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Yudha  Kandam

The book of war


(The  book starts with gathering of monkey army, going to the ocean   and building a bridge across it nd ends    with the crowning  of Lord Rama as king of Ayodhya,)



1.Rama  appreciates  Hanuman

(Rama appreciates Hanuman as the one who has done the impossible. He higs him as he is not n a position to give him any other thing. Rama becomes thoughtful about the problems in crossing   the ocean with the monkey army.)


  (The Kandam starts with  Rama deciding to go to Lanka  to kill Ravana  and ends with the coronation of Rama in Ayodhya .  The great prayer Adhithya Hrudayam occurs in this . This again is the largest Kandam of Ramayana  almost occupying one fourth space    of the entire book.)


Hearing the words of Hanuman  with great  joy Rama replied  these   words in great love.  1.1

“The outstanding work done by Hanuman is extremely difficult to do and cannot be done even by thought  by anyone else in this world”.                                                                                                   1.2

“I do not see anyone else in this world capable of crossing the great ocean except for Garuda, wind god and Hanuman.”                                                                                                                                            1.3

“The city of Lanka   guarded  by Ravana is extremely difficult to enter even by Devas, Dhanavas, Yakshas , snakes , Gandharwas and Rakshasas  and who can enter and return from there  by one’s own power.”                        


“Who can enter that impossible to enter place  protected by Rakshasas except Hanuman  who is blessed with strength and valour?”                                                                                                                        1.5

“A great service has been  done by Hanuman to Sugreeva  by exhibiting his strength  and valour which is equal to his pace?”                                                                                                                                       1.6

“When the lord deputes one  to do a  job which is difficult to perform  and when that servant  completes it with love . he is a superior being.”                                                                                                            1,7

“That servant who is  deputed to a job , just does what he has been told and nothing more is mediocre.”


“When a Lord deputes a servant to do a job and if he does not do it  in spite of ability to do it is a base servant.”                                                                                                                                                         1.9

“Hanuman has performed the job for which he has been deputed  and has done the job in the best manner and has made Sugreeva happy.”                                                                                                1.10

“By locating and seeing Sita, he has justly protected, the entire Raghu clan, me as well as the very strong Lakshmana.”                                                                                                                                                  1.11

“My already depressed mind is further pained because  I am not able to do anything lovable to this bearer   of dear tidings.”                                                                                                                             1.12

“let me at least hug Hanuman as  in the present circumstances   that is all  that,  I am in a position to do.”                                                                                                                                                                 1.13

Saying this  with great joy all over his senses  Rama hugged Hanuman , who has completed the job with sense of fulfillment .                                                                                                                                   1.14

That best of the Raghu clan after thinking for a while again spoke , with Sugreeva , the king of the monkeys  listening  with attention.                                                                                                         1.15

“The search for Sita has ended in an auspicious way , but thinking of the vast ocean my mind again gets depressed.”                                                                                                                                                   1.16

“How can all the monkeys together  cross to the southern shore of the great ocean which is filled with lot of water.?”                                                                                                                                              1.17

“In spite  of  having been told about the state  of Sita , how is it possible  for me to cross the ocean along with all monkeys?”                                                                                                                                      1.18

After telling this to Hanuman the destroyer of enemies Rama  became drowned in sorrow  and became greatly thoughtful.                                                                                                                                      1.19


     Thus ends the first chapter   of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book.


2. Sugreeva encourages  Rama


(Sugreeva praises Rama and tells him that   he would cross the sea and kill Ravana. He points out the need for building a bridge across the sea.  He is confident that his monkey would crush Ravana ’s Lanka.) 


Then Sugreeva , the destroyer of  sorrows told the following words  to the greatly sorrowing  Rama who was the son of Dasaratha.                                                                                                                                2.1

“Oh valorous one , why are you  sorrowing like this like an ordinary  being? Do not be sad and throw out this sorrow , like an ungrateful one throws away  friendship. “                                                                 2.2

“Having found out her position, Oh Rama, I do not  find that there   is any need of further   sorrow?” 


“Oh Rama , you are intelligent, an expert in sacred books  and a very learned man. Please give up these conjectures  which are reactions of ordinary beings.”                                                                                 2.4

“After we cross that great ocean full of crocodiles , we would enter  the Lanka and definitely kill all enemies.”                                                                                                                                                              2.5

“People who do not have enthusiasm who are depressed   and sad  would always be defeated and   would attain great sorrow.”                                                                                                                               2.6

“All  these monkey leaders   who  are all intelligent  are interested in doing your job and may even enter  fire , if needed, which I know by seeing their joy and I have confirmed it by my reasoning.”               2.7

“You should act in such a way that I would kill all  enemies including the   sinner   Ravana  and bring back Sita.”                                                                                                                                                                       2.8

“You should   construct a bridge so that  we reach that town  which is ruled by the king of Rakshasas.” 


“You please be sure that  once we see the town situated  on the mountain with three  peaks  that  we would  kill Ravana there.”                                                                                                                                 2.10

“Unless we  build a bridge over the horrifying home of Varuna , the city of Lanka cannot be conquered  even by Indra , the devas and Asuras.”                                                                                                           2.11

“Once we build a bridge , Lanka would be  near to us , please understand that  the entire army can cross over to the city  and those monkeys  who can assume any form they like   would become victorious    in the war.”                                                                                                                                                      2.12-2.13

“So king,  leave out this  apprehensive  conduct which destroys all wealth , which in this world reduces the courageous valour of all men.”                                                                                                                 2.14

“When one  approaches any task   with complete boldness , that one would easily get the capability needed   to finish that job.”                                                                                                                             2.15

“Oh very wise one, at this time , it is necessary to be very strong and alert , for even in case of very great and valorous people like you , sorrow about something that is lost leads  to all round loss  and destruction  of all wealth.”                                                                                                                                2.16

“You are the greatest among all intelligent people and a scholar   of all Sastras  and so with assistance and help from people like me , you would defeat the enemy.”                                                                  2.17

“Oh Raghava , I do not  see any one in these three  worlds , who can face you in war , when you hold   the bow and arrow and stand there.”                                                                                                            2.18

“Your job would definitely get done if you entrust it to the monkeys  and after  crossing the perennial sea , you would   save Sita.”                                                                                                                                2.19

“And so leave out this sorrow   and get angry oh lord, for inactive Kshatriyas do not win a war but indignant  ones do.”                                                                                                                                            2.20

“You who have a very sharp mind along with us design a plan to cross over to Lanka after crossing this terrible sea which is the lord  of the  rivers.”                                                                                                 2.21

“Once the army crosses over to there  our victory is definite  and once  I cross  the sea   decide  that you have won.”                                                                                                                                                   2.22

“These valorous monkeys,   who can take any form that they want , by showering rocks, mountains and trees would completely   crush the enemy.                                                                                                    2.23

“I perceive that once we cross this abode  of Varuna , oh destroyer of foes, we would definitely kill Ravana.”                                                                                                                                                                 2.24

“What is the  need for many such  words. It is definite that  you would be victorious and I am able to see good omens which make my heart happy.                                                                                                   2.25


     Thus ends the second chapter   of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book.


3.Hanuman describes strength  of city of Lanka


(Having decided on a war Rama wants to find out the strength and weaknesses of the city. Hanuman  who has wandered all over the city , gives him accurate figures.  He tells him that   once the ocean is crossed they    would be able to win the war.)


Hearing  the meaningful  and very reasonable words of Sugreeva , the son of the Kakustha clan told   Hanuman.                                                                                                                                                           3.1

“By doing penance or by building a bridge or by drying up the ocean, I am capable  of crossing  this ocean.”                                                                                                                                                               3.2

“Please tell me how many  forts are there   in Lanka which are difficult to access, as I desire to know about  it as seen by your eye.”                                                                                                                       3.3

"You had a chance  to have  a glimpse of the size of the army, the fortification-details of the gates and citadels, the way in which Lanka was guarded and the various mansions of Rakshasas . Describe everything in accordance with facts, for you are skilled in all ways.”                                                3.4-3.5

After hearing the of Rama, Hanuman who was the son of wind God , who was an expert in narration , told the following to Rama  once again.                                                                                                         3.6

“Please hear about the entire description  , the method of laying out the forts , the secret defense of the city  and about  the army that protects it.”                                                                                                  3.7

“The Rakshasas are very much attached to Ravana  and that Lanka has great prosperity and a huge ocean surrounds it. The army there is divided as per the vehicles used by a group “, saying this that great monkey , further  narrated .                                                                                                                   3.8-3.9

“That Lanka was full of joy and had lot of elephants in rut. It is full of Rakshasa groups and very many chariots.”                                                                                                                                                         3.10

“The fort has four different gates   each with  very strong closed doors which are   closed using great beams .”                                                                                                                                                            3.11

“There are also very strong  and great machines, which can be used  to  stop the opposing army by shooting catapults at them.”                                                                                                                        3.12

“Very huge and sharp Shatagni  made of iron  are kept ready in hundreds at the gate , which are operated by valorous Rakshasa  warriors.”                                                                                                3.13

“A very great difficult to cross rampart made of gold and inlaid with pearls , gems , Vaidooryas and corals  encircle  that city.”                                                                                                                            3.14

“A very huge auspicious moat filled with cold water  and infested with fierce alligators    and fishes surround the city.”                                                                                                                                         3.15

“On all the four sides there are draw bridges which are very extensive , equipped with many machines and with very many buildings.”                                                                                                                   3.16

“These  draw bridges protect against the  onslaught  of enemy army and those machines throw the approaching army in to the moats.”                                                                                                           3.17

“One of these draw bridges is unshakable . strong firmly fastened , has very many golden pillars and shines with pedestals.”                                                                                                                                3.18

“Oh Rama Ravana by his own nature   is always ready for war and endowed with powers of state  is always alert and inspects his very powerful army.”                                                                              3.19

“So the city of Lanka is unbreakable  fort of Gods which raises  fear in you  and it has four type of fortifications like river, mountain, forest and manmade defenses.”                                                  3.20  

“Oh Rama, Being  situated inside  the sea , it is extremely difficult  to enter  and there is no reach for it to the vessels  and there is no communication to it from other places.”                                                3.21

“The fort being built on a top of the mountain, it can only  be compared to the city of Gods, and having plenty of elephants and horses , it is difficult to win over  Lanka.”                                                      3.22

“With Deep moats  , Sathagunis  and various other  war machines ,Lanka  the city  of the wicked Ravana shines.”                                                                                                                                                             3.23

“Ten thousand Rakshasas   armed with tridents guard its western gate and  it is also  guarded by terrible Rakshasas holding a sword.”                                                                                                                        3.24

“One hundred thousand Rakshasas guard the southern gate  and there are also incomparable army consisting of heroes under four major divisions.”                                                                                      3.25

“One million Rakshasas are gathered  at the eastern gate and there are all experts in various weapons and  hold the sword and the shield.”                                                                                                         3.26

“Hundred million Rakshasas are assembled at the northern gate  riding either on the chariot or horse they are honoured members of great families.”                                                                                     3.27

“In the centre of the city are assembled hundred thousand Rakshasas and also quarter of   difficult to defeat Rakshasas are also there.”                                                                                                            3.28

“I had broken all those draw bridges  and filled up all their moats , I burnt the city of Lanka , pulled down its defensive walls and also destroyed a part of their gigantic army.”                                              3.29

“if somehow or other we cross this  ocean which is the house of Varuna , then we can assume that  the city of Lanka is destroyed by  the monkeys.”                                                                                          3.30

“ When Angadha, Dvividha . Mainda , Panasa  , Nala , the commander in chief Nila are there , what is the need for the rest of army to you. Those monkeys will go inside the great city of Ravana and will search and recover  the daughter  of Mithila after searching in Lanka with its mountains and woods, moats and archways, protective walls and buildings .”                                                                                       3.31-3.33

“So please order quickly to collect all the army  and fix up the holy and suitable   time for all of us to depart.”                                                                                                                                                            3.34


     Thus ends the third  chapter   of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book.


4.Rama with monkey army reaches the ocean


(Rama and Sugreeva plan how to march with that huge army. Speedily marching without rest, they   reached the shores of the ocean. They all sit there   and decided to have a strategy meeting as to how to cross the ocean.)


After hearing the words of Hanuman from the very beginning , the very lustrous Rama who was  really valorous  spoke.                                                                                                                                                   4.1

“I want to inform you  that I will  quickly destroy the city of Lanka  of the very big Rakshasa and I would kill him and this is an oath.”                                                                                                                               4.2

“Oh Sugreeva,   this is the proper sanctified time   to start  and when the Sun is  in the middle , if we start we will get victory.”                                                                                                                                 4.3

“After abducting Sita where can that Rakshasa   go and continue to be alive?  Once Sita hears about the news of our starting she  will  get a hope to live like a sick man who has drunk poison is able to touch the deathless  nectar.”                                                                                                                                              4.4

“Tomorrow the star Uthra phalguni(Uthram) would be in conjunction   with Hastha star   and so , Oh Sugreeva , let us depart today itself  with the army.”                                                                                   4.5

“I am able see good omens which  portend prosperity  and so after killing Ravana  I would come back along with Sita.”                                                                                                                                                   4.6

“The  fact that the upper eyelid of my eyes are  twitching  is proclaiming that desire of my heart of winning  is coming nearer.”                                                                                                                               4.7

Then Rama the follower of Dharma who was well versed  in moral law , who was respected by  the king of monkeys as well as Lakshmana   again spoke as follows.                                                                        4.8

“Let Nila accompanied by hundred  thousand army members   go first so that they can  chalk out the proper path   for us to go.”                                                                                                                                  4.9

“Oh Nila steer the army through forests which have plenty of  fruits as well as roots and is cool  and which has plenty of honey.”                                                                                                                              4.10

“The  Rakshasas  with a bad soul  would try to spoil the fruits, roots and   water found on the way and so you always try to protect them.”                                                                                                                     4.11

“Let the monkey swarms jump in to low grounds, forest forts  and forests  and examine whether any rival army is found in such places.”                                                                                                                  4.12

“let whatever weak and feeble   army persons are there with us stay in Kishkinda because the duty to be discharged  by all of us would be horrifying.”                                                                                                 4.13

“let  hundreds of lion like monkeys of great strength  in hundreds and thousands  lead that army  which resembles an ocean stream.”                                                                                                                             4.14

“Let Gaja , the mountain like Gavaya , the very strong Gavaksha march in the front  similar to majestic bulls leading a herd of cows.”                                                                                                                               4.15

“Let the bull like monkey Rishabha , who is the lord of the monkeys guard  the right side of the marching  monkey army.”                                                                                                                                                       4.16

“Let Gandhamadana who is  as strong as an elephant in rut , position himself  on  the left side of the marching army.”                                                                                                                                                     4.17

“I would march   in the middle of the army riding on Hanuman like  Lord Indra rides on Iravatha , hs elephant steed.”                                                                                                                                                      4.18

“Let Lakshmana who resembles the God of death   march mounted on Angadha  similar    to Lord Khubera , the lord of riches  on the elephant called Sarvabhouma.”                                                            4.19

“Let  the very strong Jambhavan who is the king of bears , Sushena and monkey called   Vegadarsi  protect the middle part of the army.”                                                                                                                 4.20

After hearing the words of Raghava , the commander in chief of the army Sugreeva  and the bull among monkeys gave orders  to the effect to the monkey army.”                                                                          4.21

“Then all those monkeys stood up with a desire to fight  and jumped from caves and tops of the mountains.”                                                                                                                                                            4.22

Then after Rama , the soul of Dharma was worshipped by the king of monkeys as well as Lakshmana  ,  they marched towards   the south along with the army.                                                                    4.23

At that time Rama was surrounded by monkeys  who were as big as elephants  in hundreds, hundred  thousands and in crores.                                                                                                                                   4.24

That great monkey army  was following Rama who was leading them  and all those monkeys under the control of Sugreeva were   greatly rejoicing.                                                                                                   4.25

They all travelled towards south excessively jumping, roaring greatly , jesting cheerfully and singing   songs.                                                                                                                                                                4.26

They ate  scented honey as well as fruits  and were carrying branches of trees with  large number of blossoms.                                                                                                                                                           4.27

All of a sudden seeing each other , they would lift and throw one another , they were hanging as well as flying  and making others fall.                                                                                                                         4.28

Those monkeys who were near Rama used to roar, “Not only Ravana but all Rakshasas  are worthy of killing by all of us.”                                                                                                                                            4.29

The valorous Rishabha, Kumuda and Nila  were clearing the way ahead  for the many monkeys who were marching.                                                                                                                                                             4.30

In the middle the king Sugreeva, Rama as well as Lakshmana were moving along with  very many  strong and big monkeys capable of destroying their enemies.                                                                              4.31

The valorous monkey Satabali  who was accompanied by ten crores of monkeys standing firmly alone  was protecting the monkey army.                                                                                                                  4.32

Kesari, Panasa ,  Gaja  and Arka with hundred crores monkey army  were protecting one flank   of that monkey army.                                                                                                                                                      4.33

Keeping Sugreeva in the front  the bears  led  by Jambavan  and Sushena  were protecting the army  from the rear.                                                                                                                                             4.34

The great monkey Nila who was the commander in chief of the army  who was the best and self controlled was  looking after   the entire army.                                                                                              4.35

Monkeys Valimukha, Prajanga, Jambha  and Rabhasa were moving all over and urging the monkey army   to move forward.                                                                                                                                                  4.36

When these great monkeys who were   proud of their strength were marching ahead like a  waves of a moving ocean    they saw the great Sahaya mountain covered with trees and climbers .              4.37-4.38

Knowing the  order of Rama as well as his great anger ,  scared that army which was like a very large ocean were avoiding  moving near     towns and villages  with  very great speed and making    great roaring sound.                                                                                                                                            4.39-4.40

By the side of the sons of Dasaratha , the valorous elephant like monkeys  were jumping vigorously  like the horse which has been whipped.                                                                                                               4.41

Those auspicious bull like men  who were being carried by the monkeys were shining like the sun and moon coming in contact with other great planets.                                                                                     4.42

Then Rama the soul of dharma after being worshipped by Lakshmana and  the king of monkeys went towards   the southern side along with the army. Then Lakshmana who had meaningful presence of mind  was being carried by Angadha went near Rama  and told him the following very meaningful words.                                         


“After obtaining Vaidehi   and killing of Ravana and having accomplished your purpose  you would definitely return back to the prosperous Ayodhya.”                                                                           4.45

“Oh Rama,  I am seeing greatly auspicious omens both in the sky and earth , which indicate   your success and the pure air is blowing  cool and pleasant along our side.”                                          4.46

“These animals and birds are producing sweet and pleasant sound . All directions are looking cheerful and the Sun is shining bright.”                                                                                                                  4.47

“The planet Venus which is the son of sage Brigu is brightly shining behind you.The pure and clear  Brahma rishi stars(Saptharishi or great bear)  are shining round  the Druva star(Pole star).”


“The royal saint Trisanku who is our grandfather and a great one of the Ikshuvaku dynasty  along with his family priest  is shining with pure radiance.”                                                                                       4.50

“The Vishaka star  which is the holy constellation associated with Ikshuvaku   dynasty is shining clearly without causing any harm.”                                                                                                                      4.51

“The moola star in the south west direction controlling the Rakshasas is under stress being touched by the tail  of a comet.”                                                                                                                                   4.52

“All these things are indicative of the destruction  of the Rakshasas, for at time when  the death aspects the stars being under influence of  bad planets, destruction occurs.”                                             4.53

“The water is tasty and crystal clear , the forest yields fruits, the air is blowing with scent and seasonal flowers have bloomed on trees.”                                                                                                             4.54  

“Oh Lord the army battalions of the monkeys  are shining greatly  and are looking like the army of devas going to war against Taraka and oh gentle brother , and you should become pleased on seeing it.”4,55

Thus spoke Lakshmana cheering up his brother . The excellent army consisting of bears and monkeys  who were like tigers  and whose weapon was their nails and teeth , marched ahead covering the entire earth.                                                                                                                                                          4.56-4.57

The dust raised by the tip of the hand and feet of the monkeys  dimmed the light of the Sun  and also covered the earth covered by mountains and forests  and thus the very huge monkey army   led by Sugreeva  marched day and night.”                                                                                                      4.58-4.59

  When the huge army    were crossing the river , the waves of the river flew on the opposite direction   for  several Yojanas.                                                                                                                                         4.60   

The great army entered through lakes containing clear water  , through mountains filled with trees , through  plain  lands , through the middle  of  forests yielding fruits  and also by the four sides of the fruit yielding forests.                                                                                                                                          4.61   

The great and huge army  marched completely covering the earth  and they all travelled  further with the speed of the wind.                                                                                                                                       4.62

For the sake of Rama all those monkeys who were valorous in war  vied with each other  in showing their joy, strength and valour . And those in the prime of youth  made several type of gestures.4.63-4.64

Some of them walked with great speed , while some others hovered slightly  and those monkeys who live in the forest made sounds “KIla, kila”.                                                                                                   4.65      

Some monkeys lashed their tails , some stamped their feet  and some extending their hands broke trees   and mountains.                                                                                                                                                  4.66

Some of those monkeys who lived  on the mountain climbed the mountain . some produced great sounds  matching the roars of a lion.                                                                                                              4.67

Some by the speed of their thighs were breaking  various type of climbing plants  and some were stretching their limbs and were playing with  rocks and trees.                                                                 4.68

Those monkeys  who were in hundreds of thousands  nay crores of thousands  who had a horrifying look covered the entire earth.                                                                                                                                  4.69

The  great army of monkeys was marching throughout the day and night  and being  commanded by Sugreeva they were all cheerful  and all of them were marching with speed  looking forward to the war and they desirous of the release of Sita did not halt even for a moment  .                                    4.70-4.71

Then those monkeys reached   the Sahaya and Malaya  mountains  which was crowded   with trees and many type of animals.                                                                                                                                        4.72

Rama who was marching along with them saw peculiar forests , rivers and water falls in those Sahaya and Malaya mountains.                                                                                                                                    4.73

The monkeys enjoyed the fruits of Champaka, Tilaka, mango, Praseka, Sindnvaara Timisa and Karaveera trees.                                                                                                                                                                    4.74

The monkeys enjoyed  the Ashoka, Karanja, Plaksa, Nyagrodha, Jambu, myrobalan and Naga trees.  4.75

Various types of forest trees standing on those plateaus shaken by the speedy wind  showered flowers on those monkeys.                                                                                                                                                 4.76

Soft to touch breeze with the incense of sandal blew  and the bees  hummed in the  honey scented  woods.                                                                                                                                                                       4.77

That king of mountain had plenty of dust of metal ores  and that dust and the pollen which were dispersed by  the speedy winds  covered all those monkeys.                                                                      4,78

On the lovely mountain slopes, in full bloom  on all sides were  Ketaki and Sindhuvara trees, the charming Vasanti, Madhavi creepers with flowers full of scent, clumps of jasmine, Chiribila, Madhuka, Vanjula and Vakula, Ranjanka and Tilaka, Nyavriksha all in flower, Mango, Patalike, Kovidara in flower, Muchulinda, Arjuna, Simsapa and Kutaja, Hintala, Timisa, Chirna and Nipa, blue Ashoka, Sarala, Ankola and Padmaka all these trees were crawled in excitement by the monkeys who were delighted.                        


There were joyous l wells with stairs and ponds in that mountain, which were  liked   by chakravaka birds, visited by karandava birds, crowded with water-fowls and cranes, visited by boars and deer, haunted on all sides by bears, hyenas, lions and many dreadful tigers. There were beautiful reservoirs of water with blossoming blue lotuses, water lilies, white water lilies, black water lilies and various other kinds of aquatic flowers.                                                                                                                               4.85-4.87

On that mountain various types of birds were singing .  Monkeys bathed in that water , drank it  and also played in it. Some of them climbed on the mountain and some threw water at each other.        4.88-4.89

There  the monkeys  greatly enthused and with great vigour  plucked  fruits, roots with perfume of nectar  as well as flowers .                                                                                                                                  4.90

Those honey coloured monkeys   on seeing honey combs of great weight , drank honey   from those combs.                                                                                                                                                                     4.91   

Breaking trees, pulling out  creepers  and throwing away excellent mountains  those bull like monkeys marched further.                                                                                                                                                    4.92

Some monkeys well pleased with the honey  that they got from trees shouted  loudly , some were searching for honey and some were drinking honey   excessively.                                                               4.93

The earth was completely filled by those monkeys , like lotus fills the lake and paddy straws filled the field.                                                                                                                                                                      4.94  

At that time the lotus eyed Rama reached the Mahendra mountain   and he climbed to the top of the mountain decorated by many trees.                                                                                                               4.95   

After Rama , the son of Dasaratha climbed up to the top of the mountain , he saw the ocean filled with water  and occupied by turtles  and fishes.                                                                                                   4.96   

Then after crossing systematically the  great Sahaya and Malaya mountain  , they approached the ocean which was making great sound.                                                                                                                       4.97

Rama who greatly attracts and Sugreeva  along with Lakshmana descended and went  speedily to the forest adjoining   the sea .                                                                                                                               4.98

Rama after reaching the difficult to approach and very wide ocean , with rocks underneath which were washed vehemently by the waves spoke these words.                                                                               4.99                                                                                                                            

“Oh Sugreeva , now we have reached the home  of Varuna  and now we should think about how to cross it , which we  had considered earlier.                                                                                                            4.100

“This lord of the rivers does not have   a shore  beyond and this ocean is impossible to cross without a proper strategy.                                                                                                                                             4.101

“And so let us have a strategy meet of the army here where we will discuss how the great monkey army will reach the other shore.                                                                                                                             4.102

That great Rama who was greatly  sorrowing due to the abduction of Sita  reached   that ocean and ordered  the army  to halt there.                                                                                                                    4.103

“Oh Monkey chief Sugreeva , let all the monkey army enter   this sea shore  and once they reach we would discuss strategies to cross this sea.”                                                                                                   4.104

“Let not any one slip away  in any direction leaving his army unit  and let  the valiant monkeys search and inform us , if there  is any hidden threat  for us.”                                                                                  4.105

When Sugreeva as well as Lakshmana heard the words of Rama , they made the army halt in the sea shore stretched with trees.                                                                                                                                 4.106

That army which was stationed near the ocean  shined like another ocean with   water of the honey red  colour.                                                                                                                                                                     4.107

The chief of monkeys who reached the forest in the shores of the ocean  settled down there anxious   to reach the other shore.                                                                                                                                        4.108

When they got settled there for a halt, the sound of their movement  completely masked the great sound produced by the great ocean.                                                                                                              4.109

That army of monkeys divided in to three  (Monkeys, apes  and bears) which was under the control of Sugreeva was fully dedicated    to the cause of Rama.                                                                              4.110

That monkey army which had reached  that great ocean saw  that great ocean   which was diffused with high velocity wind .                                                                                                                                          4.111

Those monkey chiefs after seeing the ocean, which was the house of Varuna , which was boundless and which was inhabited by several Rakshasas sat there.                                                                                 4.112

The ocean being the home of horrifying crocodiles and alligators ,  appeared like  laughing with its waves carrying foam  at the beginning and at the end of day appeared to laugh and dance.                        4.113

The ocean rose with the moon rise and the image of the moon was reflected in it  and it was full of huge alligators , swift and fierce winds  and was teeming with whales and great fish.                                4.114

That sea, the home  of Varuna was filled with serpents having flaming hoods, plunged with mighty aquatic creatures, abounding in various types of mountains, too difficult to cross, with an inaccessible path, stifling ,   fathomless and an abode of Rakshasas.                                                                            4.115

The ocean whipped up by the  wind moved along with sharks and twirling snakes  rose    and fell. 41.116

Always emitting sparkles and teeming with large water  snakes , this ocean which is the home of enemies of Gods reached    up to Patala.                                                                                         41.117

The ocean looked like the sky and the  sky was comparable to the ocean  and so the sky and ocean  looked without any differences.                                                                                                              41.118

The sky blended with the ocean and the ocean blended with the sky  .The sky had lot of stars and the ocean had lot of gems and even here they are comparable.                                                                     41.119

The sky was  filled with rows of clouds and ocean was filled with  rows of waves  and so there seems to be no difference between the sky and ocean.                                                                                            41.120

The waves of the ocean hit one another and produced a terrific sound which was comparable with  the thunder of the sky.                                                                                                                                             41.121

Those great  monkeys saw that  the sea lashed with winds was  resonating with abundance of precious stones and  the water was  rising high as if enraged in a grip of hurricane, filled with a number of aquatic creatures and tossed by them in the air by seemingly murmuring waves.                                41.122-41.123

Those monkeys stood wonderstruck seeing the ocean  producing huge sound by the movement of water  to and fro.                                                                                                                                                           41.124


     Thus ends the fourth   chapter   of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book.


5.    Rama again  laments  about Sita


(The monkey army is camped on the banks of  the ocean.  Feeling that sita is near but far away   Rama laments about her   absence. Lakshmana consoles him.)


On the northern banks of the ocean  the monkey army was kept stationed , under  the proper safety care   given by Nila   according to the rules.                                                                                                        5.1

The two great monkeys called Mainda  and Dvividha , moved around the army in all directions  for ensuring its safety.                                                                                                                                                   5.2

After parking that army in the shore of lord of the rivers(Ocean) , Rama seeing Lakshmana  who   was  nearby told.                                                                                                                                                               5.3

“People say that over passage  of time the sorrow would vanish  but my sorrow in not being able to see my wife keeps on increasing from time to time.”                                                                                             5.4

“I do not have sorrow that she is far away  nor I have sorrow   that she was abducted but  I am sad  that her age keeps on increasing.”                                                                                                                               5.5

“Oh wind blow in such a way that  you touch my wife and then touch me , because only through you  I can touch her and only through moon that  I can see her.”                                                                             5.6

“When she was   being abducted my darling would have cried , “Oh Lord”  and that thought  is similar to the poison swallowed by me  and it  is burning my entire body.”                                                                5.7

“Day and night my body is  being burnt by the fire of the God of love , and the fuel which is the thought about her  is flaring in to flames  due to the fire of thought about her.”                                                        5.8

“Oh Lakshmana , without you  if I dive down in to the sea , I may fall asleep , because the fire  of thought about her may be quenched slightly by the water.”                                                                                           5.9

“The thought that I myself  who am passionate  and her  with charming thighs are   sleeping on the same earth  would help me to survive.”                                                                                                                        5.10

“Like a paddy field without   water survives by getting wet  with  the  water standing in another field , I also survive , because I hear that   she is also surviving .”                                                                               5.11

“When will I be able to see  Sita  with pretty hips as well as  long  lotus like eyes  as prosperity    after defeating  the enemies.”                                                                                                                                       5.12

“When shall  she see  me  raising  her lotus like face  which has  her  pretty teeth and lips , which will be like a great medicine to my sickness?”                                                                                                               5.13

“When will her closely placed bulging breasts which are like the fruit of the palm tree  and which are delightful and quivering  press me?”                                                                                                                   5.14

“That virtuous one  with dark cornered eyes  is in the middle of Rakshasas and she is not getting a lord to defend her  and is like an orphan , though I am her lord .”                                                                           5.15

“How is my darling  who is the daughter of king Janaka  and daughter-in-law   of Dasaratha sleeping amidst  those   Rakshassis.”                                                                                                                                 5.16

“She would come out  from those  unassailable Rakshassis , like the moon in autumn drives away black clouds.”                                                                                                                                                                  5.17

“Sita who is by nature slender   would further get slender due to her sorrow, due to her not taking food  and due to adverse time and place.”                                                                                                               5.18

“When will I be able to kill that king of Rakshasas    with sharp arrows on his chest  and bring back Sita and leave   out  this mental agony?”                                                                                                                  5.19

“When will  the virtuous Sita who can be compared to daughter of devas , would embrace my neck with anxiety   and shed tears of joy?”                                                                                                                       5.20

“When will I be able to leave away the horrifying sorrow of separation from Sita , like throwing  out of dirty apparel?”                                                                                                                                                    5.21

When the sagacious Rama was wailing like this , the light of the sun started declining and Sun  got prepared to set.                                                                                                                                                  5.22

After Lakshmana consoled Rama  who was sad due to recollection  of the lotus eyed Sita  , both of them performed  the rituals of the dusk .                                                                                                                5.23


     Thus ends the fifth   chapter   of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book.


6.Ravana consults his ministers  about impending invasion.


(Seeing that Rama and his monkey army have come to the bank of the ocean, Ravana calls his ministers for consultations, He gives a very scholarly  introduction to the need for  mutual consultation.)


After seeing the fearful act  done by Hanuman who was equal to Indra , The king of Rakshasas spoke to other Rakshasa   chiefs with a depressed   face.                                                                                            6.1

“He who is only monkey was able to  see Sita and he also entered  destroyed the irresistible    city of Lanka.”                                                                                                                                                                     6.2

“That Hanuman assaulted  the thousand pillared  temple  and killed excellent Rakshasas and the excellent city of Lanka was turned turbid.”                                                                                                      6.3

“May all of you be safe. What shall I do now” What is the next act to be done by us? Please tell me what we are capable of doing , so that prosperity befalls us.”                                                                                   6.4

“The  wise and noble men say that  only through consultations , we can get victory and so I need your opinion about the very strong Rama .”                                                                                                               6.5

“In the world there are three types of people  , excellent , mediocre and base  and I am now going to tell you the merits and demerits of such people.”                                                                                                   6.6

“He who carries out consultations  with  friends or relatives who are equivalent to them or collectively  ministers  before starting an endeavor and make maximum efforts as per fate  is the best among  men.”


“That person who  thinks alone and analyses  the merits and demerits of an endeavor alone , that person is a mediocre man.”                                                                                                                                6.9

“He who does not bother to think about merits and demerits  and only depends on fate and  does a job with gross neglect is a base man.”                                                                                                                   6.10

“People are classified as excellent , mediocre and base   based on the  thought process   based on consultations. “                                                                                                                   6.11

“The wise people say  that  decision arrived  based on consultations  , consensus  and based on the view  of the scriptures  is the best possible decision.”                                                                                            6.12

“That decision arrived after deliberating on several options and consultation  thereafter  , narrowing in to the one which  is  agreeable to all is mediocre.”                                                                                    6.13

“That decision arrived after knowing several opinions, arguing about it  and not bothering about a unified decision is the base   decision.”                                                                                                             6.14

“Therefore, all of you being   wise and intelligent  , please arrive at , a well thought out action which has to be done by me.”                                                                                                                                                6.15

“Rama is coming to the city of Lanka surrounded   by thousands of  monkey warriors , for besieging  us.”


“It is clear that Rama along with his brother and  his army with proper strength   can  cross   this ocean.”


“He may dry up the ocean or take some other fitting option by his valour  and since the enmity with the monkeys have commenced this way , please advise me  as to what action is  good for the city and army.”


     Thus ends the sixth    chapter   of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book.


7.The ministers  flatter  Ravana


(Those foolish ministers point out the great incidents in Ravana ’s life    and the  conquest of Indra by Indrajit and tell him, there is no need to worry as Indrajit alone can solve this problem.)


When the Rakshasas who were very strong, , outside the path of justice and also  foolish , heard these words of the king of Rakshasas they  joined their palms and lifted them up , ignorant of the relative strength of the enemy army .                                                                                                                   7.1

“Oh king , the strength  of our army equipped with iron bars, tridents  and double edged swords  is really very great. Where is the need to worry?”                                                                                              7.2

“You went to the city of Bhogawathi and defeated the serpents there and Khubera surrounded by many Yakshas  living on the Kailasa mountain was defeated in battle  by you.”                                   7.3-7.4

“He who was appreciating himself due to the treaty with Lord Shiva  and who was considered as the protector of the world  and very strong , was defeated by you in battle.”                                           7.5  

“After putting down those Yakshas  and putting them in to prison , You brought this Pushpaka Vimana from the  top of Kailasa mountain.                                                                                                           7.6

“Due to fear , Maya  the lord of Rakshasas  desired friendship with you  and that great Rakshasa offered his daughter  in marriage to you.”                                                                                                               7.7

“Another great Rakshasa king called Madhu Khumbinasa , who was the husband of your   sister and who is difficult to defeat  and proud of his valour    was subjugated  by you in war. “                               7.8 

“Oh mighty armed one , you after going to Rasathala , took in to custody the great serpents like Vasuki, Thakshaka , Sankha and Jati.”                                                                                                                       7.9

“Oh killer of enemies , king of Rakshasas. Oh Lord , after fighting for one full year , with  very strong Dhanavas who were valiant and beyond destruction and who obtained great boons , taking only your strength in to consideration,  you took them under your custody  and you also learnt several tricks of illusion from them.                                                                                                                           7.10-7.11

“Oh great one , You also defeated the sons of Varuna, who were strong and valorous and who had army of four divisions.”                                                                                                                                         7.12

“Oh king after entering the great sea of the world of death  which was full of great  alligators  who gave death as punishment  and which had thorny rods of the silk cotton tree , which was turbulent with waves which were the noose of death, which was full of servants  of the God of death Yama in the form of serpents  and  which was difficult   to be conquered due to very  high heat , you churned that sea  in the form of army of Yama and won a victory and you warded off death  and all the world was happy to see   this great battle.”                                                                                                                              7.13-7.15

“The world was filled  like big trees with royal warriors with great valour equal to the courage   king Indra .”                                                                                                                                                                  7.16

“Rama never matches them in properties of valour  or enthusiasm  and you defeated all of them who were difficult to defeat.”                                                                                                                                  7.17

“Why is there a need for exertion on your part. Please stay here. Oh king,  Indrajit fighting alone  can destroy all those monkeys.”                                                                                                                          7.18

“Oh king after performing a matchless Yagna to please Lord Shiva , he (Indrajit)  had obtained , a very rare  boon from him.”                                                                                                                                     7.19

 "Approaching that huge ocean of army of devas, whose fish are lanes and spheres, whose guts thrown asunder are duck-weeds, whose turtles are the elephants, whose frogs are the teeming horses, infested with alligators in the form of (eleven) Rudras (gods of destruction) and (twelve) Adityas (sons of Aditi), with huge serpents in the form of (forty nine) Maruts (wind gods) and (eight) Vasus, having chariots horses and elephants for its volume of waters and the sandy elephants for its volume of waters and the sandy banks its infantry,  Indra  was captured by him and was impelled to come to Lanka (as a prisoner).”                                                                                                                                                      7.20-7.22

“ That Indra who was the killer of Shambhara    and Vruthra was released and went to heaven when your grandfather Brahma  interceded on his behalf.”                                                                                             7.23

“Oh king you send your son Indrajit alone  and he would  bring to an end all the monkey armies including Rama and come back.”                                                                                                                                        7.24

“Oh king, this unsuitable danger has only come from a very ordinary man  and you should not take seriously , for you will easily kill Rama.”                                                                                                          7.25


     Thus ends the seventh    chapter   of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book.


8. That Ministers boast about themselves.


(All the ministers  and chiefs of Rakshasas claim that they alone can kill all monkeys.  One Rakshasas suggests that they can take human form and deceive Rama.)


Then a Rakshasa called Prahastha who is of the colour of the rich blue cloud , who was a commander of his army   with hands folded in salutation spoke .                                                                                            8.1

“Devas, Dhanavas, Gandharwas , Ghosts , birds and serpents  are not strong enough to attack you   and why are you getting worried about two men?”                                                                                                 8.2

“All of us in good faith neglected that Hanuman, who deceived us  and if I am alive that monkey cannot  further go alive.”                                                                                                                                                      8.3

“If you give me an order , I would make the earth consisting of mountains and  forests extending up to the sea , bereft of monkeys.”                                                                                                                                8.4

“Oh night walker , I will see to it that you are protected from monkeys  and not even a little sorrow would come to you because of  mistakes committed by you.”                                                                       8.5

A Rakshasa called Durmukha spoke    with great anger “This molestation done by him should never be tolerated.”                                                                                                                                                                  8.6

“I am extremely sad that the city and private apartments of the king of Rakshasas was attacked   by that king of monkeys.”                                                                                                                                                      8.7

“At this moment  , all alone I would  destroy all the monkeys  whether they hide in the huge ocean or the great sky or the Rasathala. “                                                                                                                             8.8

The very powerful Vajradamshtra   with great anger  took  a horrifying iron club with flesh attached   to it  and spoke as follows.                                                                                                                                           8.9

“ The pitiable Hanuman and the saintly Rama along with Sugreeva and Lakshmana   are  not a very great difficult to conquer for me.”                                                                                                                                 8.10

“Now itself I will kill Rama, Lakshmana  along with Sugreeva    with this iron club and return back immediately.”                                                                                                                                                        8.11

“Oh king , if you desire , kindly hear some more of my words . Anyone who is skilled in strategies and does not have lassitude can kill his enemies easily.”                                                                                      8.12

“Oh king of Rakshasas, thousands of Rakshasas  who can take any desired form , who are valorous , who are appalling, who are very huge  and  who have firm resolve , can assume the form of human beings  and without embarrassment can  approach Rama   and tell him as follows.”                                   8.13-8.14

“We have been sent here by your younger  brother Bharatha . He is in the process of collecting his army and would come here soon.”                                                                                                                         8.15

“Then we will go there with speed   carrying , tridents, javelins , maces  as well as bow and arrows.”  8.16

“Standing in groups on the sky , we would kill the monkey army  with mighty rain of stones and missiles and send them to  the world of death.”                                                                                                             8.17

“If Rama and Lakshmana   fall  in our trap softly , surely they would have to give away their soul and go away.”                                                                                                                                                                       8.18

The valorous Nikumbha who was the son of Khumbakarna spoke with great anger to Ravana who tormented  the world .                                                                                                                                          8.19

“All of  you here stay with our great  king. I would alone kill Rama  and Lakshmana ,and Sugreeva, Hanuman and  all other monkeys.”                                                                                                                     8.20

Then a mountain like Rakshasa called Vajrahanu , who was  very angry spoke licking his lips   by his toungue.                                                                                                                                                                    8.21

“You all please do your jobs without any worries whatsoever.  I alone will go and eat away the entire monkey army  and so you can play happily  and drink liquor .”                                                           8.22-8.23

“I alone will kill Sugreeva, Lakshmana , Angadha, Hanuman, Rama who is the war elephant.”             8.24


     Thus ends the eighth     chapter   of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book.


9.Vibheeshana advices   Ravana


(Vibheeshana the younger brother of Ravana then points out the enemy’s stong points and advices Ravana to return  Sita. Without answering him Ravana goes to his home.)


Then, Nikumbha, Rabhasa, the exceedingly strong Surya satru, Suptaghna, Yanjakopa, Mahaparsva and Mahodara, the unconquerable demons Agniketu and Rasmiketu, then the powerful son of Ravana named Indrajit endowed with great energy, Prahasta and Virupaksha, Vajradamshtra who was extraordinarily strong, Dhumarksha and Atikaya and the demon by name Durmukha, carrying iron clubs, sharp-edged spears, spikes, darts, javelins and axes, bows with excellent arrows and swords shining like a vast expanse of water, and who were all extremely enraged, and flaming as it were with glory, those demons rose up and told  Ravana .                                                                                                            9.1-9.5

“We will now itself kill Rama, Sugreeva and Lakshmana  and that pitiable Hanuman who attacked  the city of Lanka.                                                                                                                                                         9.6

Vibheeshana  with folded hands calmed down all those Rakshasas , who already had seized   their weapons  and after making them sit down spoke.                                                                                         9.7

“Oh brother , only that which cannot be accomplished by the three methods(Conciliation, gift and creating dissension) should be  accomplishing by show of power according to wise men”.                    9.8

“The valorous acts bring results only in case of indifferent people, people who have been attacked by enemy and those struck down by fate .”                                                                                                            9.9

“How do you wish to attack  the famous Rama ,who is not distracted, who has won over his anger and who is difficult to be conquered.”                                                                                                                     9.10

“Hanuman speedily crossed the horrifying  ocean which is the lord of all rivers  and can this act be imagined by anyone in the world.”                                                                                                                   9.11

“Oh night travelers, it is extremely difficult to measure the power of the enemy  and without knowing that, they cannot be treated  hastily  with contempt  by any means.”                                                        9.12

“Previously what wrong did Rama do to the king of Rakshasas, due to which his famous wife was abducted from Janasthana.”                                                                                                                               9.13

“Khara who has exceeded his  limits was of course  killed by Rama in a war  because lives are to be definitely protected by all living beings according to their strength.”                                                         9.14

“Due to Vaidehi being here,  a great fear has been created among us . It is better to return her  who was brought  so that quarrel due to animosity could be brought to an end. “                                                   9.15

“It is not proper to create enmity without any purpose with Rama  who is valorous and is the follower of Dharma  and let Maithili  be given back to him.”                                                                                              9.16

“Before this city which has elephants , horses   ,  very many gems is shattered by his arrows, let us give back Maithili to him.”                                                                                                                                             9.17

“Much before   the  great horrifying  big monkey army   which  cannot be defeated attacks Lanka , let us return back Sita.”                                                                                                                                                    9.18

“Unless the beloved wife of Rama is returned back , the city of Lanka along with its valorous Rakshasas would perish .”                                                                                                                                                         9.19

“I am pleading with you due to our relationship  and so please act on my words which are beneficial to you, and which are truthful and so please let Maithili be given away.”                                                       9.20

“"Before Rama the son of the king discharges for your destruction by  the very strong and unfailing arrows equal to the rays of autumnal sun which have  provided with new heads and shafts, let Sita be given away to Rama.”                                                                                                                                           9.21

"Immediately give up  your anger, which destroys your  happiness and Dharma . Resort to Dharma , which leads   to  joy and fame. Become placid so that we may live with our sons and relatives. Let Sita be given away to Rama."                                                                                                                                            9.22

After hearing the words of Vibheeshana, the king of Rakshasas left all of them and entered in to his home.                                                                                                                                                                        9.23


     Thus ends the ninth     chapter   of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book.


10.Vibheeshana advices Ravana  again.


(Next day Vibheeshana approaches Ravana in his own house and again requests him to return back Sita.Ravana gets angry and sends him away.)


Vibheeshana  arrived at early dawn  to settle matters of Dharma  to the house of the king of Rakshasas for doing an important job.                                                                                                                                  10.1

Ravana ’s palace was looking like a chain of mountains  and elevated like a mountain peak  and well divided wide apartments where great  people lived.                                                                                      10.2

They were  occupied  by great ministers  who were intelligent and loved by all . That house was guarded on all sides by Rakshasas who were trustworthy and efficient.                                                                     10.3

The Wind in that place was filled by the smell of breath of elephants in rut , was tumultuous being filled by the sound of great conches  and was echoing with the sound of musical instruments.                       !0.4

Being populated  by multitude women, its   principal passages were  filled with the sound of their talk , and was with golden turrets which were excellently decorated.                                                                   10.5

“It was like the palace of Gandharwas and Maruths  and was filled with collection of jewels  and looked like a palace of passionate people.”                                                                                                                    10.6

Vibheeshana with great luster  entered the palace of his elder brother who was shining like a Sun entering in to a huge cloud.                                                                                                                                  10.7 

He heard  the sound of the  holy   chants of purification  recited by  experts in Vedas , which wished victory to his brother.                                                                                                                                             10.8

That Vibheeshana with great strength  saw Brahmins who were experts in Vedic chants being worshipped  and being given pots filled with curd, ghee  and unbroken rice along with flowers.         10.9

Vibheeshana who was shining  due to his own luster  and who was being worshipped by  other Rakshasas, saluted  the very strong  Ravana the younger brother of Khubera who was sitting on the throne .                                                                                                                                                                   10.10

After he   who was an expert in ritual formalities  did the customary formalities , he occupied a golden throne as indicated by the   eye of  the king.                                                                                                   10.11

In the presence of ministers as well as in private audience  , he spoke to the great soul Ravana , words which are beneficial, meaningful and reasonable.                                                                                         10.12

Vibheeshana   who could discriminate between good and bad things , sought  the favour of his elder  brother  by telling soothing words  and spoke in consonance with the place and time.                        10.13

“Oh killer of enemies , from the time  Sita reached here, inauspicious omens are  being seen buy us.”  


 "Even if the sacrificial fire is fed with oblations after  uttering a proper set of Mantras (Spiritual texts), the fire is not flaring up well, emitting sparks, its flames are enveloped in smoke and are coming forth, polluted with soot."                                                                                                                                10.15

“Serpents are being found near the altar of the sacrificial fire as well as near places of Vedic rituals , ants are  found in the Havya , which has to be offered in sacrificial fire.”                                            10.16

“Cow’s milk is getting curdled and great elephants are  not going in rut  and horses are neighing miserably and are  not eating grasses.”                                                                                               10.17

“Donkeys, Mules  and camels are shedding tears and are losing their hairs and are not getting  cured despite  being medically treated.”                                                                                                                10.18

“Crows in groups are crying in a cruel manner  from all directions  and are seen at the top of towers and assembly of men.”                                                                                                                                           10.19

“Vultures are flying over the city in circles  and inauspiciously approach   during  both during dawn and dusk.”                                                                                                                                                               10.20

“Meat eating animals are found to cry loudly at the city gates  with a voice like thunder.”            10.21

“Oh valorous brother, when things are happening this way , an  atonement is appropriate and I feel that you have to return Vaidehi to Rama.”                                                                                                         10.22

“Oh king , if you think that I am talking all these because of my  infatuation or greed , even then you should not find fault with me.”                                                                                                                     10.23

“These bad omens are being seen all over the city by Rakshasas  as well as Rakshassis   and also by members of your private apartment.”                                                                                                       10.24

“All your ministers are  not giving this advice to you  and I would certainly tell you whatever I have seen or heard  and you should take appropriate   action regarding all  these.”                                          10.25

Thus a brother Vibheeshana  spoke to his brother Ravana  who is the greatest of Rakshasas  in between several ministers.”                                                                                                                                         10.26

After having heard these beneficial , very meaningful , soft , reasonable and  suitable for past, present and future  words , with great anger in reply he uttered the following.                                             10.27

“I do not see   fear from any  one? Raghava will never get back  Maithili and even if the elder brother of Lakshmana    comes along  with Indra , for a war with me , he would not be able to stand before me.”


The ten faced one who was greatly strong and very greatly valorous , who has previously destroyed the army of devas  after saying this sent away his brother Vibheeshana who was telling suitable words.10.29


     Thus ends the tenth     chapter   of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book.


11.Ravana summons the general council


(Not satisfied with the advice he got, Ravana summons  a general council  of Rakshasas. All people including Vibheeshana   and Prahastha arrive for  attending the council.)


That sinful king got further weak   being  passionately loving Maithili , despising the kind hearted friend as well as by his sinful action .                                                                                                                            11.1

Since the prospect of war was coming very near , Ravana wanted to do further consultations with his friends    and ministers.                                                                                                                                       11.2  

He mounted the great chariot covered by gold and studded with valuable gems   and drawn by trained horses.                                                                                                                                                                    11.3

Having mounted that  best chariot , that great Rakshasa with ten necks  started moving towards his council   making the rattling sound of  a great cloud.                                                                                    11.4

Heroes holding sword and shield  and Rakshasas armed with all weapons , marched in front of the chariot of king of Rakshasas.                                                                                                                              11.5

With very many  unpalatable shapes  and wearing different type of ornaments , the Rakshasa marched surrounding him from sides as well as behind .                                                                                             11.6

Great charioteers in chariots ,  elephants in rut and horses in different gaits  speedily rushed after   the ten necked one.                                                                                                                                                    11.7

Some were Holding mace  and iron rod , some  holding  Shakthi  and  Javelin  and some   were wearing axes and other type of tridents .                                                                                                                       11.8

Then thousands of trumpets gave rise to huge sound  and several conches produced tumultuous sounds.


Then that great chariot  with an auspicious look making sounds by moving wheels  soon, entered the royal avenue.                                                                                                                                                     11.10

The spotlessly  pure white Umbrella which was held over the  head  of the king of Rakshasas shined like a full moon.                                                                                                                                                           11.11

Two white cowry fans  made of yak tails and having handle made out  crystal and   with golden fringes  were also shining.                                                                                                                                                 11.12 

All the Rakshasas who were standing on the land,  bowed their head and saluted the king of Rakshasas riding on a chariot.                                                                                                                                                11.13

Praised by the Rakshasas who were  cheering him to get victory , that harasser of enemies   approached the council hall .                                                                                                                                                    11.14

Ravana with great splendour, with his body shining brightly, entered that assembly hall, which was paved with gold and silver, whose interior was wrought with pure crystal, carpeted with skins of deer, guarded by six hundred evil spirits, ever shining and well-constructed by Visvakarma.          11.15-11.16

Ravana occupied a great seat in that  hall , embedded by Vaidoorya gems , covered with a skin of Priyaka and furnished with pillows.                                                                                                                           11.17

After that the king Ravana ordered  his  emissaries who were valorous “Since I know what the enemies are doing   there is a great work before us and so call  all the Rakshasas quickly.”                            11.18

Hearing the words of the Rakshasa king , they went round the entire Lanka , in to gardens and inside bed rooms and in to every house  without fear  and summoned Rakshasas    from everywhere.    11.19-11.20

Some Rakshasas came mounted on pretty chariots,  some came  on horses , some came on elephants    and some others walked down.                                                                                                                    11.21

The city became very crowded    with the coming of Rakshasas  on chariots, horses and elephants   and appeared like birds rushing fast in the sky.                                                                                                 11.22

Parking horses, elephants and various kinds vehicles like chariots, they entered by foot the assembly-hall as a mountain-cave is entered by lions.                                                                                                      11.23

After touching the feet of the king, in return   honoured by him , some of them sat on seats , some on mats and some on bare grounds.                                                                                                                11.24

As per the order of the king they all assembled   in the council hall and took position around the king  as  per  their rank.                                                                                                                                                11.25

Ministers who were scholars  who were well versed in deciding action and  those endowed with good qualities, those who knew everything , king's ministers who could perceive things by their power of intellect and warriors in hundreds, gathered according to their importance in that assembly hall, which was wrapped with gold, for telling their opinions  on all actions.                                             11.26-11.27

That great soul Vibheeshana who was famous  got in to an auspicious and very broad chariot, with several of its part being made in gold   and which was  drawn by  good horses,  and drove towards the council hall of Ravana, his elder brother.                                                                                                11.28

Then that younger brother Told the king his name saluted him by touching his feet .Sukha and Prahastha   did also like wise and Ravana allotted   them all suitable seats.                                                       11.29

The aroma of the best aloe and sandal paste painted on the persons as also of garlands worn round the necks of those Rakshasas  duly adorned with ornaments of gold and gems and attired in excellent clothes diffused all round in the assembly-hall.                                                                                   11.30

The assembled Rakshasas  there did not shout  loudly. None told a lie  or even talked vociferously. All of them were ready for action and were endowed with terrible energy. All of them sat, perceiving their lord's face.                                                                                                                                                  11.31

In  that assembly Ravana who was self willed  shined with extreme brilliance  among all those  Rakshasas who have assembled there  and appeared like Indra among the Vasus .                                      11.32


     Thus ends the eleventh   chapter   of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book.


12.In the general council Khumbakarna   speaks.


(Ravana   briefs his people about past events and tells them that he is passionately  in love with  Sita.  Khumbakarna says that what he has done is wrong, but he  will do all his best to defeat Rama and his army if needed.)


Then Ravana who was the most eminent in the assembly seeing the gathering instructed Prahastha the commander in chief of the  Rakshasa  army.                                                                                                    12.1

“Oh commander , you are instructed to give orders to the  warriors    of well trained four branches of   the army  to take up the   job of protecting the city.                                                                                     12.2

Then Prahastha who had a steadfast mind , with a view to follow the command of the king , stations his whole army outside and inside the city.                                                                                                       12.3

After stationing the army  for the defense of the city  as per   the king’s order , Prahastha  sat in front of the king and spoke .                                                                                                                                         12.4

“Your army which  is as strong as you,  has been stationed inside and outside the city  and so with a mind without any distraction , do whatever is needed by you.                                                              12.5

That king who was interested in the welfare of his country , after hearing the words of Prahastha , for obtaining pleasure spoke amidst his friends.                                                                                            12.6

“When you are in difficult situations , regarding  Virtue , pleasure and wealth , you are able to have  a correct idea about your likes and dislikes, pain and pleasure , gain and loss, and advantages and disadvantages.”                                                                                                                                                12.7       

“All  actions of mine  have been undertaken by me were done with great attention and never in vain.”


“I would attain great prosperity because of the cooperation shown by all of you , like Indra gets prosperity through cooperation of  moon, planets, devas    and stars.”                                                12.9

“I am intending to tell all of you again though I had not informed Khumbakarna    earlier because  he was asleep.”                                                                                                                                                            12.10

“The very strong Khumbakarna , who can wield all weapons  has been sleeping for  the past   six months  and now he has woken up.”                                                                                                                        12.11

“Sita the darling wife of Rama and daughter of Janaka was brought from Dandakaranya , which is frequented by Rakshasas.”                                                                                                                           12.12

“That lazy one does not want to climb in to my bed  and I am of the opinion in the three worlds , there is no one else like her. “                                                                                                                                    12.13

“She has slim waist, well developed hips , has a face like autumn moon , resembles a golden doll , gentle and is like a doll of illusion created by Maya.”                                                                                         12.14

“Seeing that matchless  one  keep her red  and very soft feet , evenly placing on  the ground , my lust has  been kindled.”                                                                                                                                                12.15

“Seeing her flame like looks , her luster like the sun, prominent nose  and  pretty eyes , I have become weakened  and have become owned  by passion.”                                                                                  12.16

“I am  polluted by passion , anger and  joy  which makes me pale  and I have been suffering from  sorrow ever since.”                                                                                                                                      12.17

“That  large eyed one begged   for one year time from me , expecting   that she would see  her husband Rama  and I accepted the auspicious request of that pretty eyed one  and I have become weary due to lust for her , like a horse  running on the same path continuously.”                                      12.18-12.19

“How will those monkeys living in the forest  or the  sons of Dasaratha cross this  unassailable  sea which is crowded by many sea animals?”                                                                                                           12.20

“But one single monkey  has caused great destruction  here but the result of their action is  unpredictable .Please tell me what is in your mind.”                                                                           12.21

"We have no fear with human beings. Even so, this  matter can be discussed. Earlier, together with you, I conquered the devas in a battle between the devas and Rakshasas. You also conquered them. Knowing the whereabouts of Sita,  that Rama and Lakshmana together with Sugreeva and other monkeys have  reached the other shore of the ocean."                                                                                       12.22-12.24

“Please tell me a plan   , which is legal and  by which Sita need not be handed over and Rama and Lakshmana are  killed.”                                                                                                                              12.25

“I do not find anybody in this world has the capacity  to cross this ocean along with the monkeys and so surely victory will be mine.”                                                                                                                       12.26

Hearing that appeal from him which was laced only with passion , Khumbakarna   spoke the following words with great anger.                                                                                                                               12.27

“You should have properly thought over before bringing Sita   who was accompanied   by Rama  and Lakshmana  , to this place , for even Yamuna at its starting point fills a depression on earth with water.”


“Oh king, it would have been greatly proper  , if you have done    this consultation before  doing    that  act.”                                                                                                                                                                12.29

“Oh ten faced one , when a king does the affairs of the kingdom  as per law of justice would not repent later .”                                                                                                                                                            12.30

“Unplanned actions lead to negative   results  and get spoiled , like oblations without devotion gets negative results.”                                                                                                                                         12.31

“ He wants to do actions  which ought be done earlier at  a later time , would be doing  rituals done after   death  not according to Vedic percepts.”                                                                                                12.32

“Seeing superior strength in acts done without consistency  and seeking his weak point is like the swans seeking a  clearing in the Krouncha mountain.”                                                                                   12.33

“You have undertaken to do this  job without proper thought  and by luck  Rama did not kill you , for a piece of meat mixed with poison would kill the one who eats  it.”                                              12.34

“Oh blemish less one ,  therefore by killing your enemies I will neutralize , the dishonorable act of yours   towards   them.”                                                                                                                                       12.35

"O, night traveler ! I shall kill  your enemies. I shall fight  in this war  with those  two brothers, even if they are Indra and the sun-god or the god of fire and the wind-god or Khubera  and Varuna .”12.36

“With a mountain sized  body, sharp teeth  and carrying huge weapons , I will roar and attack them and kill even if they are  Indra.”                                                                                                                       12.37

“Before that   Rama kills me with his arrow , I shall definitely drink his blood  , so please get  cheerful.”


“I will bring pleasure to you   by killing those sons of Dasaratha  and also  fetch victory to you.  After killing Rama and Lakshmana , I will eat away all   the monkeys .”                                                    12.39

“Enjoy passion, drink liquor  to the extent of your desire  without any anxiety ,. I will send Rama to the abode of Yama  and Sita would be  yours forever.”                                                                           12.40


     Thus ends the twelfth    chapter   of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book.


13.Mahaparswa  suggests force  and Ravana answers


(Mahaparswa says that there is nothing wrong in possessing sita with force. Ravana tells him a curse which was given to him by Brahma   , which would make his head break in to thousand pieces , if he takes  possenion of any lady with force.)


Noticing that Ravana was very angry   , a   very strong Rakshasa  called Mahaparswa, thought for a moment  and told the  following words.                                                                                                    13.1

“Indeed after reaching the forest , which is inhabited by wild  beasts  and if a ma does not drink  honey(Liquor) , he  is childish.”                                                                                                                   13.2

“Oh destroyer of enemies , when you are lord of all beings , who can be a lord to you? So you step  down on the heads  of your enemies and then  enjoy with Sita.”                                                        13.3

“Forcibly like a cock  behave with her , and charge and again charge   that Vaidehi    and enjoy her.”


“After you get satisfaction to your passion, why bother about what will  happen latter? All that comes and that which is yet to come would be prevented by that.”                                                             13.5 

“Kumbhakarna along with our strong Indrajit   is  capable of opposing    even  the God Indra?”  13.6

“After  giving gifts, consoling ,creating competition  are tried and  not working , I like getting this done  through punishment .”                                                                                                                                13.7

“Oh very strong one, without  any doubt we will take in to our custody all those enemies of yours who manage to reach here.”                                                                                                                                    13.8

When spoken like  this by Mahaparswa, the king Ravana   honoured him    and spoke as follows addressing him.                                                                                                                                                 13.9

“Oh Mahaparswa, please know about a little secret about me . I shall tell you about it , which occurred to me a long time ago.”                                                                                                                                 13.10

“Once when I was going to the home of Grandfather(Brahma), I happened to see  a  deva maiden called Punjikasthala  who was like a lightning hiding in the sky.”                                                                     13.11

“She was undressed and forcibly   enjoyed by me  and she like a crumpled lotus flower went  to  the home of lord Brahma .”                                                                                                                              13.12

“I think that this matter was informed    to the great soul Lord Brahma  and then the greatly enraged  Brahma told me these words.”                                                                                                                 13.13

“From today onwards, if you make love to a women forcibly , without any doubt  , your head would break    into  hundred pieces.”                                                                                                                 13.14

“Due to the great effect  caused by this curse , I am not forcibly making Sita , the daughter  of Janaka  mount in to my bed.”                                                                                                                                13.15

“I have the force  of the wind and speed of the ocean  and without knowing this the son of Dasaratha  is attacking me. “                                                                                                                                          13.16

“Who would like to address  me  who is like a  lion  sleeping in a  mountain cave , which would make  me like death?”                                                                                                                                                 13.17

“That Rama has not seen my arrows   which are like serpents and which have two toungues and that is why he is marching against me in  war.”                                                                                                13.18

“Very quickly  by making use of hundreds of arrows of mine which are like Vajrayudha  I will burn Rama like  tormenting an elephant with fire brands .”                                                                                 13.19

“With my great army I will destroy the army of Rama , just like  rising sun destroys the    shining of stars.”                                                                                                                                                         13.20

“Neither the thousand eyed  Indra nor Varuna  can defeat me in battle  and once upon a time this city of Lanka was captured in a battle from Khubera  by me.”                                                                     13.21


     Thus ends the thirteenth    chapter   of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book.


14.Vibheeshana advices Ravana and other Rakshasa  chiefs.


(Vibheeshana criticizes the action of his   brother and requests him to return Sita so that all Rakshasas are not destroyed.)


Hearing the words of the king of  Rakshasas and the roar of Kumbhakarna , Vibheeshana  told the following useful   words   to the king of Rakshasa.                                                                             14.1

“Who has tied unnecessarily this gigantic  serpent called  Sita , whose  bosom is the  hood , , whose  anxiety is the poison , her sweet smiles are the fangs  and whose five  fingers   are the five hoods ., around your  neck”                                                                                                                                  14.2

“Before the mountain sized monkeys whose weapons are their teeth and nails descend on Lanka , please give back Maithili   to the son of Dasaratha.”                                                                       14.3

“Before the arrows of Rama which are equivalent to Vajrayudha come with a speed of wind  and  cuts off the heads of the Rakshasa chiefs , please give back  Maithili    to   the son of Dasaratha.”            14.4 

"Oh king,  neither Kumbhakarna or Indrajit and either Mahaparsva or Mahodara and either Nikumbha or Kumbha or even Atikaya can withstand Rama in  a battle."                                                           14.5

“Even if you are protected by the sun or Maruths  or  you are seated on the lap of Indra or even God of death  or even if you have penetrated in to heaven or hell. The arrows of Rama  would not spare  you.”


After hearing the words of Vibheeshana   Prahastha replied, “We have never felt any fear  and we do not have any fear   with devas   or  Rakshasas at any time .”                                                              14.7

"When   we do not have  any fear from Yakshas  or Gandharwas   or eminent Nagas  or from birds and reptiles on the field of battle,  how can we have fear from Rama, the son of a human king at any time in battle?"                                                                                                                                                          14.8

Hearing the words of  Prahastha   which were  not good    for  the  king, Vibheeshana  who had a stable mind and was firm in following Dharma , Artha and Kama   spoke these very meaningful  words”  14.9

“Oh Prahastha  , the actions that the king or Mahodhara  or Kumbhakarna told about Rama  are impossible to be implemented and is like wicked people     trying to go to heaven.           14.10

“ How can   the killing of Rama  who is an expert  in war  by you Prahastha  or all other Rakshasas happen , for how can a person without  even a piece of wood  cross an ocean.”                14.11

“In front of Rama who considers Dharma as important , who is a great charioteer  , and an important king of the Ikshuvaku dynasty , even Devas would feel bewildered   and so how can ordinary people accomplish anything?”                                                                                                                    14.12

"Oh, Prahastha , The sharp arrows discharged by Rama, which are furnished with eagle 's feathers and are dangerous to be approached and since   they  have not yet penetrated, your body,  you indulge in a boastful talk."                                                                                                                                 14.13

"The sharp and fatal arrows, discharged by Rama with the speed of a Vajrayudha , have not yet penetrated, duly splitting your body. That is why; you are indulged in a boastful talk."  14.14

"Ravana or Triseersha, with great strength or Nikumbha the son of Kumbhakarna or Indrajit or yourself are not capable to withstand Rama, who is equal in strength to Indra, in battle."          14.15

"Even Devantaka or Narantaka or Atikaya or Atiratha of very big  proportions, or Akampana who is  as mighty as an ocean are not capable to withstand against Rama in battle."                      14.16

“Now our king is addicted to several bad habits , is rude by nature and his friends have become his enemies  and he is  now  acting without any consideration     for   the destruction of Rakshasas.14.17

“You also please lift the king  and release him from the ties of terrific and exceedingly strong snake  of boundless proportions  and having one thousand heads.”                                                                   14.18

“It is time that all his friends , who are getting full favours from him, should collect together and if needed  pull him back by catching his hair  because he is in the clutch of very strong evil spirits.”  14.19

  "This Ravana, for his part who is going to be enveloped forcibly by an ocean in the shape of Rama - which is full of excellent water  and who is about to fall into the mouth of Patala  in the shape of Rama, is fit to be rescued united by you."                                                                                                         14.20

"I am telling these right and wholesome words, to   this city and the Rakshasas  inhabiting  it as well as to the king and his well wishers. Let Sita be given back to the son of the king."                               14.21

“He alone is a good minister, who after understanding the strength of others   as well as our own strength , judges our own present position, possible   decrease  or increase  and tells his opinion    in the interests of the king.”                                                                                                                              14.22


     Thus ends the fourteenth  chapter   of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book.


15.Indrajit criticizes  Vibheeshana


(Indrajit makes  fun of Vibheeshana  and says he is a coward. He feels   that he can easily kill Rama and his monkey army.  Vibheeshana gives a fitting answer.)


After hearing carefully the words of Vibheeshana who was equivalent  to Bruhaspathi in intelligence

The great Indrajit  who was a chief of army told.                                                                                  15.1

“Oh young father , why are you talking these meaningless   and  greatly fearful words ?Even a person who is not born in our race at this time  would  not speak such words and do such things.”              15.2

“This youngest father  is the only  male in our race who lacks , strength , valour, fighting spirit , courage  , prowess and also  luster.”                                                                                                                         15.3

“Who are after all these human beings who are the sons of the king? They can easily be killed by   one ordinary Rakshasa among us  and oh coward, why are you frightening us?”                                 15.4

“Once I threw on the floor the lord of devas who was supposed to be lord of the three worlds  and all the deva groups who were there  at that time fled in different directions.”                                      15.5

“I also threw the Iravatha elephant which was making   discordant  sounds on the floor and then by extracting its teeth , I made   all the deva groups greatly scared.”                                                      15.6

“How is that  I who had destroyed the pride of the devas  and who made the life of asuras miserable ,  can become incapable   of   conquering the ordinary sons of a king  who are mere human beings?”  15.7

Hearing those words of  Indrajit who was equal to Indra and very difficult to be conquered  and who was greatly   powerful , Vibheeshana who was best among those who carry weapons  spoke the   following very meaningful words.                                                                                                                                   15.8

“Oh Lad , you do not have stability  in providing advice.  You are a child and  have not attained maturity  and so you are prattling many words  which are without any meaning and which will lead to your destruction.”                                                                                                                                                     15.9

“Oh Indrajit, you are not accepting words  from me indicating destruction of Ravana from Rama due to ignorance , as in the name of being a son  of Ravana you are his enemy.”                                         15.10  

“Due to your ignorant brain you are  fit to be killed,. No he who brought  a reckless  boy  like  you who is greatly adventurous  to this assembly   near the great ministers is fit to be killed.”                         15.11

"Oh Indrajit, You are a stupid, lacking stability , without humility, rude natured; unwise; evil person, inexperienced and highly evil minded. You are speaking in this manner because you are an immature boy".                                                                                                                                                                 15.12

“In battle who can bear the arrows  which are discharged  by  Rama which are similar to the staff of God of death  and which has the luster of the staff  of Brahma and take the form of god of death.” 15.13

“Oh king let us offer riches  , gems , good jewels , excellent cloths  , bright coloured gems and Goddess like Sita to  Rama and then live a life without anguish.”                                                                       15.14


     Thus ends the fifteenth  chapter   of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book.


16 Ravana Talks harshly to Vibheeshana  and he leaves him.


(Ravana shouts  at  Vibheeshana and calls  him as a traitor. Unable to tolerate this Vibheeshana decides to desert him.)


Hearing the words of Vibheeshana which were stable , suitable and aimed at  welfare , Ravana driven by the God of death spoke these harsh words.                                                                                                      16.1

“One can live with an enemy and even a very poisonous snake but cannot live with an enemy  who is taking like a friend.”                                                                                                                                                16.2

“Oh Rakshasa, I know about the behaviour of all men belonging to our clan  and all these men of the clan rejoice at the bad luck of the members of their own clan.”                                                                    16.3

“Oh Rakshasa , the people of the clan  insult and humiliate the members of their own clan who is a great leader , an educated one , a person following Dharma  and one who is valorous.”                                   16.4

“These horrible members of our own clan have concealed thoughts  and treacherous minds  and these bad ones rejoice  at the  sufferings of the members of their own clan.”                                                    16.5

“Please hear the musical verses spoken by elephants in  Padmavana   long ago , when they saw men holding noose in  their hands.”                                                                                                                           16.6

“To us fire , noose  or weapons do not cause any fear but the horrifying people our clan driven by selfishness     definitely causes fear.”                                                                                                            16.7

“These people our clan   without any doubt  will inform our strategy to our enemies  enabling them  to catch us and so it is well known that fear  of people of our clan is  greatest to us.”                          16.8

“In cow there is wealth , , in members of our clan there is fear , in ladies there is fickleness   and  there is austerity among Brahmins.”                                                                                                                        16.9

“Oh soft one, people are venerating me not because they like you  and I obtained all these riches by sitting  tight on head of my enemies.”                                                                                                    16.10

“Just like drops of water falling on the leaves  of lotus  does not cling to it , the friendship with ungentlemanly people does not last long.”                                                                                           16.11

“Though the clouds of autumn makes roaring sounds ,it cannot wet the earth and like that the friendship  with ungentlemanly people does  not last.”                                                                 16.12

“Like the honeybee   drinking honey does not stick to it due to desire for more , you also  are one who  does not stick to friendship.”                                                                                                                             16.13

“Like a honey bee  cannot drink honey from the flower  of grass  , friendship  and love cannot  be extracted from ungentlemanly  people .”                                                                                            16.14

“Like an elephant dirtying itself  pouring on itself  dust by  its trunk  after its bath , the friendship with  ungentlemanly people gets dirtied like that .”                                                                                   16.15

“Oh person moving  at night  , if these words had been uttered by someone else , he would cease to exist in a moment , oh breaker of our clan, a curse on you.”                                                          16.16

When these harsh words were heard by  Vibheeshana  who was a man of justice ,  armed with  a mace and four of his assistant Rakshasas , he soared in to the sky.                                                        16.17

Vibheeshana who was  greatly angered , after rising in to the sky  spoke these  words to his brother   who  was the king of Rakshasas.                                                                                                        16.18

“Oh king you are my elder brother and so please say whatever you like , for according to Dharma   an elder brother is equivalent to our own father  but I am not able to tolerate these harsh words from you.”


“Oh ten faced one  , I spoke to you proper words aimed at your welfare  but one with a ill composed mind  cannot understand    words spoken by a well wisher.”                                                      16.20

“It is easy to get people who always speak the words that   you love, but those people   who speak  proper words  which are not pleasing are difficult to find.”                                                           16.21

“All beings are dragged away  tied  by the noose of God of death  but I am not able to save you as you are  in the house that is burning.”                                                                                                       16.22

“I do not want to see you killed by Rama using his  deadly arrows , which are like flaming fire  decorated with gold.”                                                                                                                                             16.23

“Persons who are strong and valiant  and who are skilled in use of weapons ,when the proper time comes sink down like  a dam constructed on sand.”                                                                    16.24

“As an elder brother , please bear with my words  spoken to you desiring your welfare ,. Please take care of yourself , the city and its Rakshasas, Be safe. I am going away ,. Become happy because of my absence.”                                                                                                                                     16.25-16.26

“Oh person moving at night , Due to my desire for your welfare , I might have  used words restraining you and you might not have liked them. This is because persons who near their end do not accept the advice of well wishers.”                                                                                                                                    16.27

    Thus ends the sixteenth  chapter   of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book.


17. Vibheeshana seeks protection


(Vibheeshana  along with his four ministers seeks protection from Rama. The monkeys suspect hi,. Rama asks the opinion of monkey chiefs. Only Hanuman feels that  he should be accepted.)


After the younger brother of Ravana spoke these harsh words to Ravana , immediately  he arrived at the place of Rama and Lakshmana.                                                                                                                         17.1

The monkey lords standing on the ground   saw  on the sky him who was like Meru mountain  and who was shining like lightning.                                                                                                                                   17.2

They also saw his four assistants who were   huge and valorous ,They were also carrying weapons and were wearing ornaments.                                                                                                                                  17.3

He was looking like a mountain of clouds  and having shine like Vajrayudha and valorous one was having divine weapons  and wearing divine ornaments.                                                                                           17.4

Sugreeva the king of monkeys   seeing Vibheeshana  among those  five people , being intelligent became worried along with other monkeys.                                                                                                                   17.5

After thinking for a moment  , he spoke to the monkeys along with monkey lords including   Hanuman .      


“See these well armed Rakshasa along with four others  and there is no doubt  that  they are coming to kill us.”                                                                                                                                                                     17.7

When the best of the monkeys heard the words of Sugreeva , he  lifted Sala trees as well as mountains and spoke as follows.                                                                                                                                     17.8

“Oh king,  quickly order us , so that we can kill those wicked ones so that those fools will fall on the ground  dead.”                                                                                                                                                        17.9

When they were talking to each other like this Vibheeshana  reached the northern shore and comfortably stopped there.                                                                                                                               17.10

That very intelligent one , staying  comfortably in the sky itself ,spoke in a loud voice to them  after seeing Sugreeva and other monkeys .                                                                                                              17.11

“There is Rakshasa  with bad conduct who is the king of the Rakshasas and I am  the younger brother of that bad one and known as Vibheeshana.                                                                                                       17.12

“He is the one who abducted Sita from Janasthana after killing Jatayu  and that pathetic lady  who is being held captive  is being held against her will and is guarded  by Rakshasis.”                                     17.13

“I persuaded Ravana again and again  by various type of words and arguments to return Sita safely  to Rama.”                                                                                                                                                                   17.14

“Being encouraged by  God of death , he did not accept my advice just like a perverted person does not accept medicine.”                                                                                                                                                 17.15

“He told  harsh words to me , treated me as his servant and also insulted me  and I forsaking my son and wife , have come    to surrender to Rama.”                                                                                                     17.16

“Please inform quickly that  great soul Rama , who protects   all the world that  Vibheeshana has come .”


Hearing these words Sugreeva who does things swiftly  hurriedly told these words  to Rama in front of Lakshmana.                                                                                                                                                           17.18

“Unexpectedly he who is an enemy belonging to the enemy army has come here to kill all of us like  owls destroying the crow.”                                                                                                                                         17.19

"O,  destroyer of enemies! You should  be aware of the design, distribution, leading of the army and the secret service of the monkeys and also of your foes. May good come to you!"                                    17.20

“The Rakshasas who can take any form   they like can vanish too  and they are heroic as well as deceitful  and so we cannot trust them.                                                                                                                         17.21

“He may be a spy sent by Ravana the  King of Rakshasas  and there is no doubt  that he can become one of us and create differences between us.”                                                                                      17.22

“Otherwise that intelligent one can find out our weaknesses   or having gained our confidence , he may even attack us.”                                                                                                                                                  17.23

“We can   accept the army provided by friends of the forest or  accept  the help of hereditary paid warriors but  we should avoid taking help from the enemy.”                                                                 17.24   

“He is by nature a Rakshasa  who  is the brother of our enemy who has directly come over from him  and so how can we trust  him?”                                                                                                                             17.25

“The younger brother of Ravana whose name is Vibheeshana  along with  his four assistant Rakshasas has approached you for protection.”                                                                                                            17.26

“Oh Rama who can judge what is right , I feel that this Vibheeshana has been sent by Ravana  and we have to first arrest him .”                                                                                                                                 17.27

“Oh faultless one, he has come here sent by a crooked Rakshasa and when you start  trusting him, he would attack you using his powers of illusion.”                                                                                        17.28

“This Vibheeshana is definitely the brother of the cruel Ravana  and so let us kill him and give severe punishment to his assistants.”                                                                                                                     17.29

“After the  chief of the army  who was an expert in talk expressed his views hurriedly  , Rama the master of words  thereafter preferred to be silent.”                                                                                           17.30

The very strong Rama after hearing these words of Sugreeva  told  the  monkeys  sitting in front  of  chief Hanuman who was near him.”                                                                                                                   17.31

“The very reasonable opinion about the brother of  king Ravana  spoken by Sugreeva was also heard by you.”                                                                                                                                                               17.32

“An efficient and intelligent person desirous of the  everlasting welfare of his friend , should advise him, when he faces difficulties.”                                                                                                                        17.33

When Rama asked   them like this , those monkeys who wanted to do good to Rama , without any hesitation freely told their respective opinion.                                                                                     17.34

“Oh Raghava , in these three worlds , there is nothing that you do not know but with a view of honouring us , you are   asking our opinion.”                                                                                       17.35

“You are wedded to Dharma, you consider truth as your penance ,  you  have unfailing valour  , you have unfailing memory ,  you are committed to the welfare of your friends  and you take action only after proper investigation.”                                                                                                                               17.36

“And so one by one your  intelligent  and very efficient  ministers would  tell about their opinion  about this matter.”                                                                                                                                                17.37

Then the very intelligent monkey Angadha  told first Rama  that Vibheeshana    should be tested  first before taking any decision.                                                                                                                        17.38

“Vibheeshana who has directly come from our enemy should always  be suspected  and so soon , he cannot be considered as a trustworthy person.”                                                                                  17.39

“The people who cheat  move about hiding their real nature  and attack us at our weak places and lead to great misfortune.”                                                                                                                                17.40

“One should take decision only after  examining the possible merits and demerits  and accept a particular action if it is likely to lead to good and reject it if it is likely to lead to bad.”           17.41

“If we find lot of faults in him let us reject him but  if we find only good in him let us accept him.”  


Then Sarabha told the following meaningful words. “Oh tiger among men, let us send a spy   to follow him and report to us.”                                                                                                                           17.43 

“Suppose we send a spy who is extremely intelligent who would examine his activities , then we can take a decision according to justice.”                                                                                                 17.44

Jambhavan who could see this matter with   the sayings of scriptures  advised   in a faultless way  after examining the good and bad of it.                                                                                                       17.45

“This Vibheeshana has come from  the king of Rakshasas who is our greatest enemy and is a great sinner  and has arrived at an improper place and time  and so by all means he should be suspected.”      17.46

Then Mainda who is an expert in discriminating bad from good  and who has great command over his words  spoke these reasonable words.                                                                                                        17.47

“Oh king of kings This Vibheeshana is indeed the younger brother  of Ravana and so let  us find about him by questioning him using sweet words.”                                                                                            17.48

“Oh bull among men, then after knowing his mind and concluding whether he is a  bad or good one , we have take decision as per our intelligence.”                                                                                               17.49

Then the best among ministers who was highly civilized  Hanuman told  smooth, meaningful , sweet and brief words.                                                                                                                                                       17.50

“Even Bruhaspathi cannot excel you in your capacity to talk  as you posses exalted intelligence . You are also powerful, best among men , intelligent    and efficient.”                                                                 17.51

“I am not talking  to cause a fight  and not to excel over others  and Oh Rama , I am talking about this due to the importance of the matter .”                                                                                                       17.52

“I am seeing error in the judgment of ministers regarding the advantages and disadvantages  of the matter  and I feel that a judicial investigation is not possible.”                                                             17.53

“Without entrusting a work, it is not possible to judge  the ability  of any one and I feel that  it is too early to entrust any job to this stranger.”                                                                                                  17.54

“ The idea of some ministers to send a spy on him is impracticable  as that particular method is greatly impractical. “                                                                                                                                                     17.55

“It has been said that Vibheeshana came at the wrong time and place. I desire to tell my opinion on this and so kindly listen.”                                                                                                                                       17.56

“He has taken this decision after comparing merits and demerits between you and Ravana     and has decided  you are superior to him now only and hence the time and place seems to be alright .”17.57

“After seeing the wickedness in Ravana and the great valour in you , it is worthy of his judgment  to decide to come to you.”                                                                                                                             17.58

“Some ministers told that   since he is a stranger  , it is only proper  to question him before accepting him.  But please hear my views.”                                                                                                              17.59

“When he  who is wise man is  being questioned , he would start doubting you  and one who  comes as a friend  becomes faithless  , if he is questioned.”                                                                                   17.60

“Oh king without great skills in judging between different  voices and tones , it is not possible to judge speedily about his intention.”                                                                                                                   17.61

“I do not see any bad intention in him  or in his talk.  And his clear and composed face makes me not to have any doubt in him.”                                                                                                                              17.62

“A person intent on cheating does not approach  fearlessly and with confidence  and he does not look like   a bad one  and so I do not have any doubt in him.”                                                                    17.63

“It is not possible to hide the emotions in one’s face and even if it is hidden , his deeper intentions get revealed through the face.”                                                                                                                      17.64

“Oh expert in action,  an action has to be  done at the proper time  and place  and leads to fruitful results only if it is done  speedily.”                                                                                                        17.65

“Seeing your perseverance , noticing the  improper behaviour of  Ravana , hearing about death of Vali . hearing about crowning of Sugreeva , very intelligently desiring for this kingdom , he has come here . Taking  into consideration , this aspect alone, it is proper to accept him.”                        17.66-17.67

“I have told you this to the best of my ability after noting the sincerity  of this Rakshasa  and after hearing the words of mine, you have to  judge on this matter.”                                                     17.68


     Thus ends the seventeenth  chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book.


18.Rama accepts Vibheeshana


(Sugreeva is against giving  protection to Vibheeshana. Rama makes him agree quoting Sastras as well  by telling several incidents. Sugreeva agrees and they decide to accept the surrender of Vibheeshana.)


The unconquerable Rama who was pleased    after hearing what was told by the son of wind God  replied  with a firm mind , his opinion.                                                                                                   18.1

“I also desire to tell you my opinion about Vibheeshana  and I want you all who are interested in my welfare   to hear it.”                                                                                                                                    18.2

“I do not forsake anyone who comes to me with friendship in spite of his having any defect because learned people say that  acceptance of such a person  is irreproachable.”                                    18.3

Sugreeva  examined and analyzed the words spoken by Rama  and that monkey chief  gave this auspicious reply .                                                                                                                                        18.4

“It seems that  this night traveler  who forsook his elder brother  when    he was in deep trouble  is very dangerous for  he may betray any one at any time.”                                                                           18.5

When that son of Kakustha clan  , who is really  valorous heard the words of the king of monkeys , he looked round everyone , smiled a little  and spoke to Lakshmana  who has   an auspicious look .18.6-18.7

“Without reading the Sasthras and without serving old people , it is not possible to speak such words as spoken by the  king of monkeys.”                                                                                                                      18.8

“If we examine it with concentration, it appears to me that  there is something peculiar in these circumstances and it occurs among kings and ordinary people.”                                                                18.9

“It is told that persons of the same family and kings of adjoining kingdom  become enemies  due to some adversities and  that one has come here because of it.”                                                                  18.10

“But people of the family who are not sinners  do respect the interests  of their own family members who  are their well wishers  but in case of kings  even  a virtuous person also  is under suspicion.”  18.11

“Regarding the defect that you told about his being   coming from the side of the enemy , I will quote what shastras say about it and please hear.”                                                                                                 18.12

“We do not belong to the same family and one who desires to be a king is also a Rakshasa and he appears to be greatly learned and that is why he is acceptable.”                                                               18.13

“People who are of the same family do not live together happily  and without fear of each other and due to this a split occurs between them  and a great sense of fear prevails among them. That is why Vibheeshana should be accepted.”                                                                                                                   18.14

“Not all brothers are similar to Bharatha , not all people are   sons and fathers like me and not all people are friends  like you.”                                                                                                                                          18.15

When Rama told like this Sugreeva along with Lakshmana the wise  stood up and saluted  him and Sugreeva  told him  like this.”                                                                                                                            18.16

“Oh best among those who have patience , please realize that this night traveler might have been sent by Ravana  and it is better to imprison him.”                                                                                                 18.17

"Oh  mighty armed Rama, The faultless on,  This Rakshasa has been  sent to kill you who are unsuspecting, or to kill Lakshmana or me in trust. He came here with a crooked mind. He with his counselors is fit to be imprisoned. Is not Vibheeshana the brother of cruel Ravana?"            18.18-18.19

After saying like this to the best of Raghu Dynasty , Sugreeva , the chief of the army , who was expert  in speech  kept silent.                                                                                                                                           18.20

Rama heard these words of Sugreeva and after analyzing it  , told these auspicious words to the chief of the monkeys.                                                                                                                                                     18.21

“What does matter if this night walker   is a good one or a bad one  as he is incapable of causing even a little harm    to me.”                                                                                                                                        18.22

“Oh king of the monkeys , if I desire  , I can kill these ghosts, Dhanavas  and Yakshas who are living in this world  by using the tip of my finger.”                                                                                                            18.23

“It is heard that a dove received his enemy who came seeking its protection as per rules oh hospitality and offered him , his own self    as food.”                                                                                                     18.24

“Oh Lord of the monkeys , if that dove can receive the hunter   who has killed his wife with hospitality , how much more a man like me should do?”                                                                                                18.25

Please hear the verses composed by sage Kandu who was son of sage  Kanva  who was wedded to Dharma   and  a votary of truth.                                                                                                                      18.26

“Oh tormentor of enemies, if a person begs making a cup  out of his hand , if a person is miserable and if  a man comes seeking refuge, even if he is your enemy , he should not be killed , with the aim of not being classified as cruel.”                                                                                                                              18.27

“Even if an enemy is arrogant  or is oppressed , if he comes seeking your protection , with a greatly disciplined mind he should be protected even by forsaking our own life.”                                             18.28

“If he does not protect him due to fear , passion and desire , using his own strength , he would be reproached by the world as a sinner .”                                                                                                          18.29

“If a man who sought protection  is not protected and dies before the eyes of a person who could have protected  him , that person who dies takes away all the reward for good action    from the man who did not protect him and dies.”                                                                                                                                18.30

“There is a great defect in not protecting those who surrender to you  for  he will lose heaven  as  fame and  his strength and valour would be destroyed.”                                                                                      18.31

“I will do according to the  great words of Kandu  for I will become a votary of dharma, famous  and would go to heaven.”                                                                                                                                         18.32

“If any one surrenders to me once  and begs me saying , “I am yours”, I would protect him from all beings  and this is my  pledge.”                                                                                                                         18.33

“I have given him protection whether he is Vibheeshana or Ravana himself. And so monkey chief , bring him here .”                                                                                                                                                            18.34

When the Lord of monkeys heard the words of Rama , due to his close friendship with Rama  , he told like this.                                                                                                                                                                  18.35

"Oh  Rama, who knows Dharma , the crest jewel among lords of the world,  What surprise is there in thinking that you, duly endowed with true essence of life and established in a right path, speak these venerable words?"                                                                                                                                              18.36

“My inner self also tells me that Vibheeshana is a pure soul , after I examine him  from all angles,  his appearance  and from my inference .”                                                                                                             18.37

“Oh Rama let speedily  that greatly wise Vibheeshana  also become equal to us  and let him be blessed with our friendship.”                                                                                                                                           18.38

After hearing the words of  the king of monkeys Sugreeva , the king of the men acknowledged  it  and held a meeting with Vibheeshana   which was like the meeting between Indra and Garuda.               18.39


     Thus ends the eighteenth  chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book

19.Vibheeshana is crowned as king of Rakshasas,


(Vibheeshana ’s surrender is accepted by Rama after   he tells about the strengths of Rakshasa army. As per orders  of Rama, Lakshmana consecrates Vibheeshana as the king of Rakshasas. Vibheeshana suggests Rama to request help  from Varuna to build  a bridge. Rama commences his penance.)



When Rama promised him protection , the very intelligent Vibheeshana  who was  the brother of Ravana bent down  and glanced towards the earth.                                                                                   19.1

That soul of Dharma,  Vibheeshana  descended  on the earth  happily from the sky along with his faithful companions  and reached near Rama.                                                                                                           19.2

Then Vibheeshana along with his four Rakshasas saluted the feet of Rama  and told the following words to Rama which was suitable as per Dharma , right  and joyful.                                                                  19.3

“I am the younger brother of Ravana and I was insulted by him  and I have come to surrender before you, who is the protector of all beings.”                                                                                                        19.4

“I have forsaken my Lanka, friends as well as wealth  and my country, myself and  my pleasures  are from now on under your control.”                                                                                                                   19.5

When he heard these words  , Rama told him,  with a soothing look   in his eyes ,  and in a soothing tone, “Please tell me in detail about the strength and weakness of the Rakshasas.”                              19.6-19.7

When who does all actions with stability asked that Rakshasa like this , he started telling about the strength of Ravana’s army in detail.                                                                                                       19.8

“Ravana  the son of the king is protected by  a boon given by Lord Brahma that   he cannot be killed by all beings including Gandharwas, Yakshas , serpents and birds.”                                                     19.9

After the next elder brother of mine is greatly valorous  and is the lustrous Kumbhakarna who has enough strength to fight   Lord Indra.”                                                                                                 19.10

“Oh Rama , you must have heard about the commander-in-chief  of Ravana called Prahastha  who defeated Manibhadra in a battle on mount Kailas.”                                                                         19.11

“If furnished   with  gloves made of the skin of Iguana , Indrajit  wearing an armour which no arrow can pierce , becomes invisible when fighting a battle.”                                                                          19.12

“Oh Rama , that glorious Indrajit , had pleased the God of fire  and so can strike the enemy in the battle field  with huge formations , while remaining invisible .”                                                               19.13

“The Rakshasas called Mahaparswa, Mahodhara and Akampana , who are equivalent in valour to the guardians of the world  are  the commanders of Ravana ‘s army .”                                              19.14

“Hundred crores of Rakshasas who can assume any form they want and who eat  flesh and blood reside  in Lanka.”                                                                                                                                                   19.15

“The king along with these Rakshasas waged a war with the  guardians of the world  and they as well as the devas were  defeated by the wicked Ravana.”                                                                             19.16

The best of the Raghu clan after hearing these words of Vibheeshana , examined all these with great attention and spoke  these words.                                                                                                      19.17

“Oh Vibheeshana I know about these facts    about Ravana  and I know that all those   which you told were true.”                                                                                                                                                19.18

“After killing Ravana , his son as well as Prahastha , I will make you the king here. Please hear this truth from me.”                                                                                                                                                  19.19

“Even if Ravana hides himself deep in Rasatala or Patala   or even if he  seeks the presence of Brahma  , I shall definitely kill him.”                                                                                                                          19.20

"I will not enter Ayodhya without killing Ravana together with his sons, companions and relatives in battle. I take oath on my three brothers."                                                                                           19.21

Hearing the words of Rama , who is stable in his action, the soul of Dharma Vibheeshana saluted him by bowing his head and spoke.                                                                                                                   19.22

“I will help you in killing the  Rakshasas when we attack the Lanka  and as per my strength I will also enter  in to the army.”                                                                                                                            19.23

When Vibheeshana told like this Rama hugged him  told Lakshmana “Dear one go and bring the sea water.”                                                                                                                                                      19.24

“Oh Lakshmana with great self respect, quickly consecrate   with this water , Vibheeshana  as king of Rakshasas  , so that I am pleased.”                                                                                                     19.25

Hearing the words of Rama , Lakshmana consecrated Vibheeshana as king , as per the order of Rama in between    the monkey lords.                                                                                                              19.26 

Noticing the grace of Rama , all those monkeys , produced a great sound   and said “Great, Great.”


Then Hanuman and Sugreeva asked Vibheeshana, “How can we cross this tumultuous ocean which is the home of Varuna along with  this great army of monkeys  which has great splendour?”       19.28

“Please tell us the manner in which   we would be able to cross this Lord of streams and rivers swiftly  along with our army?”                                                                                                                        19.29

When those followers of Dharma asked like this to Vibheeshana , he replied, “ The king Rama should   surrender and take   refuge  with the God of ocean.”                                                                   19.30

“This immeasurable great ocean was dug  by Sagaras  and so this great ocean would be inclined to obey Rama who belongs to the clan of Sagaras.”                                                                                     19.31

When the learned Rakshasa told like this  , Sugreeva  went to the place where Rama and Lakshmana were   there.                                                                                                                                                   19.32

Then after informing them about the auspicious words Of Vibheeshana, the long necked Sugreeva  advised Rama to approach and make a request to the ocean.                                                             19.33

Since  Rama by nature was pious , he liked the idea  and along with Lakshmana and the monkey chief Sugreeva , wanting to follow the great advice of Vibheeshana told them  with a smile . 19.34-19.35

“Oh Lakshmana ,I like the advice  of Vibheeshana  and since Sugreeva is very learned and you are an expert in giving counsel, both of you take a decision in this matter and inform me.”            19.36

When they were told like those two valorous people Sugreeva and Lakshmana  with proper courtesy told like this.                                                                                                                                           19.37

“Oh tiger among men Rama, there is no reason for us not to like the advice of Vibheeshana  which is soothing at this difficult time and it is agreeable   to both of us.”                                                19.38

“Without building a bridge across the horrifying ocean which is the home of Varuna , it is not possible to reach Lanka even for Indra and devas.”                                                                                             19.39

“Let us do according to the meaningful advice of Vibheeshana  and since we have already wasted time in this endeavor , let the ocean be commanded  to yield passage to the army to reach Lanka ruled by Ravana.”                                                                                                                                   19.40-19.41

Having been told like this , Rama sat on the shore of the ocean covered by Kusha grass  and appeared like fire  trying to reach the altar.                                                                                                    19.42


     Thus ends the nineteenth  chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


20. Ravana tries to influence Sugreeva  through spies


(One spy informs Ravana about the might of the monkey army. He sends a spy  called Shuka  to influence Sugreeva to go back. Shuka is caught by the monkeys.)


After that a valorous Rakshasa called Sardula  came and saw   the army under the command of Sugreeva  which was ready for the battle.                                                                                                                  20.1

He was the spy of Ravana ,  the evil natured  king of Rakshasas  and after seeing the army of monkeys from all the sides , he returned back  speedily to Lanka and told the king.                                       20.2

“A very huge army of monkeys and bears  , which is boundless and immeasurable, which is like a second ocean is approaching Lanka. “                                                                                                                     20.3 

“The brothers Rama and Lakshmana who are the sons of Dasaratha  who are excellent men endowed with beauty have come in search of Sita  and they are keeping   on the shores of this great ocean.


“Oh king , that army is spread out for a distance of ten Yojanas(Twenty miles)  and you can  swiftly verify this truth.                                                                                                                                      20.6

“Oh great king , you need to send your messengers quickly to verify the truth. Under these circumstances  conciliation,   surrendering and sowing dissensions are the  only options.”    20.7

When Ravana the king of Rakshasa heard these words of Sardula , he was disturbed and swiftly decided   about the course of action  and spoke to the Rakshasa   called Sukha  who is best among those who know their duty.                                                                                                                                     20.8

“You go to Sugreeva quickly on my behalf and under my command  and in a gentle voice tell him  these words of mine .”                                                                                                                                     20.9

“Oh king , you  are very strong and born in a great family , being the son of Riksharaja , From this battle you are not going to gain anything , Oh lord of monkeys , you are like a brother to me.”         20.10

“Suppose I have abducted the wife of that     great prince  ,  it  should not matter  to you at all and so you go back to Kishkinda.”                                                                                                              20.11

“This Lanka cannot be reached by monkeys at all. Even Devas and Gandharwas are not able to reach it and so how can  men and monkeys reach here?”                                                                               20.12

Thus ordered by  the king of Rakshasas, that Rakshasa Shuka  assumed a form of the bird and started flying in the sky.                                                                                                                                          20.13

Proceeding in the sky continuously over the ocean , he stood on the sky and told Sugreeva the  following words.                                                                                                                                                                 20.14

Shuka repeated the words of that wicked Ravana , as  it was told to him  and at that time the monkeys were trying speedily to reach for him in the sky  to tear of his wings and to strike him.                    20.15

Those monkeys forcibly caught that Rakshasa  on the sky and brought him down forcibly    to the earth.


When the monkeys were  troubling that Shuka , he told Rama, “Oh Rama of Kakustha clan, messengers are not killed and so please restrain your monkeys.”                                                                             20.17   

“A messenger would tell only the opinion of his lord and never talks about his opinion. But there are other messengers who speak about their own opinion and they deserve to be killed.”                20.18

Hearing words of Sukha   and the nature of his complaint  Rama told the monkeys  who were trying to kill him, “Do not kill.”                                                                                                                                  20.19

Seeing that there was no fear from the monkeys , Sukha who had become light feathered , stood in the space and started  taking again.                                                                                                                 20.20

“Oh Sugreeva who is in rich in courage  and who is very strong and valorous, “What shall I tell Ravana , who makes the world cry?”                                                                                                                         20.21 

Hearing these worlds , that chief of monkeys  who is the bull among all monkeys and  who was very strong., told these words to the Rakshasa called Sukha   who was the spy of Ravana  and who was blameless.                                                                                                                                                          20.22

“Oh Ravana neither are you my friend , nor do you deserve my sympathy . You are not dear to me and you have never helped me .Since you are the enemy of Rama you along with associates deserve to be killed  like Vali was killed.”                                                                                                                             20.23

“Oh king of Rakshasas, I would kill you along with your sons , relatives  and  clansmen  , I would come to Lanka along with my great army  and  turn the entire city in to ashes.”                                               20.24

"O, foolish  Ravana! You along with your younger brother will not be left alive  by Rama, even if you are protected by all including Indra  or even if you have disappeared  or obtained, the solar orbit or entered the nethermost subterranean region or even if approached the lotus feet of Shiva "             20.25-20.26

“I do not see any one including the ghosts  ,  Rakshasas, Gandharwas  and Asuras in all the three worlds coming to protect you.”                                                                                                                                  20.27

“You killed the extremely old Jatayu in war but why is it that you did not try to abduct Sita  who is with broad eyes in the presence of Rama and Lakshmana.”                                                                            20.28

“The noble of the Raghu clan  who is great , very strong and who cannot be even defeated by devas whom you do not know properly would kill you.”                                                                                     20.29

The  very good monkey Angadha who was the son of Vali  told, “ Oh very intelligent Sugreeva , He does not appear to be a messenger  but a spy.”                                                                                                  20.30

“Standing there in the sky he has estimated    the strength of our entire army .Let us arrest him and let him not go back to Lanka  and this finds favour with me.”                                                                       20.31

Commanded by the king , the monkeys jumped up in the air and caught hold of him  and tied him securely and becoming helpless , he started wailing loudly .                                                                  20.32

When Sukha was harassed  by those monkeys  who were fierce  , he cried loudly to attract the attention of the highly principled   Rama  , who is the son of Dasaratha.                                                              20.33

"My wings are being pulled out forcibly. My eyes are being pierced. If I die, all the sins incurred by me between my birth and my death would fall to your share."                                                       20.34-20.35

Rama who heard his wailings , did not allow him to be killed by the monkeys     as he had come only as a messenger.                                                                                                                                                      20.36



     Thus ends the twentieth  chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


21.Rama gets angry at the ocean


(When the ocean does not respond to his penance  , Rama gets angry and is about it to dry it by his arrow, Lakshmana stops him.)


Then Raghava spread Dharbha grass  on the ocean bank , and saluting eastward  he laid himself on that Durbha bed  with his hand as his pillow  and appeared like    he was sleeping on a snake.                  21.1

His arm , in which he wore  golden  gem studded armlets  and most   excellent ornaments of pearls  had been touched by many great ladies earlier.                                                                                         21.2-21.3

His hands were applied with sandal and agaru  paste earlier   were shining like the early  morning   Sun.


Earlier Sita used to make those hands shine by keeping her head on it and it resembled the Thakshaka snake   supported by   the water of Ganga .                                                                                                  21.5

That arm which resembled a yoke  increased the sorrow of his enemies  and was  delightful to his friends  and it was now placed on the shore of the sea.                                                                                            21.6

That arm whose skin had been hardened by the strokes of the bow string, the left arm resembling a great mace and that mighty right arm that bestowed thousands of cows in charity was used as a pillow. Rama, the competent man and the mighty armed said: " Either crossing of the ocean or a death should occur to me today". Making that resolve he laid down by the ocean, restraining his speech and with a pious disposition according to tradition.                                                                                              21.7-21.9

According to traditional rule Rama who was  lying down on the Durbha bed  on earth spent three nights there.                                                                                                                                                                 21.10

That man of justice  who was diplomatic  , waited for the ocean  which was the lord of the rivers  for three nights there.                                                                                                                                           21.11

Though honored according to his greatness by the self subdued Rama, the careless ocean did not appear in his personal form to Rama.                                                                                                                        21.12

Due to getting angry on the ocean Rama ‘s eyes turned  blood red in colour  and  he spoke these words to Lakshmana who was near by   and  who was having auspicious look.                                                21.13

“Due to its great arrogance the ocean has not made its appearance . Indeed  qualities calmness, tolerance kind speech and straight –forwardness which are   the qualities of noble men give weak results, when directed towards those having no virtues."                                                                      21.14

“That  bad man who flatters himself  and runs all over the world  shamelessly like a horse set out at liberty is only appreciated by the world.                                                                                                    21.15

“In this world it is not possible to obtain fame and glory  at the end of a battle by peaceful means.” 


“Oh Lakshmana see how this ocean which is   the home of  crocodiles  is going to be broken by my arrows and get suffocated on all its sides.”                                                                                             21.17

" Oh, Lakshmana, watch these   coils of water snakes, the huge bodies of alligators and the trunks of sea elephants which are  going to be shattered by me."                                                                               21.18

“I am going to dry up this ocean with its conches , shells, fishes and crocodiles  in this great battle.”


“I think  this home of crocodiles  is going to consider   me as soft man  incapable of doing anything  and I feel it is a mistake to show our soft side to certain people.”                                                              21.20

“The ocean is not appearing before me in its true form. Oh Son of Sumithra , bring my bow  and  my arrows    which are like poison .I would then dry up this ocean and we can go to Lanka by foot.” 


" Being very angry now,   I will shake this ocean, even if it is unshakable. I will force the ocean, which is demarcated by banks and agitated with thousands of waves, bereft of a boundary, by my arrows. I will agitate the great ocean, thronged with great Rakshasas."                                                        21.23-21.24

After telling this that holder of the bow with eyes widened by anger  became fearsome to look at like the blazing fire at the deluge .”                                                                                                                  21.25

He pressed the horrifying bow  , twanged it  and made  the  world shake , he released a fierce    winged arrow  which was like the Vajrayudha of Indra.”                                                                                   21.26

Those lustrous  and very great arrows travelling with great speed entered the ocean  striking the water snakes   with great terror.                                                                                                                          21.27

When the water  fishes and alligators were suddenly disturbed became much more    disturbed  due to the wind.                                                                                                                                                      21.28

And that great ocean  was shaken by the multitude of waves  which was full of large number of conches  and smoke  came out of it.                                                                                                                       21.29

Sea snakes with lustrous  faces  and with glittering eyes  and very powerful Rakshasas  who were living  in Patala  were  greatly disturbed.                                                                                                         21.30

Waves in thousands  resembling the Vindhya and Mandhara mountains  jumped from the sea   along  with several crocodiles.                                                                                                                             21.31

That ocean with its large number  of fluctuating waves, and with its scared serpents and Rakshasas  and with huge crocodiles coming out, became full of noise.                                                                     21.32

Then the son of Sumithra  rushed towards  Rama who was stretching his bow with very great speed , taking a deep breath and shouting “No further, No further” and took hold of Rama ‘s bow .   21.33

“Even without destroying the ocean by you, you being a great hero. Your purpose   would be served . Men like you should get into this type of anger. Oh gentle Rama you should think of some other alternative .”                                                                                                                                                21.34

The Brahma rishis    and deva sages, who were standing on the sky  made great sound saying “Alas” and further said  “No further.”                                                                                                                          21.35


     Thus ends the twenty first   chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


22. The Bridge over the ocean is built


( When Rama is about to shoot    the arrow of Brahma, the god of  ocean appears before him and  requests Rama to use the expertise of the monkey Nala who was the son Of Visvakarma to build a bridge across the sea,  the arrow of Brahma is used to make the Maru desert fertile. The monkey build a bridge to Lanka in five days and stat crossing over,)


Then that noble one of the Raghu clan spoke these harsh words  to the ocean, “Oh great ocean I will dry you up till the Patala.                                                                                                                                           22.1

“Oh ocean , when your water   is consumed by my arrow , you would get dried up and a huge mountain of sand will appear   in you and all the creatures within you would be destroyed.”                               22.2

“Oh ocean , by  the rain of arrows that would leave my bow , the monkeys could walk down to the other shore and reach Lanka.”                                                                                                                                     22.3

“Oh ocean which is the home of  the Rakshasas , By your intelligence you  are not able to recognize  my power or prowess  and you will repent at my hands.”                                                                                 22.4

Fixing the Brahmastra  which is similar to the rod of Brahma  on  his bow that very strong one stretched the arrow.                                                                                                                                                            22.5

When Rama was stretching his bow keeping that arrow , the earth suddenly   seem to split   and  the mountains  seem to shake.                                                                                                                                22.6

Darkness spread all over the world and all directions became not visible  and  rivers and lakes   seem to get agitated.                                                                                                                                                          22.7

The moon sun and the stars  did not move directly and though the sun's rays lighted the sky,  the sky was  covered  by darkness and  it shined with a blaze of hundreds of meteors while thunders  echoed with an unparalleled sound in the sky.                                                                                            22.8-22.9

Series of divine storms blew  in their very gross forms  sweeping away   clouds and breaking   huge trees.


The wind broke  the mountain peaks, broke off the points of the rocks. Winds of great speed struck together in the sky and emitted flashes of radiance proceeding from lightning with a great sound and then there were great thunders.                                                                                                            22.11

All the beings that were visible to the eye  wailed along with the sound of thunders  and even beings which were not visible made great sound  and all the creatures  were overpowered ,  agitated and were scared  and did not move due to great fear .                                                                            22.12-22.13

After that  in  the great ocean ,  water tides  along with marine creatures and Rakshasas developed great speed  and due to that speed , the swelling waters crossed in to the shore and travelled  one Yojana inside the land.                                                                                                                                22.14-22.15

Seeing the   ocean which was overflowing Rama   the destroyer of his enemies did  not retreat before the ocean swelled and crossed its limits.                                                                                               22.16

The God of the ocean then arose from the middle of the ocean , similar to the sun rising at dawn from Mount Meru.                                                                                                                                              22.17

The God of the ocean along with the  snakes with flaming jaws  appeared with the colour of emerald  decorated by Gold.                                                                                                                                    22.18

The valorous  god of ocean, the lord of rivers, wearing a garland  of pearls, with his eyes looking  like  lotus leaves, using a pretty  garland made of all kinds of flowers  as ornament on his head, with ornaments of purified gold, adorned with excellent jewels made of pearls from his domain, decorated with different kinds of gems and metals, resembling Himalaya  mountain, wearing on his broad chest a locket shedding a white luster, resembling a Kousthubha gem  and hanging in the middle of a single string of pearls, with a multitude of waves whirled around him, encircled by the clouds and winds, escorted by rivers mainly the Ganga and Sindhu, endowed with diverse forms resembling various deities, approached Rama with joined palms, who stood with arrows in hand, addressing him first as OH Rama!' and spoke the following words:                                                                                                     22.19-22.24

“Oh Rama with tender heart, the earth , wind , sky , water and fire  remain stable  in their nature  and go towards the eternal path.”                                                                                                                         22.25

“And due to this I am extremely deep and impossible to swim across  and it is unnatural  for me to be shallow. I am going to tell you a method to cross me .”                                                                       22.26

“Oh  son of the king , I cannot  solidify  my  waters with alligators either  because of desire or ambition or fear  or love.”                                                                                                                                           22.27

“Oh Rama , I will make it possible  so that all of you including the monkeys can cross me by a path  and bear the army while they cross me. The alligators  would not be aggressive on them while they cross over.,”                                                                                                                                                           22.28

Then Rama told the ocean, ”Please hear , oh home of Varuna, this arrow should not go in vain and should descend on some place.”                                                                                                             22.29

After hearing the words of Rama and after seeing that  great arrow , the great and lustrous ocean told  Raghava.                                                                                                                                                      22.30

“On my northern parts there is a holy place called  Drumatalaya  and similar to you, it is well known in this world.”                                                                                                                                                  22.31

“Numerous dacoits who do very many cruel deeds  known as the sinful Abheeras  drink my waters   there.”                                                                                                                                                          22.32

“I am not able to  bear the sinful touch of these great sinners and so I request this arrow which is great to be released on them , thus making it not go in vain.”                                                                    22.33

Hearing these words of the great ocean , Rama released that shining arrow to the place indicated by the ocean.                                                                                                                                                           22.34

The place where that  arrow which had the luster of Vajrayudha   descended   was   the  famous desert called Maru (Malwar).                                                                                                                              22.35

Then  with great sound that arrow pierced the earth there   was the place  where  water from Rasatala gushed to that place  from   a cleft   in the earth  .                                                                              22.36

And that  well  that was created became well known as Vruna  and the water gushing out from there resembled the ocean.                                                                                                                               22.37

With a horrifying sound  the arrow of Rama fell there   and dried up  the water in those cavities .22.38

That place became famous  in all the three worlds as the desert of Maru.  The learned and valorous Rama the son of Dasaratha  who resembled the devas  dried up that  cleft  and gave a boon to that place  .                                                                                                                                                               22.39-22.40

Due to granting of a boon by Rama, that desert of Maru became the most suitable  place for cattle rearing, a place with very   little of disease, producing tasty fruits and roots, with a lot of  ghee , a lot of milk and various kinds of sweet- smelling herbs. Thus it became an auspicious and suitable move, bestowing these merits.                                                                                                                      22.41-22.42

When the cavity in that desert was burning, the ocean which is the lord of the rivers  told Rama who had great knowledge of  science as well as great books.                                                                                  22.43

“Oh gentle one, that person with the name Nala  is the son of Viswakarma , He has been given a boon by his father and he is equal to Viswakarma (architect of devas).”                                                             22.44

“Let him build the bridge    with great enthusiasm    and I would hold  it for he is just like his father.”


After saying this the God of ocean disappeared   and Nala,  the great monkey chief stood up and told the following words to  the very strong Rama.                                                                                                 22.46

“As told by the great ocean I have the ability of my father and I would construct a bridge across   this wide ocean.”                                                                                                                                                   22.47

“This ocean which is a formidable body of water  has given passage to Rama due to its fear  of punishment as Rama   wanted a bridge to be constructed across it.”                                                22.48

“On the  Mandhara mountain Viswakarma gave the following boon to my mother , “Oh Lady , the son who will be born to you would be exactly like me.”                                                                               22.49

“I am the real son of Viswakarma born out of his loins  and I am similar to Viswakarma  and this has been reminded to me by the God of ocean  and I did not speak about it because I thought it is not proper   to  talk about myself without being asked.”                                                                                                    22.50

“I am capable of building a bridge across the ocean, the home of Varuna and so let  all the great monkeys help me to build the bridge.”                                                                                                      22.51

Then sent by Rama  all the monkey army jumped  in joy on all sides and rushed towards  the great forest in hundreds  of thousands.                                                                                                                            22.52

Those monkeys who resembled mountains  broke mountain like rocks and trees  and dragged   them towards   the sea.                                                                                                                                           22.53

Those monkeys filled the ocean with all types of trees like Sala and Asvakarna, Dhava and bamboo, Kutaja, Arjuna, palmyra,Tilaka, Tinisa, Bilva, Saptaparna, Karnika, in blossom as also mango and Asoka.


Those best of monkeys who live in the forest   carried and brought some trees with roots and some without roots which looked like the flag post of Indra .                                                                          22.56

From here and there those monkeys brought Palmyra trees, pomegranate shrubs, coconut and Vibhitaka, Karira, Bakula and neem trees.                                                                                                  22.57

Those huge bodied monkeys  who were very strong uprooted elephant sized rocks  and mountains  and brought them   with machines.                                                                                                                    22.58

The water which went up due to throwing of the mountains , rose up to the sky and came   back again  and gushed back to the ocean.                                                                                                                   22.59

The rocks which were falling from all sides caused turbulence in the ocean. Others threw  strings of hundred yojanas long to keep the rocks straight .                                                                                 22.60

Nala started building the bridge in the middle of the ocean which was the lord of all rivers and the bridge was built at that time by those great monkeys  who can do terrible acts.                           22.61

Some monkeys held the pole for measuring the bridge , others collected different type of materials and by the command of Rama hundreds of thousands monkeys  brought reeds and logs which were like the clouds and mountains and fastened  parts of the bridge .                                                         22.62-22.63

Some monkeys  made  the bridge with trees having blossomed ends  and some monkeys who looked like Rakshasas caught hold of rocks resembling mountains  and peaks and appeared to run here   and 

there.                                                                                                                                                                   22.64

When the stones where thrown  in the sea , mountains also fell at those spots , very great sound emanated  from there.                                                                                                                                      22.65

On the first day itself fourteen Yojana of   bridge was constructed speedily by those monkeys who were joyful  and were resembling elephants.                                                                                                        22.66

Similarly on the second day   twenty yojanas of bridge was speedily constructed  by  those  mighty strong monkeys with huge bodies.                                                                                                                 22.67

Similarly on the third day twenty one yojanas of bridge was constructed in the ocean , speedily by the monkeys who had huge bodies.                                                                                                                    22.68

On the fourth day  twenty two yojanas of bridge was constructed  by further hastening   those monkeys with great speed.                                                                                                                                           22.69

The speedily   working monkeys constructed twenty three  Yojanas of the bridge  on the fifth day  and reached up to the other end of the sea.                                                                                                    22.70

Thus the very strong  gentle monkey chief Nala who was the son of Viswakarma  built a bridge on the ocean as his father   would have done it.                                                                                                   22.71

The  bridge constructed on the ocean  which was the home of alligators   by Nala  was good to look at and auspicious  and resembled the milky way in the sky.                                                                        22.72

With a wish to see the wonderful construction Devas,  , Gandharwas , Sidhas a well as  great sages  came and stood up on the sky .                                                                                                                                22.73

Devas and Gandharwas saw that hundred Yojanas bridge which was ten Yojanas  wide and which was constructed by Nala   and understood  that  it was difficult to build .                                                     22.74

The monkeys took  long leaps and short and  leaps shouted in joy. All other beings saw that construction of the bridge across the ocean as unimaginable, impossible and wonderful, causing their hair to stand on end in amazement.                                                                                                                                  22.75-22.76

It was a great spectacle to see those thousand crore of great monkeys cross to the other shore , immediately after   building the bridge.                                                                                                        22.77

That  great  bridge, which was broad, well-constructed, glorious, well postured and held together firmly, looked beautiful like a separating straight line in the ocean.                                                                     22.78

And on the other shore of the sea Vibheeshana holding a mace  along with his ministers   stood up  for invading  the enemy.                                                                                                                                            22.79

Thereafter, Sugreeva on his part spoke to Rama, the truly brave man as follows: "O, valiant man,  This ocean, the abode of alligators, is indeed vast and so you climb  up on  the shoulder of Hanuman and let Lakshmana climb up on  the shoulder of Angadha. These monkeys can carry   both of you while flying in the sky."                                                                                                                                                      22.80-22.81

On front of the army  the lustrous   Rama  who followed   Dharma and Lakshmana marched along with Sugreeva .                                                                                                                                                               22.82

Some monkeys went along the middle of the bridge. Some others went along the sides. Some others were seen  jumping into water. Some others marched forward on the path. Some monkeys entered the sky and flew  like Garuda the eagle.                                                                                                                22.83

The sound of marching monkeys masked the sound of the ocean  which was huge  and terrific .       22.84

After the monkeys crossed over to the other shore by the bridge constructed by Nala, Sugreeva   made them camp on the shore where plenty of fruits and roots were available.                                              22.85

Seeing that the  wonderful and extremely difficult  act was completed , the  devas, the Sidhas  and Charanas  along with great sages  , immediately anointed him with sacred waters.                              22.86

The Devas , Sidhas and others  blessed Rama, who was duly respected by kings with their auspicious -words as follows: " O, king, Defeat the enemies. Rule the earth and ocean which are   eternally for years."                                                                                                                                                            22.87


     Thus ends the twenty second    chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


23. Rama judges the omens


(Omens indicating death and  suffering to the monkey army is noticed by Rama . He becomes sad because of it.)


The elder brother of Lakshmana who was an expert in omens    seeing the omens  , hugged the son of Sumithra    and told the following  words.                                                                                                  23.1

“After taking over this land blessed with cool water and fruits , let us divide the army into battalions and set them up there.”                                                                                                                                        23.2

“I foresee great fear  which will destroy this world  and torture of eminent heroes among monkeys, bears and Rakshasas.”                                                                                                                                    23.3

“Dusty winds are blowing , the earth is shaking, the tops of the mountains are quivering  and trees are falling down.”                                                                                                                                                23.4

“ Revolting clouds with the shape of wild beasts   with horrifying sound are raining  horrifying rain , with mixture of blood drops.”                                                                                                                           23.5

“The dusk of the colour of red sandalwood  is very much dreadful  and balls of fire fall from the  blazing sun.”                                                                                                                                                             23.6

“All  cruel birds and animals look pitiable and roaring out pitiably facing the sun  and  give rise  to great fear.”                                                                                                                                                             23.7

“The moon rises as it would do at the time of final deluge and  has a black and red halo  and makes the mind depressed.”                                                                                                                                       23.8

"O, Lakshmana, A dark stain appears on the cloudless solar disc, which is diminished, dreary, inauspicious and of copper  colour."                                                                                                      23.9

“Great darkness is enveloping all the stars and seems to herald the  final dissolution of the world.”


“Crows, eagles, and vultures are flying nearer to the ground and Jackals are  howling and give rise to inauspicious sound.”                                                                                                                                 23.11

“By the tridents, mountains  and swords thrown by  monkeys  and Rakshasas , the earth will be covered  with heaps of  flesh and blood.”                                                                                                             23.12

“We shall attack with great speed  surrounded by monkeys , this evil  town ruled by Ravana.”  23.13

After saying this the charming  Rama  who is the conqueror of enemies in battle  along with his bow walked to the front of the army facing the city.                                                                                    23.14

All those monkey chiefs who were marching ahead with Vibheeshana and Sugreeva  were desiring for the destruction of their audacious enemies.                                                                                          23.15

By the acts and gestures of all those  strong monkeys  with the idea to please   him, Rama became happy.                                                                                                                                                           23.16


     Thus ends the twenty third    chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


24. Rama with his army reaches Lanka


( Rama and the monkey army reaches Lanka. Rama divided the army in to battalions and   assigns job of its protection to various monkey leaders. Shukha the spy is released. He tells Ravana about the great danger. Ravana is  not  bothered,)


That Assembly of valorous monkeys  along with  their king shined like the full moon of the autumn  and the bright stars.                                                                                                                                                 24.1

The earth which was pressed by a large number of monkeys who had energy like the sea trembled  with a  fear about their rapid movement.                                                                                                            24.2

Then those monkeys heard   a great tumult  from the city of Lanka which was accompanied by playing of various type  of drums  which made their hair to stand erect.                                                                24.3

Hearing that sound the monkey leaders became happy  but since they were not able to tolerate it , they shouted more loudly and it surpassed that sound.                                                                                           24.4

The Rakshasas also heard the  sound of the roar of the wildly delighted monkeys which sounded like  a thunder from the sky.                                                                                                                                             24.5

The Son of Dasaratha saw the city of Lanka decorated with  various types of flags and decorations  and his heart which was full of grief  thought about Sita.                                                                                       24.6

“There Sita with deer like eyes has been imprisoned  by Ravana  just like the Rohini star is over shadowed by planet Mars.”                                                                                                                                  24.7

After breathing  a warm deep breath , seeing Lakshmana he told these heroic words which were  beneficial to him at that time .                                                                                                                           24.8

“Oh Lakshmana , see this city of Lanka, which appears to have been constructed on a hill  top by Viswakarma , so that it appears to be touching the sky.”                                                                            24.9

“ When constructed earlier , the city of Lanka was filled with  many  towers  and is covered by thick white clouds    and looks like the city of Vishnu.”                                                                                       24.10

“The lustrous city of Lanka   has many flowering gardens which have  many fruit bearing trees  and filled with singing birds  and is comparable to Chaithratha,   the garden of Khubera.”                                24.11

“See the happy birds , swarming bees  and tree branches with lot of cuckoo birds  which sway in the breeze.”                                                                                                                                                              24.12

Thus  Rama the son of Dasaratha spoke with Lakshmana  and then the army was divided in to battalions  according to method  mentioned  in great books.                                                               24.13

Then Rama ordered as follows ”Let the valorous and invincible Angadha    along with Nila  occupy the middle position of this formation .”                                                                                                          24.14

“Let the monkey named Rishabha  along with several other monkey chiefs  place themselves on the right  side of the army.”                                                                                                                                          24.15

“Let the strong  and unconquerable Gandamadhana who is like an elephant  in rut  stand on the   left side  of the monkey army .”                                                                                                                      24.16

“I would stand  in the front tip of the army along with Lakshmana .Let  the great Jambavan, Sushena and Veghadarsi  who are the monkey and bear chiefs  protect the  belly  of the army .”             24.17

“Let the rear of the army be protected  by the king of monkeys , like very lustrous God Varuna protects the western side.”                                                                                                                                       24.18

The several   battalions of the monkey army  , which was protected by great monkeys shined like the  skies with the mass  of clouds .                                                                                                                24.19

With the  intention  to crush the Rakshasas in battle  , the monkey armed reached there  after seizing peaks of mountains  and trees .                                                                                                               24.20

All the monkeys resolved in their mind , “ Whether with the peak of mountains or  even with  bare fists , we will shatter this city of Lanka in to pieces.”                                                                                       24.21

Then the very lustrous Rama told Sugreeva , “Now the army has been divided properly let us release Shuka.”                                                                                                                                                           24.22

The very strong king of monkeys after hearing the words of Rama , as per the order of Rama released the emissary called Sukha .                                                                                                                         24.23

After being troubled by the monkeys and now released   by  the words  of Rama , Shuka  trembling with fear reached  the king of Rakshasas.                                                                                                         24.24

Ravana laughingly asked Sukha , “Why were your wings tied up? It appears  that  your wings  have been plucked. Have you fallen as the victim of fickle  minds.”                                                         24.25-24.26

Asked like that  by the king Ravana, Shuka  who was agitated with great  fear, gave him the following excellent reply: "On the northern shore of the ocean, I conveyed your message in a smooth tone, conciliatory  and without any ambiguity exactly as per your instructions."                       24.27-24.28

“The monkeys as soon as they saw me , jumped on me  with great anger and caught me . They started plucking my feathers and beating me with their fists.”                                                                       24.29

“It is not possible to talk to those monkeys nor is it possible to question them. As they are by  their nature short tempered and ferocious.”                                                                                                 24.30

“Then Rama  the killer of Kabandha, Viradha  and Khara  has come  along with Sugreeva to the place where  Sita is  there .”                                                                                                                               24.31

“After constructing a bridge over the sea and having crossed the salty sea  and after driving away the Rakshasas , Rama is standing here .”                                                                                                      24.32

“Several thousand  groups of monkeys and bears , who resemble the mountain and clouds  are covering the earth.”                                                                                                                                                   24.33

“There is no possibility of a treaty between the army of the king of Rakshasas and that of the army of the monkeys.”                                                                                                                                            24.34

“They would come to our ramparts son and before that you need either to return Sita or  soon offer to do battle with them.”                                                                                                                              24.35

As soon as Ravana  heard the words of Shuka , he with blood red eyes due to anger  and eyes which looked like he will eat Sukha told.                                                                                                                24.36

“Even if I am frightened by the entire world or even if Devas, Gandharwas  and Dhanavas come to a battle with me , I will not return back Sita.                                                                                             24.37

“When would my arrows fall on Rama like the bees falling on a fully blossomed tree in the spring.” 


“When will I  eat his body  with his body covered with flowing blood due to the lustrous arrows released from  my bow  similar to burning torches destroying an elephant.”                                                24.39

“Surrounded by a huge army , I shall eclipse  the above mentioned army of Rama , like the rising sun, eclipses the  bright stars.”                                                                                                                        24.40

“My speed is that of the ocean and my strength is like that of a wind  and this is not known to the son of Dasaratha and that is why he wants to fight with me.”                                                                      24.41

“Rama has not seen the serpent like arrows which are in my quiver  and that is why he  wants to fight with me.”                                                                                                                                                      24.42

“Rama  is not aware of my prowess in battle. I shall using my arrow heads play on the string of my bow which resembles the Veena p0roducing sounds of victory  and the terrible cries of the wounded would be the accompaniment  with my arrows producing several musical notes , as soon as I enter the vast arena of battle with my enemy ranks.”                                                                                      24.43-24.44

“Neither Indra with thousand eyes , nor Varuna the God of the sea nor Yama with his fire like arrows  nor Khubera with all his riches would be able to attack me in a battle.”                                        24.45


     Thus ends the twenty fourth     chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


25.Spies Shukha and Sarana  visit the monkey army


(Ravana  sends Shukha and Sarana , his ministers the judge the strength of the monkey army. They were caught by Vibheeshana. Rama allows them to see the monkey army and releases them. They  go and advise  Ravana  to seek peace with Rama.)


When Rama the son of Dasaratha crossed the sea . Ravana told his ministers Sukha   and Sarana   as follows.                                                                                                                                                                  25.1

The monkey army has entirely crossed   the impassable  sea  and the construction of bridge over the sea by Rama is incomparable .                                                                                                                                 25.2

“I am not able to believe that a bridge could be constructed across the ocean and I definitely need to analyze  the strength of the monkey army.”                                                                                                 25.3

"Become not recognizable  to others, enter the army of monkeys and  count   the real numbers  of their army, their strength , as to which monkeys are important among them, which ministers of Rama and Sugreeva have come together, which monkeys are leading  in front, which monkeys are valorous , how that bridge was constructed across the ocean full of water, how the encamping is done for those great  monkeys; the determination, strength and the striking senses of Rama and of the heroic Lakshmana."

                                                                                                                                                                    25.4- 25.7

“Please also find out who is the commander –in-chief   of those powerful monkeys  and after knowing that you should come back speedily.”                                                                                                           25.8

After  the Rakshasas Sukha and Sarana were ordered this way, they assumed the form of monkeys  and entered the army of monkeys .                                                                                                                       25.9

After that Sukha and Sarana were not able to count the numbers of the army of monkeys  and their hair stood erect due to wonder.                                                                                                                            25.10

That army was stationed on the tops of mountains, round about the waterfalls, in the caves, on the sea-shores, in the woodlands and in the gardens. It was either in the process of crossing the ocean, or was intending to cross it in its entirety. It had either encamped or was still encamping, making a terrible noise. The two Rakshasas  saw that very strong and imperturbable sea of army.                       25.11-25.12

The greatly lustrous Vibheeshana  could find out them through their disguise  and he caught hold of Sukha and Sarana    and told Rama.                                                                                                                25.13

“Oh Rama who wins over  other enemy cities, These are Sukha and Sarana who are ministers of the king of Rakshasas and they have come here from Lanka as spies.”                                                                  25.14   

They both  saw Rama and were trembling and having lost the hope of being alive , greatly scared , with folded hands in salutation told Rama.                                                                                                           25.15

“Oh gentle son of Raghu clan, we  both came here because we were sent by Ravana  to know everything about your entire army.”                                                                                                                                 25.16

Rama the son of Dasaratha , who is interested in welfare of all beings , after hearing their words , told them with a smile .                                                                                                                                           25.17

‘If you have seen the entire army  and seen all of us well  and accomplished the task with which you were entrusted, you are free to go, when you want.”                                                                               25.18

“If you have not seen any particular aspect , you can see them now and Vibheeshana will  again show it to you in its entirety.”                                                                                                                                       25.19

“Having been caught by us, there is no need for you to fear  for the messengers who are  caught without weapons should not be killed.”                                                                                                                       25.20

“Oh Vibheeshana, always be ready to shoot an arrow on our enemies , but let these Rakshasa spies who have come in disguise be set free.”                                                                                                               25.21

“Oh Rakshasas, when you back to your city  tell my words as I told you  to Ravana, the brother of Khubera  and the king of Rakshasas.”                                                                                                            25.22

“I desire  that you show us the strength  which you exhibited while abducting Sita now along with your army and friends  to us   as well  as our army.”                                                                                           25.23

“Tomorrow morning you will see my arrows destroying , the city of Lanka, along with forts and arches as well as   the army of Rakshasas.”                                                                                                                   25.24

“Oh Ravana , tomorrow at day break , I will release my dreadful anger on you , Just like Indra , the king of devas  throws the Vajrayudha.”                                                                                                               25.25

When Rama ordered like this to the Rakshasas   called  Sukha and Sarana , They said, “Victory to you”  and admired Rama who loved Dharma , and then went back to Lanka and spoke to the king of Rakshasas.                                                                                                                                            25.26-25.27

“Ok king of Rakshasa, Vibheeshana caught us with the intention of killing us  and the very lustrous Rama seeing it  who is the soul of Dharma  set us free.                                                                                     25.28

"Where the four eminent persons who are equal to the protector of the worlds, the valiant ones skilled in the use of weapons and of proven prowess namely Rama the son of Dasaratha, the famous Lakshmana, the great  and resplendent Vibheeshana and Sugreeva whose valour is equal to Indra the Lord of devas , are stationed at the same place, they can uproot  the city of Lanka with its ramparts and arches and transplant it elsewhere, even if all the monkeys do not do anything ."                   25.29-25.31

“Such is the personality of Rama  that with his weapons , he alone  destroy the city of Lanka , even if the other three people   do not do anything.”                                                                                                      25.32

“That army protected by Rama, Lakshmana and Sugreeva is unconquerable , even if devas and asuras join together .”                                                                                                                                                 25.33

“The army of the forest living monkeys   are cheerful  are interested in fighting the war . This is sufficient. Make peace with them  and offer the  daughter  of king of Mithila back to the son of Dasaratha.                                                                                                                                                    25.34


     Thus ends the twenty fifth     chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


26.  Ravana surveys the monkey army


(Ravana climbs on a tall tower to see the monkey army.  Shukha introduces   various monkey chiefs and tells him about the strength of their respective armies,)


Hearing those truthful and fearless    words  of Sarana , the king Ravana spoke   to him in reply as follows.                                                                                                                                                          26.1

“Even if I am attacked by devas, Gandharwas  and Rakshasas  together  or even  if there if fear to  me from all the three worlds, I am not going to give back Sita.”                                                            26.2

“Oh gentle one , since you have been harassed by the monkeys too much , being with a fearful mind, you want to me to speedily give back Sita.”                                                                                                     26.3

“Which enemy can defeat me in the battle?”  was the harsh word said by Ravana the king of Rakshasas. Then Ravana climbed the roof of his white tower like house  which was the height of several Palmyra trees  with a desire to see Rama’s army.                                                                                                   26.4-26.5

Ravana who was benumbed with anger  along with those spies  saw , the ocean , mountain and forests   which were completely filled with monkeys.                                                                                                    26.6

Seeing that shore less and innumerable  great army of monkeys , the king Ravana again asked  Sarana.


“Who are the  important monkeys among them? Who are very strong and valorous among them? Which of them would be in the front of their army with  great enthusiasm?”                                                      26.8   

“Who can influence Sugreeva? Who are the chief of battalions? What can influence these monkeys? Oh Sarana , tell all these things in detail to me .”                                                                                                 26.9

After hearing the  words of the king of Rakshasas, Sarana , as per what he has seen   told about the important chiefs  of monkeys.                                                                                                                         26.10

“He who is  facing Lanka and is surrounded by  hundreds of thousands of soldier monkeys  by whose great shout ,  Lanka with all its ramparts, all  its decorations  along with all the mountains and forests    are resounding , is the great soul Sugreeva  who is the king of all animals that    sit on branches and in the front of the army the monkey  named Nala  who is the commander  is standing.”        26.11-26.13

"That valiant monkey , who holds his arms high, who tramples the earth under his feet as he marches, whose face is turned towards Lanka, who in fury is knitting his brows very much, who is resembling a mountain- peak in stature, who is like filaments of a lotus in hue, who is  in excess of anger continuously  and lashes out his tail with a  swish of which can be heard in ten regions,  is the prince named Angadha, anointed by Sugreeva the king of monkeys and is challenging you to the battle."                    26.14-26.17

“He is son of Vali who is like him and  is very dear to Sugreeva  and he has come to the front in the interests of Rama , Like Varuna comes for the sake of Indra.”                                                                  26.18

“It is due to his intelligence that  daughter of Janaka was found  by the very speedy Hanuman  as he desires for the welfare of Rama.”                                                                                                                   26.19

“That Valorous one has brought  with very many units of monkey army  commanded by various chiefs  and he is approaching to crush you with his own army.”                                                                        26.20

“Next to Angadha , surrounded  by large army stands  the valorous Nala who is the one who built the bridge , ready for battle with you.”                                                                                                            26.21

"These excellent monkeys, numbering a thousand crores and eight lakhs, who have been lodged in sandalwood groves, yelling like a  lion’s roar  and  after having stiffened their limbs, are knitting their eye-brows raised in anger. These valiant monkeys, who are terrific and fierce  having a ferocious zeal are going to  follow Nala. Nala himself with his aforesaid army aspires to smash Lanka forthwith."           


"A monkey called Shweta of silver colour  who is quick-witted and clever, of terrific prowess and a warrior renowned in the three worlds, has come to Sugreeva swiftly, dividing the army of monkeys and bringing great delight to the troops, he goes back to the back of the army "                          26.25-26.26

"There is a  mountain called Ramya, on the banks of River Gomati. That mountain  is filled with various kinds of trees is also called Samrochana. An army-chief, named Kumuda used to roam around that mountainous region. He also rules  that kingdom. He is the leader for lakhs of monkeys. He has a very long hair-coppery, yellow, pale and white and hideous to look up to. Thrown about on his tail is the intrepid and fierce monkey called Kanda. He yearns to fight and boast that he will  destroy Lanka with  his forces."                                                                                                                                         26.27-26.30

"Oh, king,  He who resembles a tawny lion with a long mane and who is looking at Lanka attentively as though he wishes to consume it with his glasses, who dwells mostly on the mountains of Krishna and Sahya of Vindhya range of pleasing aspect, is the General named Rambha. Three thousand crores of excellent monkeys, who are formidable of impetuous valour and vigour, surround him who is marching ahead and follow in his foot-sets to destroy Lanka."                                                                26.31-26.33

"Oh, king,  Look,  The one who is yawning continuously and shaking his ears, he  is the  one who does not have  any fear of death, one  who never retreats from a battle, but violently moves with rage, who again sees obliquely, he who lashes out his tail and roars like a lion with great vigour, he who constantly dwells on the lovely Salveya mountain, he is Sarabha by name, the commander of monkeys with immense energy and devoid of fear."                                                                                            26.34-26.36

“Oh king , all his battalion consisting of one lakh forty thousand  monkeys who are called Viharas  are very strong .”                                                                                                                                              26.37

"The one who is like a great cloud, enveloping the space and who stays in the middle of monkey-warriors like Indra the king of devas , one who wishes for a battle whose great voice  is heard like the roll of drums, is the General named Panasa, who is always invincible in battle. He dwells in Pariyatra, a mountain that is exceeded by none in height."                                                                     26.38-26.40

“He is served by fifty lakhs commanders  who obediently carry out his orders as he is an excellent commander.”                                                                                                                                 26.41

"He who is encamped with sixty lakhs monkeys which is his army   on the sea-shore which is   like a second ocean is the commander called Vinata who resembles Dardura mountain (in size) and is positioned there lending charm to the formidable army marching ahead and moves about, drinking the water of River Vena, the foremost of all rivers."                                                                          26.42-26.44

“A monkey chief called Kradhana   is calling you for battle  after keeping his valorous and  very strong monkeys in  proper battalions.”                                                                                                                  26.45

‘There is one monkey called Gavya  with the colour  of Red Chalk  who nourishes his body , who is forever proud of his strength who  is with great luster  standing facing you with anger  and hatred towards you.”                                                                                                                                                 26.46

“He is served by seventy lakh monkeys  and he wishes to crush Lanka using  only his army .”     26.47

“These very valorous commanders and commander-in-chiefs  who can take any form they like have put their  army in different distinct units and so it is difficult to count them.”                                        26.48  


Thus ends the twenty sixth      chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


27. The monkey army is further described.


(The spies give a detailed account of all the monkey leaders   and the army that theu command.)


“As you are keenly examining the monkey chiefs , I shall tell you about those who would like to show their  valour  even by facing death for the sake of Rama.”                                                                          27.1

"There is a monkey called Hara, who has terrific acts to his credit. The hair on his tail, measuring many fathoms, soft, red in colour, yellow, white and super-white, wavy and shining like the rays of the sun standing erect thrown about are dragging along the ground."                                                          27.2-27.3

“Hundreds and thousands of monkey army leaders  have resolved to be servants of Sugreeva  and they are all following him carrying trees with the intention of  attacking  Lanka  soon.”                               27.4

"Oh king,   Those who appear black like black-clouds and similar  to black collyrium are extremely ferocious bears, truly mighty in combat, who  are in exceedingly in   large number, indefinable like the other shore of an ocean,  and those  whom you are observing  reside in mountains, plains and on river-banks. They are all coming towards you."                                                                                           27.5-27.7

"Oh king,  He who is standing in the middle, with terrific eyes and of fearful appearance, encircled by all like Parjanya (the rain-god) being encircled by clouds  is the army-chief called Dhumra, the Lord of all bears, who drinks the waters of River Narmada and resides on an excellent mountain named Rikshavanta."                                                                                                                                        27.8-27.9

“See beside him Jambhavan  the younger brother of his  who is like a mountain, has a form like his brother  and great in valour .He is the commander of other great commanders who is calm , behaves well with elders  and impatient in battle.”                                                                                   27.10-27.11  

“Once he had rendered  very great help to Lord Indra   in the battle between Devas and Asuras and  he got very many boons.”                                                                                                                             27.12

"Jambhavan 's  troops who have a huge body , resembling the Rakshasas , having thick hair and endowed with unlimited energy, wander about, climbing mountain-heights and hurl massive rocks as big as huge clouds and they do not have a fear in facing death."                                                       27.13-27.14

"Oh  king,  This Lord of monkeys who is the commander of commanders  called Dhambha  who  whether he is in a hurried fury or leaping or standing still  is stared at by all other monkeys  . He along with his bulky troops dwells on Sahasraksha mountain."                                                                              27.15-27.16

"He who, walking on all fours touches with his flanks, a mountain situated at a distance of one Yojana and reaches for  an object one Yojana high and  obtains it with his body, whose huge form no other four-legged animal has , by which  that intelligent monkey fought with Indra , the king of devas   but he was not defeated , is a commander of commanders and the grand-father of monkeys, famous as Samnadana by name."                                                                                                                                                  27.17-27.19

“This valorous one is equal in Valour to Indra , the king of devas and he was born to a young Gandharwa maiden called Krishna Varthamana  and he was born to help devas in the battle between Devas and Asuras.”                                                                                                                                                              27.20

"O king of Rakshasas,  This commander named Krathana, the son of   the king Visravasa, the illustrious one, sits beneath the Jambu tree, on that mountain, the king of peaks, which is frequented by Kinnaras, and which mountain affords delight constantly to your brother. It is near there, Krathana, that fortunate one, that powerful lord of the monkeys, whose prowess in not confined to words in battles, stays happily ."                                                                                                                                                   27.21-27.23

“He  is surrounded by thousand crore monkeys  and hopes to crush the city of Lanka    by his own

army .”                                                                                                                                                                  27.24

“He normally  roams round the shores of Ganges terrorizing the leaders of the herds  of  elephants  remembering the old enmity between monkeys   and elephants.  He is the commander and leader of monkeys called Pramathim who dwells in mountain-caves, and subdues  wild elephants and thundering  and uprooting trees.”                                                                                                                              27.25-27.26

“That excellent army chief of monkeys , takes shelter , on the foremost of mountains Mandara  and the mountain called Usarbija on the shores of Ganges where he passes life happily just like Indra.”     27.27

“Hundred thousand thousands monkeys who are proud of their strength and valour and  who have radiant forearms   and keep on roaring  follow him.”                                                                               27.28

“He is the leader  of these great monkeys  and Oh king , he is their commander and is called Pramathi  and it is difficult to conquer him.”                                                                                                       27.29

"He whom you are watching   as  a cloud raised by wind is Pramathi. At that place, a great quantity of red illumined dust is tossed about and raised by wind in various ways in different directions. Energetic and excited army of monkeys is also stationed there along with Pramathi."                             27.30-27.31

"Oh king,  One hundred lakhs of monkeys with their black faces and  with scary  looks  and with great strength, after  crossing of the bridge, surrounds their  troop-leader who is a monkey   called Gavaksha and are making a roaring noise and   ready to crush Lanka by their bodily strength."              27.32-27.33

"Oh king.   This army-chief called Kesari, the chief of the commanders of monkeys, wanders in Kanchana mountain wherein there are trees which yield fruits in all seasons, inhabited by large black-bees, to which the sun circumambulates clock-wise, the mountain shining with its own colour and splendour, by whose brightness, the animals and birds always shine with the same colour , whose plateau on the top of the mountain the great sages do not leave, wherein trees, all mango-trees are   laden with fruits on all sides because of that   there are  honey-bees of excellent variety."                                             27.34-27.37

"Oh faultless king, There are sixty thousand mountains in that beautiful golden mountain ranges. There is an excellent mountain  in the middle of that mountain range as you  are in  the middle of that Rakshasas. In that mountain range there, in the last mountain  where these monkeys reside. Some of the monkeys are tawny coloured, some are white-coloured and with nails as their weapons,  having four tusks, with nails as their weapons having four tusks like lions, difficult to be approached like tigers, resembling fire and  serpents vomiting poison with their very long coiling tails, resembling elephants in rut, equal to mighty mountains and making great thunderous sound like that of clouds. All of them stand looking on your Lanka as if they are about to crush it."                                                                     27.38-27.42

"Oh king,  He who stands in the middle is the powerful leader of the monkeys who ever faces the sun, who is a wise man, eager to conquer you and is famous in the world by the name, Shatabali. He swears to destroy Lanka with his troops."                                                                                                    27.43-27.44

“The monkey called Shatabali is strong , brave and valorous and well known for his manly vigour  and does not bother about his life which he is willing to sacrifice to Rama.”                                              27.45

“Each of the monkeys  Gaja, Gavaksha , Gavaya, Nala , Neela  are surrounded by battalions of one crore monkeys   each. “                                                                                                                                           27.46

“There are many other great monkeys who are living  on the Vindhya mountain and each of them are fast paced and it is impossible    to count them.”                                                                                   27.47

"Oh  king, All of them are highly prominent, their stature equals  to  the  high hills and all of them are capable in a moment to level the earth by uprooting and razing all its mountains to the ground."27.48


Thus ends the twenty seventh     chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


28.The Spies show him Rama and Lakshmana


(They continue identifying many more monkey chiefs including Sugreeva, Then they  describe Rama and Lakshmana.  They also tell Ravana about the total size of the army.)


After  the king of Rakshasas heard the account given by Sarana , Sukha pointed out the army of monkeys to him and spoke.                                                                                                                                                28.1

“Oh king those monkeys whom you who are like  huge elephants and huge banyan trees which stand on banks of river Ganges  and Sala trees which stand on the Himalaya  mountain  would be able assume any form that they wish  and are equal to Devas and Rakshasas and have the power of devas in a  battle.”


“They are twenty one thousand crores   and thousand Shuankus and  Hundred Vrundas  in  number(These are explained later in this chapter.)                                                                                 28.4

“All those ministers of Sugreeva  who always live in Kishkinda  though monkeys are born to devas and Gandharwas and can assume any form that they want.”                                                                        28.5

“The lads standing there with the looks of devas are Mainda and Dvividha  are twins and  no one is equal to them in war.”                                                                                                                                              28.6

“These twins who have consumed  nectar of immortality with the consent of Brahma  are hoping that with their power they would be able to destroy Lanka.”                                                                         28.7

“There you see a monkey who stands like an intoxicated elephant , who by his strength and fury can even churn the oceans .Oh Lord , he had come in search of the daughter of Videha to Lanka  and that monkey whom you  have seen earlier  has come gain.”                                                                        28.8-28.9

“That monkey who crossed the ocean is the eldest son of Kesari  and  is also the son of wind God  and is well known as Hanuman.”                                                                                                                        28.10

“Oh Lord, that monkey  can take any form he likes , is strong and pretty  and he can move like  his Lord , the wind God.”                                                                                                                                           28.11

“When he was child and hungry , they say that  without any effort he jumped three thousand Yojanas  saying that he will eat the Sun God  for otherwise my hunger will not be appeased, as he was greatly intoxicated with his own strength.”                                                                             28.12-28.13

“Without being able to reach that God who is  beyond the reach of  ,devas, Deva Rishis and Rakshasas , he fell on the top of the mountain where sun rises.”                                                                       28.14

“When he fell on the mountain one of his jaws (Hanu)  was broken by a stone  and because he has a strong jaw afterwards , he was called Hanuman.”                                                                            28.15

“I know about that monkey through one of my close  friends .It is not possible to describe his , strength , form and  his great power.”                                                                                                                  28.16

“He using his own power wants   to destroy Lanka .How can you forget this monkey who like a comet lighted Lanka ? Some of those fires are   still burning.”                                                                 28.17

"Nearby is a  dark coloured  warrior with eyes like lotuses he is  a chief warrior among Ikshuvaku clan, his heroism is well-known in the world, his sense of duty never wavers, nor does he ever go against Dharma , he knows  how to use  Brahma's weapon and is conversant with Veda, he is the most learned of the Vedic scholars, he shatters the firmament with his arrows, and rends even the earth, his anger is akin to that of Death, his valour  is  equal to that of Indra the god of devas , his consort is Sit a who was taken away by you from a place called Janasthana .He is Rama who has come to wage war on you, Oh king"                                                                                                                                                    28.18-28.21

"That  man, having the luster  of pure gold, with a broad chest, having red eyes, with black and curled hair, standing at the right side of Rama,  is called Lakshmana, who is  only  interested in the care and welfare of his brother. He is skilled in leadership of war and excellent among the wielders of all weapons."                                                                                                                                          28.22-28.23

“He is short tempered, difficult to be defeated , valorous , wise , strong  and is standing near the right arm of Rama   and is the soul of Rama outside his body.”                                                                   28.24

“He does not bother  for his life , if it is for the sake of Rama  and he desires to kill all the Rakshasas  himself alone.”                                                                                                                                             28.25

“He who is standing on the right side  near to   Rama who is surrounded by Rakshasas  is the king Vibheeshana.”                                                                                                                                  28.26

“He who has been consecrated as the king of Lanka by the king of kings  is enraged with you and would  fight the battle with you. “                                                                                                                               28.27

"The other  monkey  whom you see as an unshakable mountain and standing in the centre of monkeys is the  Lord of all chiefs of monkeys and he is  with a boundless energy and who, like a Himalayan hill, very much radiating the other monkeys by his splendour, glory, wisdom, strength and his noble descent, who occupies along with the chiefs of Army Generals, a secret place called Kishkindha, with its forests and trees and which  place inaccessible because of its impassable mountains, in which is established a good fortune of devas and human beings, whose charming and golden coloured garland with hundred lotuses is beautifying and  that person is Sugreeva. This garland along with a lady called Tara as well as the permanent kingdom of monkeys were presented to him by Rama after having killed Vali ."


“Wise men call one hundred lakhs as crore  and hundred thousand crores  is a Shankha.”              28.33

"A hundred thousand Shankas are said to be one Maha Shanka. A hundred thousand Maha Shankas are called one Vrindam here. A hundred thousand Vrindas are said to be one Maha vrindam. A hundred thousand Mahavrindas are called one Padmam here. A hundred thousand padmas are said to be one Mahapadmam. A hundred thousand Mahapadmas are called one Kharvam here. A hundred thousand kharvas are said to be one Mahakharvam. A hundred thousand Mahakharvas are called one Samundram. A hundred thousand Samudras are said to be one ogha here. A hundred thousand oghas are acclaimed a one Mahaugha."                                                                                                   28.34-28.38

"This Sugreeva, the king of monkeys, having great strength and valour is  always surrounded by a colossal army and is approaching you to make war, accompanied by the valiant Vibheeshana and the ministers, as also a hundred thousand crores of Shankas, a thousand Mahashankas, a hundred Vrindas, a thousand mahavrindas, a hundred padmas, a thousand Mahapadmas, a hundred kharvas, samudras and Mahaughas of the same number, and a crore of Mahanghas whole army as such is identical of an ocean."                                                                                                                                                  28.39-28.43

“Oh great king after observing this great army  who are having the blazing luster of planets and who have already arrived, you may have to put in very great effort  to win and to avoid defeat.”    28.44


Thus ends the twenty eighth     chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


29.Ravana sends another group of spies


(Greatly angry with Shukha and Sarana for praising the enemy Ravana dismisses them. He sends another spy to study about the habit of Rama and Lakshmana and ither commanders. They are also caught and released back by  Rama.)


Seeing  those greatest of  the  monkey leaders pointed out by Shuka-viz. the most valorous  Lakshmana  who is  Rama's right arm, his own brother Vibheeshana standing close to Rama, the terribly powerful Sugreeva the king of all monkeys, the strong Angadha grandson of Indra the wielder of Vajrayudha, the powerful Hanuman, the invincible Jambhavan, Sushena, Kumuda, Nila, Nala the excellent of monkeys, Gaja, Gavaksha, Sharabha, Mainda and Dvivida- that heart of that  became agitated a little and he  was enraged and then abused those two ministers  Shuka and Sarana who had  told him in detail about them.                                                                                                                                                           29.1-29.5

To that Sukha and Sarana who saluted him with face looking down Ravana spoke  very harsh, merciless  , angry and  excited words.                                                                                                                                 29.6

“It is not befitting for ministers who eke their life  out of me to  utter such unpleasant words , since the king has the power  to   give them any type of punishment or reward.”                                                29.7 

“On those enemies who have come  to war with us  and who are adverse us , you both have showered your  praise. Is it proper?”                                                                                                                               29.8

“You have served your teachers, elders  and old people in a non effective manner  and it is clear that you have not grasped    the essence  of principles of political science.”                                                     29.9

“But suppose   you have understood them, , it is clear that you have forgotten them. And you are carrying a great burden of ignorance . In spite of such foolish ministers like you , If I am still the king , it is a great miracle.”                                                                                                                                         29.10

“Why is it that you are not fearing death after telling such harsh words to me, who judges about good and evil by my toungue?”                                                                                                                        29.11

“In spite of outbreak of fire in the forest , trees may survive but those   who commit  treachery against the  king  cannot survive.”                                                                                                                       29.12

“Had  not my anger been mellowed down by the earlier service done by you , I would have killed both of you for praising my enemy ?”                                                                                                                  29.13

“Keep away being near to me. Go away from here. I do not desire to kill you because of good service done by you earlier. I consider both  of you as dead because you were ungrateful and unfaithful to me.”


After Ravana told like this to them ,both Sukha and Sarana felt ashamed to see Ravana  and went away after saluting and  greeting him saying, “Be victorious.”                                                                  29.15

Then Ravana told Mahodhara   who was standing near him, “Go and immediately bring me spies who are expert in justice.”                                                                                                                              29.16

Mahodhara immediately ordered that spies should be brought and as per the orders of the king   the spies came there  and they saluted him and   wished him victory.                                      29.17-2918

Then Ravana , the king of Rakshasas told the following words to those  spies who were valorous, devoted him,  and free from fear.                                                                                                       29.19

“Go from here and investigate   the activities of Rama  and also find out his advisors and intimate friends  and also those people who joined with him because of liking him.”                                           29.20

“Find out when he sleeps and when he wakes up and also about what he intends to do now. And you have to come back   after intelligently understanding everything about him.”                         29.21

“Even a learned  enemy who is the ruler of earth , if  studied well by using a spy can easily   be defeated without much effort.”                                                                                                                            29.22

The spies agreed with the sentiment expressed , saluted the king of Rakshasas  and after going round him , with Shardula as their leader left that place.                                                                           29.23

Those great Rakshasa   spies  after going round  the great Rakshasa king   started   to the place where Rama and Lakshmana  is there.                                                                                                           29.24

They   went  after disguising  themselves  went and saw Rama and Lakshmana along with Sugreeva and Vibheeshana   near the Suvela mountain.                                                                                          29.25

When they saw the great army , they were fear stricken  and they were seen by the great Rakshasa  who was the chief  of Rakshasas(Vibheeshana)                                                                                           29.26

Accidentally they were seen   by Vibheeshana  who said about Shardula, “This person is  a wicked person”, and he alone was seized.                                                                                                        29.27

When the monkeys were about to kill Shardula, Rama saved him  and that very kind Rama got released the other Rakshasas   also.                                                                                                                     29.28

Harassed by those courageous and fast paced monkeys , though they lost their consciousness, they somehow returned back to Lanka.                                                                                                       29.29

Those Rakshasa  spies who normally moved outside , told the very strong Ravana that  Rama  was camping near    the Suvela mountain.                                                                                                 29.30


Thus ends the twenty ninth    chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


30. Spy Shardula describes Rama’s army


(On questioning  by Ravana , the spy tells him about troubles he underwent and how Saved him. On questioning  by Ravana he tells about the great monkey chieftains and their genealogy. He also tells about  Rama  and Lakshmana.)


Then the spies informed the king of Lanka    about the camping imperturbable army   of Rama near the Suvela mountains .                                                                                                                                         30.1

After hearing the news of the reaching Rama and his great army from the spies, Ravana was little worried and he asked Shardula.                                                                                                                  30.2

“Oh Rakshasa, your complexion is  not  what it should be and you look miserable. I hope you have not fallen as a victim  in to the hands of those angry monkeys.”                                                                  30.3

Thus questioned by Ravana, that Rakshasa  Shardula started answering him slowly  to Ravana who was   a tiger among Rakshasas.                                                                                                                              30.4

“Oh king it is not possible to spy upon on that very strong and Valorous monkeys who are protected by Rama.”                                                                                                                                                               30.5

“It is not possible to talk or interrogate  them for finding out anything  for the entire path is protected by monkeys who look like mountains.”                                                                                                             30.6

“As soon as I entered in to their army , I was  forcibly caught and examined  and questioned  in very many ways.”                                                                                                                                                      30.7

“I was beaten from all sides with  knees , fists , teeth and hands  and I was paraded in the midst of the monkey army by those angry ones.”                                                                                                            30.8

“After being taken round everywhere I was taken before Rama’s court  and blood was flowing from all my limbs and I was shivering.”                                                                                                                      30.9

“When the monkeys were about to kill me , when I asked   for protection from Rama , he said, “Stay, stay.”                                                                                                                                                               30.10

“The great sea has been filled up with stones and boulders  and having reached the gates of Lanka, Rama is standing there well armed.”                                                                                                        30.11

“That greatly lustrous one , after getting me released  arranged the marching army in the form of an eagle  and surrounded by monkeys he is  marching towards Lanka.”                                                  30.12

“Before he reaches  our ramparts please do one thing-either return Sita  or get prepared for a great war.”                                                                                                                                                                  30.13

That chief of monkeys  Ravana though worried in the mind , after hearing these words , replied Shardula using   these great words.,”                                                                                                                           30.14

“Even if the devas, Gandharwas and Dhanavas   come to a battle with me  or even If I am afraid of the entire world, I will not give back Sita.”                                                                                                        30.15

After telling these words Ravana again told, “Were you able to spy on the army ?” Who are the important valorous monkeys among them?”                                                                                            30.16

“How do the unconquerable monkeys  look like ?What is their power? Whose sons and grandsons are they? Oh Rakshasas , please tell me   this information .”                                                                         30.17

“I will take a decision only after knowing their strength and weaknesses. Is it not necessary for us to count those among them who wish to fight in the battle.”                                                                       30.18

After hearing these words of Ravana, that excellent spy Shardula  started telling these words in front of Ravana.                                                                                                                                                                30.19

“Sugreeva the son of Riksharajas  is indeed unconquerable . Here is  the famous Jambhavan who is the son of Gadgada .”                                                                                                                                             30.20

“There is one more son of Gadgada  and the other is the son of Bruhaspathi the Guru of Indra  , whose son Hanuman is the one who destroyed the Rakshasas.”                                                                      30.21

“The other is Sushena   a follower of Dharma  and valorous who is the son of  Yama and then there is a monkey called Dadhimukha  who is cool minded and son of moon god.”                                          30.22

“Durmukha, Sumukha   and Vega Darsi  are perhaps  specially created by Lord Brahma  in the form of monkeys as  the personification of death.”                                                                                             30.23

“There is the commander-in-chief Nila  the son of the fire God and there is Hanuman who is the son of  god of wind.”                                                                                                                                                30.24

"There is  young Angadha, Indra' s grandson who is  the strong and invincible one,  the mighty Mainda and Dvinda born of the twin  gods   called  Aswini Kumaras ,   Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha and Gandhamadhana the five sons of Yama the God of Death all of them resembling Yama at the time of dissolution of the world, besides  the valiant ten crores of monkeys who are yearning for battle  who are all here. I will not be able   tell about the remaining glorious sons of god."                         30.25-30.27

“That young man  is Rama , the son of Dasaratha , who has a body like lion  and he was the one who killed Dhooshana, Khara  and Trisiras.”                                                                                                  30.28

“In this world there is no one who has got prowess equal to Rama  and  he was the one who killed  the god of death Kabandha and  Viradha.”                                                                                                     30.29

No one in this earth would be capable of describing Rama’s good qualities and he was the one who killed all the Rakshasas  living in Janasthana.”                                                                                     30.30

“There is Lakshmana   who is the soul of Dharma who is strong as elephant and a tiger , in the path of whose arrows of even Indra , the king of  devas  cannot stand.”                                                         30.31

"Sweta and Jyotirmukha are  the sons of the sun-god, a monkey called Hemakuta, another son of Varuna, Nila the son of Viswakarma the strong and the best of monkeys, as well as that mighty and swift Durdhara the son of Vasus are all here."                                                                                  30.32-30.33

“There is the best of the Rakshasas Vibheeshana who is your brother  and having got  the city of Lanka , he likes to be in the best interest of Rama.”                                                                                      30.34

“Thus  I have described  in detail about the entire army stationed in Mount Suvela    and it is for  you to take  decision as to what needs to be done.”                                                                                     30.35


Thus ends the thirtieth     chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


31.Rama by magic tries to  convince Sita that Rama is dead.


(Ravana with the help of a conjurer makes a head of Rama dripping with blood. He tells Sita that Rama and his army was killed by Prahastha. Then he   asks Vidyujihwa to bring Rama’s head  and Rama’s bow. He orders Sita to be submissive to him since Rama is  no more.)


Ravana   the king of  Rakshasas    was  informed  that Rama along with his undefeatable  army has camped on the mount  Suvela.                                                                                                                31.1

When Ravana heard from the spies   that  the very strong Rama has arrived, he was little agitated  and spoke like this to  his ministers.                                                                                                               31.2

“The time for consultation has arrived and let all the ministers   come here quickly  with keen and attentive minds.”                                                                                                                                        31.3

As  soon as these order was heard all the ministers came with great speed  and Ravana held consultations with those Rakshasas who were  his ministers.                                                          31.4

The dreadful one discussed with them what needs to be done  and after coming out of that meeting  of the ministers, he went back to his palace .                                                                                           31.5

Then he  who is a great conjurer send word for the very strong Vidhyujihwa  who was an expert in magical illusions and together they went to the place of Sita.                                                         31.6

Then the king of Rakshasas spoke to that conjurer  Vidhyujihwa, “We will have to create an illusion to deceive Sita , the daughter of Janaka.”                                                                                                 31.7

“Oh Rakshasa , conjure a head of Rama and along with bow and arrows  and then   present  it to me.”


When told like that Vidhyujihwa sais “So be it”, and  by his great magical efforts made one and showed it to Ravana  and the king became very happy and gave him an ornament.                 31.9

That exceedingly strong Rakshasa  duly entered the forest of Asoka trees with great eagerness to see Sita.                                                                                                                                                         31.10

Then that younger brother of Khubera saw  that pitiable Sita , who did not deserve that fate ,  sitting  looking down  at the earth  , drowned in great sorrow due to the thoughts about her husband.


Approaching Sita who was surrounded  by horrifying Rakshasis at a distance  who were chanting his name in delight , Ravana spoke these bold words to Sita.                                                               31.13

“Oh Lady,  he whom you depended on and repelled me when I try to console you , your husbanded that murderer of Khara  has been killed in the battle.”                                                                             31.14

“For all times your root has been cut off be me and so also your pride has been destroyed and because of your very great sorrow, now you will become my wife.”                                                              31.15

“Oh fool, give up this resolution of yours , for what can you do with a dead person  and oh lady become my wife and become the chief of all my consorts.”                                                                            31.16

“With less of good deeds and a lost purpose you think , you are very learned. Now hear about the killing of your husband similar to killing of Vruthrasura .”                                                                 31.17

“Rama is supposed to have come with a great army led by  the monkey king  Sugreeva on the sea shore to kill me.”                                                                                                                                                   31.18

“When the sun was about to set , Rama with his huge army settled  on the northern  sea shore here .”


“His army  which was stationed here  , being greatly tired  was comfortably sleeping  at mid night  and they were approached by our spies.”                                                                                                     31.20

“My  very great army which was lead by Prahastha killed the army of Rama at night   at that place and they also killed Rama and Lakshmana.”                                                                                                 31.21

“Those  wielding harpoons, maces, discus, daggers, sticks, great arrows spears, shining maces with spikes, picks lances, darts, massed weapons, clubs and wheels  , made use of them again and again in order to strike down all  the monkeys."                                                                                       31.22-31.23

“Prahastha with bubbling enthusiasm    cut off the head of Rama who was sleeping  using his mighty sword without facing  any resistance.”                                                                                                  31.24 

“Fortunately Vibheeshana  who tried to flee with speed was caught  and held captive and Lakshmana and other monkeys ran in all directions.”                                                                                              31.25

“Sugreeva with his neck broken and  Hanuman whose jaw was removed  were laid down and killed by the Rakshasas.”                                                                                                                                           31.26

“Jambhavan who was trying  to stand on his knees  was killed in the war  and very many monkeys were cut off  like a tree using very sharp edged weapons.”                                                                          31.27

"Mainda and Dvivida - those two great killers of their enemies who were  long bodied and the foremost of the monkeys became  groaning and breathless and  their limbs bathed in blood-were cut to pieces at the waist-level, by  swords."                                                                                                          31.28-31.29

"Panasa, crying for help was stretched on the earth under a tree of the same name(Jack fruit tree)  and was  pierced by putting  him  in a pit. The exceedingly valiant Kumuda on his part, shrieking, was killed by a hail of arrows."                                                                                                                          31.30-31.31

"Angadha, who was adorned with many  bracelets lies fallen down, emitting blood on all sides, as he was pierced by the demons with many arrows, after approaching  near him."                                        31.32

“All those monkeys were crushed by elephants   and  very many fast moving  chariots  were lying there like water rich clouds broken by a gale.”                                                                                                  31.33

“All those outsiders fled  in terror when they were pursued    by the Rakshasas  who were striking on their back, like elephants   running when pursued by elephants.”                                                      31.34  

"Some  of the  monkeys fell in the sea and some sought shelter in the sky. And    some other bears with the monkeys climbed the trees."                                                                                                                 31.35

“In the banks of the ocean,  , in mountains and in forests , large number of monkeys by Rakshasas  who were having misshapen   eyes.”                                                                                                                   31.36

“Thus your husband along with his army was killed by my army  and this head drenched in blood  and coated with dust  has been  seen .”                                                                                                           31.37  

Then that king of Rakshasas Ravana who is extremely difficult to fight with , spoke these words to the Rakshasis   so that Sita will overhear   them.                                                                                           31.38

“Oh Rakshasis , go and bring that Vidhyujihwa who is capable of doing cruel acts , who is the one who brought the head of Rama  from the battlefield.”                                                                                  31.39

Then Vidhyujihwa  came  there holding the head of Rama   along with the  bow and arrows and  he stood there after    saluting Ravana.                                                                                                         31.40

When  that Rakshasa who was standing there that king  Ravana spoke to that Vidhyujihwa  who had a large  toungue and was inching nearer to him.                                                                                      31.41

“Speedily place the head of Rama  in front of Sita  and let that miserable one see  the final  state of her husband.”                                                                                                                                                       31.42

As soon as he heard this that Rakshasa  kept her darling’s head   near to Sita and  disappeared   speedily from that place.                                                                                                                                              31.43

Then Ravana threw   in front of Sita a  with    great bow  saying, “Here is the bow of Rama  which is famous  in all the three worlds “                                                                                                                  31.44

“This is the bow with its cord stretched, belonging to Rama, that was brought back by Prahastha , after killing that hero in the night."                                                                                                                      31.45

Then that Ravana threw the head bought by Vidhyujihwa  as well as  the  bow  in front of Sita  and said to  the daughter  of Janaka, “Now you become submissive   to me.”                                                  31.46


Thus ends the thirty first      chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


32.Sita wails for her slain husband


(Sita blames Kaikeyi for her bad fate.  She  wails  over her  fate  and blames herself. A messenger comes and summons Ravana for an important meeting. As soon as he left the so called head and bow of Rama also disappears.)


Sita saw the head and bow which were illusion . She heard Ravana narrating about Rama's friendly relationship with Sugreeva, as earlier  told to her  by Hanuman. Recognizing that head as that of Rama, with a proof resembling her husband's eyes, facial complexion, hair, expanse of his forehead and the beautiful jewel worn on the top of his head, she was very much afflicted with sorrow and  cried like an osprey and abused Kaikeyi who was the originator of the present calamity .                          32.1-32.3

“Oh Kaikeyi , become happy with your achievement  because the son  who used to make the clan happy has been killed.. The entire clan has been destroyed by   your quarrelsome nature.”                    32.4

“What  undesirable  act  has  been  done by  Rama to you so that you sent my husband to the forest  in exile  , wearing   cloths of bark.”                                                                                                                32.5

After saying that . the miserable one was  trembling  and the young one fell on the ground , like a Banana tree which was cut off.                                                                                                      32.6

Almost  within a second she consoled herself ,. Regained consciousness  and started crying after seeing that  illusory  head of Rama.                                                                                                                        32.7

“Oh great one who followed valour   as a great penance , you have now been killed  and I have become a witness to your last state and a widow.”                                                                                                    32.8

“It is said that  the death of a husband earlier to her is due to the fault of the lady  and you who have a soft saintly nature has gone ahead   of me. “                                                                                             32.9

“You who have been trying to protect me  has fallen down to this sad state  leaving me immersed   in the ocean of grief. “                                                                                                                                       32.10

“My mother in law Kausalya who  brought you up tenderly  as a son , Oh Rama,  has become similar to a cow who has lost its calf.”                                                                                                                             32.11

“Oh Rama , astrologers had mentioned that   you would have a long life  and their words have become a lie and you have become short lived.”                                                                                                        32.12

“Or else you might have slipped in to   a state of stupor even though you were  conscious  and possibly the God of death  who brings all beings to end chose   that time.”                                                       32.13

“How is it that you did not foresee your death as you are an expert in science  of good management   and how is it that you who are an expert in warding of calamities   were not able foresee  this difficulty?”


“Terrible dark night   which is cruel and horrifying   has encircled me, Oh lotus eyed one , by snatching away    you from me.”                                                                                                                                       32.15

“Oh mighty bull among men, you left me who is leading  the life of a saint   and  by lying on earth, you have embraced  the auspicious lady earth  as your darling.”                                                                   32.16

“Oh valorous one  , here is that bow decorated by gold , which is liked by me  and which was sincerely worshipped by you with sandal paste     and flowers.”                                                                            32.17

“Oh spotless one of mine , surely in heaven you might have met  your father   who is my father in law  along with other manes from your clan. “                                                                                                32.18

“Though you have taken leave of  the pious clan of Royal sages, you have done a great act by which you shine like a  star in heaven.”                                                                                                                         32.19

“Oh king why are   you not looking at me and why are you not answering me? You got  me as a girl when you were a boy  and made me your wife who is a co-traveler.”                                                            32.20

“ Oh son of Kakustha clan,  Remember  that at the time of marriage you had promised that   we will travel together  and since I am sorrowing  , take me also along with you.”                                         32.21

“Oh best one, why have you left me and gone away leaving me like this? Why have you left me who is   sorrowing in this world and gone to the other world?”                                                                          32.22

“That auspicious  and pretty body of yours which used to get cuddled by me  is now being dragged   by the wild animals.”                                                                                                                                         32.23

“Though from the beginning you were worshipping fire  and the lord after giving  ample gifts , why is it that you are not getting cremated by the sacrificial fire that  you were maintaining .”                  32.24

“Kausalya would be able   to receive   only Lakshmana   when he goes back though she  did send three  people to the exile.”                                                                                                                                     32.25

“When she enquires about  all of us , that Lakshmana  will tell her  about your slaughter at night in an alley by those   Rakshasas.”                                                                                                                        32.26

“Hearing that you were killed while sleeping and that  I have been kept in the house  of a Rakshasa, her heart will break and she   will be no more.”                                                                                            32.27

“That valorous  and faultless  one who had crossed the ocean    for  the cause of this   unworthy women was killed while crossing a small puddle.”                                                                                               32.28

“Due to great   illusion  Rama married me who is a stain on my race , without realizing that this wife would be the cause of his death.”                                                                                                             32.29

“Even though as a wife  who showed  hospitality  to all his guests , I am weeping now, possibly  because  in my previous birth , I had refused   an excellent gift to someone.”                                                 32.30

“Oh  Ravana immediately arrange to kill me  just after you killed Ravana  and unite this wife with her husband  and you would do an auspicious act .”                                                                                   32.31

“Oh Ravana, join my head with his head and my body with his body  and then I shall attain  the same   salvation as that of my husband.”                                                                                                             32.32

The wide eyed Sita   after sorrowing like this and wailed like this after   her husband as well    as the bow of her husband.                                                                                                                                             32.33

When Ravana was watching Sita who was wailing like this , One Rakshasa  who was royal guard  approached  and saluted him and told.                                                                                                    32.34

After saluting him , he said, “May victory be yours my lord”,  and after thus making him pleased   informed him that Prahastha  the commander of the army has come.                                              32.35

“Prahastha has come with all other ministers and Oh Lord he has sent  me , so that he can meet you.”


“Oh king , who has great patience , there is some urgent work  regarding royal duties  and so please give them audience now.”                                                                                                                                 32.37

“Hearing this communication by the Rakshasa , Ravana left the Asoka Forest   and  went to see his ministers.”                                                                                                                                                   32.38

After having discussed   with his ministers  about the things that need to be done  and after understanding the prowess  of Rama , he arranged for  getting actions  done as per the need.


As soon as Ravana departed from there , the head as well as the  greatly distinguished  bow vanished from there.                                                                                                                                                 32.40

And at that time Ravana after holding consultations with his valorous ministers , he decided upon the measures that he would adopt    against Rama,                                                                                  32.41

Ravana , the king of Rakshasas who was resembling the God of death , talked to all his generals who were interested in his welfare and who were standing nearby.                                                        32.42

“By  the  audible sound of the drum , raised by  beating it with stick , summon all our army    without telling them the reason.”                                                                                                                           32.43

  Then, the messengers  said   "So be it"  as they were  obedient  to his words and instantly gathered a huge army together and informed their lord longing for fight, that they had  already  assembled the army.                                                                                                                                                              32.44


Thus ends the thirty second     chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


33.A Rakshasi friend of Sita  called Sarama    consoles  Sita.


(Sarama a friend   of sita, tells her   she had investigated in various ways and found that  Rama’s head was only an illusion. At that time the sound of marching of the army of Rama  and  Ravana   are heard.)


Seeing the very bewildered Sita , an affectionate Rakshasi called Sarama approached   Sita who was her beloved friend.                                                                                                                                             33.1

Sarama the soft spoken woman , consoled Sita who was  disillusioned by  the king  of Rakshasas and who was greatly  sorrowing.                                                                                                                               33.2

Sarama who   was  assigned by Ravana to protect Sita was a kind hearted woman  who was firm in her austerities and was a good friend to Sita and protected her.                                                              33.3

She saw her friend Sita had lost her consciousness  and had just got up after rolling in the earth like a female horse.                                                                                                                                               33.4

That friend  with good austerities consoled Sita and told her, “Let your mind not be perturbed.”  33.5

“Oh coward ,  Oh broad eyed one , by hiding under the sky , I heard all that Ravana told you as well as all that reply that you gave him, without fear  because of my friendship with you .”                      33.6-33.7

“Oh Maithili,  all  the reasons for Ravana going out  agitated from here  is known to me as I had gone out from here to find out about that.”                                                                                                                 33.8

“It is not possible to attack Rama  while he is sleeping  because  that tiger among men  is always aware of himself and so killing him at that time is impossible.”                                                                           33.9

“It is also not possible to kill all the monkeys who live on the tree because they are being protected by Rama , just like Indra protects other devas.”                                                                                               33.10

"O, Sita! Rama, who is endowed with long and well rounded arms and an illustrious man, who has a large chest ,  who is a man of great energy, an archer well known in the world, a man endowed with muscularity, a righteous minded man, a person of celebrity on earth, a man of eternal strength and  a protector for himself and for others  has not been killed  when he  is  with his brother Lakshmana, a man of high descent, a knower of doctrines of conduct and behavior, the killer of a stream of enemy forces, a man of inconceivable strength and valor, a venerable man and an annihilator of adversaries."


“That Ravana , who is the enemy of all the world and one with a perverse mind ,due to the anger against you has played a magical trick of illusion against you.”                                                                               33.14

“Get rid of all your sorrow as great auspiciousness awaits you. The Goddess Lakshmi would bless you with all that is good due to her love for you, please listen.”                                                                        33.15

“Rama has crossed the ocean along with the monkey army and has arrived and encamped on the southern shore of the sea.”                                                                                                                                33.16

“I see full implication in Rama along with  Lakshmana settling down in the shore of the sea being well protected   by the monkeys.”                                                                                                                             33.17

“Some swift moving Rakshasas sent by Ravana had brought a news to him that  Rama has crossed the sea and has encamped  on this shore.”                                                                                                           33.18

“Oh broad eyed one , hearing about that Ravana  the king of Rakshasas  is holding consultations with all his ministers.”                                                                                                                                                      33.19

When that Rakshasi Sarama was talking like this to Sita  a fearful sound was heard from the  army which was prepared for the war.”                                                                                                                               33.20

Hearing that terrific sound created by  the stick on the huge drums which sounded  like a great thunder , Sarama who talked sweetly  told Sita as follows .                                                                                         33.21

“Oh scared one , the fearsome sound  of this kettle drum is indicative , the preparation for a war  and also hear the majestic sound of the drum which resembles  the sound of thunder.”                            33.22

"Elephants in rut are being caparisoned for war. Chariot horses are being prepared for  the  battle. Thousands of horsemen carrying darts in their hands are also  seen."                                                    33.23

“Here and there  soldiers ready for the battle are marching in thousands. The royal avenue is seen full of    wonderful  soldiers making one feel that they are like the swiftly moving  ocean  with the flood waters making great sound.”                                                                                                                                       33.24

"See hurriedly, the sheen of polished weapons, shields and coats of mail sending forth luster of many hues like the splendor of fire consuming the  forest in summer. The flurry of chariots, horses and elephants following the lead of Ravana as well as of energetic Rakshasas  thrilled with joy. Is also seen"             


"Please hear the sound of bells of elephants,  the ratting of chariots, and the cry of neighing horses, resembling the flourish of trumpets. Here are  the bustle of Rakshasas , carrying uplifted weapons in their hands; following under  the leadership of Ravana. This bustling activity is causing hair to stand erect through great fear ."                                                                                                                   33.28-33.29

“Good luck which would destroy all your sorrows  is arriving to you and a sense of fear has come to the Rakshasas. Like the Lord Indra, the lotus eyed Rama  who has unimaginable valour  would kill Ravana in war  and your husband will take you back.”                                                                                   33.30-33.31

Your husband along with Lakshmana would exhibit their valour  and like Lord Vishnu  who is the killer of enemies  along with Lord Indra  exhibits his power against his enemies.”                                         33.32

“As soon as  Rama comes,  I will see you who are his   virtuous wife  would be  sitting on  his lap thus fulfilling your desire after  killing all your enemies.”                                                                                   33.33

“Oh pretty one , you would shed tears of joy and make the chest of Rama wet  and when you are joined with him , I will see him holding you tightly to his breast.”                                                                    33.34

“Before long oh divine Sita, the very strong  Rama will loosen your one braid which has reached has grown past your hips  and which you were wearing all these months.”                                                33.35

“Oh honoured lady after seeing his face which is like the just risen full moon , you would get rid of all your sorrow, like a female snake casts off its skin.”                                                                                    33.36

“Oh Maithili after killing Ravana in great speed , Rama who deserves pleasure  would find happiness in the company of his darling.”                                                                                                                           33.37

“After you join back with Rama with a great soul , you would like the earth  with healthy crops after a rain.”                                                                                                                                                                   33.38

“Oh lady, seek refuge in Rama who is your lord like the Sun God approaching mount Meru   and like the horse going round   and definitely Sun is  the source of all beings .”                                                      33.9


Thus ends the thirty third     chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book




34.Sarama helps Sita by finding out Ravana ’s decision


(Sita becomes consoled. When Sarama offered to carry a message to Rama , Sita requests her to find out the decisions of Ravana. She comes back and tells her that in spite of elders in his family, Ravana would not release  her till he dies.)


Sita who became greatly sad by hearing words of Ravana  was comforted and made  happy by Sarama, just like a parched  earth  which received rain.                                                                                           34.1

And thereafter she  who knew the proper time to  do any activity wishing to do more service to Sita

With a smile   told  her.                                                                                                                                    34.2

“Oh black eyed lady, I am capable of  carrying  a message of good will from you  as also your words secretly to Rama and return.”                                                                                                                      34.3

“When I am travelling in the sky , supported only by myself  neither wind or Garuda would be capable  of following me.”                                                                                                                                                34.4

When Sarama spoke like this Sita  without any sorrow which affected her earlier spoke these  sweet words.”                                                                                                                                                            34.5

“I know  that you are capable of travelling in the sky as well as  go to Rasathala but please know from me the service that  you can do for me today.”                                                                                             34.6

“If your intention now is to help me   and you are firm in this resolve , then I wish you go and find out what Ravana is doing now.”                                                                                                                       34.7

"That cruel and evil minded Ravana,  who has capabilities  in the shape of conjuring trick to make  his enemies cry ,makes me bemused like the  liquor bemuses one, as soon as it is consumed."       34.8

“He  gets me threatened  all the time through  words of the frightful Rakshasis  who always sit round me ,and insult me repeatedly.”                                                                                                                        34.9

“I am depressed and distrustful  and have lost my stability and staying in this Asoka forest , I get distressed due to great fear.”                                                                                                                 34.10

“If you can inform me all the decisions that  he takes after discussion with his ministers  in the matter of keeping me captive or releasing me, it would be a great  blessing to me.”                                      34.11

Having been spoken like that , Sarama wiped away the tears   from her face which had got moistened   and replied her like this.                                                                                                                             34.12

“Oh daughter of Janaka, if your opinion is like that , I would go and after knowing about the opinion of the enemies, I will return.”                                                                                                                         34.13

After telling this , she went near the Rakshasas and heard what Ravana was talking  to his  ministers.


She who is an expert on decision making  after hearing the words of the bad soul Ravana  took a decision  and speedily returned    to the Asoka forest.”                                                                        34.15

When she returned back she saw Sita    who looked like  goddess Lakshmi bereft of lotus waiting for her.


After Sarama who spoke returned back Sita hugged her  affectionately   and offered  personally   a seat for her.                                                                                                                                                             34.17

“After sitting here comfortably please tell about the plan of that  that bad soul Ravana who is cruel and wicked.”                                                                                                                                                                34.18

When the trembling Sita  asked Sarama like this she told her completely  what Ravana told his ministers.


“The mother of Ravana spoke    great words excellently pleading for your release  and also Avidha the age old minister Of Ravana pleaded for your release.”                                                                               34.20

“Let the daughter of Mithila be given honourably to the king of men . Is not the wonderful incident that happened in Janasthana sufficient for us?”                                                                                                    34.21

“Which man in the world can cross the ocean , discover Sita, kill  several Rakshasas  in war  ?”         34.22

“Though the old minister of his and his mother  argued with him in various ways , he was not interested in releasing you , like a miser   giving up  his riches.”                                                                                    34.23

“Oh Maithili, he is not interested in releasing   you till he attains his death  and this is what that cruel Ravana decided along with his ministers.”                                                                                                      34.24

" After that  due to infatuation caused by his impending death,  his determination to do what he said  is very firm .He is not in a position to release you,  not  because of  sheer fear  but will hold you  till  he is actually defeated in battle through the carnage of all the Rakshasas and of himself."                                                                                                                                       34.25

“Oh dark eyed one , after killing Ravana in war by his  sharp arrows, Rama will definitely take you back to Ayodhya.”                                                                                                                34.26

 At this time along with the sound of beating of  drums and blowing of conches , they heard the sound caused by monkey army which made the earth   shake.                                        34.27

Hearing the great sound raised by the monkey army , the king servants who had gone to Lanka lost their enthusiasm , looked pitiable and looked depressed    as they could not foresee any thing good coming due to the fault of their king.                                                                     34.28


      Thus ends the thirty fourth      chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


35.Malyavan the grand father  tries to Dissuade Ravana


(When Ravana hears the marching of Monkey army , he again calls  for a meeting. Mayavan who is his grand father    advises him to return back Sita. )


   Then  the great hero Raghava  who was the conqueror of cities  ,  marched forth   along with  mixed sound of drums and conches.                                                                                                                               35.1    

When Ravana the king of all Rakshasas heard that sound  for a while he  became thoughtful  and looked towards   his ministers.                                                                                                                                          35.2   

The very strong Ravana who was the tormentor of the world  and is the cruel king of all Rakshasas , then addressed the assembly of Rakshasas   and  without accusing any one  spoke.                                      35.3      

 “I have heard that you have been talking about the crossing of ocean by Rama  and about his prowess , valour and  heroism.”                                                                                                                                             35.4  

“I know that all of you are truly valorous in war  and in spite of that  , on knowing about the valour of Rama , all of you look at each other in silence.”                                                                                               35.5 

Hearing the words of Ravana, his maternal grandfather Malyavan  who was very intelligent and wise told   as follows.                                                                                                                                                               35.6     

“Oh king , that king  who  is    an expert in all sciences   and who follows the path of prudence  , enjoys the kingship for a long time  and compels his enemies for subjugation.”                                                  35.7   

“He who concludes treaty of peace with his enemies or  wages war at the proper time  strengthens himself  and attains great power.”                                                                                                                     35.8    

“ A treaty should be reached with the king who is weaker  or equal to us , without ever underrating the enemy  but he should wage  war against enemy    who is stronger.”                                                         35.9 

“Oh Ravana because of that  I like entering in to a treaty with Rama.  Let Sita for whose sake this war is being fought be returned to him.”                                                                                                                    35.10

“All devas, sages and Gandharwas    are wishing for the victory of Rama  and so do not make him your enemy  and please accept a treaty with him.”                                                                                                35.11      

“The grandfather (Lord Brahma) created only two groups of people  namely devas and Rakshasas    and while Devas  depend on Dharma , Rakshasas   do not follow it.”                                                                 35.12                                                                                        

‘Oh Rakshasa , Dharma is always on the side of the great devas   and Non righteousness  is on the part of asuras and Rakshasas.”                                                                                                                                        35.13

“When Dharma swallows Adharma , it is Kritha   age  and when Adharma starts swallowing  Dharma , it is the Kali age.”                                                                                                                                                      35.14

“So when you were wandering in this world , the great Dharma was destroyed  and Adharma favoured you and because of this your enemies are stronger than you.”                                                                   35.15

“Due to your mistake , the well nourished Adharma is swallowing us  and you being favourable to Rakshasas  , the clan of Rakshasas is growing.”                                                                                             35.16

“You who are interested in sensual pleasures  and because of this , you did whatever you liked  and this has created great fear among the sages who are like fire.”                                                                         35.17

"The power of those sages is very great  like an burning  fire. Having purified their minds through penance, they are intent on promotion of Dharma , in as much as these Brahmins worship the gods through different principal sacrifices but  they  also pour oblations into the sacred fires with due ceremony and read the Vedas (Sacred texts) in a loud voice. Having subdued the Rakshasas, they continued to chant the sacred text, on hearing which all the Rakshasas have  scattered in all directions, like the  thundering clouds in a hot season."                                                                                      35.18-35.20

“When the sages who themselves are like fire , worship fire , the smoke from that fire spreads all over and destroys  the luster of all  the Rakshasas.”                                                                                              35.21

“In  different places   when these people who are stable in their penance , practice severe austerity , this creates trouble to all Rakshasas.”                                                                                          35.22

“You have obtained a boon protecting yourself from Devas, Dhanavas    and Yakshas  but very powerful men , bears and monkeys have arrived here  and they  with stable valour are roaring like lions.”  


“I have been  seeing very many omens which are  horrifying and I foresee destruction  of all the Rakshasas including myself.”                                                                                                                              35.25

“Terrific  and monstrous clouds producing horrifying  thunderous sound  are causing rain of hot blood all over Lanka.”                                                                                                                                                           35.26

“Drops of tears fall from the weeping animals of transport  , which have become discoloured, coated by dust  and have lost their previous shine.”                                                                                                       35.27

“Flesh eating animals  like Jackals and  eagles  are howling loudly and fearsomely and entering Lanka and they also form   groups in the forest.”                                                                                                              35.28

“Black women with white teeth , talking  adversely in their dreams  are standing in front  of the homes  and laughing uproariously  after robbing the houses.”                                                                                35.29

“The Dogs come and eat the offerings made to God in the homes  and donkeys are born to cows, rats and the mongoose.”                                                                                                                                            35.30

“Cats mate with tigers , pigs mate with dogs   and Kinnaras  mate with Rakshasas as well as   with men.”


“Red footed  white pigeons which are messengers of death  move in different directions foretelling the death of all Rakshasas.”                                                                                                                                      35.32

“The singing pet birds called Sarika  are defeated by fighter  birds  and drop down on earth  in pairs.” 


   "Birds and wild animals, face  towards the sun, cry out. Death, in the form of a frightful, monstrous and cruel blackish form  with a shaven head casts his eyes on all our dwellings, both morning and evening.  These and such other sinister omens appear."                                                                          35.34-35.35

 "I deem Rama of  stable vision   as  Lord Vishnu dwelling in human form. This Rama is not a mere human being, because   he is one  who built  that most wonderful bridge  which was built across the sea. O, Ravana! Conclude peace with Rama, who is the king of men. Having come to know of his acts, let that which is good for the future be done after a mature understanding."                             35.36-35.37       

 Having spoken like this , the mighty Malyavan, who was foremost in valour among the bravest  of  warriors, being aware of what was passing in Ravana's mind, eyeing him, became silent.           35.38                                                                                                                                                         


      Thus ends the thirty fifth       chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


36.Ravana  chides Malyavan  and makes   arrangement for the war.


(Ravana tells that Malyavan was telling these words out of partiality and fear. Malyavan takes leave   and goes away. Then Ravana assigns responsibility to different city gates to different heroes.)


The evil minded ten faced one , since he was already under the control of God of death , did not find the words of Malyavan   suitable to his welfare  .                                                                                            36.1

Since he has already     come under the grips of great anger ,  with eyes rolling in fury replied  Malyavan .


“Though you are interested in my welfare  you have spoken unsuitable and harsh words  and have taken the side of the enemy and so your words   have not entered my ears.”                                             36.3

“How do you rate   a feeble man like Rama who has come alone with only monkeys to help  and banished by his father to the forest as  efficient?”                                                                                  36.4

“How do you rate me who is the god of the Rakshasas   who is greatly fearsome to the devas  and who has all qualities of valour as weak?”                                                                                                             36.5

“I think that you spoke those harsh words to me because you do not like my valour or due to partiality to the enemy or  due to my encouragement.”                                                                                          36.6

“Which learned man who knows all Sasthras would  speak thus harshly  to a mighty person in power without intention to instigate him?.”                                                                                                         36.7

“After having brought Sita who is like Goddess Lakshmi without a  lotus , for  what purpose should I return her to Rama ,  is it out of fear to him?”                                                                                       36.8

“Within a few days you will see   that , Rama along with  crores of monkeys, Sugreeva and Lakshmana is killed by me.”                                                                                                                                                   36.9

“Why should   this Ravana  before whom even Devas cannot  stand in a duel in war , entertain any fear  in this war?”                                                                                                                                                   36.10

“I would prefer to be cut in to two pieces rather than  salute anybody  and this is my innate quality from birth which cannot be removed.”                                                                                                               36.11

“By accident  if  Rama  has constructed a bridge across the sea , there is nothing to be surprised and no reason to fear him.”                                                                                                                                       36.12

“I am promising on oath , that Rama  who along with his monkeys has crossed    the ocean will not go back alive .”                                                                                                                                                      36.13

Knowing Ravana was speaking excitedly with great anger, Malyavan  was hesitant and did not speak anything in reply .                                                                                                                                         36.14

Since it was proper Malyavan wished    victory to the king   and as permitted by the king went back to his home.                                                                                                                                                               36.15

Then Ravana held consultations with his ministers on  things that need to be examined  and started planning for matchless defense of Lanka.                                                                                                 36.16

Then he assigned the defense of eastern gate to the Rakshasa called Prahastha , the southern gate to the greatly valorous Mahaparswa and Mahodhara , the western gate to his son Indrajit   who was an expert in great illusion along  with large number of Rakshasas.                                               36.17-36.18

He then deputed Sukha and Sarana to guard the northern gate  of the city   and told that ministers that he himself would also come there.                                                                                                           36.19

He then placed an extremely valorous Rakshasa called Virupaksha     along with  several other Rakshasas  in the centre of the city.                                                                                                                                  36.20

The great Rakshasa after creating this arrangement in Lanka  assumed that his purpose has been accomplished for that particular time.                                                                                                         36,21

Having ordered for adequate arrangements for the defense of the city, Ravana then allowed  his ministers depart. Having been honoured with blessings of victory by those body of councilors, he entered his mighty and sumptuous inner apartments.                                                                          36.22


      Thus ends the thirty sixth     chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book



37.Rama finalizes his strategy

(Vibheeshana ‘s ministers go in to the city     and  find out the plans of Ravana. Accordingly Rama divided his army  to  attck the four gates and finalizes as to who should lead each of these sections.)

Meanwhile, Rama the king of men and Sugreeva the king  of monkeys, Hanuman the son of the wind God , Jambhavan the king of the Bears, Vibheeshana the Rakshasa , Angadha the son of Vali, Lakshmana, Sushena along with his relations , Mainda, Dvivida, Gaja, Gavaksha, Kumuda, Nala and Panasa, all having reached the enemy's territory, assembled to take counsel together.                                            37.1-37.3

“Observe this city of Lanka protected by Ravana , which is difficult to defeat by  asuras , devas,  serpents, and Gandharwas  joined together.”                                                                                                                37.4

“In this city Ravana  the lord of Rakshasas   stays always .  Let us  discuss about ways and means by which we can achieve our objective .”                                                                                                            37.5

When they were talking like this , Vibheeshana the younger brother  of Ravana  spoke the following meaningful  and polished words.                                                                                                                    37.6

“My ministers Anala, Sarabha,  Sampathi and Praghasa  had gone to the city of Lanka and have returned just now.”                                                                                                                                                             37.7

“They assumed  the form of birds  and they entered the army of our enemy  and they have seen closely  the action that  is being taken by them and returned .”                                                                             37.8

“Oh Rama , I would tell you in detail  the exact position as informed to me  of  the   arrangements being made by the bad soul Ravana.”                                                                                                                       37.9

"Prahastha with his army   is standing near the eastern gate. Mahaparswa and Mahodara of mighty prowess are at the southern gate."                                                                                                             37.10

“Indrajit surrounded by many Rakshasas is  standing  at the western gate  with harpoons, swords, bows, spears and hammers together with warriors furnished with weapons of various kinds."                 37.11

“The northern gate is protected by  Ravana himself   , who is an expert  in magical chants  with several thousands of Rakshasas armed with many weapons and with thousands of Rakshasas   moving here and there armed with lances.”                                                                                                                   37.12-37.13

“Virupaksha along with  a great Rakshasa army , armed with  great spears , swords and bows  is standing in the centre of the fort.”                                                                                                                               37.14

“ All these ministers Observed    these arrangements of     the army  inside   the fort  and have speedily returned to this place .”                                                                                                                                 37.15

"The elephants and chariots number some ten thousand each, the cavalry twenty thousand and there are more than a crore foot soldiers. These strong and intrepid Rakshasas  endeavoring to kill someone in battle have ever been their sovereign's favorites."                                                                         37.16-37.17

“Oh king, for each Rakshasa there  are ten lakhs  who are available in the vicinity itself .”              37.18

The mighty Vibheeshana introduced those ministers    of his too Rama , after telling the news brought by  them  pertaining to Lanka.                                                                                                                            37.19

Those ministers again confirmed what was said  by Vibheeshana  and that good  younger brother of Ravana with a view to please  Rama told   the lotus eyed one  further.                                              37.20

“Oh Rama when Ravana went  for a war against Khubera , along with him sixty lac   Rakshasas, who were similar to Ravana  in his bad character  , in his luster, in his prowess, his strength, his pride  and in his  valour      went along with  him .”                                                                                                  37.21-37.22

“By this report I am not trying  to arouse  your wrath nor   your fear  nor trying to irritate  you  , for I am sure you are capable  due to  valour even to kill the devas.”                                                                       37.23

“You having set out with this great army  of monkeys divided in to four divisions  are capable  of  destroying Ravana.”                                                                                                                                     37.24

After Rama heard these words of the younger brother of Ravana  , for the sake of attacking his enemies , he gave   the  following order.”                                                                                                                 37.25

“At the eastern gate of Lanka,  the great monkey Nila assisted by large number of monkeys will attack  Prahastha .”                                                                                                                                                37.26

“Angadha  the son of Vali surrounded by  mighty army of  monkeys would oppose in the southern gate  , the Rakshasas Maha Parswa and Mahodhara.”                                                                                   37.27

“Let Hanuman the son of wind God  with an incomparable army  break the western door  along with large number of monkeys.”                                                                                                                               37.28

“I am myself determined to slay that wicked  one who owing to the boon he has received, enjoys oppressing multitudes of  asuras and Dhanavas , as also the magnanimous sages and who ranges the world, pestering  all beings. With the aid of Lakshmana, I shall forcibly enter the northern gate where Ravana is stationed along with his army."                                                                                    37.29-37.31

Let the king of monkeys Sugreeva, the king of bears Jambhavan   and the younger brother of the king of Rakshasas   occupy the central place  of the army.”                                                                              37.32

“No monkey should assume the human form in this  battle  , so that their monkey form would help us to recognize them.”                                                                                                                                          37.33

"Among our own people also, the form of monkeys will become a sign of recognition for us. Seven of us  only will attack the enemy  in our human form, I, my brother Lakshmana, who is full of valour, my friend Vibheeshana and his four companions."                                                                                        37.34-37.35

After saying this to Vibheeshana , for the   sake of getting success  in their  enterprise , that  Rama who is a wise leader , made up his mind to climb on mount Suvela  and from there observed the very pretty slope of that  mountain.                                                                                                                     37.36-37.37

After  that Rama along with a very big army  making his mind to destroy his enemies  set out to Lanka    with great happiness  and excitement.                                                                                                       37.38


      Thus ends the thirty seventh     chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


38. Rama spends the night on Suvela mountain.


(Rama  along with his army chiefs climb the Suvela mountain and has a good glimpse of the city of Lanka. He spends that night there.)


Rama, who was followed by Lakshmana, having made up his mind to ascend Mount Suvela, spoke in a gentle and prime voice to Sugreeva and to Vibheeshana who was the knower of what is right, a Rakshasa  devoted to him and  who was experienced in giving advice  and a knower of prescribed rules .


“We would ascend this good king of mountains   Suvela  which is blessed with hundreds of minerals  and will stay there  for today’s night “                                                                                                                       38.3

"We shall see Lanka the place of that Rakshasa   Ravana , the evil-minded one  by whom my wife was abducted  for the sake of his own death, who did not understand Dharma properly ,  who did not  know  what good character is and in whom  noble lineage was not seen and by whom that contemptible act was done with an inferior  mind of a Rakshasa."                                                                               38.4-38.5

“My anger is increasing when that base Rakshasa  is praised  due to the basest of sin committed by him  and I shall definitely witness his death.”                                                                                                          38.6

“Anyone who does a sinful act  , is caught  by the noose of the God of death and such base souls by the mistakes they do   debase their clan.”                                                                                                             38.7

“Discussing like this with a mind full of anger against Ravana , Rama climbed up the Suvela mountain with its pretty peaks.                                                                                                                                          38.8

Along with other people Lakshmana carrying a great bow  and arrows  climbed  after him  and Sugreeva , Vibheeshana  along with their ministers also   followed them.                                                                  38.9

Hanuman, Angada, Nila, Mainda, Dvivida, Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavya, Sarabha, Gandhamadana, Panasa, Kumuda, Hara, Rambha the chief of the troops, Jambhavan, Sushena, the greatly wise Rishabha, Durmukha of great splendour, Shatabali the monkey and other hundreds of monkeys who are fast-moving, who can wander easily on mountains with a speed akin to that of wind, ascended that Suvela mountain which Rama  had ascended.                                                                                         38.10- 38.13

All of them climbed the mountain   taking not much time   and after reaching the top of its peak saw Lanka  like  it was a town hanging from the sky.                                                                                     38.14

Those monkey chiefs saw Lanka with  excellent gates , lustrous ramparts and completely filled with Rakshasas.                                                                                                                                                       38.15

Those  monkey lords also saw another rampart   consisting of blue Rakshasas, standing together on   that great rampart.                                                                                                                                       38.16

All those monkeys seeing those Rakshasas who were thirsting for war  , made different type of noises and all this was being watched by Rama.                                                                                                  38.17

Then the sun went down heralding the coming of dusk  and the knighted lighted by the full moon arrived.                                                                                                                                                             38.18

“After that , Rama along with Lakshmana as well as Sugreeva the Lord of monkeys together with troops and captions of troops, duly greeted welcomingly and treated hospitably  Vibheeshana and stayed with joy  on the mountain resort of Suvela.”                                                                                                     38.19


      Thus ends the thirty eighth     chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


39. Rama surveys   the city of Lanka


(Rama along with the army chiefs had a good idea of Lanka. Some monkeys do go near the city. Rama is surprised at the great opulence  of the city.)


All the monkey chiefs spent their night on the top of the  mountain  and those valorous ones saw   many parks and gardens in Lanka.                                                                                                                                  39.1

Seeing those prettily leveled  and very broad gardens  which were very pretty to look at  , all of them became  surprised.                                                                                                                                                  39.2

Thick with Champaka, Ashoka, Vakula , Sala and palmyra trees, covered with groves of Tamala and Panasa trees, surrounded with rows of Nagakesara trees, Lanka looked splendid on all sides like the city of Amaravati reigned by Indra the god of devas, with green lawns and variegated avenues and with beautiful trees of various kinds like Hintala, Arjuna, Nipa Saptaparna in full flowering, Tilaka, Karnikara and Patal whose crests were laden with flowers and which were intertwined with climbers laden with multi-coloured flowers and red tender leaves.                                                                                 39.3-39.6

Those trees  were full of scented  and greatly wonderful flowers  as well as fruits just like human beings have lot of ornaments.                                                                                                                                   39.7

That pretty garden resembling Chithratha  , the garden of Khubera  was  greatly charming like Nandana the garden of Devendra.                                                                                                                                     39.8

In that garden filled with small waterfalls , the music of  small cranes  and sound of dancing peacocks  and singing of cuckoos   was heard.                                                                                                                 39.9

Then, those  joyful monkeys,, brave and assuming any shape at will, entered the aforesaid groves and gardens, with birds always  excited with joy, with wandering  bees, with clusters of trees occupied by cuckoos, having peculiar  sounds of birds and song of the large bees, abounding with sounds of kura birds  with the music of wagtails and cries of cranes.                                                                     39.10-39.12

When those mighty  and splendid monkeys entered  there , scented breeze which had touched several flowers  blew across the garden.                                                                                                                   39.13

Some of the monkey warriors left their battalions with the permission of Lord Sugreeva  went towards Lanka decorated by flags.                                                                                                                               39.14

Those monkeys expert in making loud noise  frightened several birds and displeased elephants  and other animals made the  city of Lanka tremble.                                                                                         39.15

They all walked with great speed trampling the earth  by their feet  and   raised dust  by their feet , which went up immediately  .                                                                                                                         39.16

Frightened by that sound, bears lions buffaloes elephants, deer  and birds   trembled and  got terrified and hastened towards all the  ten different directions.                                                                             39.17

The solitary peak of Trikuta mountain, which  was  so high and appeared as  if  it was touching the sky and was  all over covered with flowers  resembling gold and spread   to  an extent of  ten Yojanas ; bright was  charming to look at, pretty , glorious, majestic, inaccessible even  to the   birds, and was hard to be ascended by people even by the mind and how much more  difficult  by the act of walking?39.18-39.19

The city of Lanka    which was  ten Yojanas broad and twenty yojanas  long   was located   on the top of that mountain.                                                                                                                                                39.20

The towers of the   town on the top of the mountain looked like white clouds on the sky  and had ramparts made of gold and silver.                                                                                                               39.21

That Lanka was greatly decorated by palaces and towers and looked like the sky  with  clouds at the end of summer   and resembled the land of Vishnu between earth and sky.                                                  39.22

A palace, duly graced with a thousand pillars, which looked like a peak of Mount Kailasa was there in the City of Lanka,  which was always protected by a complete army of Rakshasas. The palace seemed to be scraping the skies and was  seen as an ornament to the City of Ravana.                                    39.23-39.24

The  glorious  Rama the elder brother of Lakshmana along with monkeys saw that charming golden city of Ravana, graced with mountains picturesque with various minerals, splendid with gardens reechoing with songs of birds of every kind, frequented by varieties of deer, richly endowed with various kinds of flowers, inhabited by Rakshasas  of every degree and duly flourishing, having increased its wealth.


The elder brother Of Lakshmana  seeing that city  completely occupied by palaces   and which looked like heaven   was greatly surprised .                                                                                                             39.28

Rama with his great army saw that City, full of precious gems, having all kinds of facilities, adorned with rows of mansions, having excellent doors with huge mechanical appliances and with a large armed forces protecting the City.                                                                                                                              39.29


      Thus ends the thirty ninth      chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


40.Sugreeva jumps and attacks  Ravana


(When Rama and others are standing on Suvela mountain, Ravana stands at the top of city gate. Sugreeva   jumps at him and breaks his crown. Both of them wrestle with each other. Sugreeva jumps  back to the mountain.)


Then Rama along with Sugreeva  and the monkey troop leaders climbed up  to the top of Suvela mountain   which was two Yojanas broad  .                                                                                               40.1

After standing there for a little time when Rama saw all the ten directions , he saw on the top of Trikuta mountain  the city of Lanka constructed by Viswakarma  with nice arrangements and many pretty gardens.                                                                                                                                                                   40.2  

There above a gateway, stood the invincible Ravana the lord of Rakshasas , who was being fanned with white whisks on both sides, was graced with a triumphal parasol, was smeared with red sandal paste, adorned with scarlet ornaments, attired in raiment embroidered in gold, resembling a dark cloud, who bore on his breast scars of wounds inflicted on him by  elephant  of Indra   with his tusks, wrapped in a cloak of red colour resembling the colour of hare's blood and looking  like a mass of clouds in the sky enveloped with sunshine at sunset.                                                                                                          40.3-40.6

He was seen by the king of the monkeys as well as Rama  but as soon  as Sugreeva saw the king of Rakshasas  he stood up.                                                                                                                                       40.7

Due to the fierceness of his anger  , he merged his courage and strength  and from the top of the mountain jumped to  the place of the tower.                                                                                                 40.8

He then saw the Rakshasa for a moment , and then that fearless soul ,  regarded  that Rakshasa as a mere straw and then spoke.                                                                                                                              40.9

“Oh Rakshasa, I am the friend and servant of Rama who is  the lord of the world  and today you will not be spared   by the luster  of that king of kings.”                                                                                          40.10

Saying like this all at once , Sugreeva jumped over the Rakshasa  and pulled his great shining crown and threw it on the earth.”                                                                                                                                      40.11

When he was trying to rush to him  then that Rakshasa  spoke “You are one with a good neck(Sugreeva)  but soon you will be one without neck.”                                                                                                      40.12

Then Ravana lifted Sugreeva and threw him on earth  but bouncing like a ball  Sugreeva flung his   enemy with his arms.                                                                                                                                                    40.13  

Ravana and Sugreeva of great strength carried on  the  duel  which was unbearable  and  perspiration broke out on their limbs, and  their bodies  turned red with blood and each clung to other paralyzing his opponent's movements resembling a  silk-cotton tree  and Kimshuka trees, followed by blows of fists, slaps of hands blows of elbows and blows of fingers on each other.                                      40.14-40.15

Having wrestled for a long time in the center of the flat floor of the gate way, each in turn repeatedly lifting their bodies and bending their feet in a particular way, the two highly swift combatants remained in that flat roof of the gate way.                                                                                                                40.16

Crushing one another and  with  their bodies clung together, they both dropped down between the defensive walls and the moat. They would leap up again, seizing each other from the ground, after pausing an instant to regain their breath.                                                                                               40.17

With arms interlaced like the ropes joined together, they remained locked together in the struggle. Both of them, who had received training in wrestling and fully endowed with might, were now moving to and fro in the arena.                                                                                                                                         40.18

Both of them who looked like a tiger and lion  with  tusks  growing like the king of the elephants , after interlacing  their hands  tried their strength  and fell on the ground together.                     40.19

Thereafter rising, those two heroes hurled themselves at  each other, circling around the arena again and again, like skilled and mighty wrestlers, and they  never got easily tired.                               40.20

Like  two  great elephants  they   with their enormous arms resembling the trunks, of those elephants  those two warriors were keeping track  of each other and  fought vehemently for a long time and moved speedily in a circular arena.                                                                                                                         40.21

Approaching each other like two  wild cats fighting for  a piece of meat  and trying to kill each other, they stood growling again and again.                                                                                                       40.22

The two warriors, Sugreeva and Ravana, who were skilled in wrestling, executed innumerable and myriad revolutions, taking up diverse postures, moving in a curves like an ox's urine, coming and going, stepping side ways, having a retrograde motion to avoid blows, turning about abandoning the attack, dashing towards each other, leaping, standing firm and erect, retreating , turning  sideways, rushing  in a bent posture, running  lifting their foot to kick the opponent and by letting go or stealing away.


Meanwhile, Ravana decided to commence  using his magic power and  realizing   it, Sugreeva flew into the sky triumphantly shaking off all fatigue, while Ravana, baffled by Sugreeva stood confounded there all alone.                                                                                                                                                 40.27-40.28

Thus that blessed lord of the monkeys who was the son of Sun God  ,  got fame in war  after reducing the Rakshasa Ravana to tiresomeness , climbed up in to the broad sky  and went near Rama who was standing in the middle of monkeys.                                                                                                           40.29

Then that son of God after doing this act , with the speed of the wind  rejoined his own army  and got the great applause of  the blessed son of Raghu clan  and was honoured by all the monkey chiefs 40.30


      Thus ends the fortieth     chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


41.Angadha is sent to Ravana as emissary


(The monkey army    with its commanders  lay seige the city of Lanka. Rama sends Angadha as an emissary to Ravana.  Not prepared to surrender Ravana, tries to catch hold of Angadha but he escapes and goes  back to Rama.)


Seeing the signs of the battle on the body of Sugreeva , Rama the elder brother of Lakshmana , after hugging Sugreeva  told him.                                                                                                                            41.1

“You have done  this great adventure without properly consulting me ,such rash  adventures are never attempted by a king. “                                                                                                                                      41.2

“Oh valorous  one interested in adventure , this reckless act done by you , has caused great anxiety  to me , your army and Vibheeshana.”                                                                                                               41.3

‘Oh valorous one, oh destroyer of enemies , Oh mighty  armed annihilator  of enemies , if some misfortune had happened to you , what could we have done to release Sita , and also to the greatly strong Bharatha ,to Lakshmana and the still younger Shatrugna   and also to myself.”           41.4-41.5

“I had decided that if you had not come back , knowing well your valour which is equal to Sun, Indra  and Varuna , to kill Ravana along with his sons  along with his army and steeds , to hold the coronation of Vibheeshana as king of Lanka  and later consecrate  Bharatha as the king Of Ayodhya and then to retire to the forest.”                                                                                                                                            41.6-41.7 

When Rama spoke like this Sugreeva replied like this, “OH Raghava seeing  Ravana the abductor of your wife  and also knowing about my innate strength, how  else could I have acted.”                     41.8-41.9

When the valorous Sugreeva told like this , Rama complimented him   and told Lakshmana   who was greatly full of auspiciousness.                                                                                                                      41.10

“Oh Lakshmana , after dividing the  forests with fresh waters and trees laden with fruits , it is necessary to divide the army in to segments and be always ready.”                                                                      41.11

“I am scared that  that I will see a great tragedy which    would reduce the number of people in this world and also a mass destruction to the bears and monkeys.                                                               41.12

“Harsh winds are blowing , the earth is shaking , the tips of the mountains are shaking  and those elephants which carry the earth are trumpeting.”                                                                                     41.13

"Sinister clouds  horrifyingly bitter roar violently like carnivorous animals and let fall a rain mixed with drops of blood."                                                                                                                                                 41.14

“The dusk is of the red colour    of the red sandalwood is looking horrific  and from the  sun, a  blazing fire ball  falls down.”                                                                                                                                        41.15

“Wild animals and birds shout  pitiably  and are  wretched  and are ominous  and facing the sun they inspire great fear .”                                                                                                                                           41.16

“The moon has lost its luster   and is surrounded by red black rays , similar to the time of final deluge  and is creating sorrow at night.”                                                                                                                     41.17

“Oh Lakshmana , on the disk of the sun  a fiery halo with a black mark is observed  and reduced of its luster the Sun  is having a coppery colour.”                                                                                                 41.18

“Oh Lakshmana  , the stars  do not look like the way they should  and are foretelling their intention to speed up the time of   deluge..”                                                                                                                      41.19

“The crows , eagles and vultures are circling the sky at a lower  level  and Jackals also howling  making inauspicious sounds.”                                                                                                                                       41.20

"The earth will be   crowded with rocks, darts and daggers  used  by monkeys and demons, will become a slime of flesh and blood."                                                                                                                             41.21

“Let  us speedily attack  the invincible town ruled by Ravana , and surround it by monkeys   on all  sides.”


The elder brother of Lakshmana after speaking like this to Lakshmana , speedily got down from the top of the mountain.                                                                                                                                                41.23

That Rama ah was the soul of Dharma after getting down from the mountain , examined his unconquerable army .”                                                                                                                                    41.24

Rama who is an expert in matters of time , along with Sugreeva got ready his army   for attack  , at the appropriate  moment.                                                                                                                                       41.25

That very strong one  armed with a bow  marched at the most suitable time marched along with his army , facing the city of Lanka.                                                                                                                     41.26

Then, Vibheeshana, Sugreeva, Hanuman, Jambhavan the king of bears, Nala, Nila and Lakshmana accompanied  Rama.                                                                                                                                     41.27

After that the great army  consisting of monkeys and bears marched covering the vast area  of land accompanying Rama.                                                                                                                                    41.28

Then those monkeys who were destroyers of enemies and who resembled elephants  took hold of hundreds of mountain peaks as well as well grown trees.                                                                     41.29

Within a short time  those brothers Rama and Lakshmana , who were both destroyers of enemies,  reached Lanka which was the city of Ravana .                                                                                         41.30

The monkeys, encouraged by the sound of Rama's voice and obedient to his command, halted before the city of Lanka which was  decorated  with flags , beautiful and splendid with pleasure-gardens, having an unusual rampart which is inaccessible with its elevated arched door-ways and invincible even to the devas.                                                                                                                                                     41.31-41.32

After reaching the city of Lanka  which was ruled by Ravana, the heroic Rama the son of Dasaratha accompanied by Lakshmana, stopped  near the northern gate, where Ravana was in command  Who else but Rama is capable of protecting the army and  besieging that gate, regulated by Ravana, similar to  an ocean  regulated by Varuna, guarded by awful Rakshasas on all sides and creating fear to the weak as the   under regions of earth  is guarded by Rakshasas.                                                                 41.33-41.36

Rama saw there the army of Ravana  armed with various   strange type of weapons and armours .      


 Nila, the valiant  commander –in-chief  of monkeys together with Mainda and Dvivida reached and stopped before the Eastern gate.                                                                                                             41.38

Angadha of very mighty prowess, together with Rishabha, Gavaksha, Gaja and Gavya took charge of the Southern gate.                                                                                                                                               41.39

The strong monkey Hanuman together with Prajangha, Tarasa and other warriors, guarded the western gate.                                                                                                                                                                  41.40

Sugreeva, along with all the chiefs of monkeys equal to the strength of Garuda  as well as Vayu the god of the wind, was stationed himself in the middle of the army .                                                            41.41

The highly reputed generals of monkeys  along with thirty six crores of monkeys besieged the city  along with great Sugreeva exerting pressure on monkeys.                                                                              41.42

As per  the order of Rama Lakshmana and  Vibheeshana  distributed one crore of monkey army soldiers at each gate of the city.                                                                                                                                41.43

Behind Rama and not far from him, Sushena together with Jambhavan, followed by a multitude of forces, stood at the intermediate post.                                                                                                     41.44

Those lions among monkeys who were possessing lion like teeth holding rocks and trees  were with joy waiting for  the signal to  the war.”                                                                                                           41.45

All of them were lashing their tails , using their jaws and nails as weapons and were shaking in every limb and had their faces set grimly.                                                                                                               41.46

Some were having the strength of ten elephants  and some having strength of ten times  ten  and some were having the strength  of one thousand elephants.                                                                            41.47

Some were having the strength of an ogha(large number    ) of elephants. Some were endowed with a strength of ten times to that. some others there were chiefs of monkeys, having an immeasurable strength.                                                                                                                                                           41.48

That collection of monkeys there  was greatly magical and wonderful and it appeared as  if it was a swarm of locusts.                                                                                                                                           41.49

Due to   the monkeys who reached Lanka and by  all those stationed already beneath its walls, the air and earth seem to be completely filled with monkeys.                                                                          41.50

A hundred divisions of one lakh each of bears and monkeys poured towards the gates of Lanka, while others proceeded to fight on every side.                                                                                                  41.51

All the mountains on all sides were covered by the monkeys  and a crore of them were ranged near the city.                                                                                                                                                                   41.52

When  the city of Lanka was surrounded by the monkeys each holding a tree in their hand , even wind was not entering the city.                                                                                                                          41.53

The Rakshasas  who were as valorous as Indra , the ruler of devas seeing themselves besieged  by cloud like monkeys  who were equal to them in  valour were  stuck with sudden terror.”                    41.54

When those monkey troops were advancing  a big sound arose which was similar to the sound of waves of ocean beating its banks.                                                                                                                        41.55

Due that great noise , Lanka with its ramparts , arches  , mountains and forests began to shake .


That army of monkeys protected by Rama and Lakshmana  as well as Sugreeva became even more unconquerable  than  that the army of devas and Dhanavas.                                                                  41.57

Having thus ranged his forces, with a view to destroy the Rakshasas , Rama who knew about the four expedients  of Sama, Dhana, Bhedha and Danda   to be  employed in succession, took counsel again and again with his ministers and arrived at a decision. Calling to his mind the duty of the kings, Rama who was eager to undertake what was to be done next, in concurrence with Vibheeshana, summoned Angadha the son of Vali and spoke  to him as follows.                                                              41.58-41.60

“Oh gentle monkey , go and meet the ten necked one  who is unfortunate , devoid of kingship  and who has lost his splendour due to approaching   death  and tell my words to him. , after entering the city of Lanka without any fear .”                                                                                                                              41.61

“oh  Rakshasa who moves at night  In your reckless arrogance,  you have oppressed sages, celestials, Gandharwas and their wives, serpent – Rakshasas , Yakshas the semi-divine beings and kings.  From now on, that arrogance, born of the boon you received from Brahma the Lord of creation, should  be subdued.”                                                                                                                                              41.62-41.64

“I would definitely inflict    a great punishment on you for  abducting my wife  and  I am standing at the gates of Lanka along  with the rod of punishment.”                                                                                41`.65

“Oh Rakshasa , if you are killed by me, You will attain the position of devas , great sages and the  Royal sages .”                                                                                                                                                               41.66

Oh basest Rakshasa , use the same method of not showing your strength but the power of illusion  when you abducted Sita.”                                                                                                                                           41.67

“If you do not surrender to me  and do not return Sita to me, I will make this world one without Rakshasas by my powerful arrows.”                                                                                                              41.68

"This pious minded Vibheeshana, the foremost among Rakshasas  has come to me. Surely, this illustrious Rakshasa will obtain the kingdom of Lanka, which will henceforth be free from troubles."             41.69

“You  cannot enjoy this kingdom without Dharma even for a moment    as you are  a sinful Rakshasa having stupid followers around you and is one with defeated soul.”                                                  41.70

“Oh Rakshasa  , otherwise get ready for the battle , after gathering courage  and laying your hands on your valour. Then you will be killed by arrows and rest in peace.”                                                      41.71

“Oh traveler  at night , even if you take the form of a bird and  run about  in all the three worlds , you will not be alive as soon as you come in to the range of my eyes.”                                                    41.72

“I am telling   for your benefit, be ready for your obsequies. See Lanka  properly  , for your living further is in my hands.”                                                                                                                                            41.73

When Rama who never got tired of his actions told like this to son of Tara, he jumped in to the  air with a luster of burning fire and marched ahead . “                                                                                    41.74

Within a moment he reached the home of Ravana  and  saw that Ravana  who was seated and discussing with his ministers.                                                                                                                                              41.75

That monkey chief Angadha  wearing golden bracelets  landed in a place close   to  the king and stood there    like a flaming torch.                                                                                                                     41.76

After introducing himself , Angadha repeated the excellent words of Rama , as it was told to him  without adding or subtracting anything to Ravana in the presence of his ministers.                 41.77

“I am the son of Vali and Angadha is my name  and I am the emissary of Rama , the king of Kosala  and of  stable exploits . Have you heard of him?”                                                                                              41.78

Rama called Raghava  who adds joy to his mother Kausalya speaks to you  thus.”Oh Ruthless one , come and enter in to war with me as a representative of your clan.”                                                        41.79

“I shall kill you along with your ministers, sons, cousins and other relatives. You being dead, all the three worlds would get  rid of fear.'"                                                                                                                41.80

“Now, I shall uproot you, a thorn to  the sages and an enemy to  devas , demons, semi-divine beings, Gandharwas , serpent-gods and Rakshasas.”                                                                                  41.81

“Unless you bow before me and return back Sita , you would be killed by me and Vibheeshana would become the king.”                                                                                                                               41.82 

Hearing those  harsh words from the monkey chief . Ravana the king of Rakshasas  became under the control of anger.                                                                                                                                   41.83

He became red eyed with anger and ordered his ministers, “Let this stupid one be caught and then killed.”                                                                                                                                                     41.84

As soon a they heard  the words of Ravana  , four terrible Rakshasas caught hold of him who resembled a shining torch.                                                                                                                                       41.85

Then the prudent and valorous  monkey  , of his own accord came under their control , to exhibit his prowess  in front of those monkeys.                                                                                                  41.86

Then catching hold of those who clung to his arms , Angadha leapt on to the palace  which resembled a  mountain.                                                                                                                                               41.87

All those four Rakshasas were shaken out , by the great speed of Angadha    and fell down on the ground , even when the king of Rakshasas was watching.                                                                          41.88

From the top of the palace  , which was as tall as the mountain  was climbed by that   son of Vali, even when Ravana was seeing.                                                                                                                   41.89

That roof of the palace, trampled by Angadha, crumbled  like  the peak of Himalayan range was shattered long ago by lightening - before Ravana's gaze.                                                            41.90

After breaking the roof of the house and announcing his name loudly  and roaring with great sound, Angadha  rose  up in that air.                                                                                                             41.91

Causing great worry  to Rakshasa and  great joy to the monkeys , he reached the middle of  monkeys    and  went near Rama.                                                                                                                         41.92

Seeing the roof of his palace  destroyed Ravana got in to very great anger  and foreseeing his own destruction he became jittery.                                                                                                         41.93 

 Surrounded by many monkeys who were  roaring with delight, Rama on his part was already proceeding ahead  for the battle, with an intent to wipe out  his  enemy.                                                                     41.94 At that time, Sushena the highly valiant monkey  who was resembling  a mountain  was surrounded by innumerable monkeys, who had  ability  change their form at will.                                                          41.95

Under the order of Sugreeva who was invincible ,  Sushena was patrolling the gates and wandering like a moon among the stars.                                                                                                                                     41.96

Seeing hundreds of divisions of those monkeys encamped under the walls of Lanka, marshaled on the shores of the sea, the Rakshasas were amazed and some others were terror-struck while others, overjoyed at the prospect of fighting and even  leapt up  in exultation.                                  41.979-41.98

Those miserable Rakshasas on seeing   that the entire extensive space between the walls and the moat were being occupied by the monkeys, and looked like a second rampart cried out, "Alas " in panic.


As a result of that  the miserable   tumult in the capital city of the Rakshasas, the soldiers of Ravana seized hold of their great weapons and sallied forth like the winds that blow at the time of deluge.



      Thus ends the forty first  chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


42.The war between monkeys   and Rakshasas commences


(Rama orders his monkey army to attack.  They fill up the moat, brake fortifications and climb on fort walls. Ravana oders his Rakshasa    army to aeeack. A huge battle commences between them.)


Then all the Rakshasas went to the home of Ravana  and informed him  that their city has been besieged by Rama and the monkeys.                                                                                                                                  42.1

Hearing about the besieging of the city , that Rakshasa became very angry  and after doubling the arrangements  climbed up to the top of his house .                                                                                       42.2

Then he saw that Lanka, its forests  and its  waters were covered by innumerable  groups of monkeys who were interested in the war.                                                                                                                        42.3

Seeing that those monkeys  had covered the earth and made it look brown, in great confusion, he thought “How can they all be killed?”                                                                                                              42.4

That Ravana regained his confidence after thinking for a long time , with his eyes widened in surprise , Ravana saw Rama and the other monkey chiefs .                                                                                           42.5

Rama with lot of joy  along with the army marched forward  and saw that Lanka is being protected from all four sides  and was filled with Rakshasas.                                                                                                   42.6

That son of Dasaratha after seeing Lanka decorated by various types of flags , with great distress thought  of Sita  in his heart.                                                                                                                             42.7

“Here lives the doe eyed , daughter of Janaka  who is suffering for my sake  and who is sorrowful and sleeps on bare  earth.”                                                                                                                                         42.8

When the votary of Dharma thought about  how Vaidehi is made to suffer , he immediately ordered his  army of monkeys to  destroy their enemies.                                                                                                 42.9

When these words were spoken by Rama who never gets tired , those monkeys interested in the war  filled the air with shouts resembling the roar of the lion.                                                                          42.10

“We shall tear this Lanka in to pieces by  either by our bare  hands or by using mountain peaks , ” thus decided all the monkeys by general consent.                                                                                               42.11

Lifting up great mountain peaks as well as huge stones  and breaking huge trees , those monkey chiefs got ready for the battle.                                                                                                                                   42.12

For  fulfilling the favourite job of Rama , they after diving themselves in to columns  started climbing on the walls of Lanka  and Ravana kept watching them.                                                                                  42.13

They  who were of golden colour , having  copper coloured faces and who were prepared to give up their life for    sake of Rama , marched towards Lanka, armed with mountains, rocks   and trees.    42.14

Those monkeys demolished innumerable defensive walls and arches with blows from trees, mountain-tops and fists.                                                                                                                                                    42.15

The monkeys  filled up the moats   containing  clear water , with  sand, mountain, mountain tops  , grass and logs  of woods.                                                                                                                                             42.16

After that the monkey commanders   scaled the walls of  the city of Lanka,  taking with them battalions of monkeys in thousands, in crores and even hundreds of crores.                                                           42.17

The monkeys started  breaking  the golden arches and breaking down the gates that equaled the peak of Kailasa the mountainous abode of Shiva the Lord of Destruction.                                                          42.18

Those monkeys who resembled  great elephants  rushed towards Lanka  springing , leaping  and also roaring .                                                                                                                                                               42.19 

The monkeys, who can assume any form that they like  , shouting - "Victory to the mighty Rama and the valiant Lakshmana" "Victory of Sugreeva protected by Raghava" and roaring, rushed towards the defensive walls of Lanka.                                                                                                                       42.20-42.21

The monkey chiefs  Virabahu, , Subahu, Nala  and Panasa after storming the defensive walls of the city   took   their positions on them. And at that time they also formed several battalions of army there.


Kumuda surrounded by ten  crores of monkeys  , who acted as if they have already   won  , stood besieging  the eastern gate .                                                                                                                       42.23

To help him a monkey called Prasabha  and  a very strong Panasa  , surrounded by many other  monkeys  came .                                                                                                                                                              42.24

The valiant Shathabali came to the southern door  surrounded by twenty   crores  of monkeys  and stood  surrounding it .                                                                                                                                               42.25

Sushena the monkey who was the father of Tara  arrived at the western gate , surrounded by crores of crores  of monkeys  and stood there besieging it.                                                                                  42.26

Rama along with the son of Sumithra reached the northern gate  along with Sugreeva   and surrounded by the monkey army .                                                                                                                                  42.27

They were accompanied by  crores of bears   under the very strong Dhumra , who is a destroyer of his enemies  and they took up position near Rama.                                                                                    42.28

Vibheeshana of great energy with mace in hand, clad in defensive armour and accompanied by his watchful ministers, took his position where the mighty Rama is stationed.                                     42.29

Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha and Gandhamadana, galloping on all sides, defended the army of monkeys.


Then Ravana  who was drowned in great anger  commanded his great army to   set out of their camps   for war immediately.                                                                                                                                   42.31

Immediately after hearing these words from the mouth of Ravana, , a great noise originated from the army of Rakshasas.                                                                                                                                      42.32

The Rakshasas  beat the kettle drums, whose middle disc was white as moon  loudly  using a stick of gold , and raised a great sound.                                                                                                                         42.33

The conches in hundreds and thousands blared forth a very great sound due to being blown by the horrifying Rakshasas  with their cheek extended completely .                                                           42.34

Those Rakshasas with their dark bodies  with the white conch kept on their lips , shined like clouds  which were bordered by lightning and a row of white cranes.                                                            42.35

As soon as Ravana ordered,  those  battalions of his armies rushed forth , which resembled the lashing  out of the ocean  when it is swollen by   clouds at time of deluge.                                                     42.36

Then  great sound also  rose from the monkey army  which had filled up  the ridges, planes and caves  of the Malaya  mountain.                                                                                                                                42.37

The sound raised by conches and drums by the Rakshasas    and  the lion like roaring of the monkeys  echoed and reechoed on the  earth, sky and the sea.                                                                          42.38

The trumpeting of elephants, the neighing of the horses, the clattering of the chariot-wheels and the sounds of the foot-steps and  the sound of the couches reechoed over the earth, sky and sea.  42.39

In the mean time a very horrifying war    commenced between the monkeys and the Rakshasas  and it resembled the battle between devas   and asuras.                                                                                   42.40

Exhibiting , their own prowess , the Rakshasas  started to  attack the monkeys  with their maces , tridents, Shakthi and axes.                                                                                                                             42.41

Then those huge sized monkeys started  with speed   striking with , trees , mountain tops , nails and teeth  and raised  their war cry, “Victory to Lord Sugreeva.”                                                         42.42-42.43

Some of the  terrifying Rakshasas  shouted , ‘Victory, victory to the king” , and announced their names .

Some of those Rakshasas   standing  on the wall hooked the monkeys standing on earth  using  metal  hooks.                                                                                                                                                                  42.44

This made the monkeys very angry  and they jumped in to the air and dragged down those Rakshasas  standing on the walls  by catching them with   their hands.                                                                      42.45

The battle between the monkeys and the Rakshasas turned in to a  happening of wonder  and left lot of  swampy  ground of blood and flesh.                                                                                                           42.46


      Thus ends the forty  second   chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


43,The war escalates    as war between chiefs,


( The war between Rakshasas and  monkeys   escalated between one to war between their leaders. Many Rakshasa  leaders were killed. Many monkey soldiers were also killed.)


Then those very wise  monkeys and the Rakshasas   started  getting engaged in a harsh  battle  and the ferocity of the army went up greatly .                                                                                                          43.1

Those Rakshasas and  the chiefs , doing terrific  acts   being eager to win  in Ravana's name, marched ahead on horses  with golden trappings or elephants resembling pointed flames, or in chariots flashing like the sun and themselves wearing beautiful armours, creating reverberant sounds in all the ten directions.                                                                                                                                                43.2-43.3.

The monkeys also wanting great  victory , marched against the army  of those  Rakshasas  who can take any form they like.                                                                                                                                         43.4

Among those of  the monkeys  and Rakshasas who ran against each other  , individual fight   started taking place .                                                                                                                                                  43.5

The Rakshasa Indrajit  fought with  Angadha the son of Vali  in a great battle which resembled the fight between   Lord Shiva   and Angadha.                                                                                                       43.6 

A monkey called Sampathi who can never be conquered in war  fought with Prajangha  and  Hanuman was fighting  with Jambumali .                                                                                                                  43.7

The very angry Rakshasa Vibheeshana  who was the younger brother of Ravana  fought with a Rakshasa called Mithragna who was greatly fiery in battle.                                                                                 43.8

Gaja of great strength fought with a demon called Tapana and Nila too of great energy fought with Nikumbha.                                                                                                                                                   43.9

Sugreeva the king of monkeys fought with Praghasa and Lakshmana fought with Virupaksha who fought   well.                                                                                                                                                              43.10

The invincible  Rakshasas called  Agniketu, Rashmiketu, Mitraghna and Yajnakopa confronted with Rama.                                                                                                                                                           43.11

Vajramushti fought with Mainda and Dvivida fought with Asaniprabha  and thus  the monkey chiefs   were fighting with the  horrifying Rakshasas.                                                                                       43.12  

Pratapana, the valiant Rakshasa  , terrific and invincible in battle fought well with Nala of intense speed in battle.                                                                                                                                                       43.13

The strong monkey  well known as Sushena , the son of God of death , engaged in battle with Vidhyunmali.                                                                                                                                              43.14

Some of those fearful monkeys after fighting with several big Rakshasas , got in to one to one fight with  some other horrifying Rakshasas.                                                                                                         43.15

There thus happened a horrifying  battle which made hairs to stand erect  between  Rakshasas and monkeys , both of wanting to win.                                                                                                           43.16

Streams of blood  and tufts of hair   flowed from the bodies of monkeys as well as Rakshasas which carried dead bodies like a timber by a stream .                                                                                    43.17

Indrajit  struck  with great anger  on Angadha, who can scatter   the enemy army  ,  by a mace and it looked like Indra was himself beating   with Vajrayudha.                                                                   43.18

The glorious Angadha  who was a fast moving monkey then stuck   the  golden variegated chariot, charioteer and horses  of Indrajit.                                                                                                         43.19

Sampati, who was struck by Prajangha with three arrows, killed Prajangha  using  an Ashvakarna tree, at the peak  of the combat.                                                                                                                      43.20

Jambumali who was riding on a chariot took out a  very strong Shakthi from his chariot  and banged the chest of Hanuman using it.                                                                                                                   43.21

Hanuman the son of wind God then climbed in to his chariot  and threw down the chariot along with the Rakshasa.                                                                                                                                                  43.22

The horrible Pratapana  ran with a roar   send several arrows and hurt the body of Nala  but suddenly Nala scratched out the eyes  of the Rakshasa.                                                                                  43.23

Pierced in the limbs by sharp arrows by Praghasa the swift-handed  Rakshasa , Sugreeva the Lord of  the monkeys  immediately killed Praghasa  with a Saptaparna tree.                                                   43.24

Lakshmana after making   the terrible looking  Virupaksha suffer greatly by his rain of arrows    at the end killed him  with one arrow.                                                                                                           43.25

The invincible Agniketu, Rashmiketu, Mitrughna and Yajnakopa wounded Rama by their  arrows.


Rama who became angry  , chopped off the heads  of  those four Rakshasas by using  four arrows which had  fire like tips.                                                                                                                                  43.27

Struck with a fist by  the monkey  Mainda in the battle, Vajramushti along with his chariot fell  on the ground like a watch-tower on a city-wall.                                                                                       43.28

Nikumbha wounded  Nila   who was like the blue black collyrium  by his sharp arrows similar to the rays of Sun hitting the cloud .                                                                                                                       43.29

Then, Nikumbha the swift-handed demon again wounded Nila by a hundred arrows in the battle and laughed continuously.                                                                                                                                                 43.30

Nila chopped the head of the charioteer of Nikumbha by the wheel of the same chariot in that fight, similar to Vishnu the Lord of preservation  in a battle.                                                                   43.31

Even Dvivida, whose impact was like a flash of lightening of a thunder bolt, struck Ashaniprabha with a rock before the eyes of all the demons.                                                                                             43.32

That Ashaniprabha wounded Dvivida the monkey leader by his thunder bolt-like arrows, while Dvivida was fighting with trees in the battle.                                                                                                 43.33

With his limbs struck by arrows, that Dvivida agitated as he was by anger, struck with a Sala tree, Ashaniprabha, his chariot and the horses.                                                                                      43.34

Vidhyunmali  sitting on the chariot using arrows decorated  with gold  and which made great sound struck  Sushena.                                                                                                                                   43.35

The great monkey Sushena , seeing that he was sitting on the chariot  ,  by  throwing  a great piece of rock of the mountain   upturned the chariot.                                                                                 43.36

That Rakshasa Vidhyunmali    with great tact got out  from the fallen chariot  and stood there  on the ground armed with a mace .                                                                                                            43.37

The great monkey Sushena along with great anger   holding a huge mountain  chased that Rakshasa.


That Rakshasa Vidhyunmali struck with the mace  on the chest of the great monkey chief Sushena    who was coming towards him.                                                                                                                43.39

That great monkey not bothering about the beating with the mace  on his chest  in that great battle , threw that  stone at the Rakshasa and hit his chest.                                                                           43.40 

Stuck violently by that rock on his chest Vidhyunmali , with his chest crushed   , fell down dead .  43.41

Thus many  strong Rakshasas  were destroyed  by those valiant monkeys there in a series of hand to hand encounters , similar to devas destroying Rakshasas.                                                                      43.42

The battle-field  thus became scary with extra-ordinary spears,  arrows, maces, javelins, lances and  tridents  shattered chariots and military horses and  elephants in rut, monkeys and Rakshasas which had been killed, wheels axles and yokes broken and lying on the ground and frequented as it was by herds of jackals.                                                                                                                                                     43.43-43.44

The headless trunks of monkeys and Rakshasas  sprang up here and there in the midst of that  great war , which resembled the war between devas and asuras .                                                                          43.45

They after being attacked by great monkeys  and their limbs being covered with blood due to that  attack  longed for sun set   and again assembled for another combat.                                                 43.46


      Thus ends the forty   third   chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


44. The night war between Rakshasas and monkeys


(Rama started killing several Rakshasas. With his chariot  being destroyed by Angadha,  Indrajit vanished from vision and continued his  fight without  being seen by any one and uses serpent arrows and makes Rama and Lakshmana fall.)


When the monkeys and Rakshasas were fighting a war , the sun  set and night continued with destroying of lives.                                                                                                                                                                    44.1

With great enmity between each other   and both desiring for their own victory , the night war between the monkeys    and Rakshasas  commenced.                                                                                                  44.2

The monkeys said to the Rakshasa, “You are a Rakshasa” and Rakshasas told the monkeys, “You are a monkey”,  and in the horrifying night   of darkness , they killed each other.                                          44.3

In that army very loud sounds  of talking like “Strike”, “tear apart”, “Come near”. And “why are you running away”    were being heard.                                                                                                              44.4

Those Black Rakshasas wearing golden battle dress , were shining like medicinal forests  on the king of mountains.                                                                                                                                                          44.5

In that great darkness which was difficult to   tolerate , the very angry Rakshasas  attacked and ate   those monkeys  with great speed.                                                                                                                 44.6

Those strong monkeys with a terrific rage leapt forward and torn asunder by their sharp teeth, the steeds with gold ornaments on their head, the serpentine banners and frightened the army of Rakshasas.                                                                                                                                                         44.7

Greatly angry  the monkeys  dragged  the elephants, those who were riding the elephants, chariots, flags  and flag  staffs  and broke them  in to pieces with their teeth.                                                              44.8

Rama and Lakshmana killed the foremost of Rakshasas who were visible    and not visible by arrows which can be compared   to  venomous snakes.                                                                                      44.9

The dust which rose from the hooves of horses and wheels of chariots  completely blocked the eyes and ears of those who fought.                                                                                                                          44.10

When the particular great war was in progress , the hair of people stood erect  and very horrifying rivers of blood  started flowing there.                                                                                                                 44.11

Then the sound of drums, kettle drums  arose and got mixed with the sound of conches  and  chariot wheels  arose in that place .                                                                                                                       44.12

The sound of wounded horses, Rakshasas  and  monkeys resonated and a terrible sound covered everywhere.                                                                                                                                                   44.13

The great monkeys assassinated  by  spears, maces, and axes and the slaughtered Rakshasas, who were able to change their form at will ,  with their bodies appearing like mountains were lying there on the battle-field. And those weapons appeared to be offered up as a  bounty  of flowers by the earth, which became  not seen  and rendered impassable by the slime formed out of streams of blood.  44.14-44.15

That horrifying night   proved very deadly to the monkeys as well as Rakshasas  ,like the night at deluge becomes horrifying to all beings.                                                                                                                  44.16

Those  Rakshasas who were there  in that darkness of night , attacked Rama with a shower  of arrows.


The sound that they made while coming to attack Rama as well as their roaring sound  was like the sound of  ocean  at the final destruction of all beings .                                                                           44.18

Within the time of the twinkling of an eye Rama shot six arrows  which were like the toungues of flame and killed  six Rakshasas.                                                                                                                                44.19

The unconquerable Yagnashatru, Mahaparashva, Mahodara, the giant bodied Vajradamshtra, both Shuka and Sarana - all those six having been beaten by Rama on their vital organs with a flood of his arrows, retreated from the battle and somehow survived for the rest of their life.                44.20-44.21

Using gold tipped arrows  of varied patterns resembling the flames   of fire Rama , cleared all directions as well as  intermediate directions and made them without Rakshasas.                                                44.22

And all the valorous Rakshasas who stood facing Rama  also perished just like moths   coming in front of fire.                                                                                                                                                                       44.23

When the arrows with golden wings  which were bright coloured started    falling from all directions  , it appeared as if fire flies are coming from all places in that autumnal night .                                         44.24

By the sounds made by the Rakshasas and roaring sound of the monkeys  that terrible  night became more terrible.                                                                                                                                                     44.25

That great sound which was coming from all   sides , the Trikuta mountain which was full of caves  appeared  to give rise to confused murmurs.                                                                                             44.26

Long-tailed and black faced monkeys with their gigantic bodies and dark figure, crushed the Rakshasas  with their arms and allowed them to be eaten by other animals.                                                           44.27

Angadha who had   come to the battle field to kill all his enemies  all at once stuck , the chariot, charioteer  and horses  of the son of Ravana.                                                                                            44.28

 While that awful and very intense battle was going on, Indrajit a great expert in tricks of illusion, leaving the chariot, with its horses and charioteer killed by Angadha, vanished from that very spot itself.   


All the devas and great sages seeing that act  of accomplishment of the son of Vali  were greatly pleased  by the honourable son of Vali .                                                                                                                      44.31

Since all the beings knew the magical power of Indrajit  in war , seeing him being defeated  by that great one made them pleased  .                                                                                                                               44.32

Then all the monkeys as well as Sugreeva and Vibheeshana  were greatly delighted and praised him  by saying ”Good, very good.”                                                                                                                            44.33

Indrajit having been defeated by that one responsible for the big act who was the  son of Vali  was driven to horrifying anger .                                                                                                                            44.34

That   expert in war who was the son of Ravana and who had boons given by Brahma  , after disappearing from vision  and started shooting   arrows  which were as bright as lightning.          44.35

Becoming very angry he sent  harsh serpent arrows  and with them hurt all the body parts of  Rama as well as Lakshmana of the Raghu clan.                                                                                                    44.36

Bu enveloping will illusion, he   confounded Rama  and went on sending arrows  being invisible  and tied the brothers Rama and Lakshmana using  those arrows.                                                                   44.37

All the monkeys saw those tiger among men being tormented quickly by those serpent arrows  by those angry Rakshasas.                                                                                                                                       44.38

Not being able to hurt those two princes in his  visible  form, Indrajit the son of the king of Rakshasas  with his perverse mind,  took  recourse to magic in order to make them captive.                      44.39


      Thus ends the forty fourth   chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


45.Rama and Lakshmana fall   to the arrows of Indrajit.


(Though a search was ordered by Rama, the invisible Indrajit could not be located.  With tormenting arrows, Indrajit fells   down Rama  and Lakshmana.)


Those two very famous princes  who was very strong ordered   ten monkey chiefs to search for the whereabouts of Indrajit.                                                                                                                               45.1

Rama the tormentor  of his enemies ordered both the sons of Sushena, Nila the chief of monkeys, Angada the son of Vali, the strong Sharabha, Dvivida, Hanuman, the very strong Sanuprastha, Rishabha and Rishabha skandha to do the job.                                                                                                45.2-45.3

All those monkeys were  thrilled with enthusiasm and immediately   flung into the air brandishing huge trunks of trees in order to explore all the ten directions.                                                                      45.4

Indrajit who was an expert on arrows , using the great arrows  speedily  , released  very many great arrows , arrested their speedy  search .                                                                                                   45.5

Those monkeys of   great speed  , whose bodies were cruelly pierced by those arrows, were unable to see Indrajit in the  illusory darkness, similar to  the sun being  obscured when  it is veiled in clouds.


Indrajit with his arrows split up all vital parts of Rama and Lakshmana  and which  entered  in to their body  and thus he was victorious in battle .                                                                                           45.7

The angry Indrajit  densely   sent  and fixed  serpentine  arrows aimed at the body of Rama and Lakshmana .                                                                                                                                                45.8

Great amount of blood  flowed from the opening of wounds in their body  and both of them shined like Kimsuka trees in flowering .                                                                                                                    45.9

Indrajit with  colour  resembling collyrium , with inflamed eyes  turned red due to  anger , while remaining  still invisible    spoke to Rama  and Lakshmana.                                                         45.10

“When I start fighting war becoming invisible even Indra the God of devas  would not be able to see or approach me  and how can you both?”                                                                                             45.11

“Oh sons of the Raghu clan, having imprisoned you by the trick of arrows furnished with feathers of heron, since my soul is filled with wrath , I am going to send  you to God of death.”             45,12

After saying like this to Rama and Lakshmana who were followers of Dharma , he pierced both of them with pointed sharp arrows  and shouted with wild joy.                                                                  45.13

Indrajit who was of the colour of heaped collyrium  stretched his very big bow , again and again shot them with horrifying arrows in that great war.                                                                                45.14

He who was an expert in identifying vital parts  send very sharp arrows at Rama and Lakshmana    and hurt their vital parts.                                                                                                                               45.15

In the battle ground those two completely tied by arrows , in a twinkling  of an eye became incapable  of even looking up.                                                                                                                                       45.16

Those two pierced by  a great net work of arrows , because they were pierced in their vital parts became exhausted  and those two great archers who were lords of earth  fell down on the earth , shaking violently  like the flag staffs  raised in honour of Indra , when the chord holding them is cut off. 


Those two valorous ones   were lying down on beds of heroes , completely bathed in blood  and with all their limbs bristling with arrows and completely  distressed.                                                           45.19

There was not even finger  breadth of their body  from the tip of fingers to the end of feet which was not wounded   and implanted with sharp arrows.                                                                             45.20

They being ferociously stuck down by a Rakshasa who can change his form at his will  had blood gushing   out of their body , like water coming out of a spring.                                                                       45.21

With his vital parts being pierced   by the sharp arrows  the very angry Indrajit , who had defeated Indra , the lord of devas , Rama fell down first .                                                                                            45.22

Indrajit pierced Rama by arrows with golden arrows  which had  sharp points, which had downward movement, which go fast like  Narachas, Demi-narachas, Bhallas (with wide tips), Anjalis, Vatsa dantas, Simha dantas and those shafts like unto razors.                                                                                  45.23

Throwing away  his bow bent at three places, adorned with gold, with its string loosened away and detached from the hold of his fist, Rama lied down on the battle-ground.                                   45.24

Seeing Rama , the tiger among men having  due to the arrows , Lakshmana became hopeless  and lost will to live.                                                                                                                                                  45.25

Seeing his elder brother Rama, with his eyes resembling lotus-leaves, having fallen on the ground, wounded as he was by a net work of arrows, Lakshmana felt sad.                                                45.26

Beholding that Rama, the monkeys too were in great sorrow   and wept bitterly, filling their eyes with   tears, being affected  as they were by sorrow.                                                                                  45.27

Those monkeys with Hanuman in front gathered at  that place and stood surrounding Rama and Lakshmana, who were bound by a net work of arrows and lying down on the battle ground. All of them  were disturbed and afflicted sorrow.                                                                                                45.28


Thus ends the forty  fifth   chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


46.Indrajit claims he has killed Rama


(All the monkeys are confused and sad that Rama  had fallen down. Vibheeshana tries to pep up Sugreeva  saying that Rama is not dead but only fallen down.  Indrajit goes and tells Ravana, that he has killed Rama .Ravana  becomes greatly happy.)


Then all those monkeys surveying the earth and the sky  , then saw   the brothers Rama and Lakshmana   covered with arrows.                                                                                                      46.1

Sugreeva and Vibheeshana came to that place after Indrajit retired from that place , like Indra retires   after causing rain.                                                                                                                                        46.2

Nila, Dvivida, Mainda, Sushena, Kumuda, Angadha along with Hanuman forthwith began to grieve for Rama and Lakshmana.                                                                                                                                46.3

Breathing  faintly, bathed in blood. riddled with innumerable arrows, motionless and lying inactive, Rama and Lakshmana  lay stretched on a bed of arrows, sighing like serpents, helpless, having  very little prowess, their limbs smeared with a stream of blood, resembling two golden flags,  They who were  lying on heroes' couch, with tardy movement of their limbs, were surrounded by  all the monkey leaders, whose eyes were suffused with tears. Seeing the two Raghavas, pierced by a multitude of arrows, all the monkeys along with Vibheeshana became perturbed.                                    46.4-46.7

The monkeys examined all over the atmosphere   but were not able   to see , the son of Ravana  who was not visible due to his magical powers.                                                                                            46.8

But Vibheeshana by his own magical powers  was able to see him who was remaining hidden by his magical powers  standing in front of him.                                                                                             46.9

Though Indrajit was a great warrior who had no one comparable to him  and who had done  great unique acts , he preferred to remain invisible using the boon of Brahma  , but was recognized by Vibheeshana who had great luster, prowess and glory.                                                                   46.10

Indrajit seeing those two  who were lying down , appreciating his own great action was very happy and wanted to share his joy with the other Rakshasas.                                                                           46.11

“ Brothers Rama and Lakshmana the killers of  the very strong Khara and Dhooshana  have been killed by  my arrows.”                                                                                                                                              46.12

“Even if all the sages, devas and Rakshasas join together   and help them , they would not able to get themselves free   out of the net work of my arrows.”                                                                     46.13

"These meaningless ones   who were  wearing away the very roots of us all, on whose account, the three watches of the night slipped past my father, who is unable even to touch his couch with his limbs and who remains absorbed in thought and stricken with grief and because of whom, the entire city of Lanka remains agitated, like a river during the rains, has been destroyed by me."                      46.14-46.15

“The valour of Rama , Lakshmana as well as all the monkeys have been proved useless , similar to clouds in autumn.”                                                                                                                                                46.16

After speaking like this to all the Rakshasas , that son of Ravana  starting hitting at all the monkey chiefs who were watching.                                                                                                                                  46.17

He struck Nila with nine arrows and Mainda   as well as Dvivida   with three great arrows    each. 46.18

That wielder of a great bow   stuck the chest of Jambhavan with one arrow  and released ten arrows at Hanuman   who was with great speed.                                                                                                        46.19

The son of Ravana stuck , both Gavaksha and Sarabha who were of boundless valour   with two  arrows each in that battle.                                                                                                                                          46.20

Then that son of Ravana  wounded with very many arrows Angadha , the son of Vali as well as Gavaksha , the king of Goolamgulas.                                                                                                                           46.21                                                                                                                             

Wounding all those monkeys  with arrows which are like flames of fire , the highly courageous and strong son of Ravana  started shouting in triumph.                                                                              46.22

Tormenting all those monkeys with very many arrows  the great one laughed heartily and spoke   the following words .                                                                                                                                          46.23

“Oh Rakshasas ,be pleased to see those two brothers   who have been  tied by me using the horrifying net work of arrows.”                                                                                                                                   46.24

Those Rakshasas who were treacherous fighters  on hearing this were filled with wonder  and greatly appreciated  his act.                                                                                                                                   46.25

All of them who resembled a cloud  cried out in a very loud voice “Rama is dead.”  And greatly honoured the son of  Ravana.                                                                                                                                    46.26

Seeing the two brothers,  Rama and Lakshmana lying motionless and breathless on the floor, Indrajit thought they were dead.                                                                                                                        46.27

Having won the battle Indrajit became very happy  and entered back in to the city of Lanka  spreading happiness among the Rakshasas.                                                                                                          46.28

Seeing Rama and Lakshmana pierced  with  many arrows on every limb and bone of their bodies, a great fear had taken possession of Sugreeva.                                                                                                46.29

Then Vibheeshana spoke  to the frightened king of monkeys whose face was covered with tears  and whose eyes full of sorrow.                                                                                                                       46.30

“Oh Sugreeva , enough of this great fear. Control the speed of these tears . All wars are like this and victory is never certain.”                                                                                                                           46.31

“Oh Valorous one , if there is some amount of luck remaining with us , the brothers Rama and Lakshmana   would wake up from this insensible state.”                                                                    46.32

“Oh Sugreeva , become more courageous and instill courage in me  as oh monkey, I am one without protector  . For those who  have faith in Dharma and truth , there is no fear of death.”             46.33

After having told this he wiped the tear stained eyes of Sugreeva    with  his hands moistened  in water.


Then that follower of Dharma , took some water made it enchanted by chants and then wiped   the eyes of Sugreeva.                                                                                                                                                 46.35

After wiping the face of that king of monkeys who had great prowess , Vibheeshana told these words of comfort  and good sense.                                                                                                                        46.36

“Oh Sugreeva, Oh king of monkeys , this is not time to lose all hope and at this time too much attachment also leads to death.”                                                                                                          46.37

"So after  giving up hopeless sorrow , which ruins all actions,  think on  now on how best to serve the army  which had Rama going before them.”                                                                                          46.38

‘Or else let us protect Rama till he regains consciousness  so that Rama and Lakshmana  can drive away fear from all of us.”                                                                                                                                    46.39

“There is no problem for Rama  and he is not going to die for the  splendour and luster   which you can hardly find in dead people is still there in him.”                                                                                   46.40

“So console yourself  and revive  your own spirits , so that we  can revive    the confidence  among this entire army.                                                                                                                                                   46.41

"Oh great monkey ., all  these monkeys, having their eyes dilated due to fear, are murmuring  some words into each other's ear as they are terrified"                                                                                 46.42

“Seeing me run among the army  to  activate them,  let all of them shed   all their fear , like one discards used garland.”                                                                                                                                              46.43

After consoling Sugreeva , that king of Rakshasas Vibheeshana , started consoling all monkeys who were pushing away.                                                                                                                                              46.44

Indrajit the  great magician   along with his great army , entered the city of Lanka and went to meet his father.                                                                                                                                                            46.45 

After meeting Ravana , greeting him and saluting him , he said the pleasing words to Ravana about death of Rama.                                                                                                                                             46.46

Ravana who was in the middle of other Rakshasas  on hearing it , jumped from his seat  with happiness and embraced his son.                                                                                                                               46.47

Smelling his head, Ravana becoming happy by what  he  heard, made enquiries in the matter. Indrajit reported the matter as it happened, to his enquiring father, as to how both Rama and Lakshmana were made motion-less and luster-less by entwining them with arrows.                                       46.48-46.49

Hearing the words of Indrajit the great charioteer, Ravana with his heart filled with a torrent  of joy, relinquished his great sorrow , caused on account of Rama and praised his son with pleasing words.



Thus ends the forty  sixth chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


47.Ravana makes Sita see Rama and Lakshmana who have fallen down.


(Rakshasas in Lanka start celebrating the death of Rama  and Lakshmana.  As per instruction of Ravana , the Rakshasis take Sita in Pushpaka Vimana   to the battle field.  Sita seeing Rama and Lakshmana has fallen down wails.)


When the son of Ravana went back to Lanka , the monkeys and bears  of his army surrounded and protected him.                                                                                                                                              47.1

Hanuman, Angadha, Nila, Sushena, Kumuda, Nala, Gaja, Gavaksha, Panasa, Sanuprastha and the mighty Jambhavan with Sunda, Rambha, Shatabali and Prithu all these monkeys, armed with trees, reorganized their ranks, stood alert, surveyed the  directions of the sky up and down and on every side and, even if a grass stirred, they exclaimed, "It is a  Rakshasa"                                                                               47.2-47.4

Meanwhile Ravana who was very happy send back his son Indrajit  and send word for the Rakshasis who were protecting Sita .                                                                                                                                      47.5

As per his order all the Rakshasis including Trijata   appeared before him  and to those Rakshasis , the God of the Rakshasas told with happiness.                                                                                              47.6

“Go and tell Sita, that Rama and Lakshmana has been killed by Indrajit  and take her in Pushpaka plane and show her Rama and Lakshmana lying dead in the battle field.”                                                  47.7

“She was proud because she was depending on him and because of that does not come near me.  Her husband  and his brother are lying dead in the battle field.”                                                             47.8

“Let Sita  submit to me decorated by all ornaments   without  any apprehension, sorrow    and without any hope  for uniting with her husband.”                                                                                              47.9

"Personally Rama and Lakshmana have fallen under the sway of death on the battle-field today and  finding no other support and hoping for nothing else, the broad-eyed Sita will voluntarily seek refuge in me."                                                                                                                                                          47.10

Hearing those words of that bad soul Ravana, all those Rakshasis  said, “So be it” and  went near the Pushpaka plane .                                                                                                                                        47.11

Thereafter, those Rakshasis brought the Pushpaka Vimana  as per the instructions of Ravana and carried it nearer to Sita  who was staying in Asoka Garden.                                                                            47.12

Those Rakshasis then brought Sita who was sorrowing for her husband  and made her climb up the Pushpaka Vimana belonging to the Rakshasas.                                                                                    47.13

Then those Rakshasis along with Trijata climbed the Pushpaka  with Sita and proceeded to show her Rama and Lakshmana.                                                                                                                               47.14

Meanwhile Ravana the king of Rakshasas ,  with extreme  joy , caused Lanka to be decorated with  garlands  and  with flags and banners and arranged a proclamation to be made in Lanka announcing that Rama and Lakshmana had been slain by Indrajit in battle.                                                    47.15-47.16

Sita going along with Trijata   on the plane   saw   all the monkeys , slain and lying dead in the battle field.                                                                                                                                                              47.17

Sita saw the joyful Rakshasas and dejected monkeys  standing near Rama and Lakshmana.       47.18

Then, Sita saw those two warriors Rama and Lakshmana lying unconscious on the ground on a bed of arrows, their limbs pierced with arrows, riddled with weapons, their armour shattered, their bows cast aside at a distance and their entire body  pierced  by weapons                                          .  47.19-47.20

On seeing those two brothers, who were  valorous , had lotus like eyes,  who were best of men, lying stretched on a bed of arrows there in that wretched plight like the two sons of the fire-god (Shikha and Vishakha) lying on a bed of reeds, Sita  wailed piteously, stricken as she was with a great agony.


That  dark eyed daughter of Janaka  with faultless limbs  seeing her husband as well as Lakshmana  lying in dust sobbed.                                                                                                                                           47.23

Seeing those brothers who were having similar luster like the devas  was stuck with sorrow and moved in to tears  and believing in their death spoke  with sorrow the following words.                       47.24


Thus ends the forty  seventh chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


48.Sita wails  and Trijata consoles her


9Sita feels sad that her husband is no more inspite of predictions   of several astrologers and sages. Trijata consoles her and reassures Sita, that both the princes   are alive.)


Seeing that her husband has been killed along with the very strong Lakshmana , Sita  very much wailed pitiably  as she was stuck by great sorrow.                                                                                          48.1

“Those who read signs had predicted that I would have sons and will never become a widow  and the fact that Rama has been killed shows that they were all liars  and ignorant ones .”                     48.2

“They also predicted   that I would be his companion when he performs Sattra  sacrifice and that I would be his consort when he performs Yagnas and the fact that Rama has been killed shows that they were all liars  and ignorant ones .                                                                                                                          48.3

“They also predicted that  I would be honoured   as the wife of a Valorous one and  that I would be worshipped  by my husband , and the fact that Rama has been killed shows that they were all liars  and ignorant ones .                                                                                                                                          48.4

“They who were wise Brahmins  also foretold   that I would live very happily , and the fact that Rama has been killed shows that they were all liars  and ignorant ones .                                                     48.5

“I have lotus  marks on my feet which in case   of noble women is supposed to indicate that they will get consecrated on the throne along with husbands who are  kings.”                                              48.6

“I do not find marks of bad fortune which indicate   widowhood  and bad fortune in my case  but as I see it now , all these auspicious signs  are of no use.”                                                                          48.7

“In women the mark of lotus is supposed  to augur  well  but since Rama has been slain, they are  of no meaning to me .”                                                                                                                                  48.8

"My hair is fine, black in colour and smooth. My eye-brows are disunited. My calves  are hair-less and well rounded. My teeth are contiguous, without any gaps between them."                            48.9

"My temples, eyes, arms, feet, ankles and thighs are homogenous and well-proportioned. My fingers have well-rounded and glossy nails, having a right length."                                                      48.10

"My breasts are close to each other, fully developed and have depressed nipples. My navel is deeply indented. My flanks and bosom are well-formed."                                                                      48.11

"My complexion has the luster of a pearl. The hair on my skin are soft. It is said of me as endowed with auspicious signs, in that I touched the ground with my twelve limbs  i.e. ten toes and two soles.”48.12

"Those who interpret the marks of  maidens  told  that my hands and feet are rosy, fully provided with marks each resembling a barley corn, there is no  space between my fingers and toes and that my smile is gentle."                                                                                                                                                             48.13

“Brahmins who were experts in predicting the future told me  that I would get consecrated on the throne with my husband   but all that is in vain now.”                                                                                48.14

“After searching in Janasthana  and having received news about me  and after crossing  the impassable ocean those brothers have died in this  hoof print of the cow.”                                                                48.15

“Both Rama and Lakshmana  surely knew how to use  the arrows  of Varuna, fire , Indra  wind God and also the Brahma Sira arrow .”                                                                                                                           48.16

“Rama and Lakshmana  who are  similar to Indra has been killed by magic and the enemy becoming invisible , making me an orphan without a lord .”                                                                                       48.17

“Any enemy who comes   within the sight  of Rama  cannot hope to stick on to his life even though he can move as fast as thought.”                                                                                                                        48.18

“There is no burden as heavy as death  and  nobody can attain victory over death and now Rama along with his brother Lakshmana  is lying dead  in the battle field.”                                                                48.19

“I am not sad for  the death of my husband  or that of Lakshmana , not even for the sake of my mother but  for the sake of my saintly mother-in-law .”                                                                                        48.20

“She must be daily thinking  about when our penance will get over and when she will be able to see Sita, Rama  and Lakshmana.”                                                                                                                                 48.21

To her  who was sorrowing greatly like this the Rakshasi Trijata told, “Oh lady do not be sad like this  for your husband is still  alive.”                                                                                                                          48.22

“I will tell you the logical and great reasons , oh lady ,  for me to tell you that  Rama and Lakshmana are alive .”                                                                                                                                                               48.23 

“If they have lost their leader   the faces   of the soldiers  in the battle field   would not reflect  anger nor would there be joy in them.”                                                                                                                       48.24

“Oh Vaidehi , if  those two had lost their life , this divine aero plane  called Pushpaka  which is divine   would not have brought you  here.”                                                                                                           48.25

“If the army witnesses its leader being slain,   they would be without enthusiasm  and would be wandering aimlessly , like a ship which has broken its rudder  in water .”                                          48.26

“Oh sage like lady, the army on their part   are not confused nor perturbed  and are   guarding him   who has been made conscious  less in the battle  and I am telling you this  because of my love to you.” 48.27

“Please be reassured of this by the good omens  that you see  which indicate coming of happiness. Please notice that Rama and Lakshmana are  not dead. I am telling you this because  of my love towards  you.”                                                                                                                                                                       48.28

“Oh Sita , I have never told a lie before and am not likely to tell one in future . Due to your virtue and pleasant behaviour you have occupied my heart.”                                                                                        48.29

“There is no doubt that even Indra, devas and Rakshasas  can win over them in battle  and this is what I have observed and what I wanted to tell you.”                                                                                               48.30

“Oh Sita, see this great wonder , though they are fallen under those    arrows lying without senses , their auspicious prettiness has not deserted them.                                                                                              48.31

“Generally  for those who have lost their life  and soul has gone away from their body , their face would appear  greatly altered.”                                                                                                                                   48.32

“Oh daughter of Janaka,  give up sorrow , pain and illusion  on  account of Rama and Lakshmana . It is impossible for them not to be alive .”                                                                                                           48.33

Hear her words , Sita    who was similar to  daughter of Gods  with folded hands in salutation told, “Let it be   so.”                                                                                                                                                               48.34

Along     with   the Pushpaka Vimana  , the sorrowing  and very pitiable Sita entered the city of Lanka with Trijata.                                                                                                                                                        48.35

Then After Sita and Trijata got down from the Pushpaka Vimana , The Rakshasis made them enter   the Asoka garden.                                                                                                                                                    48.36

Sita after entering the garden with huge number of trees  and which was the play ground of the Rakshasa king , thinking about those sons of the king  gave way to extreme grief.”                           48.37


Thus ends the forty  eighth chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book



49.Rama wakes up and wails for sake of Lakshmana


(Rama wakes up and starts crying. He tells if Lakshmana dies, he would  not remain alive. He thanks all the monkeys and requests them to go back. At that  time Vibheeshana returns.)


Bound by that formidable network of arrows, the two  great  sons of Dasaratha lay bathed in blood, breathing like serpents. All those foremost of monkeys who were exceedingly strong, including Sugreeva, plunged in grief, were standing around those two  great ones .                                   49.1-49.2

At that time the mighty Rama woke up from his swoon  by nature of stability  and native strength despite the arrows which were   holding him bound.                                                                                 49.3

Then seeing his brother who was  bleeding, without consciousness  and thrown on the ground , Rama with his features changed  wailed full of grief.                                                                                           49.4

“What is the use of recovering Sita now? What is the use of continuing to live? Because  I am now seeing my brother lying without consciousness.”                                                                                                   49.5

“If I seriously search I may get a lady who is similar to Sita but  I will not able to find  a brother , a minister and one  who helps me in this war like Lakshmana.”                                                               49.6

“If the son of Sumithra who increases my joy mixes with the five elements , I would give up my life in the presence of these monkeys.”                                                                                                                       49.7

“What shall I say to my mother Kausalya , what shall I tell mother Kaikeyi? What shall I do in case of mother Sumithra who must be thirsting to see her son.”                                                                    49.8

"How shall I console Sumithra, trembling and crying out like a sea hawk , bereft of her son, if I return to Ayodhya without Lakshmana?"                                                                                                                49.9

"How shall I tell Shatrugna and the very  famous  Bharatha when I return without Lakshmana, who followed  me to the forest?"                                                                                                                        49.10

“I would not be able to bear    the reproaches   of Sumithra  and so I would prefer to leave my body here itself  as I do not want to continue to live.                                                                                                 49.11

“Woe unto me. I have done a wicked deed without any nobility  and it is due to my fault that Lakshmana lies under the bed of arrows  with a view to protect me.”                                                                       49.12

"O, Lakshmana! You always used to console me whenever I was in a great sorrow. Having lost your life now  you  will not able to allay my sufferings with your words."                                                             49.13

“You who have killed several Rakshasas on the battle field today , are lying down on the same battle field pierced by several arrows like a hero.”                                                                                                 49.14

“Sleeping on the bed of arrays after   getting bathed in your own blood , you like the sun God setting down on    a bed of arrows.”                                                                                                                            49.15

"Your vital parts having been pierced with  several  arrows and because of that  you are not able even to speak now. Even though you not speaking, your agony is disclosed by the redness of your eyes."   49.16

“I shall also follow him   to the land of Yama , like that  great warrior   followed me  when I came to the forest.”                                                                                                                                                                49.17

"He   loved his own relations  and was filled with devotion to  me, and he  got  in to this state to which my misdeeds have brought him"                                                                                                                 49.18

“I do not remember to have heard  any harsh word  which were not to my liking from valorous  Lakshmana  at any time, even when he is provoked.”                                                                          49.19

“He was capable of sending  five hundred arrows at one shot  and that Lakshmana surpassed even Karthaveeryarjuna  himself  in mastery of archery.”                                                                            49.20

“He who is  used to sleep on  beds of very great gentleman and who is capable of cutting the weapons of Indra himself is lying on earth.”                                                                                                               49.21

“Without any doubt the words of imagination by me that I will make Vibheeshana the king of Rakshasas   will hurt me as I have not made him a king.”                                                                                         49.22

“Oh Sugreeva , you ought to  immediately within a moment leave this place , because once king Ravana knows that I am not there to support you, he will defeat you.”                                                       49.23

"O, Sugreeva,   cross  the sea  again with your army, keeping Angadha in front and  along with your followers, Nila and Nala."                                                                                                                       49.24

“I am fully satisfied by the exploits of Hanuman in the battle  and also by the one done by the king of bears   and other generals of monkeys , as this is impossible  by anyone else in a battle.”      49.25

"A great act was done by Angadha, Mainda and Dvivida. A terrible combat was done by Kesari and Sampathi in the battle-field."                                                                                                                49.26

"By Gavya, Gavaksha, Sarabha, Gaja and other monkeys, who are willing to sacrifice their lives for me, the battle was carried on."                                                                                                                   49.27

“Oh  Sugreeva  , Man  can never   fight against fate and oh tormentor of enemies , because you were afraid in failing in your duty , you have done me all that a friend and a comrade can ever do to me.”


“Oh best among monkeys , you have done all this due to your friendship to  me. Give me leave and all of you go back to any place  that you want.”                                                                                        49.29

All the monkeys who heard this became extremely sad  and those black eyed one allowed copious tears to be shed from their eyes.                                                                                                                49.30

At that time  Vibheeshana  after having established order in all the ranks of the army , came quickly to Rama with a mace in hand .                                                                                                             49.31

Seeing him  who was like a heap of collyrium  speedily coming towards them , the monkeys thinking him to be Indrajit, the son of Ravana  started to run away .                                                               49.32


Thus ends the forty ninth chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


50.Garuda  comes and frees Rama and Lakshmana  from the effects of the arrow,



(When the monkeys were   consoling each other Sushena suggests that Hanuman should go to the Chandra mountain and bring the herbs to cure Rama. At that time Garuda  the son of Vinatha comes and  cures Rama and Lakshmana. He tells them that he is their friend.)


Then  at that time   the very strong king of monkeys told ,”Why is our army agitated  and running like ship driven out of course in water?”                                                                                                            50.1

Hearing the words of Sugreeva, Angadha , the son of  Vali told , “Are you not seeing the  two brothers The valorous Rama and Lakshmana, who are the sons  of  Dasaratha , caught   in the   web of arrows . Both of them are lying in the bed of arrows  with causing blood to flow from all over their body.”  


When this was told by the son Angadha    to  the king of monkeys he told, “There must be some other cause why the monkeys are  bewildered and possibly there is some danger ahead.”                    50.4

"Hear , these monkeys are running away in all directions, with their eyes distended with terror, throwing down their arms and looking dejected."                                                                                                50.5

“They are not feeling ashamed of  one another  and they are again  and again looking behind them. They are jostling with one another and jump over those who have fallen down.”                                50.6

When they were talking like this , the valorous Vibheeshana holding a mace  cheered Sugreeva and Rama and told , “Victory to Rama.”.                                                                                                      50.7

When Sugreeva saw that Vibheeshana was the cause of the scare  of monkeys , he told Jambhavan the king of bears    as follows.                                                                                                                      50.8

“It is Vibheeshana who has come here , seeing whom the Monkey warriors  are scared   thinking that he is Indrajit , the son of Ravana.”                                                                                                             50.9

"You reassemble those monkeys immediately, who in fear have scattered in many directions and inform them that it is Vibheeshana who has come here ."                                                                         50.10

As soon as Sugreeva told like this Jambhavan the   king of bears  pacified   all the monkeys  and restored their confidence .                                                                                                                                    50.11

Hearing the words of Jambhavan the king of Bears, all those monkeys, on seeing Vibheeshana, retraced their steps after  shaking off their fear.                                                                                                50.12

Vibheeshana, the following of Dharma felt  pained  on seeing the body of Rama  as well as Lakshmana wounded by arrows .                                                                                                                               50.13

After washing his eyes with  hand dipped  in water , he started weeping out of great anguish  seizing his chest and told.                                                                                                                                          50.14

The treacherous Rakshasa  warriors have brought  these powerful  and valiant warriors  to this  state.”


“The son of my brother who is a  Rakshasa  , a bad son and a bad soul  with a cunning mind has deceived these honourable  fighters.”                                                                                                                  50.16

"These two warriors, Rama and Lakshmana, who were struck badly by arrows and covered with blood are lying on the earth, like two porcupines."                                                                                      50.17

“These two lions among men, on whom I have depended to fulfillment of desire  are lying  fainted and are waiting to leave this body ”                                                                                                           50.18

“Having lost my dream of   getting the kingdom , I am like dead , even while I am surviving , while Ravana is able to fulfill his vow  and is getting his  desires  realized.”                                          50.19

The magnanimous Sugreeva embraced  Vibheeshana who was wailing   and told   him as follows.


“Oh follower of Dharma , you would without any   doubt  get the kingdom of Lanka  and Ravana and his son would not be able to fulfill   their  wishes.”                                                                                 50.21

“Rama and Lakshmana have been only affected by a wound  and they will regain consciousness  and would definitely kill Ravana .”                                                                                                               50.22

After consoling and convincing the Rakshasa Vibheeshana like this , Sugreeva talked to Sushena , his father –in-law , who was standing by his side.                                                                                   50.23

"Taking these two brothers, Rama and Lakshmana with the troops of monkeys who are strong, you go to KIshkinda, till these two destroyers  of their foes have recovered their consciousness."         50.24

“I for myself after killing Ravana, along with his sons  and relatives  and bring back Sita , like Indra Got back  the prosperity that he lost.”                                                                                                      50.25

When the king of monkeys told these words, Sushena replied, “I had earlier seen a great  dreadful battle between Asuras and Devas .”                                                                                                             50.26

"By making themselves invisible again and again, the Rakshasas skilled in the use of arrows overcame the devas  despite their skill in bearing arms."                                                                               50.27

"To those celestials who were wounded, unconscious and almost deprived of life, Bruhaspathi treated them using medicinal   herbs accompanied by his  sacred chants."                                           50.28

“Let the monkeys , Panasa , Samapthi and others go quickly  with great speed go  to the ocean of milk  to bring those medicinal herbs.”                                                                                                            50.29

“Those monkeys are conversant with the herbs available on mountains like the divine Sanjeevakarni  and Vishalya which are created by God.”                                                                                         50.30

“In the middle of the milky ocean  where churning was done to get nectar there are mountains called Chandra and Drona  , where these herbs are available.”                                                              50.31

“ Oh king, The devas built those mountains  in that vast ocean and let Hanuman , the son of wind god go there.”                                                                                                                                                     50.32

At that time , a huge  wind arose with the building up of clouds and resultant lightning  and this wind caused the waves to rise in the ocean , which caused  the mountains to  tremble , like at the time of earth quake.                                                                                                                                          50.33

“Due to the great wind generated by    the wing of the bird , the  branches of huge trees in the sand bank started breaking  and fell in the salty water of the ocean.”                                                50.34

“The snakes became scared and the sea snakes and marine animals living in the sea , plunged quickly in to the sea.”                                                                                                                                                          50.35

Thereupon, all the monkeys saw within a moment, a mighty eagle, Garuda, the son of Vinata, which was similar to the flame of the fire.                                                                                                                        50.36

“Those  arrows which were the spirit of snakes  that had tied those great men who were brothers   , on  seeing the great eagle ran away from there.”                                                                                             50.37

Thereupon, Garuda the eagle,  met  Rama and Lakshmana  and after  offering them his good wishes, with his hands caressed their faces that were radiant like the moon.                                                    50.38

As soon as the son of Vinatha touched them all their wounds were healed  and their body became soft and glowed like gold .                                                                                                                                       50.39

Their luster, valour, strength, endurance and resolution, those great qualities, also their grace , intelligence and memory were re-doubled.                                                                                                50.40

That  greatly valorous Garuda who was like Indra  , lifted both of them up and embraced them  and greatly pleased Rama told Garuda.                                                                                                              50.41

“By your grace   we have crossed over the great danger posed to us by the son of Ravana  and having got out of it , we have become as strong as before .”                                                                                   50.42

“By meeting you my heart has become glad as if I met my father Dasaratha and grandfather  Aja. 50.43

"Who are you,  who is  endowed with beauty, having blissful garlands and anointments, wearing clean garments and adorned with divine ornaments?"                                                                                    50.44

That greatly lustrous and very strong son of Vinatha ,  with eyes broadened by joy  and with a very pleased mind  told.                                                                                                                                        50.45

“Oh son of Kakustha clan, I am your friend, as dear to you as your breath  and my name is Garuda and I have reached  here to help you.”                                                                                                                50.46

“Either Asuras or very valorous Dhanavas or very strong Devas  or Gandharwas who are all lead by Indra  would not be able to untie  , this entanglement created by arrows , using magical powers by Indrajit  who does cruel deeds.”                                                                                                                    50.47-50.48

“There are serpents born to Kadru  with sharp teeth and fangs abundantly supplied with poison  and made in to arrows by sorcery of  the Rakshasa   called Indrajit  and have stuck you.”                   50.49

“Oh Rama who is a follower of Dharma and considers truth as his valour and who kills enemies in battle, you along with Lakshmana are indeed lucky.”                                                                                      50.50

“Having heard about this incident , I came swiftly here , duly remembering my friendship and love to both of you.”                                                                                                                                               50.51

“Due to me you have been released  from this horrible entanglement of arrows and both of you should be greatly vigilant from now on.”                                                                                                           50.52

“By nature all the Rakshasas    are  treacherous fighters in war but  for you both straight forwardness and pure mind are your strengths.”                                                                                                     50.53

“From this example itself you have to understand that they fight with crooked mind  and so you should not believe   a Rakshasa  in a battle field.”                                                                                          50.54

After saying like this That Garuda who is very strong  affectionately hugged those friends  and started  taking leave .                                                                                                                                            50.55

“Oh friend, who shows pity even to his enemies , I would like to take leave from you and go back as I have come.                                                                                                                                               50.56

“Oh hero , you may be inquisitive to know about      the  friendship between us. I am sure you would know about it after completing this great work of you.                                                                  50.57

“Using your arrows make Lanka have only old people and young ones  , kill Ravana and get Sita released.


Having spoken thus, Garuda who can fly with great speed , who had  beautiful wings, who had just healed Rama's wounds in the presence of monkeys,  after obeisance to him  presence of monkeys,  after going round him in salutation  to him and took Rama  into his arms, entered the sky with the speed of the wind.                                                                                                                                        50.59-50.60

Seeing that The sons of the Raghu clan  are cured of their  problem, the chiefs of monkeys  howled and also roared like lion   and  shook their tails.                                                                                       50.61

After that , gongs were beaten, drums resounded, and couches were blown amid jumping in joy of the monkeys as before.                                                                                                                                50.62

Some other very strong monkeys who normally use  trees like mace , waved their arms and uprooted  hundreds of thousands of trees and stood there.                                                                          50.63

Shouting  and making very loud noise and frightening those Rakshasas , those monkeys desirous of fighting  reached the gates of city of Lanka.                                                                                   50.64

From the crowds of monkeys then a  very tumultuous sound arose , like the very terrifying sound of thunder occurring in summer at midnight.                                                                                    50.65


Thus ends the fiftieth chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


51.Dhoomraksha goes to the war


(After knowing that Rama and Lakshmana have got up, Ravana sends Dhoomraksha to kill the monkey army. He sets out through the western gate and ill omens follow him.)


Ravana along with other Rakshasas    heard the tumultuous sound raised  by the monkeys which was full of the tone of war.                                                                                                                                                 51.1

Hearing that mighty clamour, sounding smooth and deep, Ravana spoke to his ministers who were surrounding him.                                                                                                                                                    51.2

"A great uproar, resembling the  thunder   from clouds, has arisen from that army of rejoiced monkeys. Undoubtedly their joy is great, as their mighty roars are agitating the briny ocean itself.”         51.3-51.4

“The Brothers Rama and Lakshmana have been tied by   sharp arrows and this very great sound   creates  doubt in my mind.”                                                                                                                                              51.5

After the king of Rakshasas told these words to his  ministers , told the following to the Rakshasas who were   standing near him.                                                                                                                                 51.6

“Find out immediately the cause  of this great rejoicing by the monkeys , for at times of sorrow  no one celebrates.”                                                                                                                                                        51.7

Thus ordered by Ravana, they climbed up  the rampart very briskly and saw the army lead by the  great  Sugreeva and also the highly fortunate Rama and Lakshmana who were relieved of the terrific shackle of arrow a and  had risen up together. All the Rakshasas  felt dejected on seeing it.                      51.8-51.9

With trembling heart , pale face , all of those great Rakshasas  got down from rampart and approached Ravana.                                                                                                                                                            51.10

The Rakshasas of Ravana  with a downcast face   informed   him  of the unpalatable news faithfully.


“The two brothers Rama and Lakshmana  whom Indrajit tied by his arrows  and made them immobile , have got free from the ties of the arrow  and are seen like elephants  in the battle field , with valour equivalent to the king of elephants .”                                                                                             51.12-51.13

When the very strong king of Rakshasas heard this , he became sad and thoughtful  and his face  became  pale.                                                                                                                                                                 51.14

"If my enemies  who had  thus been tied  by Indrajit are freed, despite their injuries in battle by his formidable arrows which were infallible on account of  those rare boons  and which resembled  serpents and were  bright as the sun, I feel  that  my entire army  is in great danger."                      51.15-51.16

“Those arrows which had    the luster of serpent Vasuki   and which should have taken the life of my enemies   have been rendered as powerless .”                                                                                     51.17

After saying like this  , he became very angry and breathed like  a serpent and started speaking to a Rakshasa called Dhoomraksha   who was in the middle of Rakshasas.                                            51.18

“You who are  a Rakshasa  who has done great deeds along with a  big army , go and kill Rama, Lakshmana and other  monkeys.”                                                                                                           51.19

When the king of Rakshasas told like this to Dhoomraksha who had great  prowess ,  became happy  and saluted him and left the home of the king.                                                                                    51.20

As son as he reached the gate , he told the commander of the army, “Please speedily mobilize the army. What is the need for further delay .”                                                                                                      51.21

As soon as the commander of army heard these   words of Dhoomraksha , he immediately  and arranged for the army out of those who followed him as  per order of Ravana.                                              51.22

Those very strong horrible looking Rakshasas who had a bell tied to their neck , made happy noises and followed Dhoomraksha.                                                                                                                              51.23

Equipped with every type  of weapon and   brandishing spears, hammers, maces, harpoons, sticks, iron cudgels, bars, clubs, javelins, missiles, nooses and axes, those terrible Rakshasas  emerged from there with the noise of thunder.                                                                                                                51.24-51.25

Wearing armours , mounted on chariots  which were magnificently dressed with flags and decorated with bands of pure gold, and pulled  by  mules  and many heads of horses  of exceeding speed  or  by elephants in furious rut , those excellent Rakshasas went forth like veritable tigers.            51.26-51.27

Dhoomraksha climbed  and set out on a chariot drawn by mules  which had  lion or deer  like face and dressed in gold .                                                                                                                                            51..28

That very valorous Dhoomraksha  surrounded by a big army of Rakshasas  came out through the western gate where Hanuman  was stationed.                                                                                       51.29

Climbing on a chariot drawn by  mules and howling like mule when that horrifying Rakshasa    who had a huge form  was proceeding birds of ill omen on the sky prevented him .                                         51.30

A very huge vulture alighted on the top of his chariot  and that devour of corpses  clustered around his flag.                                                                                                                                                                 51.31

A very bleeding white headless  body  fell from the sky on earth  and inauspicious sounds were heard when Dhoomraksha was approaching  and  there was a rain of  blood from sky and earth trembled. 


The wind with noise similar  thunder blew adversely. Every direction   was  obscured by  great darkness, did not shine.                                                                                                                                                51.34

Seeing those happenings   all  the Rakshasas were scared and seeing those very bad omens, Dhoomraksha   became worried and all those Rakshasas who were marching ahead of him were  greatly scared.                                                                                                                                                           51.35

Then, Dhoomraksha, the highly terrible and strong demon, surrounded by very horrifying big Rakshasas , eager to enter into combat, set out and beheld that army of a multitude of monkeys, resembling a flood, protected by the arms of Rama.                                                                                                               51.36


Thus ends the fifty first chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


52.Hanuman kills Dhoomraksha

(A great war ensues between   monkeys and Rakshasas. Dhoomraksha starts killing several monkeys. Hanuman interferes and kills Dhoomraksha,)

Seeing  the  very valorous Rakshasa called Dhoomraksha    coming out , the monkeys who were longing for a war roared with joy .                                                                                                                               52.1

A very horrible battle ensued between the monkeys and Rakshasas  and they killed each other with horrifying trees and maces  and lances.                                                                                                        52.2

The terrible monkeys were killed by the Rakshasas from all sides and monkeys also turned the Rakshasas flat to the earth using their trees.                                                                                                                  52.3

The very angry Rakshasas  also  using very sharp  winged arrows which went like winged eagles  paralyzed  the monkeys .                                                                                                                                52.4

While being torn asunder by the Rakshasas with terrible maces, spears, hammers, frightful iron bars and variegated tridents and  the mighty monkeys fearlessly accomplished their tasks with an excitement born of anger.                                                                                                                                           52.5-52.6

With body pierced by arrows and  body split by spears , the monkey chiefs took trees and stones  for the sake of fighting.                                                                                                                                                      52.7

Those very swift monkeys  roaring aloud , harassed the huge Rakshasas  by calling out their names.  52.8

That horrifying  battle with all kinds of rocks and trees having  many branches between monkeys and Rakshasas  appeared wonderful.                                                                                                                         52.9

Rakshasas were crushed by those  fearless  monkeys  and those Rakshasas   who drank blood   vomited lot of blood.                                                                                                                                                           52.10

Some  Rakshasas were cut open  on all  their sides. Some were transformed into a heap by the trees. Some others were crushed by stones and yet others torn to pieces by the monkeys teeth.              52.11

With their flags crushed and broken, their swords snapped and their chariots overturned, some Rakshasa were  greatly  worried.                                                                                                                    52.12

Crushed  by the mountain like stones , the mountain like Rakshasas  and the beaten horses  along with their riders were lying on the earth.                                                                                                           52.13

The very  great valorous monkeys  jumped swiftly on the Rakshasas  and with sharp nails scratched the faces of the Rakshasas.                                                                                                                                 52.14

With very wan faces and with their hair torn out of their head , and maddened by the smell of blood , those Rakshasas fell on the ground .                                                                                                          52.15

Some other very angry and greatly valorous Rakshasas  ran towards the monkeys to  slap them with their diamond like hard palms ,                                                                                                                 52.16

The monkeys  with their fists,  feet , teeth and with trees crushed   those who were rushing towards  them with great speed.                                                                                                                              52.17

The bull among Rakshasas Dhoomraksha seeing that his army is being destroyed , started to create bloodshed among the  monkeys who wished to fight.                                                                       52.18

Some monkeys  hit by the spears gave rise to blood shed  and some of them hit by the axe fell on the earth.                                                                                                                                                           52.19

Some were crushed by  the iron bars, others torn by harpoons, some others pierced by javelins, and  all  of them got exhausted and lost their lives.                                                                                          52.20

Some of those monkeys lost all their blood and fell on the   ground  and some of them were driven out by that  angry Rakshasa.                                                                                                                           52.21

With pierced hearts some of them were lying towards one side and  in case of some of them who were pierced by arrows  and spears, the intestines came out.                                                                   52.22

That great  and terrible battle that took place between Rakshasas and monkeys made the earth crammed with  weapons , trees and stones .                                                                                      52.23

With the twang of the bow  providing music, the neighing of the horses the beats  with trumpeting elephants providing the vocal music , that battle was like a music opera.                                   52.24

Dhoomraksha holding a bow  with a laugh made the monkeys run helter-skelter   by the continuous hail  of arrows.                                                                                                                                                   52.25

Hanuman seeing that his army was greatly disturbed by Dhoomraksha , in great anger turned towards him with a very huge stone.                                                                                                                   52.26

Hanuman who was as valorous as his father , with eyes turned doubly red by anger , threw that huge stone towards the chariot  of Dhoomraksha.                                                                                    52.27

He seeing the stone coming towards the chariot ,  hurriedly took a mace  in his hand and jumped     from the chariot  and stood on earth.                                                                                                          52.28

Shattering his chariot with its wheels, its pole, its crest along with banner and bows, that rock rolled down to the ground.                                                                                                                             52.29

That Hanuman, the son of wind god after breaking the chariot , destroyed the Rakshasas with a huge tree  along with its branches.                                                                                                               52.30

With their heads crushed, the Rakshasas were drenched with blood. Some others were crushed by the trees and fell down to the earth.                                                                                                                  52.31

That Hanuman, the son of wind God after driving away the Rakshasas , took a mountain peak and started running towards Dhoomraksha.                                                                                                     52.32

That valorous Dhoomraksha  holding a mace   ran  with  a roaring sound towards   Hanuman who was  suddenly coming to attack him.                                                                                                                  52.33

Then that Dhoomraksha speedily with anger brought town the thorns studded mace  on the head  of Hanuman.                                                                                                                                                       52.34

That Hanuman, who was as strong as the wind god  , was in no way disturbed by that blow but struck Dhoomraksha on the middle of his skull with his rocky peak.                                                               52.35

Having been beaten by the mountain peak , with all his  limbs broken , Dhoomraksha fell on the ground , like a mountain.                                                                                                                                             52.36

Seeing that Dhoomraksha is  dead the  surviving Rakshasas  greatly frightened of being killed by the monkeys  entered back in to the town of Lanka.                                                                                   52.37

That famous  Hanuman the son of wind god   having destroyed his enemies and  causing rivers of blood to flow,  becoming tired   by  the slaughter of his  enemies, with delight, received the cordial  respects  by the monkeys.                                                                                                                                         52.38


Thus ends the fifty  second chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


53. Ravana sends Vajradamshtra


(A great heroic sorcerer Rakshasa called Vajradamshtra is sent by Ravana. In  spite of ill omens he comes out     through the southern gate . A great war takes place  between Rakshasas and monkeys.  Angadha interferes in the battle.)


After he saw that  Dhoomraksha   is dead, Ravana , the king of Rakshasa , was greatly enraged  and hissed like a serpent.  And polluted  by anger  , he talked to the  cruel and very strong Vajradamshtra .


“Oh warrior , go  ahead  along with the Rakshasas  and kill Rama , the son of Dasaratha as well as Sugreeva .”                                                                                                                                                    53.3

That leader of Rakshasas  who was a sorcerer answered “So be it”   and departed with many divisions of the army which  surrounded him. With the utmost attention, he assembled teams of elephants, horses mules camels and chariots adorning them with conspicuous flags and banners and he himself was well-prepared.                                                                                                                                               53.4-53.5

Wearing colourful bracelets   and head gear and covered with an armour , he started armed with a bow.


 That army general  went round the Shining  chariot  decorated by flags   and which had with ornaments of molten gold  and climbed the chariot.                                                                                                53.7

Infantry of every kind issued forth, holding  in their hands  weapons such as clubs, excellent javelins, smooth pestles, harpoons, bows, lances, spears, swords, discus, maces and sharp axes.       53.8-53.9

Greatly lustrous and well dressed Rakshasa  Chiefs , mounted on elephants with rut looked like moving mountains .                                                                                                                                                    53.10

There  were experts in war , holding  riding with  lances and goads   on  other very strong elephants and had good   qualities.                                                                                                                                    53.11

 That great army   which had great luster like clouds  with lightning and  thunder in the rainy season, paraded    and then they came out of the southern gate  where Angadha was the general.        53.12

When those Rakshasas were starting they noticed bad omens like meteors falling from a cloudless  yet burning sky , howling of fearless jackals howling   and belching out fire.                              53.13-53.14

Those horrible animals foretold  the destruction of the warriors  and the Rakshasas going out for war stumbled and fell down.                                                                                                                             53.15

The very strong  Vajradamshtra   with great luster ,   in spite of noticing this evil omens , assumed great courage  and came out with interest in the war.                                                                                   53.16

The Monkeys looking forward for a victory , after seeing them come out  gave rise to very huge sound  that filled all the ten directions.                                                                                                                  53.17

Then a tumultuous battle between the monkeys and Rakshasas     commenced , which was horrible , furious  and promoted desire to kill each other .                                                                                   53.18

Some people very energetic  and enthusiastic in war, their neck and bodies  being   cut fell on earth with the entire bodies coated    with blood.                                                                                                   53.19

Some others who were armed with a shield , fought with each other  and threw  various types of weapons at each other .                                                                                                                            53.20

A great sound was heard from the trees. Stones  and all the weapons used  and hearing that great noise   broke the hearts  of the people .                                                                                                            53.21

A terrific noise of the wheel-rims of chariots and the bow, along with the tumultuous sounds of conches, kettle-drums and tambours  also arose there.                                                                                     53.22

Some Rakshasas , left out  weapons and  performed the fight   only  with their arms. The Rakshasas were beaten and their bodies made greatly wounded by the monkeys  who were  fighting  with arrogance, with their palms, feet, fists, trees and knees. Some Rakshasas were crushed to powder with rocks.


Vajradamshtra frightened greatly those monkeys   by use of his arrows and appeared to them like God of death with his noose moving at  time of deluge .                                                                           53.25

Armed with  weapons and experts in war  having participated in several wars  those  very angry Rakshasas    started killing  the monkeys in battle .                                                                           53.26

The son of Vali seeing all those  Rakshasas fighting the war , due to anger became twice his size  and started killing  like  the fire killing everyone                                                                                            53.27

The valiant Angadha with his raging red eyes lifted a tree and killed all those  army  of Rakshasas , like a lion killing small animals. Angadha, with his prowess  was resembling that of Indra the Lord of celestials and  was a terrific destroyer of the enemies.                                                                              53.28-53.29

Those greatly valorous  Rakshasas  struck by Angadha  had  their heads shattered  and fell down like  chopped  trees.                                                                                                                                          53.30

The earth then appeared scary  as it was covered with chariots, conspicuous flags, horses, bodies of monkeys and demons  and with streams of blood flowing there.                                                   53.31

That battle-field, decorated with necklaces, bracelets worn on upper arm, garments and umbrellas  of  the killed   persons looked like  a night  in autumn.                                                                            53.32

Due to the great swiftness  of Angadha  that great army of Rakshasas trembled  like the cloud trembles due to fast wind.                                                                                                                                        53.33


Thus ends the fifty  third chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


54.Angadha kills Vajradamshtra


(Vajradamshtra inflicts heavy casualty among the monkeys.  They go and seek protection from Angadha. A great war  takes place between Angadha and Vajradamshtra.  At last Angadha kills Vajradamshtra   by a sword in the battle field.)


Seeing his own army being destroyed   by Angadha , the very strong Rakshasa Vajradamshtra  became  very much enraged.                                                                                                                                     54.1

Stretching his great bow  which shined like  the thunderbolt of Indra , he dispatched  several rain of arrows  on the monkey army.                                                                                                                   54.2

The chief among all Rakshasas  climbed in to the chariot  and fought   with many  type   of weapons .


Monkeys who were the  most valiant animals that jump  assembled , used stones   as their weapons   and fought  on all sides.                                                                                                                              54.4

In that war the Rakshasas hurled thousands of weapons  swiftly  and they fell  those monkey warriors and their chiefs.                                                                                                                                            54.5

Also the monkeys who had great power   , who resembled elephants in rut,  took , mountains , trees and stones  and rained them down on those Rakshasas                                                                              54.6

Between those great warriors consisting of Rakshasas and monkeys  , who both never  retreated in battle  , a great battle ensued.                                                                                                                    54.7

Some monkeys and Rakshasas , with their shattered heads, but without  arms and legs, lay on the earth bathed in blood with their bodies wounded by weapons,  became a prey   to herons vultures and crows or were  devoured by troops of jackals.                                                                                            54.8-54.9

Monkeys and Rakshasas fell  down on the battle-field and  headless trunks  with their limbs cut off in the war ,  jump  up  causing  great  fear   to all the fearful.                                                                         54.10

All the army of Rakshasas of Vajradamshtra  were killed in front of his eyes by the monkey army  and his army was thus broken up.                                                                                                                          54.11

Seeing the Rakshasa saw army was scared  and killed by the monkeys The famous Vajradamshtra with reddened eyes due to anger entered the monkey army holding a bow  and frightened them.54.12-54.13

The famous Vajradamshtra   who was greatly enraged  by sending sharp arrows decorated by eagle wings  and which flew straight    to the target , started  killing the monkeys  in fives, sevens and nines  together.                                                                                                                                                              54.14

The frightened monkeys with severed limbs  ran towards Angadha like the living beings run to Brahma , the lord of creation.                                                                                                                                           54.15

The son of Vali seeing the defeated  monkey warriors  , with great anger  exchanged hateful  glances with Vajradamshtra.                                                                                                                                         54.16

Then Vajradamshtra and Angadha fought   war with each other and strolled with great anger like the lion and the elephant in rut.                                                                                                                         54.17

Then Vajradamshtra hit the very strong son of Vali   on his vital parts of the body  with arrows resembling   hundred thousand flames of fare.                                                                                       54.18

The very strong son of Vali with blood drenching all his body  , threw a tree at Vajradamshtra of great prowess.                                                                                                                                                         54.19

That Rakshasa was not bothered seeing three falling on him  and with his arrows he cut it in to several pieces   and made them fall  on the ground.                                                                                          54.20

Seeing the great strength of Vajradamshtra, Angadha who was monkey similar to a tiger  took a huge rock  and threw it with loud noise against him.                                                                                    54.21

Seeing the great rock coming at him, Vajradamshtra  was not bothered  but jumped from his chariot and with a mace stood facing the rock in the battle-field.                                                                          54.22

The Rock thrown by Angadha  went straight in  to the battle field  and crushed the chariot , the horses and the chariot  driver.                                                                                                                             54.23

Then that monkey took a huge mountain which was decorated   with lot of trees and threw it    at Vajradamshtra ’s head                                                                                                                           54.24

Vomiting blood that Vajradamshtra fainted  , holding his mace with convulsions  and breathed heavily for a moment.                                                                                                                                         54.25

Regaining his consciousness and Waking up with great anger he hit the son of Vali on his chest with his mace .                                                                                                                                                      54.26

Then he threw away his mace and engaged in a boxing  encounter  and both of them hit each  other  by their fists.                                                                                                                                              54.27

Greatly exhausted by the blows, spitting blood, those valiant warriors were like the planets Mars and Mercury.                                                                                                                                              54.28

Then the very greatly lustrous  Angadha who was a  tiger like monkey  uprooted a very huge tree along with its leaves and flowers   and waited.                                                                                      54.29

The demon also  seized hold of a shield covered with the hide of a bull and also a great beautiful sword decorated richly with a multitude of golden bells.                                                                    54.30

Desiring for victory, the monkey and the Rakshasa , making roaring sounds, roamed about in different ways and dashed against each other.                                                                                           54.31

With their wounds shining red like the flowering Kimsuka  tree , exhausted by the battle both of them sank on the earth with their knees.                                                                                                  54.32

The elephant like monkey Angadha within a second rose up from the earth  like a serpent beaten by a stick.                                                                                                                                                       54.33

The mighty Angadha  hit at the giant head of Vajradamshtra with a well-sharpened and stainless sword.


Killed  by the sword, that  glorious head of Vajradamshtra, with his limbs drenched in blood and eyes rolled  and , fell into two pieces.                                                                                                      54.35

Noticing that the Vajradamshtra    was slain, the very scared trembling Rakshasas    ran towards   the city of Lanka  with dejected faces looking pitiable and with downcast heads.                   54.36-54.37

After killing that great Vajradamshtra  that son of Vali was honoured  him for his great courage in the middle of the monkey army  and looked like  Indra surrounded by the devas.                     54.38


Thus ends the fifty fourth chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


55.Ravana sends Akampana


(Akampana the great Rakshasa is sent by Ravana. In spite of ill omens he also proceeds to the battle field. In a great battle he kills large number of monkeys. Kumuda, Mainda and Nala start facing him in battle.)


When the king of Rakshasas Ravana heard about the death of  Vajradamshtra , he spoke these words to the general of his army who was standing  near with saluting hands.                                                     55.1

“Let the undefeatable  and greatly valorous  Rakshasa called Akampana  who is skilled in all weapons  go out as head of the army.”                                                                                                                                55.2

“He is one who punishes, protects  , leader and an expert in war  and he forever wishes my welfare and likes to fight in war.”                                                                                                                                        55.3

“Without any doubt he will win over Rama, Lakshmana and Sugreeva  and kill all those horrible monkeys .”                                                                                                                                                                          55.4

Immediately obeying the command of the very strong Ravana  and that one who  was greatly valorous  mobilized the army .                                                                                                                                         55.5

Those foremost of  the Rakshasa  with terrifying looks , armed  with every kind of weapon  were  fearful to look at and  rushed into the fray where their general had dispatched them.                                   55.6

He  who was similar to cloud and of the colour   of the cloud got in to a chariot  which was  and huge decorated with ornaments of molten gold  went surrounded by dreadful Rakshasas.                      55.7

In a great battle even devas where unable to defeat Akampana  and he was shining like Sun in splendour.                                                                                                                                                         55.8

When he was speedily going ahead wishing greatly for a battle , the horses drawing his chariot suddenly were deprived of their energy.                                                                                                                    55.9

The left eye of Akampana who was interested in war  twitched  and his face became pale  and his voice became shaking .                                                                                                                                          55.10

Though it was a good day  it was made bad by horrifying and speedy  winds  and birds and beasts   started shouting in a very cruel tone.                                                                                                     55.11

That Rakshasa who was having a shoulder like lion and agility of a tiger , without thinking about these omens  speeded towards   the battle field.                                                                                           55.12

When that Rakshasa was going accompanied by other Rakshasas , a great horrifying sound arose  even making the sea tremble.                                                                                                                           55.13

The monkeys who were ready for the battle with trees and stones were  scared by that great sound  caused by the coming Rakshasas.                                                                                                          55.14

A huge war broke out between the monkeys and Rakshasas  , who had determined to even give up their life for sake of Rama and Ravana.                                                                                                        55.15

All those strong ones were  very much like the mountains and the monkeys and Rakshasas were  desirous of killing each other.                                                                                                             55.16 

 The tremendous sound of those  warriors, yelling in their  anger  and strength, making savage cries, were distinctly heard on the battle-field.                                                                                        55.17

A very huge coppery blood coloured  thick dust  was raised by  the monkeys and Rakshasas  and covered all the ten directions.                                                                                                                         55.18

When that whitish dust that resembled a shaken white silk cloth  which rose covered each other , all the beings in the battle field were not able to recognize each other .                                            55.19

Neither  the flag ,  the banner and  the shield, nor horse, nor  weapon nor  chariot could be identified  in that pall of dust.                                                                                                                                 55.20

A great  confusing   clamour, of warriors, making challenges  crying  and rushing upon each other, was heard on the battle-field, yet in that confusion, no form was visible.                                    55.21

In that great confusion  in that battle monkeys killed monkeys themselves  and Rakshasas killed  Rakshasas themselves.                                                                                                                    55.22

Those monkeys and Rakshasas killing each other also their own people  led to the rain of blood which dampened the earth  and anointing the bodies with mud.                                                      55.23 

Due  to the  stream  of  blood being sprinkled , the dust settled down and  the earth could be seen covered  with corpses and bodies.                                                                                               55.24

The Rakshasas  and the monkeys vigorously  and swiftly struck each other with blows from trees, spears, maces, javelins, stones, bars and picks.                                                                                       55.25

With the huge shape like the mountains and with their hand strong as   iron , those monkeys killed the Rakshasas in battle.                                                                                                                        55.26

The Rakshasas also got very angry  and with darts and javelins  in their hands  stuck the monkeys with these   cruel weapons .                                                                                                                 55.27

Akampana who became very angry cheered the Rakshasas  using his great strength   as well as valour.


However the monkeys leapt  upon them and snatched their weapons through their strength and crushed those demons with blows from large trees and stones.                                         55.29  

Meanwhile the valorous monkeys Kumuda,  Nala and Mainda  became very angry  and displayed unsurpassed   speed.                                                                                                                   55.30   

 Those exceedingly valorous  chiefs of monkeys, just like a play , in the battle-front, with mighty blows of trees, created a great carnage among the Rakshasas. All of them repeatedly crushed the Rakshasas with every kind of weapon.                                                                                                      55.31-55.32


Thus ends the fifty  fifth chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


56. Hanuman kills Akampana

(Seeing that Hanuman is killing lot of monkeys and they are  not able to face him, Hanuman starts opposing Akampana. A great war ensues between them and Hanuman kills  Akampana. All people honour him.)

Seeing the extremely  good work done by the great monkeys in the battle-field Akampana got in to fierce anger  and intensified the war.                                                                                                                56.1

Seized by very great anger after seeing the good work done by enemies , Akampana took  hold of his great bow  and told his charioteer.                                                                                                                   56.2

“You quickly drive the chariot to that place for  innumerable Rakshasas    are being killed  in that place.”


“There the very strong monkeys who have a huge body  and they are beating   with trees and stones , my chiefs.”                                                                                                                                                         56.4

“I want to kill all of them who  are praising themselves in the battle  as I am seeing that they are harassing   the army of Rakshasas. “                                                                                                           56.5

Then he  who is a great  hero of those who  fight in chariots  ,  he being  in a chariot  drawn by very fast horses , from a distance troubled the monkeys by his arrows.”                                                             56.6

The monkeys were no longer able to maintain their formation, much less fight in the battle and all of them were crushed under the arrows  of Akampana and took to their heels.                                        56.7

Seeing those attacked by Akampana are    getting in to the control of death , the mighty Hanuman went to help his clan.                                                                                                                                                  56.8

All the valiant and best  monkey chiefs seeing the great monkey with them grouped  themselves under him.                                                                                                                                                                     56.9

All the monkey chiefs seeing Hanuman standing courageously  assumed more courage    and stood with the courageous one.                                                                                                                                      56.10

Akampana like Lord Indra rained   many arrows  on Hanuman    who was standing as firm as    a rock.


Not minding  the flood of arrows that kept on falling him,  that Hanuman resolved   in his mind to kill Akampana.                                                                                                                                                      56.12

Laughing loudly  that greatly lustrous Hanuman    who was the son of wind God leapt on the Rakshasa Akampana leading to the shaking of earth.                                                                                              56.13

He was burning with great energy  and shouting loudly and assumed a form  which cannot be defeated .


Hanuman  the monkey chief who was angry , having realized that he was unarmed speedily uprooted a mountain and held it .                                                                                                                                 56.15

That Hanuman holding that mountain in his hand , letting up a great roar  began to spin it rapidly.56.16

Just Like Indra rushed with his Vajrayudha against his enemy Namuchi, Hanuman rushed   towards Akampana.                                                                                                                                                56.17

Akampana seeing him approaching him  carrying with  him a chain of mountains ,  using an arrow  with crescent end powdered it from distance itself.                                                                                56.18

Seeing that the mountain he carried was powdered by the arrows of the Rakshasa  and falling to the ground , Hanuman became greatly angry.                                                                                       56.19

That monkey in a great anger uprooted a  Aswakarna tree  which was as large    as the mountain .


That greatly lustrous one holding  that Aswakarna  with great number of branches , tightly  holding it spun it  while standing on the ground.                                                                                             56.21

Then, the highly  angry Hanuman began to run with great strides, breaking down the trees  around him  by his strength and tearing up the earth with his feet.                                                                 56.22

He knocked down elephants, people riding  on elephants , chariots , charioteers  and the terrific infantry of the Rakshasas.                                                                                                                                 56.23

Seeing  Hanuman as angry as God of Death  and  was taking away lives in the battle, the Rakshasas   started running away.                                                                                                                          56.24

That  valiant Akampana seeing  that Hanuman was  dangerous and greatly angry and was creating great scare among the Rakshasas became worried and let out a huge shout.                                  56.25

With fourteen sharp arrows Akampana wounded pierced and wounded  the  body of Hanuman  who was greatly valorous.                                                                                                                         56.26

That great  warrior Hanuman , riddled by the rain of those iron shafts  , looked like a mountain on which plants had grown up.                                                                                                                        56.27

That mighty Hanuman of great strength with a large body  which shined like a fire without smoke and resembled a blooming Asoka tree.                                                                                                  56.28

Then Hanuman with great speed uprooted another big tree  and stuck the head of Akampana , the Rakshasa general with it .                                                                                                                 56.29

When the great one Hanuman who was very angry hit him with a big tree , the Rakshasa   fell dead .


Seeing the leader of Rakshasas Akampana lying dead on the earth , the Rakshasas were perturbed and shook like the trees at the time of earth quake.                                                                                        56.31

All those beaten Rakshasas who were  defeated , ran towards the city of Lanka   and monkeys  followed them.                                                                                                                                                                   56.32

Their hair loosened, bewildered, their pride broken by defeat, their limbs dripping with sweat, those Rakshasas  fled, blowing out their breaths.                                                                                              56.33

Mad with fear , looking back again and again , crowding and crushing each other   all of them entered the city .                                                                                                                                                         56.34

After the very strong Rakshasas   entered  the city of Lanka , all the monkeys together  appreciated and honoured Hanuman.                                                                                                                                    56.35

Hanuman who was  of noble nature   and happy   , respected back all of them according  to their rank  in a way suitable to the occasion.                                                                                                                 56.36

Those  strong monkeys who have won shouted according to their ranks  and they once again dragged  and brought  all those  Rakshasas left over  in the battle field.                                                         56.37

That great monkey who was born to wind god , having met and killed some Rakshasas  enjoyed the luster of heroism just like Lord Vishnu felt happy after  killing mighty Rakshasas of immense power in the battle field.                                                                                                                                                  56.38

Then, the groups of devas , along with Rama himself, the exceedingly strong Lakshmana, Sugreeva and other monkeys and the mighty Vibheeshana paid homage to Hanuman.                                      56.39


Thus ends the fifty  sixth chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book



57.Prahastha , the commander –in-chief goes to the war


(Ravana decides to send Prahastha to the battle field. He tells Ravana that he should have returned Sita. With a huge army in spite of very bad omens   he comes out of the  eastern gate.)


When he heard about the  killing of Akampana, the king of Rakshasas  after  becoming very angry , with a depressed face looked over all his ministers.                                                                                              57.1

After thinking for a little time and holding discussion with his ministers  that Ravana spent the forenoon  going round the city  and inspecting his army.                                                                                              57.2

That city  decorated by flags and banners was guarded  by large numbers   of  Rakshasas and filled with innumerable troops.                                                                                                                                         57.3

Ravana , the king of Rakshasas after seeing his town besieged , at the critical time spoke to Prahastha  who was an expert in war.                                                                                                                               57.4

“Oh expert in war , I do not see any other hope for deliverance of this city which is besieged  and devastated except war .”                                                                                                                                 57.5

"Either myself or Kumbhakarna or yourself who is  my army-chief or Indrajit or Nikumbha and none else could  carry the burden of this great task.”                                                                                                  57.6

“For that reason, you   take hold of a large army  and placing yourself in its middle , go ahead  and achieve victory  over the monkeys.”                                                                                                             57.7

“As soon as you take your decision, the monkey army  which is not stable would run away on hearing the roaring of Rakshasa chiefs.”                                                                                                                     57.8

"The monkeys are unsteady, misbehaved and fickle-minded. They cannot tolerate your sound, similar to elephants cannot tolerate  the lion's roar.”                                                                                           57.9

“As soon as Rama and Lakshmana see that their army is running away, being without any support, they would fall in your hands unwillingly.”                                                                                                      57.10

“A suspected   danger is preferable to the definite one. Though it is for us or against us, please tell what you consider    as good for us.”                                                                                                                57.11

When Ravana told like this to Prahastha who was his commander-in-chief , he spoke to Ravana similar to Usana  the guru of Rakshasas speaking to Maha Bali .                                                                      57.12

“Oh king, earlier we had discussed about this matter with our wise  ministers and after discussion, difference of opinion arose between us.”                                                                                           57.13

“To return Sita  was proposed by me as preferable  and not to do war , as I could foresee  this.”


“I suggested that we return Sita  as a preferable alternative  and not doing so meant war between us.”


“I am not bothered about my wives, riches and sons but  am going to sacrifice my life for your sake in this battle.”                                                                                                                                               57.16

The commander in chief after having spoken like this to his king Ravana , told like this to army captains  who stood before him.                                                                                                                           57.17

“Gather a very large   army of Rakshasas  and today flesh eating birds and animals would feast upon the  dead bodies of enemies struck down by me   by my sharp arrows.”                                  57.18-57.19

As soon as they heard these words those very strong captains of the army  assembled a very huge army in front of the house of that Rakshasa.                                                                                                57.20

Within in a very short time , the city of Lanka was filled by those  elephant like Rakshasa soldiers  who were armed with many weapons.                                                                                                        57.21

When some of those Rakshasas  propitiated the fire God and Brahmins  a  ghee   scented breeze started wafting in that city.                                                                                                                                57.22

Some of those of those Rakshasas wore garlands  of different shapes chanted  with   some sacred  formulae .                                                                                                                                               57.23

With bows and armours those Rakshasas marched  when Ravana was watching them  and went and stood surrounding Prahastha.                                                                                                            57.24

Then, Prahastha who got ready with his weapons and armour, after saluting the king and striking a terrible kettle-drum, mounted his chariot, which was kept ready, yoked  with  extremely swift horses, well controlled by a charioteer, emanating a noise resembling that of a large cloud, actually shining like moon-light, undefeatable  with a flag bearing an ensign of snake, with a good collision-guard, with nice wheels and decorated with a net of pure gold smiling as it were in its magnificence.    57.25-57.27

As per the orders of Ravana ,  speedily Prahastha climbed  the chariot and left city of Lanka  along with a huge army.                                                                                                                                               57.28

When that commander-in-chief started  the sound of kettle drums and conches filled the entire world.


The Rakshasas  with huge forma and bulky   bodies proceeded ahead   of Prahastha shouting with dreadful   sound.                                                                                                                                      57.30

Narantaka, Kumbhahanu, Mahanada and Samunnata, attendants of Prahastha sallied forth, surrounding him on all sides.                                                                                                                                         57.31

He came out of the eastern gate along with a very horrifying  well divided army  , which resembled the herd of elephants.                                                                                                                                     57.32

In the middle of that ocean like large army , Prahastha marched   appearing like God of death at time of final deluge .                                                                                                                                               57.33

Along with the very loud war cries raised by them, all the beings of the city of Lanka also   made very fearful   answering cries.                                                                                                                           57,34

In the  cloudless sky there appeared birds which eat flesh and blood  and flew from left to right around the chariot.                                                                                                                                                    57.35

Fearful jackals vomited forth fire and flames, howling repeatedly. A meteor fell from the sky and the wind blew harshly.                                                                                                                                      57.36

The planets were  in opposition to each other and   lost their brilliance. The clouds, with their raucous sound, showered blood on Prahastha 's chariot and dampened those who were walking in front of it.


A vulture which was facing south landed on the flag of Prahastha  and started making noises seeing both directions  depriving of the  war time luster.                                                                                           57.39

When the charioteer  who was Suta entered the battle ground , the goad from his hand  slipped and fell on the ground several times.                                                                                                                   57.40

The rare splendorous luster that enveloped Prahastha vanished and immediately   the horses  stumbled and fell on the ground .                                                                                                                             57.41

Seeing Prahastha who was well known for his valour  and excellent character  advancing to the battle field , different type of monkey armies advanced towards  him.                                                      57.42

After that  , an exceedingly tumultuous clamour arose among the monkeys as they tore up the trees and seized  them as well as  took hold of huge rocks.                                                                                 57.43

Both the armies of the yelling Rakshasas  and the roaring monkeys were delighted, impetuous and powerful with impatience to slay each other and were  challenging each other with great shouts.


After that  evil minded Prahastha marched towards  the monkey army , hoping for victory , with accelerated speed , just like the grass hopper marches fast towards the fire.                                57.46


Thus ends the fifty  seventh chapter of the book of war   of Valmiki Ramayana    which is the first  book


58.Nila kills   Prahastha


(Prahastha caused havoc in the monkey army by killing huge number  of monkeys. Nila  the commander –in-chief of the monkey  rmy fought with him   with great valour  and killed him. Rama and others appreciated him.)


Seeing Prahastha  coming out prepared for the war , Rama with a smile asked Vibheeshana the destroyer  of enemies.                                                                                                                                  58.1

“Who is this big bodied one  who is coming  with great speed   surrounded  by a huge army? Please  tell me about this Rakshasa who appears to have great valour.”                                                               58.2

Hearing words of Rama Vibheeshana  replied, “ This Rakshasa    called Prahastha is the commander in chief  and he commands  two thirds of the army of  the king of Rakshasas. He has great prowess, valour   and  strength.”                                                                                                                                          58.3-58.4  

Then Prahastha of huge proportions and huge valour   , surrounded  by  very many huge Rakshasas   who were roaring  came out  and saw the very huge army of the monkeys , which made him  angry and shout at the top of his voice.”                                                                                                                            58.5-58.6

Swords, lances, daggers, darts, spears, clubs, maces bars, barbed missiles, various kinds of axes and different bows glittered in the hands of demons, who were running up towards the monkeys  in search of victory.                                                                                                                                                     58.7-58.8

Those tiger like   monkeys who were desirous of  fighting  took hold of many flowering trees  and long and thick stones.                                                                                                                                                 58.9

When they both met a very huge war commenced  and they rained on each other  large number of arrows and stones.                                                                                                                                            58.10

In that  war many Rakshasas killed  very many monkey chiefs and  many monkeys killed very many Rakshasas also.                                                                                                                                                    58.11

Some monkeys were destroyed  by spears and some others by finer weapons. Some were struck by iron bars and some others were slit by axes.                                                                                                          58.12

Also , some fell breathlessly on the  earth  and some were destroyed by the arrows aimed at them with their hearts split open.                                                                                                                                       58.13

Some of them cut by the sword of Rakshasas, trembled  and  fell on earth  and with spear the sides were split open   in case of some.                                                                                                                              58.14

Even the  Rakshasa    army  on all sides were crushed and made to fall  on  the earth by the furious monkeys with tree and mountain-peaks.                                                                                                       58.15

Having been hit with thundering blows  with their hands and terrific  smashing  with their fists, the faces and eyes of Rakshasas were wounded. The Rakshasas vomited great amount of blood.                   58.16

Cries of pains and roars like  lions  and tumultuous sounds were heard in the battle between Rakshasas and monkeys.                                                                                                                                                     58.17

The monkeys and Rakshasas followed   the path of valorous heroes   and they with the cruel and hostile eyes  did many acts with great    courage.                                                                                                      58.18

Narantaka Kumbhahanu, Mahanada and Samunnata all these ministers  of Prahastha killed the monkeys.                                                                                                                                                               58.19

Dvivida  with a mountain peak killed Narathanka who  was speedily rushing after monkeys and killing them.                                                                                                                                                                      58.20

The monkey Durmukha uprooted a huge tree  and with a ready  hand  and crushed  the Rakshasa called Samunnatha .                                                                                                                                                        58.21

The energetic Jambhavan with a great  anger seized a huge rock and threw it on the chest-region of Mahanada                                                                                                                                                              58.22

Then Khumbahanu who attacked Tara  one of the greatest warriors  with a huge tree , received a huge blow from him and died.                                                                                                                                    58.23

Prahastha who was riding on a  chariot  could not tolerate that act  and horrible bow in his hand  caused lot of destruction among the monkeys.                                                                                                          58.24

Then when both armies moved rapidly , a great sound arose  which was like the roar of the ocean which was tempestuous, unfathomable like at the time of deluge.                                                         58.25

Prahastha who was an expert in war, with great anger troubled the monkeys by a great rain of arrows in that great battle.                                                                                                                                                 58.26 

The bodies of dead monkeys and Rakshasas covered an extensive area of land  and looked like a very hideous mountain.                                                                                                                                            58.27 

The ground which was covered by the blood looked like   fully blossomed Palasa trees   with red flowers in the spring season.                                                                                                                                         58.28 

 With the heaps of warriors for its banks,  the broken weapons as  its trees, the flowing   blood  as its huge waves, death appeared like an ocean receiving its floods and had  livers and spleens as  its mire, entrails as  its moss, severed heads and trunks  as the fish, and morsels of flesh  as the grass, the innumerable vultures as  its lovely swans, herons  as its geese and  covered as it was with fat which was  the foam, the tumult the sound  as  its waters, the battle field resembled a river, incapable of being crossed by cowards and   which was  visited by water-fowls at the end of the rainy season and  those Rakshasas and the foremost of the monkeys crossed over that impassable river, as elephants lead their herds across a lake of  the lotus flowers  which is covered with pollen.                                       58.29-58.33

Then Nila saw  Prahastha sitting on the chariot   and finishing off the monkeys using  the rain of arrows.


Seeing Nila who was running  towards him in the battle field , similar to the wind  in the sky  moving away huge clouds