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Yagna  Varaha Murthi Sthuthi

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(Hiranyaksha a very powerful Asura stole the earth and hid himself along with it inside the sea. Lord Vishnu took the form of a boar  with a very huge form and went inside the sea. He killed Hiranyaksha and brought back the earth. The sages assembled there praised him by this prayer which occurs in the third Skanda and in the thirteenth chapter in slokas 33-44. Here Varaha is described as the form of Yagna and his body parts are identified with the various articles  used in the Yagna. I am absolutely unfamiliar with the names of the articles. Also the Sanskrit used is really tough to understand. With a view to high light,  the meaning of this prayer, I have used the translation of this work by Sri C. l.Goswami , in his translation of Bhagwatha , which was published by Gita press Gorakhpur. I have written what I understood from the text as well as the above translation , in my own words adopting my own style.)

The rishir Uvacha:-

1.Jitham jitham  the jitha yagna bhavana,

Thrayeem thanum swam paridhunvathe nama,

Yad roma gartheshu nilil yoora dwaraa,

Thamai nama karana sookaraaya they.


The sages told:-

Victory, victory to you oh great Lord  who is the promoter of Yagnas,

We salute you even when you shake  your gross divine body,

Which consists  of the three Vedas, we Bow to you, Oh God,

In the form of a boar  in whose hair pores all yagnas(sacrifice rituals)  exist.


2.Roopam thai thannanu  dush kruthathmanam,

Doordarsanam deva yadadhwarathmakam,

Chandhamsi yasya twachi barhi roma,

Khaajyam drusi thwan angrishu chathur hothram.


Oh God, This form of yours  made up  of the sacrifices and rites,

Cannot be seen by the evil minded ones,

And also the various meters of  the four Vedas,

Find a place in your skin , the kusa grass in your hair  bristles,

The Ghee in your eyes and the four priests on your four legs.


3.Srukthunda aassi sruva eesa naasayoridodhare chamasa karna ranthre,

Prasithra maasye rasane grahasthuthe yach charvanam they bhagwan agnihothram.


The big  ladle (sruk)for pouring ghee in to the fire  is in your snout,

The small ladle (sruva) to pour ghee in to the big one , Oh God,

Is located in your nostrils, the plate where food is kept(ida),

For offering in fire exists inside your belly,

The vessel from which Soma is drunk (chamsas)is in your ears,

The vessel in which the share to Brahma(prasitra) is offered is in your mouth,

And the ladles used to take out Soma(grahas)  from big vessel is in your throat,

And the act of your chewing oh Lord is the real fire sacrifice.


4.Deekshanu janmopasada sirodharam,

THwam praayaneeyo dhayaneeya dhamshtra,

Jihwa prayargya sthava seershakam krutho,

Sabhyava sathyam chithayo asavo hi they.


Your repeated incarnations are the offering of oblations to the fire,

And three ishtis called Upasada  preceding extraction of Soma constitute your neck,

The prayaniya and the udyaniya ishti  done at the end are your tusks,

The Pravargya  which is carried out before Upasad is your toungue,

The Sabhava and avasathya  fires of the sacrifice are your head,

And the arrangement of bricks in layers for the sacrifice are your vital airs.


5.Somasthu retha savanaanyava sthithi,

Samshthaa vibhedha sthava deva dhathava,

SAthraani sarvaani sareera sandhi ,

Sthwam sarva yagna kruthu rishti bandhana.


Your generative fluid is Soma, your sitting posture,

Are the everyday rites performed thrice a day,

The seven constituents of your body,

Are the seven main sacrifices  and your body joints,

Are the satras which are sacrifices carried out for several days,

And like this your entire body are the various parts of  a yagna,

And the tendons of your body are the various sacrifices.


6.Namo namasthe akhila manthra devathaa,

Dravyaya sarva krathave  kriyathmane,

Vairagya bhakthyathma jayanu bhavitha,

Jnanaya vidhya gurave namo nama.


Salutations and salutations to the Gods of all the manthras,

The money spent ,  materials used and gods worshipped in the sacrifice,

Salutations and salutations to the teacher of knowledge of wisdom,

Teaching us self control, devotion and  mind control.


7.Damshtragra kotayaa bhagwam sthvayaa druthaa,

Virajathe bhoodhara bhoo sabhoodharaa,

Yadhaa vannahnni saratho dhathaa druthaa,

Madham gajendrasya sapathra padmini.


The earth shines at the pointed end of your tusks,

Along with the land and the mountains , Oh God who carried the earth,

Appears as if it is pretty lotus plant  with leaves,

Being  brought out by a lord like elephant emerging from water.


8.Thrayeemayam roopamidham cha soukaram,

Bhoo mandale natha dathaa druthena they,

Chakasthi srungoda ghanena bhooyasaa,

Kulachalendrasya Yadhaiva vibhrama.


Your form of boar made up of the three Vedas,

Oh Lord , carrying the earth  on your pointed tusks ,

Looks charming like  a pretty mountain,

Along with heavy clouds hanging on a summit.


9.Samshtapayainaam jagathaam sadhasthushaam,

Lokaaya pathni masi maatharam pitha,

Vidhema chasyai namasaa saha thwayaa,

Yasyaam swathejo agni mivaaranaavadhaa.


Please  place this mother of all animate and inanimate things,

Who is your consort  firmly, so that all people can live there,

For you are their father and we shall offer salutations,

To you as well as to her, for you have deposited your power in her,

Like the fire deposits itself in a wooden piece called Arani.


10.Ka Sradhatheethaanyamasthava prabho,

Rasaam gathaaya bhuva udhvibarhanam,

Na vismayo asou  thwayi viswa vismaye,

Yo maayayedham sasruje athi vismaya,


Oh Lord who else can dare to lift the earth,

When it has  sunk in to the  lowest depths of water?
This is not surprising  to you , who is the surprise of the world,

For you have created this entire magical universe by your Maya.


11.Vidhunvathaa Veda mayam nijam vapu,

Jana sthapa Sathya nivasino vayam,

Sataa Shikhoo dhootha shivambhu bindhubhi,

Vimrujyamaanaa brasamesa paavithaa.


When you shook your body made up by  the Vedas,

The inhabitants of Jana loka. Thapa loka and Sathya Loka,

Got drenched and splashed extremely by the the water,

Falling out of the drenched hairs of your mane.


12.Sa vai batha brashata mathisthavaishaa,

They ya karmanaam param apara karmana,

Yadhyoga maya guna yoga mohitham   viswam,

Samastham Bhagawan videhi saam.


He who tries to understand fully your great exploits,

Would lose his mind due to confusion ,Oh Lord,

Please bring happiness  to the whole universe,

Which has lost its senses  due to attachment created by your illusion.