhara  sthanya  sudhabhi  rabhishincha maam.


Like a mother storing milk in her due to the affection towards the son,

Rushes towards him and satisfies him speedily,

If you think that I am your son as you are mother of all,

Make me drown in the nectar like milk of your mercy.


77.Mrugyo  na guna lesopi  mayi doshaika mandhire,

Pamsoonaam  vrushti bindhonaam dhoshaanancha na may mathi.


Like the dust particles in the rain drops are beyond counting,

I too am the abode of faults  without even a sinle good quality.


78.Paapinam aham yekagro  dhayaloonaam  thwamagrani,

Dhyaneeyo  madhanyosthi  thava kothra jaga thraye.


As I am the greatest sinner and you the first among the merciful,

You would not find any one more deserving than me to receive your mercy.


79.Vidheenaaham na srushtascheth na syathava  dhayaluthaa,

Aamayo vaa na  srushtasched oushadasya  vrudhodhaya.


Had I not been created , there would be no need for your mercy,

For if there are no diseases in the world, medicines would not be needed.


80.Krupa madagrajaa  kim they  aham kim vaa thadagraja,

Vicharya  dehi may vitham  thava devi dhayanidhe.


Think about whether your mercy is elder or I am elder,

And Oh ocean of mercy give me wealth.


81.Matha pitha thwam guru sadgathi sree

Thwameva sanjeevana hethu bhootha.

Anyam na manye Jagadeka nadhe

Thwameva sarva mama devi sathyam.


You are my mother , father , teacher and the right path,

You are the only cause of my living in this world,

And Oh only Goddess of the world , I do not see any one else,

And it is true that you are everything to me.


Hrudaya Bheejam

The seed of the heart


Om gram greem  grom Graim  Groum Gra , Hum phat  kuru kuru swaha.


82.Aadhyadhi Lakshmir bhava suprasanna,

Vishuddha vijnana  sukhiaka dhogdhri,

Ajnana hanthri  trigunadhi riktha,

Prajnana nethro  bhava suprasanna.


Be pleased , the primeval and other Lakshmis,

Oh Goddess who is the giver of pure wisdom.

Who is the destroyer of ignorance ,

Who is above the three fold characters,

Be pleased and become my eyes of wisdom.


83.Asesha Vag jadya  malaapa hanthri,

Navam navam sushtu  su vakhya dhayini,

Mamaiva  jihwagra  suranga varthini,

Bhava prasanna vadane cha may sree.


Oh Goddess who eradicates ignorance in speech,

Give rise to newer  an newer words,

Oh Goddess who gives good words,

And please stay put at the end of my toungue,

And also be in my face blessing me.


84.Samastha sampathsu viraja mana,

Samastha thejassu vibhasamana,

Vishnu priye thwam bhava dheepya mana,

Vag devatha may vadane prasanna.


You exist and shine in all sorts of wealth,

You are there in everything that shines,

Oh darling of Vishnu , as the goddess of words,

Be present in my face and light it.


85.Sarva pradarsa  sakalarth  dhe thwam,

Prabha sulavanya  daya pradhogdhri

Suva nadhe  thwam sumukhi bhava sri,

Hiranmayi may nayana prasanna.


You by your grace and mercy make everything shine,

As  your rays of light give light and beauty to them,

Oh Golden one who is pleasant looking , Oh Goddess Lakshmi,

Oh Golden one  please be present in my eyes.


86.Sarvarthadha  sarva Jagat prasoothi,

Sarveswari  sarva bhayapa hanthri,

Sarvonnathaa thwam  sumukhi cha na sree,

Hiranmayi may bhava suprasanna.


Oh Goddess who gives all types of wealth who gave birth to this world,

Oh Goddess of everything  who destroys all types of fear,

You are the greatest , most pleasant looking and Goddess Lakshmi,

Oh Golden one  become pleased with me.


87.Samastha vighnouka  vinasa karini,

Samastha bhakthaoddharane   vichakshana,

Anantha  sammodha(soubhagya)   sukha pradhayini,

Hiranmayi may nayana prasanna.


Oh Goddess who destroys all obstacles,

Who uplifts all her devotees  and grant them ,

Clear sightedness and  endless  lucks and pleasures,

Oh Golden one  , be present in my eyes.


88.Devi Praseedha  dayaneeya thamaya mahyam,

Devadhinadha  bhava deva ganadhi  vandhye,

Maathasthadhaiva  bhava sannihitha drusor may,

Pathyaa samam  mama mukhe  bhava prasanna.

Goddess  who is worshipped by Devendra and other devas,

Be pleased with me who is in a  pitiable darkness,

Oh mother let your divine presence be in my eyes,

And along with your husband  be present in my face.


89.Maa vathsa bhaira bhayadhana  karorpithasthe,

Moulou mamothi mayi dheena jananukambhe,

Matha samarpaya  mudhaa karuna kadaksham,

Mangalya bheejamiha  na sruja  janma matha.


You  placed your hand on my head saying ,

“My dear child do not ever be afraid”

Because you are merciful  to the oppressed ones,

Oh mother , make reach your merciful glances on me,

And make germinate the seed of goodness for us.


Kanda bheejam

The seed at the neck


Om sraam sreem  sroom sraim sreem sram srah.


90.Kadaksha yiha kamadhukh thava manasthu chinthamani,

Kara sura tharu sadaa bhava nidhi sthvamevendhire,

Bhavethava  dhayaraso  mama rasayanam chanvaham,

Mukham thava kala nidhir vividha , vanchithartha pradham.


Your glance is the wish giving cow, your mind is the wish giving gem,

Your hand is the wish giving tree, And Oh Indire you are the treasure,

Your elixir of mercy   is  my elixir that always  is effective ,
Your face is the treasure of crescents  that fulfills all type of my desires.


91.Yada rasa sparsana thoyasopi  suvarnatha,

Syath kamala thadda they,

Kadaksha  samsparsanatho  janaanaam

Amangalanamapi  mangalathwam.


Due to the touch of the alchemical liqid,

Even the lowly iron becomes Gold and

Goddess Kamala by the touch of your glance,

The inauspicious becomes auspicious.


92. Deheethi nasstheethi sahitha suramyaa,

Bheetho rame thwaam  saranam prapadhye,

Atha  sadasmin abhaya pradhaa thwam,

Sahaiva  pathyaa mama sannidehi.


Being afraid of the  words “Please give”  and “no”,

Oh Lakshmi  I surrender completely to you,

And you who always  give protection to those who surrender,

Come along with your consort in front of me.


93.Kalpa  drumena maninaa sahithaa suramyaa,

Sristhe  kalamayi  rasaena  rasayanena,

Aasthamatho mama cha  druk  kara panipada,

Sprushtyaa suvarna vapusha sthira jangama syu.


The very pretty Goddess Lakshmi along with the wish giving gem,

Touches one with her crescents and like  the touch of fluid of alchemy,

All the eyes, hands , arms and feet  of all beings,

Who are mobile and immobile becomes gold and gets stable.


94.Aadhyadhi vishno sthira dharma pathni ,

Twam amba  pathyaa mama sannidehi,

Aadhyadhi Lakshmi  thwad anugrahena,

Pade pade may nidhi darsanam  syath.



You who are the permanent consort of the primeval Vishnu,

Oh mother, come with your husband  in front of me,

And by the blessing of your forms like Aadhi Lakshmi,

Step by step let me find all the treasures.


95.Aadhyadhi Lakshmi hrudayam padedhya,

Sa Rajya Lakshmi machalaam thanothi,

Maha daridhropi bhaveth dhanadya ,

Thadanwaye  Sree sthirathaam prayathi.


He who reads this Hrudaya of  the Aadhi Lakshmi and others,

Would completely posses the grace of Rajya Lakshmi,

And even though he is very poor , he would become rich,

And Lakshmi will stay with him and his descendents permanently.


96.Yasya smarana mathrena thushtaa  syad Vishnu vallabha,

Thasya abheeshtam  vadathyasu  thaam palayathi puthravath.


If he thinks of her , then the consort of Vishnu would become pleased,

And she will fulfill all his desires and would look after him like her son.


97.Idham rahasyam hrudayam  sarva kama phala pradham,

Japa Pancha sahasram   thu purascharana muchyathe.


This very secret Hrudayam would lead to fulfillment of all desires,

And  the results would be seen only after chanting it five thousand times.


98.Trikalam yeka kalam  vaa naro bhakthi samanvitha,

Ya padeth srunyadwapi  sa yathi paramam sriyam.


Chanting  or hearing three times or one time,

If done by a man with devotion , he would get fame and wealth.


99.Maha Lakhshmim  samuddhisya  nisi bhargavavasare,

Idham sri Hrudayam  japthwa Pancha varam dhani bhaveth.


If this Hrudayam of Lakshmi is chanted addressing her,

On the night of Fridays  for five weeks, he would become rich.


100.Aanena hrudhaya nannam Garbhinya  aabhimanthritham,

Dadahathi thahkoole puthro jayathe Sri pathi swayam.


The cooked rice sanctified by the chanting of Lakshmi Hrudayam,,

Is given to a pregnant woman , Lord Vishnu himself would be born to her.


101.Narena  apyadhavaa naarya , Lakshmi Hrudaya manthrithe ,

Jale peethe  thad vamse manda bhagyo na jayathe.


If the water sanctified by chanting Lakshmi Hrudayam,

Is drunk by a man or woman , then  in their clan,

No one with bad luck would ever be born.


102.     Ya aswa yungmasi cha Shukla paksha,

Ramothsave  sannihithe cha bhakthyaa,

Padeth thadhikothara vara vruuddhyaa,

Labheth souvarnamayim suvrushteem.


In the month of September-october and in the phase of waxing moon,

On days of Navarathri festival if this is read with devotion,

With increasing frequencies on each day* ,

Then there would be  a rain of Gold.

*First day once, second day twice and so on


103.     Ya yeka bhakthyanvaha mek varsham,

Vishuddhadhi  sapthathi vara japi,

Sa manda bhagyopi  rama kadakshad,

Bhaved sahasraksha sathadhika sree.


If this is chanted with devotion  for one year,

With  a pure heart once a week,

Even though he has only slow luck,

Due the glance of Goddess Lakshmi,

He would become as rich as Indra.


104.Sri sangria bhakthim hari dasa dasyam,

Prasanna  manthrartha  drudaika nishtaam,

Gurossmrutheem nirmala bodha budhim ,

Pradehi matha  paramam padam Sri.


Devotion to lord Vishnu , service to his devotees,

And recitation  of this chant after understanding it along with concentration,

With Memory of the Guru  and  with pure wisdom,

Would make the goddess  give salvation.


105.Pruthwee pathithwam purushothamathwam,

Vibhoothi vasam vividartha sidhim,

Sampoorna keerthi  bahu varsha bhogam,

Pradehi matha pramam padam sri.


Oh Goddess Lakshmi , please give me again and again,

The Lord ship of earth ,  I being the best among men,

And also ever lasting glory  , The possession of different wealths,

Total fame  and enjoyment of pleasures for many years.


106.Vadartha sidhim  , bahu loka vasyam,

Vaya sthirathwam lalanasu bhogam,

Pouthradhilabdhim , sakalartha sidhim,

Pradehi may bhargavi janma janmani


For birth of birth, Oh Daughter of Bhrugu  give me,

The power to win in debates, ability to attract many people,

Stability in age in long life , pleasure from many women,

Possibility of getting grand sons and all sort of wealths.


107.Suvarna vrudhim kuru may gruhe sree,

Sudhanya vrudhim kuru may gruhe sree,

Kalyana vrudhim kuru may Gruha sree,

Vibhoothi vrudhim kuru may Gruha sree,


Let the gold increase in my home, Oh Lakshmi,

Let the grains increase in my home, Oh Lakshmi,

Let  auspiciousness increase in my home, Oh Lakshmi,

Let prosperity increase in my home, Oh Lakshmi


Siro Bheejam

The seed of the head


Om yam ham kam lam vam Sreem


108.Dhyaye Lakshmin  prahasitha mukhim koti balarka bhasam,

Vidhyut var nambara dharaam bhooshanadyaam sushobaam,

Bheeja pooraam sarasija yugam vibhrathim suvarna pathram,

Bharthra yukthaam  muhuramabhayadhaam mahyamapya achyuta sree.


I meditate on Lakshmi , who has a smiling face, who has the light of crores of suns,

Who weras cloth of the colour of lightning , who wears ornaments, who dazzles,

Who carries a golden put full of pomegranate seeds , who carries two lotus flowers,

Who is accompanied by her husband , who grants refuge again and again

And who is the great glory of God Achyutha.


Ithyadharva rahasye Uthara Bhage ,

Aadhyadhi Sri Maha Lakshmi   hrudaya stotram sampoornam.


Thus ends the heart of Mahalakshmi in her varios forms,

Which occurs in Atharva Rahasya in the later part.